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june 7, 2012

senior section

Dear Readers,

As we finish up our final responsibilities on the paper — editing our last words, designing our last pages — we would like to reflect on this past volume. These responsibilities, though sometimes overwhelming, have always been a privilege. Over the past year, we have had the privilege of working as Senior Staff of The Lion’s Roar, and we feel lucky to have been able to provide you with a newspaper that, we hope, has piqued your interest at one point or another. We began our year at the National Scholastic Press Association conference in Minneapolis, where we met thousands of other journalists and shared ideas, and which reinforced our pride in The Roar. Almost all the other journalists put together their publications during a class in which they were graded for their work. At South, members of The Roar and other publications spend their free time working on their publication. Not only do these voluntary hours show how devoted each student is, but also how dedicated we are to voicing our opinions and contributing to our community. Although the published newspaper is what readers see, we most cherish the process of putting the paper together. It was never quick; we consistently ended up working all night and into the morning before we sent the paper to the printer. Each time, we would try to be more efficient, but those late nights led to some of our best memories. From brainstorming headlines to visually representing kids specializing in sports from a young age, we focused on the details of The Roar to make sure it turned out just the way we wanted it to. When our parents woke up the morning of send-up, they would always be surprised to see each of us in the same positions we were in ten hours earlier, only now surrounded by empty Chinese food containers and piles of marked up proofs of pages. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the newspaper this year. Our advisers — Ashley Elpern, Brian Baron, Thomas Murphy and Paul Estin — have always encouraged us, even through the late hours of the night. Our parents have given us the support — and the food — that we need to finish each issue. Everyone on our staff — whether you wrote one opinions piece or extensive news articles every issue — has been invaluable. You have brought a variety of interests to the paper and have delved into diverse topics. We admire your enthusiasm and thank you for it. But even if you were interviewed for one article; or if you picked up the paper on a Friday morning and glanced at the front-page story, finding one quotation that interested you; or if you discovered a new viewpoint; or if you had a discussion in class or with your friends about an article, you made the paper great. You are the reason we continue to search for the most important topics to bring up in the community, for you have created a community receptive to discussing and thinking critically about these topics. For all of us, the community aspect of The Roar is valuable. We know we can always rest on the futon or grab a bite to eat from the mini fridge, or just come to room 1201 if we want to see a familiar face. We want everyone, from reporters to business managers, to feel this way, and we hope this feeling continues into the next volume. We are confident that if anyone can create a warm, positive environment, it’s Volume 29. We are so proud of the work and the effort that our rising Senior Staff has put into the newspaper, and we hand the reins to them excited to see in what new directions they will guide The Roar. Over this volume, we’ve often dug out old papers from our archives. When looking back at papers from five or even 15 years ago, we notice how much has changed, but also how much will never change. We on The Roar will always strategize about how to fill white space, try to make up clever “Join The Roar!” boxes and feel emotional about series commas. We know that Volume 29 will make some great changes while always carrying on the true spirit of The Roar. Thanks for everything, 2012! Love, Volume 28 Senior Staff Emily Breuer

Danny Gifford

Jessica Bolter

Ari Ebstein

Peter Haskin

Ali Meisel

june 7, 2012

senior section


You know you’re in the

Class of 2012


1. The grade you’re in corresponds to the year 2. You didn’t see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve You still don’t go down the Wheeler staircase because you think 3. it smells 4. You had a lot of fun at that one football game you went to 5. You’re on a first-name basis with Joel 6. Your soccer team outscores your football team 7. You elect your class president based on his dance moves You’re really excited to spend time with all your friends at 8. Oberlin next year 9. Bathtub You were too ashamed to put your rejection letter on the 10. Wall of MIT You spend more time at Dunkin’ Donuts during anti-bullying 11. advisories than you do learning about aggressors and bystanders 12. You giggle every time you hear “Two Schools, One Book”


june 7, 2012

senior section

Congratulations on graduating!


We’re so proud of you.

Smooth sailing through life — stay the course — you are great!

Love, the Nedeljkovic family

Love you, Mom, Dad, Elise and Mark


june 7, 2012

senior section


Congratulations, Peter!

We love you and we’re so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Jessica, We hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. -Anonymous

Congratulations, Julia!! We love you, Mom, Dad, Rachel and Jenn

Congratulations to Katherine Gagen and All the Other Graduates!

Congratulations to my thoughtful, dedicated, brave & compassionate amazing daughter! We are all excited to see you take the next step‌

Love, Mom

& Nathaniel & all your family


Congratulations, Antonia! We know you will make the world a better place! Love, Mom, Dad and Isabel

Love, Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, Jonathan & Pepper


senior section-

june 7, 2012

What’s the status at Roar?

june 7, 2012

senior section




Adam Goldstein Always a burst of energy, Adam has a star personality and a winning smile. His devotion to Connections and the Inclusion program is exceeded only by his talent on the golf course.

Whether designing apparel or working on class events, Ridita always exhibits a jolly attitude, and she remains dedicated to each project she takes on.

Peter Haskin Peter displays his strong sense of leadership on both e Lion’s Roar and the volleyball team. He can be counted on for an energetic wave and smile in the hallway, and his devotion to the South community is evident.

Lauren Ashbrook When she’s not building South’s own garden, Lauren can be found acting and singing with South Stage. Her friendly attitude has made her a necessary presence in the class.

Jaclyn Freshman Class of 2012’s Phi Beta Kappa and violin superstar, Jaclyn has it all. She’s a smartie and is most likely to succeed in whatever she strives for.

Greg Ly As president of the Class of 2012, Greg is not only a great leader but also an allaround good guy. His participation in the Asian Student Organization and Athletes Serving the Community demonstrates his wide range of interests and skills.


senior section

june 7, 2012

Congratulations, Annie! Follow your dreams. Find your passions. Be a leader when you GO BLUE!! Love always, Mom & Dad

Ali, Look who grew! We’re so proud of the young woman you’ve become. Mazel tov, Sweetie! Love, Mom, Dad, Carly and Jake

Congratulations, Dana! When it comes to life, don’t be afraid to get your hands (and face) dirty!

Have Fun at Bates!

Love, Mom, Dad, Josh and Jordie

june 7, 2012

Congratulations, Thomas!! On to the next adventure! With love from Mom, Dad, James, William and Buddy!

G-Man, CONGRATULATIONS!!! The world is yours... We all love you! Mom, Dad, Nate, Will & Lucy

senior section



june 7, 2012

senior section

Congratulations, Jossie! We love you!

Congratulations, graduates!

Congratulations to Lily! Love, Mom, Dad, Rachel and Jeremy

Love, Mom, Dad and Sam

Daniel, Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. We appreciate your resiliency, tenacity and zest for life! Love, Mom, Dad, Ryan and Andrew

Julia, You are the best. We all love you and are proud of you. Onward to the next adventure! Mom, Dad, Tara and the whole family

june 7, 2012

senior section

Lolo! You have filled our hearts with gladness. You have lit up our days and nights.

Youssef, Congratulations to you and the entire Class of 2012 on all of your accomplishments. With love from your family.

The Road Not Taken Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;

You are the girl of our dreams. Sail on, honey bunny! We love you. Mom, Dad, Dylan, Ben... & Ruby Dee

Congratulations, Class of 2012!

Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear, Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I marked the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost

With love from The Lion’s Roar



senior section

senior section Cornell University

Le Moyne College

Ellen Barrett Aaron Weinstein

Andrea Murphy

Oberlin College

University of Michigan Emma Friedman Anne Humphrey Alison Meisel Jillian Stein

The Evergreen State College Henry Shea

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Julia Vanaman

Joshua Kasten Jake Abramson Joshua Harlow Nicole Kestenberg Dana Lipper Jordan McAfee-Hahn Alex Peterson Aaron Wolff Robert Pears

Carnegie Mellon University Chloe Thompson Andrew Hutner

Dickinson College Isaac Rogers

University of Pittsburgh Evan Klein

Syracuse University

Lewis and Clark College Samuel Gordon-Koven

Muhammed Honca

Raymond Farmer

Columbia University

Hartwick College

Avi Chad-Friedman Sophia Dolan Jonah Reider

Ana Horowitz

Ithaca College

University of Rochester Joseph Busaba Charlotte Cohen Eric Davis Jocelyn Forman Jacob Gusman Miles Meth Adina Poras

Mitchel Wong

Stony Brook University Brandon Kee

Skidmore College

School of Visual Arts

Ruth Allard Daniel Pincus Michaela Gusman

Adam Macalister

Pratt Institute

Sonja Halvorsen

Vassar College

Michaela Regehr

Youngstown State University Jelisa Blandin

North Dakota State University

Pace University

Union College

Ashley Bovarnick Kendall Bovarnick Shea Donovan Rayna Golub

New York University Andrew Grusby Hannah Dober Helen Holmes Jaclyn Lebovits Lillian Maltz Grace Nathans Odile Rodrik Jesse Mishra

Lafayette College Greg Ly

Ryan FitzPatrick

Villanova University

Daniel Cutright Isabelle Granahan-Field

University of Wisconsin Mikayla Bogart Daniel Frechter Benjamin Goldberg

University of Oregon Annapurna Ravel

Adelphi University Abby Pressberg

Barnard College

Carleton College Isabel Carter Lindsey Walters Gail Waltz

Elaine Zhang

Julia Sherman Hannah Weller

Creighton University

Purdue University

Northwestern University

Brooks Remy

Daniel Bender Stern Tiffany Wang

University of Colorado Boulder

University of California Santa Barbara Ekin Dedeoglu

California Institute of Technology

Washington University in St. Louis Kjarten Brownell Aaron Davidoff Daniel Douglass Gabriel Leiter Geoffrey Richardson

James Madison University

Elizabeth Goodstein Jonah Schwartz Lena Sternburg

Sarah Sugarman

Concordia University Georges Bridi Hristo Casavant

Israel Defense Forces Meital Goldberg Doron Galambos Roy Milstein

Stacie Lane Kathleen Garrity

David Wortham

American University

Adam Goldstein Gil Avramovich

Georgia Institute of Technology Jordan Lee Samuel Aaron

Cameron Yeaw

University of Texas Austin Andrew Webber

New York University — London Dana Kapeller-Liberman

Carleton University Jasreet Kaur

Tel Aviv University Ilana Sivachenko

Armed Forces Aren Bailey

Gray Military Academy Michael Forman

Cheshire Academy Samuel Russell

University of British Columbia Paris Caldwell

Texas A&M University Philip Wang

Tulane University Lauren Bamel Sylvie Evans Katherine Freer Chelsea Landau Erin Pinta

Loyola University New Orleans Conor Minihan

Goucher College

Hannah Friedman

Anastasia Yukhananov

George Washington University

Johns Hopkins University

Charles Temkin Scott Reibstein Dylan Royce

Emory University

Jeffrey Brotsky Deirdre Bryant Murilo DeBrito Biara Figueredo Paul Bridi Simone Chad-Friedman Cecilia MacArthur Emily Malec-Brown Carey Potochnik Daniel Rozenblum Jonah Ryan-Davis

University of Delaware

Elon University

Thomas Adamo Jeffrey McDermott

University of Arizona

McGill University

Ayme Houston

George Mason University

Joshua Berg


Penn State University

Christine Rosata

University of Southern California

Gap Year

Ridita Arefin

Marshall University

Sylvia Hurlimann

Nanah Crosby Theodore Schwarz Stephen Okren Raymond Flint Sophia Graubard Leora Hershman Antonia Nichols Gilad Cohen Seo-Young Hyun Michal Lieberman Clara Lorant Anna Wyner Philip Fradkin Michael Berman

Daniel Kurland

Drexel University

Indiana University

Robin Berk Jonah Seifer

University of Pennsylvania

Jessica Bolter

Sophia Glik Simone Groper

Colorado College

Amanda Cutter Hannah Lukas Corey Rand

Kathy Sun

Kenyon College

Ken Nair Benjamin Shparber Thibaut Xiong

Hofstra University

Swarthmore College

University of Illinois

Seong-Wong Han

Daniel Gifford

Stefani Karr Emily Hollender

Rutgers University

University of Chicago

Stanford University


Georgetown University Jason Yoffe

University of Maryland Shoshana Bloom Michael Duggan Max Groper Jonathan Katz Amanda Utstein Rebecca Weinstein

University of Florida Olivia Schutte

Miami Dade College Merline Benjamin

Peter Natov

Morgan State University Olivia Thomas


june 7, 2012

senior section

Senior Plans, continued

University of Maine Alessandra Lewis

Colby College

Champlain College

Lauren Hammer Michaela O’Flaherty Siobhan O’Flaherty Andrew O’Hagen Joshua Rubin Jessica Zelle Jacqueline Bennett Victor Moisescu Allison Agulnick Isabelle Groper

St. Michael’s College Daniel Fitzpatrick

Dana Cohen-Kaplan

Middlebury College

Roger Williams University

Andrea Epstein Emma Knudson John Summers Maya Thompson Aaron Zheng

Timothy Jiang Maxwell Simon

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Hannah Ewing

Becker College Daniel Sahleanu

Phillip Borozenets Yu-Ying Chang Alejandra Diaz Youssef El Korchi Allison Haber Alexandra Helbert John Jennings Olivia Kennis Linda La Daniel Legmann Taylor Ollivierre Rutul Patel Matthew Tippett Ruoting Wang Julianne Woo

Smith College

Eleanor Richard

Brown University Emily Breuer Emily Wu

Brandeis University Daniel Kats Naomi Klickstein Maksim Mints Daniel Glasgow Julia Gron Aliza Heeren Tiffany Mei

Connecticut College

Bryant University

Anna Laurence

Victoria Bryan Nicholas Lamberti

Quinnipiac University Samuel Caggiano Samuel Dyer

University of Rhode Island

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Fitchburg State University Jesse Hotvedt

Joseph Goodman Jimmy Li Daniel Pontes Jack Zelinka

Sarah Lushan Christian Mareskes Janelle Tartaro

Salem State University Virginia Lyons

Leonardo DeSouza

New England Conservatory

Yoko Fukumura

Becker College

Emerson College

Daniel Sahleanu

Nicklaus Longman

Clark University

Roxbury Community College

Justin Lew Aaron Trachtman

Antonio Ranger

Bridgewater State University

Irene Clifford

Adam Barnett

Regis College

Julia Spector

Williams College Patricia Ho Maxwell Dietrich

MassBay Community College Lilian Castro Andrew Chen Alexis Oppenheim Christopher Smith Samantha Andres Joshua Balulu Lyonel Walker

Framingham State University Amanda Bishop Juan Carpio Camilla DaSilva Charles Egan Ary Kidher Patrick Mildner Desiree Norris Samantha Quan Olivia Sullivan Mariya Uglova

Lucia Llorente Lorena Murati Alair Nahabedian Heather Ruano Natalie Samone

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Tyler Ellis Jonathan Gray Marina Nedeljkovic

Wheaton College

Mei Lan Thompson Maya Shulsinger Katherine St. George

Boston College

Newbury College

Peter Haskin Livia Graf Patrick Keane Ngo Vinh-Hoa Jacqueline Poster

Georgios Emmanouilidis

Mount Ida College

Lasell College

Salem Habte

Sarah Irwin Andrew Mendes Patrick Burcz Eliana Freeman Noa Golan Jason Hershman Phillip Kudryavtsev Juhi Narula Evan Siegal Benjamin Ryu

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Gordon College

Dean College Mount Holyoke College

Northeastern University

Johnson and Wales University Sarah Blatchford

Hampshire College Peter Harringon Robin Shuster

Skylar Krug Natalia Levin-Schwartz Elizabeth Odvarka

Rhode Island School of Design

Katherine Gagen Chloe Jackson-Unger Thomas O’Leary Evan Ogden

Ariel Kaluzhny Ari Ebstein

Simmons College

William Su

Trinity College

Wesleyan University

Brian Li Saewon Park Jorge Quintero

Natasza Gawlick

University of Connecticut

Brit Sharon Jaclyn Freshman Lauren Ashbrook

Suffolk University

Franklin Pierce University

Isabelle Parker

Nathan Baskin Aviv Dolev Allison Kaufman Ashley Moore

Evan Balmuth Hayley Grossman Max Isberg Stephanie Li Hannah Lieberman Marissa Rodenstein

Katerina Kokovidis Kyle Mallory Amanda Magier Andrew Oratovsky

Charlotte Cotter Lee Schlenker Stephanie Wang

University of Hartford

Tufts University

University of New Hampshire

Bates College

Bennington College

Yale University

Giovanni Acevedo Tradesha Clark Stacey Colon-Estrada Thabata Gomes Yin Liu Newton Pervaiz Adam Vasserman

Joseph Maher Danielle Anderson

Gilbert Pettingell William Spier Hadara White

University of Vermont

University of Massachusetts Boston

Curry College Fay Harris Tiffany Jacobs

Valeriya Abelis

Wan Huang Elizabeth Khitrik Alexander Lam William Mei Jay Nanthakumar

Massacusetts College of Art and Design Benjamin Korsh

Boston University Daniel Brown Timothy Chong Judith Cohen Helena Emmanuel Han Sol Kim Pauline Lander Hannah Leikin Emma Loeb Neha Narula Marisa Shocket Margaret Su Peter Szabo Christopher Wong Maxwell Hamilton Michael Joe Aafreen Rajani Ramya Ramadurai

Wentworth Institute of Technology Serina Weekes Amanda Lau Zhao Chen Paul Levine Corbin Krinsky David Shrayber

june 7, 2012

senior section


Senior Plans: Class of 2012 Samuel Aaron Valeriya Abelis Jake Abramson Giovanni Acevedo Marcel Adamczyk Thomas Adamo Allison Agulnick Ruth Allard Danielle Anderson Samantha Andres Ridita Arefin Lauren Ashbrook Gil Avramovich Aren Bailey Evan Balmuth Joshua Balulu Lauren Bamel Adam Barnett Ellen Barrett Nathan Baskin Daniel Bender Stern Merline Benjamin Jacqueline Bennett Joshua Berg Robin Berk Michael Berman Amanda Bishop Jelisa Blandin Sarah Blatchford Shoshana Bloom Mikayla Bogart Jessica Bolter Allegra Borak Phillip Borozenets Ashley Bovarnick Kendall Bovarnick Emily Breuer Georges Bridi Paul Bridi Jeffrey Brotsky Daniel Brown Kjartan Brownell Victoria Bryan Deirdre Bryant Patrick Burcz Joseph Busaba Samuel Caggiano Ashly Calafell Paris Caldwell Juan Carpio Isabel Carter Hristo Casavant Lilian Castro Avi Chad-Friedman Simone Chad-Friedman Yu-Ying Chang Andrew Chen Zhao Chen Timothy Chong Tradesha Clark Irene Clifford Charlotte Cohen Gilad Cohen Judith Cohen Dana Cohen-Kaplan Stacey Colon-Estrada Charlotte Cotter Nanah Crosby Colleen Curry Daniel Cutright Amanda Cutter Camilla DaSilva Aaron Davidoff Eric Davis Murilo DeBrito Ekin Dedeoglu Melissa Degteriova Leonardo DeSouza Ale Diaz Maxwell Dietrich Hannah Dober

Georgia Institute of Technology Sophia Dolan Lasell College Aviv Dolev Oberlin College Daniel Donovan University of Massachusetts Boston Shea Donovan MichaelDouglass Duggan Unknown Daniel George Mason University Michael Duggan University of Vermont Samuel Dyer Skidmore College Ari Ebstein Colby College Charles Egan MassBay Community College Youssef El Korchi Drexel University Tyler Ellis Yale University Georgios Emmanouilidis Emory University Helena Emmanuel Armed Forces Andrea Epstein Tufts University Sylvie Evans MassBay Community College Hannah Ewing Tulane University Raymond Farmer Bridgewater State University Alejandro Fernandez Cornell University Biara Figueredo University of Hartford Daniel Fitzpatrick Northwestern University Ryan FitzPatrick Miami Dade College Raymond Flint University of Vermont Jocelyn Forman University of Southern California Michael Forman Colorado College Philip Fradkin Gap Year Daniel Frechter Framingham State University Eliana Freeman Youngstown State University Katherine Freer Johnson & Wales University Jaclyn Freshman University of Maryland Emma Friedman University of Wisconsin Hannah Friedman Kenyon College Yoko Fukumura The Boston Conservatory Katherine Gagen University of Massachusetts Amherst Doron Galambos Syracuse University Kathleen Garrity Syracuse University Natasza Gawlick Brown University Daniel Gifford Concordia University — Montreal Daniel Glasgow McGill University Sophia Glik Working Noa Golan Boston University Benjamin Goldberg Washington University in St. Louis Meital Goldberg Bryant University Adam Goldstein Working Rayna Golub Northeastern University Thabata Gomes University of Rochester Joseph Goodman Quinnipiac University Elizabeth Goodstein Unknown Samuel Gordon-Koven The University of British Columbia Livia Graf Framingham State University Katherine Graham Carleton College Isabelle Granahan-Field Concordia University — Montreal Sophia Graubard MassBay Community College Jonathan Gray Columbia University Julia Gron McGill University Isabelle Groper University of Massachusetts Amherst Max Groper MassBay Community College Simone Groper Wentworth Institute of Technology Hayley Grossman Boston University Andrew Grusby University of Massachusetts Boston Jacob Gusman Dean College Michaela Gusman University of Rochester Allison Haber Gap Year (Vanderbilt University) Salem Habte Boston University Sonja Halvorsen Bates College Maxwell Hamilton Unknown Lauren Hammer Middlebury College Seong-Won Han Gap Year Joshua Harlow Unknown Peter Harrington Villanova University Fay Harris Hofstra University Peter Haskin Framingham State University Aliza Heeren Washington University in St. Louis Alexandra Helbert University of Rochester Jason Hershman Working Leora Hershman University of California Santa Barbara Patricia Ho Unknown Emily Hollender Gordon College Helen Holmes University of Massachusetts Amherst Muhammed Honca Williams College Ana Horowitz New York University Jesse Hotvedt

Columbia University University of Hartford Unknown Syracuse University WashingtonUniversity UniversityofinMaryland St. Louis University of Maryland Quinnipiac University Wesleyan University Framingham State University University of Massachusetts Amherst University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Newbury College Boston University University of Connecticut Tulane University Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Union College Unknown Working St. Michael’s College North Dakota State University Gap Year University of Rochester Gray Military Academy Gap Year (University of Toronto) University of Wisconsin Northeastern University Tulane University Yale University University of Michigan American University New England Conservatory Trinity College Israel Defense Forces University of Delaware Franklin Pierce University Stanford University Brandeis University University of Colorado Boulder Northeastern University University of Wisconsin Israel Defense Forces Emory University Syracuse University University of Massachusetts Boston University of Massachusetts Lowell Indiana University Louis and Clark University Boston College Unknown Villanova University Gap Year University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Brandeis University University of Vermont University of Maryland University of Colorado Boulder Tufts University New York University University of Rochester Skidmore College University of Massachusetts Amherst Mount Ida College Pratt Institute Boston University University of Vermont Creighton University Oberlin College Hampshire College Curry College Boston College Brandeis University University of Massachusetts Amherst Northeastern University Gap Year (University of Maryland) Williams College Barnard College New York University Pace University Hartwick College Fitchburg State University


senior section

Ayme Houston Pennsylvania State University William Mei Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Alison Meisel Wan Yi Huang Anne Humphrey University of Michigan Andrew Mendes Sylvia Hurlimann California Institute of Technology Miles Meth Andrew Hutner Carnegie Mellon University Patrick Mildner Gap Year (Boston College) Roy Milstein Seo-Young Hyun Northeastern University Conor Minihan Sarah Irwin Tufts University Maksim Mints Max Isberg Trinity College Jesse Mishra Chloe Jackson-Unger Curry College Victor Moisescu Tiffany Jacobs John Jennings University of Massachusetts Amherst Esteban Monge Timothy Jiang Rhode Island School of Design Ashley Moore Michael Joe Boston University Lorena Murati Wesleyan University Andrea Murphy Ariel Kaluzhny New York University — London Alair Nahabedian Dana Kapeller-Liebermann Stefani Karr Barnard College Ken Nair Joshua Kasten Oberlin College Jay Nanthakumar Daniel Kats Brandeis University Juhi Narula Jonathan Katz University of Maryland Neha Narula Allison Kaufman University of Hartford Grace Nathans Jasreet Kaur Carleton University Peter Natov Patrick Keane Boston College Marina Nedeljkovic Brandon Kee Stony Brook University Ngo Vinh-Hoa Olivia Kennis University of Massachusetts Amherst Antonia Nichols Nicole Kestenberg Oberlin College Desiree Norris Unknown Michaela O’Flaherty Da Yun Keum Elizabeth Khitrik Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Siobhan O’Flaherty Ary Kidher Framingham State University Andrew O’Hagan Eugene Kim Unknown Thomas O’Leary Han Sol Kim Boston University Elizabeth Odvarka Evan Klein University of Pittsburgh Evan Ogden Brandeis University Stephen Okren Naomi Klickstein University of Connecticut Nemesis Olivero Emma Knudsen University of New Hampshire Taylor Ollivierre Katerina Kokovidis Massachusetts College of Art and Design Alexis Oppenheim Benjamin Korsh Wentworth Institute of Technology Andrew Oratovsky Corbin Krinsky Simmons College Maya Paris-Saper Skylar Krug Northeastern University Paul Park Phillip Kudryavtsev University of Pennsylvania Saewon Park Daniel Kurland University of Massachusetts Amherst Isabelle Parker Linda La Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Rutul Patel Alexander Lam Bryant University Robert Pears Nicholas Lamberti Unknown Newton Pervaiz Dominic LaMotte Tulane University Alexander Peterson Chelsea Landau Boston University Gilbert Pettingell Pauline Lander University of Delaware Daniel Pincus Stacie Lane Wentworth Institute of Technology Erin Pinta Amanda Lau Connecticut College Daniel Pontes Anna Laurence New York University Adina Poras Jaclyn Lebovits Georgia Institute of Technology Jacqueline Poster Jordan Lee University of Massachusetts Amherst Cary Potochnik Daniel Legmann Boston University Solange Pozo Vidal Hannah Leikin Washington University in St. Louis Abby Pressberg Gabriel Leiter Simmons College Qilan Qiu Natalia Levin-Schwartz Wentworth Institute of Technology Samantha Quan Paul Levine Clark University Jorge Quintero Justin Lew University of Maine Orono Aafreen Rajani Alessandra Lewis Suffolk University Ramya Ramadurai Brian Li University of Massachusetts Lowell Corey Rand Jimmy Li Stephanie Li Tufts University Antonio Ranger Hannah Lieberman Tufts University Annapurna Ravel Gap Year Michaela Regehr Michal Lieberman Dana Lipper Oberlin College Scott Reibstein Unknown Jonah Reider Bing Liu Yin Liu University of Massachusetts Boston Brooks Remy Regis College Eleanor Richard Lucia Llorente Unknown Geoffrey Richardson Ching Lo Emma Loeb Boston University Marissa Rodenstein Emerson College Odile Rodrik Nicklaus Longman Clara Lorant Gap Year (Emerson College) Isaac Rogers Unknown Christine Rosata Christopher Lovejoy Hannah Lukas Hofstra University Dylan Royce Sarah Lushan University of Rhode Island Daniel Rozenblum Gregory Ly Lafayette College Heather Ruano Salem State University Joshua Rubin Virginia Lyons Adam Macalister School of Visual Arts Samuel Russell Cecilia MacArthur McGill University Jonah Ryan-Davis Amanda Magier University of New Hampshire Benjamin Ryu Colby College Daniel Sahleanu Joseph Maher McGill University Natalie Samone Emily Malec-Brown University of New Hampshire Lee Schlenker Kyle Mallory Lillian Maltz New York University Olivia Schutte University of Rhode Island Jonah Schwartz Christian Mareskes Oberlin College Theodore Schwarz Jordan McAfee-Hahn Jeffrey McDermott The George Mason University Jonah Seifer Brandeis University Brit Sharon Tiffany Mei

june 7, 2012 Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University of Michigan Northeastern University University of Rochester Framingham State University Israel Defense Forces Loyola University New Orleans Brandeis University New York University University of Vermont Unknown University of Hartford Regis College Le Moyne College Regis College University of Illinois Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Northeastern University Boston University New York University Johns Hopkins University University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Boston College Gap Year (University of Vermont) Framingham State University University of Vermont University of Vermont University of Vermont Trinity College Simmons College Trinity College Gap Year Unknown University of Massachusetts Amherst MassBay Community College University of New Hampshire Gap Year (Sarah Lawrence College) Unknown Suffolk University Bennington College University of Massachusetts Amherst Oberlin College University of Massachusetts Boston Oberlin College Champlain College Skidmore College Tulane University University of Massachusetts Lowell University of Rochester Boston College McGill University Unknown Adelphi University Unknown Framingham State University Suffolk University Boston University Boston University Hofstra University Roxbury Community College University of Oregon Vassar College George Washington University Columbia University Purdue University Smith College Washington University in St. Louis Tufts University New York University Dickinson College Marshall University George Washington University McGill University Regis College University of Vermont Chesire Academy McGill University Northeastern University Becker College Regis College Middlebury College Florida State University Indiana University Gap Year Colorado College Yale University

june 7, 2012 Henry Shea Julia Sherman Marisa Shocket Benjamin Shparber David Shrayber Maya Shulsinger Robin Shuster Evan Siegal Maxwell Simon Cynthia Situ Ilana Sivachenko Christopher Smith Julia Spector William Spier Katherine St. George Jillian Stein Lena Sternburg Margaret Su William Su Sarah Sugarman Olivia Sullivan John Summers Kathy Sun Peter Szabo Janelle Tartaro Charles Temkin Mary Testa Olivia Thomas Chloe Thompson Maya Thompson Mei Lan Thompson Matthew Tippett Aaron Trachtman D’zia Trowers-Bell Mariya Uglova Amanda Utstein Julia Vanaman Adam Vasserman Lyonel Walker Lindsey Walters Gail Waltz Philip Wang Ruoting Wang

senior section The Evergreen State College University of Chicago Boston University University of Illinois Wentworth Institute of Technology Wheaton College — Massachusetts Hampshire College Northeastern University Rhode Island School of Design Unknown Tel Aviv University MassBay Community College Mount Holyoke College Champlain College Wheaton College — Massachusetts University of Michigan Indiana University Boston University Roger Williams University James Madison University Framingham State University University of Connecticut Swarthmore College Boston University University of Massachusetts Amherst George Washington University Babson College Morgan State University Carnegie Mellon University University of Connecticut Wheaton College — Massachusetts University of Massachusetts Amherst Clark University Unknown Framingham State University University of Maryland SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry University of Massachusetts Boston MassBay Community College Carleton College Carleton College Texas A&M University University of Massachusetts Amherst

Stephanie Wang Tiffany Wang Andrew Webber Serina Weekes Aaron Weinstein Rebecca Weinstein Hannah Weller Hadara White Sabrina Williams Aaron Wolff Christopher Wong Mitchel Wong Julianne Woo David Wortham Emily Wu Anna Wyner Yue Xiao Thibaut Xiong Cameron Yeaw Jason Yoffe Anastasia Yukhananov Jack Zelinka Jessica Zelle Elaine Zhang Aaron Zheng


Middlebury College Northwestern University University of Texas Austin Wentworth Institute of Technology Cornell University University of Maryland The University of Chicago Champlain College Unknown Oberlin College Boston University Ithaca College University of Massachusetts Amherst Elon University Brown University Gap Year (University of Vermont) Unknown University of Illinois The University of Arizona Georgetown University Goucher College University of Massachusetts Lowell University of Vermont Rutgers University University of Connecticut

CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK andCONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK CONGRATULATIONS to our interns to our interns andand GOOD LUCK Aafreen Rajani Aafreen Rajani GOOD LUCK andto Gregory Ly! and Gregory Ly! our interns

to our interns Aafreen Rajani and Gregory Ly! the West Suburban YMCA and Gregory Ly! From your friends at

FromAafreen your friendsRajani at From your friends at the West Suburban YMCA WEST SUBURBAN YMCA 276 Church Street, Newton, MA 02458 WEST SUBURBAN YMCA

276 Church Street, Newton, MA 02458

the West Suburban YMCA

From your friends at WEST SUBURBAN YMCA West Suburban YMCA 276 Church the Street, Newton, MA 02458

WEST SUBURBAN YMCA 276 Church Street, Newton, MA 02458

For all of your amazing achievements and extrodinary work ethic, what we are most proud of is your kind heart and your determination to make a difference. You are a shooting star! Love, Mom, Ema and Laura


june 7, 2012

senior section

Amanda, Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. May all your dreams come true.

We love you! Mom, Dad and Jordan

Michael, Congratulations! We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished over the years. The best is yet to come! Love, Mom, Dad, Matthew and Andrew

Congratulations, Daniel! We’re so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Harrison and Luna

june 7, 2012

Congratulations, Class of 2012!

senior section

Best wishes from the staff of...

Newton South High School Brown Middle School Oak Hill Middle School Angier Elementary School Bowen Elementary School Countryside Elementary School Mason Rice Elementary School Memorial Spaulding Elementary School Williams Elementary School Zervas Elementary School Newton Teachers Association

46 Austin Street Newtonville, MA 02460 (617) 244-9562

Strive for Excellence!



june 7, 2012

senior section

Congratulations, Class of 2012! The SouthFest Food committee would like to thank the following merchants for their donations in support of SouthFest. We would especially like to thank those individuals who provided baked goods. Please support these local area businesses.

june 7, 2012

senior section


Congratulations, Ramya, on your Graduation. You have made us very proud, and we wish you the very best. Keep on shining..... We love you so much Mom, Dad, Varun, Saranya, Thatha, Patti, Kappu patti. “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall at last unveil.” —John Ruskin

Congratulations, Adam Barnett We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Matt and Rocky

Coming soon to The Boston Conservatory —

Congratulations, Sam!

Allegra Borak!

(We are so proud, kid.) Love, Mom, Dad & Lily

We are proud of you and thankful for you. Much love, Mom, Dad and Lily


june 7, 2012

senior section

Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! OH! THE PLACES YOU’LL GO

Best of luck, Robin. In Colorado and life.

Love, Mom, Dad and Julia

Congratulations, Sarah! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Josh and Sancho

Lee, An “awkward” message to you. Our relationship may be “complicated” but our love and respect for you is not. We wish you and your friends the best as you move on to pursue your passions. We will miss you (awk). Love, Mom, Dad and David

Lots of love, Mommy, Daddy and Eliza

june 7, 2012

senior section


To our dear cubs...







...we are so proud of your mighty Roar!

Congratulations to the staff of Volume 28, especially the graduating seniors, for a great year! Love, the Bolter, Breuer/Hahn, Ebstein, Gifford/Sokoloff, Haskin/Thomas and Meisel families

photos by Olivia Kennis

2012 Senior Section  

The senior section of the 2012 graduation issue of The Lion's Roar, the student newspaper of Newton South High School.

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