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C AT E G O R Y W I N N E R S : K I T E S

C AT E G O R Y: ALL-ROUNDERS W I N N E R : C A B R I N H A M OTO A new and impressive arrival in this sector. Universally appreciated by the test team who agreed that the Moto is an exceptional kite whether you are just looking for predictable and mellow freeriding or for a confidence building kite to help you improve your freestyle skills.

GOLD: CORE NEXUS The Nexus offered excellent versatility and is a very welltuned kite which always behaved immaculately, whatever the conditions and whatever moves you were trying.

G O L D : D U OTO N E E VO The Evo seems to have had a new lease of life since trimming down to three struts. This was one of the most enjoyable kites on the test and always one of the first to go when we needed something dependable when testing boards.

C AT E G O R Y: PERFORMANCE FREERIDE WINNER: F-ONE BANDIT The Bandit is a highly tuned, genre spanning kite with its own personality, and the test team all agreed that it particularly excelled in this category. A credit to its lengthy product development and evolution.

G O L D : S L I N GS H OT R P M Accessible performance for all competent riders, the RPM proved yet again that it was not just a kite for winning championships. We were particularly impressed with improvements to this year’s edition.

GOLD: NAISH DASH A relative newcomer compared to the competition in this category, we were very impressed with the handling and responsiveness of the Dash. You need to be a competent rider to get the most out of it, but if you are then the potential is massive.

G O L D : D U OTO N E D I C E A kite which has helped to define this category and has developed over the last few years, the Dice has ‘performance freeride’ as its DNA. For unhooked riding the consensus was this was the best in this category.

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