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greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do



GOLDEN west bench trail Kris King

Family snowmobiling in Golden is finaly here! The kids, mom and dad can cruise picturesque easy access, 38 km of fresh regularly groomed trails along the West Bench of Golden BC. Those new to Golden or old timer sledders will find it super easy to access from the popular powder haven of Gorman Lake parking area or from the equally rad supper deep powstashes of Quartz Creek parking area. No more waiting for the highway to open up westbound of Golden to get to Quartz Creek during a huge Ullr blessing on the mountains. Just drive up the maintained Gorman Lake road access and rip along the easy trail that has low to nil exposure of avi paths. This will land you in to the parking lot of Quartz Creek. 15 years of planning, granting, waiting, re-applying for grants and countless hours of volunteer time have made this trail possible for all ages of locals and new comers to enjoy snowmobiling in Golden. Many moons ago Wayne Holdbrook and Randy Baun put their brains together to figure out how to make this project happen. The torch was passed many times and eventually to the current maintainers, the Golden Snowmobile Club and Trail Society. The Infrastructure of this trail is extensive and many local companies and resources were donated and used to connect and stich the trail together along decommissioned logging roads and rail beds. Randy Appleton of Pioneer Forestry Consulting is taking care of the development of the project, Green Leaf Arborists gave a hand with some tree falling, Rusty Jmaiff donated a bridge, and Randy Baun donated some bridge decking. There are many unsung people whom are passionate about sledding in Golden and their hard work will bring in more enthusiasts and skill levels to enjoy our home in the mountains year round. How can you go wrong with 240km of groomed trails, 13 distinct sledding zones and 4 maintained trails. The future will see the West Bench Trail possibly become part of the Trans Canada Trail with potential of year round summer hiking and biking too! The recreation possibilities are endless. Ride safe. Please check avy conditions before sledding!

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Our detailed Travel Planner, Trail Guides and Maps will help you discover our vast natural surroundings. Explore out-of-the-way places and the many hidden gems that make

2012 Edition

Outdoor discovery ma

p Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (V653 NG 584) Vaux)

Golden BC special.

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Tourism Golden

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Contains College Of The Rockies Adventure Centre Locations


Golden, British Columbia



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5th Edition Summer 2012


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Sarah Jane Osadetz | Graphic Design & Contributor: The new calendar year will bring so many new beginnings maybe becoming a pro snowmobiler or the start of being a telecommunications mogul or maybe a ski top-sheet designer. LYNN MARTEL | EDITOR: After searching for the warm side of the Rockies for a while, Lynn has settled into the Golden mountain lifestyle and has joined the team as our editor. Welcome to the team!

SEAN TONELLI | SALES, MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA: If Sean could ask santa one thing. It would to be Spider Man. The new year will see Sean slowly waeaving a web of suburban broken hearts and black eyed bad guys. SEAN (ROOKIE) NYILASSY | GEAR BY ROOKIE: An infinite beginning is Rookie’s moto. New big shred lines, new ocean waves, new beer and of course new friends. Rookie has passed the editing torch to Lynn as Rookie is to pursue a career with BC Ambulance. SAVE ME! FAITH DUSEVIC | CONTRIBUTOR: May moons ago Faith start walking the halls of University of Calgary. Now, watch out journalism world. Faith is writing about the world, mountain culture and maybe open a new bakery while she is at it? TODD MENZIES | MUSIC & MUSES: A new year brings many more new places and new radio station studios. The album is out, the bus is fixed, Todd bought new strings (the only ones he can afford) Watch out world this plaid clad rocker is going to break your heart. LESLIE ADAMS | CONTRIBUTOR: A new exciting political year, new places to cross country ski and new tours of the Kootenay Region. I wonder if her home based business will bring some more spice to our lives. What a year to find infinite beginnings. IT’s ABOUT YOUR & OUR COMMUNITY | TOWNIES : Sanne van der Ros, Dalia Yanai, Jason Eastwood, Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden, Laura Shaw, Laura Kittle, Jillian MacKnee | The Local Townie News thanks them for their continued support and great writing and many more. If you are interested in writing or contributing please email The Local Townie News Magazine is published by Moonraker Services, PO BOX 2673 Golden BC V0A 1H0. 5000 copies published the first Tuesday of every month. Enquiries? 250-439-7123


The holiday season is here, snow is in the hills and our little quaint mountain town is prepping for new and exciting future with so many new opportun­ities and economic beginnings ahead of us. We townies will see new con­struction on Highway 1 to help improve the flow and safety of travellers. New hotels are being built, there’s new ownership at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, new residents to reinvigorate life to our community and to spur new animation to our valley town. But still we fret about the moment in time of now and how to make ourselves happy now. As we navigate the norm of the holiday season and how we are expected to prepare gifts to make others happy, we realize we are not sharing our love the way we should. We find ourselves entrenched in a cycle of pop culture norming, thus we worry about the little things to make our lives happy in that exact moment. Worrying and happy should never be in the same emotion. Let’s start to think of the future and how we react in our daily lives and the many new moments in our life. The Dalai Lama Teaches, “The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.” In the coming year and the current holiday season; commit action-based happiness derived from true passion and caring for one another. This is the mo­ment in our life that is always full of infinite beginnings. Let’s bridge differences for the common goal of well-being and selflessness. HAVE FUN Kris King, Publisher | The Local Townie News 250-439-7123 |

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Production crew was just the beginning for Eddie; once the young boy was bitten by the volunteer bug, there was no stopping him.

Faith Dusevic

Text - Photo: Submitted

You may have seen him with Rotary at a town event, or perhaps have “I was also in the Leo’s in elementary school and then once I got to high seen him driving around in the red “Junk Truck”; but regardless of where school I joined the P.A.R.T.Y. program and Leadership class. I was also the you have seen him, you can rest assures that Eddie Leigan is helping logistics coordinator for the Relay for Life when I was 17. I just wanted somebody somewhere. to help and the community had some opportunities that let me do that,” Eddie is a 21 year old local who has been keeping himself quite busy. For Eddie explained. “I also joined the Golden Fire Department at 15 years the past three years, Eddie has been running his own business that he old. There was a flyer on the wall that said you could volunteer with says began “with a pen, a paper and an idea”. After that, the young man them, so I did it. Volunteering is what I did, so why not?” of 18 took a truck from the back yard, put some “Golden Junk” decals on When asked why volunteering is “what he did”, Eddie’s reply was casual. the side, and went into business. “The world needs people to volunteer. The idea was to start a business that did You can’t have a community without them.” This is why Eddie’s volunwhat no one else seemed to be doing. teering career never ended in high school. “Basically, if you have something you want to get rid of, I’ll get rid of it for you. I like doing it because collecting people’s old items and disposing of them is a job that lets me meet a lot of people in the community. It’s also a different way of helping out.

Eddie Leigan: Local Hero

Tax-free monthly allowance: $625

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“We look after youth exchange and are in charge of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Rotary also sponsors the DARE program through New Generations.” To say the least, Eddie is busy. Every Tuesday night is dedicated to fire practise and Thursdays are dedicated to Rotary. These are only the meeting days and do not include emergency calls or community events. This is also omitting the time Eddie has dedicated as a youth leader for a local youth group or the time he spends helping with Figure Skating Club fundraisers.

“Helping out” is something that Eddie has been doing long before the ideas of a business popped into his head. “Pretty much any organization that has come asking for help, I will.” Eddie has been donatEddie’s dedication to the community and to the organisations he believes ing his time for others in is why, at 19 years old, he was promoted to lieutenant at the Golden since elementary school. Fire Department. Two years later, the young man is now the president of the Golden Volunteer Fire Department Association. “We had the production Yet even while explaining his achievements these achievements, Eddie recrew and we did everymains modest. “You don’t volunteer so you have something to brag about, thing from coming in on you do it to help. You’re not in it for the t-shirt. I think that that’s especially weekends to make sets, true in a community like Golden. This place kind of becomes part of you. I to running the Lady Grey grew up here and there’s something about a small town that makes you care. Lip Syncs.” Growing up surrounded by people helping makes you want to do the same.”


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“I joined Rotary Club after graduating. You do so many events that are community based that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the people in Rotary or other clubs around town.” Eddie, like all members of Rotary, is very active with the organization and is now the Director of New Generations.

Monica De (250) 272-6694 Golden & Revelstoke Coordinator International Student Program

Although Eddie speaks about the fact that others in the community have inspired him to contribute to his community, he does not realize how he has inspired others. At 21 years old, the young man has dedicated half his life to helping others. Through his dedication and generous attitude, Eddie has aided in creating positive changes throughout Golden and as he continues to grow in the community, the community grows as well.

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Generosity, Inspiration & Tribulations Journey Across Canada to Stop Violence Against Children Sarah Jane Osadetz Text & Picture Through advocacy, generosity, passion and downright hard work, this community thrives with a zest for life that, more often than not, renders me speechless.

Mountain Sports, Arnie and Ellen/Christina and Steve Benty, Sharon Petty, Stan Metcalf, Alex Link, Petra Nott, Martijn Dujits, Megan Noel, Alison MacIsaac, Davene Dunn and Mike Pecora are only some of the generous people and business owners, including myself, who stepped up to help an athlete clinging to health, trying to remain positive on what is seemingly an insurmountable task: the last big stretch through BC highways to the Pacific on her quest for awareness of violence against children.

In November, I stumbled upon a Facebook campaign by Susane M. Johnson. Called the Journey Across Canada to Stop Violence Against Children, any donations made though a PayPal account are contributed back into each community to support anti bullying campaigns. Originally, I assumed she would have an entourage, and I offered to run and accompany her into and around Golden. A single mom of two travelling on two feet 2,500 kilometres across Canada in the name of anti bullying was someone I decided I would assist any way I could. Sick, alone and ready to quit, she befriended me on Facebook, unsolicited. I took it upon myself to encourage her, realizing that she’d been running through Banff and Lake Louise alone in sub zero temps and crazy weather. This gave me great concern, since she was being picked up frequently by the RCMP who shuttled her to safety.

Susanne M Johnson @ Wilson Mountain Sports Lake Louise

She needed rest, recovery and some healing time, the doctor in Lake Louise prescribed. Deciding to take a few days off and accelerate her journey through Golden from Lake Louise, I met and picked her up in Lake Louise. There are several places between here and Lake Louise that are extremely dangerous, depending on the time of year, weather and other factors. This time, the Field hill was no exception—covered in snow and ice with no shoulder, I was happy to shuttle her through to her next destination, even if that meant her running on a treadmill to make up her mileage. We spent quite a while at Wilson Mountain Sports in Lake Louise’s Samson Mall, trying on winter clothing that amounted to over $500, which the store generously donated. Before this, Susane had no winter clothes. With snow on the ground and a chilly -12 C, winter had settled in. I played tour guide to show her the lake itself in ankle-deep snow, where we had a photo taken. With one more trip to the doctor in Golden, she was able to get a clean bill of health to run the next day without antibiotics. I organized a running group to meet her through the Canyon. Ryan Watmough and Dana Hudson met us at different locations to run and support Susane. I drove the support vehicle with Lily, Mimi and Julian in tow. Arriving in Golden, the time came for us to part ways and for Susane to continue on her journey. On the whole, I was appreciative and proud of Golden for the generosity shown by many on a sight unseen basis. In my mind, so many people stepped up to support a complete stranger. Suzanne Clarke from Wilson

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Two free nights at the Prestige Inn were donated, as well as FREE meals at The Island Restaurant, Fire Pit Smokehouse and Big Bend Cafe. Elite Nutrition donated free drinks and Golden Lotus Ayurveda free yoga services. Wayne Manzer offered two free massages for recovery and met us en route, spectating along the TransCanada Highway. Stan from Golden Physiotherapy worked on her realignment, as did Alex Link from our local Chiropractic Clinic. Numerous calls were made to schools and radio to bring her story to light. Networking for documentation to happen at the end of Susane’s journey, I contacted Noa Furfaro who was excited to follow suit and photograph her reaching the end of the road—stepping into the Pacific.

Kudos, Golden! You’ve outdone yourselves once again with unconditional generosity, the tipping point of a journey made better by us. Where at one time she was ready to return home, unfilled in her goal, Susane has continued on to the next stage successfully. From last updates, she was reported on the TCH into Revelstoke, once again, with the RCMP in tow.

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$ for SLED trAILS Jon Wilsgard - Town of Golden

The Town of Golden and the Golden Snowmobile Trail Society (GSTS) recently signed an historic 5-year $225,000 Contribution Agreement, guaranteeing $45,000 in annual funding assistance for the grooming of popular winter snowmobile trails in the area.

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The funds are sourced from the Resort Municipality Initiative annual allocation to the Town of Golden and will cover approximately 40% of the annual grooming costs. As a part of the Agreement, the society will provide annual visitation statistics for each of the trail systems they groom including Quartz Creek, Gorman Lake, Silent Pass, and eventually the near complete West Bench Trail. Aaron Bernasconi, president of GSTS stated, “The RMI funding is bringing much-needed, financial stability to the snowmobile grooming process. With its insertion in to the GSTS budget, we have been able to secure a contractor for 176 grooming runs, on 3 different trails throughout the 2012/13 season. This year, locals and tourists alike will enjoy a reliably smooth trail product that should continue to solidify Golden as one of the top snowmobile destinations in Western Canada.” Mayor Christina Benty added, “I am very pleased the Town of Golden has been able to provide assistance to a mainstay public tourism activity in our area through the RMI Program. Supporting tourism in our community through this program is one of council’s current strategic priorities; maintaining world-class groomed trails in our region will ensure Golden continues to be viewed as a fabulous mountain snowmobiling destination”. The 5-year Contribution Agreement is one of 11 distinct projects in the Town of Golden’s Resort Development Strategy – a 5-year agreement with the Province providing approximately $500,000 per year toward tourism based projects in the community. Approved by Town of Golden Council, the projects were idealized by a local advisory committee of stakeholders in the tourism sector. As one of only 14 “Resort Municipalities” in the Province, Golden receives RMI funding because of its high ratio of accommodation units to population, the presence of a destination marketing organization collecting the Additional Hotel Room Tax, and in having a strategy in place for tourism product development. For more information: Jon Wilsgard, Manager of Corporate Services | 250.344.2271/237


Located in “the Old Trapper” 1105 - 9th street 250.344.9863.


A little more than three and a half years ago, cousins Chris and Martijn Dujits were given the opportunity to open a restaurant at a venue in the Park Inn Motel, just by the Prestige Inn hotel. “I have always had in the back of my head to open a BBQ restaurant,” says chef Chris Dujits. Combine that with a little ingenuity of creation and a simple yet wholesome menu, and the Fire Pit BBQ Smokehouse was born. Chris and Martijn are not new to restaurants. In 1999, the cousins relocated to Canada from Holland and opened the Kicking Horse Grill at the old location of the Mad Trapper on 9th St South. They styled the restaurant on the concept of Rocky Mountain cuisine, but after a great 12-year run, they handed the building keys to a new owner. Timing couldn’t be better. “We wanted to get into the midrange price market,” Chris says. The cousins offered a unique product and the ability to surround themselves with a team that could lead a successful business. The BBQ restaurant business took off. One day, a guy with a big truck with BBQ graphics emblazoned on it rolled into the parking lot of the Fire Pit BBQ Smokehouse. Chris approached the diner and asked his honest opinion of their food. The man retorted with the compliment, “It’s good, but not great.” After a few hours of conversing about the BBQ industry, the gentleman continued on his travels. One hour later, the BBQ gentleman phoned Chris and promised to return in two weeks to help them fine-tune their recipes and their style of smoking. “Before we were using local woods to smoke our meats,” Chris explained. “So we changed our smoking process to apple wood.” Their product was finally perfected.

salt and it is smoked with apple wood.” This keeps the water content, so it doesn’t come out like cardboard. “The product is all natural ingredients; you can read all the words on the packaging,” Chris states. The product grew and grew. “We started to receive phone calls from all over,” Chris says. They couldn’t keep up with the demand. The Fire Pit restaurant location was too small a facility to produce the volume they were experiencing. They sourced out a Hungarian style delicatessen in Salmon Arm that could handle more than 500 kilos of Alberta sourced beef jerky produced every week. “We are now working with major food chain to start stocking their shelves in more than 200 locations in BC,” Chris states proudly. Unfortunately, due to regulations from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, it is currently not financially feasible to export their product outside of BC. “We are getting calls all the time asking us to mail it to houses in Ontario and even the US. A lady phoned recently for a big order for stocking stuffers,” Chris adds with a grin. Fire Pit Smokehouse Jerky is moist, delicious and hand crafted! With three classic hand crafted comfort flavours—original, spicy and jalapeno—and a possible thick teriyaki flavour down the road, the beef jerky cousins are a Golden town success. You can pick up some local jerky in more than 10 locations in Golden, including at the Fire Pit restaurant.

“We smoke our own bacon, chicken wings, brisket, ribs, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers—even cheese.” The brisket they were smoking had some waste product end cuts, but the tip of the brisket was too dry to serve on a regular menu. So, they played with recipes and Chris and Martijn starting giving samples to their guests, receiving some great feedback. “They all liked it, so we started selling it,” Chris says with a smile. “One day, we had a blind test with 20 strangers. We gave them four different brands of jerky. They all picked Fire Pit Jerky.” “The other companies dehydrate their meat; our jerky is cured in a curing

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PublicNotice Early Utility Payment Discontinued Your utility bill, should you have an unmetered residential account with us, typically arrives in late January of each year. It includes your annual fee for the utility services fundamental to most municipalities – water, sewer, and curb-side garbage and recycling collection. Utilities are separate from taxes because they are ideally based on cost recovery for the provision of each service. Because these utilities are essential services shared by virtually everyone, best practice suggests that they are managed on a full cost recovery basis. This not only includes annual operational costs and maintenance, but also contributions to reserves to fund replacements of older infrastructure and upgrades where required. Well managed utilities require considerable investment, and most municipalities do not attain full cost recovery. Those that have did so by first identifying full costs, and then over time, gradually increasing fees over many years until full cost recovery has been attained. So if we haven’t been charging the true cost of running utilities (water and sewer in particular), where has the money come from to make up the shortfall? Your property taxes. Gradually, that needs to shift, and we are taking one of many steps needed to do so starting in 2013. For many years we have applied a one month discount to all accounts paid annually prior to March 1st as an incentive for early payment. This was originally introduced many years ago to maintain an adequate cash flow for the Town, but better financial tools and cash management have now eliminated this need. As a result of this discount, Town utilities have actually “lost” approximately $40,000 per year in lost revenue, which has ended up being recovered from property taxes. To address this, Council determined late in 2011 to eliminate the early payment discount beginning in 2013 and amendment bylaws were recently passed giving legal authority to do so. We understand you may have questions or comments about this and will be glad to hear from you. You can reach Town Hall at 250.344.2271, come see us, or start a conversation on our facebook page.


DAILY CREATIVE Laura Kittle Photo & Text

I’m so glad that this month’s Local Townie theme is Infinite Beginnings because I think I need another start on this project. I’m not sure how many of you joined me on this creativity regime to get your brain in gear for a winter of creative thinking, but if you’re like me, you’ll probably want to consider November as your prep time. LOVE is in Quilting!

Here’s what didn’t work for me in my endeavor to create something daily:

My own narrow ideas of art and creativity (this was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the unreasonable expectations I set up for myself); and attempting to do something artistic every day right off the bat (which felt a lot like trying to get ready for ski season by doing one hundred squats on your first day of training). Here’s what did work: Cooking. I tried to expand my notions of what art is and what purpose creativity serves and came up with food. Trying new recipes fed both my need to create something new and my need for tasty treats. I’ll post the amazing recipe for chai inspired cinnamon buns for all to enjoy. Mixing business with pleasure. I have the great fortune to be able to bring art and creativity into the work I do. I tried graphic facilitation ( ) with some of my clients and had surprising results. They gained a different perspective and I overcame my fear of drawing in front of people. Setting reasonable expectations. Everyday art isn’t going to work for me. I discovered that I work best in quick bursts of creativity and that small weekly projects are probably more my style. So in the spirit of infinite beginnings, I have already started over—with new principles and new projects. The first rule is that creativity regimes are not like Fight Club. Tell everyone and be accountable. The second is to set boundaries to keep you focused; in my case I’m going to work in one medium (fabric) on weekly projects (quilt blocks) for a year. I’ve already finished two blocks (only 50 more to go). The third is to remember to not take yourself too seriously and to prepare yourself for weeks when you don’t follow through, or have to something new to get the creative juices flowing. Most of all have fun, that’s the whole point.

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TO THE point - .05 Meagan Noel Photo and Text Enjoying the sun, powder, skiing fresh lines all day, and then finishing the day on the mountain with après for a few drinks before driving back town; extended family get together, reminiscing of past years over dinner and wine before driving the family home; work Christmas party, dancing and drinks before driving home to relieve the babysitter; drinks after work with coworkers before driving home—any of this sound familiar? Don’t let yourself become an impaired driver. It doesn’t take much alcohol to impair your driving. It’s not a question of whether you are legally intoxicated; it’s a question of whether or not it is safe to drive when you have consumed any amount of alcohol. Just because you’ve only had a couple of drinks doesn’t mean you’re okay to drive. Research shows that impairment begins long be-

fore a person reaches the blood alcohol concentration level necessary to be guilty of impaired driving. Drinking and driving is a leading cause of death on the roads, and is the number one criminal cause of death in BC. In the first 12 months that BC introduced tougher impaired driving laws, the number of people killed by impaired driving dropped by 45 per cent. Police in BC can issue an immediate roadside prohibition to an impaired driver with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .05 or higher. Fines and towing costs related to these offences can add up to an estimated $4500. That money could buy approximately nine new snowboards or five new sets of skis or four years’ worth of season passes or a heli-skiing trip of a life time. But these monetary fines can’t even compare with the human cost of impaired driving.

“Live with no excuses and no regrets. Don’t drink and drive.” – Spencer

What can you do to avoid impaired driving? Plan ahead. Studies show those who have planned ahead for a night of drinking choose alternate “Don’t drink and drive because families and children are always out on the roads. The human cost is too great. People always forget that it is a privilege to drive.” – Wade (born and raised in Golden, BC, now lives here with his two daughters.)

ways home rather than getting behind the wheel impaired. Plan to have a designated driver. Plan to stay overnight. Plan to use a taxi. Plan to stay off the roads.

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“Don’t drink and drive. Plan ahead and have a designated driver or walk home. The risks are just not worth it.” – Seona


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Canadian Parents for French Claudine St. Cyr-Premont

Amener une nouvelle vision et de nouvelles idées “Canadian Parents for French est un réseau national de bénévoles qui valorisent la langue française comme composante intégrale du Canada et qui se dévouent à la promotion et à la création d’occasions d’apprentissage du français comme langue seconde pour les jeunes du Canada. ” Keith Spicer a été le tout premier conseiller des langues officielles au Canada en 1977. Ayant de grands intérêts en une éducation bilingue, M. Spicer a rencontré des parents à travers le pays qui voulaient que leurs enfants apprennent le français comme langue seconde. Malheureusement le conseil scolaire local n’envisageait pas les mêmes objectifs pour les jeunes du Canada. Après la déception précédente, le commisionnaire des langues officielles organisa une réunion appelée “Conférence de Parents sur la Langue Française et les Opportunités d’Échanges,” qui a pris place à Ottawa en Mars 1977. Durant cette conférence, Canadian Parents for French a été officellement fondé. Les membres et les volontaires ont voulu créé des opportunités pour leurs enfants afin de devenir bilingue à l’intérieur du système scolaire canadien. Il y a 35 ans, Canadian Parents for French a amené au Canda une vision qui devrait être soutenue. Même apès avoir rencontré des défis, les parents sont allés de l’avant et se sont rassemblés afin d’amener de nouvelles idées et d’offrir une éducation culturelle enrichie à leurs enfants. CPF a maintenant 11 succursales et 170 chapîtres dans les communautés de l’Océan Pacifique à l’Atlantique. Si vous désirez partager vos idées à propos d’activités et d’évènements éducatifs qui supportent les buts de CPF et qui amèneraient une expérience culturelle à la communauté de Golden, veuillez écrire à Pour plus d’information sur CPF vous pouvez visiter “Canadian Parents for French is a national network of volunteers, which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians.” Keith Spicer became Canada’s first-ever Commissioner of Official Languages in 1977. Having great interests in bilingual education, Keith met with parents across the country who wanted their children to learn French as a second language. Unfortunately, local school boards did not envision the same objectives for youth in Canada. Following this disappointment, Keith organized the Parents’ Conference on French Language and Exchange Opportunities, which took place in Ottawa March 1977. Dedicated volunteers who wanted to create opportunities for children to become bilingual in the Canadian school system officially founded Canadian Parents for French during the conference. Their vision 35 years ago should be sustained in Canada today and into the future. Today, parents continue to rise to meet challenges, move forward and gather to bring new ideas and offer a culturally enriched education to their children. CPF now has 11 branch offices and some 170 chapters in communities from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. If you would like to share your ideas on some educational activities or events that support CPF goals and bring a cultural experience to the Golden community, please write to For more on CPF visit


LEARNING YOUR DREAM AT C.O.T.R. Kris King/Karen Cathcart Text. photo: Kris King

OK, so you are one of those people who thinks the College of the Rockies’ Golden community campus is just a place to score a first aid ticket or brush up on some accounting or computer skills. Well you’re wrong! Continuing education, or more aptly known as ConEd, is full of intriguing locally-relevant courses for work, play and business. Coming up in the New Year, the College is offering many new events and courses at value prices. ADVENTURE WOMEN Ice climbing in Kootenay Are you an adventurous woman? National Park with COTR Wanna go ice climbing or hone your backcountry winter travel and avalanche skills training? Industry experts and certified guides Mary Beth Board, Kirsten Knechtel and Kellie Erwin are offering a guaranteed fun ladies-only group.

LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS Wondering what’s up with the HST to PST-GST transition? Watch for a seminar on Understanding PST GST Changes. Employment Standards are always changing. Catch up with local lawyer and community advocate Bruce MacKenzie for your guide to Understanding Employment Standards. Feeling a bit blah in your leadership? Or, are you a forward-thinking leader? Laurie Dalzell will present Phase II Leadership Training, a mustnot-miss course for any style of leader. Her course will focus on personal leadership reflection and deep development, systems theory, leadership and change, leadership to create WE, practical tools for developing leaders, creating change in your organization, civic engagement and understanding how your business social media campaigns influence who you are. ART & CRAFT Head down to the craft store and pick up some water colour paints and pencils to participate in Sketching and Water Colour with artist Don Konrad. Copper Smithing is a traditional craft that has expressed many functions throughout history. Learn more to create your own ornate designs with artisan Marty Ryan. Beading and Beyond—need we say more? Dawna-Lea Ringer will share her beading techniques and styles. Remember making mugs in high school pottery class way back in the day? Well, you may be grown up now, but you find yourself designing and crafting again. Get your hands muddy with the Craft of Pottery with local potter Suzanne Cooper. GEOLOGY – BURGESS SHALE The Burgess Shale Earth Science/World Heritage Study Tour Program is aimed at attracting new members of the Golden community to learn about our heritage and geoscience systems. The program runs six days and includes field studies to several sites, including the Burgess Shale, the Dawn of Life, the Ancient Forest, Rocky Mountain Roadside Geology Tour and the Climate Change field study tour to the Saskatchewan Glacier. This program is delivered in partnership with the Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation. Check your mailbox in the coming year for more ConEd courses and dates. To sign up now, phone 1-250-344-5901 or visit /golden


On the evening of November 13, at 6:30 p.m. I find myself walking down a candle-lit walkway, wax dripping on the pavement. Opening the large metal door, drones and chimes in varying tones tingle my eardrums. I walk up the stairs to an open room; women lining the left, men lining the right. Amongst the worshipers, I sit and listen as Pastor Jarnarl Singh speaks, intonations following a meandering path. Diwali, meaning “a row of lights,” celebrates the release of Guru Hargobind Singh from false imprisonment, and his demand for the release of 52 innocent kings being met by the Emperor. Upon their release, each man returned to their hometowns and Guru Hargobind returned to the holy city of Amritsar, Punjab, the centre of Sikhism. In the Sikh belief system, the 10 gurus are God’s disciples and conduits of the divine word; Guru Nanak Dev was the first, and the founder of Sikhism. The rapid growth of Sikhism and its monotheism aroused fear in India’s Emperor, rejecting the deeply engrained caste system in India. The chimes fade and the temple grows silent. Priest Singh hands each person a ball of warm, sweet dough. I follow everyone downstairs to the dining hall. Candles and oil lamps glow. I

choose a seat; women on the left, men on the right. Metal pots steam with chipati, naan, channa masala, curry, milk curd, rice pudding and sweets. Inhaling infusions. Slurping sounds. Breaking bread. Munching mouthfuls. Firecrackers and laughter fill the dark, cold air outside the temple. Priest Singh has lived in Golden’s Gurudwara Temple, the oldest Sikh temple in North America, for almost 12 years. “Sikhs are all around the world. There are so many temples and many priests that come from India,” Priest Singh says. But when it comes to Diwali, most traditions are celebrated alike everywhere. Some of the most common traditions include receiving new clothes, cleaning houses, buying gold ornaments, hanging traditional lights, eating sweets, sharing food and worshiping together. “The next holiday on the Sikh calendar is the celebration of Guru Nanak Dev’s birthday on November 28,” Priest Singh says. The temple will be celebrating on December 2 with prayer, worship and food. Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities; I know I will.

diwali Jillian MacMcKnee


Winter 2013 Art Spot Offerings

this gift giving season...

The following courses will be offered at College of the Rockies starting in January. In order to reach as many people as possible, students may only register in 2 workshops prior to January 21, 2013. After that date, students may register in additional workshops if space is available.

at Jita’s Cafe

Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) members ($20 annual fee for January to December) pay a $30 supply fee for each course. Non-LLP members pay a $40 registration fee plus a $30 supply fee for each course.

Donate by buying art 50% of your purchase goes to the Golden Food Bank *** Tax deductable receipts are available for art purchases It’s a gift that keeps giving!! Art by Sarah Jane Osadetz of OsaDesigns



Introduction to the Pottery Wheel: Jan 8-17,Tue & Thu, 1-3 pm


Beginner/Intermediate Pottery Wheel: Jan 22-31,Tue & Thu, 1-3 pm


Painting with Acrylics: Feb 5-Mar 5, Tue, 12-3pm


Beading and Beyond: Feb 4-27, Mon & Wed, 1-3pm


Introduction to Metal Copper Art: Apr 6-27, Sat, 10am-2pm

For more information and to register, please call 250-344-5901. Classes are limited to 10, so don’t delay – call today!

winter permit system: glacier NTL. rark Submitted Winter Permit System is now in effect in Glacier National Park. In recent years there have been extensive changes to the Winter Permit System—including changes to Winter Restricted and Prohibited Area boundaries, parking, and permit administration. Daily and Annual Winter Permits are available. Annual Winter Permit holders must pass an on-line quiz. The quiz is available by visiting parkscanada. and consists of 25 questions, taking approximately 45 minutes to complete. An Annual Winter Permit will be issued when proof of successful completion (quiz certificate) is provided to park staff at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre, along with vehicle license plate number(s). Terms and Conditions and a Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement must also be accepted and signed.

-7:00 am - 4:00 pm -Closed 12:30 - 1:30pm Tuesday – Friday. The Winter Permit System has been in effect since 1995 and allows backcountry users to enter Winter Restricted Areas that are part of the highway avalanche program when artillery gunfire is not anticipated. This system protects the public from avalanche control actions in the transportation corridor, but it does not render slopes safe for winter recreationists.

The Rogers Pass Discovery Centre is open:

Winter recreationists are reminded that entering a closed area in the park without a permit is dangerous and an offence under the Canada National Parks Act. Violations increased in 2012, and Parks Canada staff will be patrolling for permits this winter. Offences are punishable on conviction of a fine of up to $200,000. Violations will also contribute to more restrictive changes to the Winter Permit System in the future.

-November 23, 2012 – April 30, 2013

As always, your feedback is important to us and

Daily, individual winter permits continue to be available at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre.

Golden’s 23rd Annual Christmas Bird count, Dec. 27, Golden bird watchers are encouraged to join with birders across the western hemisphere and participate in one of North America’s winter-time traditions, the annual Christmas Bird Count, in Golden on December 27th. We are looking for participants of any and all skill levels in bird identification, so tell your friends.  You can contact organizer and compiler, Ellen Zimmerman and decide how you want to participate.   There are lots of options. Go along with an experienced birder and help to record. Cover a specifically allocated territory on your own or with family and friends.  Stay home and cozy, watch and record your feeder. For those who have participated before, please let me know if you will be available this year and your preferences for participation.

SUDOKU answers on pg 30

the continuity of the system. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us. Feedback forms are also available at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre. For complete details on the Winter Permit System please visit Visitors should note that Glacier Park Lodge is closed and there is no fuel or hotel accommodation in Rogers Pass. T ravelers should plan their trips accordingly and check

SUBALPINE FIR by Laura Shaw If you know how to spot it, use it and most importantly, appreciate it, the subalpine fir is the tree that keeps on giving. You are probably familiar with this one; the great-smelling conifer with blisters on its otherwise smooth grey bark. From a bushcraft perspective, this is the tree to know. It is stocked with materials that can help you start a fire, provide you with food, help you get rid of that nasty cold and even supply the perfect non-toxic glue. If you need to pick up your energy on the trail, you can use a knife or a stick to pop open one of those blisters to get at the resin inside. Just a dab of it on your tongue is all you need. It is also full of healing properties. If you have a cut or a small burn, this resin will form a protective layer over your wound, keep bacteria out and speed up the healing process. Fir needles make a delicious tea full of antioxidants and vitamin C. This tea is also good for colds and fevers. As an added bonus, if you forget your toothbrush when you’re camping, you can use the resin to clean your teeth. This time of year, though, is a tough one for the subalpine fir, as they are the number one Christmas tree candidate. This year, why not decorate one outside with natural decorations? =)

BUY Gift Certificates NOW! A great gift idea this holiday season!

Purchase a $25.00 gift certificate, and get a $5.00 food coupon

Ph/fax: 250-348-2225

A Home away from Home “A warm & welcoming lodge-style hostel in the centre of Golden with a roaring fire and comfortable beds. A home away from home, with snuggly sofas, fully-equipped kitchen, feather duvets, boot drying room, ski/board storage, book change and free wifi.

Room Rates: Dormbeds $30.00 Private/Family $75.00 528 9th Ave N Golden, BC 250-439-1090

TURNING POINT Eat with us often??

Start a lunch card. Stamp 10 lunches & get your 11th lunch free!

Turning Point Restaurant will be closed: Dec 17th - 26 for Xmas holidays

Open: Monday - Saturday 11am-9pm, Sundays 4pm- 9pm Call: 250 344 2566 906 11 Avenue South


WILLHORSE: IT’s In the Timing

Kris King

It is all in the timing—borrowing a rad bass from a familiar Rolling Stones song, playing with it, speeding it up, adding a little twang. On top of that, layering in Brandon and Jeremy’s voices combined with their selfreflective poetry, rocker soul energy and matching it all with ingenious producing from J.P. Maurice, and bam, it’s a hit. Group this talent with an itsybitsy budget, primarily funded by an online crowd-sourcing scheme and you reach the pinnacle of events; it was all meant to happen when the timing was right. In the past, the timing was not right. Jeremy, Willhorse’s front, speaks about how they forced their talent and vision in his past bands based in Edmonton, Alberta and North Battleford, Saskatchewan. “Brandon, Nick and I would push our band. We needed to get a CD done, we needed to tour.” As he says this, an expression of disillusion is present in his face; it was apparent they were not producing at their prime. In Golden, it just happened with the right timing. Now, their talent shows with patience and being in the right place and time in life!

Within a few months they all settled into the same vibe that Jeremy found. Jam nights, collaborative opportunities and a sweet downtempo lifestyle. Willhorse’s bassist, Todd Menzies, came on their radar while Jeremy and Tegan were settling into Golden. He was in-between creative assignments with Stellar Radio Choir and other Golden-based projects. Todd brought to the band years of music experience and connections to the local and western Canadian scene. Todd and the boys from North Battleford took time over many months to jam together; the timing was right. They were in sync. A common ground swelled to become something more; Willhorse was created after a long night of whisky and shared dreams of being plaid- wearing southern

electric guitar and sings soft back-up vocals with their drummer, Nick. I would see this as a country dance hall favorite, while lovers gentle sway. Little Things is about running away from a onenight-stand on the road whilst finding solace in a higher power. Harmonica and staccato guitar work instantly to feature this as a blues rock and roll. The bass line captures the back of your mind tuning to the style of Big Sugar. Todd and Nick capture your mind and take you along with the journey of the lyrics. Nick’s drumming has a buoyant element to an unforgettable song, leaving you singing for days all about the dirty little things we need redemption from. Every album needs a single to market and capture you with a connection to the soul of a band. Stoke It Up resonates with our mountain life culture. Jeremy’s soft voice and layered instrumentals charge ahead to changes to season and stoke for life.

Left to right: Nick Petrowitch: Drums/Vocals, Branden Winterholt: Electic Guitar/Vocals, Jeremey Borschneck: Guitar/Lead Vocals, Todd Menzies: Bass Photo: Crooked Antler Photgraphy

Willhorse’s journey began a few years ago when Jeremy fell in love with long-time friend, Tegan, while living in Edmonton. Expressing some dismay, Brandon told me, “I thought our band was over…” About two years ago, to be closer to Tegan’s two brothers, Tegan and Jeremy moved to Golden. Jeremy instantly picked up the music vibe and relaxed. The timing was right. He started to hone his craft. Phoning and coercing his previous band mates, Brandon and Nick, he sold them—Golden was the place to reinvent themselves! Nick left his dead-end pizza shop job, Brandon found the right time to call it quits with his then girlfriend. Then they both made the big push to Golden.


rockers. Todd’s life timing was spot-on for the creation of the next Canadian rock sensation.

As musicians they fit themselves into the genre of southern rock; but, sneaking a listen to their 10-track self-titled album, there is more than southern rock.

Willhorse is a band of four talented rockers with a huge journey ahead of them. Willhorse is all in the right mindset and personal prime to excel in music. They have a bit more than southern rock sound. Their holistic approach to their music composition will find them on rock, country and top 40 radio stations across Canada. The right sound, the right style fits a niche for our time; an ability of fitting in current and modern sounds to the playful edginess of a 70s classic rock band. #Hop on the bus, Willhorse’s time is right now. Kicking Horse Culture is Live Kicks: Extra is December DEC 12 Twitter @willhorsemusic

It’s about the ladies. Who would know better than young rock and rollers and their swings of desire? With track titles such as Easy Girl, Tempered Hearts, Never Gonna Leave You, the album sings to the torture of love, one-night stands and the adventures of the pursuit of happiness within the comfort of a woman. The party rock song Love Won’t Leave Me Alone brings Brandon’s clear innocent voice matched with his solo classic electric guitar work to the front of the stage as he sings a ballad of the torn hearts of ladies in their past and present. The album features a classic lifeon-the-road song, Home, where Jeremy’s mature and rich voice dominates this soul-searching song. DEBUTE ALBUM RELEASE: This song typifies the country genre. DEC 12 @ Golden Civic Centre (Not one of those I lost my dog and girlfriend in the same day country songs.) The lyrics yearn intimately to explain their urge to come home during their long travels. Brandon skillfully twangs his


Sarah Burton Leroy Stagger

Andrea Ramolo of Scarlett Jane

John Paul Smith of Coal Creek Boys

I asked four of my good friends and fellow musicians whom I consider true Road Warriors, what keeps them sane while touring. As The Band’s Robbie Robertson once said, “The road is a damn-near impossible way of life.” Here’s a little insight to what keeps these four going.

the road traffic tickets.

is street signs and

Stagger - I just finished Neil Young’s book Waging Heavy Peace; it kept me in stitches on our German tour. It was really beautiful and insightful, made me want to live my life to the fullest.

Menzies: What is your most listened to album while on the road?

Menzies: What is the longest distance you have travelled from one gig to another?

Ramolo - Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Em-

Ramolo - Most recently we drove from Co-

mylou Harris’ Wrecking Ball. I never get sick of either of them.

Smith - Any live album, Grateful Dead or String Cheese Incident. Burton - First priority goes to listening to the albums we gather from other touring bands. Then I tend to lean toward Muse, Aimee Mann, Keane, Bend Sinister and Led Zeppelin. Stagger - Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush,

pretty much any Neil gets played a shit ton in our van. Menzies: What book are you reading on the road right now?

Ramolo - I do more writing than reading on the

road. The last book I started was Patti Smith’s Just Kids, before that was Canyon of Dreams, about the music of Laurel Canyon; but I never got to finishing either of them.

Smith - I never have time to read a book on the

road, I save that for vino by the fire when I’m home in BC or Alberta.

Burton - ASS_LocalTownie_Dec2012_SmallPowerBanner.pdf I’m afraid most of the reading1 I11/22/2012 do on

logne, Germany to Berlin and got stuck on the Autobahn for about 12 hours. The German police were nice enough to finally escort us down the sidelines with their cherries on so we could make it to our show on time.

Menzies: Do you prefer to a) to drive, or b) sit shotgun, or c) sleep ?

Ramolo - I never sleep. I don’t mind driving,

but apparently I’m not the best driver in the world. Shotgun is my preferred choice of seat.

Smith - I prefer to drive. If I have a coffee and smoke, music is cranked and the window down, then I’m good for a solid 12 [hours]. Burton - I like shotgun, who doesn’t? I love putting my feet on windshield and taking pictures out the window. Stagger - All depends on my mood; I usually

drive but occasionally I will go a whole tour parked in the back seat watching my “stories” and resting up or trying to make the guys laugh. Menzies: Do you prefer a) the road or b) the studio?

Smith - I once drove to the Yukon for a show and then drove back the same day for a threenight gig in Fort Mac the next day, which was stupid!

Ramolo - They both have their charm. I love

Burton - One of my favorite drives was with Cindy Doire and Pat Phillips in August 2010. We played in Winnipeg on a Wednesday night with our friends Sweet Alibi and then afterwards we went to see Andrew Neville and the Poor Choices at The Standard. After that we drove through the night, making it just in time for sound check Thursday night at Lop Lops in Sault Ste. Marie—about 20 hours, I guess.

Smith - I live for the studio, all aspects of it.

Stagger - We travelled 10 hours on a gravel road

in Alaska to play for the park rangers in Denali, which was wild—bears, caribou and wolves! We ran out of gas and had to use airplane fuel from a landing strip out there.

working on an isolated project in the studio, it’s much more precise to me and the road promises lots of adventure and the unknown.

The road though, is part of me. When I think I’m tired and sick of it, it sneaks back up on me. It’s all I know.

Burton - I really love recording, but I definitely prefer the road. If I had to pick one, I’d keep the road. Luckily I don’t have to choose, though. Stagger - I’ve got to say the road. I love meeting people and seeing old friends I’ve made along the way. It’s all one song and one story anyways.

4:14:03 PM









Open for the Season!

Monday -Thursday : 8am - 6pm Fridays : 8am - 9pm Saturdays : 8am - 12pm & 4pm - 8pm

Unit # 101, 806 9th St. N. Golden 888.742.8769

Free Shovel

with any $100 purchase!

Limit one per purchase, coupon expires Decemnber 20, 2012. Coupon must be presented upon purcahse.













10:00 -1 PARENT @ Golden

FREE COMMUNITY EVENT LISTINGS call 250-439-7123 e-mail

SATURDAYS Time: 7 PM Location: Pentecostal Church 717 10th st south First service Dec 8th Non-denominational

6-9pm DOcumentary night @ bizarre $5 for food bank 12:30-2pm jr climbing club @ Dogtooth climbing gym $45 2:30-4pm FREE KID’S SHINNY @ Golden arean 4:30-5:45 Public Skate @ Golden arena $2.50 - $4.50

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5:30 MEA

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8:30pm - 9pm DROP IN indoor soccer @ mt7 rec plex

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9:30 10:30 Shinny - Drop in Hockey @ Golden Arena $6.50 12-1PM ADULT PIlates CLASS @ mt 7 rec plex

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2:30-4pm FREE KID’S SHINNY @ Golden areaNA 4:30-5:45 Public Skate @ Golden arena $2.50 - $4.50

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6-9pm DOcumentary night @ bizarre $5 for food bank 12:30-2pm jr climbing club @ Dogtooth climbing gym $45 2:30-4pm FREE KID’S SHINNY @ Golden areana 4:30-5:45 Public Skate @ Golden arena $2.50 - $4.50

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9:30 10:30 Shinny - Drop in Hockey @ Golden Arena $6.50 1-3:30pm Drop in Curling @ curling rink

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7-8:30pm DROP IN MIXED badminton @ mt7 rec plex

6-9PM Golden & Nicholson Fire HALL Rescue practice new members welcome

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6:30 options for sexual health Golden Hospital $ Free/Low cost STI TeST & CONTRACEPTIVES

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10:30-12pm PARENTS & TOTS PLAY @Mnt 7 rec plex 1 - 2:30PM winter walking fitness @ mt7 rec plex $ free 6-9pm Every Wednesday DROP IN Dungeons & Dragon @ bizarre $ Free 6:30 options for sexual health Golden Hospital $ Free/Low cost STI TeST & CONTRACEPTIVES

10:30-12pm PARENTS & TOTS PLAY @Mnt 7 rec plex 1 - 2:30PM winter walking fitness @ mt7 rec plex $ free 6-9pm Every Wednesday DROP IN Dungeons & Dragon @ bizarre $ Free

12-1PM ADULT PIlates CLASS @ mt 7 rec plex

12:30-2pm jr climbing club @ Dogtooth climbing gym $45

7-8:30pm DROP IN MIXED badminton @ mt7 rec plex

6-9PM Golden & Nicholson Fire HALL Rescue practice new members welcome

8:30pm - 9pm DROP IN indoor soccer @ mt7 rec plex

7PM MIXED LEAGUE Curling @ curling

9:30 10:30 Shinny - Drop in Hockey @ Golden Arena $6.50

5:30-6:30 AQUAfit Exercise @ days inn $6.50+/6-9 MAGIC THE GATHERING ADULT GAME @ BIzarre 8-10 DROP IN MIXED Basket ball @ mt7 rec plex 9:30 10:30 Drop in Shinny @ Golden Arena $6.50 6:30-9:30PM STAYING ALIVE @ GOLDEN SENIORS CENTRE 5:30-6:30 AQUAfit Exercise @ days inn $6.50+/6-9 MAGIC THE GATHERING ADULT GAME @ BIzarre 8-10 DROP IN MIXED Basket ball @ mt7 rec plex 9:30 10:30 Drop in Shinny @ Golden Arena $6.50 7pm Toastmasters Club @ College Room 121 5:30-6:30 AQUAfit Exercise @ days inn $6.50+/6-9 MAGIC THE GATHERING ADULT GAME @ BIzarre 8-10 DROP IN MIXED Basket ball @ mt7 rec plex 9:30 10:30 Drop in Shinny @ Golden Arena $6.50 7pm Toastmasters Club @ College Room 121 5:30-6:30 AQUAfit Exercise @ days inn $6.50+/6-9 MAGIC THE GATHERING ADULT GAME @ BIzarre 8-10 DROP IN MIXED Basket ball @ mt7 rec plex 9:30 10:30 Drop in Shinny @ Golden Arena $6.50 7pm Toastmasters Club

1-3:30pm Drop in Curling @ curling rink

4:30-5:45 Public Skate @ Golden arena $2.50 - $4.50

6-9pm Every Wednesday DROP IN Dungeons & Dragon @ bizarre $ Free

9:30 10:30 Shinny - Drop in Hockey @ Golden Arena $6.50

6-9pm DOcumentary night @ bizarre $5 for food bank

2:30-4pm FREE KID’S SHINNY @ Golden areanS

1 - 2:30PM winter walking fitness @ mt7 rec plex $ free

9:30 10:30 Shinny - Drop in Hockey @ Golden Arena $6.50

6-9pm DOcumentary night @ bizarre $5 for food bank

4:30-5:45 Public Skate @ Golden arena $2.50 - $4.50

10:30-12pm PARENTS & TOTS PLAY @Mnt 7 rec plex

10:30-12pm PARENTS & TOTS PLAY @Mnt 7 rec plex 1 - 2:30PM winter walking fitness @ mt7 rec plex $ free 6-9pm Every Wednesday DROP IN Dungeons & Dragon @ bizarre $ Free

5:30-6:30 AQUAfit Exercise @ days inn $6.50+/6-9 MAGIC THE GATHERING ADULT GAME @ BIzarre 8-10 DROP IN MIXED Basket ball @ mt7 rec plex 9:30 10:30 Drop in Shinny @ Golden Arena $6.50 7pm Toastmasters Club

10:00 -1 PARENT @ Golden

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Banff M World T 10:00 -1 PARENT @ Golden

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5:30 ME

2:15 - 3:


10:00 -1 PARENT @ Golden

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6-9pm D ERING @

10:00 -1 PARENT @ Golden

1-3:30pm @ mt7 rec

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10:00 -1 PARENT @ Golden

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m Drop in Currling rec plex




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11:15AM & Tot & senior skate olden Arena $2.50 - $4.50

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11:15AM & Tot & senior skate olden Arena $2.50 - $4.50

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11:15AM & Tot & senior skate olden Arena $2.50 - $4.50

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5:30-6:45PM Public Skate @ Golden arena $2.50 - $4.50 5:30pm MEAT DRAW @ THE LEGION

5:30-6:45PM Public Skate @ Golden arena $2.50 - $4.50 5:30pm MEAT DRAW @ THE LEGION


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Rockets’ December Schedule:

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JOHN JENKINS Acoustic Dinner Music






DARKSIDE PRESENTS APRES Shred FLICK on the big screen $3.75 Pints

THE FUNKHUNTERS with /DJ MIhajic Touch. Tix at Door


JAM NIGHT Foot stomp’n good times. ALL musicians welcome @ The Golden Taps




BIG JOHN FEATURECAST Breakbeat / BATES ROCKATurntablism / Drum BILLY - ROCK SWING! and Bass / Funk Tix at Door Tix at Door

JAM NIGHT Foot stomp’n good times. ALL musicians welcome @ The Golden Taps $2OONIE WILLHORSE AFTER TACO THURSDAYS PARTY @ THE GODLEN TAPS @ Riverhouse Tavern



JOHN JENKINS Acoustic Dinner Music






4th Annual Orphin Chrismas Party.




SUNDAY DEC 23, 2012 429 9TH AVE, GOLDEN BC (250) 344-5951 19+ I.D. REQUIRED

DARKSIDE PRESENTS APRES Shred FLICK on the big screen $3.75 Pints JAM NIGHT Foot stomp’n good times. ALL musicians welcome @ The Golden Taps $2OONIE TACO THURSDAYS @ Riverhouse Tavern




JAM NIGHT Foot stomp’n good times. ALL musicians welcome @ The Golden Taps







DJ Mihajic Touch Breaks, Beats, Dubstep

Wil Mimnaugh Roots Rock Legend Tix at Door


$2OONIE TACO THURSDAYS @ Riverhouse Tavern



DARKSIDE PRESENTS APRES Shred FLICK on the big screen $3.75 Pints


MUSIC & MUSES BY MENZIES THE BRITISH COLUMBIANS With the release of their sophomore album Made for Darker Things, this four-piece rock band from Vancouver has started to turn some heads with their straight-up, guitardriven, rock and roll sound.

grew up listening to. In an age of pop songs and “cockrock” flooding our radio airways and consuming the mainstream media, it is nice to hear a group of genuine musicians play good ol’ rock and roll.


ITISH COLUMBIANS Having shared the stage with such talents as Broken Social Scene, SAT DEC 8 Bearing a name like The BritOur Lady Peace, K-OS, Plants and COVER $10 ish Columbians is a bold move, 19+ ID Req Animals, Band of Skulls, Arkells and but I feel that they represent Grady, The British Columbians have our started to leave their mark on the Canadian music scene. Performing at a number of festivals province as well as any band I can think of. They seem such as NXNE and Virgin Fest, I was fortunate enough to live the lifestyle I picture of any British to catch their set at this year’s Wapiti Music Festival in Columbian band on the road—just four guys travelling Fernie, and was blown away. around in an old van playing bars and having fun. With their last album reaching the top 20 on Earshot, The British Columbians play the Canadian college and university radio charts and @ The Rockwater Saturday December 8. some commercial radio play, their follow-up album is sure to be the breakthrough album for them. Pulling For more on The British Columbians, from influences such as Led Zeppelin and The Band, you can hear the grassroots style of the songwriting they



Being of Scottish descent, I feel it is in my blood to enjoy Scotch whisky, and I do. Scotch takes an acquired taste, something developed over time. My first taste came when I stole some Scotch from my parent’s liquor cabinet and got drunk on Scotch and Coke with some friends. I also remember puking and swearing to God I would never drink Scotch

Knowing now what I didn’t know then, Scotch is not meant to be mixed, nor is it meant to be consumed in excess. It is most commonly known as a delicacy and is served either straight up or over ice—on the rocks. Made from malt barley and water, then stored in wooden barrels, distilleries in Scotland have been making Scotch since the early 1500s. Even though whisky is produced around the world today, Scotland is still held in high regards as turning out the highest quality and most respected whisky. The Macallan Single Malt Whisky is one of the most expensive alcohol brands in the world. Part of Macallan’s Fine and Rare Collection, their 30-year Scotch has a sticker price around $75,000 per bottle. The aging of Scotch is a determining factor in its quality. Most distilleries offer each blend of Scotch in different ages ranging from 12 to 30 years; the minimum aging for most Scotch is three years. Commonly stored in oak and cherry barrels, the Scotch takes on the flavour of the wood depending on the length of time in the barrel. Unlike wine, Scotch does not continue to age once bottled. The distilling process has not changed much in hundreds of years, other than the size and efficiency of machinery that is used. Scotch will always be my drink of choice; the age of Scotch I drink will depend on what I can afford at the time. Todd’s choice today: Highland Park 12-year


Purcell Mountain Orchestra presents “A Variation on Christmas” on December 17, 2012 You’ve probably heard something of the Purcell Mountain Orchestra (PMO), our local 22-piece Symphony. But if you haven’t, you need to use your imagination here. Imagine a small group of local musicians playing centuries old classics, unplugged, right here in Golden. Six years ago, our group formed under the direction of Laurie Dalzell and it seemed unlikely that a small community like Golden could gather half a dozen violinists, a couple of cellists, flutes, clarinets, trombones, trumpets and percussionists, flavored with an oboe, french horn, piano and string bass. Indeed; a full orchestra offers up a big plate of fine classical music just in time for Christmas. Under the direction of the brilliant conductor, Jackie Ohnander, the PMO has rehearsed since September presenting on December 17, 2012 at 7:00pm at the Golden Civic Center. The repertoire includes music such as Beethoven’s Egmont Overture (PMO world premiere!), Rossini’s William Tell, Sibelius, Blake, Holst and Tchaikovsky.Please join us for a family concert with Audience Carlo Singing - this event will get you in the mood for the season. Admission is by donation. For more information on the Purcell Mountain Orchestra please visit: find us on Facebook email us at:


Townie HEALTH Kori Monteith


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2EnchiladasToppedwithGuacamole,SourCream,Cheeseand EnchiladaSauce-ServedwithasideofRiceandBlackBeans BurritosareToppedwithCheese,GuacamoleandSourCream ServedwithasideofRiceandSalsa

2SoftFlourTortillaswithShreddedLettuce,Guacamole, SourCreamandSalsa -ServedwithasideofRiceandBlackBeans

Arriba!! Caliente!! Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9am 250 344 2400 101 Gould’s Island, 10th Ave. Golden, BC



One of the things I appreciate most about yoga is that you can always start where you are. I have students

who are three years old, and students who are 92 years old. I teach yoga to people who are wheel-chair-bound. Each of us can work with what we have.


I feel my trip helped me gain a new perspective on dealing with stress. I plan to incorporate Bob Marley’s perspective on life into my own. Try to remain as happy and stress-free as possible.

The effect of stress on our body is “So let’s get together and feel alright.” extremely detrimental to our health. Stress dumps cortisol, which is very

Mountain Pose Photo: Dibble Photography

250 344 2017 509 B 9th Ave. N.

If we can stay stress-free, relax and have no worries, we will stay healthy and happy.

Starting Where you Are: Mountain Pose

We’re so much more than just hair design.

Boutique Gifts

I can see similarities to our community here in Golden. I know many of us are stressed, worry about money, the economy, simple everyday things, particularly now, coming to the holiday season, the most stressful time of the year. Anything we can do to stay stressfree will help all of us to stay healthy.


Visit Sassy’s Fashion

In life, we should have “no worries” acidic, into and “no problem, mon.” our system. Acid deprives I recently took a trip to Jamaica, and the body of not knowing what to expect, I was oxygen. In order warned of “high crime and lots of to be healthy our body stress.” needs oxygen. The more oxygen we What I found and experienced was have, the better. Breathing, exercise, quite the opposite. There was a loving meditation, drinking lots of water and sense of community and no worries. eating fruits and vegetables will give Jamaicans live by the words of Bob Mar- our bodies more oxygen. If our body is ley; “no worries about a thing ’cause too acidic it causes our immune system every little thing is gonna be alright.” to become weak and this gives bacHis presence is so strong throughout teria, parasites and viruses a chance to Jamaica that his energy is present in flourish. People become sick with colds everyone, everywhere. If people have and flus this time of year because so stress, they don’t show it, and they many of us are experiencing high levels portray a relaxed and loving spirit. of stress.

Firmly ground your feet onto the floor. Next, lift the knee caps up (it feels like pulling the front of your knee up), and soften the backs of your knees. Engage your quadriceps and your belly (but don’t suck the belly in) and drop your tailbone down. Then lift your sternum (the center of your chest) up, and relax your shoulders. Lift the top of your head up, and bring the chin down slightly; you’ll feel the back of your neck lengthening. And then, just hold the pose for a few breaths. Feel yourself stable, grounded, centered—and tall. Picture your favourite mountain and notice what about your posture resembles that. What mountain qualities can you embody? The next time you stand in line at the grocery store or the bank, try to stand in Mountain Pose and notice if it is any different than the way you usually stand.

A good place to start (if you are not wheel-chair-bound) is in Mountain Pose (Tadasana in Sanskrit). This is the most Mountain pose is the first pose in basic standing posture in yoga. the Sun Salutation series, and is the Stand with your feet close together or basic pose before any standing seeven touching. Take a few deep breaths quence or balance poses. It’s the and bring your attention to your feet. perfect beginning for your practice. Lift your toes up and spread them wide. When you put your toes back down, shift your weight from side to side or back and forth, and then find your center.

music & muses by menZIES MANWOMAN & INFINITY SOLSTICE Born Patrick Charles Kemball in Cranbrook, BC, he changed his name to ManWoman after years of dreaming he was both male and female in the same body, prompting people to call him ManWoman. In 1967 he starting going by the name and signing his painting as such and in 1971 he legally changed it. ManWoman became known for spearheading the movement to detoxify the symbol known as the swastika, which was historically used to symbolize “well-being,” “to be good” or “being with higher self.” Used by many Indian religions, specifically in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the swastika is a sign of life. ManWoman began the movement to reclaim the swastika after a series of dreams which he called the vision, The Secret Doctrine of the Holy Fuck. Twenty-five years ago, Infinity Solstice the Bright Wizard of Destiny was introduced to ManWoman. I sat down with Infinity to discuss the life of his dear friend, and he was graManWoman with cious Infinty Solstice Bright Wizard of Destiny enough to enlighten me on such an eccentric individual. Over the past twenty-five years, these two grew to become the closest of friends. They shared a vision of peace, love and making art. When Infinity first met ManWoman he had his studio in the back of his parents’ jewelry shop. At the time, ManWoman was mastering the art of screen printing while also creating art in forms such as paintings, sculptures and poetry. ManWoman studied art from 1959 to 1963 at Alberta College of Art, and then again from 1956 to ’59 at the University of British Columbia. Later in life he would expand into tattooing and even building elaborate custom guitars. Last month ManWoman passed away, leaving behind his beloved wife, Astarta, and four kids, as

well as a legacy of art that will never be forgotten or replicated. His artwork was as original as his character, sharing his wisdom with those who were fortunate enough to have met him. “If ManWoman did anything in his 74 years on this earth, it was show people how to live life and be yourself,” claims Infinity.

ment I walked in and met him I noticed a presence about him that you encounter in very few individuals in life. We quickly became good friends and he invited me into his basement where he kept all of his original paintings spanning a 50-year career. The depth and originality was mind-blowing. ManWoman’s paintings take you to another place where words are useless. He then let me play his amazing guitars, designed by him and luthier Frank Gay (Gay built a guitar for Johnny Cash!) in the late ’60’s. He eventually agreed to sell me the Orgasm, a guitar that was played by the great Tommy Bolin (Deep Purple, Billy Cobham). Last year, when ManWoman heard I was writing concert music for Symphony Nova Scotia in Halifax, he sent me a note simply saying, ‘That’s great, now you can write better Rock ‘n Roll music!’ He will always be an influence to me and a reminder to follow your path when it comes to art no matter how ‘outside’ it is.”

You can find his artwork on the cover of Infinity Solstice’s most recent album, Visions of Freed (Pathway to Infinity). His art has been featured in galleries throughout Canada and is currently in a gallery in California. Even comedy great Dan Aykroyd has a piece of ManWoman’s art hanging in the green room of his Chicago music club House of Blues. ManWoman has had 14 full pages dedicated to him and his tattoos in tatAngel - ManWoman

Coming Home - ManWoman

too magazines over the years, the most popular of his tattoo imagery being his famous Mr. Death character. ManWoman has three books published; Gentle Swastika, Homesick for Eternity and Midnight Freak Show. “On occasion, words force me into their living quarters to form bedrooms of pleasure by the cooing of my voice,” ManWoman was quoted when asked to describe his poetry. Golden has hosted three ManWoman art shows in the past; he has left his mark on many locals including Disasterman guitarist Jason Eastwood, who is the owner of one of ManWoman’s guitars. Jason had this to say about ManWoman when he learned of his passing; “I’d been hearing about ManWoman for a few years when Infinity Solstice the Bright Wizard of Destiny insisted I come with him to ManWoman’s house in Cranbrook. The mo-

Infinity Solstice the Bright Wizard of Destiny is one of Golden’s most interesting and talented residents, living on his 60-acre farm in Parson, which is also known for its disc golf course, rated the number one in disc golf course in Canada. Jazz musician, Frisbee-golf course proprietor, organic farmer, goat herder and marijuana advocate, the Bright Wizard does a bit of everything on his ranch. He’s married to his lovely wife, Rhonda, and is father of two: son Talon still lives on the acreage and his daughter, Meadow, lives on the property next door. As a musician, Infinity has released three full-length albums: Glimpse into Infinity (Pieces of the Sun), Essence of the Cosmos (Reflecting Infinity) and his most recent, Visions of Freedom (Pathway to Infinity), all of which feature artwork by ManWoman. He also has ringtones available and claims he wants to be “Ringtone King of the Universe.” He even had a ringtone release party (the first ever that I have heard of) to introduce his hit song Pot’s a Herb as a ringtone. For more on ManWoman For more on Infinity Solstice the Bright Wizard of Destiny, check out

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Up to 8 hour burn time.

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Holiday Celebration with Local Youth Musicians and DJ - TBA


Let’s welcome Sean McRae!


(our new employee) WHOO HOOO!!

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LOCAL EATS: FOOD BANK CHILI Leslie Adams and Barb Davies

Golden is a caring and generous community where people take pride in helping their neighbours. As winter closes in, many who can usually make ends meet may have more challenges keeping up with their fuel and electricity costs to survive the increasingly cold and dark days. This puts pressure on the Golden Food Bank which depends on you, local townies, to increase your contributions to help our more fiscally strapped local townies. Every year, the Golden Food Bank does a survey called Hunger Count. The 2012 statistics show that one third of food bank users are children. Of the adults who use the food bank, 25 per cent are employed, 27 per cent are on disability, 21 per cent are on social assistance and 10 per cent are receiving employment insurance. Only two per cent report no income at all. The Golden Food Bank has experienced a large increase in usage in the last few years, attributed to the impact of a Canada-wide recession. An average of 290 local townies (almost half of them are families with children) use the food bank monthly, which may be due to a large segment of the population managing on seasonal work as well as minimum wage and part-time jobs.

So, let’s build a recipe using these types of items, realizing that this is a hamper for a week, and this is one main dish meal. Depending on your Cupboard Chili




1 can tuna or 1/2 lb ground beef (optional) 1/2 large onion 1-2 cups of any of these mixed or by themselves: carrots, zucchini, corn, peppers, mushrooms, celery (canbe fresh, canned or frozen). If you decide not to include meat or fish, add another cup of vegetables. 1 16 oz can of tomatoes 1 16 oz can of any type of canned beans Chili powder to taste (start with small amounts)

Barb Davies, the Golden Food Bank Executive Director, says the role of the Golden Food Bank includes, “nourishing our community by providing food hampers to those in need. We procure and some ingenuity and a little helping hand you distribute food with emphasis on With can have some great chili Photo: Leslie Adams sourcing local food, enhancing the nutritional quality of food distributed and minimizing wastage. We ensure fair and equitable access to the Food Bank for anyone facing food insecurity in our community.” A weekly food hamper includes eggs, yoghurt, ground beef, a bag of fresh seasonal produce, canned tuna, canned vegetables, beans, soup, tomatoes, peanut butter, various snacks, tea or coffee and toilet paper, among other items. Other staple items are also available including oats, rice, flour and pasta. The items vary depending on the number of people a hamper must feed and whether or not the hamper is going to a family with children. So, let’s build a recipe using these types of items, realizing that this is a hamper for a week, and this is one main dish meal. When donating to the Food Bank, please note that versatile, healthy foods that people can make a variety of meals around are the best choices. Items such as tuna, beans, tomatoes, rice, pasta, flour, bags or boxes of fresh vegetables and fruit are easy to build nutritious economical meals with. It is also very useful to donate cash as this will enable the food bank to buy what they need to fill out these hampers. So, as the days grow longer and colder, and as the season of giving approaches, please share with your friends, neighbours and local townies often and generously. Happy winter!

Your travel story starts with us! Drop by our Visitor Centre VISIT THE BC VISITOR CENTRE @ GOLDEN for in-depth travel planning, insider tips, free province-wide hotel reservations, great deals on activities and attractions tickets, and much more. • Maps, brochures, books and travel guides • Kicking Horse Mountain Resort direct-to-lift tickets and clothing • Super, Natural British Columbia® souvenirs and gifts • Parks Canada passes • Food & Beverages • Free, public Wi-Fi 111 Golden Donald Upper Rd Ph: 250-344-7711 Connect with us online:


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JONI young

Sarah Jane Osadetz Joni Young’s dream started 16 years ago, right around the time she had her first child.

“I personally and confidentially guarantee results in one or two sessions.”

Kory Monteith 250-344-9855 250-290-1922

GO Organic Sports Ranch

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6 different ring tones!!

Check them out @iTunes - Infinity Solstice

“I wanted to be able to stay home with my kids, paint and contribute to the household income in my own way. Art has afforded me that.” Joni shares. She comes by her talent and creative side very honestly. Joni inherited her artistic abilities from her Mom, who who is an artist as well. “Many people know my mother’s work and have had work done by her. I really like her work,” Joni mentions supportively. Once Joni’s mind was made up to paint, Bob Ross, Thomas Kincaid and Monet were influential to her work. From developing skills and technique to creating a unique and vibrant colour palette, Joni has a signature style that is all her own. Her audience loves it. Just recently, Joni garnered a 100 Christmas ball order on her Facebook page. This shows the workings of how social media, creativity and building lasting relationships can really work to build a home business with marketing tactics, such as photographs of art and students, posted online regularly. “I started doing children’s art workshops out of my home to see how well it would go. I fill most of my classes and have started teaching adult lessons as well. I really challenge my creativity, because at each workshop, I never repeat a piece. Each workshop is a take home piece for my students and is unique, never to be repeated.” Having sketched quite a bit as a child, she had the vision and tools to take a blank piece of something—canvas or paper—and make it into something lovely. “I really didn’t like school that much, yet put me in the art room and watch me go!” she states enthusiastically. “I would spend hours there and loved every minute of it.” When asked about what painting gives her while she’s actively creating, as she’s using the principals and tools in amongst her vision, Joni shares these insights; “It’s a chain reaction, I’m learning while I’m doing the work. The more I paint, the more I want to paint. Everything around me looks crisper, cleaner, lovelier. It’s so inspiring; I want to put that onto canvas.” Eight years ago, at the Art Spot, where Golden’s cultural hub began, Joni had her first show. Marketed with posters, word of mouth and in the local paper, many people came out. When her newest exhibit, Impressions of Golden, showcased at Kicking Horse Culture’s Art Gallery of Golden, Joni was amazed again by the turnout. “Visiting many people I’ve known over the years and getting to catch up with them while they see my new work was so touching. I also met new people. The people of Golden and Kicking Horse Culture were so supportive of my work, and I am very grateful.” With another art opening this month at Winston Lodge on Friday, Dec. 14,

250 348 2351

Serving the needs of Our Community

Stay 1021 11th Ave N. Golden, BC 250 344 6102


| giving

A Bellstar Gift Card is the perfect gift for everyone. Give the gift of an incredible vacation with Bellstar!

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Joni is a busy woman. “I am exhibiting several paintings of a mixed nature - brand new work that hasn’t been seen yet and some older pieces. My new project is selling prints of my work which I will have on display. It will be a show with variety. I’m looking forward to it,” Joni says appreciatively. You could, if you liked, literally do a Joni Young tour around Golden. Home Hardware, Golden Medical Clinic, the Library, other businesses and private homes all have murals that Joni has conceptualized and brought alive. Joni is living her dream and Golden has stepped up to meet her vision and support her by revealing locations, big and small for her creations. This might be a small town, yet it’s one with a big heart. You can find Joni’s art, information about art classes on is available on her Facebook page, Joni Young Art. Contact via email: Paintings by Joni Young acrilic on canvas

We’ve got a special offer for our fellow locals.



local Stay™|at a Bellstar property on Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and get:

10% OFF

* Rate is only available through central reservations or directly through the property. Rate must be requested. Valid ID with proof of residency is required at check-in. New bookings only. Subject to availability.

Visit call 1-877-RESORT2 (737-6782) or email

Sales Service


420 B 9th Ave N Golden, BC 250 344 7980


Gear by Rookie: SLed Truck

Sean Nyilassy

Snowmobiles, or sleds, if you will, are pretty amazing machines. There is quite a sled culture in Golden, with plenty of residents using them recreationally and also to access otherwise inaccessible ski, snowboard and noboard terrain. Over the past decade, mountain sleds have evolved into a mode of transportation capable of venturing farther into the backcountry and onto higher peaks than previously imagined, but not without one other key piece of equipment. For all they can accomplish in metres-deep snow, you sure aren’t heading out to the Quartz parking lot on your sled; you need a truck to get you there. Aside from bumming rides for you and your sled from buddies, or making the crossed-fingered, illegal trip to Gorman from town, there aren’t many options. Sure, you see some hilarious lopsided sleds perched on the wheel wells of mid-’80s small trucks and the occasional economy-car-sled-trailer combo, but what follows isn’t about being ghetto; it’s about being functional. This is what works. Make adjustments as budgets dictate.

The truck:

Roll in style with a full-size, four-wheel-drive truck. You’ll appreciate the size, power and handling improvements when you’re trying to pass the semi convoy west of the Donald Bridge. You’ll appreciate the 4x4 when it snows 10 cents—i.e., whenever you want to go sledding.

The capacity:

If you’re rolling alone, no problem. However, with a few-hundred-pound deck, a couple of 500-plus-pound sleds, possibly a trailer, your gear, flats of beer and the snow safety equipment you’d better bring, you might be approaching the payload capacity of some half-ton trucks. Chassis are built for a certain load and if you’re frequently meeting or exceeding the capacity, you could be making some pricey trips to the shop. Consider your intentions, research payload capacity and upgrade accordingly.

The deck:

While a nailed-together 2x4 platform will keep your sled off the wheel wells, a nicely welded aluminium deck with a mellow ramp angle allows you easy loading, stable driving, security from theft and some storage for your gear and skis or boards underneath. The coolest decks have width adjustment so they’re wide enough for two sleds, but can slim down to truck-width when you’re only packing one.

The tires:

You know that cool sound a truck makes when it’s cruising at highway speeds on big muddin’ tires? It turns into the silence of terror as soon as 50 flakes of snow hit the ground. Remember, unless you want to follow Albertans around all winter, you’ll have to stray from the beaten path on some logging roads or at least fight some weather, and for that, proper studded winter tires are a blessing.

The bells and whistles:

Who gives a crap? Other than a cup holder to get you from the gas and coffee run to your destination, all you need is a seat, an engine and spinning wheels as outlined above. If you like a dose of tunes to get you stoked for the day, make sure you can crank them louder than all the twostrokes that’ll be waiting in the parking lot.

Double Murder: Photo: Golden Local Bryce Bilquist

Gentlemen’s Leisure Club: Beer Review By The Gents Club:

Fernie Brewing Company: What the Huck

Brewed deep in the Canadian Rockies, Fernie Brewing Company has been making beer for almost 10 years and currently has nine beers available. We will focus on the variety called What the Huck. This beer is blended with huckleberries grown in the Rocky Mountains, but it ain’t no sissy fruit beer. Pouring this fine ale, you will instantly notice the slight purple haze and cloudiness of the wheat-blended malts. Going in for the first sip, the slight aromas of berry sweetness and caramel let the taste buds know of the treat to come. As the beer tickles your glorious moustache it begins smooth and creamy, finishing off with the slightest nip of huckleberry flavor. So, What the Huck—go grab yourself (ha ha) a nice tall bottle and enjoy! $4.95 per 650 ml bottle.

TreeBrewing Vertical Winter Ale

With Christmas skulking in the snowy shadows of December, everyone will be around the table drinking sophisticated bottles of Painted Turtle and Similkameen. Then there’s you, self-consciously clutching your can of beautiful Pilsner at the dinner table. Time to show everyone there is an appropriate beer out there for such an occasion. Step in with Tree Brewing’s Vertical Winter Ale! Packed with vanilla flavor and a classic amber colour, hints of bold vanilla aromas will emerge from the brew. The taste has an edge of toffee and a cola-like sweetness that not even a child could resist! Head down to the BCL and get yourself some holiday drinks. Everyone will be keen to try some VWA. $11.99 per 6 pack of 330 ml bottles.

This is where Santa hangs out before going to the mall.....


Sarah Jane Osadetz


An interview with Brian MacKenzie Coles of the Gentlemens Leisure Club of Golden.

SJO: What is the focus of this year’s event? BMC: This year’s event will focus on exciting videos that bring the community together for one big night of entertainment. We hope to see Goldenites share their creative side and produce some great videos.

Geeks are hard to shop for so this holiday season I’ll try to help you pick out that gift for that special geek in your life. Remember to shop local, if a place doesn’t have something, just ask, I bet they’ll order it in for you! Chances are they are proud of their vinyl collection, so why not help them show it off. The Play and Display Record Flip Frame Triple Pack is the perfect gift. This will help them proudly show off their records and swap them out on the fly to, you know, impress someone.


SJO: What kind of evolution have you seen in the Golden Film Fest? BMC: One, we have the largest screen and projector in town. Second, we increased our submission area. Lastly, we have simplified the festival. To ensure the energy levels stay high, the festival will have a shorter run time. GAI’s (Golden Area Initiatives) newly sponsored PURE GOLDEN category will offer a variety of unique, fast paced sub-90 second videos. We have an earlier screening time for families who would like to enjoy the festivities.

THE COMIC GEEK Grab Saga Vol. 1 TP by Brian K. Vaughan. Saga is an epic tale about a pair of star-crossed lovers who must save their new-born from a galactic civil war. This trade compiles the first 6 issues in the series and right off the bat, the reader is whisked away into one of the most imaginative worlds put to page. Think of it as Star Wars with blood and boobs.

SJO: As the host and organizer, what kind of results are you hoping to achieve for this year’s fest? BMC: Similar to the last five years, we hope to see the quality of videos increase, reaching more people. Most importantly, we hope to achieve a night of damn good entertainment! SJO: Can anyone join and submit a film into the festival? If so, what sorts of categories are there? BMC: Anyone can enter a film. Categories this year are simple; Short film under 10 minutes and PURE GOLDEN. PURE GOLDEN is about explaining what makes Golden awesome in less than 90 seconds.

THE BIG KID This one is easy. The Adventure Time ‘Finn’ Footed Adult Pajamas. They will put them on right away; yell “Mathematical!” and proceed to run around the house slaying imaginary monsters. Now how cute is that?

SJO: How does the organization plan to grow this event for the future? BMC: Consideration of new categories to open up more submissions. Our advertising regions are expanding—we hope to see movies from neighbouring communities and we will continue to stay true to our roots and offer the most fun festival we can. SJO: What tips do you have for budding filmmakers on what they need to do to be successful or to raise their audience’s awareness? BMC: Get out there and film, experiment and learn. Have fun with the process and you will grow naturally if you enjoy doing it. Watch videos on YouTube to find inspiration. There are great tutorials online that can help you with the technical side. SJO: How is the Gentleman’s Leisure Club of Golden (GLCG) involved in the Film Fest?


THE TECHIE Buying a geek anything in disc form is essentially buying them a paper weight. So instead, grab this: The WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. Hook this tiny box up to any TV and they can begin streaming movies online. Sync wirelessly right from your own computer or logon to Netflix and you’re off. Unlike Apple TV, this is very easy to mod and even has a USB port.

There’s a lot of testosterone in the geek community, yet for those with a more sensitive side, pick up Spider-Man Blue TP by Jeph Loeb and art by Tim Sale. The story takes place on Valentine’s Day and Peter Parker decides to tape-record a love letter to his deceased first love Gwen Stacey. A re-telling of the early years of Spider-man, this is an origin story that delivers. Oh and the final scene? Better toss in Kleenex as well.

BMC: The GFF was created in 2008 by Clif Markham of Rider Media Inc. In 2012, Clif moved on and GLCG took on the project, proudly hosting the festival to ensure that it would continue in Golden for years to come. SJO: How do you think the Film Fest affects the cultural values in Golden? BMC: Golden has many creative minds and the GFF is another outlet for them to express themselves and showcase their work. It encourages people to embrace their surroundings and share their unique vision with others. We keep it light-hearted, fun and encourage filmmakers young and old to enter. We bring content from around the world to offer Golden a sample of global talent. Overall, a night that brings the community together to celebrate is always a good thing. GOLDEN FILM FEST INFO

THE GAMER Step 1- Find out what system they use. Step 2Simply buy them a network gift card. Each console nowadays comes with an online store that allows the user to purchase and download direct to drive. Why give them one game, when they could buy 3 right in front of you? (And gamers do love to show off.)



STOP Violence Against Women Thursday December 6, 2012


Meet at the Post Office Fountain Downtown Golden

Navigating sexual health services can be tricky. Interior Health’s public health nurses want residents of Golden to know what is available in our community and how they can access local services. Golden Public Health, in the community wing of the hospital, offers emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and counselling free of charge. Emergency contraception, also known as Plan B, is after-the-fact contraception when there is birth control failure, or unprotected or unplanned sex occurs. Plan B is most effective if taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex, but still provides some protection up to five days afterwards. Local nurses also assist with pregnancy counselling options. The Golden Public Health office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday—closed for lunch between 12 and 1 p.m. To speak with a public health nurse phone 250-344-3001. Options for Sexual Health (Opt) is a drop-in sexual and reproductive health clinic that provides services the first and third Wednesday of every month. Opt is open between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. in the community wing of the hospital. Pregnancy testing and counselling is available as well as Plan B for $15. Low-cost birth control pills can be purchased and pap and sexuallytransmitted infection (STI) testing is provided. Please see for more information or phone 250-439-8331. Emergency contraception can also be purchased for $30 over the counter at Gourlay’s Pharmacy—open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.—or People’s Drug Mart—open Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours, Plan B is available at the emergency department of the Golden Hospital.

BETTY RIDES: By Betty Rides

Waiting is something I am very impatient about; line-ups kill me. And when it comes to waiting for a man to come around and see the bright side with me, I’m no different.


all of a sudden, you’re in! It wasn’t even that hard either; you just had to wait a little. But how long did you wait, and where do you go from here? You might just be the rebound (considering the fact it may have been a serious affair) and that doesn’t necessarily end well for anyone.

I’ll admit that in the past I’ve waited on a guy or two. Such as the guy I made out with three weeks ago, who the If at first you don’t next day suddenly succeed, dust yourwas involved with self off and try another lady. Well, again—meaning, if let’s count him out your eye is after as I only waited for someone who is him to come to his already taken, why senses (he didn’t) bother? Look around and to realize he the room, hill, chose the wrong street, wherever, and girl. I am never interested in “the pick someone else. There’s no sense cheater” guy. in waiting around when you don’t have to. You might not even like the What about being told the guy I was person that much once you get to sleeping with didn’t want a girlknow them. It would be an awful friend? You best know that I waited reality to think you spent months for him to come to his senses as pining after some guy/girl only to well, but he never did. Of course I realize their personality sucks and told him I wasn’t interested in havyou have nothing in common. That’s ing a boyfriend either, but if he had when you’re going to dust it off and asked, I totally would’ve dived in try again, so why not start earlier head first. Thank goodness he never and quit wasting your own time? came around because an STD would And if you’re waiting to be noticed be more treatable than my broken by someone you’re crushing on inheart would’ve been. stead of talking to them and getting What’s with all the waiting we do? the message across that you fancy Why does it feel like we’re waiting them....well, grow a pair and take in line to be “the one,” the next the plunge. The worst outcome is girlfriend/boyfriend? In a small that they won’t feel the same. Will town where the pickings are slim, you be embarrassed because you it’s safe to say in some cases people were shot down? Never! won’t be suited for each other. Wait Give yourself a pat on the back and now because your crush will soon do a little dance for being couragerealize they’ve picked the wrong ous enough to go after someone you person and you can offer them open wanted (or thought you might...). arms when things fall apart. Then

Donate to the Pennies from Heaven Campaign today.

Be an Angel, won’t you??


people & families Golden Hospital (Community Wing)


in need -

Donation tins are located throughout Golden at various businesses including the Golden Food Bank.

250 344 2113 Box 1047 1115 9th St. S. Golden, BC

CROWNING A SKI BUM CONTEST: Round 2 Now that the new crop of ski bums have set themselves up with some softgoods, hardgoods and somewhere to sleep, it’s time to start thinking about the season. The most immediate concerns will be how to afford to shred, how to get up there and how to eat enough to have the energy to repeat it everyday. Once you’ve put your shameful scores on the card below, cut it out of the Townie—or tear it if you don’t own scissors—along with last month’s scorecard and drop them both in the box at Darkside with your email address or phone number by Dec. 26 for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate and suitcase of Caribou. The winner will be crowned god or goddess of the ski bums in January’s issue, and the mortals can see how they measured up. All information other than the winner’s name and total score will be kept strictly confidential and self-destruct in a fire once your math skills are scrutinized.

Ski Pass Number of consecutive years you’ve had a ski pass somewhere – a true ski bum never takes a year off Most days you’ve put on a single season’s pass – a true ski bum barely takes a day off Percent of pass on credit – a true ski bum doesn’t have the cash up front, but can probably pay for it later Bonus Points: Pass photo antics – a true ski bum comes up with something to keep the ticket checkers entertained Work nights only for free pass – a true ski bum knows they can save hundreds, shred every day and that sleep is for the weak

Transportation Hitch-hiking – a true ski bum can’t afford transportation so thumbs a ride every day Lending pointers – a true ski bum has to explain how to start their car, how to operate the broken windshield wipers, what to do if the headlights suddenly short out and so on Age of ride – a true ski bum can’t afford anything from the last decade Bonus Points: Got a deal – a true ski bum buys a departing ski bum’s beater for dirt cheap Penalties: <200,000km – a true ski bum’s wheels are well travelled

Nutrition Frozen meals/pizzas vs. vegetables – a true ski bum knows frozen is cheap and fresh isn’t Peanut butter intake – a true ski bum eats it because it’s cheap, and high in protein Instant noodle intake – a true ski bum isn’t sure why, but makes it a staple of their diet Beer intake – a true ski bum drinks it many times a day to immerse themselves in ski bum culture Bonus points: Expiry date? – a true ski bum uses these as guidelines


Disclaimer: Tallying system may change if any category significantly skews results

SCORECARD: Name_____________

Ski pass: Phone/Email___________________________________ Number of years in a row you’ve had a ski pass somewhere ________ Most days you’ve put on a single season’s pass ________ Still owed to your credit card for your pass $ x 20 ________ ÷ Amount your pass cost $_____ Grew facial hair (or stuck it on) for your pass photo (+10 points) _________ Cut your hair into a mullet etc. for your pass photo (+15 points) _________ Dressed up to get your pass photo (+5 points) ________ Passes you’ve kept because the photo’s awesome (+2 each) ________ You found a night job that gets you a free pass (+15 points) Total ski pass points___________ Transportation: Days a month you hitch-hike to Kicking Horse Number of quirks you have to mention to lend your car x 2 Number of years old your car is Got a WORKING vehicle for less than $1000 (+10 points) Less than 200,000km on the odometer (-15 points) Total transportation points_____________

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Nutrition: Total meals/pizzas in the freezer - vegetables in the fridge ______ Weekly meals involving peanut butter ______ Weekly meals that are simply a pack of instant noodles ______ Number of beer you drank on your last ski day/night ______ Expired products in the fridge you intend to eat (+5 each) ______ You didn’t even know canned goods expire too (+5 points) ______ Total nutrition points___________ Fill in the blanks and take this and last month’s scorecards to Darkside. If you don’t have a calGrand December Total culator, or half a brain, just fill in ____________________ the left blanks and we’ll take care of the rest GRAND PRIZE 2nd place: wins a case of Caribou $50 at Darkisde

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... A BEER, and a TUNE in ah, haaa TREE!!”


have joined forces for ski tuning and boot fitting! We’re open 7 days a week!

250 344 4546 517 9th Ave. N. Golden, BC




Prescribed by Jason Eastwood Sagittarius – Stop thinking about stuff or things this month and think only of actions and ideas. Go trade your toaster for a meditation pillow and cook your bread with consciousness. Capricorn – Celebrate your birthday early this month, before December 21. Don’t let the coming apocalypse deny you one last blow on a stale cake. Aquarius – You’ll run into an old acquaintance you don’t want to see at the grocery store this month. Hide in the cleaning products aisle and the dirty bastard will never find you. Pisces – Everybody loves surprises. Pour milk in a good friend’s shoe this month. Aries – One of your chakras is not quite ready for the green energy revolution. Keep a piece of coal under each armpit this month. Taurus – You’ve been avoiding a certain planet in your personal solar system. Its name is “Armpithaires” and it desperately needs some attention. Gemini – Your lucky numbers this month are 0 and 1. Try to find a romantic partner that speaks Binary or just stick to your computer for romantic fulfillment. Cancer – Don’t let the fact that “‘you’re only human” stop you on your quest to eradicate the world of bad Billy Joel songs. Leo – Time to get organized! Start keeping stats on your friends and family this month and record your findings in a series of well-labeled binders. Nothing helps your studies like a binder full of buddies! Virgo – Forget living on the edge, get far away from it so you can take off your harness and enjoy a bowl of mashed potatoes. Take the highway to the comfort zone this month.

LOCAL BANDS FOR HIRE LOOKING FOR A BAND? All types of music available. Menzies Music Productions will help you through the process. Contact Todd Menzies at 250-439-8022 Winter Service Jobs Stop in Golden Employment Center to see the latest local postings LOCAL EMPLOYMENT Local employers wanting to advertise jobs call GEC @ 344-5413 or email We can post on our job board for free. EDUCATION FUNDING AVAILABLE: College of the Rockies has multiple programs available for students. Stop by for more information or call 250344-5901 CHEERS & JEERS JEERS: to Christmas decorations in general, especially in October. Calm down. Cheers: to British Columbians for standing up for this beautiful province. JEERS: Shops closed on Sundays and holidays: I like to buy stuff on my time off too. JEERS: To idling.  Do it if you’re dumb! SEND YOUR CHEERS & JEERS TO CHEERS: to the ladies at the MLA office for handing out free cookies during the Northern Gateway Pipeline protest.S

Experienced Massage Practitioner SMALL CLASSIFIEDS: Renting a house, Get $10 off selling some gear, got an old BBQ for massage gift sale? Classifieds start at $10 certificates Get yours today 250-439-7123 untill Dec 24th Call Kristi 250-272-0141 HOME FOR SALE 888 Canyon Creek Rd 3 Bed 1 Bath + Den on over 1/2 acre fully CHAPEL SERVICES fenced land. Affordable mountain paradise $250,000! Call 250-344- SNOW RIDERS CHAPEL SERVICE 7181 or SATURDAYS Time: 7 PM Kijiji Ad:431801948. Location: Pentecostal Church 717 10th st south PICTURE CLASSIFIEDS First service Dec 8th Get your Picture Classifieds starting Non-denominational designed for at $30 call 250- snow riders and anyone who would 439-7123 or email like to attend a service saturday KrisKing@Localevenings if sundays don’t work. FOR SALE

2005 161cm spiltboard/skins/hardware. Older but barely ridden. Get your stoke on and get rad in the backcountry. $500 OBO. Contact Rookie at 250-344-7855 UBER GREAT POW SKIS. 190cm Elan Boomerangs (flat camber, 120mm wide, early-rise tip) with 14 DIN binding. Ridden ~25 days, and not by me, so they’re still in great shape. $450 OBO. Contact Rookie at 250-344-7855.

Libra –Velcro everything this month, and make sure you stick to it. Scorpio – The snow will envelope your consciousness this month. Frolic in it in the same way a mischievous thought frolics in your brain matter.

Happy Holidays

Wendell Johnston Painting Professional Painter “All aspects of the trade for 25 Years” C 250-344-1087 L 250-344-6411


WIN WIN WIN - Gift Certs - Concert Tickets - And more



FEBRUARY 2, 2013


WE NEED Members on Two Local Council Committees!

Columbia Basin Trust Community Funds Local Selection Committee

Are you community minded? Would you like to be a member of a local committee that helps people and organizations in Golden reach their dreams? This is the role of the CBT Community Funds Local Selection Committee which each year on behalf of Town Council adjudicates applications and awards nearly $300,000 to local organizations that strive to make our community better. We need to fill one vacancy on the committee and while we would be delighted to see a representative from our community youth, we will accept applications from anyone interested in playing a part on this fun, rewarding, and very meaningful committee. The committee meets approximately five times per year between January and April during the annual CBT Community Funds process. A measure of confidentiality and an unbiased outlook toward community development and understanding is required.

Economic Development Services Vision Committee

Recently established, this new committee of council has been tasked to develop a vision and priorities for economic development in the area, including recommendations for the best way to organizationally deliver them. Membership includes two members of council, two from the board of Golden Area Initiatives, the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CAO, and two members of the community at large. We need two individuals from the Golden area who are interested in economic development, ideally have a good business and community background, and experience of any kind that would be an asset to bring to this committee. We would love to hear from you. Forward a detailed letter explaining why you would be a great candidate to be on either of these committees to Jon Wilsgard at or drop it off at Town Hall by December 14th. Look for the Terms of Reference for both committees on our website.

Schedule of 2013 Regular Open Council Meetings The schedule of Regular Open Council Meetings for 2013 is below and is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, notification to the public will be provided. The first meeting of the month will begin at 7:00pm and the second meeting of the month (including July and August) will begin at 1:15pm. All meetings are convened in Council Chambers at Town Hall located at 810 9th Avenue South unless otherwise noted. The schedule is also posted on our website. January 8 & 22, February 5 & 19, March 5 &19, April 9 & 23 May 7 & 21, June 4 & 25, July 16, August 20, September 10 & 24, October 8 & 22, November 5 & 19 December 3 & 17

2013 Acting Mayor Schedule The Acting Mayor is a Councillor responsible for acting in the place of the mayor when the mayor is absent or otherwise unable to attend functions, meetings or undertake other associated duties. December 2012/January - HERN February/March PECORA April/MayMOSS June/July HAMBRUCH

2013 Council Representation

December The Local Townie News  

Inifinite Beginnings

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