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Issue 003 [Spring 2012] page 1 | Issue 003

The Like Magazine Team Jesse Alford: Photographer/Editor Maryanne Alford: Writer/Editor Victoria Melshaw: Layout/Editor

Staff Photographer: Tetty Simeonova Album Reviews: Philly the Drunk Fashion Writer: Katrina AlĂ­s Vaca

On The Cover [photographer] Amanda Diaz [model] Julia [mua] Felicia Gow [designer] Temna Fialka

Hello Like Readers, and Welcome to Issue 003! We are pleased to present you with another issue of fashion, art, photography, music, and as always, those few extra surprises we have hidden up our sleeve. As we pondered these past few months over what to bring you, the reader, we asked ourselves what Spring represents. Spring resembles new life, new beginnings, and change. So with that in mind, we strived to bring you the newest and most exciting material for this issue. From the music we selected, to the fashion you are about to see, we assembled it all with you in mind. That being said, open your windows, get a delicious iced tea, and enjoy Issue 003! Cheers, Like Magazine

Contents [ 6-11 ] Lurk | DCL Street Wear [ 12-15 ] Art | CallowLilly [ 16-29 ] Pool Party [ 30-71 ] Spring Fashion 2012 [ 72-77 ] We Like Short Shorts [ 78-81 ] Comedy [ 82-85 ] Album Reviews [ 86-89 ] Featured Bands

[artist] DCL Street Wear [models] Anna Lark, Chloe D, Allyson Paige [photographer] Jesse Alford

Artist, DCL Street Wear. My love for art has always been stronger than me. I am unable to separate art from art. Painting is art, photography is art. My passion tells me it’s all the same. I started painting over 10 years ago. It became like a form of meditation for me. I could paint for 16 hours straight without even realizing it. In a trance. When I discovered photography a few months later I found my passion for it was the same. I would spend as much time humanly possible in the dark room or taking photographs. I am completely obsessed with both. The progression of eventually ending up in fashion was kind of inevitable for me. My goal is to master my technique, being able to create on anything, whether it is on a canvas, on photographic paper, in digital format, in video, or on clothes. I am addicted to creating. I am addicted to entering that time warp where my mind shuts up and sits still. It’s unlike anything in the world. - Daniela Cunha Lay page 7 | Issue 003 page 8 | Issue 003 page 10 | Issue 003 page 11 | Issue 003

[ art ] CallowLilly page 13 | Issue 003 page 14 | Issue 003 page 15 | Issue 003

Pool Party Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning that epic summer bash you’ve always wanted to have! So before you send out that mass text, or worse, the facebook invite, we’ve got a few tips to help make this summer’s party one for the record books.

[models] baby pink/cheetah - Kayla Glogovac white/hearts/black - Nikki Nicole blue/red - Ambur Trimble yellow/multi colored - Jacquie Glover yellow/green - Samantha Renee olive - Nicole Nygaard [male props] navy - Tj Throne blue graffiti - DeVonn Giddens [photographers] Jesse Alford Nicole Nygaard [designer] East Side Bikinis page 16 | Issue 003 page 17 | Issue 003

Feeling Nostalgic? Pull out that box labeled “Summer 99� and relive all that childhood magic! From water balloons to our personal favorite the Slip and Slide. Your guests will be overjoyed as they reminisce about the good old days. page 18 | Issue 003

Feeling Playful? What is a party without a few games? At Like Magazine we’re all about adding that personal touch, so, our suggestion? Create a list of Beer Pong rules specifically for your party, it will create a one-of-a-kind experience that will be hard to forget [even for the losers]. [Check out Like Magazine’s own Beer Pong rules on pages 28-29] Bring the games full circle with classics like Chicken and a good old fashioned water fight, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. page 19 | Issue 003

Getting Thirsty? Drinks are a great way to add a little something extra to the party. We consider Jello Shots a must for any successful summer bash. They are quick and convenient for your guests, not to mention visually appealing...and tasty!

Mimosa De Paradise Ingredients: 1 cup orange mango juice 1 cup champagne 2 packets plain gelatin 1 1/2 tbsp sugar 2 ice cube trays Combine juice and sugar in a medium size saucepan and sprinkle the gelatin over it. Let it set for two minutes. Heat your stove to the lowest setting, stirring your mixture constantly for around five minutes. Next, remove your concoction from the heat and add your champagne, it will be a bit foamy at first. Ladle the liquid goodness into the trays and place them in to fridge. Once they have set, run a toothpick around the edges of each jello square to release them. Garnish with a variety of berries and enjoy!

Our suggestions: Yes, traditional mimosas are made with orange juice, but here at Like Magazine we’re all about mixing it up! Pineapple, pomegranate, or our favorite orange mango juice will all achieve the same delicious result. Ice cube trays is what we used as our jello mold but that doesn’t mean you have to! Pouring the jello into a glass pan then cutting shapes out with cookie cutters is another great way to achieve a classy look. It’s all about presentation, don’t forget to garnish! page 20 | Issue 003

Hungry Yet? Don’t forget the food! Whether you keep it simple with snacks, or go all out with a full fledged BBQ, keep your guests fed. Nothing will give your party a bigger thumb’s down like letting it turn into the hunger games. page 21 | Issue 003

Like What You See? We thought you might say that! Break away from the crowd and get your very own custom swimsuit designed by East Side Bikinis like the lovely ladies and gents at our party did! Guaranteed to keep you cool...and looking hot! page 22 | Issue 003 page 23 | Issue 003

Like What You Hear? [ ]

Ok silly question, but trust me you’d like it! Send your party OVER THE TOP with a DJ spinning live music. Nothing say’s, nay, screams, “I’m the best party thrower ever” like live music! We were pleased to have DJ LiQUiD keeping our party jumping! page 24 | Issue 003 page 25 | Issue 003

How to - Play Beer Pong Beer pong is a beautiful sport that has grown rapidly over the past years full of beers and good times. At this rate, we may one day see beer pong in the Olympics. Maybe an addition to the Triathlon. You will need: A lot of cheap beer 2-4 humans 20 party cups 2 ping pong balls A table or flat surface page 26 | Issue 003

Beer pong can be played with 2-4 players. We will explain as if 4 people are playing, but the same rules can be applied to 1 on 1 games. -Start off by setting up 10 cups in a pyramid like form on each side of a table or flat surface. Instead of filling each cup up with beer, use water. Less messy, and most importantly... those who have herpes get to keep their herpes, and those who don’t, stay herpes free. - Fill each cup with about an inch of water. Get a beer at hands reach, and let’s get started. -To determine which team goes first, look at your opponent in the eyes, and on the count of 3... shoot! Repeat till one side makes a cup in, this will establish which team shoots first and the cup made remains. -The game is starting, team 1 is up... each player shoots a ball. Each cup you make in is pulled after both players have shot. Partake in a desired amount of your beer. -Team 2, same shit. And so on and so forth. -To help you determine how much to drink, we go through anywhere from 1-2 beers each per game). Now that you know the basics, let’s go over some rules now of how to take out more than just 1 cup and other various rules. page 27 | Issue 003

Like, Our House Rules: - Bounce, baby: Always a good time. If you bounce the ball on the table and it goes in a cup it counts as 2 cups! But, when you bounce the ball the opposing team can swat the ball out of the way. Wait till your opposing team isn’t paying attention, or distract them... then sneak in the bounce! - Balls back: If both you and your team mate make a cup within the same turn you get the balls back. This continues until one of you miss. - Grenade: A grenade is when both you and your team mate make the same cup within the same turn. The outcome is deadly. Every cup touching the grenaded cup is now removed. Yes, and you get your balls back while your opponents are shrinking. - Heating up/Fire: After a player makes a cup 2 turns in a row, they are now ‘heating up’. If the player makes a cup their 3rd turn they are now ‘on fire’ and continue shooting until they miss. - Isolation: If a cup is standing alone with no other cups touching you can call ‘iso’ on called cup. If you make this, it counts as 2 cups. If you make a different cup in, it doesn’t count as shit. Each player can only use ‘iso’ once per game. - Death Cup: If a team forgets to pull a cup that you have previously made in, shoot for this cup! Game ends immediately. No matter what. - Knocking a cup over: If you knock a cup over, you have to pull this cup. You have to shotgun a beer as well. If you’re knocking shit over, you’re probably starting to get tipsy. If you shotgun a beer it will help your page 28 | Issue 003

- Fingering and Blowing: If a ball starts spinning around a cup before sinking you can either try to finger or blow it out. If you get it, you saved the cup! But only if the ball doesn’t get wet... ironic, I know. Finger or blow depending on your sexual preference. - Elbows: Keep your elbows behind the table when shooting. Don’t be a pansy. - Re-rack: You have the option to reset the cups in anyway you’d like, but only once a game. Use it wisely. - Pyramid: This is a special treat worth logging in your diary if it happens. If you shoot the ball and it lands on top of the cups with staying... game over. You may think it’s impossible, but it happens. Not if you’re trying, but every so often the beer pong gods feel like getting involved. - Real butthole (or, Rebuddle depending on your state): If you’re down to the last cup being made in, the opposing team has a chance to redeem themselves and keep the game going. If it’s made, no cups are pulled... but cancel each other out. If a team makes 2 balls in, you better do the same if you don’t want to lose. - Trolling/Streaking: If one player doesn’t make any shots within the whole game they are ‘trolling’ and must sit under the table the whole next game. They also must sign their name under the table during this time, especially if you are using your mothers nice table while she is in Hawaii. Now, if a team doesn’t make any shots within a game... get naked. You now have to run the block in your birthday suit. We at Like magazine know how to handle our liquor, don’t drink more than you can handle and please donít drink and drive. If you are under 21, drink a Capri-Sun instead. It’s almost as fun. page 29 | Issue 003

Spring Fashion 2 page 30 | Issue 003

2012 page 31 | Issue 003

[photographer] Amanda Diaz [models] Angelyn S & Schaylin D @NUMA Models [hair] Megan Udey [mua] Nicole Richey

z a i da D

n a m A

Age: Cant remember Location: Currently located in Western Canada (Alberta) Camera of choice? Canon 5DMKII How long have you been a photographer? Just under 4 years What got you into it? I was studying Visual Communication (Graphic Design) and needed to choose an additional subject to complete my certification, I chose Photography. I did not intend to become a photographer, but fell in love with it from the start. What qualities make up a good fashion photographer? I think you should have good people skills ñ really for any photographer that photographs people, not just fashion and for working with your creative team. Its also important to have a good sense for fashion, paying attention to what is currently in and knowing your color families, being able to direct your model and team the way you need and for what you are trying to achieve in the end. Detail is very important. Photographers should never just shrug their shoulders and let people do whatever. I can promise it will never turn out with the vision they might of had in mind. Donít be afraid to speak up and be straight forward,Each photographer is so different than the next, but I would say those are the basics. What about a model? Models are so important. When I am seeking out a model, I look for them to be able to express some emotion in their images and to not have the same facial expression in every single shot. It gets very frustrating when you are wanting to achieve a specific look and the model is too shy to push themselves to convey that. Also, with a model, its not always about a pretty face. Its about a number of attributes such as, personality, being able to ìactî in front of the camera and being able to convey a message no matter how stupid or weird they may think it seems. lol page 32 | Issue 003

A [hai utumn r/mu A @ a] M MO anu DE M ela Ella odels Bon ann i

Do you prefer shooting in studio or outdoors? Outdoors! I started out this way and I favour ambient light any day...I am now learning new lighting techniques but will always love outdoor photography! Favorite shoot to date? Hmmm I have a few, but I think one that really helped me to see with a ìrefreshedî perspective was my Vampire shoot with Ashlee K. It was very gothic and dark and lonely, but beautiful at the same time. My work is usually very colorful and ethereal so it was something totally different. Dream shoot (location, model, concept, etc.) Oh wow, I have a few in mind, no specific actual concept, but a model I would just love to work with would be Coco Rocha....she is just an amazing model in my eyes. I would love to travel to Japan, Paris, London, and some USA cities as well to do some fashion work there. I have so many concepts and shoot ideas I would like to do, I wouldnít even know where to start! Dream job? That a huge name like Chanel or Gucci discovers and hires me for a campaign one day!!! lol Inspiration? I look through magazines and websites constantly almost daily for inspiration. I find it everywhere. Not just from pictures, but maybe passing a location or from an object. I saw a girl the other day downtown wearing the craziest black rubber boots with gold buttons and It planted a seed in my head for an idea....I also honestly have no specific favourite photographer. There are just so many talented amazing photographers out there that I have trouble keeping up looking at their work! Favorite part of photography? That I get to be creative, plan and execute my ideas. I love all of it, the planning, shooting and editing. Least favorite?

The paperwork, writing up documents, dealing with invoices,anything office related lol....UGH! Makes my head hurt. page 33 | Issue 003

[model on left] Shyloe F [model on right] Brooklyn B page 34 | Issue 003

[model] Nina W [mua/hair] Makeba Lindsay page 35 | Issue 003

Stephanie D A @ MODE Models [designer] Justin Watson [mua] Lydia Yapp page 36 | Issue 003

[model] Ashley Callingbull [mua] Haejin Chang page 37 | Issue 003

Dara @ iModel Management [mua/hair] Nicole Zieglar [designer] Handcuffs Required page 38 | Issue 003

Avery L @ NUMA Models page 39 | Issue 003

Off Beat [model] Sara Cecil [model] Victoria Dagger [model] Krista Shawn [hair] Erik Foldhazi [mua] Chrysalis Rose [nails] Dotti Morin [designer] Pop Antique [assistant] Victoria Foglia [photographer] Jesse Alford page 42 | Issue 003 page 43 | Issue 003 page 44 | Issue 003 page 45 | Issue 003 page 46 | Issue 003 page 48 | Issue 003

[photos/mua] Tetty Simeonova

[stylist] Stefanie Silva

[model] Jenny Jessen @Munich Models page 49 | Issue 003 page 50 | Issue 003 page 51 | Issue 003

The Photography of Brit Woollard page 52 | Issue 003

Daria Zolotukhina, Chicago, IL. [mua] Teresa Hagen [hair & stylist] Brit Woollard [wardrobe] Daria Zolotukhina page 53 | Issue 003

Daria Zolotukhina, Chicago, IL. [mua] Teresa Hagen [hair & stylist] Brit Woollard [wardrobe] Daria Zolotukhina page 54 | Issue 003

Ember Taylor, Chicago, IL. [mua] Teresa Hagen [hair] Kristina Aguirre [wardrobe] Supplied by Model [stylist] Brit Woollard page 55 | Issue 003 page 56 | Issue 003

Shaina Renee’ (Elite) Chicago, IL. [mua] Teresa Hagen [hair] Kaori Nik [wardrobe] Jill Robertson / ImmerD [styling] Brit Woollard page 57 | Issue 003

Heather Elizabeth [photographer] [assistant] Alandra Hileman [model] Sarah Rose Butler page 58 | Issue 003 page 59 | Issue 003 page 60 | Issue 003 page 61 | Issue 003

[photographer] Elisabeth Kellerer (LizKe)

[model] Jasmin Urban page 62 | Issue 003

[mua] Julia Jea Abiti page 63 | Issue 003 page 64 | Issue 003 page 65 | Issue 003



[photos/mua] Tetty Simeonova [model] Rebecca Katharina [stylist] Helgahot (Martin WIrsching) page 67 | Issue 003 page 68 | Issue 003 page 70 | Issue 003 page 71 | Issue 003

We Like Short Shorts [photographer] Heather Toshiko [model] Misha Evans @Otto Models & @Willow Model Management [mua/hair] Heather Toshiko [writer] Katrina AlĂ­s Vaca page 73 | Issue 003 page 74 | Issue 003

You know that warm fussy feeling you’ve noticed when stepping outside into the warm, California sunshine? Well you might think it’s the weather, but really, deep down in your subconscious, it’s spring fashion that’s crawling around your nervous system, making your step a little lighter! So, if you’re anything like me and the trendy people at Like Magazine, you’re already mentally thumbing through all the outfits of skimpy little nothings you’ve saved in your brain all winter, waiting to shed those layers for something form fitting and all around sexier for springtime. Well, let’s kick off this spring with the easiest, most stylish staple for any California inspired spring wardrobe: the high waist cut-off short. This nostalgic piece of American history started making it’s way back into modern closets at the beginning of the decade because of the slimming, retro vibe they give to any outfit. During the summer you can tuck any T-shirt, tank top, or button down into a pair of cut-offs and feel confident knowing you’ve put together a look that is effortlessly cool. They even translate incredibly well into winter wardrobes when infused with lots of top layers and a pair of leggings or tights underneath. They have become an item that is simply inexcusable to be without. Still not convinced? Well, other than the fact that they are so universally flattering, most classic pairs of high-waist cut-off shorts can be found at your local thrift store. The secret is that the best kind start out as full length pants. Being vastly customizable, once you’re finished with them, they’ll be one of a kind. Once you’ve found a pair of old high waist denim make sure they fit on your waist, then take them home and prepare to customize. Hemline: Cut the hem about an inch away from the intersection of the inseams, cut longer if you want to roll them up twice for a cleaner, finished look with no exposed fraying. If you want the frayed “cut-off” look you’ll have to put them on first and make preliminary marks with a pen or pencil at the length you like best (I suggest playing it safe and cutting small amounts, you can always take a little more off if needed). When cutting them this way it is very important to leave the back longer than the front by about an inch so that your rear doesn’t make an unwanted appearance! When you think the length is perfect, throw them in the wash and worry not. Once they are washed and dried you will have a gorgeous frayed hemline, very California casual. Wash options: This is the process that can really make the shorts your own. I’ve recently discovered the wonders of bleaching my own clothing and goodness knows Clorox has reaped the financial benefits! You’ll need a five-gallon bucket, a gallon of bleach, and some rubber gloves. This is a great way to change the color of your jeans if the originally purchased color is a little reminiscent of something your mom wore in the 1990’s. Put your shorts in the bucket with the gallon of bleach and just enough water to completely submerge them in the liquid. With your rubber gloves on, swirl them around to make sure they are saturated thoroughly. This process isn’t for those who are challenged by patience, because it will take a few hours, even a day if you want them bleached completely white. Wring them out once you like the color they have processed to and throw them in the wash! Done! Reverse tie-dye: Another option, one I love entirely, is to reverse tie-dye your shorts. This includes a similar process, but instead of adding water and letting them submerge in the bleach, you simply tie rubber bands all over the shorts and dip them in the pure bleach avoiding the area that is banded. Monitor them as they sit in the bleach and once the color is at the level you like, throw them in the wash. Reading and enjoying this editorial can bring you pleasure enough, but you cannot experience the full benefits of it until you go out and do it! It’s inexpensive, fashionably rewarding, and you cannot know the pride of wearing something you had a hand in making until you’ve actually done it. Now go out there and embrace that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ll be giving it to the next person you pass in those sexy high-waist cut-offs! page 76 | Issue 003


Getting to know who’s standing up...

If you’re a Comedian, Fashion Designer, Artist, Musician or think you have what it takes to be featured in an upcoming Issue of Like.... Then Submit! We’d like to see what you’re all about. :]

[Name] Aliceon Beltrani Day Job: Kmart in electronics. I sell tvs. I know you’re jealous.

What got you into stand-up? I’ve always been a jokester. I use to bartend and customers always said I was funny so I gave it a just kinda happened. How long have you been a comedian? Just about a year What inspires your comedy? real life, turn the pain into being funny, personal experiences, past relationships, the world Describe your humor in 1 word: real. final answer What are the advantages of being a woman in comedy? being a woman. being gay I can pull both men and women with things I say, being able to relate and appeal to both genders. saying vulgar things is so much more shocking coming from a woman. What are the disadvantages? not being taken seriously. i want to break the barriers, no matter what is between your legs. What influences your humor? people, personal torment, personal experiences, how insane reality TV is... life in general Worst experience on stage? ha! I performed in Hollywood for the first time, at the Russel Brand comedy store. Super nervous, high strung, took a couple shots, nerves got the best of me, completely bombed, tripped and fell on stage. But, I ended up performing there again... and didn’t trip. Who would play you in a movie? lisa lampanelly. Is comedy your hobby or profession? it’s definitely going to be a profession. nothing can stop me. my day job is my hobby. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Getting bigger as a comedian. I want to open for Sarah Silverman or Lisa lampanelly How about 20 years? I want to be the comedian that everyone wants to open for. In movies. I want to be known in the world as a comedian. page 79 | Issue 003

[Name] Jason Violation [Day Job] Cog in a worthless  machine that provides neither economic nor artistic satisfaction

What got you into stand-up?   Comedy has always been a passion of mine. I remember watching stand up comedy when I was a child and not even knowing what the hell they were talking about. I love the idea of taking something that is held true with everyday life and flipping it on its side, taking people into new and interesting directions with their mindsets and feelings about whatever I’m blabbering on about. And when I can’t do that or have a crowd that can’t handle that I can do Piss and Shit jokes and get cheap laughs. How long have you been a  comedian? Well in what context are we talking about here? As far as getting up in front of people and embarrassing myself and the people close to me, a couple of months. But I’ve always been a loser looking for funny so I’d say since birth. What influences your humor? I don’t know if you can limit it to a few things. I have pulled material from everywhere. I’ve got material that I’ve pulled from the hate comments I received posting one of my first times on stage for a show on youtube, to the news, and every day experiences I can have with my family. If you made me narrow it down however I would have to go with Drugs and Alcohol. Do you write individual jokes? Or do you write as a full routine? At this point in my career I’ve got jokes. I’ve got longer bits that to me have nothing funny in them, just bits of truth. It’s more like me just talking shit about a group or a person. As far as a routine goes I’d say no. I’m too stupid to write anything that is structured and set up to follow some algorithm of comedy I could never understand. At some point I’d love to be able to tell you that I have a routine that has a definite rhythm and time frame I can fill, but right now my only concern is whether or not I can make a bunch of douche bags laugh enough times to where they’d want to see me in an extended period of time. Worst experience on stage? Every single shithole dive bar I’ve played in. The problem with a dive bar is that nobody is there to be entertained. The entertainment is really in the bottle. Even if you knowingly go to a show at a bar, chances are you aren’t going to really be focused on anything but trying to fuck that big tittied blonde hooker that looked at you twice over the course of the night. That on top of the liquid courage that makes a douche bag think he’s entitled to spew insults at a guy who’s probably way better at it then they are. I make no fantasies that playing a bar atmosphere is really good in any way. But it sure as hell is great training in regards to not freezing up when a bunch of liquored up scumbags do nothing but stare at you after you throw your punchline at them. page 80 | Issue 003

COMEDY What fictitious character do you relate with the most? God. Now give me 10 percent of your money. Who would play you in a movie? Heath Ledger. Especially if at the end of the movie I died of a prescription drug overdose. I have a feeling that he’d knock that role right out of the park. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who get offended at jokes. I can understand not liking humor on some level, but sit there and be sitting there until something you do find funny comes out, or pick your sorry ass up and get out. Describe yourself in 1 word: Hopeless Do you consider comedy your hobby or profession? Profession. I should really stop working for free drinks then shouldn’t I? Favorite comedian: That’s like asking a morbidly obese man what his favorite flavor of ice cream is. If I had to pick it would be Doug Stanhope because the guy can find angles on things that most people could never even imagine let alone convey to an audience in a smart and hilarious manner, while never leaving behind the vulgarity and horror of real life. Stage fright? I get a little nervous sometimes. But it goes away after the first joke. If they laugh then I’m golden, and if they don’t then I don’t give a fuck. It works out both ways. How do you see yourself in 5 years? Quitting my day job and doing this full time. I don’t think I’ll be famous or anything like that, but I can definitely see myself being good enough to be a full time comedian. How about 20 years? Hopefully not dead. By then my kids should be moved out and I can safely masterbate in any room of the house. I can dream baby, I can dream. page 81 | Issue 003

ALBUM REVIEWS [By] Philly the Drunk

ZOMBIE! “The Outbreak”

Wowwy-wow-WOW! This sounds like something that would’ve come out on Lookout! Records, around ‘95 or so. Really melodic, peppy, yet aggresive rock music that makes you wanna snap your fingers while bobbing your head, pogo uncontrollably where ever you’re standing, or dare I say..... KILL??! *BWAH-HA-HAH!!* ZOMBIE! is one, yes, ONE man from Deleware, Eric Weiss, bringing you what he declares REAL HORROR ROCK! 14 tracks about murder and dismemberment. Oh, it’s a beautiful thing. “The Outbreak” is definitely influenced heavily by the Ramones and Misfits, but throughout the record I’m reminded of other bands that were influenced by the two groups. Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, dare I say?? *gasp*... Green Day. One moment, I’m reminded of early Jawbreaker. Another, I wanna boogie down as if it were Canadian garage-rockers the Smugglers. Even Weiss’ vocals can’t be pinned down to either just sounding like Joey or just sounding like Glenn. Yeah, his voice is a cross between the two, but then throw in some Shawn Stern from Youth Brigade. He really takes command with his voice and you just have to pay attention. Take all these elements, put ‘em in a box, and shake it up. Wrap that box in the paper that is the Misfits then tie it all together with the string that is the Ramones. You’ll get hooked! You’ll be singing along with lines like: “if these walls could talk, they’d fucking scream!” and “can you feel it? can you feel it? I can’t stop murdering!” “Gonna murder, gonna murder everyone and everything. Everyone and everything will die!” I really like singing “children shouldn’t play, they shouldn’t play with dead things!” They really shouldn’t, ya know. There’s also an unpolished, gritty quality to the sound of the record which gives it a nice old school feel to it. $6.66 digital download. It’s a win-win. Great music for cheap AND you don’t even need to pry yourself from your computer screen to get it. Go to Also, get a t-shirt while you’re at it. They look bad ass. page 82 | Issue 003

Stellar Corpses “Dead Stars Drive-In” Santa Carla When the Boss Man here at LIKE headquarters told me about Stellar Corpses, I checked out their music video for “Vampire Kiss” on their website and I was STOKED. At that time, the Corpses’ new album was due out Valentine’s Day. For a month or so, I checked in at various record shops around the Bay Area only to come away with a big ol’ goose egg each time. I saw them live in March and FINALLY I was complete. I got a copy of “Dead Stars Drive-In,” a t-shirt, and, oh yeah… a pretty bad-ass show! I like punk and rockabilly. Not really big on the whole horror thing, but when someone does it right I can dig it, Jack. Stellar Corpses put it all together nicely and bind it with a pretty, blood red bow. The band itself is awesome. Guitarist (Emilio) is a straight up protégé of Doyle from Misfits who pounds the hell out of his axe, complete with devil lock! Bassist (Dan), first off: plays an upright! That’s awesome. Second: he can double slap the FUCK out of the damn thing! Drummer (Kyle) smacks the shit out the skins. Singer/guitarist (Dusty) croons like a Mike Ness/Brian Setzer hybrid. He also plays a Gretsch which is pretty damn sweet. “Dead Stars Drive-In” starts out guns-a-blazin,’ with the hard rockin’ “Evil Dead,” which really gets the heart pumping. Throughout the album, there’s a nice flow of straight forward punk rock’n’roll rhythm matched with the giddy-up of the upright bass with strategically placed rockabilly lead guitar riffs and the occasional ringing out of a Gretsch guitar with the whammy bar. There’s a track that sounds like it could have been a Michale Graves-era Misfits outtake (“Twisted Fantasy”). OH… who is that making a guest vocal appearance on said song?? That’s right, sonny, it’s Michale Graves! Gather up all the kiddies, ‘cause we get all educational with “Death Ray Vision,” where the Stellar Corpses have come up with an effective way of counting to ten. Are you into voodoo? You know you are. You’ll dig “Pins and Needles.” Might even make it your ringtone. The closer (“War of the Worlds”) goes back and forth from warm acoustic country to rock’n’roll and leaves the listener wanting MORE when it ends. Love songs about death. Death songs about love. Either way, live humans and zombies can agree on three things: 1) “Dead Stars Drive-In” is a must have album. 2) See the Dead Corpses live at ANY cost! 3) Rock their shirts! page 83 | Issue 003

Murder The Stout ep Self-released

It was rainin’ buckets. I drove from Newark to San Francisco, with hopes that the engine of my Hyundai wouldn’t fall out the bottom. After taking a lap around the block, I nestled my sweet ride somewhere on 10th street. While dreaming about what possible Street Dogs merch I could take back to my hole of a room, I high-stepped around the block onto 11th, while keeping my cigarette dry, and was escorted into Slim’s. As I was bobbin’ my head and smackin’ my right thigh while I got my ID checked and hand stamped, I thought about the opening band ‘they’re a Celtic band…. they ain’t Flogging Molly….they’re better!’ Once I finally got my Jameson on the rocks, at the bar in the back of the room, I turned around and saw Johnny Rioux of the Street Dogs playing upright bass and Marcus Hollar (of said Dogs) playing acoustic guitar for this awesome Celtic-folk band! After a couple songs, the singer told the crowd that they were “gonna show (us) why (they’re) called Murder The Stout!!” I couldn’t help but stomp and clap for the remainder of the set. A Jager and Pabst later, I was purchasing a copy of the Murder The Stout ep from the front man, himself! His name is Hugh Morrison. He has done accordion duty on some Street Dogs tracks as of late, and has been touring with ‘em, and as a returned favor, almost the entire Street Dogs band recorded this ep with Hugh. Mike McColgan even sings on two songs, one entirely lead. I’ve looked up Murder The Stout online and they have a previous full length for sale. As far as this ep, it MAY be up for digital download?? I don’t know. I DO KNOW, if you’re reading this, you should go see the band live, buy whatever you can of theirs and DEMAND that they come to your town to turn ANY-DAY into St. Paddy’s Day! page 84 | Issue 003

Julia Nunes Settle Down Mordomo Ukulele, acoustic pop… YEAH!! I think I have found what I’ve been looking for. Julia Nunes is my boo!! If someone puts this CD on and doesn’t automatically feel bubbly from the get go, then they just need to give up. Apparently this girl has been around for a little while on a little website called YouTube, where she would do covers of very popular songs, acoustically. With a ukulele. I guess that’s nothing new, but gosh dang darn. If that voice of hers doesn’t just invite you inside, sit you down in a big comfy chair and slip your shoes off. Bundle you up in a comforter in front of a warm fireplace on a cold, windy evening and offer you a big steamy mug of sleepy… NAY… happy time tea. There’s an operatic quality to it., but never gets scary. I like it. She could sing what’s on the Denny’s grand slam menu, while strumming the tiny guitar, and one wouldn’t help but snicker, grin and think “Yes, I CAN!” ‘Get out of bed without putting your head down,’ she bellows in the opening track (“Stay Awake”). Maybe it’s one of those lines that’s open for interpretation, but I think it’s her way of saying we have to make the most out of every new day. Oh yes. She sings ‘Nothing’s that great/ You had bad taste,’ on “Nothing’s That Great,” a song about reliving the trends and fads of our youth. Sure, we think whatever we’re into in high school is gonna rule FOREVER! But, it’s not. Quit hangin’ on. Move on and become and do better, every day you get out of bed….. without putting your head down. There’s a fun, thirty second song about eating pizza too soon. There’s a song where Julia says ‘relinquish,’ reminds me of Bad Religion and…. YA KNOW, there’s a lot of people who are gonna give me flack, but… this album is pretty punk rock. There you go, I said it! Heard it here, first. Great melodies and instrumentation. Julia Nunes knows how to turn her personal experiences into uplifting life lessons.

Just buy this! page 85 | Issue 003

Corpse Circus... Where did this name come from?

We drew it from a hat (awkward silence.. que the crickets) -Killator

For those unable to hear through visuals, who can your sound be compared to? We sound like a bunch of yelling, snoring and growling. Is there a group that sounds like that? - Durt Nap If you could have any guest vocalist in a track who would it be and why? Justin Beaver. Is that her name? - Durt Nap Do you wear masks on stage? Duh... wait, what mask? - T-Howl How about in the shower? Yes. There’s something about washing your balls and ass in a mask that’s extremely satisfying - Durt Nap Do you love music or money more? The sound of making money is music to my ears, so therefore i love music - Killator Does corpse circus chill together outside of recording and performing? I guess. Whenever I wake up, they’s around. - Durt Nap Does this feel like a myspace survey? It feels like pudding. - Killator Do you guys workout? Only when im sexin a bitch down -Killator Who will open for you guys 3 years from now? Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston... a cast of all-star corpses. - Durt Nap Any last words to go with your last supper? Hit for updates and new music, and nudes of me. - Killator page 86 | Issue 003

Establish murderou heavy sa touching Corpse C zarre of their crea known fo

hed in August of 2006, Corpse Circus has been bringing their mix of us lyrics and their unique sense of humor over hard hitting drums and ample beats. Standing out in the murky waters of underground rap, by g on new topics and even making fun of each other during their verses. Circus has had famous features on their albums including: Esham, BiD12, Mars, Insane Poetry, and Scum.Most loved by fans, aside from ative music & professional artwork, is the free merch Corpse Circus is or giving away to their fans. For more information hit up their website: page 87 | Issue 003

Feeding Fingers In 2005 artistic “Jack of all trades” Justin Curfman surfed through a decade of his musical endeavors in Atlanta, Georgia. His nostalgia over these cassette tapes and sketchbooks was quickly replaced by the itch to produce something new, and completely from scratch. He began his search for fellow musicians and in 2006 found bassist Todd Caras and drummer Danny Hunt, shortly after Feeding Fingers was born. The trio released their debut full-length album Wound in Wall in 2007. The feedback was positive, being compared to the early works of Joy Division, The Cure, and Echo & the Bunnymen. They quickly gained a prominent Middle and Eastern European following. Since Wound in Wall released Feeding Fingers has continued to perform live in both the USA and Europe. In 2009 they released their second album Baby Teeth, and in 2010, Detach Me From My Head. After the release of their third album, Feeding Fingers ventured on their first European tour in March 2010. Curfman relocated to Germany following the tour. The band is currently working on their fourth album with new bassist Bradley Claborn, releasing maxi singles instead of the full album at once. The first single “Where the Threads are the Thinnest” was released January 24, 2012. Curfman elaborated on the release of these maxi singles; “I had a rather strict work schedule for the last three Feeding Fingers albums. For the coming fourth Feeding Fingers album I have decided to let it proceed steadily, but I am not rushing to meet a self-imposed deadline.” The trio plans to release a few more singles between now and winter 2013, at which time the expect the whole album to be finished. page 88 | Issue 003

[photo] Steven lapcevic

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