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Vol. 4 Issue 9

July 15-30, 2010

Nazarene Baptist Church walks into new season

TRANSITION — Sis. Pearly Aaron, widower of Nazarene’s former pastor, Dr. John D. Aaron, congratulates the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste Jr., on his becoming the new pastor of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church, 2611 Overton St., Alexandria. Baptiste was installed during a ceremony held Sunday, July 11. At right, an installation attendee wishes Baptiste well in his new role. Baptiste of Natchitoches, is the church’s fifth pastor. He follows Aaron,who died in late 2009.

The light – July 15-30, 2010

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Death brings clarity to life, family and friends

WITH HONOR — A United States marine presents a flag to Lora Ann Smith-Merriweather, the mother of Cpl. Larry D. Harris Jr., who was killed in Helmand province, Afghanistan on July 1. Also shown from left are Elder Bruce Merriweather and Kyle M. Harris, Larry’s baby brother. The funeral was held Wednesday, July 14 in Denver, Colo.

With Much Gratitude The Family of Robert L. Jones thanks you for your acts of kindness shown to us during our time of loss. Because of you love, concern and prayers, this time is much easier to bear.

J. Carolyn Jones Sherri L. Jackson, Publisher 1429 Third Street Alexandria, LA 71301

Life has a way with its funny crooks and turns to show you that the things we major in quickly become small in the scheme of this great big world. As people of faith, we are quick to say that, “life is like a vapor.” However, it doesn’t really hit home until it hits home. Of course, as a journalist and one who keeps up with the news of the day, I certainly am aware that the United States is in a war in Afghanistan. For many reasons, I remember when U.S. troops entered that country because my church family went into prayer as our pastor was called to duty. Thank God he did not have to report to Afghanistan. That was as close as the Publisher Sherri L. Jackson war would hit my home and anyone remotely close to me. That is until July 1 when I now know that tomorrow is not our family received the news that promised. our family member, Corporal Larry I now know that spending too much D. Harris had been killed in Helmand time on anything petty is a waste of province, Afghanistan. God’s precious time to me. When the news reached me late I now know that we must put aside Thursday, July 1, I was literally anything that divides. silenced. Everything that I thought I now know that only God can help us was extremely important and needed through tough situations. my immediate attention became I now know that time may not heal insignifcant. wounds, but time certainly does soothe I knew what I had heard, but I the wound. couldn’t make it make sense in my Thanks Larry for helping us to see head. Yet, it was true and it is true, clearly what God has been trying to that Larry, who had joined the Marines show us all of the time. in 2006 had been killed. At 24 years old, he was no longer on this side of heaven. As the days passed, life became clearer to me. Here’s is what I now intimately know in my heart.

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The light –July 15-30, 2010

Too many black mayoral candidates may give race to Roy Choosing to run for public office is a right that every citizen of the United States has. It’s a part of democracy. Regardless of whether or not one has the experience to hold a political office, he or she has the right to place his or her name on the ballot. Just as anyone has the right to run for an office, voters have the right to decide who they believe should best serve. Because I understand the law of this land, I have no problem with one seeking office. However, I do find fault when a person decides to run for office impulsively. Most candidates usually make their decision to run several months and even years before an election, which indicates that they have considered where the pitfalls and their strengths rest. When a candidate enters a race at the last minute, or at the “spur of the

moment,” it gets people to wondering if he or she really wants to seek the office to serve the community or self. And I really find fault when a person decides to enter a race when the decision to do so was not their

own. Some candidates, I believe, are pressured into it. They didn’t want to run, but somehow, someone convinced them to run by giving them money, promises of a job, or special favors. Most of you know what I’m talking about. I’m extremely concerned about this crowded field of black candidates seeking to unseat Mayor Jacques Roy in the City of Alexandria. The candidates are Von Jennings, Roosevelt Johnson, Jay Johnson, and the Rev. Joseph Franklin. I’m concerned that having four black candidates for one office may split the black vote and allow Jacques Roy to waltz back in office. Evidence from the 2006 mayoral race indicates having too many black candidates is not good. In that race, two whites ended up in the general

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election. You know the rest of the story. I’m afraid that there may be a repeat come October 2010. Jacques Roy may garner every white vote out there. Because of the possibility there could be black mayor in Alexandria, there will be a record number of voters on that date. I’m afraid we didn’t learn our lesson. Equally so, I am frightened that one or more of the black candidates may have received something under the table to enter the race. Of course, I have no evidence of this thought, but it is certainly not farfetched as blacks have always been paid to split the Mayor’s race Continued on Page 10

The light – July 15-30, 2010

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Carolyn House Stewart to lead AKAs as president St. Louis, Mo. — Carolyn House Stewart of Tampa, Florida was installed as the 28th International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The swearing-in ceremony was marked by a compelling mix of pageantry, pomp and ritual and was witnessed by an overflow crowd of members. It marked the climax of the Sorority’s weeklong conference that took place July 9-16 at St. Louis’ Convention Center. In ascending to the international presidency, Attorney Stewart becomes the first lawyer to head the organization. She also makes history as the first president to serve a full term in the Sorority’s second centennial. Alpha Kappa Alpha celebrated its first century in 2008. Stewart will serve a four-year term from 2010-2014. During that time, she will guide policy, develop programs and set the leadership tone for Alpha

Kappa Alpha’s 250,000 members in 975 chapters worldwide. Stewart will continue Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 102-year-old commitment to service. Driven by the theme, “Global Leadership Through Timeless

Service,” the Stewart administration will address issues related to social justice and human rights, health, global poverty, economic security, education, environmental stewardship and maintaining a viable sisterhood Stewart is passionately committed to young people and under the signature program “Emerging Young Leaders” Alpha Kappa Alpha will work to enrich the lives of 20,000 young girls in grades 6th, 7th and 8th. Components of the program include leadership development, civic engagement, educational enrichment and character building The new international president also plans to fortify Alpha Kappa Alpha’s commitment to cultivating leaders through a program titled, “Internal Leadership Training for External Service.” Acutely aware of the importance of

promoting health and wellness, the new administration will promote asthma awareness and treatment options through a partnership with several advocacy organizations. Stewart also plans to evaluate the AKAdemies in South Africa by dispatching a team on a fact-finding mission to the country. The outcome of the assessment will determine nextstep action for the schools, which were founded in the 1990s in a partnership between AKA and the International Foundation for Education and SelfHelp (IFESH). She says the program will appeal to all members and will draw from the sorority’s full spectrum of strengths to engage the full membership in service with the major emphasis being on addressing issues that impact women and girls.”

Classes Start Every Monday! The Admissions Department at Unitech Training Academy is excited to get to know you. Anyone interested in enrolling at Unitech Training Academy should schedule an appointment for an entrance evaluation. Acceptance into UTA may entail additional programmatic admission requirements. All UTA campuses have a Financial Aid Department to provide information to assist students with financing their education.


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Financial Aid For Those Who Qualify

Programs That We Offer: Computer Information Systems EKG/Phlebotomy Technician Physical Therapy Technician Pharmacy Technician Preparedness Administrative Medical Assistant

Alexandria Campus

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The light –July 15-30, 2010

TEAM EFFORT — Pineville’s first lady Rosa Fields sits next to her husband, Mayor Clarence Fields during the inauguration ceremony held Thursday, July 1. The ceremony was held at the Main Street Community Center.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION — Louisiana College President Joe Aguillard presents a plaque that reads, “In God We Trust,” to Mayor Clarence Fields during the July 1 inauguration ceremony. Fields faced no opposition in the spring election.

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SERIOUS BUSINESS — District 2 Councilman Kevin Dorn takes the oath of office as his wife, Tioni holds the family Bible.

Pineville’s officials take oath The inauguration ceremony for the Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields and the city council was held Thursday, July 1 Main Street Community Center in downtown Pineville. Fields and the city’s five council members all were re-elected. Councilman Kevin Dorn was the only councilman to face opposition. The ceremony featured several local ministers as well as an address from Louisiana College President Joe Aguillard. Council members Mary Galloway, Kevin Dorn, Carol J. VanMol, Tom Bouchie and Nathan Martin each took the oath of office. Galloway won a special election in 2008 to finish the term her brother, Joe Bishop, vacated when he was elected to the Rapides Parish Police Jury.

All Photos by Eric Reed For The Light

The light – July 15-30, 2010

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Baptiste to lead Nazarene By Sherri L. Jackson The Light The members of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church recently received their fifth pastor to lead the Overton Street congregation. In a July 11 ceremony, the Eighth District Missionary Baptist Association Inc., under the leadership of Dr.James S. Hardison Sr., installed the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste Jr. Baptiste of Natchitoches replaced Dr. John D. Aaron, who died in late 2009. The Rev. James L. Sampson, retired pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Bunkie preached the installation sermon. His sermon entitled, “Employed By God,” based on the scriptural text of I Timothy 5:17:18. “Nazarene, you have a young man. Your business is to take care of him. He is young. You can take insurance out on this young man that can benefit you and the church,” Sampson admonished the congregation. “Take care of him. It costs to dress, ride good and eat good,” he said. Meanwhile, Baptiste, in his letter to the church said, “It is an honor and I welcome your vote with reverence to become Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church’s fifth pastor. With this selection by God first, and your election, I am fully aware of the seriousness and dedication needed for us to move on in God’s will. “Not only am I depending on God’s guidance inthis new season, but I am also depending on your prauers to lead us into our future.”

All Photos by Sherri L. Jackson

Alexandria City Marshal James Byrd attends the installation ceremony for his new pastor. Byrd is a deacon at Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church.

Joann Price, a member of Timothy Baptist Church, stands during the installation service as she worships at Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church, Sunday, July 11. Price was among a couple of hundred people attending the event for the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste.

NEW BEGINNINGS — Deacon Henry Chew escorts the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste Jr. into Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church during the opening of the Baptiste’s installation ceremony held Sunday, July 11. Baptiste is the church’s fifth pastor and follows Dr. John D. Aaron, who died in late 2009.

The light –July 15-30, 2010

Linda King, a member of Nazrene Baptist Church, records the historic event, as Sis. Pearly Aaron stands in the background.

Shown is Ida Ruth Meno, a member of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church.

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BEFORE THE CEREMONY — The Rev. George Price Sr. chats with the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste Jr. befor the start of the installation ceremony that would make Baptiste Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church’s pastor. At right, Deacons Willie C. Stewart and Lee Dotson discuss the day’s program.

The Rev. James L. Sampson, retired pastor of Salem Baptist Church in Bunkie, preaches during the installation ceremony for the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste.

Dr. James S. Hardison, moderator of the Eighth District Missionary Baptist Association Inc. presides during the installation ceremony of the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste. He is also pastor of Greater Live Oak Missionary Baptist Church in Alexandria.

BLESSINGS — Members of the clergy attending the installation ceremony gather around the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste as they pray blessings over him as he begins his journey as the pastor of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church.

Photos by Sherri L. Jackson

The light – July 15-30, 2010

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LHFMBSC holds annual session in Alexandria

Rev. Shelton Charles Dixon, pastor of Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church of Baton Rouge, and third vice president of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist Convention.

Myron and Karen Lawson sit at the head table at the Convention’s Annual Banquet and Debutante & Beau Cotillion held Tuesday, July 20 at the Sai Convention Center. Myron Lawson, a Councilman-at-large, presided over the event. Lawson, an insurance agent, is a member of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, where the Rev. Ronald Humphrey is pastor.

Shown is a portion of the Louisiana Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention Choir at the opening musical held Monday, July 19 at True Vine Baptist Church, which was the sessions’ host church. Hardy Davis of New Orleans is the state music director.

Rasheema S. Clark, a member of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Lake Charles, and Antonio D. Roberts, a member of Pilgrim Baptist Church of Alexandria, were crown the queen and king of the Cotillion.

Shown are Frank Davis IV, a Sunday’s Best contestant, and Donterrius Evans of Alexandria. Davis of New Orleans sang during the Youth Convention’s musical held Tuesday, July 20, at Pilgrim Baptist Church. Evans sang with the United Educational Missionary Baptist Association Inc. Youth Choir.

The light –July 15-30, 2010

Bernadine Gibson, state Senior Mission director; Oralean Showers, recording secretary of the Minister’s Wives and Widowers Auxiliary; and Eartha Cross, president of the Minister’s Wives and Widowers Auxiliary, sing during the annual state musical held Monday, July 19, at True Vine Baptist Church.

Minister Byron Owens, a member of Comforter Baptist Church in Alexandria, takes a break while at the Convention’s Fountain Pines Baptist Camp in Colfax.

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Shown is Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Convention president. He is pastor of Greater St. Mary Baptist Church in Lake Charles.

The Rev. Roy Lott and his wife, Veretta, attend the Convention’s annual banquet held Tuesday, July 20, at the Sai Convention Center. Lott is pastor of Greater St. Lawernce Baptist Church.

Shown are Dr. Darwin Larzard, Convention recording secretary, and Dr. Mallery Callahan, 1st vice president.

Youth participate in a sack race at the Youth Convention’s “Faith Fest” held Wednesday, July 21, at Fountain Pines Baptist Camp located in the Bagdad community of Colfax. During the day’s events, Martin W. Johnson, city president of Regions Bank in Alexandria and Pineville, was a speaker.

Photos by Sherri L. Jackson Mary Hollingsworth and Nakia Noel Nelson

Shown are the Rev. Leroy Johnson, and his wife, Lula, attending the banquet.

The light – July 15-30, 2010

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Vacation Bible School 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. August 9-13 Fun Day 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14 Starlight Baptist Church 2628 Overton St. Alexandria, LA Photo submitted DISTINGUISHED WOMEN — Shown are members of the Alexandria Branch of the National Association of University Women, who hosted the 51st South Central Sectional Conference in June. About 150 women from seven states attend the conference. The highlights of the conference include an opening reception, an awards luncheon and an Emerald Gala. The national organization was founded in March 1910 in Washington, D.C. The Alexandria Branch received its charter in 1968. The organization is motivated and committed to “Community and Education: Our Connection for the Future.” Paulette Perry is the president of the Alexandria Branch.

Mayor’s race Continued from Page 3

black vote. Here’s what I have to say to Jennings, R. Johnson, Franklin, and J. Johnson: Some of you should withdraw from the mayor’s race in order for one of you to hopefully defeat Jacques Roy outright or for one of you to make a runoff by garnering a majority of the black vote coupled with some white votes. All of you should get together,

have a meeting of the minds about who among you is the best qualified to hold this office. I could only wish that you would take my suggestion, but I know that it will not happen as each of you feel you have the chance of winning the seat. Even so, I wish Von, Roosevelt, Joe, and Jay the best in their campaigning. Each of you, along with Jacques, has a good chance of winning the mayor’s race.

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Community cleanup scheduled The Alexandria Area Four Safe Streets Program will sponsor a community cleanup from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, July 31. The kickoff will begin at 8 a.m. at Volunteers of America, 3900 Lee St., in Alexandria. The cleanup will begin at the intersection of Lee and Dallas streets. The cleanup areas will include Lee Street Extension, Baker Addition, Evergreen Addition, Duhon Street area and all streets behind the Louisiana Technical College. The cleanup will end at the old Jimmie Holt Truck Stop. For more information or to participate, call Pamela Marshall at (318) 473-1132 or 730-1849.

The light –July 15-30, 2010

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St. Matthew Baptist Church 2010 Women’s Conference July 30 - August 1, 2010

“N�� �ui�� t� �re��” Matthew 7:24 - 27, Luke 6:47- 49

7 p.m. July 30 “A Night of Consecration”

(Women are required to wear white) Registration is not required to attend

Speaker: Pastor Jeannie Williams New Day Deliverance and Holiness Apostolic Church of Alexandria, LA

7 a.m. Saturday, July 31 (Included in Registration) Morning Glory with Rev. Hilda R. Porter of Hammond, Louisiana Minister Sally Coleman Victor St. Matthew Baptist Church “The Benefits of Building on a Solid Foundation”

Minister Shalanda Preston The Potter’s House Dallas, Texas “Jesus the Master Architect”

Minister Lavillian Jordan St. Matthew Baptist Church “The Consequences of Building on Sinking Sand”

Young Girls’ Conference (8 a.m. to 2 p.m) “Knowing My Own Strength” (Ages 12-18)

Registration is $5

5 p.m. July 31 (Included in Registration) “Shining With The Stars” 11 a.m. Sunday, August 1 Rev. Sherri L. Jackson St. Matthew Baptist Church Director of Women’s Ministry

Registration Form

Name: Address: City: State Zip Phone Number: Email Address: T-Shirt Size: S M L XL XXL Other Method of Payment: Check Cash Please make checks payable to St. Matthew Baptist Church and send form to:

St. Matthew Baptist Church Attn: Women’s Ministry P.O. Box 8754 Alexandria, LA 71306 Forms may be returned to Sis. Taura Denmon, Sis. Sparkle Watson or to the church

Registration is $30 Payment must accompany forms. For information, call Rev. Sherri L. Jackson at (318) 308-2334 or Sis. Angela Bracey at (318) 484-9012.

Scenes from The Essence Festival

The 2010 Essence Festival was held July 2-4 in New Orleans. The 15th-annual event brought people from throughout the world. Events included music concerts, motivational speakers, seminars and a marketplace. Notables attended the event were Dr. T.D. Jakes, Bishop Paul S. Morton and his wife, Pastor Deborah Morton, Juanita Bynum, Steve Harvey, Janet Jackson and more. For more of this event, go to

Photos Courtesy of Nakia Noel Nelson

The Light, July 15-30  
The Light, July 15-30  

This issue of The Light features the installation ceremony for the Rev. Herbert V. Baptiste as pastor.