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You’re already swamped. So stressing out about finding a home should not take up an overwhelming amount of space in your day, your week or your life. We’ve created a better way, where you will spend less time web browsing and open-housing, and be in your future home sooner. Our systematic approach to buying a house combines traditional practices with innovative systems & buyer education — all organized around your unique life and search parameters. Because you need shelter. We are a friendly, reputable and experienced Realtor team. Our game changing home buyer concierge services map out your shortest route home. We’re The Katy Team.

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The Katy Team brought expertise with an upbeat attitude to a long selling/buying process. Tisha & Jeff

The Katy Team is approachable, incredibly responsive and has expert insight into the market. They created a unique and creative strategy without which we wouldn’t have gotten a house. Clark & Jenny

We bought, sold, and bought again with these gals. If we ever decide to do it again, we will definitely give them a call. Jenny & Hai

Opt in to something awesome. Reinventing Buyer-Broker Representation is kind of a Big Deal. Why should sellers get all the glory? Nearly half of our clients every year are buyers. Low inventory means having an offer accepted on a home is hard. Our fresh marketing approach to find buyers homes is unlike anyone else’s. We flip the script by investing in and advertising our buy-side clients similar to selling clients — getting you noticed.

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Reverse Search Postcards

You will be featured on our website, where sellers can search to see if you’re a match for their home.

You will appear on up to 500 postcards sent to homes in your desired neighborhood.

Facebook Advertising You will star in a Facebook ad campaign targeted to homeowners likely to move.

Quarterly Exclusive Buyers Promotion Your home search will be promoted to real estate agents & homeowners via our popular email newsletter.

Start your home search at TheKatyTeam.com

It’s simple: get ready, set, then go. Before you step foot in a single home, our team will have your offer package ready to go. When the right home comes along, you’ll be free to focus solely on what you want to pay for it. And our team can focus on building rapport with the listing agent. The secret to writing fewer offers is being prepared for the first one. A well presented offer includes:  A Letter of Financial Commitment We get you in the hands of the most reputable local lenders. This eliminates the loan approval process from escrow; making your experience less stressful and your offer package more appealing to every seller.  A Purchase Contract with Excellent Terms We will walk you through how to increase the odds of having your offer accepted by offering a short close (14 days) and your strongest terms.  Proof of Funds It is a little cherry on top of your loan commitment letter. We want to show the seller that you will hold up to your end of the bargain. By providing evidence of your cash reserves for your down payment, closing costs, gift funds etc. we deliver confidence.  The Love Letter There are many reasons a seller chooses an offer. We will help you prepare a love letter to the seller that will add color to your offer package.  Katy Team Resume Our experience and reputation will set your offer apart. Who writes your offer and represents you matters.  Acknowledgment of Disclosures You have done your homework; we’ll turn it in for you. Acknowledging a disclosure package puts a seller at ease.  Presentation and Persistence We take seriously that our job is to represent you. We will do our very best to meet a listing agent in-person, explain your position on your offer and solicit a counter offer if necessary.

Start your home search at TheKatyTeam.com

Typical buying closing timeline. You will feel confident and well informed at every milestone of your escrow. Below is the typical buyer closing timeline our team will see you thorough.










Start your home search at TheKatyTeam.com


KATY (with a y) Katy is a people person and experienced negotiator. She will get you the house for the best possible price.

KATIE (with an ie) Katie is detail-oriented and organized. She keeps you informed at every turn and gives her clients confidence to succeed in an insane marketplace.

KENAN JUE Kenan knows the East Bay like the back of his hand! He’ll introduce you to neighborhoods you didn’t even know existed; that fact alone opens windows of opportunity for you.

Teamwork makes the dream work. On your journey to homeownership, you have a lot of decisions to make. The first choice is finding the right representation. We take the team approach to real estate because it is the most efficient, effective and hands-on way to serve you. Consider the following advantages that working with a team will bring your way:

More Eyes and More Ears You have more agents looking out for you and your needs.

The Power of Time You get more time with three calendars to choose from.

Combined Experiences & Connections You gain more perspective from our combined experiences.

Get Connected You get linked to the agent community by the power of three.

Start your home search at TheKatyTeam.com

We’re in this together. We are a high-end, high-touch and high-tech real estate team working together to serve the San Francisco East Bay. Our commitment to raising the bar for what our clients and industry peers expect from exclusive representation will have you navigating the most competitive real estate marketplace in the world with ease.

Katy Anderson - License # 01739334 | Katie Krembs - License # 01921562 | Kenan Jue - License # 02000558 510 761 8718 | www.TheKatyTeam.com | thekatyteam@gmail.com | 1900 Mountain Blvd., Oakland CA 94611

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Discover a better way to home search, You will spend less time web browsing and open-housing, and be in your future home sooner.

The Katy Team Buyer Brochure  

Discover a better way to home search, You will spend less time web browsing and open-housing, and be in your future home sooner.