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7 Seniors confess their most embarassing moments 10 Reflecting on their high school careers, seniors reveal what got them in the most trouble

14 Find out which senior has a secret crush on you 20 Secret desires exposed to the world 24 Seniors tell which of their friends they’ll miss the most after graduating

32 The final scene of The Marquee senior staffers’ high school adventure


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Shelby Bookout This year, our theme for the senior edition is scenes from movies. Number one: we really like movies. Number two: we want you to remember something important--high school is just one scene of your life. One scene can change the whole movie, or one scene could be insignificant to the outcome. It might be crazy emotional, or it might just be comic relief. For some it may be the scene where the parents get divorced, the grandmother dies, the boy falls in love


with the girl, the main character has a principal breakdown, the band gets the gig, or where gary shafferman five new friends dance in the library. This senior edition is very special to me. The Marquee newsmagazine is a student-generthis is the most I’ve worked on one in the ated publication of Marcus High School. It is produced, edited and maintained through the efforts of three years I’ve been on staff. In fact, this is the school’s advanced journalism class. The Marquee the most anyone’s worked on one. I hope is designed to serve the school and community as a you like it as much as we do. forum for open discussion and student expression. It’s also special to me because of this The Marquee encourages letters to the editor as theme. It’s no secret that I’ve had a really part of its mission to educate, inform and provide an open forum for debate. All submissions must be tough senior year, but the movie rolls on, signed. The staff reserves the right to edit all mateand so must life, each of us learning as we rial. go. I have had to learn a lot this year, and Ediorials reflect the opinion of the staff, not necesthe lessons will prove to be invaluable to sarily that of the administration. Signed columns or me throughout the rest of my life. reviews represent only the opinion of the author. Advertising rates are $30 per 1/16 of a page, with We probably won’t find out for a while discounts available. For more information call 469what role high school will play in the rest 948-7137. of the movie of our lives. It takes context The Marquee is a standing member of ILPC, TAJE, to figure that out. We have the before, but ATPI, CSPA, NSPA, JEA, and Quill and Scroll. now we must find out what happens next. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL IS COPYRIGHTED


Senior Edition 2009-10  

The Marquee's Senior Edition 2009-10

Senior Edition 2009-10  

The Marquee's Senior Edition 2009-10