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In 30 years, I wake up in Austin. After kicking off my Egyptiancotton sheets, I survey my apartment. I slowly crawl out of bed and look the LCD alarm clock on my bedside table. Well, I’m late to work again, but I think my boss will understand seeing how it’s my company. Plus, I haven’t missed a single day in two years, a few minutes isn’t so bad. I slowly drag myself out of my comfy bed and drag my feet across my thick wooly carpet and out of the heavy oak door. I make my way through my apartment, overlooking the beautiful afternoon Austin skyline and walk up to the refrigerator. A frozen wind greets my unshaven face and as I scower my fridge for something to eat in a hurry. As my hand probes the plastic box, I discover prey as my hand grazes an unopened package of pop tarts. Victory! I grab the silver package and strip it away to reveal the thin, red frosted pastry. As I devour the food, I turn on my 3D television in the middle of the living room, which begins to project the CNN studio across my apartment. I walk over to my iDesk, an electronic desk with touch screen interactivity. Press the power button and a large Apple symbol appears in the center. As it starts up, I see my dozens of icons on the side, each containing one of my books I’ve written ever since I joined DC comics as an editor. At the table, I look up to see a news flash across the screen about Taylor Ross’s and his new movie coming out in the next year. The former USC professor is now making a new movie about one of the various books he’s written. I smile at my success. I open a video channel on the iDesk. Almost immediately I’m greeted with the scowling

Joey Ulfsrud

Well, I apologize to my fellow seniors that I cannot come up with a senior column. After hours of trying, thinking, and sitting, I simply cannot think of what to write. So today, I am going to write about writer’s block, and my personal experience with it. A psychologist would probably compare writer’s block to the tip-of-the-tongue sensation, which is when you know what you want to say, but cannot think of the word for it. Writers know better. Writer’s block is not something on the tip-of-the-tongue, which is more representative of not seeing something clearly, but having pure knowledge of what it is. Writer’s block is getting lost in a maze of thought. Writer’s block is caused by the fact that I was placed on a waitlist at my college of choice, and now I have to wait another month before my college plans solidify. Writer’s block is caused by the fact that my Uncle has been in the hospital three or four times in the past few months for heart-related trauma, which runs in the family. Writer’s block is a literal barrier in the way of creativity – a wall, a distraction, a detour, that keeps one’s train of thought from making that final stop. I guess you could say writer’s block has a lot to do with outside distractions. Everything else other than the task at hand becomes a distraction. I mean, like my desk here. One leg is shorter than the others, and I can’t seem to keep the thing from wobbling. You’d think my family would be able to get even desks, right? How am I


Taylor Ross

face of my assistant. He tells me I’m late and that my meeting with my writers was ten minutes ago. In an instant ten different screens show up on my desk, with ten different faces in each. They all look at me, my salt n’ pepper hair sticking straight up in the air and my face groggily sagging. After the initial shock of my appearance, they begin to barrage me with questions and concerns. I silence them and we slowly begin to start to work though our story lines for this week in the books that are under my title, which is still under DC Comics. My writers coordinate canon, character statuses and where they should go from here. As we finish, we all get to work on our stories. And my legacy continues. This is my future. It’s not something that may happen, it’s not something that could happen, it’s something that’s going to happen. Average people go out into the real world thinking that they are good, and that is enough. In reality they aren’t good enough and they are crushed by others willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. If someone wants something, they can’t take no for an answer. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t plan on failing.

supposed to write a column in these conditions? Back to the column. It’s just that I can’t seem to focus very well. These columns are usually a force of great enthusiasm and passion – something that lately, I have had trouble finding. So, now, every time I become distracted for a moment, it becomes another hole in the dam that keeps my thoughts together. Oh, sorry, my dog just walked in the room. What do you want, puppy? I guess nothing. Y’know, my dogs are the prettiest dogs ever. Seriously. Collies are the best. What dog can compare to Lassie, with her hair blowing in the wind? Fun fact, the dog that played Lassie was actually a male collie. Dangit! I digress. Gah! Writer’s block! I’ve gotta come up with an actual topic. Lets see, I could write about how I’ll miss the senior class naw, too sappy. I could write about the bright future ahead of the class of 2010, but we all die when 2012 comes around so, that’s out. I could write about stupidity and other things that aggravate me, but that won’t make it through. Actually, I’m gonna take a little break, play a little Street Fighter and come back refreshed. GOSH! SO MANY KEN PLAYERS! EVERYONE IS ABLE TO DRAGON PUNCH, YOU JERKS! Sorry, but I didn’t exactly get refreshed. Actually, I didn’t even win one game, mainly because everyone was that loser Ken. I mean, how difficult is it to hit forward, down, down-forward punch? Not hard at all. Learn to play. Oh, gosh, I am running out of room here. Need to focus. Jumping jacks! Those will help me focus. One, two, one, two, one, two... Now I’m out of breath. Whew. Man, that was exhausting. I obviously need to get active more. No! Focus! How does one focus? It seems to be quite a complex thing to me. Who is even able to focus successfully? Not me, I guess. Oh no, this is the end. Uh, good luck senior class! Have fun in college! So lame.


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