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February 21, 2012 Volume 26, Issue 11

Danica. photo by Mark Marquette

Our lovebirds cover, Feb. 7, was the work of Daniel Leach. We just wanted you to know. Thanks Daniel!

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` .1:3CA^2'($3.8()3;$%;(L:3/*_.1?()2%&%;<` D$$*.1?()2%&(/(;2&*.)(*.::(C2(1*.;1*C"#$%&'(1*#A*2'(*C"#$%&'()*"C3;*2'(*)(C)(&(;2.2%3;*2'.2*2'(*.<(;:A*.;1X3)*.1?()2%&()*%&*."2'3)%a(1*23*C"#$%&'*2'(*(;2%)(*:3;2(;2&*.;1*&"#b(:2*/.22()*2'()(38L>'(*.<(;:A*.;1X3)*.1?()2%&()*\%$$*%;1(/;%8A*.;1* &.?(*2'(*C"#$%&'()*'.)/$(&&*8)3/*.;A*$3&&*38*(MC(;&(*)(&"$2%;<*8)3/*:$.%/&*3)*&"%2&*#.&(1*"C3;*:3;2(;2&*38*.;A*.1?()2%&(/(;2I%;:$"1%;<*:$.%/&*3)*&"%2&*83)*1(8./.2%3;I$%#($I)%<'2*38*C)%?.:AIC$.<%.)%&/I.;1*:3CA)%<'2*%;8)%;<(/(;2L


!"#"$"#"%"#"&"#"'"#"$ Danica Patrick is NASCAR’s newest superstar She’s a heck of a driver, and, yes, a lot on the sexy side. !"#$%&'($)"$)&*$+,$-+".#/"-/$ from her years of open wheel and cockpit races in the Indy Racing League, she’s ready to take on the Good ‘Ol Boys. Poised for her Grand National debut at the Daytona 500 weekend festivities, Danica Patrick is a superstar joining the NASCAR circus. And if she could manage to 0122$+,,$)$3&-'+*4$&"$'(/$.*5'$5/*&/5$ of races before the March 17th St.

Patrick’s Day rumble at the Bristol Motor Speedway jungle... well, look out for a media frenzy! She’ll be known simply as Danica, reaching the single name stratosphere of super stardom reserved for Madonna, Sting and Beyonce. At a recent media event hosted in Charlotte by Bristol’s marketing geniuses, Danica unveiled her lucky car for the March 17, St. Patrick’s Day Nationwide race at the World’s Fastest Half-Mile Speedway.

The green Chevy out of Dale Earnhardt’s stable of cars has a special decal scheme of shamrocks mixed in the green body. With a name like Patrick, and all that green mojo working, Danica is hoping to turn the color usually avoided by racing teams into a lucky charm for a Bristol victory. As NASCAR kicks off its 2012 season at their hallowed ground of Daytona Motor Speedway, the petit brunette will be hounded at her every move.

She earned her credibility in the IRL circuit since 2005, and is the all-time woman money and points leader, as well as a 3rd place at the 2009 Indy 500, the (&6(/5'$."&5($,+*$)$2)#4$)'$'()'$ prestigious race. Her one IRL victory in 2008 at Japan was criticized for being a mileage affair, but a win anyway. At the Charlotte media event, Danica showed poise and class as she met the public at her boss, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Whiskey River Bar in the vibrant down-

town. Then during a media and public Q&A, the Go Daddy Girl showed her sassiness when asked if she could handle being shoved around by the rowdy NASCAR drivers. I did most of the shoving, Danica replied, a reference to her altercations with several drivers

Photos and story by Mark Marquette

!!!"#$%&'()%*'+&,+%"-'. in the pits during her IRL career. Yet Danica Patrick has some Irish luck going for her already, as her determined spirit and re50/-')72/$."&5(/5$&"$5+8/$2&8&'/#$ NASCAR races in 2011 has her buoyed with optimism for success in the stock car world. I have an ‘I’m gonna do it’ attitude, she said. I’m mentally wrapping around being successful and getting to Victory Lane. She raced in last year’s 500-lap Bristol night race in August, ."&5(&"6$"/)*24$2)5'9$71'$5%/)*&"6$ the experience was a positive one. She admits to being awed by the Coliseum of Race Car Chaos. I couldn’t believe how small it was, and cathedral like, said Patrick, who will turn 30 years old March 25. I was surprised at the banking in the short straightaways, and those steep corners! Bristol is a different sort of visual than most racing tracks, she concluded about BMS. Danica is well aware of her sexy image, and her own bodily charms were on full display during two Super Bowl commercials. Though both commercials didn’t fare very well in the ratings, she still got the exposure and will continue to represent GoDaddy. com on her#7 Chevy racing car and in those sexy commercials. As for the car... well, that’s the new generation of NASCAR’s old Grand National division. The 5),/'4:.*5'$3/(&-2/$&5$)$;"+-;:+,,$ of the senior class’s Car of Tomorrow (COT) that debuted at Bristol three years ago. Danica Patrick’s #7 will be crew spearheaded by an old Earnardt favorite, Tony Eury Jr., the son of the wrench-turner who helped get immortal Dale Earnhardt into Victory Lane. And the Victory Lane is the only prize that Danica has set her sights on. She has given something for the IRL league to ponder in her absence, while the challenge of NASCAR has opened the door for her to breakdown the gender barrier like never before. With a little luck, some fast engines and the skills of one lady driver, the #7 Chevy just might make some waves beginning with Daytona. And when the NASCAR circus comes to our town on St. Patty’s Day, look out Danica lovers as you’ll never see so many Appalachians pretending to be Irish!



cT*@.A23;.*OTT*@.)5*d3)&(& Races like the Daytona 500 are hard to preview. Few (if any) predictions are accurate or even close to what eventually pans out at Daytona International Speedway and Talladega.Rather than try to guess what will happen %(/"$'(/$-(/-;/*/#$<)6$#*+05$+"$=/7>$?@9$'(&5$)*'&-2/$%&22$'*4$'+$51*8&5/$AB$#*&3/*5$%(+$-+12#$0122$+,,$)$'(1"#/*+15$5(+-;$'+$'(/$*)-&"6$%+*2#$74$%&""&"6$'(/$5/)5+"C5$.*5'$*)-/$)"#$*&-(/5'$0*&D/>E"$?BAA9$)'$'(/$,+1*$510/*50//#%)4$')"#/8$#*),'$,/5'59$+*$*)-/5$)5$'(/4$)*/$5'&22$+,.-&)224$-)22/#9$)22$,+1*$,/)'1*/#$'(/$%&""/*$6/''&"6$(&5$.*5'$ %&"$+,$'(/$5/)5+">$F(/$G)4'+")$3&-'+*&/5$%/*/$'(/$.*5'$)"#$+"24$+,$'()'$#*&3/*C5$-)*//*$HF*/3+*$I)4"/$)"#$G)3&#$ Ragan). Clint Bowyer’s victory at Talladega was his only win of the season. The other win, by Jimmie Johnson, was his only win during the regular season. However, he did manage to score another victory during the chase in Kansas. The theme here is that this style of racing breeds winners that are unexpected and perhaps unlikely to win again during the year. That’s not always the case, but 2011 gave a strong paradigm as to just how unpredictable these races are. Here are 10 participants that could come out of nowhere to shake up the season as soon as it begins.

Trevor Bayne Why not? He won the race last year in only his second start. At least if he wins this year, he will be able to legally celebrate with champagne. Even though he won, it would almost be more shocking if he pulled out a repeat performance in 2012. It is 3/*4$#&,.-12'$'+$,)'(+8$'()'$(/$-+12#$#+$&'$)6)&"9$71'$(/$%&22$8+5'$2&;/24$()3/$8+*/$#*&3/*5$%&22&"6$'+$#*),'$%&'($ him based on his success last year. The odds are slim, though it would make for a great story.

Danica Patrick F(&5$%+12#$'*124$-+8/$+1'$+,$"+%(/*/>$J+'$+"24$%+12#$G)"&-)$K)'*&-;$7/$'(/$.*5'$%+8)"$'+$/3/*$%&"$)$G)4'+")$LBB9$71'$5(/$%+12#$7/$'(/$.*5'$%+8)"$'+$/3/*$%&"$)$'+0:2/3/2$J!MN!O$*)-/9$0/*&+#> No woman has ever won, even at the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series levels. This is pretty much the only victory that could eclipse Trevor Bayne’s win in terms of media attention, fan frenzy and mass appeal for NASCAR as an organization. However, the odds are heavily stacked against her in 2012.

Marcos Ambrose No foreigner has ever won the Great American Race. If and when it ever happens, it will be a surprise by default. Of the two foreign-born drivers in NASCAR today, Marcos Ambrose would probably be a bit of a bigger surprise to win the Daytona 500 than his colleague Juan Pablo Montoya. The only reason for that is because Montoya has two wins to Ambrose’s one. However, neither has won on an +3)2>$F(/&*$'(*//$-+87&"/#$3&-'+*&/5$)*/$2&8&'/#$'+$'(/$*+)#$-+1*5/5$+,$P)';&"5$Q2/"$)"#$E"."/+"$O)-/%)4> This achievement would be a historic one for either driver, and a turning point in NASCAR history.

Regan Smith O/6)"$M8&'(C5$)-'1)2$.*5'$J!MN!O$M0*&"'$N10$3&-'+*4$%)5$)-(&/3/#$)'$F)22)#/6)>$R",+*'1")'/24$,+*$(&89$(/$ %)5$5'*&00/#$+,$'(&5$3&-'+*4$7/-)15/$+,.-&)25$#/-2)*/#$'()'$(/$8)#/$)"$&22/6)2$8+3/$'+$6)&"$'(/$-(/-;/*/#$<)6> S)"4$'(&";$'()'$(&5$.*5'$*/)2$3&-'+*4$)'$'(/$M+1'(/*"$LBB$2)5'$4/)*$%)5$T15'$)$<1;/> Smith could prove those critics wrong with a win at Daytona. He is still far from most short lists of possible 2012 Daytona winners.

David Gilliland David Gilliland has not made much noise as a Sprint Cup driver. The only measurable success that he has had is at superspeedways, though he has never won. U)5'$4/)*9$(/$5&2/"'24$."&5(/#$'(&*#$)'$'(/$G)4'+")$LBB$7/-)15/$+,$'(/$8)6"&'1#/$+,$'(/$3&-'+*4$74$F*/3+*$ Bayne. Could Gilliand be this year’s Bayne?

Bobby Labonte E"-21#&"6$G)3&#$Q&22&)"#$)25+$*/V1&*/5$&"-21#&"6$I+774$U)7+"'/9$7)5/#$+"$2)5'$4/)*C5$*/512'>$W/$."&5(/#$*&6('$ behind Gilliland in fourth place. The case of Labonte and Gilliand also brings up an interesting point: It does not really matter where your ,)3+*&'/$#*&3/*$V1)2&./5$)'$'(&5$*)-/> U)7+"'/$V1)2&./#$XA5'$%(&2/$Q&22&)"#$5')*'/#$&"$XY'(>$F(/*/,+*/9$'(/$V1)2&.-)'&+"$*1"ZQ)'+*)#/$G1/2$5(+12#$ "+'$7/$-+"5&#/*/#$)$6++#$7)*+8/'/*$)5$'+$%(/*/$)"4$&"#&3&#1)2$#*&3/*$%&22$."&5($&"$'(&5$4/)*C5$G)4'+")$LBB>


Denny Hamlin I’m not sure if Denny Hamlin winning the 2012 Daytona 500 would be a total surprise, especially with addition of Darian Grubb as his new crew chief. !,'/*$)229$Q*177$()5$-++*#&")'/#$.3/$%&"5$&"$(&5$ last 10 races while working for Tony Stewart. On the other hand, Hamlin looked fairly weak ,+*$8+5'$+,$'(/$?BAA$5/)5+"$)"#$."&5(/#$?A5'$)'$2)5'$ year’s Daytona 500. !$3&-'+*4$+"$=/7>$?@$%+12#$"+'$7/$)5$51*0*&5&"6$ as some of the other drivers mentioned here, but it would be a great accomplishment for both driver and -*/%$-(&/,$&"$'(/&*$.*5'$+,.-&)2$*)-/$'+6/'(/*>

Joey Logano Like Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano is another member of Joe Gibbs Racing but has never won a full race at the NASCAR Sprint Cup level. He does have one rain-shortened victory. His history at Daytona is fairly poor, though he %)5$)72/$'+$815'/*$)$'(&*#$02)-/$."&5($)'$2)5'$4/)*C5$ Firecracker 400 after qualifying 37th. Still, that race is about 40 laps shorter than the Great American Race. Added to this, he would become the second youngest driver ever to win the Daytona 500, being just a bit over a year older now than Trevor Bayne was when he won last year.

David Ragan A victory at Daytona by David Ragan could only be considered to come from out of nowhere for one reason: He has departed Roush Fenway Racing and signed on with Front Row Motorsports.

/$0-1"-2%&3'%&43&%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%9 With Roush engines, Ragan had a truly solid couple of races in Daytona last year. He won the Firecracker 400 and was leading the Daytona 500 at the very end before a costly penalty relegated him to a 14th place ."&5(> He may have some extra motivation this year to vindicate himself.

David Reutimann David Reutimann and David Ragan are similar in that both were released from their teams in 2011. In Reutimann’s case, he was let go in a much more surprising manner by being replaced at Michael Waltrip Racing when Mark Martin signed on. Luckily for Reutimann, he was able to secure a ride with Tommy Baldwin Racing despite not having ample time to shop around. Other drivers, including Brian Vickers, may not have been as fortunate. [,$)"4$#*&3/*$&"$'(/$./2#9$ Reutimann may have the biggest chip on his shoulder coming into the 2012 season. Though it would be a major surprise if he could win, the stories of vindication would not cease any time soon after such a miraculous comeback.

Denny Hamlin (left)


Kiser Memorial show set for this weekend in Bristol The Appalachian Cultural Music Association will present '(/&*$A@'($!""1)2$U/+"$\&5/*$ Memorial Tribute Concert at the Paramount Theatre in Bristol, Tennessee on Saturday, February 25th. The concert is named in memory of the late Leon Kiser who was bandleader of his group the Holston Mountain Boys for over thirty years. Kiser was also a local legend who not only performed bluegrass music but also was a promoter of the music as well in the regions of East Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia. The concert is presented each year by the ACMA and showcases local, regional and national artists who volunteer their talents to honor musicians and contributors who help further bluegrass and old time music in the southern Appalachian Region. Honorees this year will be the legendary Stoneman Family who were originally from Galax, Virginia. Patsy, Donna and Roni Stoneman are the surviving children of the late Ernest V. and Hattie Stoneman. Ralph Peer and the Victor Company recorded Ernest and Hattie Stoneman at the famous Bristol Sessions of 1927

and Ernest is credited for urging Peer to come to Bristol for these legendary recordings. Stoneman’s surviving daughters Patsy, Donna and Roni will be honored along with their famous family and they will perform on the show as well. Also being honored at this year’s concert will be the McPeak Brothers from Wytheville, Virginia. The McPeaks have been performing and writing bluegrass music for over 40 years and are legendary in the bluegrass music world. Dewey, Larry and Mike McPeak will be honored at the concert along with their late 7*+'(/*$R#/22$%(+$+*&6&")224$ helped form the band back in the AY@B5>$F(/$S-K/);5$)*/$5-(/#12/#$ to perform on the show also. Emily Spencer is another honoree this year. Emily is best known for her decades of work and music making with the White Top Mountain Band. She is also been very giving of her time and talents by teaching others how to play and sing old time music. The White Top Mountain Band will perform on the concert on February 25th as well. The Vanover Sisters played music for over six decades in the

Tri-Cities Region with a career going back to the Farm and Fun Time Show on WCYB Radio in the 1950s. Monet and Estelle Vanover who were originally from Southwestern Virginia performed classic country music for countless audiences over the years. Estelle passed away last year. Monet will be on hand for the concert and will perform on stage with Robby Spencer on the February 25th concert. F(/$.")2$(+"+*//$)'$'(&5$4/)*C5$ concert will be Harry Esenwine. Esenwine will be awarded the Award of Merit by the ACMA for his contributions and support of the region’s music. Esenwine retired a few years ago as manager of the Bristol Mall but back in 1998 gave the Mountain Music S15/18$'(/&*$.*5'$(+8/>$F(/$ ACMA supports and operates the Mountain Music Museum at the Bristol Mall which still thrives there today thanks in large part to Harry Esenwine’s vision and support. Esenwine still lives in Bristol since his retirement four years ago. The concert will feature many talented bands and musicians in-21#&"6$'(/$]FMR$I21/6*)55$K*&#/$ Band, the Stonemans, McPeak Brothers, Holston Mountain Boys, Kiser Family, Kody Norris, More(/)#$M')'/$R"&3/*5&'4$%&'($O)4mond McLain and their Mountain Music Ambassadors, Lightnin’ Charlie, Monet Vanover with Robby Spencer, Breaking Tradition and Duty Free. Tim White who hosts the popular television concert series Song of the Mountains will emcee the concert. F(/$A@'($!""1)2$U/+"$\&5/*$ Memorial Tribute Show will begin at 7:00 pm on Saturday, February 25th. Tickets are available at the Paramount Theatre in Bristol, Tennessee. For tickets and infor8)'&+"$-)22$?^@:?^_:`Y?B$+*$3&5&'$ Information is also available at or Proceeds from this concert go '+$7/"/.'$'(/$I/""4$M&85$)"#$'(/$ ACMA’s Leon Kiser Scholarships )'$])5'$F/""/55//$M')'/$R"&3/*5&'4>



60=0,JD>0*67=7JV* 78I*,A*.;1*Z(.2")%;<*Z3$5&*38*63$3)e The latest exhibit in the series Art at NPAC: Celebrate Color subtitled Of, By and Featuring Folks of Color! showcases 34 works by 14 Ten"/55//$)*'&5'5$Z)*'&5)"5>$M/3/"$+,$'(/$0)*'&-&0)"'5$ in Celebrate Color are new exhibitors at NPAC, a tribute to theme of the show and quite in keeping with its mission. After the Celebrate Black America and Native American Heritage exhibits last year, the realization that we were omitting entire constituencies of Tennessee’s culturally diverse artists was a compelling realization. Thus, this year’s exhibition focused on remedying that oversight and invited all Tennessee’s ethnicities and cultural '*)#&'&+"5$'+$T+&"$+1*$-/2/7*)'&+">$R"2&;/$8)"4$+,$ our previous NPAC Exhibitions, there is no delineating theme to narrow the submissions other than that of Celebrating Tennessee Folks of Color &"$)22$+,$+1*Z'(/&*$'*/)51*/#$'*)#&'&+"5>$ Artists were requested to present works that */</-'$'(/$&80+*')"-/$+,$'(/&*$0/*5+")2$/a0/*&ences, both public and private, in Tennessee’s cultural and artistic heritages. The mix of genre and media is both fascinating and very intriguing: a plethora of two-dimensional works include paintings in watercolor, oil, acrylic and mixed-media; compositions in 6*)0(&'/Z-()*-+)29$-+"'/C$-*)4+"9$7+'($#&6&')2$ and linocut prints. While fewer in number, 3-D sculpture and bas-relief works in collage, impasto and assemblage complete the imposing mixture of genre. The breadth of variety in Celebrate Color covers the gamut in style, color palette, as well as in artist experience. Paul Lancaster is probably the most museum collected Tennessee artist in the exhibit (The Smithsonian, Museum of American Folk Art, Maxwell Parrish Museum and the Museum Roerick for starters). HisTwo Parrots is an absolute festival of lush overgrowth in a world completely and unmistakably of Lancaster’s creation. At the other end of the spectrum, in the three dimensional world, is Terri Asbury’s corn-shuck sculpture Hoop Dancer. But somewhere along the journey through the exhibit, one becomes )%)*/$'()'$%(&2/$;"+%"$0*&8)*&24$)'$'(/$Q)22/*4Z !*'$N/"'/*$)5$)$5-120'1*/Z#+22$8);/*9$5(/$&5$)25+$ wonderfully talented with the brush which she premiers in an impressive manner for this exhibition. Terri’s paintings are bursts of color which spontaneously celebrate her Native American legacy. Kay Jursik’s understated Tribal Mask and her multi-layered, mixed-media Crystal are each in their own way a tour-de-force of the play of light across various surfaces. The changes of light '(*+16(+1'$'(/$#)4$*/</-'/#$,*+8$'(/$#&,,/*/"'$ surfaces creates seemingly multiple works from and within the same canvas. Michele Howe’s pyrography (wood burning) on paper, very subtly enhanced by water-color washes, is a very new medium to most folks in

East Tennessee. This breathtakingly complex work hints at Michele’s collectibility and holds the promise of future appreciation to those who include her in their collections. Boazin Katina, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a newcomer to the Art at NPAC series is showing linocuts that are extremely well developed, tight and successful! His Home 1 printed on rice paper and his satisfying still life Basket 1 guarantee the art patron years of personal /"T+48/"'$)"#$,12.228/"'$&"$'(/&*$-+22/-'&"6>$S/#()$ Karandikar, who moved with her family from India and is presently residing in Morristown offers her very #/2&-)'/24$.22/#:%&'(:-+2+*$2&"/$%+*;5$*/02/'/$%&'($(1mor and expertise. Medha will be unveiling her Art at NPAC exhibition during June-July this summer based on her new collage book Tear It But Don’t Throw It Away! subtitled Turning your discarded, neglected, and forgotten artwork into matchless masterpieces. F(/$*/."/8/"'$+,$&";$)"#$-+2+*/#:0)0/*$2&"/$-+80+5&tions she has done for the book will compose a major component of the exhibition. Celebrate Color is open, with viewing until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, March 28, plus during any evening performances at the theatre. The Artist Reception will be held Sunday, February ?@$,*+8$A:X$0>8>$)"#$%&22$7/$)"+'(/*$+,$JK!NC5$'%+,ers: Visual Art in the lobby with participating artists from 1:00-3:00 and performing arts in the theater with the GHS Chorus raising their voices in concert beginning at 2:30 p.m.


f.$(;2%;.*=%&%2&.*)(2");&*23*G6*EA/C'3;A The February concert in the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra’s 42nd season brings back Valentina Lisitsa as guest artist under the direction of Robert J. Seebacher, the symphony’s music director and conductor. Ms. Lisitsa, who wowed the symphony’s audience last season as a last-minute substitute for an ill guest artist, will perform on the piano in Franz Liszt’s Totentanz and his Piano Concerto No. 1. The February concert is sponsored by Jim and Sandy Powell. The concert features work by Jean Sibelius, Franz Liszt, and Nocolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Valentina Lisitsa, who was born in Kiev, began to study piano at age three and 0/*,+*8/#$(/*$.*5'$5+2+$)'$,+1*>$S5>$U&5&'5)$8+3/#$'+$'(/$R"&'/#$M')'/5$)"#$7/-)8/$ )$R>M>$-&'&D/"$),'/*$5'1#4&"6$)'$U45/";+$M-(++2$+,$S15&-$)"#$\&/3$N+"5/*3)'+*4>$M(/$ has performed in the world’s most prestigious concert venues, and is at ease in a vast repertoire ranging from Bach and Mozart to Shostakovich and Bernstein. She admits to ()3&"6$)$50/-&)2$),."&'4$,+*$'(/$815&-$+,$O)-(8)"&"+,,$)"#$I//'(+3/"$)"#$&5$-1**/"'24$ embarking on the ambitious project of recording all 32 of Beethoven’s sonatas. Ms. Lisitsa has recorded more than a dozen CDs, including her best-selling set of Chopin’s 24 Etudes. Born to poor parents on the Austro-Hungarian border in 1811, Franz Liszt became the most cosmopolitan of all 19th-century musicians. A great pianist, he also was accomplished as a conductor and a daring composer who pushed piano-playing technique and the elements of musical construction to heights not seen before. Liszt’s Totentanz (Dance of Death) is a set of variations on the Dies Irae (Day of Judgement) movement from the Requiem Mass of the Catholic Church. Full of Liszt’s dramatic devices and daunting technique, Totentanz ranges from the grotesque to the contem02)'&3/$'+$'(/$*)#&)"'>$U&5D'C5$K&)"+$N+"-/*'+$J+>$A$&"$]:<)'$8)T+*$%)5$-+"-/&3/#$&"$'(/$ A`XB5$%(&2/$U&5D'$%)5$+"$'+1*$02)4&"6$'(/$0&)"+$'(*+16(+1'$]1*+0/>$W/$.")224$."&5(/#$ it in 1848, after he settled down in Weimar, Germany, to devote his time to composing,

conducting, and teaching. The concerto is a brilliant combination of piano virtuosity and musical quality, using thematic transformation of one or two melodic ideas to unify the entire work. Born at the time Finland was under the rule of Russia, Jean Sibelius grew up immersed Finnish folk literature. Finland had been dominated by both Sweden (most Finns at that time grew 10$2/)*"&"6$M%/#&5($)"#$"+'$=&""&5(b$)"#$O155&)9$)"#$%(/"$&'$.")224$7/-)8/$&"#/0/"#/"'$&"$ 1917, parts of what were traditionally considered Finland, like the region of Karelia, remained under Russian rule. In 1893, during the Karelian movement and the general trend toward nationalism in the arts, Sibelius composed incidental music to accompany a pageant made up of a series of seven historic tableaux for the Viipuri students union. He took three of the pieces '+$15/$&"$(&5$\)*/2&)$M1&'/9$0172&5(/#$&"$AYB@9$#/0&-'&"6$'(*//$+,$'(/$5-/"/5$,*+8$'(/$+*&6&")2$ pageant piece—a procession paying tribute to the Duke of Lithuania; a minstrel (with music based on Finnish folk tunes) entertaining Karl Knutsen, king of Sweden; and preparations for a siege—a dramatic call to battle. When an older brother cut off Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s piano lessons, his teacher turned young Nicolai toward composition and theory—and the rest is history. Rimsky-Korsakov became a master of orchestration. Tchaikovsky called Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol a colossal masterpiece of instrumentation. In this piece, the composer presents the listener with an aural landscape featuring a variety of musical scenes inspired by the warmth and sunshine of the Iberian Peninsula, creating new sounds by using different instruments for nearly identical segments of the music. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, February 25, at the Mary B. Martin Auditorium of M//6/*$N()0/2$)'$S&22&6)"$N+22/6/>$E"#&3&#1)2$-+"-/*'$'&-;/'5$)*/$cXB9$c?B$,+*$5/"&+*5$H@Ldb9$)"#$ $10 for students. The symphony accepts Master Card, Visa, and Discover. Free bus service is )3)&2)72/$,*+8$N+2+"&)2$W&229$2/)3&"6$)'$@eAL$0>8>f$S)02/-*/5'$)"#$!00)2)-(&)"$N(*&5'&)"$g&22)6/9$)'$@eXBf$)"#$N&'4$W)229$)'$@e_L$0>8>$!$2&8&'/#$"187/*$+,$,*//$5'1#/"'$'&-;/'5$)*/$)3)&2)72/$ with a student ID. Concerts are partially funded under an agreement with the Tennessee Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. For more information, call '(/$5480(+"4$+,.-/$)'$_?X:Y?@: 8742.

!!!"#$%&'()%*'+&,+%"-'. Let’s Hang On! pays tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and the sensational show The Jersey Boys. Four great looking guys and two beautiful girls sing and dance their way through some of the best songs of all time. The show is coming to the Niswonger Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Feb. 25, 7:30 p.m. The guys of Let’s Hang On! cover all of the great Four Seasons hits complete with that awesome falsetto supported by superb harmonies! You’ll hear: Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like A Man, Sherry, I’ve Got you under My Skin, C’mon Marianne, Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, December Of 1963, Who Loves You, My Eyes Adored You, Let’s Hang On, Working My Way Back To You, Stay, Beggin’, Dawn, Rag Doll, and Big Man In Town. The girls get an opportunity to shine by performing some of the top songs of all time: Locomotion, Be my Baby, Lollipop, Downtown, You Can’t Hurry Love, These Boots Were Made For Walkin’, and Since I Don’t Have You. Rich Bresenhan, Chris Barletta, Josh Eleazer, Dustin Fisher, Samantha Leigh, Bill Norman, Heather Krueger, and Bob Schubert make up the group of performers. I*/5/"()"$()5$7//"$5&"6&"6$+"$5')6/$5&"-/$'(/$)6/$+,$,+1*9$)"#$(&5$.*5'$815&-)2$2+3/$&5$3+-)2$()*8+"4>$W/$&5$)$ two-time district champion barbershop quartet singer and a three-time international barbershop quartet quarter .")2&5'>$O&-($()5$7//"$'(/$g+-)2$G&*/-'+*$)'$R"&3/*5&'4$N)*&22+"$R"&'/#$S/'(+#&5'$N(1*-($,+*$'(/$2)5'$'(*//$4/)*5> Chris Barletta is a graduate of The Boston Conservatory with a BM in Music and Music Education. Some of his stage credits include: Fiddler on the Roof with Eddie Mekka, The Fantastiks, West Side Story, Oklahoma, and more. Barletta can be seen singing every Sunday at The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of the R"&3/*5/$&"$[*2)"#+9$=U$)"#$'/)-(&"6$-(+*15$/3/*4$#)4$)'$Q)'/%)4$W&6($M-(++2$&"$\&55&88//h Samantha Leigh was born in the town of Cleveland, Ohio. She obtained her vocal abilities from her mother who was an aspiring singer who traveled with a country band throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania in the late `BC5>$W/*$2+3/$,+*$5&"6&"6$5')*'/#$)'$)$3/*4$4+1"6$)6/$%&'($(/*$.*5'$5')6/$#/71'$)'$'(/$)6/$+,$'(*//$5&"6&"6$ Daddy’s Hands by Holly Dunn at one of her Mother’s performances. She has been working as a performer at I15-($Q)*#/"5$F)80)$I)49$)5$)$2/)#$5&"6/*$&"$)$-+*0+*)'/$7)"#9$)"#$)$5&"6/*$)'$)$.3/:5')*$*/5+*'> I&22$J+*8)"$&5$)$-+80+5/*Z)**)"6/*$)"#$0*+#1-/*$,+*$M/)$P+*2#$K)*;5$)"#$]"'/*')&"8/"'$N+*0+*)'&+">$W/$ ()5$%+*;/#$+"$"18/*+15$2&3/9$.28$)"#$3&#/+$0*+#1-'&+"5$)"#$&5$)"$)--+802&5(/#$K*+F++25$/"6&"//*$)5$%/22>$W/$ ()5$0*+#1-/#$-+80+5/#$)"#$)**)"6/#$815&-$,+*$WI[9$SFg9$RM!$J/'%+*;9$F(/$F*)3/2$N()""/29$I*)3+$N()""/2$ and Clear Channel Radio. In addition he was hired by NBC to compose music for the Emmy award winning 5/*&/5$M')*'&"6$[3/*$,+*$'(*//$-+"5/-1'&3/$5/)5+"5>$=1*'(/*8+*/$(/$&5$'(/$-+80+5/*Z)**)"6/*$)"#$815&-)2$#&*/-tor for Let’s Hang On. Hailing from East Tennessee, Josh Eleazer is the only southerner of the group. Eleazer is an alum of The R"&3/*5&'4$+,$F/""/55//$%(/*/$(/$5'1#&/#$815&-$)"#$#*)8)>$$W/$-)"$+,'/"$7/$5//"$+"$5')6/$)'$P)2'$G&5"/4$P+*2#$ )"#$R"&3/*5)2$M'1#&+5> Dustin Fisher is originally from El Centro, Calif. He began his professional career early as a dancer for Walt Disney Worlds Sparkling Christmas Spectacular at the age of 10 and planned to be a dancer forever. Then he


Let’s Hang On!, at %($')"*+,-./*"+0"/1+ discovered singing! Fisher taught music and percussion in Adams County schools in Colorado. He was seen as lead vocalist and vocal captain in productions for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and spent over a year performing with the Dockside Porters barbershop quartet for Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan. When not performing, he and his wife Kim run an annual Haunted House in Kissimmee, Florida called Haunted Marsh. Heather Krueger has been performing since she was 19 years old. As a native of Tampa, FL, Krueger has been seen in multiple venues including The Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Opryland, and numerous cruise ships. Heather currently lives in Tampa. Bob Schubert has been drumming for many of the Entertainment Industries top artists for more than 30 years. Schubert has played studio sessions with John Travolta and toured with Bebe Neuwirth, Patula Clark, Joanne Castle, Leslie Gore, Don Rickles, Bob Newhart, Susan Lucci, Dean Martin, Les Brown and jazz great Ira Sullivan. He has played numerous theater performances of Chicago, Chorus Line, The Music Man, Guys and Dolls, Applause, Damn Yankees with Donald Oconner, Fiddler On The Roof, Sugar, Kismet, Gypsy, Annie and Sound Music. =+*$'&-;/'$&",+*8)'&+"9$-)22$'(/$JK!N$I+a$[,.-/$)'$_?X:@X`:A@^Y$H[0/"$ from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday). NPAC is located adjacent to Greeneville High School at 212 Tusculum Blvd. in Greeneville, Tennessee. For other information, visit the Website at


G66>*C)(&(;2&*Curious Savage To begin its 100th season, the Johnson City Community Theatre is revisiting its past with the production of John Patrick’s classic comedy-mystery, The Curious Savage. The play opened the current theatre building in the 1958-59 season, and it was successfully revived in the 75th season. That production was directed by Ron Wickman and featured Emma Good as Mrs. Ethel Savage. Last year’s patrons voted to revive it this year. Director Sharon Ramsey Salyors assembled an excellent cast for the revival which opens February 17. The play tells the story of wealthy Ethel Savage, played by Nancy Hope Major. Mrs. Savage’s three children have her committed to The Cloisters for her irratic “happiness” fund, a ten million dollar charity that gives money to the poor for seemingly foolish ideas. When the money disappears, the mystery and the comedy take over. F(/$-(&2#*/"9$)$R>M>$M/")'+*9$)$T1#6/9$)"#$)$81-(:8)**&/#$5+-&)2&'/9$)*/$02)4/#$74$\/&'($i/,,/*59$N)&'24"$S+*/2+-;9$ and Angela Dannhardt. Mrs. Savage and the other “guests” of The Cloister plot against the siblings. The guests are played by Steve Bashor, Jean Bashor, John Kaywood, Katy Libby, and Vicky Livesay. Dick Lura and Lindey Ley portray Dr. Emmert, the head of The Cloisters, and Miss Willie, the compassionate care-giver. Jacob Dannhart rounds out the cast. On opening night, there will be a special reception following the play. We hope that former members, cast and crew members from previous productions can attend. The season is dedicated to the memory Stewart Cannon. The surviving Lifetime Members are Norma Jean Cannon, Cheryl Laws, and Jean Miller. There will a special display of past productions and people who made JCCT the longest continuously running theatre in the state of Tennessee. K*+#1-'&+"$#)'/5$)*/$=/7*1)*4$?_9$?L9$)"#$S)*-($X$)"#$_$)'$`$0>8>9$)"#$=/7*1)*4$?@$)'$?$08>$ =+*$8+*/$&",+*8)'&+"$)"#$*/5/*3)'&+"59$-)22$H_?Xb$Y?@:?L_?$+*$6+$+"2&"/$)'$T--'>&",+>$

>"&:"$"/*'.&*Charlie Brown Audiences are invited to step inside a day in the life of their beloved Peanuts characters in Theatre-at-Tusculum’s upcoming production of the musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. A treat for all ages, Theatre-at-Tusculum’s production will be the revised show that opened on Broadway in AYYY$)"#$&5$)$,*/5($)00*+)-($'+$'(/$AY@^$-2)55&-$815&-)2>$M)224$I*+%"$T+&"5$'(/$-)5'$+,$-()*)-'/*59$%(&-($&"-21#/5$ Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and a small, feathered surprise! F(/$)-'&+"$*/</-'5$)$'40&-)2$#)4$&"$'(/$2&,/$+,$N()*2&/$I*+%"9$');&"6$'(/$)1#&/"-/$+"$)$(&2)*&+15$T+1*"/4$,*+8$ wild optimism to utter despair, from a bright, uncertain morning to a hopeful, starlit evening. Scenes give insight into the nature of each character and the intertwined lives of Charlie Brown and his friends (both human and non-human). Wonderful musical numbers featured include Beethoven Day, My Blanket and Me, Little Known Facts, My New Philosophy, Suppertime and Happiness. Tusculum College Arts Outreach Director and Artist-in-Residence Marilyn duBrisk directs a cast of Theatreat-Tusculum veterans and newcomers. The musical will open Friday, Feb. 17, with two weekends of performances. The musical will be at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Feb 24-25. Sunday matinee performances will be at 2 p.m. on Feb. AY$)"#$?@> Performances will be in the David Behan Arena Theatre on the lower level (side entrance) of the Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Building on the Tusculum College campus. The Behan Theatre provides a “theater-in-the-round” experience that brings the audience up close to their favorite Peanut personalities, but also means that seating is limited. Ticket reservations are recommended and can be made by contacting Arts Outreach at _?X>^Y`>A@?B$+*$T(+22+%/22j' Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 ,+*$5/"&+*5$H)6/$@B$)"#$+3/*b$)"#$ $5 for children 12 and under.



Z%$&($$*:3;2%;"(&*Z!6*&()%(& ["$M1"#)49$=/7*1)*4$?@9$)'$X$0>8>9$ the First Presbyterian Church of Bristol, Tennessee, continues its 2011-12 Arts Series with a concert by internationally known organist and pianist Jeremy Filsell. This concert is jointly sponsored by '(/$J+*'(/)5'$F/""/55//ZM+1'(%/5'$ Virginia Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. His program will include works by Bach, Rachmaninov, Q/*5(%&"9$)"#$G1*1<k9$8);&"6$15/$+,$ the church’s Steinway grand piano and Randall Dyer pipe organ. Jeremy Filsell is Artist-in-Residence at Washington National Cathedral, and was previously Senior Organist of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. He has a discography of more than 25 CDs on both piano and organ and maintains a busy performance career on both instruments throughout Europe, Scandinavia and North America. Gramophone magazine commented on the series of 12 CDs that comprised the 0*/8&/*/$*/-+*#&"65$+,$S)*-/2$G10*kC5$ complete organ works for Guild in 2000, offering that it was ‘one of the greatest achievements in organ recording’. In 2005, Signum released a 3-disc set +"$'(/$A`YB$N)3)&22k:N+22$+*6)"$&"$M'>$ Ouen Rouen of the complete organ symphonies of Louis Vierne. They were BBC Radio 3’s Disc of the Week in September of that year. As a teenage student of Nicolas Kynaston Jeremy earned his Fellowship of the Royal College of Organists, winning all the major prizes and the Silver Medal of the Worshipful Company of Musicians. He is a graduate of Oxford R"&3/*5&'4$)"#$+,$U+"#+"C5$O+4)2$N+2lege of Music (where he studied piano performance under David Parkhouse and Hilary McNamara) and was awarded his PhD at Birmingham Con5/*3)'+&*/ZINR$,+*$)$'(/5&5$*/5/)*-(&"6$ aesthetic and interpretative issues in '(/$815&-$+,$S)*-/2$G10*k>$W/$()5$(/2#$ a number of teaching positions (until 2008 at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester), sung professionally as a lay clerk in the choirs of Guildford Cathedral and St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, given masterclasses at universities and sum8/*$5-(++25$&"$7+'($'(/$R\$)"#$RM!$ and has served twice on international organ competition juries in Switzerland. He was a featured artist at the AGO J)'&+")2$N+"3/"'&+"$&"$S&""/)0+2&5Z St. Paul in June 2008 and recent recital engagements have taken him across the RM!$)"#$'+$Q/*8)"49$=*)"-/9$=&"2)"#$

and Norway. Jeremy Filsell is an artist equally accomplished and renowned as a pianist,

two Sonatas of Julius Reubke. The Arts Series of the First Presbyterian Church strives to share with

and he is frequently booked to perform on both instruments during the same recital. He is one of only a few virtuoso performers on both the Piano and the Organ and his Concerto repertoire encompasses Mozart and Beethoven through to Rachmaninov (2nd and 3rd Concertos), Shostakovich and John Ireland. In recent years, he has recorded for Guild and Signum the solo piano music of Eschmann, Howells, Goossens, Bernard Stevens, Rachmaninov and the

the community events that enrich and inspire the life of the people of Bristol, share our unique and marvelous facilities, and encourage the artistically gifted of our region and beyond. Admission is a suggested donation of $10 for adults, no charge for students. The church is located at 701 Florida Avenue, just west of King College. For more information contact the -(1*-($)'$_?X:^@_:^A^@>


@%M%(*,((+=%;()&* '%<'+3:2.;(*&'3\*.2*2'(*Z3$1 Saturday, February 25, at 7:30 p.m. the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia, will present a bluegrass concert by the Dixie Bee-Liners. Admission to the concert is $7 for adults, $1 for -(&2#*/"$@$'+$AA9$ 1"#/*$)6/$@$,*//> Founded by songsmiths Brandi Hart and Buddy Woodward, the band is named for Kentucky Highway 41 – The Dixie Bee-Line. The Dixie Bee-Liner’s brand of traditional-meets-contemporary music has earned them a reputation for breaking new ground. Brandi Hart, a native of the Bluegrass State, grew up singing and playing music in Southern Baptist church choirs. In addition to handling the band’s vocals; Brandi is an )--+802&5(/#9$0*+2&.-$5+"6%*&'/*>$ Her work has been featured on IBMA’s Songwriter’s Showcase and by ASCAP at the IBMA conference. I*)"#&$02)45$61&')*9$.##2/9$)"#$'(/$ mountain dulcimer.

Buddy Woodward is a bluegrass veteran who plays nearly every instrument you can mention – mandolin, guitar, banjo, and bass to name a few. He was a founding member of the alternative country Ghost Rockets and later the honky-tonk group the Nitro Express. Buddy was featured in the Barter Theatre play Man of Constant Sorrow, and he also worked on the soundtrack of the .28$Freedom. He has played with John Starling, Steve Earle, Rosie Flores, Jim Lauderdale, the Coal Porters, Bill Keith, Laura Cantrell, I/)'$O+#/+9$M&#$Q*&,."9$M8)22'+%"$ Parade, the Jet Set, the Chelsea Mountain Jamboree, and many

others. The group records for Pinecastle Records. Their second CD, Susanville, follows the 2008 release of Ripe, which earned the band four number one hits on the bluegrass charts. This criticallyacclaimed group of accomplished musicians has performed and taught in hundreds of venues around the world including BBC Radio Scotland, NPR, the Food Network, Sirius radio, and SM satellite radio. Their dynamic musicianship adds grit, humor, and emotion to their performances. For more information on the 6*+109$6+$'+$(''0eZZ%%%>#&a&/7// For an unforgettable evening of music and dance, be sure to see the Dixie Bee-Liners at the Carter Family Fold. Known for their high-octane harmonies and beautiful original songs, the Bee-Liners represent 721/6*)55$)'$&'5C$."/5'>$I/$51*/$'+$ bring along your dancing shoes, too! The Bee-Liners are high energy, and 4+1C22$%)"'$'+$(&'$'(/$#)"-/$<++*> Carter Family Memorial Music N/"'/*9$E"-+*0+*)'/#9$&5$)$"+"0*+.'9$ rural arts organization established to preserve traditional, acoustic, mountain music. For further information +"$'(/$-/"'/*9$6+$'+$(''0eZZ%%%> Shows from the Carter Family Fold can be accessed on the internet )'$(''0eZZ%%%>-)*'/*,+2#5(+%>-+8>$ Carter Music Center is part of the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. You can visit the Crooked Road Music Trail site at (''0eZZ'(/-*++;/#*+)#>+*6> Partial funding for programs at the center is provided by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. For more information on Saturday’s concert, contact the Mountain S15&-$S15/18$)'$H?^@b$@_L:BBXL>$ For recorded information on shows coming up at the Fold, call H?^@b$X`@:@BL_>



,).;13;*J%:5/.;* :3/(&*23*G3;(&#3)3"<' The lead singer for the Lonesome River Band, Brandon Rickman, will be coming to the Jonesborough Visitor’s Center in Tennessee’s oldest town February 27, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10-20, and available at the Visitor’s Center. Brandon Rickman hails from the farming community of Purdy, Missouri. A product of a musical family, Rickman grew up playing guitar though !"#$%&'"(#)$#*!"#)$+%,!*#-.//#0)/*#!1)+/#-"21+"#$3.4%5,#!%/#6+/*#/!17#./#.# member of the esteemed bluegrass gospel group, New Tradition. Prior to joining the Lonesome River Band, he spent 2001 appearing with award-winning bluegrass singer and songwriter Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time. These great musical experiences have provided Rickman with a wide range of material. The songs he will perform will draw heavily on his original material ranging from lighthearted songs like I Bought Her a Dog to powerful gospel and deep and soulful cover tunes like Rain and Snow. Additional information is available at

Tickets available now on-line at , by phone at (866) 401-4223, or in person at the Historic Jonesborough Visitor Center in Jonesborough, TN, located at 117 Boone Street.

!"#$%38'%()$%*+",$-%.%/$0-1"-2%&3'%&43& Where have all the heroes gone? It could be argued that the last American hero rocketed off the planet for a few hours 50 years ago this week. John Glenn, now 90-years+2#9$.'5$'(/$7&22$,+*$(/*+$&"$ every sense of the word. Mercury 7 astronaut John Glenn is known by everyone who’s been schooled properly. Right alongside fellow Ohio I1-;/4/$)"#$.*5'$8)"$+"$'(/$ Moon, Neil Armstrong, and .*5'$50)-/8)"9$O155&)"$l1*&$ Gagarin. Following two suborbital, 15 8&"1'/$<&6('5$74$!2)"$M(/0ard and Gus Grissom, Glenn was given the coveted mission +,$'(/$.*5'$!8/*&-)"$'+$+*7&'$ Earth. W&5'+*4$&5$.22/#$%&'($'(/$#/')&25$+,$'(/$=/7>$?B9$AY@?$*+-;/'$ ride by the then 40-year-old ex-Marine into outer space and immortal status as a space adventurer.




G3';*B$(;;I*.;*%:3;*%;*&C.:(*(MC$3).2%3; But instead of continuing onto the Moon, like Shepard did, John Glenn parlayed his astronaut fame into a political career as Ohio Senator. With Glenn achieving world fame virtually overnight, NASA preferred that the astro")1'$*/'&*/$,*+8$)-'&3/$<&6('$ status to avoid any possible

untimely death of an American hero. F()'$%)5$'(/$,)'/$+,$.*5'$ man in space Gagarin, who died in a crash of his MIG jet while training for a possible trip to the Moon. But the lure of outer space never left Glenn, and when he was 77 years old, he again

rocketed off the Earth aboard Space Shuttle Discovery in 1989. Glenn was the strait-laced, faithful husband among the famous Mercury Seven astronauts, the other six being as wild as test pilots were apt to be. Chosen from hundreds of jet jockey pilots, the Mercury 7 were bonded together in competition and camaraderie as they pioneered America’s race to the Moon with the Commu"&5'$RMMO> The backdrop of the Cold War with nuclear holocaust

a real possibility was on the minds of average Americans )5$'(/$O155&)"5$.*5'$01'$l1*&$ Gagarin in orbit on April 20, AY@A>$!$,/%$8+"'(5$2)'/*$&"$ August, Gherman Titov spent a whole day in space, but details were only supplied by the government Tass New Agency, shrouding much of the Soviet space program in secrecy. NASA operated for all to see, as American taxpayers funded the Space Race and anxiously watched launches and landings on television. Prior to Glenn’s three orbit <&6('9$+"/$+,$J!M!C5$50)-/$ -(&80)"D//59$]"+59$</%$'(/$ /a)-'$8&55&+"$)(/)#$+,$'(/$.*5'$ human. And before the chimp survived the space adventure, an empty Mercury capsule made a one-orbit launch and reentry to gather important data on all aspects of the new thresholds of man’s machines against the barely understood, hostile extremes of outer space. Glenn was supposed to be launched around Christ8)5$'&8/$&"$AY@Am)$(+2&#)4$ present for space advocate President John F. Kennedy. But problems plagued the


E5%(&*>'%&*-((5 Celestial events in the skies for the week of Feb. 21-27, 2012, as compiled for The Loafer by Mark D. Marquette. The Moon dances its crescent phase across our evening skies, standing next to Venus and Jupiter as it draws eyes skyward. Our Moon is just 240,000 miles away, and it travels ahead of the Earth’s eastward rotation by 1,000 miles per hour. We are standing on the Earth and whizzing at 1,200 mph eastward, while the Moon is also moving eastward, but faster, at 2,400 mph. Every 28.5 days, the Moon goes around the entire 25,000-mile circumference. One more little factoid—divide that 1,200 mph Earth spin into the 25,000-mile girth of the equator, and you get the 24 hour length of our day. Tues. Feb. 21 50 years ago, the world was hailing American astronaut John Glenn as a hero after he completed 3 orbits of the ])*'($&"$(&5$-*)80/#$S/*-1*4$50)-/-*),'$'(/$#)4$7/,+*/$:$=/7>$?B9$AY@?>$J/%$S++"$&5$'+#)4$)'$LeXL$0>8>$!5$'(/$M1"$ set, the Moon is directly to the left of it, invisible as it is between Earth and the Sun. Wed. Feb. 22 Orion, Taurus and Gemini are easy to see as these familiar constellations dominate the night skies to the south and overhead. Toward the north, the Big Dipper is rising on its handle, and above it is the bright star Capella in Auriga the Charioteer. Thurs. Feb. 23 The three bright stars of the Winter Triangle are directly south. They are Sirius at the bottom, Procyon to the upper left, and Betelgeuse to the upper right. Fri. Feb. 24 The ringed world Saturn is rising in Virgo by 10 pm, and easily seen by midnight to the left of the bright, white star Spica. Sat. Feb. 25 Venus and the Moon team up together, just three degrees apart. The Moon moves to the left, or east, its own diameter every hour - which is one-half degree an hour. Sun. Feb. 26 The crescent Moon is tonight beside the yellowish Jupiter. Any telescope will show the disk of Jupiter and the starlike images of its four giant moons. Mon. Feb. 27 Mars comes closest to Earth on March 5, so it is rising soon after sunset and is bright red above the eastern horizon by 10 pm in the constellation Leo the Lion.

/$0-1"-2%&3'%&43&%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%39 Atlas rocket booster, which was a converted ICBM, an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile designed to toss a nuclear warhead on Moscow. Then the spacecraft had some glitches, and the launch was cancelled nine times. But '(/$AB'($'*4$%)5$)$<)%2/55$ countdown on a beautiful Tuesday on Florida’s new Space Coast on Cape Canaveral, east of Orlando. Hundreds of thousands lined the roads to get a glimpse of the rocket heading to outer space with John Glenn literally strapped to the top. All systems worked to near perfection during the launch and 9 minute ascent to orbit. And the life support systems and maneuvering jets also worked as they were supposed to. But one problem plagued the mission. A signal said the all important protective heat shield might be loose. Such a problem would incinerate the spacecraft upon reentry, killing Glenn. !'$.*5'$'(/$J!M!$8&55&+"$ controllers wanted to keep the possible problem from Glenn. I1'$.*5'$!8/*&-)"$8)"$&"$ space, Alan Shepard, threw a

.'$)"#$/3/"'1)224$'+2#$Q2/""$ of the heat shield indicator saying it may be damaged. There was only one way home, and Glenn had no choice but to ride a nervous *//"'*49$%)&'&"6$,+*$)$.")2$5/"sation of heat to overwhelm him. I knew that if the shield was falling apart, I would feel the (/)'$0125/$.*5'$)'$84$7)-;9$ and I waited for it, recalled Q2/""$&"$)"$+,.-&)2$#/7*&/,ing. I kept on controlling the capsule, (in a slow roll for aerodynamic stability). K&/-/5$+,$<)8&"6$8)'/*&)2$%/*/$5'&22$<4&"6$0)5'$'(/$ window during this period, and the glow outside was still bright and orange, recalled Glenn. It lasted for only about a minute, but those few moments ticked off inside the capsule like days on a calendar. Another of the well publicized moment of Glenn’s (&5'+*&-$50)-/$<&6('$%)5$(&5$ */0+*'$+,$.*/<&/5$,+22+%&"6$(&5$ spacecraft. There are particles around the spacecraft I can’t identify coming around the capsule occasionally, Glenn said during a transmission from his second,

90-minute orbit. I can see them as they drift by the window, and I can see them against the dark sky. Just at sunrise there were literally thousands of them. It looked like just a myriad of stars. Over. Puzzling Glenn and space scientists, by the third orbit the astronaut realized the sparkling objects were frost from the sides of his Mercury spacecraft. When he whacked the 5&#/$%&'($(&5$.5'9$8+*/$.*/<&/5$ twinkled in the sunlight. When Glenn splashed down into the Atlantic Ocean ),'/*$_$(+1*5$L@$8&"1'/5$+,$ 50)-/<&6('9$(/$%)5$&"$&"5')"'$ hero like our country hasn’t seen since Charles Lindberg’s (&5'+*&-$5+2+$<&6('$)-*+55$'(/$ Atlantic Ocean in 1927. A parade in Washington, DC in a driving rain was followed by a beautiful day and two million people in a ticker-tape parade in New York City. Glenn was almost imme-


John Glenn diately retired to the Public Relations desk of NASA, and then he entered Ohio politics as Senator. Glenn served in the Senate from 1974 to 1999, a powerful and well-liked Democrat. He, of course, advocated space exploration, as well as serving as chairman of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. On a personal note, I actually saw the launch of Friendship 7 as a boy 50 years ago. My family lived in Winter Park, Florida, and I was bitten by the astronomy and space bug even in the second grade.

We waited through several delays watching the launch in the school cafeteria, and then +"$=/7>$?B9$AY@?$E$%+;/$10$ with the mumps! I remember 5//&"6$'(/$2)1"-($+"$)$<++*$ model black and white TV, and then going outside with Mom and watching the silvery streak of the rocket rising above the eastern horizon of subdivision homes. Glenn’s (&5'+*&-$<&6('$&5$+"/$+,$84$ earliest memories, and I was then completely obsessed with space travel and astronomy. Glenn was perceived as taming the new frontier of space. Thanks to space chimp Enos,

NASA knew the heart, lungs, eyes and muscles worked just ."/$&"$'(/$%/&6('2/55"/55$+,$ 50)-/>$I1'$Q2/""$%)5$'(/$.*5'$ American to orbit Earth, and NASA did it in full view of the world. Now, with the retirement of the Space Shuttle, and no spacecraft available to us, the gutted American astronaut corps must rely on the Russian three-man spaceship Soyuz to go to the International Space Station. And that’s quite unsettling to Glenn. It’s unseemly to me that here we are supposedly the world’s greatest space-faring nation and we don’t even have a way to get back and forth to our own International Space Station, Glenn said in a recent interview. That is indeed the irony of the Golden Anniversary of !8/*&-)C5$.*5'$,++'(+2#$&"$ Earth orbit. Maybe through these celebrations of Glenn and his life-time bond with the original Mercury 7 astronauts, the politicians and public will notice how important space exploration is to maintaining America’s world leadership. Or maybe not.



-.;<g&*\.2():3$3)&*(MC$3)(*The Nature of Water The next juried artist on display in the Arts Depot’s Spotlight Gallery is Aili Wang from Blacksburg, VA. This watercolor exhibit, entitled The Nature of Water will continue through April 7, 2012. Aili Wang grew up in Jiangsu, China. She received her BA in Art ]#1-)'&+"$,*+8$l)"6D(+1$R"&3/*5&'49$8+3/#$'+$N)2&,+*"&)$"&"/$ years ago, and then to Virginia in 2008. She received her Master +,$=&"/$!*'5$#/6*//$,*+8$O)#,+*#$R"&3/*5&'4$&"$?BAB$%(/*/$5(/$ studied watercolor painting under Art professor, Z.L. Feng. Professor Feng required his students to apply for juried exhibitions. Since then, Wang’s work has won her successful entry to many such competitions. She placed second in watercolor the Smith Mountain Art Council’s 20th Annual Art Show and in the 2010 Chautauqua Indoor Art Show by Wythe Arts Council, Ltd. Aili received Honorable Mention recognition in Abingdon’s Virginia Highlands Festival Juried Fine Arts Exhibit at the Arts Depot in 2009. She has twice received the Zheng L. Feng International Scholarship in Art. Ms. Wang is a member of the Virginia Watercolor Society, Depot Artists Association and the Smith Mountain Art Council. !&2&$P)"6C5$8)&"$517T/-'5$)*/$%)'/*$)"#$")'1*/>$M(/$&5$&"<1enced by Chinese Feng Shui (wind and water) art, and Shan Shui (mountains and water) painting. She says that she is enamored and inspired by the beautiful scenery of Virginia’s New River Valley. Aili believes that people are eager to return to nature, and that artists have a responsibility to depict the beauty and peace of nature to help the viewer relax and enjoy the natural world.....Just like Chinese Sung Shan Shui artists (making one feel as if he were really in the place depicted). She accomplishes this through an abstract fusion of light and visual depth. =+*$,1*'(/*$&",+*8)'&+"9$02/)5/$-+"')-'$'(/$!*'5$G/0+'$)'$H?^@b$ @?`:YBYA9$+*$/:8)&2$)'$)7&"6#+")*'5#/0+'j/3)>+*6$+*$3&5&'$'(/&*$%/7$ site at


This Week In The W+25'+"$g)22/4$RR$N(1*-($&"$ Q*)49$AX@$I+7$i+7/$O#>9$$&5$2++;&"6$ for a pianist to play at service two Sundays a month. Responsibilities are from approximately 10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and include accompanying four hymns and sometimes the Prelude and Offertory. There is an occasional Sunday afternoon choir rehearsal. Compensation is $75 per service and $25 per hour for additional rehearsal time. For more information please send an e-mail message to Teri M)"#+3)2$)'$815&-j(311->+*6$+*$ leave a phone message at 423-477^@@A>$ World Heritage Student Exchange Program, a highly re50/-'/#9$"+":0*+.$'9$0172&-:7/"/.$'$ organization, is seeking local host families for high school boys and girls from Scandinavia, France, Germany, Italy, Thailand, China, South Korea, and the former Soviet Republics. Students are already awaiting word on their

host families for the 2012-2013 academic school year. Host families provide room, board, and guidance for a teenager living thousands of miles from home. Couples, single parents, and families with or without children in the home are all encouraged to apply. The exchange students arrive from their home country shortly before '(/$?BA?ZAX$5-(++2$4/)*$7/6&"5$ and each World Heritage student &5$,1224$&"51*/#9$7*&"65$(&5Z(/*$ own personal spending money and /a0/-'5$'+$7/)*$(&5Z(/*$5()*/$+,$ household responsibilities, as well as being included in normal family activities and lifestyles. If you are interested in opening your home and sharing your family life with a young person from abroad, please call local Area Representative N)*+2U4""$I);/*$)'$H_?Xb$^@^:A@_L$ or 1-800-888-9040 (toll free). Please also visit our website at


Mountain Empire

February 21 As part of Black History S+"'(9$]FMR$%&22$+,,/*$=2)3+*5$ of Dancing from 7-9:30 p.m. in the D.P. Culp Center ballroom. YouTube dance legends G-Nerd and The Queen Laia Yates will perform different styles of dance known as Memphis Jookin. These dancers will battle it out, demonstrating their own unique styles. Sponsored by the Black Affairs Association. Contact: Multicultural Affairs, _XY:@@XX$+*$8-5'),,j/'51>/#1> ]FMR$)"#$g&*6&"&)$W&6($ School, Bristol, present a collaborative concert at 7 p.m. ]FMR$G&*/-'+*$+,$I)"#59$N(*&5: tian Zembower, and Virginia High School Director of Bands, Tom Hopson, will present a collaborative band concert with each of their concert bands.

Each concert band will present several selections individually, and then conclude with several selections collaboratively for the -+"-/*'$.$")2/>$!#8&55&+"$&5$74$ donation. Thursday, February 23 As part of Black History S+"'(9$]FMR$%&22$0*/5/"'$F(/$ Role of the Black Church in the 21st Century at 7 p.m. in room 309, Sherrod Library. This talk will be given by Adam Dickson, community relations coordinator for Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee and adjunct faculty member in the Department of Political M-&/"-/$)'$]FMR>$M0+"5+*/#$74$ African and African American Studies. Contact: Dr. Dorothy Drinkard-Hawkshawe, 439@@``>

The Tusculum College band program will feature a mixture of traditional and contemporary music in its winter concert at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Building. Free. Performing will be the Concert Band, Handbell Choir and Jazz Band. A preview of the Feb. 29 performance by the Students for Christ Gospel Choir, a student-led group at Tusculum, will also be included as the choir will join with the Jazz Band for â&#x20AC;&#x153;I Will Bless the Lord at All Times.â&#x20AC;? Representatives from the Tennessee State Library and Archives and the Tennessee State Museum will be in Washington County Feb. 23-24 to record and digitize Civil War memorabilia owned by local


residents for a new exhibit. Archivists will be at the Johnson City Public Library, 2100 West Millard Street in Johnson City, from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. Feb. 23 and at the Jonesborough Public Library, 200 Sabin Drive in Jonesborough, from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Feb. 24. During those times, they invite area residents to bring in photographs, documents and other artifacts related to the Civil War. The archivists will scan or take digital photographs of the materials, some of which will be featured in an exhibit titled, “Looking Back: The Civil War in Tennessee.” The archivists will not actually take possession of the items from their owners. E"#&3&#1)25$8)4$-)22$H@ALb$^_A: A``X$+*$/:8)&2$-&3&2%)*>'52)j to schedule a reservation with the archivists. The national theme for this year’s celebration of African American History Month is “Black Women in American Culture and History” - so (+%$.$''&"6$'()'$O/""&/$W)**&5$ Puremovement’s tour includes three incredible women hiphop dancers (it was all men for the company’s stop here in 2005). Be on the lookout for these inspirational women,


and the company’s seven male dancers, Thursday & Friday, February 23 & 24 at the Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville. Free Pre-Show Discussions for ticket holders take place in The Forum at Pack Place at 7 p.m. each evening prior to the 8 p.m. performances. Come early and enjoy an intimate discussion with Puremovement’s Company Manager Rodney Hill. Buy tickets for all three Mainstage Dance Series Performances Rennie Harris Puremovement, Diavolo Dance Theater, and \/&6%&"$d$N+80)"4$:$)"#$5)3/$ 10% off Regular ticket prices. N)22$'(/$7+a$+,.$-/$)'$H`?`b$?L^: 4530 for details. Friday, February 24 Milligan College’s step team, Stompede, is stepping up to raise funds for One7, an organization that focuses on transforming the lives of inner city youth and families. Stompede and One7 will join forces to present “Steppin’ Into Oz,” at 7:30 p.m. in the McGlothlin-Street Theatre of Milligan’s Gregory Center for the Liberal Arts. The performance is free and open to the public, but donations will 7/$)--/0'/#$'+$7/"/.$'$["/^$)"#$ Stompede. Traditionally, step

shows involve performances by several teams, each with a <$1/"'9$5+8/'&8/5$,)8&2&)*$5'+: *42&"/>$R5&"6$'(/$*(4'(8:#*&3/"$ beats of step dancing to tell the story, Milligan’s production will follow the plot of the classic “Wizard of Oz.” The audience will follow Dorothy as she is swept up into Oz, meets the iconic characters and journeys '+$.$"#$'(/$%+"#/*,12$P&D)*#$+,$ Oz. The team also will perform a traditional African style dance number in honor of Black History Month. The show will include performances by One7 participants, ranging in age from 9 to 15 years old. To learn more about One7, visit www. To learn more about arts events at Milligan, visit %%%>8&22&6)">/#1Z)*'5> Saturday,

February 25 Auditions for “Liberty! The Saga of Sycamore Shoals” will be held at 5 p.m. This year, “Liberty! The Saga of Sycamore M(+)259n$F/""/55//C5$[,.$-&)2$ Outdoor Drama, will be hosting its 34th year of performances in the Fort Watauga amphitheater at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area in Elizabethton! “Liberty!” will be performed the last 3 weekends in July, Thursday through Saturday, July 12–14; AYo?Af$)"#$?@o?`>$])-($5(+%$ begins at 7:30 p.m. For additional information, please call the park at (423) 543-5808. Brandon Rickman is playing a live concert at Historic Jonesborough Visitors Center at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10-$20. =+*$8+*/$&",+*8)'&+"$-)22$H`@@b$ 401-4223.

As part of Black History S+"'(9$]FMR$%&22$0*/5/"'$=1: sion: Multicultural Showcase‚ at 7 p.m. in the D.P. Culp Center, Martha Street Culp Auditorium. Students will model traditional attire and share cultural talents, with over 15 cultures and ethnicities to be represented. Refreshments will be provided. M0+"5+*/#$74$'(/$[,.$-/$+,$ Multicultural Affairs. Contact: S12'&-12'1*)2$!,,)&*59$_XY:@@XX$ +*$8-5'),,j/'51>/#1> Dale Mackey and Shawn Poynter will lead a seminar to help writers maximize their online presence and navigate the world of social media, sponsored by the Knoxville Writers Guild. Social Media for Writers‚ will introduce the tools available for maintaining an online


23,34+-*." *-156531 Holocaust survivor, Jacqueline Mendels Birn, will share her experiences at the Buechner Institute at King College on Feb. 27, as part of the Institute’s 2011-2012 Lecture Series. p!5$+00+*'1"&'&/5$'+$(/)*$.*5':()"#$ accounts from holocaust survivors decrease, it becomes all the more important to listen to these stories,” said Dale Brown, director of the Buechner Institute at King College. “We are pleased to have Jacqueline S/"#/25$I&*"$,*+8$'(/$R"&'/#$M')'/5$ Memorial Holocaust Museum. Her /a0/*&/"-/$%&'($'(/$R>M>$=+*/&6"$ Service and her work in documentary .28$,1*'(/*$/a0)"#5$'(/$*)"6/$+,$(/*$ offering.” Jacqueline Mendels Birn’s experiences as a Holocaust survivor began in May 1940 when Germany invaded =*)"-/>$$!'$.3/9$I&*"C5$-(&2#(++#$%)5$ completely shattered when the Vichy government instituted “Aryanization.” Her father was forced to sell his business to his non-Jewish partner. Eventually, she and her family had to escape and go into hiding. Birn’s parents, Frits and Ellen Mendels, along with Jacqueline and her sister Manuela, escaped to the tiny village of Le Got in Dordogne, where they lived in two upstairs rooms of a house with no electricity or water for 2 ! years. It was during this time, Birn’s brother, Franklin, was born. In November 1944, the family was able to resume their life in Paris, but only after 20 close family members had been deported to Sobibor and Auschwitz and murdered. While in Paris, Birn met her American husband, Richard, who was there studying. Together, they came to the R"&'/#$M')'/5$&"$AYL`9$%(/*/$'(/4$8)*ried and later had two children. Birn’s story is highlighted in a #+-18/"')*4$.28$74$(/*$"&/-/9$i/55&-)$ S/"#/25>$$F(/$.289$29monthsinexile, explores the family’s escape, hiding, and ultimate survival in France at the time of the Holocaust. I&*"$*/'&*/#$,*+8$'(/$R>M>$=+*/&6"$ Service Institute in 2007. She now 5/*3/5$)5$)$3+21"'//*$,+*$'(/$R"&'/#$ States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Jacqueline Mendels Birn will share her experiences as a Holocaust survivor at 10:30 a.m. in King’s Memorial Chapel on Feb. 27. The event is open to the public and free to attend. For more information, contact Dale I*+%"$)'$_?X>@L?>_AL@$+*$3&5&'$%%%>

presence and explore the use of social media to grow readership. The workshop will be held from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Redeemer Church of Knoxville, A@_?$W&6(2)"#$!3/>$N+5'$&5$c?B$ for KWG members and $25 for nonmembers. To sign up for ‚ÄúSocial Media for Writers‚Äù or any KWG workshop, go to www.knoxvillewritersguild. org or send your check to KWG P+*;5(+059$K>[>$I+a$ABX?@9$ \"+a3&22/9$FJ$X^YXY:BX?@>$ Let’s Hang On!, at 7:30 p.m., pays tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and the sensational show The Jersey Boys. Four great looking guys and two beautiful girls sing and dance their way through some of the best songs of all time. For ticket information, call the JK!N$I+a$[,.-/$)'$H_?Xb$@X`: A@^Y$H[0/"$,*+8$AAeXB$)>8>$'+$ 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday). NPAC is located adjacent to Greeneville High School at 212 Tusculum Blvd. in Greeneville, Tennessee. For other information, visit the website at

format photography. “Milligan College has allowed me to pursue a wide variety of interests, and I have also been able to participate in many forms +,$'(/$."/$)*'59n$5)&#$O//59$+,$ Redford, Mich. “These varied life experiences have been 6*/)'24$&"<1/"'&)2$)5$&"50&*)tion for my photography. Since my development and interests are eclectic, I want to display my photography in such a way that portrays the diverse &"<1/"-/5$&"$84$2&,/>n$=+*$8+*/$ information about arts events at Milligan, visit www.milligan. /#1Z)*'5>

From 3-5 p.m. in Room #209, Kingsport Renaissance Center, The Doc McConnell Yarnspinners invites all storytelling enthusiasts to meet. You don’t have to be a dedicated storyteller. Storytelling is the essence of human communication; and 4+1$%&22$."#$'(&5$)$6*/)'9$-+8fortable place to share your own stories. Please call (423) 2728549 for further information.

Visiting instructor, Nicole Kintz, will be teaching 2- 2.5 hour yoga classes with New Paradigm. Enjoy one or both l+6)$P+*;5(+05>$F(/$.*5'9$ Core, will access your midbody to provide strength and to improve body alignment. The second, Low Back, will focus on strengthening the low back and creating just the right amount of </a&7&2&'4$'+$/"#$'(/$-2)55$%&'($ fully supported back-bends. Schedule is as follows: 9-11:30 a.m. Core; 1-3:30 p.m., Low Back. The price for attending both workshops is $80. Singularly, the cost is $45. As usual the workshop will be held at New Paradigm Health Center, AAX$]>$R");)9$i+("5+"$N&'4>$ Pre-registration is required. Call (423) 928-9394 for details and registration. Also, visit our web5&'/$)'$(''0eZZ%%%>4+6),+*'(/(/)2'(+.'>-+8Z4+6)-2)55Z$,+*$ more detailed class information.

“Eclectic Emma,” a photography exhibit by Milligan College senior Emma Rees, will be on display in the Milligan Art Gallery in Derthick Hall begins with a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. It will remain open through March 2. The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public. In step with the title of her show, Rees’s photographs cover diverse subject matters and media, including black and white and 35mm .28f$#)*;*++8:#/3/2+0/#$-+2+*$ prints; and digital and medium

Monday, February 27 Ofer Wolberger, a Brooklyn, N.Y., based artist, brings an extensive exhibition to Virginia Intermont College, presenting an installation of imagery derived from his creation of 12 loosely related photographic book projects. This exhibit runs through March 22 in the Anne R. Worrell Fine Arts Center. Wolberger will speak about the work at 7:30 p.m. at the opening of the exhibit. A reception for the artist will follow. The event


and exhibit are free and open to the public. For more information, please visit or www.oferwolberger. com. Teens – having chocolate withdrawal after Valentine’s Day? Still obsessed with chocolate? Come join us for our “Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!” program at the Jonesborough Library on Monday, =/7*1)*4$?^9$@eXB$'+$`$0>8>9$+*$ at the Gray Library on Tuesday, =/7*1)*4$?`9$@eXBo`$0>8>$$!-'&3&ties include a chocolate word game, chocolate trivia, a blind chocolate tasting, and chocolate fondue! This program is free and open to tweens and teens 6*)#/$@$'+$A?>$$M0)-/$&5$2&8&'/#$ and registration is required! To register, please call the Jonesborough Library at 753-1800 or the Gray Library at 477-1550.


lessons. Sponsored by the Black Affairs Association. Contact: S12'&-12'1*)2$!,,)&*59$_XY:@@XX$ +*$8-5'),,j/'51>/#1> K*&"-/'+"$!*'5$N/"'/*9$?LA@$]>$ Oakland Ave., will offer an ongoing class in Bharatha Natyam, a highly stylized classical dance form from South India, ,*+8$_eXB:@eXB$0>8>$+"$F1/5#)45$ beginning Feb. 28. Class is for ages 10 and older and is aerobic intense. Fee is $13 per class. To sign up or for more information, please call Princeton Arts Center at 283-5800. Wednesday, February 29 As part of Black History S+"'(9$]FMR$%&22$0*/5/"'$O/#$ Tails: A Review of the Film and a History of the Tuskegee Airmen at 3 p.m. in the Sher-

SingleVision will be having dinner and a program with O/3>$J)'/$P)*/$)'$@eXB$0>8>$&"$ Room 141, Wesley Wing at First I*+)#$M'*//'$R"&'/#$S/'(+#&5'$ Church. Rev. Ware is a former military chaplain and has a heart for singles. He will discuss the myth that alone always means loneliness. Dinner will 7/$5/*3/#$)'$@eXB$0>8>$O/5/*3)tions are required by noon on Friday, February 24 by calling 224-1502. The program begins at 7:15 p.m. No reservations are required for the program only! Tuesday, February 28 Rachel Sage will be performing at the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City at 10 p.m. Donations will be accepted. For more information visit www. As part of Black History S+"'(9$]FMR$%&22$0*/5/"'$qG&3)$ Tribute: Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston‚ at 7 p.m. in the D.P. Culp Center, Martha Street Culp Auditorium. Actress and singer Joanna Maddox pays tribute to three legendary artists in this one-woman show, sharing their hit music and life


rod Library, James H. Quillen Conference Room. A panel dis-155&+"$%&'($R>M>$J)34$N)0'>$ (Ret.) William A. Coleman and Pvt. (Ret.) William Shellman. Refreshments will be provided after the program. Sponsored by African and African American Studies. Contact: Dr. Dorothy Drinkard-Hawkshawe, _XY:@@``> The Tusculum College Students for Christ Gospel N(+&*$%&22$7/$,/)'1*/#$&"$&'5$.*5'$ concert at Annie Hogan Byrd Auditorium on the Tusculum

college campus. The concert will begin at 7 p.m. and is an Arts and Lecture Series credit event for Tusculum College students. The concert is open to the public and there is no -()*6/$'+$)''/"#>$F(&5$&5$'(/$.*5'$ year for the 15-member student choir, which sings both traditional and contemporary gospel hymns and songs. The concert, which will showcase the new choir, will also include several numbers with the Tusculum College Jazz Band. For more information on the Students for Christ Gospel Choir, contact

N+0/2)"#$)'$3-+0/2)"#j'-5' Saturday, March 3 ntro to vegetable Gardening will be taught by local gardeners Pat Lynch and Brenda P)*"/*$)'$R"&-+&$F+%"$W)22$ from 9 a.m.-noon. Cost is $10. Everyone will leave with seeds and info. Refreshments provided. Space is limited contact R"&-+&$K)*;5$)"#$O/-$'+$5)3/$ 4+1*$50+'$H_?Xb$XXB:@AX`>


!!!"#$%&'()%*'+&,+%"-'. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oscar time! The time when Hollywood rolls out the red carpet yet again, and presents the Granddaddy of award shows on the "&6('$+,$=/7*1)*4$?@'(>$[5-)*$"&6('$ brings extreme happiness, crushed dreams, thank you messages to hundreds of people, and questionable fashion choices. Considering the aforementioned happens at my annual Oscar party, you can only imagine what happens at the show. As Joan Rivers prepares to sharpen her claws to dig into the stars fashion choices, I am ready to present my annual picks for the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Best Picture: This is a packed ./2#9$%&'($"&"/$.285$"+8&")'/#>$ I want to pick War Horse, as this &5$'(/$/0&-$5'42/$.28$W+224%++#$ loves to award, and is a favorite of mine, but I am picking The Artist, )5$'(&5$.28$()5$)22$'(/$8+8/"'189$ and other awards leading up to the show. Best Actor: George Clooney has been raking in other awards for his performance in The Descendants, and I feel Oscar will come calling. There are dark-horses in the race however, including Brad Pitt (Moneyball) and Demian Bichir (A Better Life), who could derail




!($'')*!(')'+ K2g&*7&:.)*2%/(e

Clooneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s award party express. However despite tough competition, Clooney is my choice. Best Actress: This is a very tight race, with the usual presence of Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady), and Viola Davis (The Help) as the front runner. Baring an upset, say by Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn), the award will go to Davis, who is on the same hot streak as Clooney. Best Director: This is an excellent category, with the presence of Oscar-hating Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris) and the legendary Martin Scorsese. I am giving the award to Scorsese (Hugo), as he

was able to present the magic of 3D effectively, and tell a mesmerizing story at the same time. Best Supporting Actor: This one is a tough call, as the category includes veterans Max von Sydow (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close), and Christopher Plummer (Beginners). I am predicting Plummer will be the one collecting Oscar 6+2#$+"$'(/$?@'(> Best Supporting Actress: Please, if Octavia Spencer (The Help) does not win the Oscar I will unlike the Oscar page on Facebook. I encourage the other nominees to look their best so they can at least make the best dressed list.

I will make a few other predictions just for fun: Best Cinematography: War Horse Best Makeup: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2 Best Art Direction: Hugo Best Visual Effects: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2 Best Costume Design: The Artist Best Original Score: War Horse Best Animated Feature: Rango There you have my Oscar predictions! I would like to predict the show will run only two hours, but I know that will never come true.





m c h h T a d a t a e

H " F r


a t d t i A

-%2'*.*$%22$(*'($C* 8)3/*/A*8)%(;1&

f e S

What is it that binds us in this life? I suppose there are many answers to that question. Family is an obvious choice, but outside of your family there is your friends. E$*/-/"'24$'1*"/#$?^9$)"#$'(/$7/"/.'$+,$7/&"6$)$52&6('24$)6/#$0/*5+"9$&5$'()'$4+1C3/$"+%$2/)*"/#$%(&-($+,$4+1*$,*&/"#5$)*/$&"$&'$ for the long haul, and you’ve weeded out, mostly, all the fairweather friends and the ones who only wanted to be around when you were there to pick up the bill. One of my oldest friends is my good pal David, you’ve heard me talk about him in these pages before. David and I go back a good stretch, we’ve been friends for 17 years, and we’ve always given each other advice for all of the more interesting moments of life. We’ve talked each other out of bad decisions, like the time David stopped me from opening up a combination Aerosmith memorabilia museum and Chinese restaurant called Wok This Way, and the time I prevented David from becoming a country music star named Buck Turkel (though at parties David still insists that people listen to him sing Islands in the Stream). F(/*/C5$7//"$'(/$'&8/5$'()'$G)3&#$)"#$E$-)8/$10$%&'($&#/)5$'()'$%/$'(+16('$%/*/$6*/)'9$+"24$'+$."#$'()'$%/$%/*/$'(/$+"24$ ones who thought so. We don’t let our failures get us down, and we’re rather proud of them. The only one that we truly regret not working out, was our beauty pageant idea that we came up with, but it seems no one thought that Miss Acceptable Legs was a good idea. As friends do, David moved away, he now lives in Texas, but we talk almost daily. There’s Tommy, a man I’ve known almost as long as I have David. Tommy is a quiet man, but a wise one, a font of knowledge , and when the all too rare mood hits him, he sings a heartbreaking rendition of Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa. In the rarest of rare moments, you’ll see Tommy and I singing Tears of a Clown$'+6/'(/*9$)"#$4+1$%&22$7/$8+3/#>$P/$.*5'$2/)*"/#$+,$+1*$7/)1'&,12$()*8+"4$%(/"$%/$%/"'$.5(&"6$'+6/'(/*$+"-/9$%/$"/3/*$#&#$-)'-($)"4$.5(9$71'$%/$5)"6$/3/*4$Q&27/*'$)"#$M122&3)"$5+"6$%/$;"/%>$ There’s also some very close women in my life. Women like Kristine and Rachel. Rachel and I have known each other since we were kids. We were in plays together, ran around in high school together, and we shot a man in Reno just to watch him die together. Rachel keeps a busy life, so it’s hard for us to get together as much as we’d like, but we still laugh about that night we watched the life force drain out of that fellow - good times. Kristine is a rather unique lady, a cute little devil with a slight femme fatal quality that is very nice indeed. She’s a strong gal, both spiritually and physically - I once saw her bench press a mountain goat. Kristine is a great photographer, she shot that famous portrait of myself sitting on a couch made entirely out of cans of potted meat. I recall the night we both ran around the -+1"'*4$5&#/$&"$(/*$-+"3/*'&72/9$2+1#24$02)4&"6$AY@B5:/*)$J/&2$G&)8+"#$5+"65>$ Yes, these are a few of the people who inhabit my life, a funky collective for sure, but I don’t think my life would be as colorful without them. So what about you? Who are your close friends? Who do you know who can bench press mountain goats? Perhaps it’s time you called them up, thanked them, and ask them if they want to go to Reno with you.




Dr. jeff obafemi carr admits he has multiple personalities, but rather than considering it a problem, he uses it to help others, to entertain and to keep himself sane. carr, who calls himself The Media Scientist, is a musician, actor, director, playwright, comedian, educator, coach and juggler of activities who brings all those talents together with multimedia, observation and experimentation to fascinate audiences, but also make them think. He will present his one-man play How Blak Kin Eye Bee? at East Ten"/55//$M')'/$R"&3/*5&'4$+"$F(1*5#)49$ Feb. 23, at 7:30 p.m. at the VA Memorial Theatre. The event is sponsored by the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts. In his play, carr embodies seven alter egos in a 90-minute performance that includes music and multimedia to draw insights — ranging from funny to touching to serious — into what it is like to grow up black in a changing America. Joining carr will be his seven friends, concocted from his own life experiences. The show starts with The Senseb, a mystical, magical guy, says

carr, who lives in Nashville but hails from East Tennessee, near Cookeville. He represents mystical, magical guys all the way, carr says. You could call him a Pope-being, the Medicine Man, the Shaman, the Fortune Teller, the High Priest. That’s what he represents. He has this concoction of truth serum that all the characters come in contact with and start to speak the truth. The audience will also meet and interact with The Pass-Tah, a popular, prosperous minister; F(/$W/)#$G+-'+*9$%(+$.a/5$ people’s heads in his barbershop; The Professor, a lecturer in urban )"'(*+0+2+649$5'1#4&"6$'(/$.3/$ types of African Americans he has discovered; Big Mama, an elderly lady in a nursing home; The Black Act-Tore, a Juilliardtrained classical actor backstage before a debut; and Jessie D. Blues, a blind street singer who has a fascination with the different kinds of sleep. Stuff like this comes from your amalgamation of experiences, says

carr, who holds a doctorate in divinity and an undergraduate degree from F/""/55//$M')'/$R"&3/*5&'4>$F(&"65$ came to me and I would think, ‘This

is so funny but I never heard anybody talk about this on stage before’ … It 8)4$7/$'(/$.*5'$'&8/$4+1C3/$(/)*#$ some of these topics discussed, but they will be familiar.

In addition to How Blak, carr has also written nine other plays, including a children’s choreo-poem, Before The People Came, which played to numerous sold-out audiences in Nashville and was featured at the prestigious Provincetown Festival of New Works for Young People in New York and as a Mainstage Production at the National Black Theatre Festival. ]FMR$)55&5')"'$0*+,/55+*$+,$ theatre and dance Herb Parker met carr during the collaboration between carr’s Amun Ra Theatre and Nashville Children’s Theatre in 2004, which carr directed and Parker performed in. Parker recommended the Nashville 0/*,+*8/*Z#&*/-'+*Z0*+#1-/*$ and his How Blak show to Mary B. Martin School of the Arts Director Anita DeAngelis. It’s a very nice theater piece, says Parker, who frequently performs professionally in Nashville. I thought it would be a nice opportunity for an actor of color to come to '(/$]FMR$-)8015$'+$(+0/,1224$50)*;$ an interest in our students of color.

And jeff is somebody who can talk to our students about the business, aside from color, about acting, directing, producing, and writing. This is a chance for theater students to meet a working director, somebody who just might cast them. He runs a very well-respected equity working theater in Nashville. W)3&"6$0/*,+*8/#$&"$.28$)"#$8+*/$ than 30 professional stage productions, carr is also the founding artistic director of Amun Ra Theatre, a not-for0*+.'9$0*+,/55&+")2$'(/)'*/$-+80)"4>$!$ former commentator on the nationally syndicated The Tavis Smiley Show, he was a regular roundtable member on the National Public Radio program News and Notes with Ed Gordon and co-founded Freestyle, a weekly media talk show in Nashville. For more information on carr, visit (''0eZZT/,,+7),/8&-)**>-+8>$F+$*/V1/5'$ tickets or special accommodations for persons with disabilities, contact the ]FMR$S)*4$I>$S)*'&"$M-(++2$+,$'(/$ Arts at (423) 439-TKTS (8587) or visit %%%>/'51>/#1Z-)5Z)*'5Z$+*$%%%> =)-/7++;>-+8Z]FMR>SISM[F!



D):'(3$3<%&2*23*<%?(*$(:2")(* 3;*G./(&23\;*9;1&

David Givens, Senior Staff Archaeologist with the Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project, will present a program called Lost and Found: Rediscovering America’s Birthplace, in Broyhill Chapel, on the campus of Mars Hill College, February 27 at 7 p.m. The Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project is an ongoing archaeological excava'&+"$)'$i)8/5'+%"$E52)"#9$g&*6&"&)9$'(/$.*5'$0/*8)"/"'$]"62&5($-+2+"4$&"$J+*'($!8/*&-)>$ ]a-)3)'&+"5$7/6)"$)'$'(/$5&'/$&"$AYY_$%&'($'(/$(+0/5$+,$."#&"6$5+8/$/3&#/"-/$+,$'(/$+*&6&")2$A@B^$i)8/5$=+*'9$%(&-($,+*$+3/*$'%+$-/"'1*&/5$%)5$7/2&/3/#$'+$()3/$7//"$2+5'$'+$*&3/*$ shoreline erosion. F+#)49$)*-()/+2+6&5'5$()3/$#&5-+3/*/#$81-($+,$'(/$,+*'&.-)'&+"$)"#$()3/$*/-+3/*/#$+3/*$ a million artifacts that tell the true story of Jamestown. Givens, an alumnus of Mars Hill College, has worked in association with the project from its beginning and has been a full-time member of the team since 2001. His upcoming lecture will describe the project’s history as well as its most recent, exciting discoveries. F(+5/$*/-/"'$#&5-+3/*&/5$&"-21#/$/a-)3)'&+"$+,$'(/$A@B`$-(1*-($)'$'(/$,+*'$%(&-($&5$ '(+16('$'+$7/$'(/$.*5'$!"62&-)"$-(1*-($&"$'(/$J/%$P+*2#9$%(/*/9$,)8+15249$]1*+0/)"$5/'tler John Ross and Pocahontas, daughter of the Algonquian chief Powhatan, were married. Givens will also share how modern techniques like computer digital mapping help archaeologists reconstruct the site and catalog its thousands of artifacts. Other new techniques, like DNA mapping, help archaeologists understand numerous aspects of the settlers’ lives, including the diseases they suffered, and the diet they ate. According to Givens, the discoveries on Jamestown Island are fascinating, but they have other, far-reaching implications. Jamestown is our nation’s birthplace, and this excavation gives us a connection to the real, live human beings who went before us, Givens said. This project is, in a very tangible way, a rediscovery of the birthplace of our culture. Through that rediscovery, we gain a greater sense of our collective past, regardless of race or ethnicity, and we also learn about ourselves today and our place in the world. The program at Mars Hill College is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by the SWN$0*/5&#/"'C5$+,.-/9$'(/$SWN$W&5'+*4$0*+6*)89$)"#$U&5'+"$I>$O)85/4$N/"'/*$,+*$ Regional Studies. Mars Hill College is a private, liberal arts institution offering over 30 baccalaureate degrees and one graduate degree in elementary education. =+1"#/#$&"$A`L@$74$I)0'&5'$,)8&2&/5$+,$'(/$*/6&+"9$'(/$-)8015$&5$2+-)'/#$T15'$?B$8&"1'/5$ "+*'($+,$!5(/3&22/$&"$'(/$8+1"')&"5$+,$%/5'/*"$J+*'($N)*+2&")>%%%>8(->/#1$A:`@@:SWN: _:l[R>

!"#$%54'%()$%*+",$-%.%/$0-1"-2%&3'%&43& Two years after Jack Kerouac %*+'/$'(/$.*5'$#*),'$+,$(&5$&-+"&-$ American novel, On The Road, a former President and his First Lady also took a road trip, albeit not one quite as strange or as iconic as the one described by Kerouac. And, unlike Kerouac, Harry and Bess Truman didn’t choose to record their adventures for posterity, leaving that task to the many local newspaper reporters they encountered during the course of their less-than-eventful journey. Thankfully, 59 years later, they have at long last found their Kerouac in the form of an enterprising young author named Matthew Algeo. Algeo’s fascinating new book, Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure: The True Story Of A Great American Road Trip H?BBY9$.*5'$0)0/*7)-;$ edition 2011) presents us with what )'$.*5'$62)"-/$5//85$*)'(/*$0*+5)&->$ After all, who would want to read about a trip former President Truman his wife made during the summer of 1953, traveling from their home in Independence, Missouri to a speaking engagement in Washington, DC? Couldn’t Algeo have chosen a more interesting topic to write about? Well, let’s be very glad he decided to become the Trumans’ Kerouac, because his considerable storytelling skills transforms this very ordinary trip into a microcosm of a vanished %+*2#9$.22/#$%&'($"18/*+15$5&6"0+5'5$ that give us a vivid portrait of the early 1950s and the couple who now personify that world. In his opening chapter, Algeo tells us, Harry Truman was the last president to leave the White House and return to something resembling a normal life. And in the summer of 1953 he did something millions of ordinary Americans do all the time, but something no former president had ever done before - and none has done since. He and Bess got into their brand new Chrysler New Yorker and left the comforts of their beloved home, setting their sights once again on the Nation’s Capital. What happens on their three-week journey, from Independence and back again, becomes the stuff of legend when recounted by Algeo. Like a modern-day Odysseus, Truman wanders through a magical land, .22/#$%&'($)22$5+*'5$+,$,)8&2&)*$)"#$ unfamiliar sight and sounds. And we get to ride in the backseat and experience a landscape that seems at once both familiar and alien. Although he had stepped down ,*+8$'(/$8+5'$0+%/*,12$+,.-/$+"$ earth earlier that year, there was no





Grom left: Bess Truman, Harry Truman, and daughter Margaret. Secret Service detail assigned to him and Bess when they backed out of their driveway at 7:15 a.m. on the morning of June 19, 1953. That kind of protection didn’t exist in 1953, and I was very surprised to learn that the former President was very much %+**&/#$)7+1'$(&5$.")"-&)2$5&'1)'&+"$ as he motored down the highway on that very warm summer morning. In 1953, former Presidents received no government pension, and he hadn’t been a Senator long enough to receive any compensation for the brief time he spent in Congress. His sole source of continuing income was from a pension he received from his service during World War One. He even had to buy his own stamps when answering the many letters he continued

to receive from his adoring fans and political associates. And because he thought the reputation of his former title would be tarnished, he had turned down several lucrative offers for speaking engagements and seats on various corporate boards. His trip was, in more ways that I could have thought, truly a journey made by two very ordinary American citizens without privilege. Needless to say, it became very dif.-12'$,+*$'(&5$+*#&")*4$'*&0$'+$*/8)&"$ ordinary. Harry and Bess were never alone on their trip, because at every stop they were recognized by people gathered in diners, motels, town squares, and even in police cars; at one point, the couple were stopped by a highway patrolman who intended

to give Harry a speeding ticket until he recognized who they were - he kept the ticket, but didn’t let them go on their way until he had taken the obligatory photographs. Because Truman’s visits to all these stops along the way were chronicled in numerous small town (and some large town) newspapers, Algeo was able to reconstruct the three-week trip in some detail - a fortunate turn of events, given the fact that Truman kept no diary or travel log, except for a meticulous record of his gas mileage. Algeo divides his book into chapters that each recount one day of the Trumans’ trip, and he uses their adventures as a vehicle (no pun intended) for fascinating and

'(+16(':0*+3+;&"6$*/</-'&+"5$)7+1'$ life in the ‘50s. As he tells us, the story of their trip, then, is the story of life in America in 1953, a time of unbridled optimism and unmitigated cold war fear. It is also the story of the monumental changes that have occurred since then. In researching his book, Algeo retraced the President’s trip and often stayed in the same motels and hotels and ate at the same restaurants. Of course, many of these places no longer exist and some have been converted to other purposes. Perhaps the most interesting surprise during his research trip was his discovery of the now-legendary 1953 Chrysler New Yorker rusting in the barn of a family that had acquired it many years before. The thrill he must have felt while sitting behind the wheel of the dilapidated vehicle is recounted in exciting detail, allowing us to share his euphoria. And he provides a couple of photographs as a memento of that very memorable day. Algeo’s book, as he reminds us, also gives us an intimate portrait of a Harry Truman not often found in the pages of history books. A Harry Truman who drove too fast. A Harry Truman who was a pretty good tipper. A Harry Truman who loved fruit. And he loved his morning walks, which were often accompanied by fans, newspaper reporters, and acquaintances, nearly as much as he loved being behind the wheel of a shiny new automobile. As he once told a friend, I like roads. I like to move. Something else becomes very apparent after taking this pleasant little journey with Algeo - Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure is at heart a love story, a touching portrait of two people very much in love. Harry and Bess remained newlyweds throughout their long lives (Harry died the day after Christmas in 1972 at age 88, and his bride passed away at age 92, 10 years later - both ending their journey where they had begun it, in Independence). When their lifelong road trip was over, Harry and Bess were buried next to each other in the courtyard of the Truman Library. And, as Algeo points out Harry is on the driver’s side. !$.''&"6$5'+*4$,+*$'(&5$g)2/"'&"/C5$ season, don’t you think? As you plan your spring and summer travel itinerary, I hope you will take this little book along with you. With Harry and Bess as your tour guides, your vacation will no doubt be much more enjoyable.




The Loafer, Feb. 21, 2011  

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