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Cloud Computing Growth

Cloud solutions are part of

And they’re going to become

nearly every organization: 92%

even more popular: By 2025,

of organizations have at least

85% of enterprises will adopt

some workloads in the cloud.

a cloud first stance.

- IDG 2020 Cloud Computing Study

- Gartner

Cloud is about more than just software:

“By 2026, public cloud spending

Cloud Application Infrastructure Services

will exceed 45% of all enterprise

(PaaS) and Cloud System Infrastructure

IT spending, up from less than

Services (IaaS) are both anticipated to

17% in 2021.”

grow more quickly from 2019 to 2022

- Gartner

than SaaS adoption. - Varonis


Cloud Delivery Models


Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Privately owned servers

Cloud based infrastructure

Cloud based infrastructure

and networking equipment

that is completely private to

that is available to anyone.

housed in a third party data

a single organization.

While the infrastructure is

center and maintained by

shared, each environment

a service provider.

is secure.

Hybrid Cloud


Mixing and matching

Subset of public cloud.

solutions to fit the needs

Large scale, feature rich

of particular workloads.

public cloud providers

You can mix private and

like Amazon AWS,

public cloud or on premises

Microsoft Azure and

and cloud solutions.

Google Cloud Platform.


Top Benefits of Cloud Computing Cost Savings Affordable, scalable OpEx versus expensive CapEx. Shifting to cloud solutions allows organizations to make smarter decisions and adjust quickly with need for improved cost optimization.

Easy Maintenance & Security No need to implement and maintain hardware, infrastructure and updates in house including on every individual local device.

Flexibility Businesses can choose where each app, data and workload lives, allowing for better performance optimization, security, maintenance and calability.

Reach Putting data closer to end users via cloud solutions decreases latency. It also better supports remote workers by improving application & data access. and enabling easier collaboration regardless of location.


Common Cloud Compute Solutions

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Content Distribution Networks

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Big Data Analysis

Quick Cloud Assessment Let’s evaluate where you’re at and if cloud solutions might be a good fit. • Where do your applications currently sit? • How do users access these applications? • If you move some workloads to the cloud, what will that do for your employees and customers? • How has the pandemic changed your needs? More remote workers? Increased need for online collaboration tools? Harder to maintain on premises solutions? • Do you have a corporate strategy around moving to cloud?


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