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Key Performance Indicators Masterclass Singapore 2016 edition:

6 - 7 June

60% Cash Back Via the Productivity and Innovation Credit Delegates from Singapore companies can now enjoy tax savings in the form of cash payouts and/or tax deductions when investing in employees’ training. Your attendance at this event is eligible for PIC credits, either as a 60% cash refund or 400% tax deduction. For terms and conditions please refer to page 6. Practice your skills and apply KPI best practices in a rigorous performance management framework

3 Key Business Benefits Improve the performance of your company by applying latest trend methodologies in the field of key performance indicators; Improve your decision making process by appropriately using performance management tools; Obtain better organizational results by practicing and developing your skills in working with KPIs. “Thanks for a very informative and enlightening session. It would certainly assist me in the long run, to further enhance our corporate performance measurement and management.” Hasniza Mohd Hassan, Senior Manager, Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia Info at: | AU: +61 3 9028 2223 | UAE: +971 4 311 6556 | MY: +60 3 2742 1357 | RO: +40 3 6942 6935

Course Overview

Course Overview The KPI Masterclass provides participants with an in-depth synthesis of key performance management trends and practices. It focuses on the essential tools and techniques that must be implemented for a successful performance management architecture.

Agenda Educational Resources

Participants profile Professionals interested in performance management resources, production, logistics, information technology and others, interested in Key Performance Indicators, will acquire the competencies needed to develop a KPI Performance Management Architecture for their department or organization. Top/middle/lower management professionals Executives or operational managers, regardless of their field performance in an integrated manner. The tools and resources offered as part of this training course enable managers to apply the concepts learned within their organizations, immediately

Develop an effective KPI Performance Management Architecture by accessing international best practices in the field; Adopt a rigorous approach by getting updated with the latest trends in working with KPIs; Improve your performance measurement efficiency by practicing a variety of techniques to ensure the best KPI selection process; Work with specific tools that will help you implement a KPI Management Framework, by receiving 10+ templates used in working with KPIs;

Course Fees

of expertise, will gain the ability and knowledge to manage



Professionals from different fields, such as finance, human


Access an innovative learning experience based on a 3 stage educational process.

after the course. Performance management experts

Learning objectives Apply best practice techniques for KPI selection;

Performance Management Officers or Performance Architects can learn how to better integrate the performance management

Identify solutions for overcoming the main challenges in setting targets;

system within their organizations and how to achieve consistency

Structure the data gathering process;

by cascading objectives and KPIs to departmental and individual

Perform an in-depth KPI results analysis.

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Professionals such as Data Analysts, Strategy Managers,

levels. | | KPI Masterclass


Course Overview

Agenda Day 2

Understanding KPIs Activity: Define KPIs and the Balanced Scorecard; Performance management tools; Metrics, KPIs, KRIs and predictive analytics; The role and value added by KPIs; KPI naming standards; KPI typology; Activity: Use value flow analysis as a KPI selection technique.

KPI documentation and target setting Activity: Practice target setting; Functions and design of the KPI documentation form; Organizational KPI libraries; Approaches to target setting; Activity: Analyze negative behaviors associated with linking bonuses to targets.

KPI analysis levels Activity: Interpret KPIs results analysis; Activity: Make decisions regarding KPIs renewal; Activity: Compare KPIs through benchmarking; Activity: Practice KPI modelling. Review and Learning assessment quiz Course review; Learning outcomes; Learning assessment quiz.

“The course content is quite comprehensive and provides step by step instructions on implementing KPIs either at the organizational or departmental level.” Dy Chetra, Financial Controller, Cellcard, Cambodia

“I would highly recommend this course as it covers all the important aspects of KPIs in which can be applied in real life.” Dk Siti Bazilah Pg Hj Zahari, Manager Trainee, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam, Brunei

“This course is very good and it is a useful tool that can improve the KPIs setting process for me and my colleagues.” Mohd. Norazlin Bin Dato Paduka Haji Kassim, Senior Training Officer, Civil Service Institute, Brunei

“The course is useful for companies, that started implementing KPIs or are interested in improving the process of implementing KPIs.”

Course Fees

KPI selection in given contexts Activity: Practice KPI selection in functional areas; Activity: Practice KPI selection in industries; Activity: Practice KPIs selection according to timeliness; Activity: Practice KPIs selection according to quality; Activity: Practice KPIs selection according to effectiveness.

Mohammad Bin Tusin, Senior Management Services Officer, Management Services Department, Brunei


KPIs in context Activity: Practice cascading objectives and KPIs to theemployee level; Organizational, operational and employee KPIs; KPIs as part of process management; KPIs for Service Level Agreements; KPIs for Supplier Performance; Activity: Create a KPIs architecture.

KPI data gathering Activity: Explore relevant software and hardware solutions; Consistency in data quality and KPI measurement; Best practices in KPI measurement; The KPI data gathering process; KPI data source taxonomy; KPI activation tools and techniques; Activity: Evaluate the performance measurement capability and maturity.

“The course content was very detailed and all the topics delivered during this course were related to my area of work. In addition, the case studies’ exercises have given me confidence as well the basic knowledge for developing and implementing KPIs, and also identifying the correct ones, the stages involved in developing them, etc.”

Educational Resources

Selecting the right KPIs Activity: Discuss on the importance of setting objectives in KPI selection; KPI implementation project planning; KPI selection techniques; KPI selection criteria; KPI balancing; KPI selection workshop; Activity: Practice the KPI clustering process.

Data visualization – scorecard and dashboard design Activity: Debate on best practices in data visualization; The role of scorecards, dashboards and healthograms; Rules for creating relevant performance reports, scorecards and dashboards; Graphs selection; Usability in terms of visual design; Activity: Analyze a scorecard and a dashboard from a visual perspective.



Day 1

Fong San Nee, Senior Project Manager, NCS Pte. Ltd, Singapore

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“The course facilitator is able to explain clearly and concisely and it was easy to follow through. He used examples from other organisations and applied to workrelated situation.” Dk Siti Mawarni Ayu Binti Pg Haji Yusof, Research officer, Civil Service Institute, Brunei | | KPI Masterclass



This part of the learning experience is meant to ensure a smooth transition to the face to face training. You are highly encouraged to take the following steps: Introduction – share an introduction message to present yourself to the other participants in an online group;

Course Overview

Learning experience

Evaluation The Learning Assessment Quiz will take place at the end of the second day of training


Pre-course evaluation – fill in a need analysis, take a short quiz to establish the current level of knowledge and share your expectations. As a part of this self-evaluation, you can establish personal learning objectives for this training.

Core Course

During the two days of face to face training, the course is designed to facilitate experiential learning and ensure a high level of interactivity. Exercises used to enhance the development of competencies range from simple matching of concepts to extensive analyses of case studies.


Reading in advance – go through several materials, including topics such as history of performance management, management theories, and review KPIs definitions before the core course, in order to gain a more holistic view upon the subject.

Course materials: Course slides; Course notes.

Educational Resources

The learning experience consists of: Applying concepts in practical exercises; Analyzing case studies and identifying solutions; Using templates to develop performance measurement instruments; Sharing experiences and best practices; Assessing learning results through a final evaluation test.

After-course | | KPI Masterclass

Premium Subscription on available for 2 month, providing access to 500 fully documented KPIs and over 20.000 KPIs enlisted; One research report from the Top 25 KPIs series;

Registration Form

The KPI Infographic; The qualitative report: Performance Management in 2013; Catalogues: KPI Documentation Forms, Dashboards, Scorecards, Graphs in Practice; Fact Sheet: KPI Definitions, KPIs in Practice, Terminology in Practice, KPI Selection Criteria; Video doodles: What is a KPI, a KRI and Metrics, What is a Dashboard, What is a Scorecard, Understanding the KPI Documentation Form.

Course Fees

Educational Resources


Additional reading – examine a list of resources (books, articles and videos), which will ensure a continuous learning experience.

Free access to all webinars from 2014 to 2015 Performance Management series. 4

Course Overview

Facilitator Raluca Vintilă

Instructional Design & E-Learning Coordinator

Her involvement in designing educational programs is what recommends her the most, besides herthe academic and professional development. She is coordinatesing the design and development of face-to-face and online learning solutions related to competency development in the area of performance management.

Nadzri Yahya, Senior Special Duties Officer, Prime Minister’s Office, Brunei

Some of the most significant conferences she has attended are the following: Strategy Leaders Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2014) dedicated to Strategy Execution and the Balanced Scorecard; HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, United Kingdom (2016).

Malik Murad Ali, IT Director, MYDIN, Kuala Lumpur

Raluca has a double Mmaster’s degree qualification, in Management and Education. Her studies are complemented by several projects in public and private organizations, where herhaving as main objectives were the organizational development and analysis of those organizations.

“What I’ve learned from the course is very useful for me as we are in the process of establishing new KPIs for our group.”


She has conducted workshops and presentations on the following topics: “Key Tools for Strategic Planning”, “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Measurement, learning, optimization”, “Performance measurement: From strategy to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)”.

“Finally, a professionally run course on KPI and scorecards development. It was a brilliant 5 days’ workshop and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you, thank you.”

Educational Resources

As an educator, Raluca has delivered training courses, workshops, business simulations and webinars in performance measurement and performance improvement subject matters to professionals from a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, oil & gas and transportation. She has trained over 2500+ participants.

“I highly enjoyed the course. Even though I’ve attended KPI courses before, it was a great refresher as it relates directly with my current job. The flow of the content was done systematically and was easy to be understood. I highly recommend this course to the colleagues as the content is extremely useful to be applied in the Public Sector. Especially those who are having issues coming up with or implementing performance measures in their organization.”


Raluca Vintilă is the Instructional Design & E-Learning Coordinator of The KPI Institute, a research institute specialized in business performance which operates research programs in 12 practice domains ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance and from customer service to innovation performance.


On-gard Wijitjitlert, Business Development Manager, Kingfisher Holdings, Thailand

Training Courses Catalogue 2016 Course Fees

The KPI Institute offers a broad set of training courses customized to specific functional areas, industries or topics related to performance management. Access the Training Courses Catalogue below for the complete training offer. | | KPI Masterclass

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The KPI Institute is a research institute specialised in business performance. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance, and from customer service to innovation performance. Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications, subscriptions services, and through a knowledge platform available to registered members. Support in deploying these insights in practice is offered through training and advisory services.


Course Overview

Course Fees Course Date

General Fee

The KPI Institute Early Members Bird 1

6 - 7 June

$1,333 USD

$1,267 USD

$1,000 USD by March 6th

Early Bird 2

2 or More Participants

Registration Deadline

$1,133 USD by May 6th

$933 USD

1st June

*The course fee includes course materials, lunch and coffee breaks.


Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Road, Singapore

Accommodation is not covered by the attendance fee and it needs to be arranged separately by participants.

Organize this training course in-house

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Educational Resources

If you have a group of five or more to train you can save time and money by running this training course in-house. Use the contact details provided below to request a customized offer from one of our training solution specialists.

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Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme All business in Singapore can enjoy up to 400% tax deduction for external training* provided by UNI Strategic Pte Ltd for up to $400,000 for year of assessment 2015. You can enjoy up to 68% of tax savings from attending our trainings which means you only need to pay 1/3 of the course fees. Facilitator

Alternatively, businesses can opt for a nontaxable cash payout option of 60% of up to $100,000 for year of assessment 2015 meaning up to a maximum of $60,000. This includes both trainings in Singapore and overseas Both local and foreign employees are eligible Course fees only

Course Fees

PIC Bonus (as announced in Budget 2013) On top of the existing 400% tax deductions/allowances and/or 60% cash payout (“PIC cash payout�) under the PIC scheme, the PIC Bonus gives businesses a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus for YAs 2013 to 2015, subject to an overall cap of $15,000 for all 3 YAs combined. Businesses must incur at least $5,000 in PIC-qualifying expenditure during the basis period for the YA in which a PIC Bonus is claimed. The PIC Bonus is taxable.

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Course Overview

Registration 3 ways to register: Online

Registration form *Please fill out all the fields below

Direct contact

Title First name

Oana Gavril M: +60 11 3303 2135


Registration form Use one of the following options:

Email Training course Date of training course Job title

Complete this form and fax it to our Australian Office at: +61 3 8395 6544


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Credit card 1. Fill in and submit the registration form available online at 2. Pay by credit card using the online facility; 3. A tax invoice together with the registration confirmation will be sent to you via email (after the attendance fee payment is confirmed).

1. Send an email containing your contact details and registration request; 2. An email confirmation containing the tax invoice and bank account details will be sent to you; 3. Proceed with the attendance fee payment by bank transfer;

5. A tax receipt together with the registration confirmation will be sent to you via email (after the attendance fee payment is confirmed).



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Registration cancellation procedure Any withdrawals have to be announced at least two weeks before the beginning of the course, through fax or e-mail. In this situation, the attendance fee will be refunded, less $400 retained for administrative expenditure. The attendance fee will not be refunded if the withdrawal from the course takes place less than 2 weeks before its start date. If you find yourself in the impossibility to attend the course after the registration process is already completed you may delegate another person to attend the course in your place without any further fees charged. If you have confirmed and made the attendance fee payment but you didn’t attend the course, the course attendance fee will not be refunded.

Registration Form

4. Send through email the proof of the payment transaction completion;


Course Fees

Bank transfer

Organization size



Educational Resources

Sasikala Annamalai T: +60 3 2742 1357

Last name


Call us and we will assist you through the registration process.

If you attend the course only partially (one day or a limited number of sessions), you will not benefit from any attendance fee reduction or refund. | | KPI Masterclass


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