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Buyer Case Study


THE BACK STORY A truly unique buyer contacted us looking for a special property. Two sisters wanted to buy a second home together, but the challenge was that they wanted two full master suites so that they could both live in the home equally without one or the other feeling like a guest. There are very few homes on the market that meet this criteria. Many homes in the Scottsdale luxury market may have a casita that fits the bill, but the sisters wanted both master suites in the main house. WHAT WE DID We toured a wide variety of homes and areas. They decided they liked the Desert Mountain community, and we visited dozens of homes, but


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none of them fit exactly what they were seeking. One sister indicated that she had seen a home on the market several years ago that was exactly what they wanted, but it was no longer for sale. They did, however, still have the address. We decided to see if we could help them purchase that home. We wrote a letter to the owner explaining our client’s interest and inquiring as to whether they might still be interested in selling. We did not hear anything for over a month, which we thought may indicate there was no interest in selling. It turned out the person listed on the tax records was an advisor to the owners. He had received the letter and forwarded it onto the owners, but they had been traveling for an extended period, so it wasn’t until they returned and sorted through their mail that they

read our letter. They called us and indicated that yes, they were still interested in selling the home, but had taken it off the market. The sisters were returning to the area to look again for the third time the following week, and the seller agreed to allow us show our client the home. THE RESULT The home offered everything they wanted, and we were able to reach agreement with the sellers, and put together a mutually beneficial deal on a short timetable. The sellers even sought our assistance in providing vendors who could help facilitate packing and moving their belongings to their out of state primary residence. The sisters have moved into their new home and are enjoying their Scottsdale lifestyle.

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North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report - 2020 - Data covering all 2019 Transactions  

North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report - 2020 - Data covering all 2019 Transactions