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Most Popular Real Estate Let’s take a break from the business of real estate to look at and admire the beautiful and famous real estate from all over the world and its equally famous inhabitants.

Sandringham, England

The Sandringham is located about 100 miles from London and Buckingham Palace. It was originally built by Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales. It was completed in 1870, and since then have been home to four generations of British monarchs. It currently functions as a vacation home for Queen Elizabeth II.

Monticello, Virginia, USA

Monticello is considered as one of the crowning achievements of President Thomas Jefferson's career. He began construction of his Virginia home when he was 26, and continued to build and rebuild it for the next forty years, making it one of the most unique houses in America. Tai Fu Tai, Hong Kong

Tai Fu Tai is a richly embellished house located in Hong Kong's Yuen Long district. It was built in 1866 by a merchant and philanthropist Man Chung-luen and is reminiscent of a Qing Dynasty dwelling. Until today, it remains a mystery on how Man, a humble hardworking farmer woke up a rich man one day. But his skills and generosity towards his fellow villagers were so exceptional for the time that the Qing emperor gave him the title Tai Fu which means important person.

Brenthurst, Johannesburg South Africa

The Brenthurst estate is the Johannesburg home of the Oppenheimer family and was originally built in 1904 by Sir Herbert Baker. The estate today is known for its forty two acre garden and is described as the finest private garden in South Africa as well as a national treasure at par with the national botanical garden in Cape Town.

Tsaritsyno, Russia

Tsaritsyno is Russian for Empress's Palace. It was ordered to be built by Catherine the Great in an area just South of Moscow. Her favorite architect Vasily Bazhenov spent 10 years designing and building the palace, but unfortunately when Catherine laid eyes on it, she didn't like it and ordered it to be pulled down and another one built on the same site. Its second architect retained the layout but blended neoclassical and Russian gothic to create a startling fairy tale structure. She died however before the work was finished. Today, the Tsaritsyno remains as one of her architectural legacy in Russia and is being restored to its former glory. We hope you enjoyed looking at some of these beautiful pieces of real estate across the globe. For more great info about the world of real estate stop by The Matheson Team’s website where you can find homes for sale, information about different areas in Arizona, what it’s like to live in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, and more information about real estate in general.

Popular Pieces of Real Estate from Around the World  
Popular Pieces of Real Estate from Around the World  

Let's take a look at some of the most popular pieces of real estate that attracts tourists from around the world.