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hosting mount eerie: The Night Words Failed Me Completely by meagan gregg My first experience with the works of Phil Elverum was the beginning of the end of my high school experience. I was breaking away from my younger musical leanings, and wandering in to the realm of “independent” music. I listened to “The Glow Pt. 2” nearly every morning, driving to school, in the rain, feeling the existential weight that comes with being a teenager. Singing along to “Headless Horseman” and “I Felt Your Shape,” I never imagined that one day, I would be in Mount Eerie’s tour van, directing Phil Elverum to my house. Mount Eerie played in Syracuse last week, on September 11. I spent the whole day without really thinking of the show. When I arrived at Badlands, I was immediately bombarded by my friend Ray McAndrew, who scolded me for never answering my phone, told me Mount Eerie needed a place to crash for the night, told me that I was the main candidate. The next thing I knew I was standing face to face with Phil Elverum, a man who I had seen only once before at a show in Portland, answering questions about the size of my apartment, working out all of the minor details of having him and his band as guests. I lost my ability to function as a human being, to focus on anything, to speak. Friends approached me, talked about their excitement to see the band play, asked me for cigarettes, filled my ears with the usual banter that comes with being at a show. I was incapable of standing still, of keeping any sort of expression on my face for an extended period of time. I was convinced that I was dreaming. Convinced that I had never actually woken up that morning, that I hadn’t gone to class, that I hadn’t chain-smoked outside of Badlands. The Mount Eerie set blew my mind, 2

it made me homesick, I could have cried, but the idea of being a host to Mount Eerie kept me bottled up. I didn’t want to be a fangirl, I didn’t want to overwhelm Phil with a barrage of questions, “Will you ever play as the Microphones, again?”, “What was it like growing up in Anacortes?”, “Do you know that you’re a musical genius, do you understand?” I hardly said a word to Phil or the rest of his band that evening. I took them to my house, they figured out their sleeping arrangements, I drank water as they ate burritos at Alto Cinco and exchanged inside jokes. I didn’t know what else I was supposed to do. How do you talk to a person who you have essentially idolized for years? How do you distance yourself enough to keep your cool without seeming like an asshole? I tried my best to be as accommodating as possible, apologized for not having as much space as I had thought, told them to do whatever they needed to in order to have a comfortable night. They showered, brushed their teeth in my kitchen, went about their nightly routines, and I sat in my room with my door open writing nonsense in a spiral notebook and trying to stay out of the way. The last of them to go to bed was Phil, and he passed my room and thanked me for letting them stay, thanked me for taking them to Alto Cinco, said goodnight. They left at 10 the next morning, I was late to class, I cried on my way there.


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Find this issue’s miscreant single of the week on Magic Milk’s release “Mellows” from Slow Fizz Records. We can’t stop listening to “Drives Me Wild.” So, go to their Bandcamp and check it out. The vinyl is available on Slow Fizz’s website! 4


by victoria pilar nava This is the best album you will listen to in 2012. It’s progressive, dark, creepy, and most of all- fucking relevant. I’m not sure what you’ve been listening to this year or what your pick for album of the year is, but I guarantee you this is it. Trust me, as a die-hard fan of The xx, Coexist is not even a close second. Trust (the lovechild of dark angel Robert Alfons and Austra drummer Maya Postepski) may have slipped under your radar because their debut album TRST didn’t make Pitchfork’s Best New Music. Not trying to knock your music steez, but it’s probably true. Fuck Pitchfork ratings, btw. I’ll be honest. On first listen of the opening track “Shoom” I thought, “Oh God some more ‘ambient’ shit,” but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that half of the song is one giant build to the darkest, most angelic disco trip I have ever heard. The kind so good you have to play it again and turn it up as soon as the beat is about to fully bloom. It’s the perfect intro into the album. People have drawn comparisons to Crystal Castles, but Robert and Maya have a soul that Alice Glass could never convey through all that distortion and all that heroin. You can actually make out most of Trust’s lyrics and when you I Robert sing lyrics like “heart and soul like I knew you would/when you say love it sounds so good” my heart floats like it does when I think I’m in love, but this time I actually am. Every song on the record is probably the best aural sex you’ll ever get. It’s dirty, raw, dark, sexy, and surreal. Unlike anything I’ve heard this year, TRST is an album that you listen to as a main event. It’s a collective of music that as soon as you recognize, you tell everyone in your immediate area to shut the fuck up and dance. It’s like taking a journey through someone’s darkest dreams and fantasies….on ecstasy. In the flesh, through the strobe and fog, Robert Alfons makes love to the microphone with the kind of understated passion only your dream lover can fulfill. Trust is one of those bands that sounds even better live, thrusting their pulse into your body that makes layering beats fill your bones from the inside out. Their presence is mysterious, simple, and poetic; the kind of vibes that transcend you into an alternate reality that feels more real than life itself. 5

Melodic Hardcore Albums That Will Confuse You On Whether To Cry Or Mosh by matt boswell Before we start off here, I need to get one thing straight. By melodic hardcore, I do NOT mean bands like “Escape The Fate”, “Chiodos”, or “Silverstein”. These bands are not hardcore bands, and they’re barely melodic or even listenable. Additionally, they are not necessarily the generally assumed hardcore bands that worship the breakdown and the mosh pit. This is a breed of band that focuses on fast, sad, emotional music that happens to utilize “screaming” vocals. Regardless of if this genre interests you, these are 5 albums you should check out.

Witness by Modern Life Is War “When you’re 16 you don’t know what forever means, when you are 23 you couldn’t be more sorry to say” Modern Life Is War is arguably the most important hardcore band out of the Midwest. Formed in 2002 “from the cornfields and graveyards of Marshalltown, Iowa”, Witness was MLIW’s second full length album and widely agreed to be their crowning achievement. The album masterfully blends moments of absolute minimalism and silence with loud, fast, almost chaotic climaxes. Like most MLIW albums, a large focus is on feeling trapped and wanting to get out of your hometown. Listen to: “The Outsiders (A.K.A. Hell Is For Heroes Part 1)”

Fractures by Killing The Dream “Open hands stretched out, begging you to take, but all you did was steal” Fractures is probably the most pissed album that will be on this list, and it’s definitely one of the angriest albums I can think of. Killing The Dream also formed in 2002, and they are from Sacramento, California. As soon as the intro track ends, the stage is instantly set for this album. Pounding, intense, angry, and fast sounds come out throughout “Part II (Motel Art)” and KTD really don’t let up all the way through. Listen to: “Part II (Motel Art)”


Year One by American Nightmare “Since February 79, I’ve OD’d on lonesome 22 times (but who’s counting), you think by now, I would have died, well I’m sorry girls but I fucking tried” If Modern Life Is War is the most important melodic hardcore band from the Midwest, American Nightmare (also known as Give Up The Ghost) is the most important melodic hardcore band anywhere. Their recent reunion has cemented their large cult following as well as their ability to sell out all kinds of big stages. Wes Eisold may be best known for his latest project, Cold Cave, but AN was where he really showcased his ability to be one of the greatest, if not most depressing, lyricist of recent memory. Year One is short but incredible, and it’s no surprise that this band has received the praise and following they have. Listen to: “Postmark My Compass”

Travels by Defeater “Unwanted from his first breath, a mother’s blessed born, a father’s burden worn” The only band on this list that is still active is Defeater from Boston. If I were to try and get someone into this genre, Defeater would also be one of the first bands that I would introduce him or her to. Vocalist Derek Archembault is an incredible writer, and in fact the album Travels tells the story of a very distraught family and the story is continued in their second LP, Empty Days And Sleepless Nights. Defeater is also the only band that has been able to successfully combine hardcore with folk (listen to “Prophet In Plain Clothes”) Listen To: “Cowardice”

Aggression by Verse “This is the perspective of a poor dead man’s son, another kid that had to run, another life struggling in the age of the gun” Verse is one of those bands that really has something to say and won’t waste any words or pull any punches when they say it. Each of their albums leading up to Aggression are fantastic and the favorites of many fans, but I believe Aggression is the capstone of all their work. It’s simply fantastic, and their greatest achievement. No other band from this genre can move from clean guitar passages to loud, furious, distorted guitars as suddenly as Verse does. This album is full of messages of an overpowered government, people not knowing what they’re standing for, and a handful of other things. Listen To: “Suffering To Live, Scared To Love”

Honorable Mention: Sleepwalkers by Dead Swans, Prepare To Be Let Down by Ruiner, Disconnecting

by Sinking Ships


magic milk an interview by the miscreant

One evening when I was home for a brief stint at the end of the summer, I went out on the town with my friend Megan. We wandered around Fountain Square, eventually going in the White Rabbit Cabaret. Almost immediately, I ran into one of my old friends, Ian. He told me that whatever I did for the rest of the night, I needed to stay at the venue for the band who were about to go on. He told me that they we punk as hell, and that I’d really get a kick out of them. Sure enough, he was right. Magic Milk are total miscreants. Check out their latest releases on Bandcamp and enjoy lead singer Kenny’s answers to some questions about their live shows, their inspirations and the origin of their name. 8

THE MISCREANT: How did you guys all finally meet and form the line up that MM has now? KENNY: MAGIC MILK as it exists today had it’s first show on New Year’s Eve 2012 at 2012 Chicago Ave. exactly as the clock struck midnight. True story. THE MISCREANT: Any special meaning behind the name? Besides that you’re actually magic? KENNY: the name is derived from number of things which include: 1) the Captain Beefheart’s first album as well as 2) the movie High Fidelity. 3) the science experiment (this involves milk, food coloring, and dish soap), 4) how you can tell things about a women if she assumes the name is synonymous with cum 5) a strong need to be confused with every other band name that contains the words “MAGIC” or “MILK.” 6) and the realization that this is the only way it can be. THE MISCREANT: Where did you guys learn about rock ‘n’ roll? (I learned most things I know from watching Wayne’s World.) KENNY: nick played in tons of bands in high school and even won battle of the bands once. Maggie used to tour manage Maps and Atlases, and has toured with several other bands. I learned about rock’n’roll from watching Airheads. THE MISCREANT: Are you guys in any other cool bands or working on any projects outside of MM? 9

KENNY: Nick is also in: Droughts and CHICAGOBOWLSMAN. Maggie is also in Cabin Cruiser and Tiny Manatee. Kenny is also in CHICAGOBOWLSMAN, Drugs Bunny, Weddings and got kicked out of Run Dmt THE MISCREANT: Now, I saw you guys when you played a show in Indianapolis. Do you guys play mostly in Chicago and surrounding areas, or are you doing any coast to coast touring? Any place exotic? KENNY: we’re gonna south again in november hopefully. Hopefully we’ll do mexico soon. THE MISCREANT: Who are your favorite bands to play shows with? KENNY: Uh Bones, The Bingers, Slushy, The Yolks, the Sueves, CRYS, Learner Dancer, Ancient Slang, Iguana Bonfire, Mark Sultan, Frankie Rose, Dirty Beaches, Mind Spiders, White Mystery, Le Bucherettes, The Shivas, Vampire Weekend, Burnt Ones, Natural Child, Orca Team, Running, Big Colour, Randy Tuesday and the Tu Tu Tuesdays, Earthquake Party, Secret Colours, there’s more……………………..all salt of the earth people. THE MISCREANT: The live show you put on is super high energy! Describe what you do to get people on their feet. KENNY: we play our songs. THE MISCREANT: This isn’t as much a question as much as just, 10

I want Maggie to know she has the perfect hair for drumming. KENNY: maggie says, “Thank you kindly :)” THE MISCREANT: Talk about your EP Mellows. How do you think it compares to your other records or your live show? KENNY: it better

Magic Milk?



THE MISCREANT: Working on any other recordings? What’s next for

KENNY: we recorded around twenty songs in our basement last month using cell phones, consumer tape machines, and engineer extraordinaire Brian Fox. We plan sending it to some of our friends and people we admire. THE MISCREANT: I’ve heard you guys have a secret band called Deep Stuff. Can you tell me about that? I promise I won’t tell anyone. KENNY: DEEP STUFF realized it wasn’t cut out to make music so they have begun a project that has them attempting to make a 2 min. long (ish) youtube video once a week that involves psychic interaction between MAGIC MILK and people that have figured out how to contact them. THE MISCREANT: And, finally, what does being a punk rocker mean to you? KENNY: absolutely nothing 11

Independent Artist Identity: Jarrod Gorbel by gauraa shekhar

In the midst of one of the hottest summers, Jarrod Gorbel finally hits the sheets in the back seat of his mini tourvan after alternating driving shifts with his tour manager, Sara Nagel. “We try not to wake him up until we’re equipped with Starbucks”, she admits. Jarrod Gorbel, who has been preforming “living room shows” in the homes of fans across the coast, retires from tour for a week to upload acoustic versions of his songs, performed in places ranging from taxicabs, to convenience stores. Gorbel, however, isn’t in anyway a newbie to the music business. He was the front man of The Honorary Title, a band that paved their way to numerous CW show soundtracks. When Warner Brothers cut him off, he recorded his album in producer Blake Sennet’s home studio. He understood that he was competing with major labels directly for press, radio play, tour slots, and knew that he had to be creative. “Engaging our fans and building something of a community has been key. We try to make every fan feel like they are part of this. A lot of fans said how cool it would be to have Jarrod come to their house and play a show and that’s what we did”, says Casey Shafer, co-owner of Burning House Records who ran contests that engaged the fans to help spread the word. Instead of letting their independent label become a setback, they have leveraged it to their advantage—“Because we are small, we are able to make a decision and move swiftly. We don’t have to get approval from a Board of Directors the way Major Labels do”. As a team, Gorbel and Burning House Records are careful about who he goes on tour with, making sure that musically and demographically they are targeting like-minded people. During a time where the cost of music production inflated beyond one’s wildest dreams, Burning House Records captures a great quality sound to record, and not the scratchy lo-fi songs independent labels are infamous for producing. “Personally, I feel that if you need a 100,000-dollar budget to record a great sounding album, you shouldn’t be playing music”, says Shafer. He knows the listeners are spending $9.99 and he gives them their money’s worth. There are only three singles in his debut album, but even the other eight songs are good enough to be included: be it the raw emotion of “Devilish Ways” or the catchy tune of “Don’t Want This To End”. Each song is there for a reason. There are no fillers. What makes Gorbel stand out is the fact that he is dedicated to making music a career. “It takes a lot of sacrifice on the part of the artist to get your career off the ground. There are typically exceptions and people that get “lucky,” but for the most part it takes years”, says Shafer. “I hear a lot of great bands everyday. Unfortunately, making great music isn’t everything. At the end of the day that is ultimately what matters, but you need to work hard and work smart to really stand out.” Jarrod Gorbel might have been someone you saw in the corner of your eye but his bravery in battle goes to show it won’t be long before he takes center stage.


Let’s sing about sex, baby by cassandra baim

The other day, in reference to a conversation I shared with a close friend about boys, I found myself sending a text message that read “Angst is SO distracting!” Sure, out of context I sound like an idiot, but I stand by what I said. Right now, every person I know is in the throes of what I like to call “Fall fever.” Much like the infamous affliction “Spring fever,” those who suffer from Fall fever experience increased energy, vitality, and of course, an increased sexual drive. Sure, fall fever blesses its sufferers with the energy to run a 5K every morning, but it takes away the focus necessary to write those necessary 20-page term papers. Fall fever is especially a hindrance to people my age, who are constantly under pressure to be a productive and contributing member to society. The cure is obvious, but not always readily available, so, while everyone has nothing but sex on the brain, I offer to you my favorite songs about everyone’s favorite pastime. “We Looked Like Giants” – Death Cab for Cutie Ben Gibbard, a genius (of sorts) at making 16-year-old girls’ hearts everywhere melt into a puddle of emotional turmoil, accurately captures the angst of college car-sex.

“Young Adult Friction” – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Don’t lie. You’ve totally wanted to do it in the library too.

“Step Into My Office, Baby” – Belle & Sebastian Only Stuart Murdoch, with his faux-innocent croon and dry wit could make sexual harassment in the workplace sound enticing.

“Sexx Laws” – Beck I have unashamedly been in love with Beck since I was 12 (I selectively ignore whatever anyone says about Scientology) and though most of the lyrics went over my head when I was a wee pre-teen, the song pretty much drips with sex appeal.

“The Bad Touch” – The Bloodhound Gang I’m rounding out the list with everyone’s favorite 90s song. With intelligent and insightful lyrics like “So put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you’ll feel nuts” and “Let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel,” who doesn’t look to this song as the apex of sensuality?


Baby Making Music by ben bondy

Whenever you bone, you want to have some type of music playing, but how do you decide what the appropriate tunes are for the type of boning being done? Well, I’m here once again to save the god damn day with my advice on what the ideal music is for a few common situations in which you are having intercourse with your special (or not so special) someone! One-Night Stand (drunk or sober) You’ve just convinced the trendiest, must tumblr famous girl (or boy) at the bar that it’s a good idea to go home with you to your Bushwick ‘studio’ and clumsily undress one-another and bump uglies. First of all, congratulations, but now what tunes to put on? Easy, put something really sexy on, because one-night stands are sexy. You’ve already convinced her you’re cool, and now’s your time to follow through. Put on anything from that fantastic new Purity Ring record, or to seem a little retro, throw on that XX self-titled joint. You’ll have your partner convinced you’re good at making sex, no problem.

Sitting by the fire with your pale, black haired lover It’s cold outside, you just walked through the rain, and you wanted to curl up next to a fire and share something that you’ve never been able to share with anyone, like that scene in Garden State, and don’t try to act like you don’t know what scene I’m referring to. Well, this scene just got a little bit more sexy, and your naked fleshy bodies are pining to be rubbing against one-another in the missionary position. You’re obviously next to your record player, so you have to choose something from your collection. Go for a standby that says, “I’m sensitive,” while still seeming masculine. Keep it simple. Go for that ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’ record, or Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral.’ Trust me, you’ll want to sing the lyrics into your lover’s ear as you simultaneously orgasm.

Make up Sex So you decided to get back together because you realized that you are actually unlovable and you somehow found somebody to tolerate how ugly and awful you are, and because you’re a stupid-idiot, but whatever let’s pick some tunes, shall we? Anything on ‘Father Son Holy Ghost’ screams passionate, but also remorseful, and the lyrics are perfect, because we all know you still resent one-another! Best Coast’s ‘Crazy for You’ is perfect also, because we know Bethany is a crazy bitch and manages to write lyrics that could potentially be found in my 16 year old cousins diary, but hey, the lyrics are relatable considering you’re obviously still heartbroken, but you needed to stick your p in a v, or visa-versa, or whatever.

Makeout Mountain Let’s make this plain and simple: Everly Brother, the Ronettes, Roy Orbison. A lot of passionate ‘heavy petting’ and dry humping ending in an awkward tug-job and premature ejaculation. Just make sure your playlist at least makes you feel like you’re in the ‘60s too? I hope this helps you guys, because we don’t always know what to play when we are trying to get our fuck on, and if you’re ever in a pinch when you’re about to do the damn thing, you know who to holla at. TXT it! xoxo~


be a miscreant. 14


Matt and Kim + Phantogram Saturday, September 22 3rd Annual Pearl Palooza Albany, ny

Both rocked Pearl Palooza in Albany. It got wet and weird on Matt & Kim’s 4th set since they took a break to record. Look for Lightning on October, 2nd! Keep a look out for Phantogram’s new album, out soon, as well. photos by ben houck


Railroad Cars and Reverberations by michelle polizzi It only takes one song to bring you back to who you used to be. To remember what your bones once felt like inside your skin. To see everything the way it was in that fragment of a lifetime. The chords reach down into you and pull out all the pieces you tried to forget and you can never stop it. You know it has to happen because you need to know where you came from to know where you are going. 18

I was listening to “Wherever You Wanna Go” by the band Aunt Martha. I was on the train ride to Boston in early morning. Pale light was leaking in through empty structures and breaking branches. Saturday morning commuters moved through the car in harmonized vibrations. I had never felt so disconnected from humanity, from my physical sense of self. I was still but the train kept moving and I was transfixed by the slow and steady breaths of all the passengers. I stared out the window and mentally prepared myself for the idea that the life I knew was about to end. I was headed west, to a place foreign and wild. It is moments like this that keep you suspended between who you used to be and who you are about to become. I surrendered to the transition and from a distance I watched my former selves fall away into unconsciousness. I live beneath the tall sequoias for fifty-three days and do not listen to it once. It is the end of August and everything is over. No more dusty air and careless simplicity, no more effortless cohesion with the wind and water. I am coming down from the mountains now, the best place that I have ever been. The change in elevation is hurting my ears and the world is muted. My head is so full of everything and I feel like I am floating and it all is such good timing. The pastel sun is back again, this time I watch it float in sleepy rays across the dashboard. My headphones play a familiar sound and I feel the train ride coming back to me. The notes make me remember how it feels to be empty again, but this time it isn’t real. I am too full of love and lifetime to have any room for uncertainty. I imagine the old tall shade and the temperate breeze that so gracefully brought me to my current state of mind. I take a few choruses to listen to the ghostly echo before I change the song to something different that I heard while out west. It is a perfect change of tempo and now I know exactly where I’m going. 19

the best of the worst by tyler plyem

So recently I committed a sin that filled me with shame & disgust. I didn’t mean to; I simply wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing. I’m not sure where to go from here. Listen to my story, and weep. I bought a “best of” album. Worse yet, I bought a best of album for a punk band. I know, its awful. When I had realize what I had done I vomited and blacked out! I had been reading about Pussy Riot’s musical influences & they mentioned Sham69, so I checked them out, I dug ‘em, they are fucking great. So I went to iTunes to buy an album and keep listening. Normally I’d just download the album, doubly so for a non-indue group who doesn’t need my money (and won’t see it either), but the Kuwaiti government has done a good job of locking down the internet to stop this sort of thing. On iTunes I saw “If the Kids Are Unite-.” There wasn’t enough room to display the full title “If the Kids Are United: The Best of Sham69.” I carelessly threw my $9.99 at them. When the songs came down I remarked “Wow, all these fantastic songs on one album!” Only then did I notice my error. To twist the knife I deeper I soon realized that the songs were also remastered! Perhaps I will delete this monster and start over. MY POINT IS Best of Albums fucking suck and are for tourists. Best of albums are musical fast food; cheap, quick, technically fill you but lacks any depth. They’re “safe.” You can hear all the songs that played on the radio but none that may be unfamiliar or uneasy to grasp. They’re shit out by record companies to squeeze a few more dimes out of their artists desiccated corpses. It’s an easily digestible sample platter of why a famous band is note worthy with none of the context. Excellent for faking knowledge of a band! I’m not the biggest proponent of scene cred, but if you say to me, “Oh I love Crass and The Sex Pistols so much! They’re my favorite!” and all you have is the “greatest hits” then we’re going to have issues. I’m gonna sigh and roll my eyes SO HARD! What are you my mom? Get with it! Best of Albums frequently aren’t actually the best of, anyways. Maybe some mathematically calculated for great sales best, but last time I checked I’m a person not a “target demographic consumer,” By only hearing what is given on a silver plate the listener will miss out on some of the best songs! Its totally lame and paints an inaccurate picture of what the artist is. And on that topic, real quick, remastering? Sheesh, no good! Yeah it works sometimes but taking the hard edge and muddiness off of these early punk albums is uncool. They’re kinda SUPPOSED to sound tinny and shitty. I’m sure if given the chance the artists would have loved to have recorded on better equipment but it loses its charm. I wouldn’t dream of listening to Black Lip’s debut album without the shit audio quality. Okay, maybe we can’t all be with a band since its beginning, and the sheer weight of history is against, but when you finally “discover” a new band don’t deal with these “Best of” bastard children. Go deep into the albums themselves & learn a thing or two. Fuck best of’s and fuck remastering. (I am aware that Cockney Reject’s first and second albums are named Greatest Hits Volume 1 and Greatest Hits Volume 2, respectively, which is pretty great. Bit confusing though.)



by queen karen edith millar First of all, I want to take this opportunity to apologise to Jeanette for singlehandedly insuring her patience was tested to the maximum amount this week for just how long she could wait for my ‘column.’ And second of all, I want to explain as to why I have done next to nothing productive for the past five days and the reason why this piece will mostly be made up of photos. As y’all know (too well) I am a big fan of Bon Iver and thanks to the performance of Justin Vernon at their Radio City show on Thursday, I am still in a stage of what might- as- well- be post-coital bliss so great it’s difficult to do anything. 22

I was in the front row. I was given the set list. And JV TOTALLY gave me that “I’m going to make you my wife and we’ll move upstate and build everything we own from the trees I personally chop down from the woods on our land (so long as its sustainable)” look. Obviously. Fantasies aside, this was easily the most beautiful performance I have ever seen by any band and probably ever will. With musicians this great it’s difficult not to feel blessed to have them and bitter we’re not them all at once.


WANT MORE MISCREANT? Dear Miscreants, Greetings from England! It’s been a whirlwind of a two weeks. Between getting to classes, starting internships, moving into a new apartment, exploring a new city, and watching hours the Horror Channel, we American miscreants in London are learning quite a bit. In the next few issue of the Miscreant, we’ll be featuring some music and movies and culture that my friends and I learn about here. Many of us are in a class where, later in the semester, we take several field trips to different shows of bands from around the world. Hopefully, this will lead to some of the faces which grace the cover of this here zine. Speaking of which, we’d like to thank Magic Milk for being on the cover. Seeing them in my hometown of Indianapolis was a real treat. It’s always great to learn what’s heating up back home. Also, thanks to everyone who submitted to this issue -- had a couple of new writers and a couple of writers who’ve been doing some seriously lusting. So, my miscreants, it’s time to submit your work for issue 29! Submissions are due October 9. Send your lists of your middle school band’s names, essays about music for meditating, stories about making a wedding playlist, anything and everything to do with music. Email your work, as well as any questions you have about the Miscreant, to And don’t forget to check out the cool stuff featured in this issue, Look to and the Miscreant Facebook for more info on the music you read about here and more! Kisses from across the pond, The Miscreant

The Miscreant - Issue 28  

Featuring Magic Milk

The Miscreant - Issue 28  

Featuring Magic Milk