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puter keyboard. She looked up and smiled and said, “Good morning Agent Rainey, how are you today?” Oh my gawd, I said to myself, it’s Tina, from the Tracking and Detection Academy. “Tina, gosh, what a crazy surprise this is. How on earth did you get assigned down here, to the WCDD of all things?” I asked, fashioning a placid expression on my face. “Just a simple twist of fate,” she said and winked. She was looking better than ever. I hate to admit it, but I was starting to feel the old chemistry again. Part of me wanted to hop over the Formica countertop and do her right there on the floor. Instead I said, “I need to report in to Phil Riggonowsski. Which way to his office?” “Third door on the right,” she cooed. “When do you get off?” I whispered, crumbling to temptation. “At four,” she smiled. “How about diner?” “Can I bring my husband?” “Sure,” I answered and then headed down the corridor to the third door. I knocked. “Come in.”

I stepped through the doorway and saw Phil Rig33

The Metric Issue 08 - Literary Magazine  
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