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Super Star Money Of All Real Records Brings The Missing Ingredient

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Tiara, The Voodoo Vixen, The Bronx Bombshell and Ashley King talk intimately with The Konnected

The Konnected Kitten Korner Features The Foxiest Felines In The Industry. Meet Chi Chi Muy Bonita in this issue.


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PAGES 6 & 7 If you missed it last year The Konnected Tour Is Back. Visit www. for more details and venue dates and locations as they become available. This was one of 2011’s most powerful independent tours in the US. Join The Konnected again this year for nationwide promotion of your music.

pages 24 & 25

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Our first 2012 issue was the most exciting yet. Just on the heels of The Konnected Tour and The Queen City Awards show The Konnected hits the streets. An inside glimpse at some of the hottest up and coming talent from across the US AND..... a juicy up close and personal chat with 4 super bad girls from Season 8. Don’t miss the hottest Kitten Korner yet, featuing Chi Chi Bonita. Get intimate with the hottest model in the Carolinas.

I Call it princess prison cause your having a good time but your limited to what you could do. ~ Tiara

This issue of The Konnected Magazine features a host of hot talent from across the nation. We hope you enjoy this issue of The Konnected Magazine. We always welcome your feedback so visit us online at and leave your comments.



WHO IS PARADOX? Born Josh Crews on November 29, 1983 in Portsmouth, VA, Paradox grew up with humble beginnings in Franklin County, North Carolina. Paradox, as defined by Webster, is a self-contradiction or something that is true and false at the same time. Dox is a unique contrast to the music that is dominating the airwaves with his ability to put hidden jewels in his radio hits and create vivid concepts while still being able to make relative hit records! However, Paradox aka T.R. Truth(THE RAW TRUTH) is the blending of contemporary music with and innate gift of storytelling. This unique style is embedded with real-life messages and undeniable depth. Dox is not just another rapper here to brag about his money and club life. He is a street poet and a song writer as well! These artistic attributes have led to Paradox being a 2010/2011 Best Southern rapper nominee in New York Underground Music Awards, 2010 Carolina Music awards nominee, South Carolina SMES awards nominee, 2010/2011

rors for people through his music in such a way that the listener is able to visually reflect on the issues of today. His focus is to inform the youth and uplift communities so that these issues can be rectified. Paradox’s influences are Joe Budden, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, Jadakiss, T.I., Ludacris, Jeezy, Common, Alicia Keys, Chrisette Michelle, Cold Play, and the list goes on. Paradox has opened up for many industry acts such as: Plies, Jadakiss, Freeway, Ace Hood, and many more. Paradox street single “ON THE MOVE” will is featured on COAST 2 COAST mixtapes hosted by J.cole (JAY-Z’s ROC-NATION ARTIST) as the runner up with the 2nd most listens and votes! His joint ladies single “TOO EASY” is currently playing on K97.5 (www.whoisparadox) as the most requested song on #919radio… So simply put, Paradox is a soul-giver to the streets, which is why numerous mixtapes he has distributed around the Wake and Franklin county areas in North Carolina have created a street buzz up and down the east coast and it

I make music for the fans, timeless music, songs people will hold in their hearts for years to come. It’s not about the shine it’s about the reality of life.

Queen City Awards nominee ,and 2011 NC Underground Music Award nominee. Paradox is currently rising to the place he belongs at the top of the game. Paradox had a rough upbringing, which blessed him with a positive ouThus, the name Paradox, which is an acronym for Persevering, Against,Raging, Agony, During, Optimistic, Times(x), is fitting. He has incredible ability to paint mir-

about to set flight out west. With content comparable to Nas’, syllables that bounce around like West Coast rapper Crooked I, and Jay-Z’s mic presence/swagger, Paradox has a distinctive stage presence that captivates the crowd. His music is live, fresh, and energetic enough to fit in the music market of today while still keeping a fresh distinction from other artists’ styles! For more on Paradox’s music go to , ,, @ paradoxtracks, or www.facebook. com/paradoxtracks…


The Bronx Bombshell KM: What motivated you to audition for the bad girls club? BB: It was kind of random, me and my sister and law were talking she was telling me I should send emails out to these people. I was like” I don’t know” so she ended up doing it behind my back and I got a call one day and the next thing you know I was there. KM: Silly Question, But Where are you from? BB: South Bronx KM: What was your overall experience with the bad girls club? BB: I would call it princess prison cause your having a good time but your limited to what you could do. It was like we were guinea pigs in a cage. KM: What was the greatest challenge for you on the show? BB: I think it was the fight between me n Tiara, it was hard because me n her were literally like best friends so when we fought it was a big fall out. KM: Do you see yourself continuing in reality TV? BB: Well imma put it this way, I was made to be in front of the camera, so the entertainment field is where I shall stay. KM: Who do you look up to? BB: Honestly I look up to my mom. Because she’s such a strong independent individual.


JUDI JAI THE VOODOO VIXEN KONNECTED: What motivated you to audition to be apart of the bad girls club? VV: The simple fact that im a party girl and I like to drink and have fun. I knew it would be a once and a lifetime opportunity. KONNECTED: Where are you from? VV: I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago but my mom’s side of the family is from Louisiana so I spent a lot of my life down there. KONNECTED: How did you get on the bad girls club? VV: They actually have us meet with a psychiatrist because we have issues that we are trying to fix so they picked me.

Oh d a B o S

en Up

n 8 Op The Ladies Of Seaso

Ashley King Says.......

The Konnected Team caught up with some of the ladies of The Bad Girls Club to find out just how bad they really are. Get the inside dirt on four of the Bad Girls as we share an intimate conversation with Judi Jai, Angelic, Tiera and Ashley King. Konnected Mag: Where are you from? Ashley King: Norfolk VA Konnected Mag: What motivated you to join the bad girls club? Ashley King: I couldn’t find a 9 to 5 job and my friend told me that I would end up on a reality show before I got a job and that made me just sign up. Konnected Mag: What did you like/ dislike about the show? Ashley King: I really don’t have any pros about the show, mainly cons. It wasn’t what I thought it would be but it got me exposure so I can’t complain. Konnected Mag: What is a beauty secret you would share with the women? Ashley King: Clean your face before you go to bed. I’ve seen girls go to bed without cleaning their face and that’s disgusting. Konnected MagA: Do you have any friends you still have from the show?

Ashley King: I talk to other girls from other seasons. Konnected Mag: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Ashley King: Hopefully a successful entrepreneur. Konnected Mag: Who did you look up to? Ashley King: My idol growing up was Mariah Carry. Konnected Mag: What is something that you would want people to know about you? Ashley King: I’m shy. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them but it is true. I am very shy.


ARE THEY FOR REAL? The Baddest Of Bad.....Tiara ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

KM: What was an experience you used your southern ghetto edge? T: Well growing up in Texas I got my southern swag and my neighborhood was bad and I guess that’s where I got the ghetto part KM: What motivated you to audition for the bad girls club? T: My friends from class boosted me up to join the Bad Girls Club and convinced me to audition and when I did the accepted me. KM: How has your life changed since you have been on the show? T: Dramatically,I literally can’t go anywhere without someone stopping me to take a picture. It hasn’t changed my personality but it has helped me be more patient with fans.

KM: Do you see yourself on reality TV in the future or do you want to do something else? T: I will be graduating from college soon with a degree in broadcast journalism, so I see myself doing more reality TV because I want to have my own reality show. KM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? T: Working on my masters with children and married with a successful career. You will see me on your TV! KM: How has your family been towards you? T: My family is very religious but they are very supportive and are my biggest fans. KM: Anyone from the show you built a good relationship with? T: Two girls, Nastasia and Judi. We’re like sisters. KM: What do you want people to know about you? T: People see me on TV acting crazy but they need to realize that that is just a part of me. When it comes down to business I am very professional.


more from tiara

more from VOODOOVIXEN KM: Whats’WW a crazy story you have from the show? AK: Oh my god the first night. As soon as I walked in the door there was drama. There were always fights. KM: Being from New Orleans and having the show being shot in New Orleans did you learn more about the culture? AK: Oh definitely NO is a very cultural city, we went to voodoo shops and above ground grave yards and things like that. KM: Any other bad girls did you kick it off with real well and became friends? AK: Me and Tiara and Angie are good friends and we also have a lot of respect for all of the bad girls. KM: Anyone you look up to? AK: Myself KM: Graduating from Columbia with a degree in broadcasting journalism combined with your new fame, what are some plans you have as a vixen? AK: I hope to become a video jockey like Roxy from BET KM: Anything you would like to share with the people? AK: Don’t forget I got that voodoo for you bitches!

Reality shows are taking over the airwaves at an alarming rate. Reality TV is said to be one of the most addictive forms of entertainment. Every show keeps us wondering, is this really for real? The Konnected Magazine talks with four members of The Bad Girls Club to find out exactly what’s real, what’s not and what being on a reality show like The Bad Girls Club has been like for these four ladies. Sit tight as we take you for a ride into Bad Girl territory with Tiara, The Bronx Bombshell, Ashley King &“The Voodoo Vixen” Judi Jai.

The Bronx Bombshell Continued: KM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? BB: Still working in the entertainment business KM: What else do you want people to know about the Bronx bombshell? BB: My background and where im from, I’m a hustler and I work to help my family KM: What exactly is your ethnicity? BB: I am Dominican and Puerto Rican KM: What is something inspirational you would like to tell someone? BB: There’s a lot of negativity in this world so you need to take it and embrace it and let it push you further.

Don’t forget I got the voodoo for you bitches! ~ Judi Jai “Voodoo Vixen”

Featured Artist Continental GT.

See Client Project at


GRINDIN‘ VISUAL EFFECTS @grindinmagazine

feature - TY STATZ

follow me on twitter @tystatz

If you think you know my style, think again. Take a listen and become a fan.


E G R A H C N K IC THE HEAD CH ll my life.....” a ic s u m h it love w e amwork aendloth “I’ve been in Kashe about te n th okout

e rind. Be o the grind sidnc e and constant mgus y edicatedk to la ic from N-Charg g un yo re is o th m r c fo a b act way ke an imprld Kashe. is ready toamaand o w e th rge ric e m A on find the Nin-Cthha get n a nd rc a u k o c a e b it S . Kashe g livCeha at large els you in and nd a w re c e re erformin r. lotte area apnd ready aseKs.ash nger, a writessr,, if si a ’s summe he S g riz this sprin mesme and an amazing actre d a dance mething she sets her min there’s sogoing to master it. That uon she’s lear from her foray into mnna much is c the singles “What U Wa sic. With “NO” climbing the chartslbum Do” and radio, the freshman a n online ande is one you must put o from KashTitled “BO$$ Chick” you re your list. know what you are in sto ost already THAT chick and she is m for. She’s in charge. certainly m R&B nsitioning fro moothly tra and ll time lyricisust ic , she’s singer to fu-C M rge face of N unha t o dy. N toaond a busy yo acgh la ut to fans busy to reem onoa level many th these connect wn’ith are the time for sp t o d s artist days. side K-HOS orking alor ng r and (both helmbaroteth) eand e her lab e the N-Charge Ch!llmod rs has taught produce






Like many who found their way into music, it started for Easy Green at 14 as just something to do to pass with time hanging out with friends on the southside of Charlotte. Deciding to take it more seriously he recorded his first song at age 16 under the name Mic Superior. Born in Ft. Myers, Florida but raised in Charlotte, NC he is the true definition of a southern G, giving birth to his crew name, TRU-Gs. Winning many freestyles battles while in high school and putting out mixtapes to build buzz, he got noticed and was signed by local record label Retaliation Records in 2004. After building a great buzz and also having the street credibility to match it, he changed his name to Ea$y Green which means getting to the money easy. Being a familiar face on the open mic scene Easy’s name began to gain recognition and his songs became club hits thanks to his signature “throw ya 4s up” gesture which represents the Charlotte area code 704. While signed to Retaliation Records his promo campaign featured his face on a wrapped van as they traveled all over the southeast performing at shows and passing out his mixtapes. Unfortunately legal troubles would soon bring the label to a halt so Easy was forced to make moves on his own. This is when he started TRU-G Entertainment, a full service company that handles everything from management to promo design. Even after the label folded, his hunger did not and his exposure grew. Performing all over Charlotte and even opening up for major artists like Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Gorilla Zo and Pastor Troy you can see that Easy Green has put in the work to be considered a Carolina vet. His original and unorthodox sound will keep you bouncing as he tells stories about street life, the good and the bad side of it. To his credit he has put out three exclusive mixtapes and had 2 radio drops with his hits “747” and “Yeah Right”. Currently at age 26 he stands poised to lead the Carolina movement all while making it look “Easy”.


CUTTAH KM: Where are you from? CUTTAH: 757- 434- 804 Virgina KM: How did u get your name? CUTTAH: When I was young, the hood would call me Little Cuttuh. I am a man of sticking to the foundation so, it’s “ Cuttuh”.

The Konnected Tour IS BACK AGAIN for more info visit

For Exclusive Leaks From Cuttah Follow him on twitter @ cuttuh.


pair of red bottom shoes. KM: What musicians inspire you? CUTTAH: Artists that think outside the box and create their own lane. . KM: What is your over all goal as far as your career goes? CUTTAH: Create job opportunities for my city.



KM: How long have you been into music? CUTTAH: I started taking it serious four years ago. KM: At what point in your career did u realize that you could use music as a career? CUTTAH: The people around me, They voted me to be the spokesperson for our city. KM: How did you get connected with Universal Records? CUTTAH: Got it hot in the streets and, they came to us. The movement was undeniable. KM: Who is the one artist/producer that you want to work with more so than others? CUTTAH: Pharrell because he produce hits and he is from Va. - My city as well, that would be a crazy secession in the studio. KM: Aside from money what drives you to do what you do? My daughter, she is my rock. I also want to open up doors for my city. KM: What plans do you have as far as future projects ? CUTTAH: I have a lot of ventures I want to work on. That will come in due time. KM: If you had to sum your style up in one sentence what would you say? CUTTAH: I’m a fighter, you can’t tell me no. I will find another way to get it done. I never settle on the plan A without a plan B but, I also make sure my plan B is almost as good as my plan A. KM: Do you have any upcoming tours? Yeah, we are doing the “ Red Bottom Tour”. Every city we hit than one sexy lady walks away with a

delivery,The Rapper Eator is known for his versatile delivery and extreme controversial lyrical content and A-Mobb is known for his ability to write extremely strong and factual verse related to his life and surroundings.




The group FWP stands for “ fools wit pistols “ this group consists of 5 lyricists out of Buffalo,New York from a tough neighborhood known as “ Cold Springs “. Each members of this group has strong freestyle ability and also strong street ties. The group consists of “ Big Boy Of The Block “,” Jimmy Jump “,” The Rapper Eator “,” Young Slyce “ and “ A-Mobb “. Big Boy of the block is known for his smooth delivery and great sense of fashion,Jimmy Jump is known for his gritty delivery and ability to brings the verse to life,Young Slyce is known for his southern style and energetic

JEFF TAYLOR Jeff Taylor is a country artist that has truly taken the tracks less traveled when it comes to country music singers and songwriters. Having found a successful career as a data-

America 500. Jeff finished out 2011 by winning the Charlotte Country Male Artist of The Year at the Queen City Awards. With his first album

Queen City Awards 2011’s Country Male Artist Of The Year base architect for Microsoft, Jeff Taylor began performing music and posting YouTube videos as a stress reliever. The country musician and and singer songwriter has now accrued more than 87,000 YouTube views and garnered a significant buzz in the country music community. 2011 was a breakout year for Jeff, performing on the same nights at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Charlotte, NC as Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan, and recently Eric Church and Toby Keith. As well as performing a prerace concert at Charlotte Motor Speedway before the Nascar Bank Of

“The Southern Way” to be released in 2012, this singer/ songwriter has plans on making a big impact in 2012. His first single “Beer Drinking Son Of A Gun” is already getting national attention and exposure in radio as well as his hit “Don’t Forget about Them” written in honor of all the men and women who have ever worn the US military uniform.


I It was then; she was introduced to a producer based out of Charlotte, NC named Tim ““Krazy Figz”” Walls, who changed her life forever creating a sound she and her management was searching for. Summer 2010, she released her first hit single “Voodoo” the single hit #1 on WYNN 106.3FM. The single was voted #1 on the “Home Grown Cipher” and was the #1 requested song.

In 2011, she and her manager (Harlem DeVon) forms a new entertainment company (C&E Entertainment Group) signing her as the first act to the company and releasing her first mix tape “Love Chronicles” Pt 1 ““The Beginning”” directed by a well known industry DJ (DJ Skillz} and one of Carolina’s emerging producer “The Mighty D.R” featuring her hit singles ““Voodoo”” & ““Circles””. “Love Chronicles “ Pt 1 brings together her many soulful influences citing everyone from Mary J Blige, Chaka Kahn, Lil Mo, and Betty Wright to name a few. Ne’sha is currently in the studio and has teamed up with Mighty D.R and DJ Skillz to work on her new mix tape “Love Chronicles” Pt 2 set for release mid- summer 2012. Ne’sha is perfecting her unique and diverse sound that transcends the genres of R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip Hop. She is definitely on top of her game with music everybody can relate to. Ne’sha continues to write her own songs, record and perform captivating shows while preparing for the mainstream.

Ne’sha The Voice, a South Carolina native who has literally exploded on to the Southern music scene in 2009 winning her first independent music award for “Best Female R&B Artist of the Year” (Queen City Awards). The South Carolina-born, has established a reputation for herself in her hometown of Bennettsville as she is being touted as ““The Voice” of the Carolina’s by her fans and several music insiders. Ne’sha, began her music career at the age of 6 by joining her father’s band; Starlight Choir. As a member of the Starlight Choir she opened shows for prominent organizations such as, the South Carolina Black Caucus, The NAACP and the SC State Senators Convention. At the age of 12, she was introduced to manager Cheryl Butler (former A&R of Qwest Records) who placed her in the group Rain. Rain, the all girl trio was fortunate enough to grace the ears of many record executives but soon disbanded due to the personal complications of one of the other members. Thereafter, she began working with Vincent Herbert of Black Ground Records (former label of R&B singer Aayliah). Vincent Herbert loved Ne’sha’’s material and was working extensively with her when a tragedy struck that would leave Ne’sha fighting for her life. In a near fatal car accident, Ne’sha was forced time off from the music industry leaving her no choice but to relocate back to her hometown contemplating her future as a recording artist. Three years later and fully rehabilitated, Ne’sha returned to the music scene signing a recording contract with an independent label based out of North Carolina and started working on her first album; ““Diary of a Woman Scorned””. ““Diary of a Woman Scorned”” drew mixed reactions at the time of its regional release; critics liked Ne’sha’’s vocal talent but were unmoved by the selection of material. After one album on the independent label, Ne’sha opted out of her contract citing creative differences as the reason. In 2009, she signed with a management company based out of South Carolina to take her career to another level. It was then; she was introduced to a producer based out of Charlotte, NC named Tim ““Krazy Figz”” Walls, who changed her life forever creating a sound she and her management was searching for. Summer 2010, she released her first hit single “Voodoo” the single hit #1 on WYNN 106.3FM. The single was voted #1 on the “Home Grown Cipher” and was the #1 requested song and soon was added to other radio stations playlist (The Flo 102.9, Power 99.3FM)


Ne’Sha The Voice

This Soulful Songstress is ready to start a new phase in her career; she definitely has the potential to become one of the next big names in the music industry.



There’s a star shining down on a small town in the Carolinas and it shines brightly right on All Real Records recording artist SuperStar Money a.k.a Dinero. Born 52 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina in talent rich Anson County, North Carolina, SuperStar Money shared the majority of his child-hood life playing multiple sports and his true love of being involved in talent showcases. As a truly tech savvy new style artist, SuperStar Money is right at the cutting edge of using the new mediums like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to expose his music to new fans. SuperStar Money caught big attention from one of the most highly rated websites in the year 2007, which was (www.myspace. com). At 20 years old he was known in his county as “YOUNG MONEY”, he labeled himself as the “KING OF HIS COUNTY” and now he looks to extend his reign all over the world. From the year 2007 to late November of 2008 SuperStar Money released numerous tracks for the streets. He did much collaboration with local artists from the surrounding area. Artist from hundreds of miles away spanned the distance to have SuperStar Money featured on their tracks. Get the latest single “Ratchet Chick” online at

S S y e n o M r e p u


z y o B p o t Black


email: rekstrength@aol. com FOLLOW US! Twitter @rekstrength Subscribe Today!




$$ RE


D A U K SQ niize Reko

anic ManoKev



An The Inside Look At Foxiest Felines W~ Around! MEO

Your Model’s Favorite Model Chi Chi Bonita Is Our Featured Kitten In This Issue. Find out more about her online at :


Bonita Name Chi Chi 32ts en m re Measu e 26-39 Birth plac s ie Germany Hobb ts, or Sp g in ch Wat ays, Working out, Pl s, Fashion Show Her Movies Follow iCh @ er itt Tw On . ChiMuyBonita


Photographers Credit: This Page Designs By JK Photography. Opposite Page IBE Photography


Models Get Featured In Kitten Korner email pics and bio to

Chi Chi is an internationally born aspiring model. Born into a military family Chi-Chi has traveled to many different states and met various people along her journey. Her well-rounded demeanor has always placed her amongst the elite. She has risen against adversity and always strives to put her best foot forward. Behind the pretty face there is a real young woman, an educated young woman with a Bachelors degree in Business Management she is not afraid to take risks and stand up for what she believes in. Being an aspiring model has not been easy but Chi-Chi strives to become very successful and memorable during her lifetime. Follow her as she strides down her path to greatness.


R CASHFLOW FAMILY CASHFLOW FAMILY is a Long Island, NY based rap trio who created a lite buzz in the tri-state with their first mixtape “Bossman SWANG” in 2008 & their sequel mixtape dropping in 2011 “Bossman Swang 2”. Their latest mixtape can be found on “” with features from Swizz Beats, Jadakiss, and Hollow da Don. Dwight “MAYBACK” Jackson, Kyle “London Cash” griffith, and Seth “Guapo” Orr began rapping together in their late high school ages. After high school rapping began to be more then a hobby and was started to be taken more seriously so there was a need for a name change from “NRR” which stood for - Non Rapping Records to CASHFLOW FAMILY. CASHFLOW is diverse and versatile from their own language to their to their own clothing line. SWANG was also created by CASHFLOW which is a acronym that stand for “SUCCESS WHILE ACHIEVING NEW GOALS”. Cashflow Family have won serval showcases around the tri - state area with their most noticeable win at the “SlowBucks” showcase in Manhattan. Cashflow believes that with their perseverance, dedication, and persistence that their hard work will pay off. Find More About CashFlow Family Online By Following The Fam On Twitter: @maybackone @londkashcff @guilotineGuapo @Cashflowfam

jrich //////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////

I give real life

FIND J RICH follow me on Twitter @ Norf_Richie CMG_RICHIE jrichcmg

stories and advice through my rhymes.

JRICH aka NORTHSIDE RICHIE was born July 15 in Charlotte N.C. Before moving forward J Rich Would like to say JRICH is a tru statement. LIL JJ I drop one add RICH. Co-Founder of Clientele Music Group(CMG) as well as an artist signed to the label, JRich continues to grow and strive for the pinacle of success. “I started getting serious with my music about 6 years ago. I just put my thoughts on paper and ponder on life. I give real life stories and advice through my rhymes. I make music real people can relate to, no matter if you’re from the hood, the projects, the trailer park or sthe suburbs, my fans understand the pictures that my words draw.” My Charlotte NC upbringing was like going to tha school of hard knocks. I’m from a city where legends are born....I am A LIVING LEGEND IN MODERN DAY...Call me NORTHSIDE or JUST CALL ME hit single blazin’ the airwaves now. Request my single in Charlotte on Power 98. Look out for my Mixtape DVD..TRU NORTHSIDE STORY..Expected to drop in the early spring 2012..


Jake Haldenwang is a contemporary guitarist, singer/songwriter sensation. He delivers electrifying performances with amazing searing guitar solos and intense soulful vocals that belies his youth and are rarely witnessed in someone so young. Jake began playing guitar at age 11, was performing live by age 12 and began leading his own band ensemble by the age of 13.

Jake “Halden Vang” Trio is the electrifying power group led by prodigy guitarist/singer/songwriter, Jake Haldenwang, with Tyler Broom on bass and Brock Whitfield on drums/percussion’s. “Halden Vang” is setting the music world on fire fusing a blend of rock, blues and funk for an original sound that can only be described as intense, soulful and fiery. In July 2011 “Halden Vang Trio” was nominated for “Rock Band of the Year” by the Charlotte Music Awards and Jake Haldenwang was awarded the title of “Male Rock Artist of the Year” by Queen City Awards in Dec 2011. Halden Vang’s stock in trade are their mesmerizing performances and unmatched musicianship. Cut in the mold of iconic bands such as Phish, Rival Son’s, Government Mule and Black Country Communion. Their broad range of influences include; Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cream, Derek Trucks, John Mayer, and Robert Johnson.


“Halden Vang” is a must see act that delivers Jake’s brand of “scorchin’ rock, funk & blues in an original fresh new style with an undeniable stage presence that is uniquely all his own. His astounding performances and rising popularity, has established him as a sought after artist, whose star continues to grow and shine brightly. See More Of Jake at

BSincere Nathaniel Holder, best known as B. Sincere, is an inspiring R&B artist from Far Rockaway, Queens, New York who currently resides in Charlotte NC. He has had a strong passion for music since his early childhood; being introduced to music as a child B. Sincere started singing in his Church Choir (Refuge Church of Christ) and performing in talent shows at his school (Bertie High School) in Windsor NC. Blessed with a natural gift of writing, B. Sincere started when he was a teenager with hopes to capture the essence of human life experience in his music. B. Sincere is also an active member of ASCAP. He sung in community events and eventually moved into singing at charity events for the homeless and at nursing facilities. He also performed at a “YES WE CAN” a voting event to encourage people to vote for President Barak Obama during the 2008 presidential elections. B. Sincere started recording music in 2008 with his first single “Patience” released that same year. He began performing at the comedy club The Big Chill in Charlotte. A couple of years later B. Sincere started to perform at many events throughout the Charlotte area , he was chosen to be the opening act for Sunshine Anderson at her red carpet event for her 2010 Album release in Atlanta, GA. Other locations where B. Sincere has performed include The Space Condo Live in Jonesboro, Georgia; The Wine Up in Charlotte, North Carolina; and at the

Kiss Lounge- All Star Fashion Show in 2010, Kimya’s House of STARZ and Boston House of JAZZ in Greensboro. B. Sincere was nominated for the Queen City Awards for “Best Male R&B Artist of the Year”, as well as The North Carolina Underground Music Awards (NCUMA) for best “Male R&B Artist 2010” at the Carolina Theater & Greensboro, NC. B. Sincere was quoted saying “I am an unsigned artist who is chasing my dream; I’m very determined and will not rest until my music is heard across the globe. B. Sincere is an artist full of great determination and the need to succeed with hopes of becoming a major recording artist. He has been influenced by numerous artists like Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Anthony Hamilton, R. Kelly, Usher, Jahiem and Tyrese. When asked what aspirations he had B. Sincere said “My dream is to have an impact on the music world as the many greats before me. With the support of my fans that’s steady growing, friends and family and the city of Charlotte, B. Sincere music will be recognized and loved. As I continue to strive for greatness through making good music that can be felt and inspiring with the understanding this is just the beginning. “I’m planning my work and working my plan... And I always keep God first”. See More B Sincere at http://www.

K L A T D E T C E N N O K ESH.COM ////////////////





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CHEZZY BOY THE info U need 2 KNOW HOMETOWN: Charlotte, NC Career BEGAN @ age: 12 THE 9 TO 5: CBR Recordings contact: NCGee Mgmt.

find HIM ON the WEB

Reverbnation.Com/chezzyboy //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


THE info U need 2 KNOW BDAY: Sept. 1986 HOMETOWN: Charlotte, NC Career BEGAN @ age: 16 THE 9 TO 5: Radio Station WGIV 103.3FM contact: NCGee Mgmt.

find HER online HOT NEW MUSIC PLAYING NOW on kiB704



Mr. Mademan Ent. (Better Known by his stage name “P.O.”) is more than just your average rap artist. Aside from being a talented rapper, he is also a well respected music producer and businessman. Years of education and experience gives him a slight edge over more than half of his competitors. Is there any way to stop a determined young man with a dream? With a combination of blazing production, mind-blowing concepts, and fierce lyrics the road to legendary has already been paved for this 21 year old North Carolina artist. A stellar work ethic and a promising grind are fuel to the flame and have earned him some opportunities to make his presence felt such as opening up shows for artists like Jody Breeze, Bloodraw, Freeway, etc. and making appearances on popular urban DVD’s. With continued support from the fans and music lovers, P.O. and Mademan Entertainment is destined to continue to rise up the charts and eventually become #1 on everybody’s countdown. Stay tuned to hear more from P.O. and don’t forget to tell the world to Support Mademan Entertainment!

kiing o





featured ARTIST


THE WARM UP LiSTEN To It to The Warm Up: At HotNewHipHop- http://www. AND Datpiff-

Oscar “King O Live” Lambert born and raised in Flint, MI. He was raised in a very talented household, a household that consisted of three singers; his uncle Alvin, his aunt Anyanna, and his grandmother Melissa, the household also had a rapper; his uncle Elmeco.It would only be a matter of time before Oscar would find out what his talents were. His first talent he became aware of was basketball, at... the age of three. Followed by singing but he never really took a huge liking to that. So he continued to pursue basketball. Years later when he was he moved to Oak Park, still in pursuit of his basketball dream. By now, Oscar had become aware of his singing abilities but was very shy so he would only sing on his voicemail for callers to hear. One day one of his high school friends called him and heard his voicemail and asked if he’d ever recorded any songs before. Little did Oscar know his friend was a rapper and he asked Oscar if he would sing on one of his songs. From that point on, Oscar began to get more and more interested in music and began to do more recording. A few people in the school began to hear and talk about Oscar’s music and they liked what they heard. Learning ways to perfect his craft and make himself better in every aspect Oscar began to teach himself how to write his own songs and teach himself to rap. Continuing his hard work and beginning to develop a name for himself Oscar began to go by King O based on a name given to him by a friend. The very next year King O moved back to Flint and had already established a name in music for himself there. Continuing on his journey to the top King O Live is steady working on his writing and delivery. He has done songs and performed with various artists including Trina and Asher Roth and continues to proceed to diversify himself in the music industry and make an even bigger name for himself and with his drive and determination I believe that King O Live will become a household name sooner than later.

Carolina Meets

Georgia coming soon! more info at


The Konnected Magazine Spring 2012  

The hottest new magazine in the entertainment industry. Our Magazine will be distributed in New York, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, South...

The Konnected Magazine Spring 2012  

The hottest new magazine in the entertainment industry. Our Magazine will be distributed in New York, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, South...