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‘A stone of hope’ Stinney’s supporters unveil memorial to executed boy

This headstone marking the life and death of George Stinney Jr. now faces drivers passing through Alcolu on U.S. 521. The marker was unveiled Saturday, placed near the private home of a supporter of the Stinney family.

BY BRISTOW MARCHANT (803) 774-1272


SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014


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George Stinney was buried in an unmarked grave, deliberately so some say, to prevent it from being vandalized. After all, Stinney had been put to death for the brutal murder of two young girls. Now, something that looks like a headstone marks Stinney’s life and death in the community where the tragedy unfolded 70 years ago, its black surface etched with a defiant message facing drivers on U.S. 521 in Alcolu. “Wrongfully Convicted, Illegally


Executed by South Carolina.” Stinney supporters, including several living family members, unveiled the marker on Saturday to mark the June 16 anniversary of

Stinney’s 1944 execution in the electric chair. The black teenager, only 14 years old at the time of his


Father figures to children in need Sumter’s best of the best You’ve voted for your favorite businesses ... so who won? See our insert in today’s paper BUSINESS

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We’ve got 5 tips for buying the perfect engagement ring C2 DEATHS, A4 and A9 Cecil F. Windham Sr. Allen Williams Ethel L. Bowman James Croskey Edith Hendrix

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Tyrone Smalls spends time recently with children he mentors. Smalls has volunteered and worked at The John K. Crosswell Home for Children for seven years, and he has a 40-year history of working with children.

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3 Sumter men serve as positive male role models to youth BY JADE REYNOLDS (803) 774-1250


ome men just have a certain aura about them. “You know how when someone walks in a room, and it gets better?” said Jerry Allred, executive director of The John K. Crosswell Home for Children. “(Tyrone Smalls) is one of them. In a lot of kids’ homes, there is no stable role model. He might be the only father figure some of these children have in their life. He sets high expectations, but if the kids need something or need some-

one, he’s there. Kids know who cares.” Smalls knows the importance of being available to talk, and so does Sgt. Perry Tiller with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. “Unfortunately, my wife and I haven’t been able to have children,” Tiller said. “I do it because I have a passion for kids.” He and his wife do have two godchildren they adore, he said. Still others are new to the mentoring bond. Battalion Chief Johnnie Rose has worked with a Kingsbury Elementary School student for two years now. “Taking this program was an

eye-opener,” he said. “It’s awesome. I wish I’d been part of the program years ago.”

OLD-FASHIONED Smalls has volunteered and worked at Crosswell for seven years, but he has a 40-year history of working with children. “I really just talk to kids,” he said. “They gravitate toward me. I understand ways to teach expectation while taking the individual developmental nature of the child


Double Dutch teams jump in from far and wide for tourney BY BRISTOW MARCHANT (803) 774-1272 Becky Herndon is as close to being an expert on jumping rope as you are likely to find. She coached competitive Double Dutch for more than 15 years, during which time she brought four D.C.-area teams down to Sumter for the American Double Dutch League’s world invitational. “And we walked away three times with world’s (titles),” Herndon said, beaming with pride at the memory while sitting in the stands Saturday at MATT WALSH / THE SUMTER ITEM the Sumter County Civic Center, A team from Columbia performs in the 41st Annual American Double Dutch League watching the next generation of jumpWorld Invitational Championship at the Sumter County Civic Center on Saturday. Teams ers compete in the 41st annual chamrepresenting several states and Japan participated in the weekend event. pionship competition.

Herndon is retired from coaching now, and D.C. has cut back on Double Dutch since her glory days; no Washington teams were represented at this year’s three-day competition, which finished its run at the center on Saturday. But Herndon came back to Sumter this year to show her 12and 8-year-old grand-nieces how it’s done. “They’ve seen it done on the street, but they don’t see the competitive side of it,” she said, going through the three categories for judging the competition: compulsories, speed and freestyle. “They say, ‘why are they doing sign language,’ and I say, ‘that’s how the jumpers tell them to speed up or




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014


Call: (803) 774-1226 | E-mail:

‘Help is out there’ for struggling homeowners Try SCHELP if you worry about keeping your home in tough financial times BY JADE REYNOLDS Started in 2011, the South Carolina Homeownership and Employment Lending Program has helped 7,577 people across the state keep their homes. More than 250 of those are residents of the tri-county area. “It’s good for everyone,” said Clayton Ingram, director of marketing and communications. “You keep your home. Kids stay in their schools. They don’t have to be uprooted and moved. It keeps property values up because someone is keeping it up and maintaining it. The taxes are getting paid. Everybody benefits.” Designed for responsible homeowners, the initiative assists those who have experienced layoffs, underem-

ployment, catastrophic health expenses or an occurrence that caused them to go from a two-earner household to a one-earner household. “A lot of times health issues go hand in hand with unemployment, so that’s a double hit there,” Ingram said. “This is just a bridge program to help them over those times of hardship and help them get back on their feet.” One 58-year-old Summerton woman found herself considering the program after she’d been unemployed for a year. “I never thought it would be like this,” she said. “I’d been able to keep up, but the funds were getting low. I really needed help. I didn’t let pride take over. It really was a blessing. I give the Lord thanks every day.” She is still looking for work, but the mortgage is now being handled by SCHELP. There are four ways the program helps: • Reinstatement Assistance: Brings the loan current.

GET HELP For more information or to apply for help from the SCHELP program, visit SCHELP. gov or call toll free at (855) 435-7472.

• Monthly Payment Assistance: Assists homeowners with monthly payments for a period of time while they work to return to self-sustainability. • Modification Assistance: Provides funding to help homeowners qualify for and obtain loan modifications from their primary lenders. • Transition Assistance: In cases where the mortgage cannot be saved, helps the homeowner negotiate a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The first two are the ones Ingram sees most often. “They work hand in hand,” he said. “When people come to us, they may have not made a payment in a year (or) they’ve missed two or three months. We make payments to get

the arrearages off their backs, to bring them even, and start making payments along the way.” The only trend the demographics show so far, Ingram said, was that more women tend to use the program than men. “These hardships affect everybody equally,” he said. “The other thing about this program is you don’t have to exhaust your savings. A lot of people come to us saying, ‘I’ve used up all my savings and my 401K. I’ve even raided the kids’ college account.’ The thing is you don’t have to do this. Even if we can’t save the home, we can help transition into a rental place. It’s not the outcome we want to see, but it makes it a little bit easier. Come to us first so we can preserve some of your savings.” The 58-year-old Summerton woman said she’d recommend the program to anyone she knew going through financial difficulty. “I’d want others to know help is out there for them,” she said. “You just have to go search for it.”


Maj. Evelyn Landers gets emotional during her farewell speech to her fellow soldiers at U.S. Army Central on Friday. Landers is leaving her post as systems chief with G2 intelligence after 27 years in the service to be a stayat-home mom with her husband, Lt. Col. Garrett Landers.


Public could see penny tax project list Tuesday The public’s first sight of the new penny tax project list could come Tuesday. Sumter County Council is holding a specially called meeting at 6 p.m. to receive the final report of the capital sales tax commission, which has been meeting for weeks to finalize a list of construction projects that could be funded by a renewed seven-year penny sales tax. Council is then scheduled to hold its first vote on the proposal. If approved, the list must go to the voters for approval in a November referendum. The new tax will take effect in 2016 when the current Penny for Progress expires, if a majority of voters back the idea. Council will also meet in a budget workshop beginning at 4 p.m. to try to close a $100,000 deficit before a June 30 deadline for the new financial plan to take effect. Sumter County Council meets in the administration building at 13 E. Canal St.

Lee district board plans to meet Monday The Lee County School District Board of Trustees will have a regular board meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Quadplex at the District Administration Complex, located at 310 Roland St., in Bishopville. According to the agenda, the Office of the Superintendent will provide news regarding the Lee Central High School Singing Stallions and local summer camps. The board members, along with Superintendent Wanda Andrews, are scheduled to go into executive session where they will discuss personnel, student and property matters. For any questions about Monday’s scheduled meeting, call (803) 484-5327, extension 1002.

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7 soldiers step down from Shaw stations BY BRISTOW MARCHANT (803) 774-1272

Gen. Elizabeth Austin, director of ARCENT’s G4 logistics unit, who presided over the ceremony. “You directly impacted countless lives which will continue to bear fruit long after you leave the service.” Two of the retirees, Hilferty and Fletcher, are leaving from ARCENT’s public affairs office. They spoke about the importance of that job to the mission. “Just look at those clocks, and you know what you do is important,” PA director Hilferty said, pointing to a display of digital clocks showing the time at different American bases spread across the Middle East. “What you do is important to America, and it’s been an honor to serve with you.” Wells, Landers and Keys all come from the Army’s intelligence services working to cover a volatile region. Keys served as a commander with Iraq’s Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Center, where Austin said he had an explicit mission: “Ensure there are no more Abu Ghraibs.”

Seven soldiers hung up their helmets in a formal retirement ceremony at Patton Hall on Friday. Their fellow service members joined extended family at U.S. Army Central’s headquarters for a “celebration of service” honoring Sgt. Maj. Christopher Fletcher, Col. Bryan Hilferty, Lt. Col. Michael S. Hunter, Col. Eric Keys, Maj. Evelyn Landers, Lt. Col. James L. Wells and Sgt. Maj. Reginald Young. All have been on active duty at some U.S. military installation around the world for between 20 and 36 years. Combined, the seven have 211 years of service experience. Now at the end of their careers, these “old soldiers,” as the Army’s retirement medley labeled them, received a final send off from Shaw Air Force Base. “You’ve seen the Army transform itself several times during your career,” the retirees heard from Brig.

In his remarks, Wells reflected on the way he’s seen the service change since he enlisted in 1976. “It was different in the ’70s and ’80s, when a lot of people didn’t like or trust the military,” he said, citing the Vietnam War and the Iran-Contra scandal as tarnishing the Army’s image. “But I can tell you there were a lot of good people, doing the people’s work.” Completing the ceremony, Hunter stood down after 23 active years as chief of the G6 Signals Division, and Young finishes more than 30 years with the 4th Battlefield Coordination Detachment after tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. Several of the troops honored this week plan to stay in South Carolina after retirement. “I’m always amazed when I’m reading American history that I got to be a part of that history and serve my country in a time of war,” Young said. “My enlistment has an expiration date, but my dedication will never expire.”

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JUMPING FROM PAGE A1 slow down.’” Thirty-five teams entered the singles category for this year’s tournament, and 26 competed in doubles, representing third grade up to senior competitors. Teams from Columbia and Charleston competed against qualifiers from regional competitions as far away as New York and Ohio, and a large international contingent represented Japan in the championship. This is the 12th year in a row Sumter has hosted the ADDL’s world invitational, said Rose Ford, Sumter County’s recreation and parks director and a state representative for the sport. The venue was chosen partly because of security concerns. “When 9/11 happened, the parents didn’t want their kids to fly in to Boston, so they asked if they could come to South Carolina,” Ford said. “The Southern hospitality here impressed them, and this became its new home.” Yurina Nakamuri was one of 40 Japanese competitors of varying ages, coaches

MENTORS FROM PAGE A1 into account.” For example, he calls himself “old school,” saying he has children call him “Mr. Smalls.” “I forgive the babies if they have a variation,” he said. “One called me Mr. Snarls. They get the basic concept.” When he was teaching one 5-year-old to make his bed, and the child was struggling, Smalls continued to encourage him by saying, “thank you for trying” and “good effort.” Then one morning, the little boy knocked on his door eagerly wanting him to see the bed correctly made. It was 4 a.m. “I told him how proud I was, and then I said, ‘let’s go back to sleep for a couple more hours,’” Smalls said. He also believes in rewards from cookies to outings for making honor roll. “He makes good chocolate chip cookies,” said a 16-yearold boy. “Just don’t be bad. Then you don’t get them. ... He’s cool. He’s always been somebody I’m able to talk to.” Another 12-year-old boy at Crosswell agreed. “He’s really good,” he said about Smalls. “He’s fun and strict at the same time. He knows when it’s time to play and when it’s time to be serious.”

COUNSELOR It’s really about letting them know they’re special. “It’s little stuff,” Tiller said.

and parents who arrived en masse from Japan on Wednesday to jump for a championship. She is a competitive Double Dutch player at the college level in Japan, drawn together with teammates from different Japanese universities for this competition. “Many of us have been (to America) before. In high school, I was an exchange student,” Nakamuri said in fluent English while warming up with her teammates before a routine. Much of their trip to America was spent practicing for the competition, but the visitors found time to get a glimpse of Sumter while they were in town. “We went to the mall,” she said. “We went on a shopping trip, and tomorrow a lot of us are flying to New York.” Double Dutch has a strong following in Japan. After a strong showing in last year’s competition, a Japanese film crew was on hand to document how this year’s competitors did. Another team of 11-yearolds representing New Jersey was drawn from the school of the Japanese Children’s Society, which serves

“If they’re younger, you go to class and bring cake and ice cream for the whole class. You just sit with them. My wife and I will take them out bowling. It’s not real expensive. It’s about making the kids feel welcomed.” During the last 10 or 11 years, he figures he’s mentored between 15 and 20 youths. Parents call the sheriff’s office when their children are having behavioral issues or will bring them into the office. “Then I speak to the child to see what he or she is going through,” Tiller said. “’They usually say, ‘Mom or Dad don’t listen.’ It’s very important they have someone to talk to so they don’t feel they are being judged. I can say, ‘I wasn’t always a police officer. I’ve been there. I’ve done this.’” One boy in particular came to mind. In April, he told Tiller a gang was trying to recruit him. “I told him the decision was his, but I hoped he’d do the right thing,” Tiller said. “It helped that he felt he could come and talk to me. He called us back. He made the right decision and did not join.”

ENTHUSIAST Throughout the school year, Tiller’s fellow first responder would meet the boy he was working with in the academic arena for lunch or breakfast. “This young man is very intelligent,” Rose said. “He was a great mentee. I found out all the sport stuff he loved.”

SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014




A team from Japan performs in the 41st Annual American Double Dutch League World Invitational Championship at the Sumter County Civic Center on Saturday. Japanese expatriates in the area. “It’s close to Manhattan, and many Japanese companies have offices in Manhattan,” said Kimie Maeda, one of the school’s Double Dutch

moms on hand to watch her daughter compete. “You know Japan is always going to do something good,” Herndon said, sitting with a group of young Ohio players on the sidelines and

clearly enjoying the competition vicariously. “I miss it. I miss coaching,” she said. “I always told the girls winning is not the focus, but really that’s what sports is all about.”

A couple of times they played basketball, and at least once, he had the boy’s mom drop him off to watch a ball game with him and his wife. “Afterwards, he didn’t want to leave,” Rose said. “I told him we can always get together another day.” Like Tiller, he knows it’s the simple things that mean the most. “A lot of kids don’t have a positive male figure in their lives,” Tiller said. “When you’re 11 or 12 and you go through without a father there, you try to be tough. They try to be the dad, and they can’t at that young. A lot of boys will talk to a man before they will talk to their mama.”

learn from those mistakes. If they don’t do good, you tell them, ‘I know you can do better.’ You don’t abuse kids, but you let them know right from wrong. You praise them, too. You’ve got to reward kids.” Tiller agreed that mentoring children can help deter crime. “Especially if you can influ-

ence them before they go to middle school,” he said. It can’t be forced, though. “If you want to be a mentor, it has to come from the heart,” Smalls said. “They can tell if you’re genuine. Always remember, you can influence a whole generation by being a positive role model to a child.”

BECOME A MENTOR Rose still gets emails from his mentee, and he plans to take on a new one next school year. “Being a mentor to young men and young ladies helps bring crime down,” he said. “Being a mentor, we can discuss stuff. ‘This is why it happened.’ Help them realize we make mistakes and how to




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

CECIL F. WINDHAM Sr. MANNING — Retired Chief Master Sgt. Cecil Frank “Windy” Windham Sr., 84, husband of the late Sadie Eloise Plowden Windham, died Friday, June 13, 2014, at Tuomey Regional Medical Center. Born June 12, 1930, in Reynolds, Georgia, he WINDHAM was a son of the late Hoke Isiah Windham and Mamie Elizabeth Driscoll Windham. He was a U.S. Air Force veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars, past commander of American Legion Post 68, a member of The Forty and Eight, past chairman of Clarendon County Red Cross, past chairman and executive committeeman of the Clarendon County Republican Party, a volunteer for the Clarendon County Fire Department, a trustee for Brewington Presbyterian Church and a charter member and deacon emeritus of New Covenant Presbyterian Church. He is survived by four children, Cecil F. “Sonny” Windham Jr. and his wife, Hulaine, of Manning, Elizabeth W. McLeod and her husband, Robert, of Alcolu, Dale S. Windham and his wife, Rhonda, of Manning and Linda W. Smith and her husband, Page, of Jacksonville, Florida; six grandchildren, Daniel McLeod, Sarah Weathersbee, Zebulon Windham, Kathryn Windham, Adam Windham and Michael Windham; and five great-grandchildren, Jacob, Michael, Adalyn, Andrew and Elizabeth. A funeral service will be

held at 5 p.m. Monday at New Covenant Presbyterian Church with the Rev. J. Marcus Van Vlake officiating, assisted by Rev. Jesse Brock. Burial will follow in Brewington Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Daniel McLeod, Zebulon Windham, Adam Windham, Michael Windham, Blake Weathersbee and David Plowden. Honorary pallbearers will be members of American Legion Post 68 and members of The Forty and Eight. The family will receive friends at the residence, 2063 Dave Plowden Pond Road, Manning. Memorials may be made to New Covenant Presbyterian Church, 2833 Alex Harvin Highway, Manning, SC 29102 or to Brewington Presbyterian Church, c/o Patti McElveen, 895 Pleasant Grove Road, Lynchburg, SC 29080. Stephens Funeral Home & Crematory, 304 N. Church St., Manning, is in charge of arrangements, (803) 435-2179. www.stephensfuneralhome. org

ALLEN WILLIAMS BISHOPVILLE — Allen Williams entered eternal rest on June 13, 2014, at his residence, 45 Blue Palace Lane, Bishopville. The family is receiving friends at the home of his daughter, Annette Thomas, 211 N. Calhoun St., Bishopville. Funeral arrangements are incomplete and will be announced by Wilson Funeral Home, 403 S. Main St., Bishopville.




Members of the Stinney family attend the unveiling of the marker to commemorate the life of George Stinney Jr. on Saturday in Alcolu. Many wore matching Stinney Family Reunion T-shirts.

MEMORIAL FROM PAGE A1 death, was convicted of the killing of two white Alcolu girls. But supporters say Stinney was the victim of a racially biased system eager to scapegoat him for the crimes without clear evidence. “It was said George Stinney walked to the electric chair with a Bible under his arm,” the Rev. Delbert Singleton said at Saturday’s memorial. “And because of his small frame compared to Old Sparky ... it is also said that same Bible was used by his executioners as a booster seat.” The memorial was placed near the private home of a Stinney supporter, as a memorial to a life cut short. George Frierson, who helped place the memorial, said the young boy who en-

joyed drawing could have grown up to be a great artist. Singleton, pastor of Green Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Alcolu, noted Stinney was close in age to a young Martin Luther King Jr. The memorial is not meant to dishonor the memory of the two young murder victims (“don’t let that thought take root,” he said). Instead, the headstone should be seen as a sign of hope that injustice, even now, can be corrected. “This is a stone of hope chiseled out of a mountain of despair,” Singleton said. “Hope that not another child will be executed.” Frierson said he didn’t know much about the Stinney case, even though he knew of the case growing up in Alcolu, until he starting researching it after reading the coverage of the execution’s 60th anniversary. “The key piece of evi-

dence against him seemed to be his confession, so I wanted to get a copy of the confession. As of June 14, 2014, it has not come my way,” Frierson said. Elected officials, pastors and the state and local heads of the NAACP came to stand around the memorial, but center stage was reserved for a dozen relatives of George Stinney, mainly cousins wearing matching Stinney Family Reunion Tshirts. Ella Stinney McPhatter said the family was encouraged by an ongoing legal effort brought by Stinney’s surviving siblings, who now live out of state, to have their brother’s conviction overturned. “We just hope and pray the state will allow justice to be done, especially since his sisters and brother are ill,” McPhatter said. “Don’t let it go down in history that he did it.”

Encourage children to be outdoors this summer


hen I think back to my summers as a kid, I remember spending all day outdoors swimming, biking, playing games, taking family trips and reading. Picnics were a fun family event where we enjoyed fresh foods such as watermelon and corn on the cob. For most kids today, this is not their reality. As schools have closed their doors for the summer, many children are at risk for learning loss, inactivity, weight gain and poor food choices which can set children back developmentally and academically. Too many kids choose to spend their summer days with sedentary activities such as playing video games and watching TV rather than with activities that force them to exercise. Quick microwaveable meals are a popular choice rather than fixing a meal packed with delicious summerfresh foods. In fact, a study published in 2007 in the American Journal of Public Health reported that the body mass indexes of more than 5,000 kindergartners and first-graders increased by almost twice as much during summer break as compared with the school year. Weight gain and increased BMI can lead to health problems for your

children in youth as well as into adulthood. While we all want our kids to have as many opportunities Missy as they can Corrigan to be healthy, everyone’s approach may be different because of lifestyles and limiting factors. But here are a few tips for a successful summer with your kids.

CREATE A DAILY SCHEDULE Help your child feel in control of his or her summer vacation by having him or her provide suggestions for what the days should look like. Include educational and physical activities.

READ DAILY Make sure your child picks the books that he or she wants to read and take

It’s your world. Read all about it.

Call (803) 774-1200 and get started today.

his or her time reading. If you are a working parent with a young reader, take 15 minutes before bed and read a book together, especially if it is a more challenging book. Encourage your child to read daily if it fits into your schedule. Offer incentives for reading.

PLAN A WEEKLY FAMILY ACTIVITY Kids are more engaged if they are involved in teamwork. Play Frisbee in the park or go for a hike.

LIMIT SEDENTARY ACTIVITIES Set a daily limit on the

amount of time your child can watch TV and play on the computer or other electronic devices. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours.

MAKE CHORES FUN Have a race to see who can get chores done the fastest. Reward the effort with a fun activity.

TAKE A FIELD TRIP Visiting the museum, zoo or local attractions is both educational and physical. Quality time is an added bonus.

KEEP TOYS HANDY Stashing balls, racquets, jump ropes, Hula-Hoops and such by your door can encourage your kids to be active.

COOK TOGETHER Let kids be a part of preparing family meals. Make it a learning opportunity by researching the health benefits of wholesome foods.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY Be consistent in the timing of activities and reading. Set a timer to stay on track. While we all want to keep our kids healthy, everyone’s approach might be different.



SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014



Holocaust survivor found redemption in musicianship TEREZIN, Czech Republic (AP) — Edgar Krasa took part in one of the ennobling acts of the Holocaust. He didn’t take up arms in a ghetto insurrection, or fight in the Jewish underground. Instead, he and several hundred fellow concentration camp inmates defied the Nazis through music. For Krasa, the road began at the Masaryk Railway Station in the Czech capital, Prague. It was Nov. 24, 1941, and the Nazi machine was crushing one of the oldest Jewish communities of Europe. During the next four years, thousands of its artists, writers, musicians and professionals would be transported from the Prague area to the fortressturned-concentration camp where Krasa was sent that day: Terezin. The 21-year-old cook got off the train with 340 other Jews and trudged across a bleak countryside shouldering the 110 pounds of possessions each was permitted to bring. The Germans were billing Terezin, 38 miles northwest of Prague, as a “spa town” generously offered by Hitler to shelter Jews from the escalating war in Europe. As the group passed through the gates of the fortress town, ringed by nine-foot-thick walls, any hopes they may have harbored about a pleasant sojourn vanished. “They made us feel right away as prisoners,” Krasa, now a 93-year-old Bostonian, remembers. Terezin was never an extermination camp, although some 35,000 of the 140,000 prisoners perished there. Built in the 18th century, the town served as a collection center for the cream of Jewish intelligentsia, not only from what was then Czechoslovakia but half a dozen other European countries. From there, 87,000 were shipped on to camps such as Auschwitz; almost none survived. Terezin also proved a propaganda coup for the Nazis, who used it to show the world that they were treating Jews humanely.

The reality of Terezin could not be more different. Krasa remembers how conditions deteriorated rapidly as military barracks were converted to stack arrivals. A town built to accommodate 5,000, Terezin’s inmate population would reach 55,000. Typhus epidemics, overwork, executions and severe malnutrition scythed through its ranks. A week after Krasa’s arrival, a young Prague musician, Rafael Schachter, turned up at Terezin — and the two shared an attic room. “He was my hero. His vision was to make the lives of every prisoner more bearable,” says Krasa. Schachter gathered inmates to sing popular Czech songs, then entire operas and finally led them in rehearsals of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem Mass, a towering work that challenges the world’s finest musicians. They learned it by rote from a single smuggled score. The chorus rehearsed in a cold, dark cellar after hours of grueling forced labor. The group of some 150 had to be replenished twice as members were deported to Auschwitz. At times, they emerged from the cellar and stepped over the skeletal corpses of fellow inmates. “Well, it kept our spirits lifted. We felt we wanted to go on. We were hungry, we were tired, we were sick. But we had something to live for,” Krasa says. The rehearsals were initially carried out in secret, but Jewish elders were able to persuade camp commanders to allow such activities so they could demonstrate to the world the Nazis’ “goodwill” toward the Jews. Intellectual and artistic life exploded. The Terezin Orchestra and a jazz group called the Ghetto Swingers were formed. Inmates staged cabarets, operas and piano recitals, complete with handbills. They gave more than 2,400 lectures on subjects ranging from physics to philosophy. Krasa, who once crooned in a barber shop quartet, sang in all 16 performances of the Requiem at Terezin.


Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem Mass is performed in Berlin, Germany, on March 4 to remember victims of Nazi terror at the Terezin camp-ghetto where doomed inmates performed the work in defiance of their captors. The final one was on June 23, 1944, given before senior Nazis, including the principal architect of the genocide, Adolf Eichmann, and an International Red Cross delegation. It was part of an elaborate and successful hoax to present Terezin, greatly prettified for the occasion, as a benign place of refuge. The Requiem chorus had its own secret plan to hoodwink the Nazis. Schachter told his singers, now down to 60, to study the Requiem’s message: a heartbreaking plea for salvation but also a terrifying evocation of the day “when the damned are silenced and

given to the fierce flames” — the day when their captors would be punished. Singing the Requiem to the faces of the Nazis, he said, would be an act of defiance, and an affirmation of their own dignity.

“If the Nazis realized what the lyrics were about, (we) could be deported (to death camps). But nobody left. Nobody. We sang those verses,” Krasa has said. “It was the only way we were able to achieve victory.”




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014


Thailand’s rampant trafficking may carry price AMBON, Indonesia (AP) — He was too sick to eat, and Min Min Chan’s chest ached with each breath he sucked. It didn’t matter: The Thai captain warned him to get back on deck and start hauling fish onto the trawler or be tossed overboard. As a 17-year-old slave stuck in the middle of the sea, he knew no one would come looking if he simply vanished. Less than a month earlier, Chan had left Myanmar for neighboring Thailand, looking for work. Instead, he said a broker tricked and sold him onto the fishing boat for $616. He ended up far away in Indonesian waters before even realizing what was happening. Tens of thousands of invisible migrants like Chan stream into Thailand, Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy, every year. Many are used as forced labor in various industries, especially on long-haul fishing boats that catch seafood eaten in the U.S. and around the world. Others are dragged into the country’s booming sex industry. Ethnic Rohingya asylum seekers from neighboring Myanmar are also held for ransom in abysmal jungle camps. This week, when a U.S. report on human trafficking comes out, Thailand may be punished for allowing that exploitation. The country has been on a U.S. State Department human trafficking watch list for the past four years. Washington warned in last year’s report that without major improvements, it would be dropped to the lowest rung, Tier 3, joining the ranks of North Korea, Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe. Though Thailand says it is trying to prevent such abuses and punish traffickers, its authorities have been part of the problem. The U.S. has said the involvement of corrupt officials appears to be widespread, from protecting brothels and workplaces to cooperating directly with traffickers.

A downgrade could lead the U.S. to pull back certain forms of foreign support and exchange programs as well as oppose assistance from international financial institutions such as the World Bank. Washington has already cut some assistance to Bangkok following last month’s Thai military coup. Thailand is paying a U.S. public relations company $51,000 a month to help in its push for better standing. The government issued a progress report for 2013, noting that investigations, prosecutions and the budget for anti-trafficking work all are on the rise. “We recognize that it’s a very serious, very significant problem, and we’ve been building a legal and bureaucratic framework to try to address these issues,” said Vijavat Isarabhakdi, Thailand’s ambassador to the U.S. “We feel that we have turned a corner and are making great progress in this area.” At least 38 Thai police were punished last year or are being investigated for alleged involvement in trafficking, but none has stood trial yet. Four companies have been fined, and criminal charges against five others are pending. But the government pulled the licenses of only two of the country’s numerous labor recruitment agencies. In Geneva on Wednesday, Thailand was the only government in the world to vote against a new U.N. international treaty that combats forced labor by, among other things, strengthening victims’ access to compensation. Several countries abstained. “Thailand tries to portray itself as the victim while, at the same time, it’s busy taking advantage of everybody it can who’s coming through the country,” said Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division. “The exploitation of migrants, the trafficking, it comes through Thailand because peo-


Workers unload frozen fish from a Thai fishing boat at a port in Ambon, Indonesia, in April. Tens of thousands of invisible migrants are trafficked annually through Thailand, Southeast Asia’s secondlargest economy. ple know they can pay people in the government and in the police to look the other way.”

CHAN’S NIGHTMARE Chan’s story is a common nightmare. A recruiter showed up in his village in Myanmar, also known as Burma, offering good money to work on a fishing boat in Thailand. Chan said after sneaking across the border by foot, he was sold onto a boat by the broker and told to hide inside to avoid being seen by Thai authorities. “‘You have to work at least

six months. After that, you can go back home,’” Chan said the captain told him. “I decided, ‘I can work for six months on this boat.’” But after the ship docked 17 days later on eastern Indonesia’s Ambon island, Chan met other Burmese workers who told a very different story: There was no six-month contract and no escape. Now thousands of miles from home, he realized he no longer owned his life — it had become a debt that must be paid. Ambon, in the Banda Sea, is peppered with churches and

pristine dive sites. At the port, deep-sea fishermen in tattered T-shirts and rubber boots form human chains on boats, tossing bag after bag of frozen snapper and other fish into pickup trucks bound for cold storage. Much of it will later be shipped to Thailand for export. They speak Burmese, Thai and other languages. Their skin is dark from the sun, and some faces look far older than their ropey bodies. On the cramped boat, Chan said he slept only about three hours a night alongside 17 other men, mostly Burmese, sometimes working on just one meal of rice and fish a day. There was no fresh water for drinking or bathing, only boiled sea water with a briny taste. In his first month at sea, he got sick and didn’t eat for three days. He was sleeping when the captain threatened him. “Why are you not working? Why are you taking a rest?” Chan recalled him saying. “Do we have to throw you off into the water?” Some of Chan’s friends carried him onto the deck, where he was given medicine before getting back to work. For the next year, he labored, hauling up thousands of pounds of fish as he tried to shake a stubborn cough. He saw land every couple of months, but there was no way to leave the port. He said he was given occasional packs of cigarettes, noodles and coffee, but he never got paid.


THE SUMTER ITEM WASHINGTON (AP) — Here’s how area members of Congress voted on major issues in the week ending June 13.

Voting no: Mark Sanford, R-1, James Clyburn, D-6 Not voting: Joe Wilson, R-2

Rice, R-7 Voting no: None Not voting: Joe Wilson, R-2




By a unanimous vote of 426 for and none against, the House on June 10 passed a bill (HR 4810) qualifying veterans for health care outside the Department of Veterans Affairs system for the next two years if they live more than 40 miles from a DVA medical unit or face lengthy waits for appointments at nearby DVA facilities. The bill would prohibit the payment of performance bonuses for all DVA staff through fiscal 2016 and use the $400 million in savings to defray the cost of outside care for veterans in the private sector or in the Department of Defense’s Tricare system, the Indian Health Service or community-based health clinics. No member spoke against the bill. A yes vote was to send the bill to conference with a similar Senate-passed bill. VOTE H-1 slugged VETERANS SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: Mark Sanford, R-1, Jeff Duncan, R-3, Trey Gowdy, R-4, Mick Mulvaney, R-5, James Clyburn, D-6, Tom

Voting 150 for and 272 against, the House on June 11 refused to raise fiscal 2015 spending for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service by $5.5 million and cut spending for Farm Service Agency conservation programs by the same amount. This would restore the USDA budget for food safety to its 2014 level of $1.01 billion. The amendment was proposed to a bill (HR 4800), still in debate, that would appropriate $20.9 billion in discretionary spending next year for the USDA, Food and Drug Administration, Commodities Futures Trading Commission and other agencies. A yes vote was to increase spending for food safety by $5.5 million. VOTE H-2 slugged FOOD SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: None Voting no: Sanford, Wilson (SC), Duncan (SC), Gowdy, Mulvaney, Clyburn, Rice (SC) Not voting: None

2015 TRANSPORTATION, HOUSING BUDGET Voting 229 for and 192 against, the House on June 10 passed a bill (HR 4745) to appropriate $52 billion in fiscal 2015 discretionary spending for the departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development and related agencies. The bill would fund initiatives such as airport and air-traffic-control improvements, maritime programs, highway safety, mass transit, intercity rail, public housing and Community Development Block Grants to cities. Separately, the bill releases $40.26 billion from the nearly depleted Highway Trust Fund for road and bridge repairs and new construction in the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1. The bill provides $149 million for the Essential Air Service program, which subsidizes air-passenger service to small-city airports, while cutting funding for housing subsidies for the poor, Amtrak capital improvements and so-called TIGER grants that fund road, rail, transit and port projects having major regional impacts. A yes vote was to send the bill to conference with the Senate. VOTE H-1 slugged TRANSPORTATION SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: Jeff Duncan, R-3, Trey Gowdy, R-4, Mick Mulvaney, R-5, Tom Rice, R-7


SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

MILLIONAIRE’S TAX Voting 56 for and 38 against, the Senate on June 11 failed to reach 60 votes needed to end Republican blockage of a bill (S 2431) that would allow tens of millions of individuals to refinance their student loans during the next two years. To offset its $5 billion-plus annual cost to the Treasury, the bill would impose a 30-percent minimum tax on households with at least $1 million in income from salaries and/or investments. Under the bill, former students could refinance their federal or private education loans down to current interest rates for the same type of loan. Those holding Stafford undergraduate loans at 6.8 percent interest or higher, for example, could refinance to today’s 3.86 percent rate for that type of loan. A yes vote was to end a GOP filibuster against the loan-refinancing bill. VOTE S-1 slugged STUDENT SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: None Voting no: None Not voting: Lindsey Graham, R, Tim Scott, R

IMPROVEMENTS TO VETERANS’ HEALTH CARE By a vote of 93 for and three against, the Senate on June 11



passed a bill (HR 3230) providing outside treatment options for veterans who live more than 40 miles from Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities or face lengthy waits for DVA appointments. The bill qualifies these veterans for care at Department of Defense, Indian Health Service or communitybased hospitals and clinics as well as access to private doctors and hospitals. The bill provides $500 million in deficit spending for the immediate hiring of additional DVA doctors and nurses and authorizes DVA to sign leases for 26 new hospitals and clinics in 17 states and Puerto Rico. Also under the bill, senior DVA personnel with unsatisfactory work records could be immediately fired, with their appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board adjudicated within 28 days. A yes vote was to pass the bill, which will be combined with a similar House-passed measure. VOTE S-1 slugged VETERANS SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: Lindsey Graham, R, Tim Scott, R Voting no: None Not voting: None © 2014, Thomas Voting Reports Inc.



SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

N.G. Osteen 1843-1936 The Watchman and Southron


H.G. Osteen 1870-1955 Founder, The Item

H.D. Osteen 1904-1987 The Item

Margaret W. Osteen 1908-1996 The Item Hubert D. Osteen Jr. Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Graham Osteen Co-President Kyle Osteen Co-President Jack Osteen Editor and Publisher Larry Miller CEO Braden Bunch Senior News Editor

20 N. Magnolia St., Sumter, South Carolina 29150 • Founded October 15, 1894

Remember when DAD was KING? This column first appeared on Sunday, June 18, 1989.



homage to fathers. After all, if one is to believe the propaganda propagated via the boob tube, fathers are bungling idiots whose wives and children are blessed with the wisdom of the ages as well as an abundance of common sense that usually rescues Dad from some egregious error in judgment. And if they don’t come across as dolts in some TV portrayals, in others the father is shown as “sensitive” and “caring,” Hubert D. a gentle, non-threatOsteen Jr. ening soul who participates in the operation of his household but never runs it. In this version, the modern home is like a democracy, with decisions arrived at after discussions between the wimpish, emasculated father and the rest of the family: “Gee, Dad, I’m not sure I’ve got time to put out the garbage; I’m reading Shirley MacLaine’s book and I’m right in the middle of a great part about

ho started Father’s Day, anyway? Was it Rep. Alex Harvin, who had a resolution passed in the state House of Representatives? Nah, it was before Little Alex’s time, and mine too, for that matter. To set the record straight, the idea was supposed to have come from a Mrs. John Bruce Dodd of Spokane, Washington, as a way of honoring her own father, who had successfully reared a family of children after their mother had died. The idea came to her in 1909 and has been observed ever since, on the third Sunday in June — today. I certainly have no objection to giving special recognition to fathers once a year. We do as much for groundhogs, so why not a little respect for Dad? (Incidentally, the word “dad” is a euphemistic form of God, which is more than appropriate for the Head of the Household.) And while we’re on the subject of respect, all sons and daughters, not to mention wives, should be eager to pay

channeling.” “Well, Son, I think I understand how you feel. I know that book is important to you as you seek to feel better about yourself. But we still have the garbage problem. I’d suggest we have a family discussion, and should the family’s decision be that it would be more appropriate for me to remove the garbage, why, I would be more than happy to do so.” “Gee, Dad (beaming), you’re the greatest!” For those of us who yearn for the good old days, when Dad was in charge, the previous scene would more than likely transpire thusly: Father to son: “Put the garbage out.” Son: “I’m busy — I’m reading my new Batman comic book.” Father (in low, threatening voice): “If you don’t put that garbage out in 10 seconds, I’m going to kick tail.” Son (leaping up from sofa): “Yes sir!” Father: “That’s more like it.” See how much simpler things were in more uncomplicated times? As for the wife’s role, she was expected, among other duties as a loyal minion to His Excellency, The Husband and Father, to have meals on the table at a certain time of the day and

evening. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for some husbands and fathers to actually have to HELP COOK, and then — and this is the most astounding development in the decline of the father — ASSIST THE WIFE AND CHILDREN IN CLEANING OFF THE TABLE AND WASHING DISHES! It’s a sad state of affairs in this country when fathers are demeaned in such a manner. In other, more civilized societies around the world, the father is definitely the boss, with bullwhips, clubs, bastinados, bludgeons, truncheons, mallets, cleavers, machetes and broadswords prominently displayed in the household as a reminder of who’s in charge. No such symbols of authority can be found in American households today. The only place where you can find such signs as “I may not be right, but I’m the Boss,” is in an unobtrusive part of someone’s office. Certainly not in a home. So Dads, enjoy it all you can today. I plan to. I’ve already instructed my wife to serve me breakfast in bed. When she finishes laughing I’m going to give her my order ... Reach Hubert D. Osteen Jr. at hubert@

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Rules are for everyone, including police officers Well, well, well. Here we go again. Today, June 11, at 2 p.m., there was a police vehicle parked in the library parking lot. Apparently, this police officer cannot read signs. A large sign says, “Library Parking Only.” The folks of Sumter heed signs or get a ticket. Maybe this police officer, car tag number MG 54072, needs to go back to elementary school to learn the basics. Sorry to tell on you, but rules are rules. NANCY CONWAY Sumter

Thanks for helping father attend son’s graduation As a proud grandparent attending the Lakewood High School graduation ceremony, I have never seen such a large, so diverse, well-behaved crowd. Surely thanks go to Dr. Baker, his staff, the

parents of the graduates, and especially the graduates themselves. Thank you to the nurses on the oncology ward of Tuomey hospital for getting my son to the graduation to allow him to see his oldest daughter graduate. In my heart, there will never be a bigger and better person than the van driver who transported my son to the ceremony. Thank you, and God bless you. DAVID A. TRIMNAL Rembert

Sumter High will survive without Noonan as coach I’ve read the letter from Russell Shelley (Greenville) in today’s (June 10) Sumter Item in regards to the hiring of Coach Jones at Sumter High. He mentioned Jimmy Noonan as a candidate. He apparently has forgotten that Noonan left Spring Valley a couple of years ago to come to Wilson Hall, to “be

closer to family.” He only stayed one year, and left for Wando. What was the reason? Maybe something happened in the community, maybe he was lied to by an athletic di-

rector, or maybe he didn’t want to be that close to family after all. Now, all of a sudden, he wants to come back. What’s the reason this time?

Looks as though Wilson Hall survived without him — I think Sumter High will as well. BILL BOATMAN Sumter

In politics, it’s always about the ground game


ASHINGTON — About that stunning defeat. Conventional Wisdom, that self-righteous propagandist, has it that Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s trouncing by an academic, tea-sipping nobody marks the end of the GOP establishment. The tea party candidate crushed Cantor, they say. The old-guard Republican Party is toast! It’s over. Finito. And those were the Democrats talking. Funny thing is, the tea party folks had been saying more or less the same thing, for exactly the same reason. It fit the narrative that served both groups. The tea party was losing its power to overthrow the titans. Witness the primary victories of a couple of old-timer targets, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham and Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell. The Democratic Party was losing its narrative that the tea party wacko-birds control the GOP. Thus, Dave Brat, the Republican nominee for Cantor’s seat, was a gift from Google. Or God. But I repeat myself. The narrative is back, baby! In the nation’s capital, the mourning for Cantor was over faster than a Rick Perry gay fundraiser. It is an awesome day — or something — when Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz are grinning about the same state of affairs. You don’t know whether to sig-

COMMENTARY nal Scotty to beam you up or whistle for Toto. The truth is, the tea party will be lucky to oust Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran in a primary runoff, though it would hardly be considered a rout. Cochran has been on the run lately, stumbling over a series of errors and literally dashing out the back door of one event to evade CNN’s Dana Bash. And, as though the South needed one more anecdote to convince the rest of nation that something seriously Kathleen strange has contamiParker nated the region’s DNA, Cochran recently reminisced fondly of his days doing “all kinds of indecent things with animals,” when he was just a young lad visiting the state’s Pine Belt. “I know some of you know what that is,” he told the Hattiesburg, Miss., audience. Oh, do tell. On second thought, oh, don’t. Two victories, assuming the second, hardly bestow bragging rights on the tea party. Nor, consequently, would they bolster the Democratic narrative that the tea party has con-

quered the GOP. Also, let’s not forget, Cantor wasn’t an old establishment guy. He was one of the “Young Guns,” the title of the book in which he, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan featured themselves as the new generation of conservative leadership. Those are some highfalutin words to live up to. Reality check: People who selfidentify as “young guns” are setting themselves up to get shot down. It isn’t that they can’t gun-sling with the best of them; it’s that they feel the need to tell you they can. Young gun, eh? We’ll see about that. Indeed, the tea party didn’t really support the Republican Brat (how delicious is that name?), who raised a measly $231,000 to Cantor’s $5.7 million. Conservative, tea-partyleaning Republicans ultimately may have supported him, in part thanks to talk radio promoters, but they weren’t expecting Brat to win any more than he was. Brat, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College, was so surprised that he has yet to think out his platform. Other than watercooler talks at the gym about ethical systems, free markets and the rule of law (read, “no amnesty”), he hasn’t really nailed down his policy positions. So MSNBC’s Chuck Todd discovered upon asking Brat on Wednesday about raising the minimum wage. Sort of breezy with his answer, say-

ing he didn’t have a “well-crafted response,” and “you can’t make up wage rates,” Brat explained that he didn’t get much sleep the night before. Poor Zachary Werrell, Brat’s 23-year-old campaign manager, who was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t find time to return a call to House Speaker John Boehner and had to scramble to hire a communications staffer. In the meantime, Werrell uttered the saddest words in political history: “We’re not going to be making any statements until we get professional PR help,” he said in an interview with Politico. Brat, in other words, isn’t quite ready for the prime-time slot he’s expected to win in November. But he had something Cantor didn’t have — a ground game. Brat’s lack of political sophistication served him well. Instead of watching polls, he knocked on doors. As for Cantor, the polls showed him winning, so why bother to press flesh? Here’s another reality check: It’s always about the ground game. This is the real lesson of Cantor’s stunning defeat. Sometimes a loser is just a loser. Kathleen Parker’s email address is © 2014, Washington Post Writers Group




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

FYI The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) office, 1140 S. Guignard Drive, has many animals available for adoption. Adoption fees cover the first shots and first deworming and spaying or neutering. The office is open 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. every day except Wednesday and Sun-

day. Call (803) 773-9292. The American Red Cross has a permanent blood service located at 1155 N. Guignard Drive, Suite 2. For information on donating blood, call (803) 775-2364. Blood can be donated for the general population or for your own surgery.

PUBLIC AGENDA CLARENDON SCHOOL DISTRICT 1 Monday, 6 p.m., district office, 12 S. Church St., Summerton MANNING CITY COUNCIL Monday, 6:30 p.m., second floor of Manning City Hall, 29 W. Boyce St. LEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES Monday, 6:30 p.m., cafeteria, Lee Central High School, 1800 Wisacky Highway, Bishopville

INDEPENDENT LIVING INC. ABILITIES UNLIMITED INC. ADAPTIVE LIFESTYLES INC. MAGNOLIA MANOR INC. FIRST FLIGHT INC. Tuesday, 5 p.m., 750 Electric Drive, Call (803) 778-1669, extension 119 SUMTER CITY COUNCIL Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., Sumter Opera House, 21 N. Main St.

TAX ACCOMMODATIONS ADVISORY BOARD Tuesday, 3 p.m., Swan Lake Visitors Center

CLARENDON COUNTY PLANNING & PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Tuesday, 6 p.m., planning commission office, 411 Sunset Drive, Manning


CLARENDON SCHOOL DISTRICT 2 Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., district office, 15 Major Drive, Manning

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don’t settle for EUGENIA LAST less. Find solutions to whatever is dragging you down. It’s up to you to make things happen. Change can be good, but make sure your motives are good. Running away isn’t your style, so face facts and do your thing.

The last word in astrology

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Listen carefully and wager the pros and cons of every suggestion made. You have to follow the path that best suits you. Updating your look or making home improvements will lift your spirits. Offering a service from home will bring in extra cash. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Reevaluate your relationships. Don’t let anyone entice you into doing something that attacks your integrity. Make changes that are based on honesty and trust. A secret is best kept that way. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Take part in a community event that explores different cultural backgrounds or takes you on a creative tour of what’s available in your neighborhood. It’s time to participate and meet new people who share your interests. Love is in the stars. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Go somewhere interesting or engage in activities that will allow you to spend time with unusual people. Exploring the possibilities and considering the directions that you can go will inspire you to take action.

is highlighted and romantic suggestions will be inviting. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Say little and do a lot. Follow your heart and set up plans to be with someone you enjoy spending time with. Make choices that will encourage you to say “yes” to the changes that will make your life fulfilling. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You can make changes at home, but stay within your financial means. Explore places that offer an insightful look into your community surroundings. Make a decision regarding a relationship, and follow through. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Make a residential move or renovate or redecorate. A change will do you a world of good, but stick to what you can afford to avoid added stress. An employment opportunity will tempt you. Update and send off your resume, but don’t exaggerate. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Spend time with the ones you love and you will build a strong home base. Beautifying your surroundings or adding something to your home that will encourage having fun should be considered. Love is in the stars. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Speak up, offer suggestions and consider new opportunities. Invest time in something you think can net you extra cash. Do your best to make improvements that will entice those around you to follow suit. Avoid impulse purchases and risky ventures.



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Today: A shower or thunderstorm around. Winds east 4-8 mph. Monday: A thunderstorm. Winds southsouthwest 3-6 mph.

Temperature High Low Normal high Normal low Record high Record low

Florence 89/67

Bishopville 90/68

Flood 7 a.m. stage yest. 12 5.71 19 4.80 14 4.61 14 3.69 80 76.60 24 7.13

24-hr chg -0.25 +0.29 +0.72 +0.17 -0.09 +1.58

Sunrise 6:10 a.m. Moonrise 10:53 p.m.

Sunset Moonset

8:35 p.m. 8:57 a.m.





June 19

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High 11:30 a.m. --12:07 a.m. 12:27 p.m.

Ht. 3.0 --3.7 3.0

Low 6:14 a.m. 6:17 p.m. 7:05 a.m. 7:13 p.m.

REGIONAL CITIES City Asheville Athens Augusta Beaufort Cape Hatteras Charleston Charlotte Clemson Columbia Darlington Elizabeth City Elizabethtown Fayetteville

Today Hi/Lo/W 83/62/pc 90/66/pc 91/67/t 89/70/t 81/66/pc 89/70/t 88/65/pc 89/68/pc 90/69/pc 90/67/pc 84/64/pc 88/66/pc 89/67/pc

Mon. Hi/Lo/W 84/61/t 90/67/t 92/66/t 89/70/pc 83/72/pc 90/70/pc 90/67/t 90/70/t 92/69/t 93/68/pc 88/69/pc 91/67/pc 92/68/pc

Today City Hi/Lo/W Florence 89/67/pc Gainesville 89/68/t Gastonia 89/66/pc Goldsboro 87/67/pc Goose Creek 89/69/t Greensboro 87/66/pc Greenville 89/68/pc Hickory 88/66/pc Hilton Head 85/73/t Jacksonville, FL 88/69/t La Grange 89/66/pc Macon 91/67/t Marietta 87/68/pc

Mon. Hi/Lo/W 91/67/pc 90/68/t 91/67/t 91/67/pc 90/69/pc 90/69/t 89/67/t 88/67/t 85/72/pc 89/68/t 90/66/t 91/68/t 89/70/t

Today City Hi/Lo/W Marion 87/65/pc Mt. Pleasant 88/70/t Myrtle Beach 85/69/pc Orangeburg 89/68/pc Port Royal 88/70/t Raleigh 89/67/pc Rock Hill 89/66/pc Rockingham 90/66/pc Savannah 89/70/t Spartanburg 89/68/pc Summerville 86/72/t Wilmington 85/66/pc Winston-Salem 87/67/pc

Weather(W): s–sunny, pc–partly cloudy, c–cloudy, sh–showers, t–thunderstorms, r–rain, sf–snow flurries, sn–snow, i–ice

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Get involved in a good cause. What you VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Put do to help others will be recognized greater effort into the way you look and rewarded. Keep in mind that it’s while expanding your skills and your time, expertise and knowledge talents. Being at your very best will that is needed, not a cash donation. help boost your confidence and give Showing off your talents will lead to an interesting proposal. rise to interesting encounters. Love

THE NEWSDAY CROSSWORD GIFT LIST: Ideas for some dads By David W. Cromer

ACROSS 1 Modifier: Abbr. 4 ‘50s music scandal cause 10 Gaping mouth 13 Wall Street news 19 Frat letter 20 Big name in the kitchen 21 __ Baba 22 One of the Twelve Olympians 23 FOR A CONSTRUCTION WORKER 26 Southernmost land in North America 27 Ending for attend 28 Seasoned sailor 29 Competitor of Coach 31 Piece of turf 32 Map nos. 33 Two-deck card game 35 Performances

of Puccini 39 Gelatin shapers 41 FOR A WATCHMAKER 45 Wants no part of 46 Rapper with 12 Grammys 48 Neighbor of Hungary 49 Triangular chip 50 Small warbler 51 Occupational suffix 53 Make dim 54 Say again 55 FOR A LIFEGUARD 58 Tankard filler 59 Glide down slopes 60 Jots down 61 Star Wars princess 62 Dive atop 66 Some metalware 68 Soprano Mitchell 70 Napoleon’s birthplace 71 Breaks the Eighth Com-

mandment 72 Fly alone 73 Fresh talk 74 Louvre pyramid designer 75 Casino cube 76 FOR A POLICE OFFICER 79 Bike accessory 80 Citi Field mascot 83 502, in old Rome 84 Garfield canine 85 River to the Rio Grande 86 In a sulky way 88 Former Today Show critic 91 Distributed 92 FOR A PHYSICIAN 94 Peeved 95 In the wings 96 Futuristic blasters 99 “Candy is dandy . . .” poet 102 Buddy 104 Seated Beatle 106 Santa __, CA


107 Machu Picchu dweller 108 Paperless messages 112 FOR A ZOOKEEPER 116 Abominable 117 Suffix for serpent 118 Rolled taco 119 Doublecrosser 120 Very fast tempo 121 It’s a boy 122 List of the best 123 Bug planter DOWN 1 Being tried, in legalese 2 Discourage 3 FOR AN ELECTRICIAN 4 __ XING 5 102 Across, in Rouen 6 Busybodies 7 Hymn accompanier 8 Virgo follower 9 100% 10 Twine-twisting craft 11 __-Seltzer 12 “Knowing you know nothing,” to Socrates 13 Former gasstation freebie 14 Clean air agcy. 15 Harry Potter’s best friend 16 Stamp collector’s envelope 17 Red Muppet 18 Pathway 24 South Africa surrounds it 25 Elect to join 30 Out of touch 33 Audiophile collection 34 Be frugal 36 Beneficiary of some boosts 37 Nomads 38 Spring blooms 40 Virgo preceder 42 Wife of Iago 43 Actress Long 44 Grain spike 45 Make the grade



46 Cupid alias 47 Director Brooks 49 Elevated quarters 50 Expert in the policy of 60 Down 52 Where a 28 Across is at home 55 Inherently 56 Emotionally distant 57 Jerry’s parfait partner 58 At __ for words 60 Frequent editorial subject 63 FOR A PLUMBER 64 Spotted wildcat 65 Polishing candidates 67 Began with élan

Ht. -0.6 -0.6 -0.6 -0.4

68 Movie mogul Mayer 69 Pixie 70 Wedding order 72 What “fi” often follows 73 Cross mood 77 Candy on a stick 78 Oscar role for Forest 79 ‘50s bohemian 80 “Tastes great!” 81 Lobster eggs 82 Tone down 83 Measures of force 85 Pot-pie morsel 87 Whopper 89 Overwhelmed at work 90 Fill with dread 91 People in 120 Across, if all goes well 93 Do require 94 Needing more

variety 97 Winery surname of fame 98 Open, as a vitamin bottle 100 Small brawl 101 Ill-considered 102 Culprit, to a cop 103 Cupid alias 105 __ Eleanor Roosevelt

109 Part of TGIF 110 Suffix for book 111 __-cone (summer treat) 113 Nautical direction 114 Grazed on 115 Has the means to



PALMETTO CASH 5 SATURDAY 1-6-16-30-31 PowerUp: 3

2-7-9 and 0-5-0



7-38-46-49-56 Megaball: 1 Megaplier: 5

6-3-6-1 and 5-6-7-6

Unavailable at press time


Mon. Hi/Lo/W 87/63/t 88/70/pc 85/70/pc 90/68/t 88/70/pc 92/69/pc 90/67/t 93/67/pc 90/69/t 90/69/t 86/70/pc 87/67/pc 90/70/t


P-15’s crushed by Florence 13-1 in non-league action


SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

B2 Call: (803) 774-1241 | E-mail:


Life, football reflections


Former Clemson football standout Terry Kinard, left, tosses a football during this week’s Leading America’s Youth Upward Program’s sports mentoring camp for at-risk youth. Kinard spoke to a group of around 60 kids about growing up in Sumter and took the time to share some sound advice. He also reflected on his time as a former National Football League player and gave his opinion on today’s current issues surrounding the sport.

Camp provides skills, direction for at-risk kids

SHS’ Kinard addresses youth program, shares views on NFL issues BY MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER


ever forget where you came from.” Former Sumter High and Clemson football standout Terry Kinard was reminded of that age-old adage on Thursday as a key guest speaker during the opening day of the Leading America’s Youth Upward Program’s sports/mentoring camp for atrisk youth. “It’s important for them to see people like myself — who are from here — that were able to get out and do a lot of


What do former Clemson All-American and College Football Hall of Famer Terry Kinard, former Wake Forest quarterback Keith West and former Wake Forest basketball standout Wilbert SingleMICHAEL CHRISTOPHER / THE SUMTER ITEM ton all have in common? A T-shirt from the Leading America’s Youth Upward Program shirt was They grew up in Sumter and excelled in sports, yes, but SEE KINARD, PAGE B5 worn by at-risk kinds during this week’s sports/mentoring camp.

more importantly they each overcame different obstacles in their lives in order to do so. That made the three former college standouts perfect choices — along with other community leaders — for guest speakers at the Lay Up Skills, Drills & Life Sports/ Mentoring Camp for at-risk youth which began Thursday




Kaymer protects lead at Pinehurst for now

Earnhardt, Keselowski favorites at Michigan in Quicken Loans 400

Only one player has lost 5-shot Open lead BY DOUG FERGUSON The Associated Press PINEHURST, N.C. — Not even Martin Kaymer was immune from a Pinehurst No. 2 course that restored the reputation of a U.S. Open. He threw enough counterpunches Saturday to leave him on the cusp of his second major. On a broiling day with some wicked pin positions that yielded only two rounds under par, Kaymer rolled in a 10-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole to salvage a 2-over 72 and take a five-shot lead into the final round. Only one player in U.S. Open history has lost a five-shot lead in the final round, and that was 95 years go. “I didn’t play as well as the first two days, but I

kept it together,” Kaymer said. That was all that was required on a day when the U.S. Open finally looked like the toughest test in golf. Kaymer hit a 7-iron from the sandy area left of the fairway on the par-5 fifth hole to set up a 5-foot eagle putt, and his birdie on the final hole put him at 8-under 202. Only the names of challengers changed, but they were sure to stir up the crowd — and the emotions. Erik Compton, a twotime heart transplant recipient and perhaps the most remarkable story on the PGA Tour, rolled in a 40-foot putt on the 11th hole for one of his six birdies in a round of 67. He was tied at 3-under 207 with Rickie Fowler, a fan favorite of young American golf fans, who also had a 67.

BY NOAH TRISTER The Associated Press

Dustin Johnson and Henrik Stenson each shot 70 and were at 2-under 208. Brandt Snedeker had a 72 and was another shot behind. Asked how much that birdie mattered on the 18th hole, Kaymer said, “One shot.” “If you’re four shots, five

BROOKLYN, Mich. — Dale Earnhardt Jr. snapped a long losing streak when he won at Michigan International Speedway two years ago. How much have times changed? A victory this week would give NASCAR’s most popular driver a winEARNHARDT ning streak. Earnhardt has already reached Victory Lane twice this year, including last weekend at Pocono. Now third in the Sprint Cup standings, KESELOWSKI Earnhardt has three second-place finishes in 2014 to go with his two wins — and the question is no longer whether he can win, but how often. “Definitely that’s new,” Earnhardt said. “That’s the new conversation topic for us, but I just want to




Martin Kaymer hits from the fairway on the 14th hole during Saturday’s third round of the U.S. Open in Pinehurst, N.C. Kaymer leads at 8-under par. Fowler will play in the final group of a major for the first time. Only six players remained under par, and considering no one has come from more than seven shots behind in the final round to win a U.S. Open, they might be the only ones left with a realistic chance to catch the 29-year-old German.




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014



Game 10 - Game 7 winner vs. Game 8 loser, 8 p.m.



5 a.m. – Auto Racing: 24 Hours of Le Mans Finish from Le Mans, France (FOX SPORTS 1). 11:30 a.m. – International Soccer: FIFA World Cup Group E Match from Brasilia, Brazil – Switzerland vs. Ecuador (WOLO 25). Noon – PGA Golf: U.S. Open Final Round from Pinehurst, N.C. (WIS 10). 1 p.m. – WNBA Basketball: Phoenix at Minnesota (ESPN2). 1 p.m. – NASCAR Racing: Sprint Cup Series Quicken Loans 400 from Brooklyn, Mich. (TNT). 1:30 p.m. – Major League Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia (WGN). 2 p.m. – Major League Baseball: Cleveland at Boston or Washington at St. Louis (MLB NETWORK). 2:30 p.m. – International Soccer: FIFA World Cup Group E Match from Porto Alegre, Brazil – Honduras vs. France (WOLO 25). 3 p.m. – College Baseball: College World Series Game Three from Omaha, Neb. – Texas Tech vs. Texas Christian (ESPN2). 5:30 p.m. – International Soccer: FIFA World Cup Group F Match from Rio de Janeiro – Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina (ESPN). 8 p.m. – NBA Basketball: NBA Finals Game Five – Miami at San Antonio (WOLO 25). 8 p.m. – Major League Baseball: Los Angeles Angels at Atlanta (ESPN, WPUB-FM 102.7). 8 p.m. – College Baseball: College World Series Game Four from Omaha, Neb. – Mississippi vs. Virginia (ESPN2).


11:30 a.m. – International Soccer: FIFA World Cup Group G Match from Salvador, Brazil – Germany vs. Portugal (WOLO 25). 2:30 p.m. – International Soccer: FIFA World Cup Group F Match from Curitiba, Brazil – Iran vs. Nigeria (ESPN). 3 p.m. – College Baseball: College World Series Game Five from Omaha, Neb. (ESPN2). 5:30 p.m. – International Soccer: FIFA World Cup Group G Match from Natal, Brazil – Ghana vs. United States (ESPN). 6:05 p.m. -- Talk Show: Sports Talk (WDXY-FM 105.9, WDXY-AM 1240). 6:30 p.m. -- American Legion Baseball: Cheraw at Sumter (WWHM-FM 92.3, WWHM-FM 93.3, WWHM-AM 1290). 7 p.m. -- Major League Baseball: Philadelphia at Atlanta (SPORTSOUTH, WPUB-FM 102.7). 8 p.m. -- Major League Baseball: New York Mets at St. Louis (ESPN). 8 p.m. – College Baseball: College World Series Game Six from Omaha, Neb. (ESPN2).



x-Game 13 - Game 6 winner vs. Game 9 winner, 3 p.m. x-Game 14 - Game 8 winner vs. Game 10 winner, 8 p.m. If only one game is necessary, it will start at 8:30 p.m.

Pct. .889 .700 .500 .462 .272 .286


Sumter 12, Hartsville 1 Dalzell-Shaw 5, Manning-Santee 4 Camden 8, Cheraw 4


Hartsville 2, Sumter 1 Manning-Santee 9, Dalzell-Shaw 2


Sumter 11, Hartsville 1 (7) Manning-Santee 4, Dalzell-Shaw 1 Camden wins by forfeit over Cheraw


Sumter 11, Lake City 0 (7)


Sumter at Florence, 7:30 p.m. Lancaster at Camden, 2 p.m.

COLLEGE WORLD SERIES By The Associated Press At TD Ameritrade Park Omaha Omaha, Neb. Double Elimination x-if necessary


Game 1 - UC Irvine (40-23) vs. Texas (43-19), 3 p.m. Game 2 - Louisville (50-15) vs. Vanderbilt (46-19), late


Game 3 - Texas Tech (45-19) vs. TCU (47-16), 3 p.m. Game 4 - Virginia (49-14) vs. Mississippi (46-19), 8 p.m.


Game 5 - Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 loser, 3 p.m. Game 6 - Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner, 8 p.m.


Game 7 - Game 3 loser vs. Game 4 loser, 3 p.m. Game 8 - Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner, 8 p.m.


Game 9 - Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 loser, 8 p.m.


Philadelphia’s Rollins sets club hit record


(Best-of-3) June 23: Pairings TBA, 8 p.m. June 24: Pairings TBA, 8 p.m. x-June 25: Pairings TBA, 8 p.m.

MLB STANDINGS By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE EAST DIVISION W Toronto 40 New York 35 Baltimore 34 Boston 31 Tampa Bay 26 CENTRAL DIVISION W Detroit 34 Kansas City 34 Minnesota 32 Chicago 33 Cleveland 33 WEST DIVISION W Oakland 40 Los Angeles 36 Seattle 34 Texas 33 Houston 31

L 29 31 32 36 42

Pct .580 .530 .515 .463 .382

GB – 31/2 41/2 8 131/2

L 29 32 33 35 35

Pct .540 .515 .492 .485 .485

GB – 11/2 3 31/2 31/2

L 27 30 33 34 38

Pct .597 .545 .507 .493 .449

GB – 31/2 6 7 10


Toronto 4, Baltimore 0 Minnesota 2, Detroit 0 Boston 10, Cleveland 3 Atlanta 4, L.A. Angels 3 Kansas City 7, Chicago White Sox 2 Tampa Bay 6, Houston 1 N.Y. Yankees 7, Oakland 0 Texas 1, Seattle 0


Minnesota (Nolasco 4-5) at Detroit (Porcello 8-4), 1:08 p.m. Cleveland (Kluber 6-4) at Boston (Workman 1-0), 1:35 p.m. Toronto (Happ 5-3) at Baltimore (Tillman 5-3), 1:35 p.m Kansas City (Shields 7-3) at Chicago White Sox (Rienzo 4-3), 2:10 p.m. Tampa Bay (Price 4-6) at Houston (Peacock 2-4), 2:10 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (Nuno 1-2) at Oakland (J.Chavez 5-4), 4:05 p.m. Texas (N.Martinez 1-3) at Seattle (Iwakuma 4-3), 4:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (H.Santiago 0-6) at Atlanta (Minor 2-4), 8:05 p.m.



League Overall Team W L Pct. GB W L Sumter 5 1 .833 8 1 Camden 4 1 .800 1/2 7 3 Hartsville 4 4 .500 2 4 4 Dalzell 4 5 .444 2 1/2 6 7 Manning 3 6 .333 3 1/2 3 8 Cheraw 2 5 .286 3 1/2 2 5

Game 11 - Game 6 winner vs. Game 9 winner, 3 p.m. Game 12 - Game 8 winner vs. Game 10 winner, 8 p.m.


L.A. Angels at Cleveland, 7:05 p.m. Kansas City at Detroit, 7:08 p.m. Baltimore at Tampa Bay, 7:10 p.m. Minnesota at Boston, 7:10 p.m. Texas at Oakland, 10:05 p.m. San Diego at Seattle, 10:10 p.m.

NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST DIVISION Atlanta Washington Miami New York Philadelphia CENTRAL DIVISION Milwaukee St. Louis Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago WEST DIVISION San Francisco Los Angeles Colorado San Diego Arizona

W 35 35 34 30 28

L 31 31 32 37 37

Pct .530 .530 .515 .448 .431

GB – – 1 51/2 61/2

W 40 35 33 32 27

L 28 32 34 34 38

Pct .588 .522 .493 .485 .415

GB – 41/2 61/2 7 111/2

W 43 36 32 28 29

L 25 33 35 39 41

Pct .632 .522 .478 .418 .414

GB – 71/2 101/2 141/2 15


Chicago Cubs 2, Philadelphia 1 Pittsburgh 8, Miami 6, 13 innings N.Y. Mets 6, San Diego 2 Atlanta 4, L.A. Angels 3 Cincinnati 6, Milwaukee 5 St. Louis 1, Washington 0 L.A. Dodgers 4, Arizona 3 Colorado 7, San Francisco 4


Pittsburgh (Undecided) at Miami (H. Alvarez 3-3), 1:10 p.m. San Diego (Kennedy 5-7) at N.Y. Mets (Matsuzaka 3-0), 1:10 p.m. Chicago Cubs (T.Wood 6-5) at Philadelphia (A.Burnett 4-5), 1:35 p.m. Cincinnati (Leake 3-6) at Milwaukee (Estrada 5-3), 2:10 p.m. Washington (Fister 5-1) at St. Louis (J.Garcia 2-0), 2:15 p.m. Colorado (Nicasio 5-5) at San Francisco (Bumgarner 8-4), 4:05 p.m. Arizona (Arroyo 6-4) at L.A. Dodgers (Beckett 4-3), 4:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (H.Santiago 0-6) at Atlanta (Minor 2-4), 8:05 p.m.


Chicago Cubs at Miami, 7:10 p.m. Philadelphia at Atlanta, 7:10 p.m. N.Y. Mets at St. Louis, 8:10 p.m. Milwaukee at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. Colorado at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. San Diego at Seattle, 10:10 p.m.


Philadelphia Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins, right, celebrates his single with former Phillies’ Mike Schmidt, left, during the fifth inning against the Chicago Cubs on Saturday in Philadelphia after Rollins singled to become the all-time hits leader for the Phillies over Schmidt.

Phillies beat Cubs 7-4 after historic moment PHILADELPHIA — Jimmy Rollins singled in the fifth to pass Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt to become the Phillies’ hits leader and Domonic Brown capped the inning with a three-run homer, leading Philadelphi to a 7-4 win over the Chicago Cubs on Saturday. Rollins got hit No. 2,235 off Edwin Jackson, sending a 3-1 pitch into right field to open the fifth. Chase Utley also homered for Philadelphia, which has won four of five following a dismal 1-8 stretch. CARDINALS 4 NATIONALS 1

ST. LOUIS — Matt Adams hit the goahead home run for the second straight game, connecting off Stephen Strasburg in St. Louis’ three-run seventh inning, and the Cardinals beat the Washington Nationals 4-1 on Saturday.


CHICAGO — Danny Duffy matched a career high with nine strikeouts, and the Kansas City Royals extended their winning streak to six with a 9-1 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Saturday. ORIOLES 3 BLUE JAYS 2

BALTIMORE — Chris Davis homered to back an effective pitching performance by Bud Norris, and the Baltimore Orioles beat the skidding Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 Saturday. TIGERS 12 TWINS 9


DETROIT — Rookie Eugenio Suarez hit a leadoff homer and a run-scoring double in Detroit’s seven-run third inning, and the slumping Tigers beat the Twins 12-9.



MIAMI— Andrew McCutchen hit a threerun homer and Jody Mercer also went deep, leading the Pittsburgh Pirates to an 8-6 victory over the Miami Marlins on Saturday.



HOUSTON — Matt Dominguez broke out of a slump with two hits including a threerun double in Houston’s big third inning to lead the Astros to a 7-3 win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday. INDIANS 3

NEW YORK — Jesse Hahn earned his first big league victory, pitching one-hit ball for six innings and contributing an RBI single as the San Diego Padres stopped a fivegame losing streak, beating the New York Mets 5-0.

BOSTON — Jason Kipnis had three hits and the Cleveland Indians rallied with two runs in the seventh inning on Saturday to beat the Boston Red Sox 3-2.





SAN FRANCISCO — Brandon Barnes hit a two-run, inside-the-park home run in the ninth inning and the Colorado Rockies rallied for the second straight day to stun the San Francisco Giants 5-4 on Saturday.

MILWAUKEE — Ryan Braun hit a tworun home run in the eighth inning to lift the Milwaukee Brewers to a 4-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds Saturday.


From wire reports



Florence routs Sumter 13-1 in 7 innings

SHS football wins tournament

FROM STAFF REPORTS FLORENCE – A power failure in the fifth inning knocked out most of the lights at American Legion Field in Florence for about 20 minutes on Saturday. When they came back on, the Sumter P-15’s situation against defending state and Southeast Regional champion Florence hadn’t improved -- and unfortunately for them, only got worse. Post 1 used a 7-run third inning to break the game open, and pitchers Zach McKay and Alex Dorriety combined to allow just one run on four hits as Florence run-ruled Sumter 13-1 in seven innings. Sumter falls to 8-2 overall and will pick up League III play again on Monday with a 7 p.m. home contest against Cheraw. Florence improved to 13-1. “They swung the bats very, very well,” P-15’s head coach Curtis Johnson said. “Not much more I can say. … It is what it is. “I don’t think we competed very well anywhere on the field. I wasn’t pleased with our effort in certain spots and that’s something that will be addressed.” Sumter managed to scratch across its lone run in the third on Jacob Watcher’s safety squeeze. That brought home Chris Crawford, who walked and stole second to

lead off the inning. Other than that, the P-15’s offense couldn’t get going. They hit into a pair of 4-6-3 double plays over the first two innings and couldn’t push anything across in the sixth with runners on second and third and none down. “We squared up some balls late, but couldn’t bring anyone home,” Johnson said. “But you have to give (Florence’s) pitching credit. (Starter) McKay threw a lot of innings for The Citadel this year and Dorriety was one of their top pitchers last year.” Post 1 was led offensively by C.J. Hopkins, who finished with four hits and drove in six runs. He had a RBI groundout in the first, a 2-run single that got things started off in the fateful third and he ended the game with a 3-run homer in the bottom of the seventh. In all, Florence rapped out 13 hits off four Sumter pitchers. Starter Brandon Spittle was chased after 2 2/3 innings after allowing eight earned runs on five hits with three walks. Hopkins’ 2-run single started the rough inning as Post 1 sent 12 men to the plate. Logan McRae followed with a sacrifice fly, and Jackson Williams, Garrett Bevill, Clay Martin and Weston Bailey each drove in runs before the P-15’s could finally stop the bleeding at 8-1.

Sumter High’s varsity football program won the 2014 Steve Spurrier 7 on 7 Passing Tournament out of 26 schools at Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday at the University of South Carolina. The Gamecocks beat upstate schools Byrnes High School in the semifinals 35-28 and Chesnee 28-14 in the finals to earn the title. Ky’Jon Tyler hauled in 11 touchdowns while Jay Burson had four scores. James Barnes led the SHS offense, which scored 203 points. Defensively for the Gamecocks Charlie Miranda and Tyrell Ceaser each had three interceptions. SUMTER 4 FLORENCE 2

FLORENCE -- The Sumter Junior P-15’s rallied for three runs in the top of the seventh inning to earn a 4-2 victory over Florence on Saturday at American Legion Field. Courtland Howard and Josh Whitley had key hits, including a double from Howard,

who drove in two. Whitley also drove in a run. Rylan Williamson, Tradd James, Daniel Twitty and Ryan Moore also had hits for Sumter. Dustin Frye pitched a complete game for the win, tossing all seven innings and allowing two runs, one earned, on six hits with eight strikeouts and two walks. MENARD WINS NATIONWIDE RACE

BROOKLYN, Mich. — Paul Menard won the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Michigan International Speedway on Saturday when leader Joey Logano was victimized by a flat tire with about five laps remaining. WORLD CUP COSTA RICA 3 URUGUAY 1 FORTALEZA, Brazil — Costa Rica came from behind to stun Uruguay 3-1 Saturday at the World Cup, opening the tough Group D with a major upset.

From staff, wire reports



SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014




Crown them champions once more Gutsy Kings top Rangers in 2OT to win Stanley Cup for 2nd time in 3 years BY GREG BEACHAM The Associated Press LOS ANGELES — Dustin Brown skated over to Gary Bettman and practically snatched the 35-pound silver trophy out of the NHL commissioner’s hands, thrusting it skyward while a packed arena roared. Although the electric moment had a familiar feel to the Los Angeles Kings and their fans, all this success is still a bit surreal to anybody who loves this long-struggling club. After 45 years spent mostly as a hockey punch line and a Los Angeles afterthought, the Kings have won the Stanley Cup twice in the last three seasons. And after eliminating the New York Rangers in five games at the close of an epic two-month playoff run, the Kings are unshakably confident in themselves, in each other — and in the idea they could relive this defining moment a few more times. “We have a team that simply will not be denied,” playoff MVP Justin Williams said. Alec Martinez scored 14:43 into the second overtime, and the Kings finished the longest playoff run and the longest game in club history with a 3-2 victory over the Rangers on Friday night. “I don’t know if we’re part of (a dynasty) yet, but hopefully we’re on our way to

NASCAR FROM PAGE B1 win the next one. We have so much fun winning and going to Victory Lane and last week was so much fun (with) the feeling that you have inside and that you have for several hours after that. It’s like the best feeling ever. And I want to do it again. I want to do it now, this weekend.” Earnhardt paired his first career win at Pocono with his Daytona 500 championship for his first multi-win season since 2004. He’s won twice at Michigan, including the 2012 victory that was his first in a Cup race anywhere since he also won at MIS four years earlier. Earnhardt’s success this year has come to some degree at the expense of Brad Keselowski, who got his break when Earnhardt hired him to drive for JR Motorsports in the Nationwide Series. Although their developing rivalry does not involve any real bad blood, Earnhardt and Keselowski have found themselves going head to head a decent amount lately. When Earnhardt won at


Los Angeles defenseman Alec Martinez, left, celebrates after scoring the game-winning goal against New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, center, during the second overtime of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals on Friday in Los Angeles. that,” defenseman Drew Doughty said. “I believe this group could be at that point, but it’s going to take a lot of work.” Work doesn’t scare the Kings,

QUICKEN LOANS 400 LINEUP The Associated Press After Friday qualifying; race Sunday At Michigan International Speedway Brooklyn, Mich. Lap length: 2 miles (Car number in parentheses) 1. (4) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 204.557. 2. (24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 203.776. 3. (88) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 203.729. 4. (43) Aric Almirola, Ford, 203.2. 5. (27) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 203.04. 6. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 202.908. 7. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 202.401. 8. (41) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 202.043. 9. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 202.032. 10. (55) Brian Vickers, Toyota, 201.331. 11. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 200.49. 12. (42) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 201.117. 13. (5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 200.876. 14. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 200.842. 15. (15) Clint Bowyer, Toyota, 200.831. 16. (78) Martin Truex Jr., Chevrolet, 200.82. 17. (51) Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet, 200.73. 18. (16) Greg Biffle, Ford, 200.518. 19. (3) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 200.457. 20. (9) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 200.128. 21. (20) Matt Kenseth, Toyota,

Daytona, Keselowski was third, and Keselowski was second to Earnhardt last weekend at Pocono. Keselowski did win at Las Vegas early in the season — with Earn-


Hall of Fame Steelers coach Noll dies BY WILL GRAVES The Associated Press PITTSBURGH — Chuck Noll, the Hall of Fame coach who won a record four Super Bowl titles with the Pittsburgh Steelers, died Friday night at his home. He was 82. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner said NOLL Noll died of natural causes. Noll transformed the Steelers from a long-standing joke into one of the NFL’s pre-eminent powers, becoming the only coach to win four Super Bowls. He was a demanding figure who did not make close friends with his players, yet was a successful and motivating leader. The Steelers won the four Super Bowls over six seasons (1974, 1975, 1978 and 1979), an unprecedented run that made Pittsburgh one of the NFL’s marquee franchises, one that breathed life into a struggling, blue-collar city.

as evidenced by their 26-game odyssey through this spring. They first faced elimination more than seven weeks ago when they lost their first three postseason games to San Jose,

“He was one of the great coaches of the game,” Steelers owner Dan Rooney once said. “He ranks up there with (George) Halas, (Tom) Landry and (Curly) Lambeau.” Noll’s 16-8 record in postseason play remains one of the best in league history. He retired in 1991 with a 209-1561 record in 23 seasons, after inheriting a team that had never won a postseason game. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993. Noll worked so well with Steelers President Rooney that the team never felt the need to have a general manager. When he retired, and was replaced by Bill Cowher, only four other coaches or managers in modern U.S. pro sports history had run their teams longer than Noll had. “Chuck Noll is the best thing that happened to the Rooneys since they got on the boat (to America) in Ireland,” Art Rooney II, the former Steelers personnel chief and the son of the team founder, once said.

199.967. 22. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 199.534. 23. (21) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 199.518. 24. (31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 199.165. 25. (47) AJ Allmendinger, Chevrolet, 200.837. 26. (14) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 200.457. 27. (10) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, 200.451. 28. (12) Juan Pablo Montoya, Ford, 200.217. 29. (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 199.933. 30. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 199.75. 31. (13) Casey Mears, Chevrolet, 199.617. 32. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, 198.593. 33. (34) David Ragan, Ford, 198.571. 34. (66) Brett Moffitt, Toyota, 198.347. 35. (44) J.J. Yeley, Chevrolet, 197.9. 36. (33) David Stremme, Chevrolet, 197.666. 37. (7) Michael Annett, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 38. (98) Josh Wise, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 39. (40) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 40. (36) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 41. (23) Alex Bowman, Toyota, Owner Points. 42. (26) Cole Whitt, Toyota, Owner Points. 43. (32) Travis Kvapil, Ford, Owner Points. Failed to Qualify 44. (83) Ryan Truex, Toyota, 196.931.

hardt finishing second. Although Keselowski is from Michigan, he’s never won a Cup race at MIS, finishing as high as second. A win by Keselowski would extend

but followed up that landmark comeback with two more seven-game series victories. The Kings stayed on a tightrope in the Cup finals, winning the first two games in overtime

Ford’s winning streak to four Cup races at this track. Joey Logano took last year’s August event, and Greg Biffle took the two before that. Chevrolet and Hendrick Motorsports have won the past four Cup races this year, with Jimmie Johnson winning twice and points leader Jeff Gordon also earning a victory in that span. And that doesn’t even count Jamie McMurray’s win for Chevy in the Sprint All-Star race last month. Keselowski will try to end that run, while giving team owner Roger Penske another victory in Michigan after Logano prevailed last year. Keselowski is fifth in the Cup standings and Logano is ninth. “I think it’s really good for Roger,” Keselowski said. “We rely on him so much to make our team go ... whether that’s motivation, sponsorship, funding, decision making, leadership — across the board — and to see him be excited to have two cars that are legitimate front runners week in and week out, I think that really energizes him to play a strong role on the NASCAR side.”

before missing their first chance to finish the series in Game 4 on Wednesday. Back home in front of their grateful fans, Los Angeles rallied from a third-period deficit and played more than 94 minutes of nailbiting hockey in Game 5. After innumerable chances for both teams in two nail-biting extra periods, Martinez started the final rush with a pass to Kyle Clifford, who dropped it to Tyler Toffoli for a shot. The rebound went straight to Martinez, and the depth defenseman buried it for his fifth goal of the postseason. “After it went in, I think I blacked out,” Martinez said. Martinez is becoming a lategame playoff legend after also scoring in overtime in Game 7 against Chicago in the Western Conference finals, but the Kings all see themselves as part of something bigger. After finishing third in the Pacific Division and falling behind 3-0 to San Jose in the first round, coach Darryl Sutter’s Kings passed every test with togetherness and level heads. “The playoffs are a very emotional time, and with all the highs and lows we’ve gone through, obviously it’s a really revved-up environment,” said Martinez, whose goal was his only point of the finals. “So it’s important to stay at an even keel, and this is a testament to the character and leadership in our room. I couldn’t be happier for these guys.”




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014


UC Irvine uses 3-run 8th to top Texas in Omaha BY ERIC OLSON The Associated Press OMAHA, Neb.— With the wind blowing in at 35 mph at cavernous TD Ameritrade Park, UC Irvine’s Taylor Sparks hit the longest ball all day. It barely reached the warning track. But with Texas’ outfield playing extremely shallow Saturday, his drive to leftcenter for his nation-leading ninth triple was more than enough to get the Anteaters’ offense going in a 3-1 victory over Texas in the opening game of the College World Series. “The wind was really howling, so I knew anything lifted, it wasn’t going anywhere,” Sparks said. “I just tried to stay flat with that and was able to travel through the gap. It’s definitely my most special and favorite hit so far.” One of the last four teams selected for the NCAA tournament, UC Irvine (41-23) continued to amaze during a postseason run in which it knocked off No. 1 national seed Oregon State and swept a super regional at Oklahoma State. “By keeping the game close, and with there being no clock in this game, it was possible for us to do what we did in the eighth,” Irvine coach Mike Gillespie said. “Taylor Sparks had a spectacular game both on offense and defense. We strung together some hits, so it was a good win for us.” The Anteaters advanced to a winner’s game Monday against Vanderbilt or Louisville. The Longhorns (43-20) play the Vanderbilt-Louisville loser. The Anteaters had been


The Manning High School athletic department will have both a girls basketball camp and a boys basketball camp over the summer. The girls camp will be held Monday through Wednesday while the boys camp is scheduled for July 8-10. The camps are open to children who will be entering grades 2-6. They will be held at MHS’ Thames Arena and run from 9 a.m. to noon each day. The cost is $40. There will be a cash-only registration available on the first day of the camps from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. at each camp site. DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL

The Hoop Basketball Individual Development Basketball School will be held July 14-17 at the Mayewood Middle School Gymnasium at 4300 East Brewington Road. The camp will be under the direction of James Smith, Harry Fullwood and Ronnie Brown. The cost of the camp is $50 per camper and is open to boys and girls ages 10 through 16. The camp will run from 8 a.m. until noon each day. For more information, contact Smith at (803) 968-6874 or (803) 469-3188. SUMTER HIGH SCHOOL CAMP

The Sumter High School 2014 Boys & Girls Basketball Camp will be held Monday through Thursday at the SHS gymnasium. The camp will be open to children ages 8-15. The cost is $55 per camper with the camp running from noon until 4 p.m. each day. Campers must be signed up by Friday. For more information, call SHS boys basketball head coach JoJo English at (803) 481-4480 or email him at Stephen.english@sumterschools. net.


UC Irvine’s Taylor Sparks (25) reaches first base on a throwing error as Texas first baseman Kacy Clemens (42) misses the ball during the Anteaters’ 3-1 victory on Saturday at the College World Series in Omaha, Neb. shut out for seven innings before they broke through against Texas starter Nathan Thornhill (8-3) and reliever John Curtiss. Thornhill allowed only three runs over 37 innings in six starts before Adam Alcantara singled and scored on Sparks’ triple. It was his third hit of the game. Curtiss came on, and Chris Rabago drilled his first pitch up the middle to score Sparks. Jonathan Munoz added an RBI single for a two-run lead. Texas coach Augie Garrido said he didn’t regret sending Thornhill out for the eighth after watching the Phillies’ 13th-round draft pick pitch a 1-2-3 seventh. “I wouldn’t say I was tired,” Thornhill said. “The first hitter turned on fastball inside, and the next guy (Sparks) is their best hitter and he hit a


Registration is being taken for the Sumter Christian School 2014 Basketball Clinics to be held over the summer. There are three 5-day sessions remaining at a cost of $45 per camper. A camp for children in grades 3-6 will be held June 23-27, grades 6-9 July 7-11 and grades 9-12 July 21-25. The camps will run each day from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The camp instructors will be the SCS coaching staff of Bobby Baker, Tom Cope and Jimmy Davis. For more information, call Baker at (803) 469-9304 or (803) 464-3652. FOOTBALL POP WARNER REGISTRATION

Youth Athletics of Sumter, a division of Pop Warner Little Scholars, is registering children ages 5-16 for football for the 2014 season. The last day to register is July 31 and the registration fee is $80. Payment plans are available. The fee includes security, ID Badge, use of shoulder pads, use of helmet, use of practice clothes, insurance and a mouthpiece. Parents will be responsible for buying a game jersey, game pants, cleats, a cup, and socks. The practice season will run from Aug. 1 through Aug. 29. Games will begin on Aug. 30 and run through Oct. 25. Registration is being held every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Golden Corral on Broad Street. Volunteers are also needed. All volunteer applications must be turned in by July 5. To request registration and volunteer forms or for more information, email OFFICIATING CLASSES

The Santee Wateree Football Officials Association is holding classes for those interested in becoming officials. Those who pass the course will be able to officiate middle school, junior varsity and varsity games. Classes will be held each Monday beginning at 6:30 p.m.

cutter that was down. He sat on it. Great hit.” Evan Brock (9-6) earned the win in his first relief appearance of the season. The mustachioed senior held the Longhorns hitless the last 2 1-3 innings and struck out the side in the ninth. “Definitely my adrenaline was pumping, because I haven’t been in a situation like that late in a game in a long time,” Brock said. “That got the juices flowing.” Texas scored its only run in the second inning on a squeeze play, and Thornhill hummed along in the middle innings after working out of early trouble. The Anteaters stranded runners in scoring position each of the first four innings, leaving a man at third three times, and then had only one man reach base until the eighth.

at the Sumter County Parks & Recreation at 155 Haynsworth Street. The state clinic and examination will be held on July 26. For more information, contact Granderson James at (803) 968-2391 or at grandersj@ or Richard Geddings at (803) 468-8858. TENNIS PTC SUMMER CAMP

The PTC Summer Tennis Camp will be held June 23-27 at Palmetto Tennis Center. The camp will run from 9 a.m. to noon each day. The cost is $125 per player. Forms must be returned to PTC by noon on June 19. For more information, call (803) 774-3969 or visit www.



LeBron asks simple question: ‘Why not us?’ BY TIM REYNOLDS The Associated Press SAN ANTONIO — Early Sunday evening, LeBron James will gather his Miami Heat teammates around him and offer a few final words of wisdom before they try to extend their reign as NBA champions. James never rehearses the speech, but already knows JAMES what the gist will be. “It would be in the range of, ‘Why not us?’” James said Saturday. “Why not us? History is broken all the time. And obviously we know we’re against the greatest of odds.” Against the greatest of odds, against maybe the greatest of San Antonio Spurs teams, too. Both are very much against the Heat now, and both are winning. The Spurs are a victory away from their fifth championship, and will go for it at home Sunday night in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Spurs are the 32nd team in NBA history to hold a 3-1 lead in the finals. All 31 of the previous teams have won the title. “History is made to be broken, and why not me be a part of it? That would be great,” James said. “That would be a great story line, right? But we’ll see what happens. I’ve got to live in the moment, though, before we even get to that point.” The Spurs have the same way of thinking. They took command of the finals in stunning fashion by not just winning in Miami, but winning twice — and winning big. San Anto-

to noon each day. There will be a cash-only registration available on the first day of the camp from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. SOCCER MANNING HIGH CAMPS

The Manning High School athletic department will hold two soccer camps over the summer at Manning Junior High School. A camp for children entering K4 through third grade will be held June 16-18, while a camp for children in grades 4-6 will be held June 23-25. The cost is $40. There will be a cash-only registration available on the first day of the camps from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. BASEBALL



The Manning High School athletic department will have a tennis camp June 24-26 at MHS’ Althea Gibson Tennis Complex. The camp is open to children who will be entering grades 2-6. The cost is $40. There will be a cash-only registration available on the first day of the camp.

The Diamond Pro Instructional Baseball Camp will be held Monday through Thursday at Patriot Park SportsPlex. The camp will be under the direction of Frankie Ward, Joe Norris, Barry Hatfield and Robbie Mooneyham. The cost is $60. The camp is open to boys ages 7-14 and will run from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each day. For more information, contact Ward at (803) 720-4081, Norris at (803) 934-6670 or Hatfield at (803) 236-4768.


The Gamecock Youth Wrestling Camp will be held July 7-10 at the Sumter High School mini gymnasium. The cost of the camp is $30 per student. The camp will run each day from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. For more information or to register, contact SHS wrestling head coach Cody Slaughter at (803) 968-3250. There will be open registration on the first day of camp as well. SOFTBALL MANNING HIGH CAMP

The Manning High School athletic department will have a softball camp Monday through Wednesday at the Manning High baseball field. The camp is open to children who will be entering grades 2-6. The cost is $40 and the camp will run from 9 a.m.


The Manning High School athletic department will have a baseball camp Monday through Wednesday at the Manning High baseball field. The camp is open to children who will be entering grades 2-6. The cost is $40 and will run from 9 a.m. to noon each day. There will be a cash-only registration available on the first day of the camp from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. ETC. YAS FUNDRAISER

Youth Athletics of Sumter, a division of Pop Warner Little Scholars, will hold YAS Sumter Spartans GALA on June 27 at Carolina Skies on

nio won Games 3 and 4 on the road by a combined 40 points, never trailing by more than two in either contest and running out to 25point leads in each. “We’ve got to act like we’re coming into it like it’s a road game,” Spurs guard Danny Green said. “It’s a mentality thing. We have to come up with the same mentality we do on the road and try to protect home court and play with desperation.” There was no talk from the Spurs on Saturday about closing in on a title, or anything remotely close to that topic. They thought they had it wrapped up with 28 seconds left in Game 6 last season against Miami and saw it slip away — so even with a 3-1 lead and being at home instead the road for this potential clinching situation, it’s pretty clear that San Antonio isn’t willing to leave anything to chance. “They’re going to come out and give us their best punch possible,” Spurs star Tim Duncan said. “We know that they’re back-to-back champs and they’ve been in this situation before and they have all the confidence in the world that they can win these games. So we have to do just the same. Come out there and say, hey, we’re going to take it little by little, quarter by quarter, and see what happens.” That all sounds good, and he meant every word. Thing is, the Heat — these Heat, anyway — haven’t been in this situation before. Since James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh teamed up, the Heat have never trailed 3-1 in a series.

Shaw Air Force Base. The Cost is $30 and includes food, a live band and door prizes. All proceeds benefits YAS’ 2014 football and cheerleading seasons. For more information, call (803) 464-8453, (803) 201-4531, (803) 720-6242, (813) 786-9265 or (954) 258-6817. CHEERLEADING POP WARNER REGISTRATION

Youth Athletics of Sumter, a division of Pop Warner Little Scholars, is registering children ages 5-16 for cheerleading for the 2014 season. The last day to register is July 31 and the registration fee is $80. Payment plans are available. The fee includes security, ID badge, use of uniform, use of pom-poms, socks, undergarment and insurance. Parents will be responsible for buying shoes. The practice season will run from Aug. 1 through Aug. 29. Games will begin on Aug. 30 and run through Oct. 25. Registration is being held every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Golden Corral on Broad Street. Volunteers are also needed. All volunteer applications must be turned in by July 5. To request registration and volunteer forms or for more information, email GOLF 4-PERSON SCRAMBLE

The Links at Lakewood Golf Course will host a 4-person scramble every Thursday. The cost is $25 per person and includes golf, prizes and food following the scramble. Call the pro shop at (803) 481-5700 before 4 p.m. on Thursday to sign up. GOLFERS BIBLE STUDY

The Sumter chapter of the Christian Golfer’s Association holds a golfers Bible study each Tuesday at its offices at Crystal Lakes Golf Course. The study begins at 8 a.m. and is followed by a round of golf.



SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014




‘Field of Dreams’ hosts 25th anniversary in Iowa BY LUKE MEREDITH The Associated Press DYERSVILLE, Iowa— Actor Colin Egglesfield wasn’t in the classic baseball film “Field of Dreams.” But if they built a screen in center field, he would come. When Egglesfield heard about plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie’s release during Father’s Day weekend in Iowa, he flew to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, picked up his dad and drove six hours to the

farm where it was filmed. The Los Angeles-based Egglesfield, most recently seen on TV shows such as “Rizzoli and Isles” and “The Client List,” and his father reached rural Dyersville in time for a viewing of the movie on the outfield grass with scores of others, including star Kevin Costner. That’s when “Hey dad, you want to have a catch?” got them all, all over again. “My brother had one arm around my dad. I had my arm around him as well. It was just water works,” Egg-

lesfield said of the film’s memorable final scene. This weekend’s emotional reunion in Iowa showed why “Field of Dreams” still resonates with so many after so many years. The site of the Oscar-nominated film about an Iowa farmer who hears a voice whisper “If you build it, he will come” and follows through on his vision by building a baseball diamond over a corn field has itself become a tourist destination since the movie’s release in 1989.


Knight a versatile performer for Anderson University


reshman Caleb Knight was a versatile performer for the Anderson University men’s track and field teams. During the indoor and outdoor seasons, the Sumter High School graduate competed primarily in the 200- and 400-meter dashes and the 4-by100 and 4-by-400 KNIGHT relay teams. Among his better finishes was a 10th place in the 400 dash at the Gamecock Indoor Invitational. He was a part of the two

relay teams that placed third at the outdoor Chanticleer Classic, where he also finished 17th in the Barbara 200 dash. Boxleitner He was on the 4-by-400 relay that placed eighth and the 4-by-100 relay that finished ninth at the outdoor Terrier Relays.

MEN’S GOLF Also from Sumter High, Limestone College’s Cody Clepper tied for eighth in the

stroke play of the S.C. Amateur Match Play Championship. He shot a 151 (74-77), then lost in the round of 32 during match play. Previously at Sumter Christian School, Solomon Deas of Erskine College shot a 178 (92-86) and failed to qualify for match play at the S.C. Amateur Match Play Championship. Brian Amick missed the cut at the Palmetto Amateur. A former Gamecock who competed for USC-Aiken, he shot a 223 (70-74-79). Send updates about area athletes to Barbara Boxleitner at

KINARD FROM PAGE B1 good things,” Kinard said. “Not a perfect person by any means; made a lot of mistakes, but I did a lot of good things also. “I didn’t do it on my own. I had to stay in school, I had to do all those things and (earn) my grades. It’s good for them to see a person (who) came out of Sumter. If I can do it, you can do it.” Kinard reflected on how his single mother raised him while working two jobs. He rarely got the newest pair of sneakers he always wanted, but instead chose to focus on the fact he was surrounded by mentors and peers who helped him make the right choices. “I really don’t have a lot of regrets on the decisions that I made, the mistakes that I made,” Kinard explained. “I live with them. They made me who I am.” Still, there is one regret he hopes to make amends for, starting with the camp. “One of my biggest regrets is not being a part of the community and giving back to Sumter and the youth over the years,” he said. “Life takes you far, far away. ... I lived away from here and I didn’t try to come back and implement programs and things I wish I could’ve done. If I could, I would’ve done a lot of things differently. “Now I try to give anytime I can.” The 2-time consensus AllAmerican defensive back, who is currently the Tigers’ all-time leader in interceptions with 17 and has 294 tackles, was picked 10th in the 1983 NFL draft by the New York Giants. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2001. Having been a former college standout, Kinard shared his opinion about playing college athletes and said it’s like a business basically. “It’s a 2-way street for me,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a good thing to pay college athletes because I think there’s just too much room for things to go wrong. You’re not professional. You want to get paid, go work. College football is not a job; you are there to get an education.


Former New York Giants Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion Terry Kinard shares his story of growing up in Sumter with the Lay Up camp for at-risk youths on Thursday. You’re on scholarship so they’re paying your tuition for free.” Kinard played safety for the Giants from 1983-89 and then a season with the Houston Oilers in 1990. He earned a Pro Bowl selection in 1988. Despite numerous big hits over his career, Kinard said the concussion issue of today was never really a factor for him. “I never got a concussion my whole career,” he explained. “Playing back when I played, I rarely knew someone who got a concussion. Nowadays you get four or five of them in a game, which is crazy. I don’t know why that is. It’s rampant and for whatever reason.” Another current hot-button issue regarding the NFL is the topic of former players taking medications for pain

and whether or not teams forced players to do so. Kinard said it wasn’t a big problem when he was playing, and he didn’t see any abuse. “I’ve never had to; I was never forced to take anything pain-wise that I didn’t want to,” Kinard said. “If I want to take something, and they wanted to give me something, it was my choice. “This suit is being put in place and I’m hoping it’s for the right reasons.” The former Clemson standout said the game has changed dramatically and felt players he competed with had a different mentality. “You had to play with pain, yeah that was part of it, but it wasn’t something I thought was abused going on for pain medicines,” he said.


U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Jennifer Darling, left, shares some words of wisdom with at-risk kids on Thursday at the Lay Up camp.

CAMP FROM PAGE B1 and lasted until Saturday. Lay Up stands for Leading America’s Youth Upward Program. Each speaker shared a different aspect of his or her life to a group of nearly 60 kids ranging in ages from 9 to 17 on their life experiences. “What we try to do is get the kids off the street, identify some of the social problems that they’re having, try to teach them social skills and basically just help them with life,” Lay Up Founder and Executive Director Mark Shaw said of the organization. “To have those people come back — I think it shows these kids that if you’re in a bad situation, you can get out of it.” The key components of the free program are tutoring, mentoring and counseling. “One of the things I talked about is picking good friends,” said West, a former standout quarterback for Sumter High who grew up with Shaw. “I said if you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. That makes them realize they have to do the right thing and hang around the right people. They have to do their school work and have a dream to grow up and be a good, productive citizen.” The camp lasted three days, but the organization continues to do events to help at-risk children from making life-altering mistakes. Now in its fourth year, Lay Up provides different types of camps yearround broken into two sessions — summer and fall. Five boys and five girls from the Greenhouse Youth program, which closes on June 30, were also in attendance to help get some guidance on their future. “The problems we’re going through — it isn’t as worse as they had it,” a 15-year-old boy said of the program’s speakers. “And we have people that care

about us.” U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Jennifer Darling came and spoke about her life growing up in Africa. She talked about walking 10-plus miles to get to school then coming to America to better herself. Darling admitted she felt she had an impact through this experience after speaking with some ladies from the Greenhouse Youth program. “Looking at them, being out here running with them and doing this activity, I realized even though they are runaways and don’t know where their next meal is going to come from, they are out here giving (their best effort) to me,” she said. “They are trying to make me happy because I asked them to. It made me appreciate them in a whole new way.” One 13-year-old boy said he had a good experience and learned about respect, manners and to never quit. Another boy said he vowed to change and “stop playing around in class and stay off the streets”. A 15-year-old girl said she learned to believe in herself. “Regardless of wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, or some of the stigma of the things I grew up around, they really don’t have those (road) blocks anymore,” said Kinard. “Basically, they can do and be whatever they want. The opportunity is there, it’s just a matter of whether their parents, family or whoever takes care of them to cultivate and raise the kids properly and do the things they’re supposed to do.” Those interested in volunteering or getting more information about Lay Up can visit them online at www. or contact Shaw at (803) 236-2313 or via email at markshaw@lay-up. Lay Up is located at 3155-B Thomas Sumter Highway in Dalzell.




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

TODAY’S TEE TIMES The Associated Press At Pinehurst No. 2 Pinehurst, N.C. Today Fourth Round (a-amateur) 9:32 a.m. — Toru Taniguchi, Japan. 9:43 a.m. — Russell Henley, United States; Kevin Tway, United States. 9:54 a.m. — Boo Weekley, United States; Kevin Stadler, United States. 10:05 a.m. — Louis Oosthuizen, South Africa; a-Matthew Fitzpatrick, England 10:16 a.m. — Fran Quinn, United States; Daniel Berger, United States. 10:27 a.m. — Alex Cejka, Germany; Clayton Rask, United States. 10:38 a.m. — Justin Leonard, United States; Billy Hurley III, United States. 10:49 a.m. — Danny Willett, England; Harris English, United States. 11 a.m. — Bo Van Pelt, United States; Paul Casey, England. 11:11 a.m. — Seung-Yul Noh, South Korea; Gary Woodland, United States. 11:22 a.m. — Scott Langley, United States; Stewart Cink, United States. 11:33 a.m. — Zac Blair, United States; Graeme McDowell, Northern Ireland. 11:44 a.m. — Kenny Perry, United States; Zach Johnson, United States. 11:55 a.m. — Nicholas Lindheim, United States; Jim Furyk, United States. 12:06 p.m. — Patrick Reed, United States; Webb Simpson, United States. 12:17 p.m. — Billy Horschel, United

States; Ernie Els, South Africa. 12:28 p.m. — Cody Gribble, United States; Sergio Garcia, Spain. 12:39 p.m. — Brendon Todd, United States; Phil Mickelson, United States. 12:50 p.m. — Bill Haas, United States; Retief Goosen, South Africa. 1:01 p.m. — Ryan Moore, United States; Keegan Bradley, United States. 1:12 p.m. — Ian Poulter, England; Hideki Matsuyama, Japan. 1:23 p.m. — Steve Stricker, United States; Aaron Baddeley, Australia. 1:34 p.m. — Lucas Bjerregaard, Denmark; Shiv Kapur, India. 1:45 p.m. — Rory McIlroy, Northern Ireland; Adam Scott, Australia. 1:56 p.m. — J.B. Holmes, United States; Marcel Siem, Germany. 2:07 p.m. — Jason Day, Australia; Jimmy Walker, United States. 2:18 p.m. — Garth Mulroy, South Africa; Francesco Molinari, Italy. 2:29 p.m. — Victor Dubuisson, France; Brendon de Jonge, Zimbabwe. 2:40 p.m. — Chris Kirk, United States; Jordan Spieth, United States. 2:51 p.m. — Justin Rose, England; Kevin Na, United States. 3:02 p.m. — Brooks Koepka, United States; Matt Kuchar, United States. 3:13 p.m. — Brandt Snedeker, United States; Dustin Johnson, United States. 3:24 p.m. — Henrik Stenson, Sweden; Erik Compton, United States. 3:35 p.m. — Rickie Fowler, United States; Martin Kaymer, Germany.

SATURDAY’S PAR SCORES At Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, No. 2 Course Martin Kaymer 65-65-72—202 -8 Rickie Fowler 70-70-67—207 -3 Erik Compton 72-68-67—207 -3 Henrik Stenson 69-69-70—208 -2 Dustin Johnson 69-69-70—208 -2 Brandt Snedeker 69-68-72—209 -1 Matt Kuchar 69-70-71—210 E Brooks Koepka 70-68-72—210 E Kevin Na 68-69-73—210 E Justin Rose 72-69-70—211 +1 Jordan Spieth 69-70-72—211 +1 Chris Kirk 71-68-72—211 +1 Brendon De Jonge 68-70-73—211 +1 Victor Dubuisson 70-72-70—212 +2 Francesco Molinari 69-71-72—212 +2 Garth Mulroy 71-72-70—213 +3 Jimmy Walker 70-72-71—213 +3 Jason Day 73-68-72—213 +3 Marcel Siem 70-71-72—213 +3 J.B. Holmes 70-71-72—213 +3 Adam Scott 73-67-73—213 +3 Rory McIlroy 71-68-74—213 +3 Shiv Kapur 73-70-71—214 +4 Lucas Bjerregaard 70-72-72—214 +4

Aaron Baddeley 70-71-73—214 +4 Steve Stricker 70-71-73—214 +4 Hideki Matsuyama 69-71-74—214 +4 Ian Poulter 70-70-74—214 +4 Keegan Bradley 69-69-76—214 +4 Ryan Moore 76-68-71—215 +5 Retief Goosen 73-71-71—215 +5 Bill Haas 72-72-71—215 +5 Phil Mickelson 70-73-72—215 +5 Brendon Todd 69-67-79—215 +5 Sergio Garcia 73-71-72—216 +6 Cody Gribble 72-72-72—216 +6 Ernie Els 74-70-72—216 +6 Billy Horschel 75-68-73—216 +6 Webb Simpson 71-72-73—216 +6 Patrick Reed 71-72-73—216 +6 Jim Furyk 73-70-73—216 +6 Nicholas Lindheim 72-73-72—217 +7

Zach Johnson 71-74-72—217 +7 Kenny Perry 74-69-74—217 +7 Graeme McDowell 68-74-75—217 +7 Zac Blair 71-74-73—218 +8 Stewart Cink 72-72-74—218 +8 Scott Langley 72-71-75—218 +8 Gary Woodland 72-71-75—218 +8 Seung-Yul Noh 70-72-76—218 +8 Paul Casey 70-75-74—219 +9 Bo Van Pelt 72-72-75—219 +9 Harris English 69-75-75—219 +9 Danny Willett 70-71-78—219 +9 Billy Hurley III 71-74-75—220 +10 Justin Leonard 75-70-75—220 +10 Clayton Rask 73-71-77—221 +11 Alex Cejka 73-71-77—221 +11 Daniel Berger 72-71-78—221 +11 Fran Quinn 68-74-79—221 +11 a-Matthew Fitzpatrick 71-73-78—222 +12 Louis Oosthuizen 71-73-78—222 +12 Kevin Stadler 77-68-78—223 +13 Boo Weekley 71-73-80—224 +14 Kevin Tway 72-72-81—225 +15 Russell Henley 70-74-82—226 +16 Toru Taniguchi 72-73-88—233 +23

U.S. OPEN FROM PAGE B1 shots, six shots, if you play a golf course like this, it can be gone very quickly,” he said. “You could see it today. So the challenge tomorrow is to keep going and not try to defend anything. So we’ll see how it will react tomorrow, how the body feels and how I handle the situation.” Kaymer had his way with a softer, more gentle Pinehurst No. 2 by becoming the first player to open with 65s to set the 36-hole record at 10-under 130. Some players wondered what tournament he was playing. There was no doubt what it was on Saturday. “They’ve set it up so that no one can go low,” Retief Goosen said after a 71. “Some of the pins look like they’re about to fall off the greens.” Toru Taniguchi shot an 88. Brendon Todd, playing in the final group with Kaymer, had a 79. Phil Mickelson had a 73 and was 13 shots out of the lead. He’ll have to wait until next year to pursue the only major keeping him from the career Grand Slam. Adam Scott, the world No. 1, made bogey on all but one of the par 3s and was 11 shots behind. Kaymer nearly joined the parade of players going the wrong direction. He ended an amazing streak of 29 holes without a bogey by failing to get up-and-down from short of the second green. Trouble really was brewing on the fourth hole, when he pulled his tee shot into the trees and couldn’t play

his next shot. The ball settled in a washedout section of sand, next to a 6-inch pile of pine straw. He took a one-shot penalty only after learning he could move the pine straw as loose impediments before he took his drop. “It’s all loose. How should I know what’s not loose,” he asked USGA President Tom O’Toole. He punched out to the fairway and holed a 15-foot putt to escape with bogey. In the sandy area again on the next hole, Kaymer ripped a 7-iron from 202 yards that caught the front portion of the green and stopped pin-high for his eagle. His long birdie putt on the par-3 sixth rolled off the back of the green for another bogey, and Kaymer dropped two more shots with threeputt bogeys, one of them from just off the green at No. 15. He also saved par with two putts from off the green, and the birdie was big. Mike Brady is the only other player to lose a five-shot lead. That was in 1919 at Brae Burn Country Club in Massachusetts. He shot 80 in the last round, and Walter Hagen beat him the next day in a playoff. Compton has never won on the PGA Tour, though just playing is a victory for a guy on his third heart. Compton had a heart attack and drove himself to the hospital before his most recent transplant seven years ago. “I think that my attitude suits a U.S. Open-style course because I don’t ever give up,” Compton said.


McDowell’s stumble continues at U.S. Open BY AARON BEARD The Associated Press PINEHURST, N.C. — Graeme McDowell spent as much energy Saturday fighting frustration as he did the demanding conditions at the U.S. Open. Three strokes back after the first round, the 2010 Open winner had seven bogeys in a 5-over 75 that left him 7 over after 54 holes. It was his second straight day over par, sliding him further down the leaderboard after a promising start at Pinehurst No. 2. “It’s very, very difficult mentally, to stay in it,” McDowell said. “You start thinking to yourself, ‘I’m not even sure if I want to play tomorrow.’ It’s not really enjoyable. It’s not enjoyable. It’s very difficult. But it’s the U.S. Open.” McDowell opened with a 68 on Thursday, playing conservatively but putting the ball where he wanted it in a nearly mistakefree performance. But he fell back Friday with a 74, making four bogeys and a double bogey. Things did not get any better Saturday as the course got harder and faster with unforgiving pin placements. His sixth hole started a run of four straight bogeys before the turn, with two more coming on the 13th and 16th holes. “This is a hard golf course for me because it’s so long,” McDowell said. “I don’t get a lot of wedges in my hands, short irons in my hands. That’s the strength of my game. ... My iron play hasn’t been bad. I just haven’t given myself enough opportunities. “It’s the US Open, golf’s toughest test. And they were right today.” STENSON’S PUSH

Henrik Stenson nearly made it 3 for 3 in finishing below par at Pinehurst No. 2. The No. 2-ranked Swede had finished at 1-under 69 on each of the first two days. He was ready to do it again before his bogey on the 18th left him at 70 and tied for fourth at 2 under overall, six shots back of Martin Kaymer. Stenson declined to speak with reporters afterward, saying he was off to the driving range. Stenson is playing in his eighth U.S. Open, with his best finish being ninth at Bethpage Black in 2009. He will join Erik Compton (3 under) in the next-to-last group for Sunday’s final round. SAY THAT AGAIN

Martin Kaymer lives in Arizona and speaks beautiful English. The Rules of Golf can have a language all its own. The German hit a tee shot on the fourth hole that went into a sandy area that had been washed out by rain earlier in the week. The ball was against a 6-inch high pile of pine straw, and he thought he might get relief. USGA President Tom O’Toole was the official and tried to explain that he would not get relief, bringing in roving official Jeff Hall for backup. Kaymer looked perplexed. “I don’t understand his English,” he said to his caddie, Craig Connelly of Scotland. All he needed to know is that he would not get relief. “I didn’t really understand the English that the referee was trying to tell me,” Kaymer said. “So I said to my caddie, ‘You have to take over here,’ because he speaks better English than me — even though he’s Scottish.” PERRY’S EAGLE

Kenny Perry’s final U.S. Open now includes what he figures is the longest shot of his career. Perry eagled the par-4 14th with a 220yard shot out of a bunker. The ball bounced on the green and rolled straight to the pin with enough speed that last he thought it might zip right by the hole. “Came out like a dream,” he said. The 53-year-old Perry, who plays on the Champions Tour, is playing in the Open for the first time since 2010. Last year’s U.S. Senior Open winner played Saturday with Billy Horschel — who at 27 is the same age as Perry’s youngest daughter. “I still hit my drivers as far as Billy hits it, but his irons are different,” Perry said. “They’re coming out higher, softer, more spin. My irons are a lot flatter now with less spin. “It makes it very difficult to compete in a major championship, but it does just fine on the Champions Tour.”


Graeme McDowell celebrates after making a putt on the fourth hole during Saturday’s third round of the U.S. Open in Pinehurst, N.C. McDowell opened with a 68 on Thursday, but carded a 74 on Friday and a 75 on Saturday for a 7-over par score heading into today. He was 7 over after a 74. A LAUGH FROM LEFTY

Phil Mickelson poked a little fun at his run of runner-up finishes at the U.S. Open. Mickelson has wound up second a record six times for the only major title that has eluded him, including at Pinehurst No. 2 in 1999. He shot a 2-over 72 on Saturday to slip to 5 over and has yet to break par at Pinehurst No. 2, but he was hoping for a strong finish Sunday. He was 13 strokes behind leader Martin Kaymer and eight strokes back of Rickie Fowler and Erik Compton. “If I hit it better and make some putts, I think I can shoot 4- or 5-under par, end around even,” Lefty said, pausing before chuckling through the punchline: “Finish second again.” FITZPATRICK’S PUTTING

The tournament’s only remaining amateur struggled in the third round. Matthew Fitzpatrick opened with a bogey followed by two double bogeys Saturday, sending him to an 8-over 78 and a 12-over 222 total at Pinehurst No. 2. The 19-year-old Englishman, set to make his pro debut next week in the Irish Open, pointed to his putting. He had 33 putts in the third round, up from 30 on Thursday and 31 on Friday. “I didn’t hole any putts of any sort,” he said. “... I thought the course was probably a bit tougher, but at the same time I didn’t feel like I played any worse.” GOOSEN’S OPEN FUTURE

Retief Goosen earned a 10-year exemption to play in the U.S. Open after winning his second title in 2004. That comes to an end this year, meaning Goosen is hoping to finish high enough this weekend to secure a spot at Chambers Bay in 2015. The top 10 and ties earn exemptions into the following year’s Open. The 45-year-old Goosen, ranked 214th in the world, finished Saturday with his second straight 1-over 71, putting him at 5-over 215. “I’ve had a good run in the U.S. Open,” he said, “and if I make it into next year, great.” AP Golf Writer Doug Ferguson and AP Sports Writer Joedy McCreary contributed to this report.



SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014 Call Ivy Moore at: (803) 774-1221 | E-mail:

On Saturday, July 19, alumni and friends of Goodwill Parochial School will be able to tour the facility, where they will see some of its original furnishings, such as this desk, a potbelly stove and more.

Restore Goodwill Fundraiser seeks to preserve school’s legacy BY IVY MOORE (803) 774-1221


lumni and friends of Goodwill Parochial School continue to work on restoring the building that played an important, formative part of their

lives. The Goodwill Educational and Historical Society, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit, has made a good start on the beloved building, thanks to successful fundraisers, individual donations and a grant from Saving America’s

Still, there is much to do if the facility is to become the community center the society envisions, said Mary Hudson, an alumna and member of the fundraising committee. CALDWELL Like others in the society, Hudson has fond memories of Goodwill Parochial School. “I went all the way through 8th grade there, which was


Goodwill Parochial School is shown shortly before its restoration was begun seven years ago.

Treasures. the highest grade,” she said. “I got an excellent education. It was the foundation for my later education; a lot of us were molded from those humble beginnings.” The society’s members, Hudson said, have the mission of “Preserving a Legacy: Inspiring Future Generations.” That reflects the fact that so many of Goodwill’s alumni have made successes of their lives, she said. That includes about two dozen ministers, missionaries, several lawyers, many educators, nurses and other professionals.

Goodwill Educational Historical Society, Inc. 7th Annual School Restoration Fundraiser Celebration 6 to 10 p.m., July 18 Sumter Civic Center 700 W. Liberty St. Admission: $50 donation (803) 495-3513

Perhaps even more important, Hudson thinks, is the values system Goodwill’s alumni have passed on to their descendants and shared with friends and other family.

“We have also received a godly heritage of social conscience, with a history of involvement in civil rights,” Hudson said. In fact, the establishment of Goodwill Parochial School was an indirect result of the ratification of the 13th amendment that ended slavery in the U.S. Two years later, in 1867, 100 former slaves, who had attended Salem Black River Presbyterian Church, were granted permission to leave and establish their own church, which became the first black Presbyterian

church in the area. According to information provided by Hudson and Ruby Jean Boyd, at about that same time “the Freedman’s Board of the Northern Presbyterian Church sent a group of white missionaries from ... New York ... to establish a school to educate the children of the newly freed slaves.” The society will host its seventh annual fundraiser/celebration next month; like last year’s, the July 18 gala will feature the Charleston Jazz


Baby Gamecocks beat Hartsville; Iris Festival in full bloom 75 YEARS AGO – 1939 Nov. 6–12 Coaches will select their squads of 22 players each this year for the third annual North Carolina-South Carolina all-star high school football game to be played in American Legion Memorial Stadium on Dec. 9. The 44 players will train for a week preceding the game. ... The proceeds will go to the Shriners’ hospital for crippled children at Greenville. The first game played in 1937 ended in a scoreless tie. The second game was won by the North Carolina team 19-0. • District Governor Joseph R. Sandifer of Hendersonville, N.C., made his annual official visit to the Sumter Rotary club today. President W.D. Boykin and Secretary Henry Shaw of the Sumter Club and 67 members of the club conferred with Sandifer on matters of club administration and activities. The Rotary Club of Sumter was organized in 1921 and meets weekly at the Claremont hotel. • Donations for the Sumter


1939 — Judge Henry C. Warner, of Dixon, Ill., Grand Exalted Ruler of the Elks, was the guest of honor at a luncheon given by the Sumter Elks lodge at the Claremont hotel yesterday. In the picture above, from right to left, are Dr. Thos G. Sharpe of Greenville, district deputy for South Carolina; Mayor F.B. Creech, Judge Warner, Father J.P. Claney, M.M. Weinberg, Exalted Ruler of the Sumter lodge; William Elliott Jr., president of the State Association of Elks; W.G. Moses, treasurer of the Sumter lodge. High School athletic bus are coming along rather slow. To date only$ 154.50 has been contributed. Those wishing to donate can do so at the following sites: Lawson’s Pharmacy, DeLorme’s Pharmacy, Courtright Chevrolet Co., and Boyle Motor Company. • The Grand Exalted Ruler

of the Elks was the guest of honor at a luncheon given by the Sumter Elks Lodge at the Claremont Hotel. Those in attendance were Dr. Thomas G. Sharpe of Greenville, district deputy for South Carolina, Mayor F.B. Creech, Judge Warner, Father J.P. Clancy, M.M. Weinberg, and Exalted

Ruler of the Sumter Lodge William Elliott, Jr., president of the State Association of Elks, and W. G. Moore, treasurer of the Sumter Lodge. • Principal Hugh T. Stoddard of Edmunds High School dubbed the male teachers there the “forgotten men of football in Sumter.” This name was given to describe the fellows who take up tickets at the games, and who rarely get to see more than a quarter of any contest played by the Gamecocks. They were not forgotten last night as they met for a steak supper and a session of gridiron tallstories. The talk ranged from “do you remember when?” to “Gloomy” Bill Clark’s enumeration of the number of gridsters he would lose at the end of this season. • Climaxing a 42-yard drive with a short plunge through center, the “Baby Gamecocks” scored early in the first quarter to defeat a stubborn Hartsville team 6-0 last night on the Edmunds High field. • A.E. Tisdale, prominent

Sumter businessman, died at the Tuomey Hospital at 6 this morning from injuries sustained early last night when his car ran into the back of a small truck loaded with lumber near Foreston, 25 miles from here on the Charleston highway. Mrs. Tisdale escaped with minor injuries.

50 YEARS AGO – 1964 Sept. 6–12 Item Photographer Heyward Crowson reached the eight gallon level in blood donations at the August 25 bloodmobile operation, the Red Cross program officials reported today. Crowson’s latest donation makes him Sumter County’s leader in this department. • The Sumter YMCA has backed up Bobby Richardson in denying a national wire report that the New York Yankee second baseman will quit baseball after this season to take a job with the Y here. E.C. Kneece, chairman of the





SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014



Haigler-Shuler CAMERON — Margaret Elizabeth Haigler of Cameron and Harry Edward Shuler Jr. were united in marriage at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 14, 2014, at Resurrection Lutheran Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carter Haigler of Cameron, and the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Julian B. Wright of Bamberg and the late Mr. and Mrs. Eldon V. Haigler of Cameron. She graduated from Calhoun Academy in 2008 and Francis Marion University in 2012 with a bachelor of science in biology and a minor in chemistry. She is pursuing a doctor in pharmacy at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina. The bridegroom is the son of Harry Edward Shuler Sr. of Elloree and Mrs. Evelyn Davis Shuler of Summerton, and the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Middleton Davis of Summerton and Mrs. Esther Shuler and the late Harry Shingler Shuler of Santee. He graduated from Clarendon Hall in 2008 and Francis Marion University in 2012 with a bachelor of science in business management. He is employed by Haigler Farms Partnership in Cameron. The Rev. John Elbert Wertz officiated at the ceremony. Music was provided by John Charles Roland, trumpeter; Capers Bartow Bull, organist; and Robert Bayne Haigler, vocalist. The bride was escorted by her father. Dr. Kristen Nicole Minnich served as maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Mrs. Somer Lynne Summers Haigler and Mrs. Virginia


Smith Haigler, sisters-in-law of the bride, Guerry Middleton Martin, cousin of the bridegroom, and Mrs. Kacy Danielle Strock. Junior bridesmaid was Rebekah Lawrence Haigler, niece of the bride. Flower girls were Barbara Lynn Haigler, Emily Kathryn Haigler and Sarah Jane Haigler, all nieces of the bride. The bridegroom’s father served as best man. Groomsmen were Joseph Ryan Haigler and Michael Lawrence Haigler, brothers of the bride, Wallace Eldon Haigler, cousin of the bride, Jonathan Herbert McLellan and Jason Calvin Strock. Ushers were Davis Griffin Martin and Jack Ryan Martin, cousins of the bridegroom. The reception was given by the bride’s parents at 318 Harvest Drive, Cameron. The rehearsal party was given by the parents of the bridegroom. Following a wedding cruise to the Bahamas, the couple will reside in Cameron.


Dailey-Vellon Dr. and Mrs. James Darrell Dailey Jr. of Sumter announce the engagement of their daughter, McBride Williams Dailey of Washington, D.C., to Joseph Patrick Vellon of Washington, D.C., son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anthony Vellon of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The bride-elect is the granddaughter of Mrs. James Darrell Dailey of Laurens and the late Mr. Dailey, and the late Mr. and Mrs. Theophilus Darius Williams Jr. of Sumter. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Carolina Honors College with a bachelor of arts in public relations and received a master’s in sport and entertainment management from USC. She is employed by Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital as special events and programming manager. The bridegroom-elect is the grandson of Mrs. George David Winslow and the late Mr. Winslow of Monroe, New York, and the late Mr. and



Mrs. Philip Michael Vellon of Queens, New York. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor of science in business administration and attends American University Washington College of Law. He is employed as a deputy clerk at the Washington, D.C. Superior Court. The wedding is planned for September 2014 in Columbia.

Laura Elizabeth Baker and Clinton Charles Geddings, both of Sumter, were united in marriage at 3 p.m. Saturday, June 14, 2014, at First Baptist Church in Sumter. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Wells Baker of Sumter, and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milton Baker Sr. of Sumter, Ms. Sara Baker Batten of Sumter and Mr. Shelby Wayne Batten of Wedgefield. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She is employed as a third-grade teacher at Shaw Heights Elementary School. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Brian Geddings of Sumter, and the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen McAlister, Ms. Doris Russell Geddings, and the late Mrs. April Charlene Geddings of Sumter. He attended the University of South Carolina Sumter with an associate’s degree in business. He is employed as a sales representative by The Yahnis Company. The Rev. Vernon R. Brad-

berry Jr. officiated at the ceremony. Music was provided by Scott Warren, harpist and organist; Mary Kennon Arscott, violinist; Melissa Wilges, soloist; and David Geddings, guitarist. Escorted by her father, the bride wore a Maggie Sottero trumpet-style ivory gown featuring a sweetheart neckline, a crystalbeaded belt embellishing the waistline, a tulle layered train and cathedrallength veil. She carried a MRS. CLINTON GEDDINGS bouquet of blue hydrangeas, white calla lilies and pink peonies wrapped in her Nathan Ray Mitchum and Alexander Kell Compton. mother’s veil. Britton Walker Beasley Ashleigh Sarah Hodge served as junior groomsserved as maid of honor. Dorinda Louise Barnes, Me- man. Ushers were Kevin Michael Lee and William lissa Rae Wilges, Ashley Heathley Wilson IV. Moore Snelgrove, Cecelia Also participating was CeElaine Newman, Katherine Grace Singleton, Sara Olivia celia McTighe. Beasley and Victoria Anne The bride’s parents held Singleton served as bridesthe reception at Trinity maids. United Methodist Church in The bridegroom’s father Sumter. served as best man. GroomsThe bridegroom’s parents men were Brian McAlister held the rehearsal party at Geddings, brother of the The City Centre in Sumter. bridegroom, John Wells Following a wedding trip Baker, Chance Derek Colto St. Augustine, Florida, lins, Kyle Patrick Keefe, the couple will reside in Wade Christopher Skinner, Sumter.

Obvious tattoos keep friend out of front office at work DEAR ABBY — I have an attractive friend who was bypassed for a frontoffice promotion. Dear Abby “Miranda” ABIGAIL is pleasant, VAN BUREN clean, efficient, energetic and had the same qualifications as the individual who was promoted. A management team member confided that the reason for Miranda’s lack of advancement “might” be due to the numerous tattoos — difficult to cover — on her arms and wrists, which the manager said isn’t the image the business wants to convey. Is this discrimination? I think it’s unfair because Miranda is a good worker. She keeps asking me if I have any ideas why she was bypassed. Should I tell her? I don’t want to violate the manager’s faith in my confidentiality, even though I will be retiring soon. Loyal friend in Massachusets DEAR LOYAL FRIEND — Your friend’s obvious tattoos prevent her from presenting the corporate image your employer prefers be conveyed to clients who visit the front office. To my knowledge, people with tat-

toos are not members of a protected class, which would put an employer at risk for a discrimination suit. Because Miranda continues to ask why she wasn’t promoted, and you have nothing to lose by telling her what you were told, I think you should level with her. She might prefer to work at a company where her chances for advancement aren’t stymied.

When you are done reading this, go online and see what the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association have to say about the effects of secondhand smoke on children. Then, rather than lie to your mother-in-law, the next time she asks you to bring her a pack when you drop off the kids, summon the courage to tell her no because it isn’t healthy for your children.

DEAR ABBY — I have two children who are not yet old enough for school. My mother-in-law watches them for free a few times a week. She has been “trying” to quit smoking for the last couple of years. Nine out of 10 times when I take my children to her, she asks me to bring her a pack of cigarettes. I feel obligated to do it because she watches my children for free. I know I’m not doing her any favors, and I have asked others how I should handle this. They say I should make excuses like, “I don’t have any money with me,” or, “I forgot to get them.” I figure there’s only a few more years before she won’t have to watch my kids, so after that, I’ll never feel obligated to bring her smokes again. Any advice? Smoked out in Wisconsin

DEAR READERS — I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere — birth fathers, stepfathers, adoptive and foster fathers, grandfathers, and all of those caring men who mentor children and fill the role of absent fathers. LOVE, ABBY


Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. For everything you need to know about wedding planning, order “How to Have a Lovely Wedding.” Send your name and mailing address, plus check or money order for $7 (U.S. funds) to Dear Abby, Wedding Booklet, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 610540447. (Shipping and handling are included in the price.)

Can’t buy me love? 5 engagement ring buying tips BY ALEX VEIGA Associated Press Writer

financial goals together. Here are five tips to help.

You’re in love and ready to buy an engagement ring. But are you ready to part with three months’ salary as the diamond industry has traditionally suggested? If not, what’s your magic number? Figuring that out can be a stressful, high-stakes undertaking. Engagement rings come with unique financial and emotional expectations. And in a relationship intended to last a lifetime, it’s the first big test. “It does set a certain tone about whether a woman’s expectations will be met by her husband or not,” said Julie Albright, a sociologist and marriage and family therapist at the University of Southern California. Even so, how much to spend rests in striking a balance between dazzling your beloved without tarnishing your future

1. CONSIDER FUTURE FINANCIAL GOALS Sit down with your partner and go over your short- and long-term financial goals. Beyond wedding expenses, goals could include saving for a down payment on a home, preparing to start a family, as well as retirement planning. “This is the perfect entry point to see where each person’s money values come from,” said Michael Branham, a certified financial planner in Edina, Minnesota. “How are we going to put that life together and how does buying something like an engagement ring fit into that picture?”

2. GET A FIX ON EXPECTATIONS First off, don’t feel compelled to heed to the expectation that a ring cost three months’ salary, the benchmark established

by the De Beers diamond cartel. “That’s actually kind of a myth that people somehow still believe,” said Jamie Miles, editor of wedding planning website “You might have a more subtle bride who wants something more petite and more demure,” Miles said. Last year, 64 percent of brides were involved in picking out their ring, while nearly a third helped decide the budget, according to a survey by The Knot. That could be one reason the national average spent on an engagement ring, as well as diamond carat size, or weight, have been rising. The average spent grew 3 percent to $5,598 last year from a year earlier, according to TheKnot.

ting and diamonds (or other gemstones) that your beloved covets, and figured out which merchants offer the best price. The next step is to figure out how you will pay for the ring, as that can be a huge factor in how much ring you can afford. If you can put off the proposal, it’s best to save up money to buy the ring with cash, said Gregg Wind, a certified public accountant in Los Angeles. Otherwise, how much you can afford becomes a question of how much extra you’ll have to shell out overall if you finance the purchase. Everybody should determine whether the ring payment will fit into their budget, Wind said. This savings goal calculator from may help:



You’ve had a look at the set-

Major jewelers generally

offer financing with the enticement of six months or one year interest-free. But if the ring isn’t paid off within the promotional period, or if you’re late on a payment, you could end up being retroactively charged 25 percent interest or more on the total price. One exception might be if you have a credit card that offers rewards, such as free points toward air travel. But only if you can pay the balance off in full within the first month.

5. UPGRADE LATER Even if you determine that you can’t afford as nice a ring as you hoped, consider buying something more modest and popping the question anyway. You can always trade up for a nicer ring in a few years when your financial picture is more established.



SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014




Melrose House, the oldest Singleton residence in the county, is shown. Former home of pioneer Matthew Singleton, it was abandoned and left to disintegrate before it burned to the ground in 1962. The sketch below — drawn by Alfred Hutty — shows Melrose as it appeared in the mid-18th century.

Colonial-era Melrose

was home of prominent Singleton family The following article about the former residence of the powerful Singleton family was written by Mrs. Josie P. Parler. Having first appeared in The Sumter Daily Item on Oct. 31, 1939, it is reprinted here with a minimum of editing:


n Englishman visiting in the High Hills of Santee a few years ago was shown the old homes, old churches and some of the old graveyards. He listened to stories of the old neighborhood, so proud of its history, until he would keep silent no longer. “What do you Americans call old anyway?” he exclaimed. “Two hundred years! Well, the little house where I was born, called “the

Sammy Way

little house on the church step,” has been


the home of my family for twelve generations. Eleven generations sleep in the

church yard; when I die, I shall be the twelfth.” In comparison with this man’s standards, it does seem that we have little to boast of as to age. Yet, how rapidly our landmarks, young as they are, are disappearing. Often we hear old plantation houses referred to as “old colonial homes,” but more often than not, they prove to be early American or even later antebellum “mansions” built between 1800 and 1840. A real “colonial” house, unaltered by successive owners, is a rare find. One genuine colonial home still in a good state of preservation is Melrose plantation house in the Sand Hills section of Sumter County, near the site of the forgotten village of Manchester. Almost all of this section of the High Hills of Santee has recently been purchased by the government as part of Poinsett Resettlement Project, and with it, Melrose. From 1760, when Matthew Singleton built Melrose, until this recent purchase, it has remained in the Singleton family. Perhaps this fact accounts for, at least in part, its remarkable preservation as well as the few architectural changes from the original plan. Melrose has a very interesting history that touches that of county, state and nation at every vital point. The old house is a typical example of what the home of a well-to-do planter was like when this country was still an English possession. One almost universal characteristic of any but the homes of the very wealthy was a dormerwindowed second story, thus making it a story-and-a-half house; hence the dormer-windowed dodge. After the Revolution, increasing wealth brought expanding tastes which found ex-

Angelica Singleton Van Buren is shown in a painting that now hangs in the White House. pression in the large two-storied houses with basements and tall columns. Only very rarely were the smaller, colonial structures not remodeled to larger proportions, or replaced with more stately mansions. That Melrose remains practically as originally designed makes it unique. Only two minor changes have been made in the house as originally built: One is that, a few years ago when the dormers were falling in, the roof was built across the openings; the other is that one of the chimneys, originally at the ends of the house, was rebuilt to run up through the roof. Handhewn timbers joined by wooden pegs, cypress weatherboards and blacksmith shop nails, small-paned windows and solid doors hung on handwrought hinges; all are there just as they were placed in 1760 by Matthew Singleton. This sturdy pioneer came from Virginia in 1752. He is said to have come from the Isle of Wight to Virginia. Until this influx of settlers from Virginia the High Hills of Santee was a

The entrance to the Singleton cemetery shows part of the coquina wall that once surrounded it completely. thinly settled portion of the back country. Its growth to a prosperous and populous community, a center of progress and culture, was a matter of only a few years. From the very first, Matthew Singleton was a leader in this development. Eight years after coming to South Carolina and building his pioneer home, he erected the Melrose house and moved there. As evidence of this man’s qualities of leadership, we find him in 1770, “Captain in Col. Richardson’s Regiment of Foot,” in 1774, a “Member of the Council of Safety,” and, 1775, “Capt. of St. Mark’s Volunteers” under Francis Marion. His son, John, and his sonin-law, Isham Moore, were lieutenants in this company. Some members of this company were Wm. Williams, Charles Brunson, George Brunson, John Malone, Edward Lane, John Foster, Joseph Singleton, William O’Harrow, Francis Martin, Thomas Wells, Joseph Rogers, James McCormick, Isaac Jackson, Henry Wheeler, Willis Ramsey, Josiah Gayle, Jr., Edward Hill, Samuel DeWitt, Sabe Stom, John James, Isham James, Joseph Hill, and Daniel Jinnings. ... In 1788 the records show that, as the largest contributor to the erection of Claremont Episcopal Church, Matthew Singleton had first choice of a pew. This church was the predecessor of the present Church of the Holy Cross, Stateburg. John Singleton, son of Matthew, who married Rebecca, daughter of Gen. Richard Richardson, built the Midway House near Wedgefield which was burned many years ago. He inherited Melrose and willed it to his daughter, Harriet, who was married to Robert Broun, son of Archibald and

Two members of the Sumter County Historical Society inspect the grave marker of S.C. Gov. George McDuffie in the Singleton cemetery. Mary Deas Broun. Since then it has belonged to the Broun family until its purchase by the government. Each generation of Matthew Singleton’s descendants has contributed to some phase of public life. His grandson, Col. Richard, became very wealthy. His interests were many, including cotton planting on his seven plantations, horse-racing in which he distinguished himself with many victories on the turf, railroad promoting, and summer resorts in Virginia. The editor of the “Turf Register” for 1840 called him “the Napoleon of the South.” One of his daughters, Mary, became the wife of George McDuffie; another, Angelica, was married to Abraham, eldest son of President Martin Van Buren and presided as mistress of the White House during the Van Buren administration. A short distance behind Melrose is Singleton’s graveyard, where Matthew Singleton and his descendants are buried. (Note: Though Parler wrote Singleton was buried behind Melrose, Cassie Nicholes’ “His-

torical Sketches of Sumter County,” stated he was most likely interred at Cane Savannah Plantation). Enclosed in a wall of coquina rock, bordered with alternating pyramidal cypress and tall boxwoods, this quiet spot is the last resting place of many prominent South Carolinians, all members of the Singleton family. This is an interesting historic and beautiful spot which should surely be preserved. Perhaps Melrose and the old graveyard will be restored by the resettlement authorities, perhaps not; it remains to be seen. But, meantime, would it not be a good idea for Sumter County folk to interest themselves in preserving these landmarks by taking some steps toward having them spared? *Melrose, believed to be the oldest house in Sumter County, burned to the ground in June of 1962. The home, reportedly constructed by Matthew Singleton in 1753, was situated in the center of his Manchester estate. Reach Item Archivist Sammy Way at waysammy@theitem.




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GOODWILL FROM PAGE C1 Initiative Sextet. “Everyone enjoyed them so much last time, we’ve moved the gala to a larger venue,” Hudson said. “We’re going to be at the Sumter Civic Center from 6 to 10 p.m.” Suggested attire is semiformal, and tickets are available for a tax-deductible donation of $50 per guest. The evening will comprise a wine and hors d’oeuvres social hour before the concert by the sextet, which features popular vocalist Ann Caldwell. Known as Charleston’s “first lady of jazz,” Caldwell sings both jazz and blues, with influences from the past: Her repertoire includes songs by jazz greats like Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, George Gershwin and others, as well as spirituals, gospel and more. She is the founder of the celebrated Magnolia Singers. Caldwell is also a music producer and a mainstay of Charleston’s annual Piccolo Spoleto Festival. The Charleston Jazz Initiative shares a common goal with the Goodwill Educational Historical Society, in that both seek to preserve an important tradition — the CJI’s mission is “a multi-year research project that documents the African American jazz tradition in Charleston, the South Carolina Lowcountry and its diasporic movement throughout the United States and Europe between the late 19th century through today.” CJI continues to spread


The exterior of Goodwill Parochial School has been restored, re-roofed and painted, and a wheelchair ramp has been added at the back. A fundraiser/celebration to help complete restoration will be held July 18 at the Sumter Civic Center. knowledge of the many contributions of South Carolina musicians to jazz, America’s native music. Once the 1890 Goodwill Parochial School is restored to its former, but updated condition — there will be air conditioning and other modern additions — the society plans to use it as a centerpiece of its community on Brick Church Road just north of the intersection of U.S. Highway 378 and S.C. 527 (Dabbs Cross-

roads). Committee members envision a place “focused on health and nutrition education, fitness, adult education, counseling services, clothes/ food closets, parenting programs, employment and training programs, youth development activities and other needs of people in the area.” Goodwill Parochial School has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1997, and it is described there as “a two-story, lateral gable

building sheathed in weatherboard and set upon a brick pier foundation. Its main block contains a central open boxed gabled pavilion with beaded board arranged in a chevron pattern within the gable. Within each end gable is a large lozenge-shaped louvered vent. Its roof is V-crimp metal clad, pierced by two inner chimneys.” On Saturday morning, July 19, Hudson said, the committee plans to meet at the school

YESTERYEAR FROM PAGE C1 board of directors, said this morning there was “absolutely no truth” in the story, which stated Richardson had “signed a contract to manage the YMCA in Sumter, S.C., and informed the Yankee management of his decision to retire.” • A surveying crew began making a preliminary survey of the site of Manning’s new $1 million Sunbeam plant today, while city and county officials met together to plan extension of city water facilities to the industrial location. Construction of a huge new 300,000 gallon tank and a 12-inch water main between Manning and the site of the Sunbeam plant is expected to start soon. • Rev. Manney Carrington Reid will be installed as rector of the Church of The Holy Comforter at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow. He will be installed by the Rt. Rev. Gray Temple, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, following an evening prayer service at the church. Mr. Reid has been at his duties in Sumter since the beginning of July, after accepting a call from Holy Comforter in late spring. • Thomas Sumter Academy, Sumter County’s new private school, began operation today, and over 100 students attended the opening session to enroll in grades one through 10. • City Council was presented the Civic Center Study yesterday by chairman of the city and county planning bodies. A year in preparation, the study recommends to City Council the adoption of a Civic Center plan for the location of all public buildings. John Marion Evans, chairman of the City Planning Commission, and James P. Nettles, County Planning Board chairman, presented the report. • Sumter can claim three state tennis champions after last weekend’s action in the state meet held here. Nick Scharf, who copped the city title over Charlie Hodgin recently, picked up the South Carolina Recreation Society’s version of the state championship when he downed Rusty Hamilton of Charleston in a spirited battle. Other local winners proved to be young Dale Bullard and Jeffrey Ream, who placed 1-2 in the Junior Division. • Plans for the new First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Sumter building are rapidly being completed, and, according to Henry Martin, president and S. Lathan Roddey, chairman of the board of


1964 — This portrait of Dr. Richard B. Furman was unveiled in a special program at Furman High School. Miss Julie Hodge and Marvin Haley; second from the left; unveiled the portrait. V.O. Swygert; right; introduced the guest speaker; W. Bernard Jones. The dedication plaque for the portrait stated; “For a life of service to this community, Furman School is dedicated to his memory.” directors, it is hoped construction will begin on the project by Oct. 15. The new two-story structure, to be located on the corner of W. Calhoun St. and N. Main St., will cost about $250,000 and will be constructed of dark burnt brick and glass panels. • Portions of the recent Sumter-Clarendon County 4-H Horse Show will be shown on “Agricultural Panorama” over WIS-TV at 7:15 a.m., Sept. 19. Handling the narration will be Associate County Agent Dick Tillman, Jack Bethea, associate county agent from Clarendon County, and Buford Mabry. • Coaches Red Lynch and Sandy Hershey may not have been too agreeable while the football game between Camden and Sumter was going on last night, but they agreed on the power of the press. After the game was over Hershey walked out to congratulate Lynch for winning 12-0 and ending his long string of opening game victories. Lynch thrust a copy of the Sumter newspaper in his face, commenting that it was what beat the Gamecocks. The story said, “They think they’re going to beat us, ‘commented Sumter Coach Sandy Hershey today as he looked forward to tomorrow night’s opening football game at Camden.”

25 YEARS AGO – 1989 June 9–15 Sumter School District 2 trustees endorsed their budget committee’s work, approving for presentation to Sumter County Council a budget that asks for $885,153 more in local support than last year. That figure represents $135,153 to match locally the state’s 5.4 percent per student increase for next year, plus $750,000 in federal Impact Aid lost in 198889.

1989— Governor’s School Students, from left, Tamara Hubert, Kristin Lillquist, Cheri Coleman, Kenny Schwartz, Erika Ross and Kenny Mathis. • Opening up Thursday morning with the Children’s Art Show at Jessamine Mall, the 1989 Iris Festival was in full bloom by dusk with a better-than-expected turnout for the new Taste of Sumter and laser light show. The theme from 2001 echoed through an estimated crowd of 5,000 gathered in front of the Sumter County Courthouse, and then the image of an iris beamed in the middle of the American flag that was used as a screen for the projections. The Charlotte-based company that produced the multi-colored laser graphics show followed the theme “Looking to the Future,” and used synthesized sound effects and a couple of familiar Neil Diamond tunes to get the crowd into a futuristic mood. • The 1989 American Legion season is quickly boiling down to a question of pitching depth and, for the second night in a row, Sumter coach Wallie Jones’ pitching by committee strategy has paid off. The P-15’s sent five pitchers to the mound, including a pair of appearances by Joie Maynard, and got solid performances from all but one as they defeated Hartsville 11-6 at Riley Park Thursday night. • Kingstree broke through

for three runs in the sixth inning and pitchers Clifton Kennedy and Tracy Altman held the Sumter bats at bay as Kingstree claimed a 5-4 American Legion baseball win at Riley Park Friday night. “Our pitching was good all night, but we didn’t hit the ball well enough to win,” P-15’s coach Wallie Jones said. • Evan’s Trailers of Sumter recently became the only company in South Carolina and one of only a handful in the nation to manufacture “Michigan Trains.” “Michigan Trains,” or oversized trailers with eight axles and 32 wheels, have been manufactured at Evan’s for the last six months, according to company president Tommy Spencer. • Fingerprints collected at the home of Joyce Robinson … do not match those of the man that police have arrested in connection with her slaying, Sumter Police Chief Joe Brunson said Friday. “We haven’t found a person to go with the fingerprints yet. Fingerprints themselves are no good unless you have someone to match them up with,” he said. • Rita Beard, Hillcrest High School business education teacher, has won the South Carolina title and is a finalist

to discuss the society’s future plans, and the school will be open for alumni and friends to tour. They will be able to see the progress already made on the school, as well as some of the original furnishings. For more information or to purchase tickets for the July 18 Goodwill Educational and Historical Society’s 7th Annual Fundraising Celebration, contact Ruby Jean Boyd, 975 One Mile Road, Gable, SC 29051 or (803) 495-3513.

in the national contest for the 1989 Computer Technology Teacher of the Year. The competition is sponsored by IBM and Classroom Computer Learning magazine to recognize teachers who use computer technology creatively to improve the quality of education in their classrooms. • Monday, one week after being drafted in the 20th round by the Chicago Cubs, former Sumter High pitcher Ray Mack will be on his way to Mesa, Ariz., to begin his professional career. Mack, who signed with the Cubs this weekend, will participate in a mini-camp with the other draftees and then will be assigned to one of the Chicago’s two rookie league teams. • With time on their hands and experience under their belts, SCORE volunteers have a lot to offer. If it hadn’t been for Sumter resident Albert “Pat” Patterson and the organization to which he belongs, Ernest Pollard might not be in business. But today, thanks to Patterson’s good advice and strong business sense, Pollard runs a thriving cleaning company. Patterson is a member of SCORE – the Service Corps of Retired Executives – a voluntary, non-profit organization sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration. • The Jubilee Samaritan House, a shelter for the homeless that has operated in Sumter since 1983, will close its doors this week, but officials hope to open again before cold weather returns. Jim Peters, chairman of the shelter board of directors, said the Council Street building that has been a roof over the heads of thousands of homeless people is being sold by Sumter School District 17. • The Sumter County Election Commission has a new member, one appointed by the governor through the local legislative delegation to fill the vacancy left by William Boyle’s resignation. Frank L. Avins Sr., a 66-year-old retired Santee Print Works employee, was chosen for the seat after Boyle, who was the commission chairman, announced his resignation earlier this year. Pretto Cuttino, the new chairwoman, announced Avins’ appointment at the commission’s regular monthly meeting. • The U.S. Supreme Court today issued a stay of execution for death row inmate Ronald “Rusty” Woomer, who was scheduled to die Friday for the murder of a convenience store clerk in 1979. Reach Item Archivist Sammy Way at or (803) 774-1294.



SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014 Call: (803) 774-1226 | E-mail:

Over 40, fit and ferocious Owners of Katalyst hope to transform people’s lives through physical fitness BY JADE REYNOLDS (803) 774-1250 A couple of women in Sumter are taking fitness to a whole new level, personally and professionally. Renee McCord and Roselyn “Roz” Ginn opened Katalyst LLC in March. Since then, both women have finished high in physique competitions — Ginn in April winning second after a tie-breaker, and McCord in May winning her division and placing fourth out of all age groups for her height class. “I’ve always been into fitness,” said the 41-yearold Ginn. “Then I decided I wanted GINN to push myself ... as hard as I could and got into the best shape of my life. Then I thought, ‘maybe I should do a competition.’ I put in a lot of work to do it.” She is now qualified to go to nationals in November. And while they are happy to work with people who want to compete, they realize it is not for everyone. “I just read an article a couple of months ago and about 2 to 3 percent of Americans actually go to that level, and then we only look like that for a window of time,” McCord said. “It’s just for the show.” Besides competition prep, they offer boot camps, personal training and meal planning. A la carte items start at $10, and packages go up to $300. “You pick what your goal is, and we give you the tools to get to that goal,” the 52-yearold McCord said. “I just encourage all walks of life to get up and get moving. Do something.” While she’d stayed active, PHOTO PROVIDED that level of fitness had gone to Renee McCord poses in a physique competition at the Palmetto Classic Bodybuilding Show recently. Mc“the back burner,” she said, Cord has opened a fitness-focused business with fellow competitor Roselyn “Roz” Ginn. like many of her clients.

Milligan assigned to post at Chamber of Commerce BY RAYTEVIA EVANS (803) 774-1214 The Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce recently announced the addition of Nicole Milligan as vice president of Membership Development. Nancy Lee Garner Zimpleman, who recently held the position for the Chamber, will join Alice Drive Baptist Church as its public relations director. Before coming to the Chamber, Milligan served as the lead academic adviser at Saint Leo University in St. Leo, Florida. Milligan received a bachelor of arts in political science from the College of Charleston and a master of arts in public administration from Troy University. Chamber staff and members are looking forward

to the addition of Milligan and what she will offer to assist in continuing the organization’s service to the Sumter community. “We are delighted to have Nicole joining our staff and look forward to her service to our members and the business community of Sumter,” said Grier Blackwelder, president of the Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce. Businesses that are members of the Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce receive a website listing and membership referrals. The Chamber also organizes once-amonth networking opportunities for local business members and often works closely with the local SC Works office. Milligan is expected to begin her work with the Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce on June 30.

BUSINESS BRIEF Goodwin Honda wins excellence award Goodwin Honda was awarded the 2013 Council of Excellence award by Honda Financial Services on June

10. In 2013, only the top 15 percent of Honda dealerships won this award. Goodwin Honda received the award for the financial services it provides to its customers.

“They’ve given up,” McCord said. “They think 50 is too old to do anything.” She met Ginn when she was working at a medical spa in Clarendon County, and they got to talking about working out. “Even though she’s 10 years younger than me, we hit it off with the common bond of fitness,” McCord said. “I tell her, ‘you take the 40-yearolds, and I’ll hit the 50-yearolds.’ ... So many of them, even in their 40s, have gotten into a rut taking care of kids, working. They kind of lost themselves.” That is the message behind Katalyst, she said. “Physical transformation leads to life transformation,” Ginn said, citing the motto on their business cards and website. “Any type of physical transformation — whether it’s training for a show or a marathon — makes you want to change other things. I went from body building to training people to starting my own business. One of my good friends lost a lot of weight in the last few months, and all of a sudden, she wants to go back to school. It’s that one spark, ‘I’ve lost weight. What else am I capable of doing?’” McCord has seen it firsthand, too. “Whether it’s losing five or 100 pounds or just toning up, something is better than nothing,” she said. “I’ve seen people lose weight and get out of a dead-end job. I’ve seen someone have the guts to go look for a spouse. It empowers them and gives them confidence.” Katalyst LLC is currently run out of Team Robinson MMA, 262 S. Pike West. For more information, visit You can also contact Roz Ginn at (803) 847-0131 or Renee McCord (803) 473-0770.

Revamping the family business Cook’s Auto Parts set to reopen soon BY CATHERINE FOLEY (803) 774-1295 Renovations are underway at a Dalzell-based family owned and operated automotive parts store, which has partnered with a larger distribution company, hoping to provide more options for customers. Cook’s Auto Parts, at 3170 Frierson Road, partnered with Missouri-based Parts City Auto Parts, a company that brings business support to independently owned businesses. The company is a subsidiary of Ozark Automotive, which operates an estimated 4,000 O’Reilly Auto Parts stores and independent Parts City locations across the country. Company officials say the new partnership will provide Cook’s access to a wider inventory of more than 300,000 items, as well as additional services. The Dalzell location is also being remodeled in order to accommodate the expanding inventory. This includes new ceiling and flooring, repaving the parking lot and painting the exterior walls. The family team is replacing the old stock and hopes to have the renova-


An employee distributes new items on Wednesday for the reopening of Cook’s Auto Parts. tions ready for next week’s operations. Cook’s has been family owned and operating in Dalzell since 1992. Carey Cook, who operates the business along with his nephews, Bobby and Mike Hallman, is excited to continue to provide personalized service to his customers. Cook said the partnership with Parts City came from the desire to expand marketing on

a commercial and consumer end. When asked about the process of renovating the family business, Carey said, “This has been a learning experience. We are doing a 100 percent turnaround and are very excited.” Cook’s Auto Parts is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The store’s phone number is (803) 499-9086.




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014



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A-B-C ABB Ltd 23.27 -.03 -.50 ACE Ltd 103.90 +.15 -1.02 ADT Corp 33.96 -.13 +.28 AES Corp 14.20 +.03 -.26 AFLAC 61.96 -.12 -.57 AGCO 54.68 +.08 -.99 AK Steel 6.42 +.04 -.01 AOL 36.96 +.20 +.75 AT&T Inc 35.03 +.20 +.01 AVG Tech 20.44 +.04 +.35 AbbottLab 39.79 -.02 -.26 AbbVie 54.16 +.50 -.94 AberFitc 41.71 +.65 +2.20 Accenture 82.73 +.31 -.80 Actavis 209.00 +.72 -.09 AMD 4.28 -.01 +.22 AdvSemi 6.36 -.10 +.01 Aegon 8.72 -.01 -.29 AerCap 45.18 +.06 -2.72 Aeropostl 3.42 +.08 ... Aetna 80.94 +.07 +1.47 Agilent 58.50 +.10 -.51 Agnico g 33.29 +.31 +2.59 AirLease 37.95 +.34 -4.46 AirProd 121.13 +1.59 -2.42 AlaskaAir 95.14 +2.17 -4.77 AlcatelLuc 3.79 -.08 -.16 Alcoa 14.52 +.51 +.17 Allegion n 56.09 -.03 +.34 Allergan 161.79 -.25 -3.27 AllisonTrn 30.46 +.38 -.05 Allstate 59.01 +.30 -.31 AllyFin n 24.96 +.01 +1.36 AlphaNRs 3.70 +.14 +.31 AlpAlerMLP 18.41 +.03 -.07 Altria 41.45 +.17 +.54 Ambev n 7.09 -.05 -.09 Ameren 38.40 +.13 -.57 AMovilL 19.98 -.02 -.39 AmAxle 18.95 +.27 -.46 AEagleOut 11.31 +.25 +.77 AEP 52.78 +.19 -1.29 AmExp 94.85 +.09 -.06 AmIntlGrp 54.70 +.28 -.59 AmTower 88.44 +.54 -1.64 Amerigas 44.80 -.10 -3.29 AmeriBrgn 71.78 +.32 -.72 Anadarko 109.37 +1.64 +7.31 AnglogldA 15.99 -.11 +.15 ABInBev 111.10 -.74 +.01 Annaly 11.64 +.10 +.01 AnteroRs n 61.98 -.02 -1.45 Aon plc 89.93 +.40 -.58 Apache 97.66 +1.35 +3.35 AptInv 32.07 +.53 +.27 ApolloGM 27.22 -.13 +.12 ArcelorMit 15.03 -.05 -.33 Arcelor 16 23.05 -.07 -.33 ArchCoal 3.69 +.14 +.16 ArchDan 43.84 +.37 -1.34 %VMWXE2IXR  ArmourRsd 4.33 -.01 -.05 ArmstrWld 54.56 -.03 -.80 Assurant 67.53 -.10 -1.74 AssuredG 25.47 +.17 +.20 AstraZen 74.24 +.20 +1.38 AtlPwr g 3.26 +.03 +.01 AuRico g 4.25 +.09 +.64 Autohme n 34.09 +.18 -1.62 AvalonBay 140.02 +.73 -2.54 Avon 14.69 +.05 +.13 BB&T Cp 38.39 -.05 -.30 BHP BillLt 66.78 +.22 -1.17 BP PLC 51.68 +.34 +.87 BRF SA 23.49 +.12 +.71 BakrHu 71.15 +.69 -.85 BallCorp 60.87 +.29 -.22 BallyTech 64.62 +1.26 +5.38 BcBilVArg 13.15 +.03 -.38 BcoBrad pf 15.33 +.06 +.97 BcoSantSA 10.58 +.03 -.09 BcoSBrasil 7.07 +.05 +.10 BkofAm 15.44 +.02 -.15 BkNYMel 35.36 +.05 +.17 Barclay 16.21 +.05 -.17 BarVixMdT 13.38 -.25 +.21 B iPVix rs 31.82 -.55 +1.47 Bard 137.42 -3.56 -10.50 BarnesNob 20.76 +.43 +1.06 BarrickG 16.99 +.24 +.94 BasicEnSv 26.24 +.04 -.36 Baxter 73.12 +.12 -.68 BeazerHm 19.26 +.40 +.12 BerkH B 126.54 -.74 -2.11 BerryPlas 24.76 +.45 +.64

BestBuy 28.64 +.20 BioMedR 22.09 +.02 BlkIntlG&I 8.16 -.03 Blackstone 33.28 -.26 BlockHR 32.49 +.13 BdwlkPpl 17.71 +.30 Boeing 132.29 +.10 BorgWrn s 65.12 +.65 BostProp 116.81 +.56 BostonSci 12.80 ... &S]H+Q   Brandyw 15.67 +.12 BrMySq 47.09 +.21 Brookdale 33.11 +.14 BrkfldPrp 20.49 +.15 Buenavent 10.08 +.08 CBL Asc 18.65 -.04 CBRE Grp 30.54 +.56 CBS B 60.45 -.43 CBS Outd n 32.10 -.01 CIT Grp 44.72 ... CMS Eng 29.56 +.15 CNO Fincl 16.71 +.01 CSX 30.35 +.36 CVS Care 75.86 -.12 CYS Invest 9.19 -.01 CblvsnNY 17.02 -.15 CabotOG s 34.67 -.59 CallonPet 10.54 -.27 Calpine 23.91 +.13 Cameco g 19.65 -.05 Cameron 65.09 +.14 CampSp 45.32 +.06 CdnNR gs 62.60 +.57 CdnNRs gs 44.24 +.88 CP Rwy g 184.82 +3.08 CapOne 80.47 -.46 CardnlHlth 67.75 -.17 CareFusion 42.72 -.14 CarMax 44.19 +.32 Carnival 38.92 -.16 Caterpillar 106.77 +.12 Celanese 64.16 -.03 Cemex 13.11 -.05 Cemig pf s 7.91 +.06 CenovusE 31.51 +.65 CenterPnt 24.01 +.06 CenElBras 3.17 -.05 CntryLink 36.95 +.56 ChambStPr 8.20 +.05 Cheetah n 21.98 +.64 Chegg n 6.37 -.01 Chemtura 24.84 -.03 ChesEng 30.47 -.02 Chevron 127.26 +1.15 ChicB&I 74.94 -1.78 Chicos 16.63 -.10 Chimera 3.19 -.01 'LMRE(MKXP   ChiMYWnd 3.51 -.02 CienaCorp 22.31 +.12 Cigna 91.02 +.28 Cimarex 138.88 +3.11 Citigroup 47.59 -.68 Civeo n 27.04 +1.27 CliffsNRs 14.14 +.38 Clorox 90.07 -.33 ClubCorp n 18.64 -.33 Coach 39.37 +.70 CobaltIEn 18.66 +.19 CocaCola 40.37 -.05 CocaCE 44.58 -.18 Coeur 7.64 -.17 ColgPalm 67.86 +.02 ColonyFncl 23.29 +.77 Comerica 50.10 +.16 CmtyHlt 43.46 +.95 CompSci 63.28 +.49 ComstkRs 27.95 +.48 ConAgra 32.50 +.27 ConchoRes141.83 +3.06 ConocoPhil 83.08 +.22 ConsolEngy 46.09 +1.27 ConEd 55.22 +.23 ConstellA 82.58 -.21 Corning 21.20 +.20 Cosan Ltd 14.08 -.11 Coty 17.11 ... CousPrp 12.15 +.06 CovantaH 20.19 +.01 Covidien 72.02 -.02 CSVInvNG 2.58 -.01 CrwnCstle 73.80 -.55 CrownHold 49.52 +.19 CubeSmart 18.48 -.01 Cummins 156.03 +1.26

-.22 -.23 +.15 -.50 +2.38 +.50 -5.96 -1.04 -5.09 -.33  ... -.16 -1.09 -.10 +.04 -.42 +.03 -.04 -.39 -.86 -.56 -.15 -.04 -3.06 +.07 -.51 -1.42 ... +.01 +.44 -.11 -1.05 +1.02 +2.36 +5.07 -.33 -3.02 -1.05 -2.24 -1.33 -1.41 -.12 +.13 +.42 +2.09 -.04 -.07 +.04 +.03 +2.23 +.09 +.04 +.75 +3.07 -8.68 +1.31 -.07  -.07 +.08 +.69 +5.02 -1.34 +4.29 -.34 +.57 +.29 -.62 +.29 -.31 -1.08 +.45 -.16 +.89 +1.24 -1.43 -.07 +1.31 -.20 +7.00 +2.24 -1.36 -.01 -.41 -.37 +.47 -.74 -.25 +.94 -1.58 -.12 -2.10 -.72 -.11 -3.03

D-E-F DCT Indl 8.04 ... DDR Corp 17.37 +.11

-.13 -.28

DR Horton 23.44 -.08 DSW Inc s 27.32 +.24 DTE 74.47 +.29 DanaHldg 23.28 +.26 Danaher 80.27 +.14 Darden 49.68 +.35 DarlingIng 19.96 +.20 DeanFds rs 17.71 +.04 Deere 90.47 ... DelphiAuto 67.99 +.64 DeltaAir 39.24 +.74 DenburyR 17.68 +.02 DeutBk rt 1.99 -.02 DeutschBk 37.59 -.14 DevonE 78.04 +1.04 DiaOffs 49.59 +.82 DiamRk 12.43 +.01 DicksSptg 44.37 +.13 DigitalRlt 56.66 -.02 DirSPBr rs 27.05 -.24 DxGldBll rs 35.55 +.36 DrxFnBear 18.31 -.02 DxEMBear 32.13 -.01 DrxSCBear 15.21 -.09 DirGMBear 16.31 +.06 DirGMnBull 23.40 -.34 DrxEMBull 30.94 -.01 DrxFnBull 97.09 -.04 DirDGdBr s 22.77 -.23 DrxSCBull 75.03 +.48 DrxSPBull 73.24 +.69 Discover 61.02 -.25 Disney 82.80 ... DollarGen 60.69 +.50 DomRescs 68.44 +.41 DoralFn rs 4.54 +.07 Dover 89.15 +.34 DowChm 52.40 +.40 DrPepSnap 57.78 -.07 DuPont 68.30 +.22 DukeEngy 70.83 +.25 DukeRlty 17.61 -.01 Dynegy 36.00 +.15 E-CDang 11.73 +.40 E-House 8.55 +.30 EMC Cp 26.62 +.08 EOG Res s 114.02 +2.39 EP Engy n 22.28 +.01 EQT Corp 105.85 +1.22 EagleMat 93.56 +.53 EastChem 88.84 +.46 Eaton 75.16 +.23 EVTxMGlo 10.12 +.01 EdisonInt 54.89 +.12 EducRlty 10.38 +.20 EdwLfSci 78.36 -1.53 EldorGld g 6.39 -.07 Embraer 36.35 +.30 EmersonEl 66.47 +.03 Emulex 5.49 +.09 Enbridge 47.02 +.26 EnCana g 24.42 +.54 EndvrIntl 1.42 -.02 EndvSilv g 4.84 +.16 EngyTEq s 52.41 -.45 EngyTsfr 56.19 -.16 ENSCO 53.29 +.36 Entergy 78.20 +.35 EntPrPt 74.70 +.57 EqtyRsd 61.76 +.51 EsteeLdr 76.49 -.21 ExcoRes 5.65 +.13 Exelis 17.36 -.08 Exelon 35.72 +.65 )\TVIWW  ExterranH 43.06 +.01 ExtraSpce 53.14 +.32 ExxonMbl 102.65 +.99 FMC Tech 58.85 -.36 FS Invest n 10.34 +.04 FamilyDlr 66.66 +.30 FedExCp 140.27 +1.06 Ferro 12.61 +.51 FibriaCelu 9.82 +.04 FidlNFin 32.73 -.07 n 46.66 +1.55 FstHorizon 11.96 -.08 FMajSilv g 9.59 +.12 FT IndPrd 30.40 +.09 FirstEngy 34.18 -.07 Flowserv s 77.27 +.63 Fluor 77.64 +.17 FootLockr 49.44 -.05 FordM 16.56 +.04 ForestCA 19.22 -.07 ForestLab 94.58 +.21 ForestOil 2.44 +.02 Fortress 7.59 -.12 FBHmSec 39.80 -.41 FrankRes s 55.61 -.41

-.98 +.32 -1.11 +.44 -.10 -1.41 +.29 +.11 -1.83 -2.75 -2.99 +.55 -.24 -1.15 +3.61 +2.39 -.36 -.72 -1.17 +.50 +5.89 +.48 -.11 +.10 -8.36 +6.93 +.09 -2.81 -4.91 -.57 -1.42 -.72 -1.81 +2.70 -1.41 +1.07 +.85 -.73 -.33 -1.37 -.51 -.48 +1.04 +1.34 -.50 +.07 +4.70 +1.61 -.54 +3.86 -.69 +.27 -.36 -1.17 -.16 -2.04 +.37 -.39 -1.19 -.06 +.12 +1.28 +.18 +.65 -1.86 -.64 +1.35 -.21 -.53 -.89 -.28 +.44 -.29 -1.69  +.39 -.02 +1.05 -.01 -.31 +6.44 -2.43 -.82 -.17 -1.24 +5.82 +.05 +.88 -.52 -.53 +.76 -1.76 -.16 -.52 -.20 +.34 +.05 -.13 -.52 -.98

FMCG 33.97 +.30 -.96 Freescale 23.64 -.12 -.01 *YWMSRMS   

G-H-I +2'  GameStop 36.99 +.69 Gannett 28.73 -.07 Gap 41.10 +.36 GasLog 24.76 +.01 Generac 46.72 -.20 GenDynam 119.14 +.68 GenElec 27.04 +.08 GenGrPrp 23.51 +.13 GenMills 54.31 +.11 GenMotors 35.63 +.11 Genpact 17.03 -.04 Genworth 17.43 +.18 Gerdau 6.10 -.02 GiantInter 11.76 +.03 GlaxoSKln 54.50 +.10 GlimchRt 10.85 +.06 GolLinhas 5.68 +.08 GoldFLtd 3.62 +.01 Goldcrp g 25.20 +.13 GoldmanS 165.89 -.07 GoodrPet 29.02 +.21 GramrcyP 6.01 +.11 GraphPkg 11.38 +.10 GtPlainEn 25.16 +.11 GpFnSnMx 12.99 +.15 GpTelevisa 34.33 +.53 HCA Hldg 54.98 +.46 HCP Inc 41.49 +.05 HDFC Bk 47.33 -1.14 HSBC 52.25 +.04 HalconRes 6.64 -.08 Hallibrtn 67.58 +.94 Harbinger 12.18 -.03 HarleyD 69.09 -.70 HarmonyG 2.88 -.06 HartfdFn 35.73 -.09 HatterasF 20.38 -.01 Headwatrs 13.79 +.14 HltCrREIT 63.17 +.22 HlthcreTr 12.11 ... HealthNet 39.99 +.10 HeclaM 3.10 -.02 Herbalife 63.08 +.05 Hersha 6.44 +.05 Hertz 26.51 -.05 Hess 95.95 +.47 ,I[PIXX4  Hillshire 61.82 -.05 Hilton n 22.29 -.19 HollyFront 47.22 -.40 HomeDp 78.07 -.36 HonwllIntl 93.77 +.11 Hormel 48.14 -.19 Hospira 50.80 -.18 HostHotls 22.19 +.07 HovnanE 4.41 -.04 Humana 124.66 -.58 Huntsmn 28.09 +.19 IAMGld g 3.94 -.11 ICICI Bk 50.15 -1.97 ING 14.25 -.05 iShGold 12.38 +.03 iSAstla 26.46 ... iShBrazil 49.64 +.31 iShCanada 31.52 +.22 iShEMU 43.38 -.17 iShGerm 31.78 -.12 iSh HK 21.29 +.19 iShItaly 17.96 ... iShJapan 11.83 +.06 iSh SKor 64.27 -.73 iSMalasia 16.11 +.05 iShMexico 67.33 -.36 iShSing 13.83 +.02 iShSpain 43.51 +.05 iSTaiwn 15.35 -.01 iSh UK 21.78 +.02 iShSilver 18.92 +.16 iShChinaLC 38.09 +.57 iSCorSP500195.36 +.63 iShUSAgBd108.88 -.03 iShEMkts 43.61 +.02 iSh20 yrT 112.15 -.06 iSh7-10yTB102.81 -.20 iShIntSelDv 40.57 -.01 iS Eafe 69.72 +.05 iShiBxHYB 94.95 +.11 iShMtgRE 12.82 +.07 iSR1KVal 100.05 +.47 iSR1KGr 89.51 +.16 iSR2KGr 134.28 +.57 iShR2K 115.59 +.20 iShUSPfd 39.37 -.04 iShREst 71.28 +.18

 -.29 -.37 -.96 +.99 -1.49 -1.69 -.14 -.67 -1.10 -.92 +.05 -.52 -.03 -.01 +.80 -.50 +.10 +.03 +2.20 -.30 +.83 -.19 -.08 -.38 -.31 -.09 -.61 -.94 +.01 -.21 +.24 +.60 +.24 -2.81 +.23 -.50 +.09 +.53 -.91 -.45 -.02 +.21 -1.46 -.05 -1.22 +2.88  +2.90 -.99 -.49 -2.57 -1.43 -1.13 +.02 -.58 -.14 -1.72 -.50 +.40 -1.68 -.51 +.24 -.10 +1.82 +.62 -.81 -.57 +.12 -.40 +.02 -1.12 ... -.58 -.06 -.57 +.08 -.07 +.64 +.85 -1.26 ... +.05 +.56 +.01 -.24 -.50 +.12 -.05 -.33 -.87 +.40 -.29 -.02 -1.47

How To Read The Market in Review The list includes the most active stocks in each exchange, as well as stocks of local interest. Stock Footnotes: cc – PE greater than 99. cld - Issue has been called for redemption by company. d - New 52-week low. dd – Loss in last 12 mos. ec - Company formerly listed on the American Exchange's Emerging Company Marketplace. g - Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h - temporary exmpt from Nasdaq capital and surplus listing qualification. n - Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf - Preferred stock issue. pr - Preferences. pp - Holder owes installments of purchase price. q – Closed-end mutual fund; no PE calculated. rt - Right to buy security at a specified price. s - Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. wi - Trades will be settled when the stock is issued. wd - When distributed. wt - Warrant, allowing a purchase of a stock. u - New 52-week high. un - Unit,, including more than one security. vj - Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the name. Mutual Fund Footnotes: e – Ex-capital gains distribution. f – Previous day’s quote. n - No-load fund. p – Fund assets used to pay distribution costs. r – Redemption fee or contingent deferred sales load may apply. s – Stock dividend or split. t – Both p and r. x – Ex-cash dividend. Source: The Associated Press and Morningstar. Sales figures are unofficial. iShHmCnst 23.89 -.10 iShInds 104.06 +.36 iShUSEngy 56.00 +.56 iShEurope 50.00 -.07 ITT Corp 45.67 +.34 ITW 88.18 +.37 Infoblox 13.56 +.16 Infosys 53.98 +.29 IngerRd 62.30 +.27 IngrmM 27.93 -.08 InstlldBP n 12.73 -.22 IntcntlExch 193.26 +1.24 IBM 182.56 +1.34 -RXP+EQI  IntPap 48.08 +.01 Interpublic 19.56 ... InvenSense 21.22 +.27 Invesco 37.24 -.44 InvMtgCap 17.84 +.05 InvRlEst 8.96 +.02 IronMtn 31.00 +.04 iShCorEM 52.11 +.01 ItauUnibH 15.27 +.16

-.69 -1.07 +.95 -.53 +1.03 -.31 +.68 +1.97 +.58 -.15 -.81 +3.86 -3.81  +.19 +.06 +.75 -.94 -.12 -.09 -.60 +.06 +.87

J-K-L JPMorgCh 57.04 Jabil 19.79 JacobsEng 54.74 JanusCap 11.87 Jarden 58.15 JinkoSolar 26.39 JohnJn 102.53 JohnsnCtl 49.64 JoyGlbl 61.09 Jumei n 27.69 JnprNtwk 24.59 KB Home 16.85 KBR Inc 26.12 KKR 23.88 KateSpade 36.08 Kellogg 67.21 KeyEngy 8.40 Keycorp 14.23 KimbClk 110.66 Kimco 22.69 KindME 78.93 KindMorg 35.19 KindrM wt 2.80 Kinross g 4.13 Knowles n 31.00

... +.10 +.09 -.08 +.39 +.64 ... +.22 +.23 +.76 -.04 +.06 +.11 -.36 -.08 -.02 +.14 +.06 +.53 +.20 -.12 +.28 +.05 ... -.22

+.07 +.31 -1.96 -.65 +.37 +1.92 -.65 -.67 -3.02 -2.00 -.30 -.25 +.27 -.17 -.50 -1.70 +.01 +.10 -1.00 -.71 +.33 +.11 +.04 +.24 +1.13

KodiakO g 13.79 +.15 +.71 Kohls 52.12 -.13 -1.69 KosmosEn 10.87 +.34 +.82 KrispKrm 16.15 -.10 -.15 Kroger 47.15 -.09 -.98 L Brands 57.35 +.25 -2.15 L-3 Com 125.56 +.35 -.02 LaredoPet 29.09 +.37 +.64 LVSands 73.77 +1.04 -.68 Lazard 51.00 -.19 -.51 LeggMason 49.65 -.29 -1.03 LeggPlat 33.47 +.01 -.71 LennarA 40.18 -.33 -1.50 LeucNatl 25.77 +.03 -.32 Level3 44.09 +1.86 +.85 LexRltyTr 11.33 -.02 -.29 LibtProp 37.83 -.16 -1.72 LifeLock 11.76 -.12 -.10 LillyEli 58.90 +.02 -.73 LincNat 50.55 +.38 -.21 LinkedIn 169.30 +4.76 +12.50 LionsGt g 26.90 -.06 +.24 LiveNatn 23.51 +.42 -.51 LloydBkg 5.31 -.10 -.14 LockhdM 164.04 +1.40 -3.13 Loews 43.52 -.07 -.46 Lorillard 61.12 +.76 +1.37 LaPac 14.30 +.12 +.19 Lowes 45.45 -.10 -2.32 LyonBas A 98.96 -.30 -.04

M-N-0 M&T Bk 122.67 MBIA 12.50 MFA Fncl 8.42 MGIC Inv 9.23 MGM Rsts 24.90 MRC Glbl 28.72 MackCali 21.94 Macys 57.40 MagHRes 8.39 Mallinck n 75.08 Manitowoc 27.53 Manulife g 18.88 MarathnO 39.08 MarathPet 86.42 MVJrGld rs 39.45 MktVGold 24.11 MV OilSvc 55.21 MV Semi 48.86

-.23 -.05 +.09 +.06 +.46 -.08 +.15 +.11 -.06 +.97 -.43 +.02 -.07 -.23 -.18 +.08 +.59 +.78

-1.06 -.27 +.02 +.10 -.24 -.48 -.31 -1.94 -.21 -.26 -1.84 -.14 +1.77 -1.27 +4.54 +1.47 +.74 +1.09

MktVRus 26.48 +.19 MarshM 50.82 +.16 Masco 21.85 -.50 Mastec 32.86 +.10 MasterCd s 75.94 +.22 MatadorRs 27.52 +.42 McDrmInt 7.97 +.18 McDnlds 100.49 +.73 McGrwH 83.36 -.54 McKesson 182.61 -.66 McEwenM 2.63 -.10 MeadJohn 87.45 +.80 MeadWvco 43.31 +.02 Mechel 2.38 +.10 MedProp 13.01 -.14 Medtrnic 60.70 -.09 Merck 58.24 -.06 Meritor 13.93 +.24 MetLife 54.47 +.14 MKors 93.90 -.76 MillenMda 4.23 -.06 MitsuUFJ 6.03 ... MobileTele 19.23 +.14 Mohawk 132.17 -.34 MolsCoorB 71.23 -.24 Molycorp 2.79 +.01 Monsanto 119.67 -1.24 MonstrWw 6.32 +.12 MorgStan 31.59 -.14 Mosaic 48.58 -.02 MotrlaSolu 66.78 +.32 MuellerWat 8.66 +.19 MurphO 65.28 +1.14 NCR Corp 32.36 +.18 NQ Mobile 7.94 +.20 NRG Egy 36.71 +.78 Nabors 27.50 +.54 NBGreece 3.78 -.05 NOilVarco 77.54 +.48 NatRetPrp 36.36 -.01 Navios 9.86 -.04 Navistar 37.43 +.41 NeuStar 24.37 +.23 NewResid 6.40 +.02 NY CmtyB 15.82 +.05 NY REIT n 11.56 -.07 NY Times 15.20 -.38 Newcastle 4.89 +.06 NewellRub 30.59 -.13 NewfldExp 40.45 +1.18

+.12 -.24 -.13 -.57 -1.53 +1.40 +.26 -1.47 -.33 -6.12 +.39 -2.37 -.70 +.38 -.68 -1.77 +.83 -.77 -.33 -.43 +.08 +.15 -.10 -4.80 +4.51 +.09 -2.05 +.32 -.36 -.16 -.57 -.21 +2.12 -.63 -1.41 +.61 +.50 -.24 +.86 +.07 +.41 +.35 -2.30 -.12 +.03 -.16 +.04 -.10 -.43 +3.17

NewmtM 23.40 +.10 NextEraEn 96.78 +1.16 NiSource 37.19 +.20 NielsenNV 46.39 -.34 NikeB 74.62 -.15 NimbleSt n 26.50 -.31 NobleCorp 33.17 +.30 NobleEngy 76.19 +.38 NokiaCp 8.04 ... NordAOff n 15.50 +.25 NordicAm 8.89 +.14 Nordstrm 67.89 +.62 NorflkSo 101.16 +.96 NoestUt 45.36 +.29 NorthropG 120.80 +1.27 NStarRlt 16.65 +.19 Novartis 89.34 +.05 NovoNord s 44.76 -.73 NOW Inc n 33.55 +.34 Nucor 50.84 +.54 OasisPet 52.68 +.27 OcciPet 103.23 +1.98 OcwenFn 36.24 -.01 OfficeDpt 5.45 -.01 Oi SA C .99 +.01 Oi SA .95 +.03 OilStates 64.07 +.61 OldRepub 16.94 -.06 OmegaHlt 35.44 -.35 Omnicom 70.23 +.09 ONEOK 65.15 +.53 OpkoHlth 9.03 -.07 Oracle 42.14 +.14 Orbitz 8.09 +.02 OwensCorn 41.67 -.16 OwensIll 33.28 +.54

+.32 -.66 -.56 -1.29 -1.61 +2.42 +1.83 +2.19 +.16 ... +.29 -.90 -.60 -.12 -3.20 -.32 +.33 +1.22 +.75 -.39 +2.11 +2.85 -1.07 +.25 +.01 +.04 -.44 -.06 -2.40 -.27 -.74 -.20 -.49 +.30 -.86 -.72

P-Q-R PBF Engy 30.13 PG&E Cp 46.55 PHH Corp 23.23 PNC 87.81 PPL Corp 34.03 PVH Corp 116.50 PacifCstOil 12.91 PaloAltNet 78.80 Pandora 27.04 ParkDrl 7.03 ParsleyE n 24.60 PeabdyE 16.79

+.03 +.23 -.27 +.46 +.51 -.62 -.03 +.29 +.54 -.05 -.39 +.45

-1.80 -.13 -.84 +.49 -.63 -3.18 -.42 +.82 +1.46 +.36 -.40 +.45

Pengrth g 6.93 +.03 +.36 PennVa 15.46 +.60 +1.20 PennWst g 10.09 +.12 +.45 Penney 8.61 +.15 -.02 Pentair 75.18 -.17 -2.22 PepcoHold 27.36 +.02 -.10 PepsiCo 87.19 -.03 -.72 PerkElm 46.41 +.02 -1.11 Perrigo 140.39 -2.29 +1.44 PetrbrsA 16.97 +.35 +1.34 Petrobras 15.87 +.39 +1.11 Pfizer 29.53 +.08 +.11 PhilipMor 88.45 +.21 +.12 Phillips66 83.49 +.69 -.87 PiedmOfc 19.07 +.02 -.63 Pier 1 17.30 -.12 -.23 PinnaclFds 33.04 +.94 +1.49 PioNtrl 226.95 +3.95 +8.02 PitnyBw 27.47 +.31 -.53 PlatfmSp n 27.76 -.60 +1.81 PlumCrk 44.13 -.13 -.84 Potash 36.05 +.05 +.54 PwshDB 26.39 ... +.34 PS USDBull 21.54 ... +.07 PS SrLoan 24.85 -.05 -.06 PSIndia 21.46 -.47 -.86 PrecDrill 14.00 +.40 +.69 PrinFncl 48.75 +.07 -.13 ProLogis 40.91 -.05 -.95 ProShtS&P 23.69 -.07 +.14 ProUltQQQ 109.51 +.59 -1.19 ProUltSP 112.99 +.66 -1.47 ProShtR2K 16.50 -.03 +.03 ProSht20Tr 29.18 -.02 -.19 PUltSP500 110.68 +1.00 -2.20 PUVixST rs 33.30 -1.29 +2.87 PrUShCrde 24.55 ... -2.01 ProctGam 79.64 -.12 -.39 ProgsvCp 25.29 +.10 +.04 ProUShSP 26.13 -.15 +.34 PUShQQQ rs52.01 -.29 +.52 ProUShL20 62.35 +.01 -.72 PUSR2K rs 45.47 -.19 +.17 PUShSPX rs49.50 -.46 +.92 ProtLife 69.46 -.17 ... Prudentl 88.14 -.29 -1.21 PSEG 37.84 +.21 -.90 PulteGrp 19.42 -.16 -.71 QEP Res 32.33 +.43 +.46 Qihoo360 87.18 -1.23 +1.64 QuantaSvc 33.91 +.08 -.69 QstDiag 59.21 -.50 -2.54 QksilvRes 2.46 +.08 -.04 Quiksilvr 3.91 +.02 +.23 RCS Cap 20.34 -.03 +.20 Rackspace 37.19 -.50 +.18 RadianGrp 15.15 +.20 -.12 RadioShk 1.16 +.01 -.31 6EPP]7SJX    RangeRs 88.19 +.46 -5.13 Rayonier 47.62 -.07 -.60 Raytheon 96.59 +1.09 -2.19 Realogy 36.11 -.17 -1.12 RltyInco 43.85 +.16 -.22 RedHat 51.92 +1.43 +1.07 RegalEnt 20.57 +.29 +.45 RegionsFn 10.71 +.10 +.13 ReneSola 2.56 +.02 +.31 RepubSvc 36.71 +.03 +.71 ResrceCap 5.80 -.01 -.10 RestorHdw 80.72 +.32 +12.48 RetailProp 15.12 -.04 -.29 Rexnord 28.40 +.20 -.16 ReynAmer 59.75 +.41 +.41 RiceEngy n 32.01 -.01 -1.04 RioTinto 51.60 +.30 -1.87 RiteAid 7.21 -.13 -.51 RobtHalf 47.38 +.24 +.78 Rowan 32.40 +.25 +.70 RylCarb 54.00 -.37 -2.80 RoyDShllA 80.50 +.72 +1.15 RuckusW 11.52 +.27 +.63

S-T-U SCANA 50.69 SK Tlcm 24.52 SpdrDJIA 167.62 SpdrGold 122.96 SpdrEuro50 44.30 SP Mid 255.55 S&P500ETF194.13 SpdrHome 31.78 SpdrS&PBk 33.07 SpdrLehHY 41.60 SpdrS&P RB39.83 SpdrRetl 84.87 SpdrOGEx 80.70 SpdrMetM 40.59 SABESP 10.43 Safeway 34.09

+.25 +.05 +.33 +.32 -.07 +.66 +.59 -.14 -.04 +.07 -.10 +.46 +.92 +.60 +.17 +.01

-.69 +.95 -1.46 +2.35 -.75 -1.38 -1.25 -.63 -.10 +.10 -.28 -.63 +2.59 +.47 +.66 -.21

StJoe 24.81 -.05 StJude 65.09 +.21 Salesforce 54.31 +1.27 SallyBty 24.84 +.15 SanchezEn 36.39 +.07 SandRdge 6.95 +.08 Sanofi 53.78 +.09 SantCUSA n 18.76 -.23 Schlmbrg 108.25 +1.92 Schwab 26.01 +.41 ScorpioTk 8.88 -.27 SeadrillLtd 39.42 +.62 SealAir 33.29 +.06 SempraEn 101.12 +1.39 SenHous 24.12 +.08 ServiceCp 19.93 -.19 ServcNow 59.20 +1.72 ShipFin 18.22 +.06 SibanyeG 9.32 -.35 SiderurNac 4.22 +.08 SilvWhtn g 22.61 +.37 SilvrcpM g 1.79 -.06 SimonProp 164.14 +.25 SonyCp 16.22 +.13 Sothebys 39.81 +.17 SouFun s 8.88 +.05 SouthnCo 43.53 +.05 SthnCopper 28.73 +.08 SwstAirl 26.30 +.58 SwstnEngy 45.81 +.09 Spansion 21.38 -.10 SpectraEn 41.17 +.20 SpiritAero 33.24 +.23 SpiritRC n 11.25 -.03 Sprint n 8.73 +.14 SP Matls 49.15 +.19 SP HlthC 59.63 -.05 SP CnSt 44.71 -.01 SP Consum 65.79 +.03 SP Engy 98.42 +.93 SPDR Fncl 22.61 +.01 SP Inds 54.50 +.19 SP Tech 38.13 +.22 SP Util 42.55 +.27 StdPac 8.06 -.03 StarwdHtl 79.06 +.65 StarwdPT 24.11 +.30 StateStr 66.26 +.03 Statoil ASA 31.80 +.69 StillwtrM 16.56 +.31 StratHotels 11.05 +.15 Stryker 83.44 -.34 SumitMitsu 8.55 +.11 Suncor gs 42.69 +.87 SunEdison 19.39 +.11 SunstnHtl 14.84 +.03 SunTrst 40.26 +.24 SupEnrgy 35.32 +.25 Supvalu 7.78 -.03 SwftEng 11.99 +.10 SwiftTrans 25.33 -.03 Synovus rs 24.48 -.01 Sysco 36.93 -.73 T-MobileUS 32.91 -.11 TCF Fncl 16.30 -.08 TD Ameritr 30.17 +.11 TE Connect 61.46 -.29 TECO 17.39 -.01 TIM Part 29.72 -.15 TJX 54.79 +.10 TableauA 64.14 +.72 TaiwSemi 21.09 -.02 TalismE g 10.62 +.25 Target 57.23 -.01 TataMotors 38.19 -.94 TeckRes g 21.46 +.13 TelefBrasil 20.68 +.28 Tenaris 45.96 +.17 TenetHlth 46.97 -.80 Teradata 43.42 +.67 Teradyn 19.12 +.01 Terex 38.30 -.76 Tesoro 57.78 +.24 TevaPhrm 51.98 +.16 Textron 39.40 +.02 ThermoFis 119.16 -.69 ThomCrk g 2.83 +.02 3D Sys 49.32 +.44 3M Co 143.36 +.29 Time n 23.15 +.60 TW Cable 142.26 -.46 TimeWarn 67.84 -.53 TollBros 35.94 -.36 TorDBk gs 49.92 -.15 TotalSys 30.49 +.12 TransDigm 168.80 +1.10 Transocn 44.33 +.53 Travelers 95.41 +.41 TriPointe 16.55 +.02 TrinaSolar 11.81 +.39

+.07 -.78 +2.51 -.38 +1.57 +.13 -.32 -1.76 +2.26 +.04 -.33 +1.04 +.04 +.41 -.27 -.44 +2.59 -.56 -.97 +.12 +1.65 +.09 -5.54 +.12 -.10 -2.31 -.36 -.16 -1.29 -.18 +.86 -.53 -.45 -.21 -.05 -.57 -.53 -.52 -1.13 +1.61 -.19 -.81 -.06 -.53 -.27 -1.43 -.30 -.74 +.88 -.77 -.44 -2.12 +.13 +3.50 -.23 -.41 +.62 +.46 -.28 +1.08 -.29 -.21 -.75 -.86 -.09 -.56 -.24 -.10 +.25 -1.63 +2.43 ... +.66 -.45 -1.34 +.24 +.52 -.53 -2.25 +.34 +.23 -2.48 -.44 +.90 -.76 -.50 -.01 -.91 -1.28 -.33 -1.40 -.34 -.94 -.25 -.66 -1.78 +1.70 +1.05 +.68 +.71

Trinity 81.37 -.29 Trinseo n 20.20 -.05 TriumphGp 71.62 +.10 Trulia 42.40 +1.19 TurqHillRs 3.67 ... Twitter n 36.90 +.11 TwoHrbInv 10.58 +.07 TycoIntl 44.75 +.14 Tyson 35.43 +.26 UBS AG 19.42 -.25 UDR 27.56 +.11 US Silica 51.31 +1.86 USG 30.43 -.46 UltraPt g 29.03 +.39 UndArmr s 57.51 +.90 UnilevNV 43.64 -.21 UnionPac s100.90 +.23 UtdContl 42.78 +.18 UtdMicro 2.45 +.01 UPS B 101.03 +.14 UtdRentals 105.39 +.38 US Bancrp 43.06 +.05 US NGas 26.25 +.02 US OilFd 39.12 +.04 USSteel 23.95 +.40 UtdTech 116.79 -.06 UtdhlthGp 79.18 -.26 UnumGrp 34.88 -.01

-1.47 ... +.91 +2.78 -.12 +3.57 +.01 +.32 -4.69 -.86 -.46 -1.93 -.71 +1.33 +1.50 +.59 +.43 -5.27 +.08 -2.56 -.58 +.18 +.12 +1.51 -.14 -2.11 -.37 -.38

V-W-X-Y-Z VF Corp s 61.64 -.28 VaalcoE 6.70 -.11 Vale SA 12.81 +.10 Vale SA pf 11.49 +.12 ValeantPh 119.60 -1.15 ValeroE 53.74 -.07 VlyNBcp 10.01 ... VangTotBd 81.83 -.02 VangTSM 100.62 +.33 VangREIT 74.41 +.19 VangAllW 52.61 +.06 VangEmg 43.61 +.16 VangEur 61.01 -.09 VangFTSE 42.84 -.01 Vantiv 32.14 ... VectorGp 20.65 +.13 Ventas 63.64 -.04 VeriFone 36.84 +.14 VerizonCm 49.18 +.14 Vipshop 177.00 -2.85 Visa 211.29 -.48 VishayInt 15.44 -.02 VMware 95.05 +.94 Vonage 3.47 +.06 Vornado 104.50 -.04 VoyaFincl 36.15 +.03 W&T Off 15.90 +.22 WPX Engy 22.77 +.42 WalMart 75.28 -.45 Walgrn 73.06 +.59 ;EPXIV)R   WashPrm n 19.16 +.03 WsteMInc 44.00 +.11 WeathfIntl 22.41 +.24 WellPoint 106.88 -.22 WellsFargo 51.90 +.19 WestarEn 35.86 +.17 WstnRefin 40.27 +.82 WstnUnion 16.09 +.11 Weyerhsr 30.84 -.05 Whrlpl 138.23 -.33 WhiteWave 32.13 -.19 WhitingPet 79.29 +1.27 WmsCos 47.18 +.33 WiscEngy 45.07 +.29 WTJpHedg 48.93 +.47 WT India 22.37 -.58 Workday 83.86 +2.34 WldW Ent 11.40 +.07 Wyndham 72.47 +.03 XL Grp 32.81 +.15 XcelEngy 30.69 +.04 Xerox 12.61 -.02 Xylem 38.60 +.83 YPF Soc 32.93 +.25 Yamana g 8.26 +.20 =IPT  =MRKPM+VR   YoukuTud 21.38 -.17 YumBrnds 79.23 +.46 Zhaopin n 15.34 +.69 Zimmer 105.58 +.26 Zoetis 32.12 +.13

-1.73 -.06 -.28 -.11 -7.86 -1.48 +.08 -.01 -.58 -1.68 -.13 +.25 -.71 -.33 ... +.37 -1.74 +.12 -.24 -.40 -1.71 +.14 -1.92 -.06 -3.44 -.21 +1.42 +1.16 -1.93 -1.97  -.06 -.26 -.43 +.75 -.08 -.17 +.23 -.04 -.50 -5.84 -.27 +5.28 -.12 -.69 -.04 -.97 +2.85 +.34 -2.48 -.30 -.48 -.24 +.85 +2.12 +.82   +2.34 -.76 ... -1.62 +.38

NYSE MKT EXCHANGE Name AbdAsPac ActiniumP AdcareHlt AdvPhot AlexcoR g AlldNevG AlmadnM g AmApparel AmEagE rs AmpioPhm ArmcoMetl AskanoG g Augusta g AvalnRare AvinoSG g B2gold g Bacterin Banro g BarcUBS36 BarcGSOil BrcIndiaTR Bellatrix g &MS8MQI

Wk Last Chg Chg 6.30 +.06 +.07 11.55 +.05 -.11 4.25 +.01 +.16 .58 ... +.05 1.12 +.05 +.13 3.55 +.04 +.70 1.45 -.01 +.14 .62 +.01 +.01 6.50 -.13 -.40 7.23 -.08 +.27 .34 +.01 +.14 2.09 -.06 +.20 2.69 +.08 -.03 .49 -.01 +.01 1.88 +.03 +.18 2.60 -.07 +.31 .77 -.00 -.01 .45 -.00 +.04 39.52 +.12 +.30 25.73 +.01 +1.07 68.68 -1.09 -1.81 8.82 +.12 +.15   

BlkMuIT2 14.72 +.01 +.12 BlkMunvst 9.82 -.03 +.08 BritATob 119.51 +.19 +.23 CAMAC s .80 -.00 +.17 CastleBr .88 ... -.04 'IP7GMVW    CFCda g 13.84 +.08 +.46 CheniereEn 66.29 +.61 +.26 ChenEnLP 32.13 +.53 -.67 ChenEHld n 25.15 +.33 +.10 ClghGlbOp 12.87 +.01 -.04 ComstkMn 1.67 +.01 +.04 ConsEP 2.41 -.01 ... Contango 41.75 -.20 +.24 CornstProg 4.68 +.02 +.04 CornstTR 5.65 +.00 -.08 CornerstStr 6.13 +.01 -.03 CrSuisInco 3.59 ... +.01 CrSuiHiY 3.24 -.01 +.04 (INSYV)K    (IRMWR1K    DocuSec 1.45 -.02 +.02 EV LtdDur 15.62 +.06 +.23 EVMuniBd 12.33 -.11 -.05 )PITL8EPO   

eMagin EmeraldO Enservco EntreeGold EvolPetrol ExeterR gs Fibrocell FT WindEn *PI\7SPY FrkStPrp GTT Comm GamGldNR GastarExp +IR1SP] GlblScape Globalstar GoldResrc GoldStdV g GoldenMin +SPH7XVK GranTrra g GtPanSilv g +VIIR,RXV Hemisphrx HooperH

2.39 6.84 2.97 .34 11.29 .65 3.85 13.27  12.45 11.22 10.51 7.23  2.30 4.21 4.55 .68 .67  7.59 1.03  .34 .68

-.05 +.15 +.04 ... +.26 ... +.10 +.07  -.01 -.24 +.03 -.16  -.11 -.03 ... +.02 -.02  -.02 -.04  +.01 +.00

+.01 +.32 -.03 +.03 +.28 -.05 +.51 -.33  -.39 -1.09 +.19 -.09  +.05 +.42 +.19 +.04 +.15  +.46 +.02  +.01 ...

,WXR%)R IGI Labs iShIndia bt iBio ImmunoCll ImpOil g IndepRT n IndiaGCap InovioPh rs InspireMD Intellichk IntTower g Inuvo InvAdvMu2 IsoRay LadThalFn LadTh pfA LkShrGld g LiberMed LiqTech 0YGEW)RK] MadCatz g MastThera Metalico 1I\GS)R

 5.67 29.76 .38 1.19 51.37 9.05 1.56 8.71 3.18 .75 .66 .94 11.38 2.50 2.82 22.07 .87 4.13 2.28  .61 .62 1.15 

MdwGold g MincoG g 1MRIW1KX 282&Y^^ NanoViric 2EZMHIE&MS NBRESec Neuralstem Nevsun g 2I['SRG)R NwGold g NA Pall g NDynMn g NthnO&G NovaBayP NovaCopp NovaGld g NuvDivM2 NuvDiv3 NvLSCmdty NMuHiOp NuvREst OrchidIsl Organovo OrionEngy

  +.05 +.19 -.48 -.56 -.01 +.01 -.01 -.01 +.36 +1.98 +.03 +.01 -.06 -.20 -.10 -1.14 +.07 +.39 -.01 +.01 -.01 +.05 +.03 +.10 -.04 +.02 ... +.08 +.03 -.26 -.01 +.03 -.02 +.12 +.10 +.28 +.02 -.08   +.01 -.02 -.00 ... -.01 -.04  

.84 .38   4.12  4.92 4.28 3.56  6.18 .33 .78 16.41 .91 .89 4.08 13.89 13.46 16.10 13.29 10.99 13.10 6.87 3.85

+.01 +.01 -.01 +.07     +.16 +.19   +.01 -.12 -.13 -.23 -.06 +.16   +.10 +.69 +.01 +.04 +.04 +.06 +.47 +1.14 +.01 ... -.03 -.05 +.13 +.69 -.04 -.04 -.03 +.06 +.14 +.03 -.15 -.01 -.06 -.26 +.11 ... +.09 -.85 -.09 -.35

PalatinTch ParaG&S PhrmAth PlatGpMet PolyMet g PfdAptCm Protalix 4VSZIGXYW 5YIWX61K RareEle g ReavesUtl Reeds 6IZIXX1MR 6I\ELR4L Richmnt g RingEngy Rubicon g 7EQW3 + SandstG g SaratogaRs SilverBull SilvrCrst g SparkNet StrPathC n SupDrill n

1.07 1.02 1.55 1.16 1.11 8.98 3.80   1.27 29.39 4.44   1.28 19.17 1.23  6.13 1.74 .25 1.92 4.84 9.12 6.07

-.01 +.02 +.01 -.05 +.02 -.06 -.05   +.05 +.11 -.03   +.05 +.24 +.03  +.01 +.01 -.01 +.03 +.13 -.14 -.28

-.03 +.08 -.01 +.06 +.01 -.02 -.13   +.02 -.08 -.05   +.08 -.53 +.28  +.88 -.05 +.01 +.26 +.22 -.35 -.15

SynergyRs 7]RXL&MSP TanzRy g Taseko 8EWQER1K 8IRKWGS TherapMD Timmins g 8VRW)RX\VW TrsatlPt rs TriangPet 22ndCentry UQM Tech US Geoth Ur-Energy Uranerz UraniumEn VangTotW VantageDrl VirnetX VistaGold WFAdvInco WFAdMSec WidePoint ZBB En rs

SmithWes 16.62 -.31 -.06 SolarCity 52.45 +1.80 +2.21 Solazyme 11.34 +.21 +.85 SonicCorp 21.94 -.02 +.24 Sonus 3.61 +.07 -.09 SpectPh 8.55 +.13 +.55 Spherix 1.88 -.05 +.20 SpiritAir 61.42 +1.35 -1.67 Splunk 47.17 +1.42 +3.99 Sprouts n 30.33 +.33 +1.37 Staples 10.99 -.11 -.24 Starbucks 74.69 +.73 -.64 Starz A 28.59 -.26 -1.84 StlDynam 17.52 +.25 -.16 StemCells 1.52 -.02 +.11 Stratasys 95.60 +1.53 +3.85 SunPower 35.68 +.85 +1.90 SusqBnc 10.22 -.01 -.26 Symantec 21.70 +.40 +.32 Synaptics 84.59 -.26 +16.85 SynrgyPh 4.11 -.05 -.12 SyntaPhm 4.18 -.06 +.02 8+8LIVE    TICC Cap 9.48 -.07 -.03 X[XIPIGSQ   TakeTwo 20.46 +.61 +.91 8EVIRER    TASER 13.87 -.16 +.52 TeslaMot 206.42 +2.90 -1.75 TexInst 48.33 +.19 +.83 Theravnce 25.61 -.24 +.82 TibcoSft 20.81 +.15 +1.03 TiVo Inc 12.15 +.09 -.03 TrimbleN 38.26 -.41 +.15 TripAdvis 101.98 +.26 -2.07 TriQuint 16.50 +.28 +.61 8VYI'EVR    TuesMrn 18.22 -.09 -.29 Tuniu n 16.82 -.40 +.52 21stCFoxA 35.52 +.11 -.52 21stCFoxB 34.39 +.08 -.68 UTiWrldwd 9.77 -.22 +.14 Ubiquiti 42.11 +.45 +5.11 UltaSalon 95.11 +.11 +8.86 Umpqua 17.70 -.13 +.04

UniPixel UtdNtrlF 9XH8LIVET UrbanOut

12.65  2.13 2.19   4.63 1.68  9.65 11.12 3.78 2.01 .65 1.17 1.50 1.73 62.08 1.79 16.16 .46 9.53 14.88 1.47 1.71

+.15 +.61   -.05 +.29 +.01 +.02     +.10 +.54 -.01 +.20   -.20 +.75 +.33 +.99 +.11 +.64 +.05 +.17 -.01 +.01 +.03 +.03 +.03 +.01 +.03 ... +.17 -.27 +.05 +.06 -.32 -.49 -.02 +.08 +.03 +.07 +.02 +.17 +.05 -.09 -.01 -.24


Last Chg A-B-C AMC Net 59.99 -.26 ASML Hld 89.38 +.05 AbengoaY n 37.00 ... Abraxas 5.14 -.03 AcadiaHlt 45.52 +.07 AcadiaPh 23.05 +.02 Accuray 9.12 +.33 AcelRx 9.50 +.34 %GLMPPMSR   AcornEngy 2.42 -.03 ActivsBliz 21.41 +.09 AdobeSy 66.82 +.26 AkamaiT 58.84 +.33 Alexion 163.73 -2.24 AlignTech 50.78 -.03 Alkermes 46.38 -.27 AllscriptH 14.44 -.24 AlnylamP 67.73 -.01 AlteraCp lf 34.00 +.04 Amarin 1.54 +.01 Amazon 326.27 +.36 Ambarella 26.80 -.14 AmAirl n 40.38 +.18 ACapAgy 23.68 ... AmCapLtd 14.80 -.15 ARCapH n 10.75 +.02 ARltCapPr 11.96 +.01 Amgen 116.03 -.17 AmicusTh 2.73 -.07 AmkorTch 11.70 +.02 %REHMKG   AnalogDev 55.62 +.18 AngiesList 12.41 -.01 AntaresP 3.07 -.03 ApolloEdu 28.40 -.02 ApolloInv 8.46 -.08 Apple Inc s 91.28 -1.01 ApldMatl 22.37 +.62 AMCC 11.12 +.26 Approach 21.94 +.51 ArenaPhm 6.50 +.09

Wk Chg -1.23 +.31 ... -.14 -.77 +1.06 +.70 +1.20  +.47 +.49 -.09 +1.37 -6.47 -2.59 -2.00 -.81 +6.39 +.18 +.08 -3.40 +.19 -3.50 -.08 -.17 -.22 -.42 -1.79 -.07 +.95  +2.93 +1.20 ... +.86 +.07 -.94 +.55 +1.34 +1.83 +.50

AresCap 17.01 -.04 AriadP 6.38 -.03 ArmHld 44.93 -.28 Arotech 4.83 -.17 ArrayBio 4.34 -.04 Arris 32.71 +.74 %VVS[6WL  ArubaNet 17.66 +.12 AscenaRtl 16.99 +.20 Atmel 9.16 -.01 Autodesk 54.25 +.40 AutoData 78.81 +.56 Auxilium 21.14 -.48 AvagoTch 71.42 -.34 AvanirPhm 5.73 +.10 AVEO Ph 1.19 -.02 AvisBudg 56.79 ... B/E Aero 92.39 -.26 BGC Ptrs 7.33 +.09 Baidu 178.05 +2.07 BallardPw 3.40 +.06 BncpBnk 11.37 -.03 Bazaarvce 7.55 +.04 BedBath 60.23 -.24 Bio-Path 3.23 +.11 BioDlvry lf 12.36 +.07 Biocryst 11.32 -.03 &MS*YIP)R   BiogenIdc 309.98 +.20 BioMarin 61.09 -.69 BioScrip 7.98 -.18 BlackBerry 7.89 -.23 BloominBr 21.77 -.27 Broadcom 38.35 +.09 BrcdeCm 9.30 +.18 BrukerCp 22.00 +.01 CA Inc 28.94 +.52 CBOE 50.20 +.95 CH Robins 62.01 +.19 CME Grp 71.45 +.56 CTI BioPh 3.09 -.01 Cadence 16.88 +.15 Caesars 18.05 +.45 CalAmp 19.51 -.11 CdnSolar 25.11 +.62

+.14 -.31 -.22 +.67 +.03 -.45  -.14 +.17 +.54 -.62 -.32 -.61 -.21 +.45 +.17 -3.26 -6.20 +.06 +5.71 -.28 -4.95 +.35 -1.68 +.53 +2.36 +.40  -7.57 -.65 +.11 +.23 -.55 +.33 +.13 -.07 -.41 +1.53 +.84 +1.63 +.11 -.18 +.14 +.55 +1.06

CapFedFn 11.95 +.10 CpstnTurb 1.53 -.03 Cardtronic 32.91 +.02 CareerEd 4.83 ... Carrizo 64.07 +.74 CatalystPh 2.37 -.02 Catamaran 43.06 -.04 Cavium 52.33 +.87 Celgene 159.99 -.23 CelldexTh 17.15 -.14 Cerner s 52.95 +.03 CharterCm 148.21 +.42 ChelseaTh 6.55 +.01 'LM*R3RP   ChXDPlas 9.74 +.08 Cirrus 22.83 +.19 Cisco 24.70 +.04 CitrixSys 63.67 +.03 CleanDsl h 2.87 +.03 CleanEngy 10.98 +.25 ClovisOnc 45.29 +.77 CognizTc s 47.41 +.43 Comcast 52.47 -.20 Comc spcl 52.07 -.13 CommScp n 23.12 -.51 CommVlt 48.86 +.74 Compuwre 9.96 +.16 ConatusP n 7.76 +.05 Conns 42.55 +.36 Conversant 24.78 -.03 'SVMRXL'   CorOnDem 41.05 +1.00 Costco 115.30 -.14 CowenGp 4.17 +.07 CSVelIVST 40.74 +.66 CSVxSht rs 3.70 -.18 'VII-RG  Crocs 14.56 -.14 57.25 -.69 CumMed 6.25 -.06 CypSemi 10.95 -.04 ']X6\  

+.07 -.02 +3.01 +.15 +2.32 +.11 -1.45 +1.68 -1.32 +2.01 -1.08 -.66 -.01  -2.46 -.61 -.13 +1.61 +.40 +.26 +5.37 -2.42 -.44 -.30 -1.77 +.21 +.17 +1.98 -3.55 +.50  +1.33 -2.93 -.07 -2.16 +.29  -.79 -.19 -.34 +.25 

D-E-F DaraBio rs

1.12 -.03


DFC Glbl 9.51 +.02 Dndreon 2.04 +.03 Dentsply 47.80 -.05 DiamondF 25.71 -.50 DiambkEn 87.95 +3.26 DirecTV 83.07 +.15 DiscComA 77.72 -.78 DishNetw h 58.96 -.08 DollarTree 53.92 -.01 DonlleyRR 16.08 +.06 DrmWksA 27.35 -.64 DryShips 3.36 -.02 Dunkin 44.04 -.29 DyaxCp 8.39 +.05 Dynavax 1.56 +.02 E-Trade 20.17 +.15 eBay 49.04 +.48 EDAP TMS 3.83 +.05 eHealth 36.19 +1.00 EarthLink 3.69 +.06 8x8 Inc 7.09 +.16 ElectArts 35.68 +.45 ElizArden 29.38 +.60 Endo Intl 69.05 +1.30 Endocyte 6.99 +.30 EngyXXI 23.33 +.15 Entegris 12.28 -.01 EnteroMed 1.62 -.02 EntropCom 3.38 +.03 )R^SR4LQ   Equinix 206.04 +3.29 Ericsson 12.21 -.09 ExactSci h 15.54 +.53 Exelixis 3.50 +.05 Expedia 74.26 +.28 ExpdIntl 44.67 +.05 ExpScripts 71.59 +.02 ExtrmNet 4.14 +.04 F5 Netwks 112.30 +.76 Facebook 64.50 +.21 FairchldS 15.77 +.31 Fastenal 49.57 -.06 FifthStFin 9.35 -.04 FifthThird 21.37 +.08 *MRMWEV 

+.02 -.07 -.46 -4.03 +6.86 -.27 -2.95 +.45 -1.22 -.12 -.65 +.20 -2.02 +.25 +.14 -.57 -.66 +.13 -2.04 +.01 +.12 +.83 +4.61 -.03 +.59 +1.18 +.21 -.15 +.04  +4.06 -.17 +.33 +.19 -.83 -1.33 +.21 +.03 +.94 +2.00 +.75 -.38 +.03 +.04 

FireEye n FstNiagara FstSolar FstMerit Fiserv s FiveBelow Flextrn Fortinet Francesca FrSeas rs FrontierCm *YIP'IPP) FultonFncl

36.27 8.75 64.47 19.51 59.91 36.57 11.32 23.62 14.70 .88 5.64  12.42

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


SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014




Happy Ads

Toy Bred Dogs: AKC/CKC (m) Pekingese, AKC/CKC (m) ShihTzu. AKC/CKC (f) Carin Terrier. CASH $400 each. Fenced yard no pictures. Shots/dewormed, Alice 803-428-3803 Weimaraner pups, AKC, dewclaws & tail docked. Ready for homes. $500 ea. 803-960-7506. Five Generations. Happy Father's Day Roger Reed Sr., Roger Reed Jr & Josh Reed! Others Present in photo Marian Sanders & Brooks Reed. We love you all. Happy Fathers Day

John Felix Nelson 6/14/1920 - 2/4/2010 We thought of you today, but that is nothing new. We thought of you yesterday and will tomorrow, too. We think of you in silence and make no outward show. For what it meant to lose you only those who love you know. Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday. It's the heartache of losing you that will never go away. Always Loving You, Your Wife, Children, Grands, Great Grands, Sister, Family & Friends

Pets Adult Rabbits 4 Bucks & 6 Does, Different colors, $15 Each 803-469-6228 In Loving Memory of James T Morris Sr Nov.15, 1923-Nov.11,2012 Happy Father's Day Daddy. We love and miss you so very much. We honor you today and thank you for being a wonderful father to us. Your faithful, steadfast, loving memory will forever be with us. Your influence in our lives has helped mold who we are today. Daddy we look forward to that "Great Reunion Day". Until then we will do as you always said. We will "keep on keeping on for Jesus". We love you Daddy. Love for Eternity, Your Children & Family

BUSINESS SERVICES Business Services Land clearing on site mulching, tree and brush grinding, Free estimates. David 803-972-1090

Health Service/ Medical

Tuesday, June 17, 2014, is the last day to redeem winning tickets in the following South Carolina Education Lottery Instant Game: (603) Lucky Diamonds

YOU IMPLANTED WITH A ST. JUDE RIATA DEFIBRILLATOR LEAD WIRE between June 2001 and December 2010? Have you had this lead replaced, capped or did you receive shocks from the lead? You may be entitled to compensation. Contact Attorney Charles Johnson 1-800-535-5727

In Memory

Home Improvements


Complete Construction 15 yrs in business. Room additions, sun rooms, screen porches, decks, water & termite damage, complete remodels. Licensed & bonded. Call 803-225-2698.

Lawn Service Hudson's Lawn Care, Mowing, Pine Straw, Installation. Licensed and Insured. 803-968-1313

In Memory Loving of Rev. Dr. Otis Scott, Sr. 09/19/19 - 06/17/05 Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time; Lovingly Cherished, Wilhelmenia Scott & Family

JT's Lawn Care Lawns, Tree Removal, Pressure Washing, Free Gutters Senior Disc. Call 840-0322 Four Seasons Lawn Care Serving Sumter for almost 20 yrs! Free est. 494-9169/468-4008

Roofing All Types of Roofing & Repairs All work guaranteed. 30 yrs exp. SC lic. Virgil Bickley 803-316-4734. C&B Roofing Superior work afford. prices. Free est., Sr. disc. Comm/Res 30 yr warr 290-6152 Robert's Metal Roofing 35 Years Experience. 18 colors & 45 year warranty. Financing available. Long list of satisfied customers. Call 803-837-1549.

Tree Service

In Loving Memory of Harry Knox, Sr Wishing you a Happy Father's Day in your Heavenly home. From: Louise, Your Children, Grandchildren, Great Grands, & Family. "We love you, But God loves you best."

11:30 a.m. the day before for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday edition. 9:30 a.m. Friday for Saturday’s edition 11:30 a.m. Friday for Sunday’s edition. We will be happy to change your ad if an error is made; however we are not responsible for errors after the first run day. We shall not be liable for any loss or expense that results from the printing or omission of an advertisement. We reserve the right to edit, refuse or cancel any ad at any time.



STATE TREE SERVICE Worker's Comp & General liability insurance. Top quality service, lowest prices. 803-494-5175 or 803-491-5154 Ricky's Tree Service Tree removal, stump grinding, Lic & ins, free quote, 803-435-2223 or cell 803-460-8747.

MERCHANDISE Want to Buy Looking for 5-10 acres of land in the country. Email

Auctions Sumter School District Surplus Auction 62 Commerce St. Sumter SC June 19th, 9:30 am Details at ID# 14336 SCAL #627 803-433-2696 Odom Auction Co. Real Estate Auction Nominal Opening Bid: $10,000 Sumter, SC 2354 Crossfield Rd. 3 BR 2 BA 2,000+/-sf Property sits on 2 lots totaling .76+/- ac with mature trees. Fenced backyard with 2 storage bldgs. Open: 1-4 pm Sun June 15 Auctions: 10:15 am Wed June 25

Bid live from anywhere at 800.3982.0425 Daniel S. Nelson Re Lic 78034 Thomas Barnes Auc Lic 3848 5% buyers Premium ADVERTISE YOUR AUCTION in 107 S.C. newspapers for only $375. Your 25-word classified ad will reach more than 2.6 million readers. Call Donna Yount at the S.C. Newspaper Network, 1-888-727-7377. ONLINE AUCTION MAJOR ESTATE Begins: 6/12, 9am Ends: 6/17, 5pm Major Silver,Coins, Paintings, Collectibles, Guns, Furniture & more! Go to www.pracht Chris Pracht Auctioneers, R&A, LLC SCAL#156 AUCTION! 1891 Bills Ct, Charleston. Real Estate Online w/Live Close Onsite. Contents Onsite Only. Sun, June 22 1PM, 10% BP, Chris Pracht Auctioneers, R&A, LLC, Linda Page 843-729-5406,

Garage, Yard & Estate Sales LARGE GARAGE SALE 1st & 3rd Weekend Tables $1 & Up FLEA MARKET BY SHAW AFB

Open every weekend. 905-4242

Garage, Yard & Estate Sales Huge Moving Sale: 1370 Camp Branch Rd, Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 8AM-4PM. Furniture, small appliances, tv's, arcade games, gym equip, trains, Full workshop of Craftsman tools/equip., Harley Davidson gear. Everything must go... NO EARLY SALES!

For Sale or Trade Safe Step Walk-In Tub. Alert for Seniors. Bathroom falls can be fatal. Approved by Arthritis Foundation. Therapeutic Jets. Less Than 4 Inch Step-In. Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American Made. Installation Included. Call 800-714-0627 for $750 Off. Set of used Golf Clubs and bag $10.00. Call 803-469-2689 REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL!* Get a whole-home Satellite system installed at NO COST and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR Upgrade to new callers, SO CALL NOW 1-866-981-7319 Traditional Dining Room set, Seats 6, China Cabinet. Good condition. New Canopy, medium dog kennel. Pictures available. Call 803-491-4075 DISH TV Retailer - Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-635-0278 Hickory Firewood for outside barbeque. 803-666-8078



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EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted Full-Time Opera House Custodian Manager The City of Sumter is seeking qualified applicants. If interested see details at Experienced HVAC service technician and installer needed. Valid drivers license required and drug test required. Benefits available. Please send resumes or detailed information to Looking to fill full /part time positions. Must have good credit & computer skills. 803-316-7193.

Help Wanted Full-Time

Help Wanted Full-Time

Tennis Administrative Specialist The City of Sumter is seeking qualified applicants. If interested see details at

SHIP/SMP Coordinator

Service Screener Full-time position to coordinate and facilitate access to supportive services and linkage to the communities public and private resources based on individual needs assessment and the development of a comprehensive plan of service that is client need oriented. Assist clients by completing assessment, assessing needs, determining eligibility, researching available option, and directing consumers to appropriate services. Bachelor's Degree in social work, public health, nursing or related field with a minimum two year's experience; OR equivalent combination of training and experience. Starting salary range is mid to upper $20s depending on experience. Send resume by Friday, June 20, 2014 to Service Screener by fax 803.773.9903, email, or mail PO Box 1837, Sumter SC 29151. EOE Ombudsman Manage operations of Long Term Care Ombudsman & Friendly Visitors programs. Advocate for rights of residents & better quality of care and life in long term care facilities. Position program is federally & state funded. Bachelor's Degree with two years exper in social work, public health, public administration, gerontology or criminal justice. Salary range in upper $20s depending on experience. Send resume before Friday, June 20 by fax 803.773.9903, email, or mail to Ombudsman, PO Box 1837, Sumter, SC 29151. EOE Springhill Suites Marriott will be taking applications in person for Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance & Bartending Positions at Candlewood Suites 2541 Broad Street. MANAGERS needed for convenience store and gas station with check cashing, hire and train employees, set schedules, purchase inventory, set prices, evaluate and cash checks. Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Need 6 months experience. Send resume to Shayona, LLC., 4308 Broad Street, Sumter, SC 29154.

Full-time position to educate beneficiaries on their Medicare and Medicaid benefits and coordinate the program for consumers. Provide one-on-one personalized counseling on Medicare Part A, B, C & D; assist eligible participants in enrolling in eligible Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Savings program and other benefit saving programs. Promote access to services and receipt of benefits; conduct, coordinate and initiate program outreach events. Bachelor's Degree in social work, public health, nursing or related field with a minimum two year's experience; OR equivalent combination of training and experience. Starting salary range is mid to upper $20s depending on experience. Send resume by Friday, June 20, 2014 to SHIP/SMP Coordinator by fax 803.773.9903, email, or mail PO Box 1837, Sumter SC 29151. EOE Clarendon County School District Three is accepting applications for: Nursing Assistant Applicants must have current Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification for the State of South Carolina. Applicants must have current CPR Certification. Applications must be received at the address below by 4 pm on Monday, June 30, 2014. Mail applications to: Connie J. Dennis, Ph.D. Superintendent Clarendon County School District Three P.O. Drawer 270 Turbeville, SC 29162 Clarendon County School District Three is an Equal Opportunity Employer Full-time HVAC Tech & HVAC Installer wanted for busy Heating & Cooling Co. in Sumter. Minimum 5 yrs exp. & strong job references required. Paid holidays vacations. Please call 803-968-2272 Carolina Healthcare Hospice is seeking PRN RN's in the Sumter, & Florence, Personal Care Assistant in Sumter County. Forward resumes to PO Box 464, Sumter SC 29151 or call 803-774-4377. Experienced HVAC service technician needed. Valid drivers license required and drug test required. Benefits available. Please send resumes to:



THE ITEM Help Wanted Full-Time

Medical Help Wanted

Mobile Home Rentals

Manufactured Housing

Backyard Storage is the largest seller of used backyard storage sheds in SC. For over 10 years BackYard Storage has been providing affordable storage shed options in South Carolina. We are looking for our newest team member to run our Sumter, SC location. A lot sales representative is responsible for selling! All lot sales representatives assist customers in viewing stock buildings, providing the pricing, leasing terms and delivery options, including completing the required paperwork accurately. This is a sales job and to be successful you must be able to sell. Compensation is $9 an hour plus commission. Previous lot sales representatives in this market have made an average annual income of $40,000 (based on hourly and commission) and high performers can make over $50,000. Benefits include paid time off and medical insurance. Submit resume to

CAREGIVER NEEDED Thurs 9am to Sun 9am. Private quarters. Must be able to do stand & pivot transfers & be a non-smoker 478-7434

GOING FAST 2 & 3BR 2BA Homes available immediately! Site rent as low as $180. Refer a friend & get $100. For more info please call 803-469-8515 or visit us at

Looking for your DREAM HOME? LOW CREDIT SCORE? Been turned down for bad credit? Come try us, we do our own financing. We have 3-4-5 bedroom homes. Layaway program available. For more information, call 843-389-4215.

Salesman for busy car lot. Sales experience required. Salary negotiable. Apply in person at 1282 N Lafayette Dr Sumter. No phone calls. Family Caregiver Coordinator Full-time position working with relevant stakeholders to promote partnerships to deliver respite services. Responsible for activities under the work plan: outreach and information through group activities; assistance to caregivers in gaining access to services; individual counseling, organization of support groups, caregiver training; respite care; supplemental services. Recruit and market appropriate community services/resources for inclusion in the program. Bachelor's Degree in social work, public health, nursing or related field with a minimum two year's experience; OR equivalent combination of training and experience. Starting salary range is upper $20s depending on experience. Send resume by Friday, June 20, 2014 to Family Caregiver Coordinator by fax 803.773.9903, email, or mail PO Box 1837, Sumter SC 29151. EOE

Help Wanted Part-Time Thomas Sumter Academy, in Rembert, SC is seeking applicants for part-time school bus drivers. Requirements are: a CDL license and a copy of your driving record for the last ten years. Please send this information along with a resume to: $$$ AVON $$$ FREE TRAINING! 803-422-5555 Circulation Asst. (PT) Evening & weekends. Complete job description and hours available online at Apply by June 22nd.

Trucking Opportunities WE NEED DRIVERS!! Immediate openings. OTR drivers, minimum 1yr. OTR experience. Late model conventional tractors/48' flatbed trailers. Top pay, insurance. Home most weekends. Senn Freight 1-800-477-0792 NEW Averitt Dedicated Driving Opportunity! • Starting Pay .39¢ •Home Every Week •Affordable BCBS Insurance 401(k), Profit Sharing & More! •Requires CDL-A w/Hazmat & 1 yr Flatbed/Curtainside Exp. 888-WORK-4-US


Equal Opportunity Employer-Females, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

GUARANTEED PAY! CLASS-A -CDL FLATBED DRIVERS NEEDED! Local, regional, OTR. Great pay package/benefits/401k match. 1yr exp. required. Call JGR 864-488-9030 Ext. 319, Greenville and Gaffney SC locations. www.j Attention Drivers-Epes Transport has Positions for Dedicated! Home Daily, Full Time in the Eastover, SC area. Excellent Benefits, Excellent Pay. Paid Vacations and Holidays!! Class A CDL & 1yr T/T exp. Req. Also Hiring for company Drivers & OO-Regional, Short Haul & Independent Contractors. 800-293-3232 ADVERTISE YOUR DRIVER JOBS in 107 S.C. newspapers for only $375. Your 25-word classified ad will reach more than 2.6 million readers. Call Donna Yount at the S.C. Newspaper Network, 1-888-727-7377. Drivers: Local/Regional/OTR. New Enhanced Pay, Package Based on Exp. Excellent Benefits. Consistent Miles Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly Hometime. CDL-A 1yr OTR exp 855-842-8498. Attention Company Drivers & Independent Contractors. Epes Transport has Regional Container Positions Available! Hazmat and TWIC card required. Full Time, Home every week!! Excellent Benefits, Excellent Pay, $0.01 Safety Bonus, Paid Vacations and HOLIDAYS!! Class A CDL & 1yr T/T Exp. Req, Also Hiring for Regional, OTR & Independent Contractors. 888-293-3232 www.

Medical Help Wanted Experienced Receptionist needed for busy doctors office in Sumter. Call 803-566-0179

Statewide Employment


AVERITT EXPRESS New Pay Increase For Regional Drivers! 40 to 46 CPM + Fuel Bonus! Also, Post-Training Pay Increase for Students! (Depending on Domicile) Get Home EVERY Week + Excellent Benefits. CDL-A req. 888-362-8608 Apply @ Equal Opportunity Employer - Females, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

3BR Mobile Home in Cresent MHP. 1st mo + security dep. Call 803-720-1600

MONEY FOR SCHOOL Potentially get full tuition & great career with U.S. Navy. Paid training, medical/dental, vacation. HS grads ages 17-34. Call Mon-Fri 800-662-7419

For Rent: Great Bachelor Pad 2BR//2BA. Exc. cond. SW, 1 acre pvt lot. 17 min. from Shaw. Off 15N. No pets, water included. $500//mo + dep. 803-469-0013

Hiring CDL A Drivers! Must have 1 year experience & Good MVR, $750 - $1000 week & Great Benefits. HOME DAILY! Call 803-796-8484 or apply at www.Tr

(Scenic Lake) 3BR 2BA 16x80. No pets Call 803-499-1500. From 9am- 5pm

COLONIAL LIFE is seeking B2B sales reps. Commissions average $56K+/yr. Training & leads. Sales experience required, LA&H license preferred. Call Elisabeth at 803-391-5536.

Ocean Lakes 2BR/2BA C/H/A Sleeps 8, near ocean, Also available 6/28-7/5 Call 803-773-2438

Experienced OTR Flatbed Drivers earn 50 up to 55 cpm loaded. $1000 sign on to Qualified drivers. Home most weekends. Call: 843-266-3731 / www.bulldoghiwa EOE Agape Hospice, SC's largest hospice, is seeking an RN Case Manager who is a skilled communicator, leader and motivator. Salaried position with great benefits and pay. BSN and hospice experience preferred. Send resume to or apply at 1326 Ebenezer Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732. EOE Bulldog Hiway Express seeking Experienced CDL-A, Flatbed drivers for Regional service. Earn $900/week. Home every weekend & some wk days. $1000 sign on to Qualified drivers. Must have: GOOD MVR/Work record. 843-266-3731 www.bulldoghiway. com EOE Paying Drivers $1.29-$1.38 per mile! Quality Drive-Away, Inc. is hiring drivers to run nationwide from its Creedmoor, NC location. Pay advances, quick settlements, non-forced dispatch, tolls and permits reimbursed! Call today at 866-764-1601 or apply online at HVAC Careers Start here - Heat things up with hands on training in months not years. Financial aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Centura College 888-891-1658.

2 & 3 BRs 803-494-4015

DALZELL Recently Rehab 2BR 1.5BA MH quiet family park, 5 min from SAFB & Sumter, $450 mo. 499-2029 Lv Msg

Resort Rentals

Vacation Rentals Santee/Lake Marion: Sandy 200 ft beach, 3BR, dock, sleeps 6-7. Disc. for military. 803-492-3077 ADVERTISE YOUR VACATION PROPERTY FOR RENT OR SALE to more than 2.6 million South Carolina newspaper readers. Your 25-word classified ad will appear in 107 S.C. newspapers for only $375. Call Donna Yount at the South Carolina Newspaper Network, 1-888-727-7377.

Office Rentals Professional Office Space 1500 Sq ft, 6 Offices 2 Baths, Reception area, Kitchen $650 Mo + Sec dep. Call 803-968-0689 or 803-972-1090

(4) Mobile home in Windsor City. All occupied. $1,780 per month income. $25,000 CASH or Buy any number. Call for info. 469-6978

Farms & Acreage For Sale By Owner, 10 Acres, 8 miles to Sumter. $55,000. Owner Financing 803-427-3888.

Land & Lots for Sale Dalzell 16.57 acre paved. $2425 dn. $580 mo. 120 mos. $2500 Ac. 888-774-5720. NC MOUNTAIN FINAL CLOSEOUT - save over 60% on these properties with waterfront, stunning views, EZ access, wooded, level building site and more 2.57acs 15,900 or 1.84acs 23,900. 1-866-738-5522 Hurry Won't Last! brkr Minutes Walmart/Shaw, 1 Ac, Water, Electric, Paved $6,000 cash. 888-774-5720


1992 Sea Nymph 24ft Pontoon. 92 Evinrude 115 HP. No trailer. Needs work, $1,150. Call 803-983-8124 1985 13'11 Polar Kraft with 1985 3.5 HP Johnson Motor w/trailer Asking $1100 OBO 803 795-9654

TRANSPORTATION Mopeds / ATVs / Motorcycles

2002 Honda Shadow 750, exc. cond, looks great! Lizard running lights $2,400. 803-410-7482.

Autos For Sale

2004 Volvo XC-90, (Blue). All power. 3rd row, sunroof. 107k miles. $8,500 OBO. 803-464-3526 A Guaranteed Credit Approval AUTO LOANS We will arrange financing even if you have been turned down before. Loans available for no credit, bad credit, 1st Time Buyers & Bankruptcy buyers. No co-signers needed. Call Mr. Ashley Brown at 803-926-3235

SOUTH FORGE APTS. 1 & 2 BR, Water, stove & fridge furnished. Linda at 803-494-8443

Unfurnished Homes


3Br home Burgess Ct. $495/mo & 2Br Apt Miller Rd. $395/mo. 774-8512 / 983-5691

AIRLINE CAREERS begin here Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Financial aid for qualified students. Housing and Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-367-2513

Mobile Home Rentals WE'VE MOVED. Vestco, Palmetto & Southland Properties & Lafayette Gold and Silver. 480 E Liberty Street (inside Coca-Cola building), 773-8022 American MHP, 2 & 3/BRs, lot rentals, water/sewer/garbage pkup inc'd. Sec. 8 ok. 803-494-4300.

Oaklawn MHP: 2 BR M.H.'s, water/sewer/garbage pk-up incl'd. RV parking avail. Call 494-8350

New 6 volt Golf Kart Batteries $85.95 + tax and exchange. Group 31 truck batteries $65 + tax and exchange. Dealer Discount. Auto Electric Co. 773-4381.

585 Caroland Dr. 3BR/1BA. Pvt lot. $475/mo + $475/dep. Call 803-481-7118 or 803-979-7057

WE'VE MOVED Vestco Southland, Palmetto Properties & Lafayette Gold and Silver 480 E. Liberty Street (Inside the Coca-Cola bldg). We buy Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Silver Coins/Collections, Sterling, Diamonds, Pocket & Wrist Watches. Business Hours Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM, Sat 8AM-2PM. 803-773-8022

Nice 3BR 2BA Home, Living Rm, Dining Rm, Large Kitchen, 3 Car Garage with shop. C/H/A Reduced to $38,500 Call 803-883-8550 FSBO: 227 N. Purdy St., located in the historic district. 2 br, 1.5 ba, 1350 sq ft. Sold As Is. $69,900. Will consider owner financing with $10,000 down. Call 803-614-1165.

Manufactured Housing (2) 3 & 4BR/2BA (Dalzell). Easy Financing. 803-983-8084 4BR 32x80 DW w//land for sale. Payments approx. $600/mo. Call 803-236-5953

LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (DBE) GOAL FOR: The Sumter Airport (SMS), Sumter County, S.C. June 15, 2014 The Sumter Airport (SMS), is owned and operated by Sumter County, hereby publishes a proposal overall FY 2014 Contract goal for its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. The Proposed overall goal is 20.0% for the FAA-AIP funded projects in FY 2014. The methodology used in developing this goal is available for inspection during normal business hours, for 45 days after the date of this Advertisement, at the Procurement Office of Sumter County, 13 East Canal Street, Sumter, S.C. 29150, and Attention: Mr. Robert E. Galloway, Jr. Both the Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration will receive and consider written public comments on the proposed goal during this period. Comments may be submitted at the above address and may be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration at the following address: FAA Office of Civil Rights Post Office Box 20636, SAO 9B Atlanta, GA 30320 For additional information and questions, please contact Mr. Robert E. Galloway, Jr. DBLEO, at (803) 436-2329, during normal business hours.

Sumter County is soliciting separate sealed bids from qualified builders/contractors for the following project: Shiloh Walking Track Bids will be received until: 10:00 A.M. Thursday, June 26th, 2014 in the Sumter County Purchasing Department on the 2nd floor of the Sumter County Administration Building, 13 East Canal Street, Sumter, South Carolina 29150. Plans and bid documents may be obtained from: Sumter County Purchasing Department 2nd Floor 13 East Canal Street Sumter, South Carolina 29150 Telephone inquiries should be made to (803) 436-2329. The County of Sumter reserves the right to reject any or all bids. The County of Sumter reserves the right to waive any or all technicalities. NOTICE: Return BID envelopes must be clearly marked: Shiloh Walking Track.

Summons & Notice

1999 Ford F150 Ext cab, PW, Sunroof, PL. 17' Chrome rims, $3,000 OBO. Call 803-464-3526

Unfurnished Apartments

Legal Notice


Boats / Motors

Homes for Sale



Bid Notices


FSBO: 19 Palmer Dr. 3 Br, 2 Ba, C/H/A, lg yard, garage, paved driveway. $180K. Call for appt only 803-468-1449

SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014


Summons & Notice YOU WILL FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that unless the said minors or persons under other legal disability, if any, or someone in their behalf or in behalf of any of them, shall within thirty (30) days after service of notice of this order upon them by publication, exclusive of the day of such service, procure to be appointed for them, or either of them, a Guardian ad Litem to represent them for the purposes of this action, the appointment of said Guardian ad Litem Nisi and Attorney shall be made absolute.




YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to answer the Complaint in this action, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said Complaint upon the subscribers, at their office, 1703 Laurel Street, Post Office Box 11682, Columbia, South Carolina 29211, within thirty (30) days after the service hereof, exclusive of the day of such service; and if you fail to answer the Complaint in the time aforesaid, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. TO MINOR(S) OVER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE, AND/OR TO MINOR(S) UNDER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE AND THE PERSON WITH WHOM THE MINOR(S) RESIDES, AND/OR TO PERSONS UNDER SOME LEGAL DISABILITY: YOU ARE FURTHER SUMMONED AND NOTIFIED to apply for the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem within thirty (30) days after such service of this Summons and Notice upon you. If you fail to do so, application for such appointment will be made by the Plaintiff immediately and separately and such application will be deemed absolute and total in the absence of your application for such appointment within thirty (30) days after service of the Summons and Complaint upon you. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the original Complaint in the above entitled action was filed in the office of the Clerk of Court for Sumter County on April 14, 2014. Attorneys for the Plaintiff GRIMSLEY LAW FIRM, LLC. Edward L. Grimsley Benjamin E. Grimsley P.O. Box 11682 Columbia, South Carolina 29211 (803) 233-1177

SUMMONS Jury Trial Requested IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS CIVIL ACTION NO: 2014-CP-43-610 STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF SUMTER Beauregard Brock and Pamela Brock, as Special Administrator of the Estate of Lincoln Brock, PLAINTIFFS, vs. Susan Sabino Quick, DEFENDANT. TO THE DEFENDANT HEREIN NAMED: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the Complaint in this action, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said Complaint on the subscribers at their offices at 17 East Calhoun Street, Sumter, South Carolina, within thirty (30) days of such service; and if you fail to answer the Complaint within the time aforesaid, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint.

NOTICE OF FILING COMPLAINT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Complaint was filed in the above entitled action in the Office of the Clerk of Court for Sumter County on March 28, 2014, for the purpose of instituting an action against the Defendant as a result of a motor vehicle collision which occurred on March 30, 2011. BRYAN LAW FIRM OF SC, L.L.P. John R. Moorman P. O. Box 2038 17 East Calhoun Street Sumter, SC 29151 (803) 775-1263 ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFFS Sumter, South Carolina June 11, 2014

Public Hearing PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF SUMTER CITYCOUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING The Sumter City - County Planning Commission will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 3:00 P.M in the City Council Chambers located on the Fourth Floor of the Sumter Opera House (21 North Main Street, Sumter, South Carolina). This is a public meeting. If there are any questions, please call George McGregor or Donna McCullum at (803) 774-1660.


THE SUMTER ITEM MARRIAGE LICENSES Terrance Latrel Durant and Sabrina Felicia Walters. Jack Anthony Charles Stone and Fredericka Denersa Pearson. Travis Michael Akers of Dalzell and Hillary Rene Burns. Adam Eugene Napier and Rebecca Leeann Sullivan. Danny Lynn Jones and Janet Lynn Jones. Rowland Bernard Yates and Loretta C. Baker. Niccilla Devyn Traynum and Elizabeth Marie Wisman. Dominque Sintell Choice-Benson and Raechelle Antionique Holmes. Phillip Kirk Geddings Jr. and Christy Lynn Radke. Howard Avery Riley of West Columbia and Jasmine Nicole Ballier. Walter Lee Andrews and Narcosis Neema Murphy. Jason William Hallman and Christina Roxann Hood, both of Dalzell. Joshua Justin York of Minot, North Dakota, and Kendal Latrice McFadden of Mountain Home, Idaho. Conner Stephen Hodges and Mary Elizabeth Staggs. Christopher Lee Graham of Manning and Regina Courtney Mason of Pinewood.

BUILDING PERMITS • Ellen L. Jansen, owner, Baker Builders, contractor, 3240 Coldice Court, 300 unheated square feet, $10,500 (attached screen porch on existing slab, residential). • Joshua F. Brogden, owner, Shelwood China, contractor, 499 Sierra St., $5,100 (reroof, residential). • Windsor City, owner, Tim Huffstetler, contractor, 94 Somerset Drive (mobile home, residential). • Larry Glover, owner and contractor, 40 McIntosh Court, 600 heated square feet, $5,000 (detached shed with electric, plumbing, HVAC, residential). • Dinah Washington, owner, Baxley’s Bestway Transportation, contractor, 1100 Old Pocalla Road (mobile home, residential). • Martha Sanchez-Reyes, owner, Ralph Brown, contractor, 5274 Christine Drive (mobile home, residential). • Duangmani Friday Carraway, owner, Ronnie V. Gainey, contractor, 5840 Brookland Drive, $5,000 (reroof, residential). • Gail L. and Carol F. Fuller, owners, Jonathan Brent Waynick dba JBW Properties, contractor, 2181 Shallowford Road, $5,100 (new roof, residential). • Dawson S. and Tonya Leeann Baker, owners, Jonathan Brent Waynick dba JBW Properties, contractor, 30 Blenhein Court, $8,000 (new roof, residential). • Naomi Amos, owner, David Windham dba Windham Roofing, contractor, 2069 Charleston Ave., $6,200 (reroof, residential). • Kenzie and Jeanette A. Alston, owners, Wells Builders, contractor, 545 Alpine Drive, 576 heated square feet, $45,000 (full bath addition, residential). • Lee Julius, owner, Fred A. Burke, contractor, 729 Adams Ave., $25,000 (roof, sheetrock, remodel bathroom, remodel kitchen, counters, residential). • Charles Lonnell, owner, Michael Johnson (Gaston), contractor, 860 Perry Blvd., $5,000 (put up sheetrock, residential). • Robert A.* and Laura E. Moses et al, owners, Square It Up Roofing Inc., contractor, 12 Calhoun Drive, $9,557.17 (reshingle, residential). • Mary L. McLeod, owner, Sharon D. Tindal, contractor, 1059 Wellington Road, $5,750 (replace roof, residential). • Samuel L. Balls, owner, Sharon D. Tindal, contractor, 1022 Plowden Mill Road, $13,000 (repairs / roof, windows, kitchen cabinets, exterior door, flooring, residential). • Rose L. Hairston, owner, John Brockington dba Brock Construction, contractor, 208 Crescent Ave., $5,433 (install and wrap 15 windows, residential). • Sandra M. and Jerry D. Hughes, owners, John Brockington dba Brock Construction, contractor, 311 Haynsworth St., $8,779.65 (install and wrap 27 windows, residential). • Marquice Clark, owner, Joshua Neal dba Neal Brothers Builders, contractor, 550 Seddon Drive, 2,100 heated square feet and 400 unheated square feet, $150,000 (new dwelling, residential). • William R. McLeod, owner, Hawkins and Kolb Construction Co., contractor, 1500 Old Manning Road, 420 heated square feet, $50,000 (add bedroom and full bath, residential). • Deborah Meek, owner, Harvey McDonald, contractor, 150 Apollo St., Wedgefield (mobile home, residential). • Willie J. Wheeler, owner, Steve Hendrixv, contractor, 1430 Salterstown Road, $6,000 (new metal roof, residential). • Kelly M. and Jenny C. Conley, owners, Mychael G. Smith LLC, contractor, 897 Ridgehill Drive, $7,900 (reroof / vinyl soffit, residential). • James and Teresa M. Allsbrook, owners, Square It Up Roofing Inc., contractor, 20 Brandy Court, $6,670 (reshingle roof, residential). • Richard H. and Irene Pack Burns, owners, Caustin Holden, contractor, 4230 Frisco Branch Road (mobile home, residential). • Katrina D. Gordon, owner, Baxley’s Bestway Transportation, contractor, 1450 Woods St. (mobile home, residential). • Lawrence A. and Gwenda B. Matthews, owners, ATP Investments LLC, contractor, 113 Chappell St., 152 unheated square feet, $6,150 (attached deck with aluminum cover, residential).

• Wanda Latonya Cooke, owner, Sheila Kelley, contractor, 6410 Spring Hill Road, Rembert (mobile home, residential). • Solomon and Joann Hairston, owners, Jason Ross, contractor, 2020 Currituck Drive, 3,100 heated square feet and 500 unheated square feet, $213,000 (new dwelling, residential). • Kathryn Ahtonen, owner, Harvey McDonald, contractor, 4267 Dorsey Drive, Lot 4 (mobile home, residential). • Mungo Homes, owner and contractor, 1751 Musket Trail, 2,343 heated square feet and 252 unheated square feet, $135,000 (new dwelling, residential).

PROPERTY TRANSFERS • Triple J Farms to Dalzell Ag Holdings LLC, two buildings, Pisgah Road, $5 etc.; Triple J Farms A Partnership to Dalzell Ag Holdings LLC, two buildings, Horatio-Hagood Road, $5 etc.; Triple J Farms South Carolina General Partnership to Dalzell Ag Holdings LLC, North Kings Highway, $5 etc. • Samuel H. Edmunds to Anna S. Bynum, one lot, one building, 321-C W. Calhoun St., $110,000. • Michael E. and Julie L. Atkinson to Robert A. and Ramona W. Burleson, one lot, 319 N. Salem Ave., $30,000. • David Jenkins and Clifton Jenkins Estate to David Jenkins, three buildings, 4985 New Hope Church Road, $5 etc. • Eartha McCraedy and Sadie Jenkins to Ruth Bennett, Daniel Taylor Lane, $5 etc.; Eartha McCraedy and Sadie Jenkins to Sadie Bell Jenkins, 6500 Daniel Taylor Lane, $5 etc.; Eartha McCraedy and Sadie Jenkins to Mary Jane Howell, Daniel Taylor Lane, $5 etc. • Beau S. King to Paul L. Fisher and Cecile I. Schultz, one lot, 120 Executive Circle, $5,500. • Jeri L. Frost to Kelly M. and Jenny C. Conley, one lot, one building, 897 Ridgehill Drive, $120,000. • Barbara E. White to City of Sumter, one lot, one building, 1005 Pocalla Road, $5 etc. • L&N Enterprises LLC to Rothchild LLC, 4585 Raptor Circle, $5 etc. • John C. Ledwell to Douglass Edward Ledwell and Michael Kier Blalock, one lot, two buildings, 4475 Questria Drive, $5 etc. • John F. Jr. and Amy N. King to Zacharia W. and April Myers, one lot, two buildings, 20 Fort Sullivan Circle, $162,000. • George M. Creel to George M. Creel II, one building, 3945 Narrow Paved Road, $5 etc. • James T. Morris Estate to Gerard Arthur and Joshua Craig Henderson, one lot, two buildings, 16 Coleman St., $39,000. • James V. Harris to Harris Enterprise, one lot, one building, 104 Gates St., $5 etc.; James V. Harris to Harris Enterprise, one lot, 521 Red & White St., $5 etc.; James V. Harris to Harris Enterprise, one lot, one building, 520 Red & White St., $5 etc.; James V. Harris to Harris Enterprise, one lot, one building, 212 Perkins Ave., $5 etc.; James V. Harris to Harris Enterprise, one lot, Silver Street, $5 etc. • Jas M. and Gayle Y. White to James M. White Estate and Gayle Y. White, one lot, one building, 673 Henderson St., $5 etc. • James W. and Gisela J. Myers to Gisela J. Myers, four buildings, 6435 Meeting House Road, $5 etc. • Seed Properties LLC to Pebel S. Maggard Estate, one lot, 1450, 1442 Cherryvale Drive, $5 etc. • RNK Investment Properties LLC to Thomas H. and Paige H. Conant, one lot, one building, 1913 Georgianna Drive, $92,000. • Jennifer Newman Eckhardt and Rhett Allen Newman to Charles and Jennifer K. Van Patten, one lot, two buildings, 701 Haile Drive, $154,000. • Susan Hunter to Justin Smith, one lot, one building, 60 Annapolis Way, $145,000. • L. Minnie Donaldson to Rebecca Dinkins Holland, 6375 Catchall Road, $5 etc. • Henry W. Page to Brown Investments of Sumter LLC et al, one lot, West Red Bay Road, $92,500; Henry W. Page to Brown Investments of Sumter LLC et al, one lot, one building, 1022 Pocalla Road, $92,500. • Ancrum B. Sanders Jr. to Ancrum B. Sanders Jr., one building, 3340 Tobias Road, $5 etc. • Jason A. and Lyndsey R. Salaski to John A. Hamilton, one lot, one building, 3295 Valencia Drive, $133,870. • Robert L. McCants to Sumter County, Queen Chapel Road, $15,050. • James Aaron Dyson Construction LLC to Thomas J. and Lacy M. Poole, one lot, 2294 Waterwheel Drive, $128,500. • Charles M. Smith to Arthur and Melissa Mitchell, one lot, one building, 275 Pioneer Drive, $69,000. • James Harris to Harris Enterprise, 5935 Orange Hill Road, $5 etc. • Carolyn T. Horton to BHW of Sumter LLC, one lot, one building, 800 Grimble Court, $68,000. • Wanda Faye Neal and Janice Neal Meyer to Nakeeta Jenkins, one lot, two buildings, 123 Morgan Ave., $25,500. • Wright Family Partnership LP to Richard C. Cook III, one lot, 925 Breezybay Lane, $38,500. • Shirley B. Seignious Estate to Darryl Creer et al, one lot, two buildings, 3823 Barfield Road, $5 etc. • Jedidiah Leon and Kimberly Sevrey to Malcolm T. and Kylie R. Maclaren, one lot, one building, 2594 Maidenhair Lane, $145,000. • Howard W. Rogers to David S. Reeser, one lot, two buildings, 114 Commerce St., $25,000. • Myrna J. Corley to Myrna J. Corley (lifetime estate), 481 Deschamps Road, $5 etc.

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• Michael E. and Julie L. Atkinson to Robert A. and Ramona W. Burleson, one lot, two buildings, 321 N. Salem Ave., $30,000. • Dorothy H. Williams to Dorothy H. Williams and Cherilyn A. Burrows, one lot, one building, 1127 Cherryvale Drive, $5 etc. • Naomi M. Davey-Ross to Naomi P. Pinto, one lot, two buildings, 882 Kolb Road, $5 etc. • King D. and Frances D. Singleton to Frank H. and Lula Mae Wells, south of McLaurin, $38,000. • Brian Fossell to East Coast Homes Inc., one lot, one building, 1465 Ruger Drive, $5 etc. • LD Real Estate Investment Holdings LLC to LC & CB Properties LLC, one lot, one building, 205 W. Oakland Ave., $15,000. • Louis Davis Jr. to Louis Davis Jr. and Marcia Davis-Major, one lot, 628 Floride St., $5 etc. • James T. Morris Estate to Gerard Arthur and Joshua Craig Henderson, one lot, 60x139, $39,000. • Carlos A. Ramirez Miranda and Sara M. Ramirez to Steven J. Dara, one lot, two buildings, 2575 Indigo Drive, $243,900. • Betty Machelle Geddings to Betty Machelle Geddings and Shea Hatfield-Stone, two buildings, 3170 Ebenezer Road, $5 etc. • Thelma Lorraine Ogerri and Linda Devorah Taylor (resident lifetime estate) to Thelma Taylor (lifetime estate), one lot, one building, 19 S. Blanding St., $5 etc. • Wilgiens W. and Saima N. Guerrier to Saima Nawaz Guerrier, one lot, one building, 75 Hidden Bay Drive, $5 etc. • Van A. Anderson to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, one lot, one building, 2600 Turningleaf Lane, $172,425. • Mary and Windell Samuel to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., one lot, two buildings, 116 Maney St., $33,051. • Angeline B. Loney to Angeline B. Loney (lifetime estate), two buildings, 3130 Loney Lane, $5 etc. • Katherine E. Powell to Julie D. Chaplin, one lot, 219 N. Hampton St., Pinewood, $65,000. • Lewis A. Jr. and Katherine E. Powell to Julie D. Chaplin, one lot, one building, 301 Elmwood Ave., $65,000. • Oliver Perry Woodward Jr. and and Rhidona R. Woodward to Rhidona R. Woodward, one lot, two buildings, 467 Robney Drive, $5 etc. • JMJ Homes LLC to Arbraysha Williams, one lot, 3265 Foxcroft Circle, $168,000. • Safe Federal Credit Union to Antwine Jenkins, one lot, one building, 55 Carrol Drive, $18,000. • Luke A. and Raleigh A. Bledsoe to James M. Rigby, one lot, one building, 4635 Excursion Drive, $200,000. • Ralph L. Serpas Jr. to Ralph L. Jr. and Insun Serpas, one lot, one building, 4930 Ridge St., $5 etc. • Brenda Kaye Whaley to Timothy Ryan Sanford and Kimberley Robertson, one lot, one building, 7090 Meeting House Road, $127,400. • Renee Clark to Renee Miller, one lot, two buildings, 6520 Mill House Road, $5 etc. • Dunlap Properties LP to Hurricane Construction Inc., one lot, 5572 Schellin Drive, $30,000. • Christopher J. and Monyca J. Uecker to Ryan X. and Lara L. Riley, one lot, two buildings, Breezybay Lane / Riders Drive, $338,000. • Jacob S. and Ashley Stephenson to Richard and Cherish Hamrick, one building, 2085 Beckwood Road, $130,910. • Gainey Construction Co. LLC to Dakota L. and Chelsea N. Curtis, one lot, 4370 Excursion Drive, $149,768. • Barbara Lewis-Hodge to West & Joyce LLC, one lot, 16 Maxwell Ave., $15,000. • Mattie Bertha Diggs Dinkins to Nancy P. Dinkins, one lot, one building, 5615 Family Lane, $5 etc. • Addison L. Osborne Jr. to Addison L. Jr. and Lisa Y. Osborne, five buildings, 3080 Cox Road, $5 etc. • Willie M. and Rosa Lee McDuffie Watson, one lot, one building, 1049 California Blvd., $5 etc. • Christopher and Kimberly G. White to Miraluz B. Espiritu, one lot, one building, 2720 Sing Drive, $173,000. • Vernie E. Levine to Mable D. and James Levine (lifetime estate), one lot, two buildings, 3090 Carter Road, $5 etc. • Walter B. Robinson to Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, one building, 2156 Tanglewood, $157,250. • Jennifer Bradshaw Johnson to Jennifer Bradshaw Johnson and Kenneth Lee Johnson, one lot, one building, East Clark Street, $5 etc. • Anthony Curtis Cook to Almeta Cook (lifetime estate), two buildings, 2545 Thomas Sumter Highway, $5 etc. • Ann F. Seal to Christopher L. and Kimberly G. White, one lot, two buildings, 919 Shadow Trail, $174,000. • Franklin L. French to Paul M. and Brittany K. Sitler, one lot, two buildings, 580 Batty Way, $197,000. • Hurricane Construction Inc. to Tasha T. Roe, one lot, 5572 Schellin Drive, $233,490. • Thomas C. and Patricia A. Canty to Deborah Meek, one lot, 150 Apollo St., $3,000. • Vonda K. and James E. Mociun to Matthew W. and Megan M. Maimone, one lot, one building, 900 Oak Brook Blvd., $390,000. • Jimmie Thacker Jr. (as trustee) to Velvette L. Jones and Andrei Norvell Thacker, 2280 Warthacker Drive / Ernest, $5 etc.; Velvette L. Jones and Andrei Norvell Thacker to Ellerbe Estates of Sumter LLC, 2280 Warthacker Drive / Ernest, $140,000. • Betty E. Stephen Estate to Alderman Holdings LLC, one lot, one building, 923 Mathis St., $27,500.



• Cadles of Grassy Meadows II LLC to Paul Hardy, one lot, four buildings, 14 Dew St., $16,000. • Matthew Brian Lloyd to Amber L. Amerson and Ryan K. Hayden, one lot, two buildings, 2029 Pinewood Road, $86,000. • Sarah C.L. Scullion to Sarah C.L. Scullion and Paul James, one lot, three buildings, 2749 Powhatan Drive, $5 etc. • Wells Fargo Bank NA to Sumter County, one lot, one building, 32 Edwards St., $5 etc. • Houlson Wells Jr. Estate to Flossie Smith, one lot, one building, 512 Robney Drive, $5 etc. • Nathaniel W. Rembert to Carolina Construction of Sumter LLC, one lot, 315 Kendal Ave., $15,000. • Kent J. and Alyson Mark Wiggins to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., one lot, one building, 81 Powhatan Court, $5 etc. • Charles Smith to Stacy Marie McCoy, one lot, two buildings, 2755 Browning Ridge Drive, $59,900. • Renest Bradford (lifetime estate) to Velvette L. Jones and Andrei Norvell Thacker, two buildings, 1335 N. Kings Highway, $5 etc. • Casual Coastal Investments LLC to Larry and Shirley W. and Amanda K. Jones, one lot, one building, 2840 Montgomery St., $37,500. • JMJ Homes LLC to William Austin James, one lot, 64 Ellen Drive, $23,327. • Wheeler Matthews Estate and Lottie Matthews to Lottie Matthews et al, one lot, one building, Vining and Pinson Street, $5 etc. • EH Pooled 114 LP to Julius Lee, one lot, one building, 729 Adams Ave., $39,372. • R. Byron Brown Jr. Living Trust to R. Byron Brown III (trustee), three buildings, 6465-6550 Tipperary Lane, $5 etc. • Great Southern Homes Inc. to Ivan G. Sterpin, one lot, 3690 Galloway Lane, $169,990. • The Conservation Fund to City of Sumter, one building, Kel-Sam Farms, $5 etc.; The Conservation Fund to City of Sumter, 3425 Deer Track Circle, $5 etc. • Pauline P. Gallashaw et al to Theresa Cooper et al, one lot, one building, 8 E. College St., $5 etc. • Joseph John and Vivian Margaret Vasura to David W. and Sandra H. Turner, one building, 355 Old Manning Road, $10,000. • Brian G. and Tonya L. Melton to Brad A. and Rhonda C. Huffman, four buildings, 4130 McCrays Mill Road, $350,000. • Sam Baker Jr. and Loretta Johnson et al to John Ray and Edna Baker, one lot, 235 Brent St., $5 etc.; Sam Baker Jr. and Loretta Johnson et al to John Ray and Edna Baker, one lot, one building, 237 Brent St., $5 etc. • Ann T. Arias to Maplecreek Properties LLC, one lot, one building, 5030 Ridge St., $53,000. • Beneficial Financial Inc. to Garry L. Oaks, two buildings, 6305 Cougar Way / 1660 Cond, $19,000; Garry L. Oaks to Garry L. and Takeya L. Oaks, two buildings, 6305 Cougar Way / 1660 Cond, $5 etc. • Cecil Browder Jr. to Cecil Jr. and Stephanie Browder, one lot, two buildings, 2177 Stanley Court, $5 etc. • Pinnacle Properties of Sumter to Mungo Homes Inc., one lot, 1751 Musket Trail, $5 etc. • CR Capital Group LLC to Eric Montgomery, one building, 5650 Rivers Road, $3,000. • Thomas W. and Cathy S. Patterson to Thomas W. Patterson, one building, 4180 Cobblestone Road, $5 etc. • Samuel W. Kemmerlin to Selina A. Butler, one lot, two buildings, 708 Wen-le Drive, $51,000. • Forfeited Land Commission to Eric L. Walters, one lot, 132 Hoyt St., $1,650; Forfeited Land Commission to Paul Capell, one lot, two buildings, 4564 Wrangler Trail, $15,100; Forfeited Land Commission to Vivian Y. Wiggins-Crews, one lot, 720 Maney St., $1,950; Forfeited Land Commission to David and Bely Tran, one lot, 726 Maney St., $5,600. • Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Dan Ruple, one lot, one building, 3735 Paradise Lane, $17,400. • Catherine D. Jennings to Alderman Holdings LLC, one lot, one building, 424 Sanders Drive, $31,000. • Sumter Land & Property LLC to Michael S. Pereira, one lot, one building, 413 Baldwin Drive, $75,695. • Lin-do Investors (a partnership) to City of Sumter, one lot, 2510 Tahoe Drive, $97,000. • Dennis M. McDaniel to U.S. Bank NA (trustee), one lot, two buildings, 4582 Cheryl Drive, $69,528. • Harold L. Snethen Estate and Kathleen Snethen Estate to One West Bank NA, one lot, four buildings, 2746 Catie Circle, $30,000. • Violet E. Seldon-Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, one building, 3025 Tidewater Drive, $306,907. • Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kevin and Jennifer Howell, one lot, two buildings, 1730 Stadium Road, $121,000. • Kevin and Jennifer Howell to Kevin R. and Jennifer E. Howell, one lot, two buildings, 1730 Stadium Road, $5 etc. • S.C. Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention to St. Paul Holiness Church, Cor Poulas and Carolina Avenue, $5 etc. • Jane B. Moore (50 percent interest of Rees H Waities) to Elizabeth Veronee Haynsworth Estate et al, Raccoon Road, $5 etc. • VFS Lending JV LLC to Eric Michael Melton, one lot, one building, 2490 Equinox Ave., $21,900. • Ellen Arl to Ellen Arl Estate, one lot, one building, 236 N. Purdy St., $5 etc. • Irvin Frank Barger to Irvin Frank Barger Estate, one lot, two buildings, 1746 and 1730 Jefferson Road, $5 etc. • Joseph E. and Marguerite C. Barwick to Marguerite C. Barwick, one lot, Catalpa Street, $5 etc.; Joseph E. and Marguerite C. Barwick to Marguerite C. Barwick, 1420 U.S. 15 South, $5 etc.; Joseph E. and Marguerite C. Barwick to Marguerite C. Barwick, three buildings, 1410 U.S. 15 South, $5 etc.; Joseph E. and Marguerite C. Barwick to Marguerite C. Barwick, one building, 3197 Nazarene Church Road, $5 etc.

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While the gettin’s good


ver the years, I’ve written several articles about how the water levels in the swamps of the area affect the fishing and hunting within their boundaries. For example, high water in the swamps usually means that the fishing is poor because of the area in which the fish can spread out. By the same token, duck hunting is usually better if there is Earle some water Woodward in the swamp. This past AFIELD & winter and AFLOAT spring have really been good for the swamp. The water was high during the winter and spring, which allowed fish to move around and to — well, basically — restock the fishery. This is especially true of the little fishing club I’m a member of in the upper Wateree Swamp. The first couple of folks that get to fish the swamp once the water returns to within the banks can catch just about as many fish as they want. I’ve always been a bit late getting to it. Melvin and I went down about a month ago and were disappointed to find the water level too high to be able to launch the boat, so we had to back out and go somewhere else to fish. We vowed to come back again later and later arrived last Monday afternoon. With the days so much longer, we were able to leave town after work and arrive in the swamp with plenty of time

to fish. Melvin’s plan was catch enough warmouth — also known as mollies — to have a fish fry. Melvin was casting a beetle spin on a light rod, and I was heaving a large, chartreuse spinner bait for bass, etc. It’s really irrelevant who it was that got the first bite because it only took about three or four casts for it to occur, and from that point, it was on! We caught one fish right after the other. Most of the fish we caught were yellow perch, better known in these parts as a red fin, and chain pickerel, or jackfish. Listen, I know the reputation that red fin have — bait stealers and pretty much not good for much — and I agree that the small ones have certainly earned that bad rap. Let me tell you though: Once they attain a decent size, say 10 inches or so, they put up a fairly good fight on light tackle and are absolutely wonderful on the table. We were catching some that would fillet. Jackfish are just as wonderful on the table, once you accept the fact that they are full of bones and learn how to work around them. Jackfish are also superb fighters on a rod and will readily attack any bass lure that you can chunk at them. The downside is that they have a mouth brimming full of razor-sharp teeth that will cut your line and shred your thumb if you are foolish enough to try to lip one in like you would a bass. I was catching jacks in the 3-pound range. Melvin got his first molly about 20 yards up the stream and slipped him on top of the ice; a bit later No. 2 joined

him. I caught one on the spinner bait, not surprising since a molly will try to eat just about anything in the water, and I put him on ice as well. I cast the spinner bait into a dark hole under an overhanging branch and made about two turns of the handle before the jackfish hit it and I drew back a nub. The fish cut the line, and I never even felt it. So much for fishing a spinner bait. I picked up a plastic worm and maybe got three casts out of it before it too came back with nothing on the end of the line. That’s when I put down the bass rod and picked up the ultra light and beetle spin. Beetle spins are a lot cheaper to purchase than bass lures. We caught red fin by the dozens, jackfish by the boatful, a couple of bream, a huge shellcracker, two nice crappie, a mudfish, a small bass and six big mollies for Melvin’s supper. In all, I would hazard to guess that we boated more than 100 fish in a little more than two hours. We heard the rumble at about the same time. Getting caught 20 minutes from the truck in a thunderstorm is not a good option, so by mutual consent we turned the trolling motor up a notch or two and made a run for the truck. We didn’t quite make it. The rain got us in the last 200 yards, so we ended the day wet but happy. As I told Melvin, you go when it’s time to go. You don’t wait because the water only gets right every now and again, and if you get it right, well, you have days like we had.

Clemson to revive pecan orchard CLEMSON (AP) — Georgia is by far the No. 1 pecan-producing state, rolling out 110 million pounds a year. South Carolina is ninth among the 14 states that grow pecans but cracks only 3 million pounds a year. Clemson Cooperative Extension Service horticulturist Mark Arena would love to narrow the gap, and he’s part of a long-term project that could do that. Clemson University plans to renovate a near-forgotten 5-acre pecan grove, one Arena sees as a potential outdoor educational laboratory that will encourage pecan farming. The orchard, near Clemson University’s main northeast entrance, will soon be used to train students in the latest techniques in producing an overlooked food crop. “The orchard will mainly focus on commercial growers, but we’ll have programs to support backyard growers as well,” Arena said. The outdoor classrooms will be designed to raise interest and production throughout the next century. Well-maintained pecan trees often produce past age 100 and can bear fruit for more than 200 years. “It’s more about the health of the tree,” Arena said. “Overall, trees that are in the range of 25 to 75 years old probably have the highest output levels. Also, new advancements are being discovered for higher output.” While South Carolina’s climate is right, its production is hindered by a slow return on farmer investment. “It takes approximately 15 years for pecan trees to begin bearing to the point that a grower can start to recover the investment,” Arena said. “It’s a long-term commitment. Our job is to help growers maximize their orchards’ existing potential and to plan judiciously for the future.” The renovated orchard in Clemson will provide the set-


Mark Arena, specialty crops agent for Clemson University Cooperative Extension, looks at a master plan design for pecan trees near the entrance of Clemson University on S.C. 93. ting for programs in cover planting, pruning, irrigation and the identification and control of insects and diseases. The idea for the educational orchard began in the remnants of the existing grove near the state Highway 93 campus entrance. Arena and Paul Minerva of the university’s landscape services unit concluded that many of the trees in that shady spot were not in a favorable condition for pecan production. “Unfortunately, when you do not manage pecan trees for production, they typically decline over time, and the cost associated with bringing them back to a productive state is too great,” Arena said, adding that some of the varieties at the grove are no longer in commercial use. “Some of these have declined to the point they have become hazardous to pedestrian traffic,” he said. About one-third of the old trees will be replaced, Arena said. Grant money will help pay for site preparation and planting, school officials said. “Kite Hill is a prominent location. It will be the first thing many people see when they come to campus,” Arena said. He hopes the new orchard will become “an evaluation

site for new varieties to increase pecan production,” he said. “It all comes down to the number of trees and how much they produce,” Arena said about the state’s annual production. “I believe South Carolina has several areas fitting for pecan production. Sandy loam soil with moist soils is their preferred habitat.” Weather is another big factor. South Carolina’s typically dry summers are ideal. But the weather in 2013 wasn’t typical. “This past year, with over 75 days of rain, created high disease pressure and low nut production for many,” Arena said. “The biggest challenge is alternate bearing, which means pecans produce heavily in one year, and the following year is a light year in terms of pounds of nuts. Also, certain varieties are more disease-resistant than others.” Arena hopes to plant new trees this fall, but spring 2015 might be the more likely planting date. “The cost of getting water to the site and the permit process caught us off guard. ... Plus we are hoping to improve the soil at the site with cover crops and compost,” said Arena.

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FISHING REPORT Santee Cooper System Bream: Good. Bream fishing is hot and bluegill and shellcrackers are spawning in shallow water from a foot to 3 or 4 feet deep. The best areas to fish are where scattered lily pads meet cypress trees and there is sand. Crickets and worms will both work. Catfish: Good. Fish are being caught drifting in 10 to 24 feet of water, and some nice fish were caught anchored in 30 feet. Cut bait (particularly shad) and nightcrawlers are working, and night fishing is starting to turn on. Crappie: Fair. The shallow bite is in the past and fish have moved out to brushpiles in 12 to 14 feet of water. Look for fish attractors (marked by white buoys) in both lakes. Largemouth bass: Slow to fair. Perhaps because of fluctuating water levels and perhaps because the fish are so spread out the largemouth bass bite is tough right now. Lake Wateree White perch: Good. White perch action is hot down around the dam. Fish on the bottom with worms and minnows and look for offshore humps with hard or sandy bottoms. Striped Bass: Good. Striped bass are scattered between the dam and Clearwater Cove along the river channel. More schooling activity is being reported but the best technique is still to troll in a zigzag along the river channel with four rods. Crappie: Good. Crappie are being caught 10-12 feet deep suspended over brush in 15-22 feet in the mouths of creeks; the bigger fish are scattered. Minnows will work but may produce white perch bites. Bream: Good. Bream are spawning in shallow water as little as 1 or 2 feet deep; numbers of fish are easy but size is a little tougher. The bigger fish will spawn near docks and worms are always a good choice. Lake Murray Catfish: Good. Channel and blue catfish are being caught fishing with cut herring and nightcrawlers. Bream: Very good. The bluegill and shellcracker spawn is well underway. Fish with worms from the bank out to about 8 feet of water, and particularly look around docks and off points extending off of islands in 4 to 5 feet of water. Striped Bass: Good. During the day cut bait fishing in 10 to 30 feet of water off points is the preferred method for catching keeper sized fish, and other anglers are turning to night fishing over suspended lights with live herring on down rods. Largemouth Bass: Fair. Some of the biggest fish may have returned to deeper water with the herring but 1 to 3 pound fish are being caught off points with Carolina or Texas rigged worms during the day. Crappie: Good. Crappie are scattered but the best fishing are being caught 15 to 18 feet down over brushpiles in 20 to 25 feet of water. Minnows are working best. Lake Greenwood White Perch: Good. Fishing with Sabiki rigs with 5 or 6 hooks will allow you to catch numerous fish, and it is not uncommon to fill every hook on the Sabiki rig with a fish. Bream: Good. The bluegill and shellcracker bite has gotten better, and most of the fish are bedding in protected coves in 2 to 3 feet of water. Largemouth bass: Good. Early in the morning topwater plugs and floating worms continue to work well, and on cloudy days these can be fished all day. Lake Russell Catfish: Good. Cut herring fished by riprap, bridges, and rocky points 5-6 feet deep is very productive, especially at night.

Largemouth and Spotted Bass: Good. Most of largemouth bass have finished spawning and the herring spawn is winding down. Early in the morning bass can be caught over shallow points on Zara Spooks or Chug Bugs. Striped Bass: Good. Fish down lines with live herring in creeks on the lower end of the lake 20 to 30 feet deep. Look for herring schools on your graph and fish just off the bottom. Crappie: Good. Crappie are ganged up around isolated brush in 15 feet of water. Cast and retrieve jigs in yellow and green 4 to 5 feet down. Bream: Good. Look for sandy bottoms 2-4 feet deep and fish crickets and worms. Lake Thurmond Striped and Hybrid Bass: Good. Some blueback herring are still spawning on the points and fish are ambushing them; pencil poppers and swimbaits work well for this bite. Bream: Good. Fish have moved shallower and should be spawning over sandy bottoms. Fish crickets and red worms. Largemouth bass: Fair. As the herring spawn winds down now bass fishermen continue to report tough conditions. There is little schooling activity and the best bite is coming working Carolina rigs very slowly. Crappie: Slow. Crappie fishing has been tough but a few fish have been caught in the Cooter Creek area tight-lining in 10 to 12 feet over 18 feet. Lake Wylie Catfish: Good. Drifting with fresh cut shad or strips of white perch in water around 20 feet deep and working towards the backs of coves is good. For blue catfish head for the riverine areas of Lake Wylie. White perch: Very good. Lake Wylie white perch action is strong and the fish are holding over offshore humps in 18 to 24 feet of water. Look for bait in the cleanest water you can find with a hard or sandy bottom. Largemouth Bass: Good. Bass are still relatively shallow around main channel banks in 10 feet or less. Carolina rigged worms, lizards and finesse worms are working and on overcast days Pop-Rs are good all day long. Bream: Fair. Bream are scattered but should move onto the beds in about two weeks at the next full moon. Lake Jocassee Trout: Very good. Trout are bunching up in the bigger water in the main lake area and biting well in 20 to 60 feet of water. Black Bass: Good. The bass have mostly completed the spawn on Lake Jocassee and have moved back onto the points. They are being caught in 10 to 30 feet of water. Lake Keowee Bream: Good. Look for the fish to be bedding in shallow water over sandy areas. Largemouth and Spotted Bass: Fair. Topwater lures, including Sammy 85s, Chug Bugs, Spook Juniors, Super Flukes in white pearl, silver, rainbow, and blue glimmer, and lipless crankbaits will all work. Lake Hartwell Catfish: Very good. Fishing around main river points in 15 to 20 feet of water with cut bait (mainly blueback herring) or Berkeley catfish bait is working. Striped and Hybrid Bass: Good. Striper continue to move deeper, and herring fished on down lines in 15 to 20 feet around main channel points will work. . Bream: Good. Look for shell beds (freshwater mussels) around secondary points and look for shoals at the mouths of creeks that have a hard, sandy bottom. Largemouth Bass: Fair to good. A few fish are schooling and being caught with topwater poppers.

Tide Tables MONDAY, June 16 05:18 AM

-0.75 L

11:18 AM

5.44 H

01:17 PM

5.51 H

07:26 PM

-0.02 L


SATURDAY, June 21 03:38 AM

5.26 H

09:50 AM

-0.44 L

05:26 PM

-0.5 L

01:44 AM

5.76 H

11:52 PM

6.31 H

07:59 AM

-0.56 L

04:16 PM

5.77 H

02:18 PM

5.58 H

10:36 PM

0.33 L

08:29 PM

0.18 L

TUESDAY, June 17 06:11 AM

-0.71 L

12:17 PM

5.47 H

06:24 PM

-0.27 L


FRIDAY, June 20 02:41 AM

5.49 H

SUNDAY, June 22 04:34 AM

5.09 H

10:44 AM

-0.41 L

08:55 AM

-0.5 L

12:47 AM

6.05 H

03:18 PM

5.67 H

05:11 PM

5.87 H

07:04 AM

-0.64 L

09:33 PM

0.3 L

11:34 PM

0.29 L



June 15, 2011 2014 July 10,


SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014





SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014





By Candace Havens FYI Television, Inc. ByContortionists, Candace Havens acrobats, magiFYI Television, Inc.

Nick Cannon is the host of “America’s Got Talent” airing at 8 p.m. Tuesday on NBC.

Nick Cannon is the host of “America’s Got Talent,” Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.



9 AM




Talent appears in a wide variety Klum, Cannon Talk About Talent on NBC of forms on ‘ A merica’ s Got Talent’

Sunday, June 15 - 21, 2014


SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

cians and 9-year-old Rubik’s Cube masters, these are themaContortionists, acrobats, people and who9-year-old make “America’s gicians Rubik’s Got Talent,” airing Tuesday Cube masters, these are theat 8 p.m. on NBC, different from people who make “America’s any Talent, other competition reality Got ” airing Tuesday at 8sep.m. NBC,Howard different fromHeidi any ries. on Judges Stern, other realityMandel series. Klum,competition Mel B. and Howie Judges Howard are never bored Stern, by theHeidi variety of Klum, Melappear B. and on Howie Mandel acts that the show. areThis never bored by the variety is supermodel Klum’s of acts that appear on the second season as a judge on show. theThis competition series.Klum’s While is supermodel she’s vocal on the show about second season as a judge on her competition likes and dislikes, the series.she While remembers how was she’s vocal on thetough showitabout to audition things.she “I sitreher likes andfordislikes, members tough it was to there and how I try to be always audition for things. “I siteverythere open-minded and give and be always openone Iatry fairtochance,” says Klum. minded everyone “People and don’tgive always do thata fair chance, ” saysWhen Klum.I“People in the business. would don’t that memories in the go to always casting,doI have business. When I would go to of where people sometimes go casting, I have memories of throughpeople your book that you’ve where sometimes go been working on forthat a whole through your book you’ve year –working your picture – and been on forbook a whole people just picture rush through year – your book –it.and Sometimes they through don’t even people just rush it. look Sometimes don’t even up to you tothey see you and they look you back to seetoyou handup thetobook youand and they hand next.’ the book to you go, ‘Okay, And back sometimes and go, don’t ‘Okay,really next.’give Andyou somepeople a times peopleand don’t really give fair chance you’re always you a fair chance and you’re aldisappointed when people, kind ways disappointed when peoof, treat you in a certain way. ple, kind of, treat you in a cer“Soway. I always try to remember tain that people on to “Sowhen I always try come to remember the stage to givecome everyone that when–people on to a fair shot.– Itoknow these a the stage givethat everyone people nervous. fair shot.are I know thatThey’ve these people arewaiting nervous. They’ve been been in line for hours. waiting in take line for SoI I So I don’t thathours. lightly.

10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM LOCAL CHANNELS


2 PM

don’t just buzz in the first two seconds. I always want to see don’tare take that lightly. I don’t why they here.” just in thefavorite first twoacts sec-was Onebuzz of Klum’s onds. I always want to see why an unusual one. “I think he was are they here.” 92-years-old, thisfavorite gentlemen One of Klum’s acts who pulled a carone. with“Ihis teeth was an unusual think he with his brother, histhis girlfriend, was 92-years-old, gentleand, think,pulled his sister the his men Iwho a carinwith car,” “So he his pulled teethKlum withsays. his brother, girlfriend,grown-ups and, I think, his sister three in this car byin theteeth, car,” Klum says. he his which was“So absolutely pulled three grown-ups in this incredible. Literally, Howard and car by his which waswe abmyself andteeth, Mel and Howie, solutely incredible. Literally, got up and tried to pull this car Howard and myself and Mel with these people in it with our and Howie, we got up and tried hands, so we were all tugging to pull this car with these peoon to getsothis plethis in itrope, with trying our hands, we car toall even move,on andthis werope, could were tugging not move thisthis to even trying to get “But this thismove 90move, andgentlemen, we could not this car. somewhat-old gentleman, you “Buthethis this in know, putgentlemen, this mouthpiece 90-somewhat-old gentleman, his mouth and it was attached youthe know, mouthto rope he thatput wethis all tried piece his he mouth andon it was to pull.inAnd just got his attached to the rope that we all knees and he pulled this car tried to pull. And he just got on with theseand people in it, which his knees he pulled this car was withunbelievable. these peopleAnd in it,I couldn’t which believe how strong And this Iman was unbelievable. was because we how all couldn’t couldn’t believe strongpull the this car.” man was because we all couldn’t pull the car.” must keep As the host, Cannon the host, Cannon must theAsshow running and deal with keep the show running anda awkward moments. He has deal with great deal awkward of respectmoments. for the He has a great respect contestants anddeal doesofhis best for the contestants and does his to put them at ease. “I always best to put them at ease. “I alempathize and sympathize with ways empathize and sympathe a performer,” thizeacts, withjust theasacts, just as a Cannon says. “When says. you think performer, ” Cannon “When about the amount of courage you think about the amount of that it takes to even courage that–itjust takes – juststep to even step on stageregardless like that, on a stage likeathat, regardless of what talentyou it is,beof what talent it is, what whatyou youcan believe can do as lieve do asyou a performer, 2:30

3 PM


it takes so much guts to get out there. So that’s kind of why I’m a performer, it takes so I’m much usually the cheerleader. the guts to getjust outkind there. So that’s motivator, of rooting, kindsaying, of why‘Hey, I’m usually just the factthe that cheerleader. I’m the motivator, you even attempted it and have just kind of rooting, just saying, made it this far – I’m impressed. ‘Hey, the fact that you even atI tempted salute you. I’m connecting it and have madewith it you So however thisas faran– artist. I’m impressed. I salute you express yourself outas you.plan I’m to connecting with you there in those 90 seconds, an artist. So however you I’m plan here to support you.’”out there in to express yourself That is90unless the performer those seconds, I’m here to issupport stickingyou. a sword down his ’” or her throat. “I come from a That is unless the performer is sticking his or place wherea Isword try to down embrace her throat. but “I come from a place everything, I can’t – I’m not wherea Ifan tryoftothe embrace everyreally side show act thing, but I’m not really because I’veI can’t got a–weak stoma fanCannon of the side act beach,” “Anytime cause I’ve got a weak stomach, people are like inflicting pain on ” Cannon says. themselves or “Anytime that crazypeople stuff, are like inflicting pain on themorselves like swallowing swords, putor that crazy stuff, or like ting staples inswords, their face, I can’t swallowing putting stareally – their you’veface, seenI can’t my reaction ples in really – ifyou’ve you watch show. I can’t seenthis my reaction if you look at it. I just close my look eyes at watch this show. I can’t and look close the other way.and look it. I just my eyes “Andother thenway. the ones that are my the favorite, are always “And obviously, then the ones that are myyoung favorite, obviously, are althe people. I just have the young people. just aways soft spot in my heart forI the havethat a soft spot myshow heart for kids come oninthe the Ikids on season the show and thinkthat thiscome season, and Iwe think this season, season nine, probably have more nine, we probably have more young people that have come young people that have come out that are just extraordinarily out that are just extraordinarily talented. And it’s really probably talented. And it’s really probaone theofstandout thingsthings from bly of one the standout the season where you see all from the season where you see these young people doingdoing all all these young people these things. AndAnd thenthen I wasI was all these things. conflicted conflictedatatone onetime timebecause because we weactually actuallyhad hadaayoung youngperson person swallowingswords, swords,sosoI Iloved loved swallowing herand andhated hatedher heratatthe thesame same her time,” he he laughs. laughs. time,”

4 PM


5 PM


Awareness In Depth 2014 U.S. Open Championship: Final Round: from Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, N.C. z{| (HD) (HD) Stanley The ability evade a CBS News Sunday Morning (HD) Face the Na- First Baptist Church First Turkey Paid Pro- The Andy Griffith Show: Homeown Paid Pro- Griffith Paid Pro- Look Who’s Talking (‘89, Comedy) BBD John failure in faith. tion (N) Baptist Neck? gram Stranger in Town gram gram Travolta. A baby comments on his mother’s life. Good Morning America This Week with George Trenholm Paid Pro- Paid Pro- 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group E: Ecuador at Switzerland from Estádio Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group E: Honduras at France from Estádio Judge Judy Red Carpet Weekend (N) (HD) Stephanopoulos (N) Road gram gram Nacional Mané Garrincha, Brasilia, Brazil (HD) Center (HD) Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre, Brazil z{| (HD) (HD) (N) (HD) Peg + Cat WordWorld FETCH! (HD) Cyberchase Religion Moyers (HD) To the Con- McLaughlin Car. Bus. Consuelo Palmetto Start Up Your Inner Fish: Your Inner Sea Island Gibbes Carolina Best New Architecture: (HD) (HD) Ethics (N) trary (HD) (N) Mack (N) (HD) (HD) Monkey (HD) Adv. Museum Libraries (N) (HD) New Direc- Lampkin New Hope OnPoint! FOX News Sunday with Coach’s Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- 2014 America’s Armed Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Andrew You Hank Aaron’s The Simp- The Simp- The Simp- The Simption Show Church Chris Wallace (HD) Show gram gram gram Forces River Parade gram gram post-baseball life. sons sons sons sons First Church of Our Lord On the Edgemont Edgemont Edgemont Edgemont Edgemont Home of the Giants (‘07, Drama) BBD Haley Joel Open House MyDestina- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Da Vinci’s Inquest: Ugly Comedy.TV Bonnie Jesus Christ Money Website. Osment. Student becomes involved in crime. (N) tion.TV gram gram Quick Officer shot. McFarlane. Today Weekend (HD)

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2014 U.S. Open Champ.: from Pinehurst American Ninja Warrior: Venice Beach Believe: Second Chance (N) Crisis: Best Laid Plans (N) News Right This Minute Interac- Charla Criminal Minds: AmplificaResort in Pinehurst, N.C. (HD) Qualifying (HD) (HD) (HD) tive news. Young tion (HD) News 19 @ CBS Evening 60 Minutes (N) (HD) The Good Wife: A Few The Good Wife: Dramatics, The Mentalist: White as the News 19 @ CSI: Miami: Power Trip In- Inside Edi- Face the (:35)Paid 6pm (HD) Words (HD) Your Honor (HD) Driven Snow (HD) 11pm volved officer. (HD) tion (N) Nation (N) Program World News Judge Judy Jimmy NBA Count 2014 NBA Finals: Game 5 (If Necessary): Miami Heat at San Antonio Postgame News (HD) Paid Pro- Castle: The Fast and the Bones: The Girl in the Mask (HD) (HD) Kimmel (N) (HD) Spurs from AT&T Center z{| (HD) gram Furriest (HD) (HD) Pedal Amer- The Smiths Placing Out: The Orphan Secrets of Scotland Yard Masterpiece: The Escape Artist, Part 1 Un- Independent Lens: The Greener Ribbon (HD) Secrets of Scotland Yard Masterpiece ica (HD) (HD) Trains (HD) pleasant case. (N) (HD) New Black (N) (HD) (HD) (HD) Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Enlisted (N) American The Simp- Family Guy Family Guy American News The Big Bang The Big Bang TMZ (N) Glee: Glee, Actually Kurt’s 2 1/2 Men gram gram (HD) Dad! (HD) sons (HD) (HD) (HD) Dad! (HD) (HD) (HD) Christmas. (HD) (HD) Queens (HD) Queens (HD) How I Met How I Met Nothing in Common (‘86, Comedy) BB Tom Hanks. An White Collar: Taking Ac- The Office The Office The Office The Office The Office Sanctuary: (HD) (HD) ad man cares for his prickly father. count (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) Edward

CABLE CHANNELS Duck (HD) Big Smo Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Big Smo Duck (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) The Green Mile (HD) Shutter Island (‘10, Thriller) Leonardo DiCaprio. Asylum secrets. (HD) Halt Catch Fire (N) Halt Catch Fire (HD) Shutter Island (‘10) Leonardo DiCaprio. (HD) To Be Announced Finding Bigfoot (HD) American River (N) Wildman Wildman Finding Bigfoot (N) Finding Bigfoot (N) Wildman Wildman Finding Bigfoot (N) The Longshots (‘08) Ice Cube. (HD) Johnson Family Vacation (‘04) BD Cedric the Entertainer. The Cookout (‘04, Comedy) B Ja Rule. BET Inspiration Gospel and religious events. Wedding Wedding Kandi’s Wedding (N) Medicine (N) Wedding Watch What Wedding (:31) Medicine Wedding Paid Paid Debt Money Ripping Security Super Rich Super Rich Supermarkets Hotel: Marriott Escape from Havana Love at First Byte (2:00) CNN Newsroom CNN Spc. Anthony 41 on 41 (‘14, Documentary) 41 on 41 (‘14, Documentary) Anthony (4:49) Dumb & Dumber (‘94) (HD) (:25) Dumb & Dumber (‘94, Comedy) BBB Jim Carrey. (HD) South Park (HD) South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park Boy World Boy World Boy World Boy World Finding Nemo (‘03) Albert Brooks. Liv (HD) Mickey (:25) Blog Jessie Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Shake It A.N.T. Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: The Last Frontier New stories. (N) (HD) Alaskan Bush (N) (HD) Alaska: The Last Frontier New stories. (HD) Alaskan Bush (HD) 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group F z{| (HD) MLB Baseball: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Atlanta Braves (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) Baseball NCAA College World Series: Game #4 z{| (HD) NHRA Drag Racing no~ (HD) SportsCenter (HD) (5:30) Remember the Titans (‘00) BBB (HD) The Blind Side (‘09, Drama) BBBD Sandra Bullock. A boy gets help. (HD) Chasing Life (HD) Osteen Meyer Paid Paid Food Network (HD) Chopped (HD) Guy’s Grocery (N) Food Network Star (N) Cutthroat Kitchen (N) Cutthroat French fries. Food Network (HD) Cutthroat FOX News (HD) FOX Report Sun. (HD) Huckabee (N) (HD) Hannity (HD) Stossel (HD) Huckabee (HD) Hannity (HD) Stossel (HD) Bull Riding World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) W Coast Customs (N) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) UFC Unleashed (HD) PowerShares no} The Nanny Express (‘09) Vanessa Marcil. (HD) Delivered (N) (HD) Accidentally in Love (‘11) BBD Jennie Garth. (HD) Delivered (HD) Golden Golden Golden Golden Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunt (N) Hunt (N) Brother (N) Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Brother vs. Brother Hunters Hunters Mountain Men (HD) Mountain Men (HD) Mountain Men (HD) Mountain Men (N) (HD) The Hunt (N) (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Mountain Men (HD) Mountain Men (HD) Leverage (HD) Leverage (HD) Leverage (HD) Leverage (HD) Leverage (HD) Listener Conspiracy. Listener: Caged In psych Alien abduction. Missing at 17 (HD) The Mentor (‘14, Drama) Jes Macallan. (HD) Drop Dead Diva (N) Devious Maids (N) (:02) The Mentor (‘14, Drama) Jes Macallan. (HD) Drop Dead Diva (HD) Caught (HD) Caught (HD) Caught (HD) OJ Special OJ Special Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Breadwinne Thunderman Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends (:48) Friends Lopez Bar Rescue (HD) Bar Rescue (HD) Bar Rescue (HD) Hungry Investors (N) Bar Rescue (HD) Bar Rescue (HD) Hungry Vegas owners. Bar Rescue (HD) Underworld The Wolfman (‘10, Horror) BBD Benicio Del Toro. Van Helsing (‘04, Thriller) Hugh Jackman. Slayers join forces. The Astronaut’s Wife (‘99, Horror) BB Johnny Depp. Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy (HD) The Hangover (‘09) BBBD Bradley Cooper. (HD) Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy (HD) I Love You, Man (‘09, Comedy) Paul Rudd. (HD) Father of the Bride (‘50) BBB Spencer Tracy. The Yearling (‘46, Drama) BBB Gregory Peck. (:15) Sounder (‘72, Drama) BBB Paul Winfield. (:15) The Conquering Power (‘21) Alice Terry. Honey Boo Honey Boo Honey Boo Honey Boo Sister Wives (HD) Sister Wives (N) (HD) Return to Amish (N) Sister Wives (HD) Return to Amish (HD) Sister Wives (HD) Mission: Impossible II (‘00) Tom Cruise. (HD) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (‘11) BBB (HD) (:32) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (‘11) BBB (HD) (:04) Young Guns (‘88) truTV Top Funniest Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Impractical Jokers (N) Jokers Jokers (:01) truTV Top Jokers Jokers (:02) Impractical Cosby Cosby: Cliff in Charge Cosby Cosby Cosby Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Falls (HD) Cleveland Queens Queens SVU: Screwed (HD) SVU: Confession (HD) SVU: Swing (HD) SVU: Turmoil (HD) SVU: Reparations (HD) Suits (HD) SVU: Head (HD) SVU: Home (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Demolition Man (‘93, Action) Sylvester Stallone. Salem (N) (HD) Salem (HD) Salem (HD) Salem (HD)

HIGHLIGHTS Signed, Sealed, Delivered 8:00 p.m. on HALL Oliver and Shane are presented with a case that leads them to a mysterious bank vault, but they soon find themselves locked inside the vault and lack enough air to survive; Rita prepares for the Miss Special Delivery event with help from Norman. (HD) Demolition Man 8:00 p.m. on WGN In 2032, a crime lord from the 1990s escapes from a suspended-animation prison during a parole hearing, so a police officer from the same era is released from the facility to catch him since future authorities have little experience with violence. Secrets of Scotland Yard 8:00 p.m. on WRJA Modern-day law enforcement agents within Scotland Yard reveal what it takes to become a detective with the agency that has become synonymous with the police force of London, and later, shocking details of past detectives are uncovered. (HD) Sister Wives 9:00 p.m. on TLC Robyn wants to have time for another baby and Meri wants to return to school, but the Browns’ overwhelming jewelry business isn’t leaving time for any of this, so the family seeks investments that will allow them to hire employees. (HD) Believe Dani (Mia Val9:00 p.m. on WIS let) turns her Skouras is forced powers toward to ask Winter and destroying Channing for help Orchestra and after an enraged Bo on the seaDani focuses all son finale of of her destructive “Believe,” airing abilities on OrchesSunday on WIS tra and Bo; Tate at 9 p.m. and Bo’s attempt to start anew is put on hold when Bo has several strong visions of Dani. (HD)




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Criminal Minds Movies Frontier Earth Wife Wife Tabatha Takes Over Squawk on the Street CNN Newsroom Daily Colbert Mickey Doc Mc Almost Got Away SportsCenter

Riot 8:00 p.m. on WACH Comedian Chris Kattan and, from “Duck Quacks Don’t Echo”, comedian Michael Ian Black have accepted the challenge of performing skits, dances and songs while on the trademarked set tilted at 22-degrees. (HD) America’s Got Talent 8:00 p.m. on WIS Nick Cannon hosts a night of auditions as people from all walks of life come to show off their talents, ranging from the extraordinary to the bizarre, and while some performers impress the judges others have only a short time in the spotlight. (HD) Little Women: LA 9:00 p.m. on LIFE Christy learns that she might be pregnant, Briana confronts her ex-husband about his new girlfriend out of concern for her daughter’s well-being, Tonya and Briana go speed dating and an unexpected event happens when Terra and Tonya perform. (HD) Rizzoli & Isles 9:00 p.m. on TNT The investigation into the murder of a jogger takes on a more dramatic shade of urgency when it is uncovered that the motive for the act was the theft of the woman’s baby; Jane tries to hide her pregnancy from her mother. (HD) The Night Shift 10:01 p.m. on WIS T.C. (Eoin MacTC, Jordan and Ken- ken) tries to help an amnesiac ny treat a critically patient on “The wounded patient Night Shift,” who is suffering airing Tuesday from amnesia; the staff teases Topher at 10:01 p.m. after he schedules a on WIS. vasectomy; Jordan’s long distance boyfriend stops by the hospital to surprise her with a visit. (HD)

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Million Dollar Listing Married to Medicine Street Signs CNN Newsroom Jake Tapper Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Austin Liv Liv Movies I Didn’t I Didn’t Evil In-Law I Escaped I Escaped Siberian Cut Siberian Cut Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup SportsCenter Numbers Sports 2014 NCAA College World Series Middle Middle Reba Reba Reba Reba Boy World Boy World Sandra’s Ten Dollar Rest. Chef 30 Min. Essentials Giada Contessa Contessa Happening Now Real Story Gretchen Shepard Smith Your World Cavuto Car Warriors World Poker Tour Little House Little House Little House Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Parking Parking Ronan Farrow Daily The Reid Report The Cycle Alex Wagner Sponge Sponge Breadwinne Sanjay Fairly Fairly Sponge Sponge Movies Star Trek: Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Movies Cleveland American American American Queens Queens Friends Friends Movies Movies The Little Couple The Little Couple The Little Couple Little Little Rizzoli & Isles Rizzoli & Isles Rizzoli & Isles Rizzoli & Isles World’s Dumbest... World’s Dumbest... World’s Dumbest... World’s Dumbest... Gunsmoke Bonanza Bonanza Walker Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Will Grace Will Grace Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order WGN Midday News Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order CI


Ladies of London Fast Money Situation Room Futurama Futurama Good Luck Good Luck Deadliest Catch Sports World Cup Boy World Boy World Pioneer Trisha’s The Five Game 365 Outdoor The Waltons Flop Flop Modern Marvels Criminal Minds Parking Parking The Ed Show Sponge Sponge



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Switched at Birth 8:00 p.m. on FAM After their spontaneous romantic encounter together, Bay begins to consider the possibility of having a relationship with Emmett, but it would mean breaking up with Tank first; Daphne’s mother’s studio is vandalized; Matthew bullies Emmett. (HD) Whose Line Is It Anyway? 8:00 p.m. on WKTC From “Supernatural,” actor Misha Collins makes a guest appearance to participate in some of the improv games alongside the regular cast and guest comedian Brad Sherwood in order to successfully act out several scenes based on little information. (HD) 24: Live Another Day 9:00 p.m. on WACH Jack Bauer and President Heller realize they must do whatever it takes to stop the mastermind behind the terror attacks; CIA agent Jordan Reed finds himself in dangerous situation; Kate takes desperate measures to find the terrorist mastermind. (HD) Beauty and the Beast 9:00 p.m. on WKTC Cat and Tess are suspended from the squad in a bid to put pressure on Vincent to come out of hiding, but Cat’s troubles keep piling up when her sister decides to drop in for a surprise visit. (HD) Mistresses 10:01 p.m. Savi (Alyssa Mion WOLO lano) and Harry Savi and Harry fight fight over selling over selling their their home, as home as they are still not talking, and they are still not talking on Joss gets caught WOLO’s “Misin between the two; April finds out tresses,” airing Monday at she has to throw a party for the 10:01 p.m. parents at Lucy’s new school and panics until Mickey comes to the rescue. (HD)


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CABLE CHANNELS Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Longmire (N) (HD) (:02) Longmire (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) The Perfect Storm (‘00) George Clooney. (HD) The Day After Tomorrow (‘04, Drama) Dennis Quaid. (HD) The Day After Tomorrow (‘04, Drama) Dennis Quaid. (HD) The Core (‘03) BB (HD) Finding Bigfoot (HD) Finding Bigfoot (HD) Finding Bigfoot (HD) Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Finding Bigfoot (HD) Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman 106 & Park (N) (HD) Like a Man Just Wright (‘10, Comedy) BB Queen Latifah. Therapy and romance. Turn Up! (HD) Like a Man Wendy Williams (N) Queen Latifah (HD) Housewife Wedding Housewife Real Housewives (N) Ladies of London (N) Watch What Real Housewives Ladies of London Housewife Mad Money (N) The Costco Craze The Profit The Profit The Profit Fugitives Fugitives Fugitives Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) CNN Spc. CNN Tonight Cooper 360° (HD) CNN Spc. CNN Tonight South Park Tosh (HD) Colbert Daily (HD) Futurama Futurama South Park South Park South Park South Park Daily (N) Colbert midnight South Park Daily (HD) Colbert Finding Nemo (‘03) Good Luck Jessie Blog Austin Camp Rock (‘08) Demi Lovato. (HD) Jessie Austin A.N.T. Good Luck Good Luck On Deck On Deck Vegas Rat Rods (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Vegas Rat Rods (N) #BikerLive (N) (HD) (:01) Fast N’ Loud (HD) (:01) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Vegas Rat Rods (HD) 2014 FIFA World Cup: United States vs Ghana MLB Baseball: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) NCAA College World Series: Game #6 z{| (HD) Olbermann (HD) World Cup Tonight (HD) ESPN FC Switched at Birth (HD) Switched at Birth (HD) Switched at Birth (N) The Fosters (N) (HD) Chasing Life (HD) The 700 Club (N) The Fosters (HD) Switched at Birth (HD) Diners Diners Guy’s: Free Samples Rewrapped Unwrap Cutthroat Mystery Mystery Diners Diners Cutthroat Mystery Mystery Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) World Poker (HD) UFC Reloaded: UFC 136: Edgar vs Maynard III no~ (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) UFC Reloaded no} (HD) Waltons Waltons: The Medal Waltons Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden Golden Golden Frasier Frasier Love It Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It (N) Hunters Hunters Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It (HD) Hunters Hunters Swamp People (HD) Swamp People (HD) Swamp People (HD) Swamp People (N) Big Rig Big Rig Swamp People (HD) Swamp People (HD) Swamp People (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Numb3rs (HD) Hoarders (HD) Hoarders (HD) Hoarders (HD) Hoarders (HD) Little Women: (HD) (:01) Hoarders (HD) (:02) Hoarders (HD) (:02) Hoarders (HD) PoliticsNation (HD) Hardball (N) (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (N) Last Word (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (HD) Last Word (HD) Webheads Sam & Cat Thunderman Haunted Awesome Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends (:48) Friends Lopez Cops Jail (HD) Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Gretl (HD) Van Helsing (‘04, Thriller) Hugh Jackman. Slayers join forces. Priest (‘11, Horror) BBD Paul Bettany. Resident Evil (‘02, Horror) Milla Jovovich. (HD) Wrong Turn 3 BD (HD) Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Cleveland Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (HD) Holmes Conan (HD) Holmes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (‘68) Dick Van Dyke. Blackout (‘54, Crime) Dane Clark. Man Bait (‘52, Crime) George Brent. (:15) Stolen Face (‘52) Paul Henreid. (:45) The Unholy Four (‘54) BBD Gypsy Wedding (HD) Undercover (HD) Undercover Undercover Undercover: Tervita Undercover Undercover: Tervita Undercover Castle: Rise (HD) Castle (HD) Major Crimes (HD) Major Crimes (N) (HD) Murder in the First (N) Major Crimes (HD) Murder (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Container Container Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Walker Lucy (HD) Lucy (HD) Lucy (HD) Lucy (HD) (:48) Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Queens Queens Queens Queens Cleveland Jennifer Falls (HD) Raymond NCIS: L. A. (HD) NCIS: L. A. (HD) WWE Monday Night Raw (HD) (:05) Graceland (HD) (:06) NCIS: L. A. (HD) (:06) NCIS: L. A. (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Salem (HD) Salem (HD) Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock


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Nightly News News Entertain- America’s Got Talent: Audition Nick Cannon hosts night (:01) The Night Shift: Grace News (:35)Tonight Show Jimmy (:37) Late Night with Seth (HD) ment (N) of auditions. (N) (HD) Under Fire (N) (HD) Fallon (N) (HD) Meyers (HD) News 19 @ Evening News 19 @ Inside Edi- NCIS: Monsters and Men NCIS: Los Angeles: Tuhon (:01) Person of Interest: News 19 @ Late Show with David Let- Late Late Show with Craig 6pm News (HD) 7pm tion (N) Parsa’s location. (HD) (HD) Lethe (HD) 11pm terman (N) (HD) Ferguson (N) News (HD) World News Wheel For- Jeopardy! (N) Jimmy NBA Count 2014 NBA Finals: Game 6 (If Necessary): San Antonio Spurs at Miami News (HD) Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:07)Night(HD) tune (HD) (HD) Kimmel (N) (HD) Heat from AmericanAirlines Arena z{| rity interviews (HD) line (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) Making It Grow (N) The Previews American Experience: Freedom Riders Civil advocates Tavis Smiley BBC World Charlie Rose (N) (HD) Previews Roosevelts (HD) continue to inspire. (HD) (HD) News (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang Riot Michael Ian Black. (N) I Wanna Marry “Harry” (N) WACH FOX News at 10 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond TMZ (N) Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) Nightly news report. (HD) (HD) (HD) Community Community Family Feud Family Feud Famous In 12 (N) (HD) Supernatural: Slumber Bones: The Salt in the Bones: The Doctor in the The Arsenio Hall Show King Hill (HD) (HD) Party (HD) Wounds (HD) Den (HD) (HD) News

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CABLE CHANNELS Shipping Shipping Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Shipping Shipping Big Smo Shipping Storage Storage Storage Storage (4:30) X-Men (‘00) (HD) Ghostbusters (‘84, Comedy) BBBD Bill Murray. (HD) Ghostbusters II (‘89, Comedy) BBD Bill Murray. (HD) Freakshow Freakshow Small Town Ghostbust Finding Bigfoot (HD) River Monsters (HD) Wild Russia (HD) Wild Russia (HD) Wild Russia (HD) Wild Russia (HD) Wild Russia (HD) Wild Russia (HD) 106 & Park (N) (HD) Husbands Husbands Husbands Husbands Mary Jane Mary Jane: Blindsided Mary Jane: Uber Love Wendy Williams (N) Queen Latifah (N) (HD) Housewife Real Housewives Wedding Real Housewives (N) People’s Couch (N) Watch What Housewives Wedding Couch Mad Money (N) Super Rich Super Rich Shark Tank (HD) Shark Tank (HD) Super Rich Super Rich Shark Tank (HD) Shark Tank (HD) Super Rich Super Rich Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) CNN Special Rep (N) CNN Tonight Cooper 360° (HD) CNN Spc. CNN Spc. CNN Tonight South Park Tosh (HD) Colbert Daily (HD) Chapplle Chapplle Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Daily (N) Colbert midnight Tosh (HD) Daily (HD) Colbert Blog Blog Good Luck Jessie Blog Austin Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (HD) Mickey Austin A.N.T. Good Luck Good Luck On Deck On Deck Deadliest Catch (HD) Deadliest Catch (N) Deadliest Catch (N) Deadliest Catch (N) Siberian Cut (N) (HD) Deadliest Catch (HD) (:04) Siberian Cut (HD) Deadliest Catch (HD) 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group H z{| (HD) NCAA College World Series: Game #8 z{| (HD) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) World Cup Tonight (HD) Olbermann (HD) ESPN FC World Cup Encore (HD) Chasing Life (HD) Pretty Little Liars (HD) Pretty Little Liars (N) Chasing Life (N) (HD) Pretty Little Liars (HD) The 700 Club Chasing Life (HD) Pretty Little Liars (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (N) (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) Insider Icons World Poker (HD) Bull Riding no} The Panel The Panel West Coast Customs World Poker (HD) PowerShares Tennis Series: Kansas City Waltons Waltons: The Pledge Waltons: The Triumph Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden Golden Golden Frasier Frasier Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop (N) Flop Hunters Hunters Flop Flop Flop Flop Hunters Hunters Modern Marvels (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Top Gear (N) (HD) The Hunt (HD) (:02) Top Gear (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars (:01) Top Gear (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) The Listener (N) The Listener (N) Numb3rs (HD) Swap: Lowe; Hamilton Swap Lobsterwoman. Little Women: (HD) Little Women: LA (N) Little Women: (HD) Little Women: (HD) Little Women: (HD) Little Women: (HD) PoliticsNation (HD) Hardball (N) (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (N) Last Word (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (HD) Last Word (HD) Webheads Sam & Cat Thunderman Haunted Nick News Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends (:48) Friends Lopez The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (‘06) BB (HD) Law Abiding Citizen (‘09, Crime) BBB Jamie Foxx. (HD) Walking Tall (‘04, Action) Dwayne Johnson. (HD) Fast & Furious BB (HD) Priest (‘11, Horror) BBD Paul Bettany. Cosplay Heroes of Cosplay (N) Wheaton Wheaton Cosplay Wheaton Wheaton Battlestar Galactica Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (HD) Holmes Conan (HD) Holmes (4:45) Camelot (‘67, Musical) BD Richard Harris. Random Harvest (‘42) BBB Ronald Colman. (:15) The Merry Widow (‘34) Maurice Chevalier. Witness for the Prosecution (‘58) Murder trial. Little (HD) Little (HD) The Little Couple (HD) Little (HD) Little (HD) The Little Couple (HD) The Little Couple (N) The Little Couple (HD) The Little Couple (HD) Little (HD) Little (HD) Rizzoli & Isles (HD) Rizzoli & Isles (HD) Rizzoli & Isles (HD) Rizzoli & Isles (N) (HD) Perception (N) (HD) Rizzoli & Isles (HD) Perception: Paris (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Dumbest truTV Top truTV Top Old couple. truTV Top: Funny Fails truTV Top (N) (:01) World’s Dumbest truTV Top Old couple. truTV Top: Funny Fails Walker Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne (:48) Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Queens Queens Cleveland Falls (HD) Queens King of Queens (HD) Raymond SVU: Penetration (HD) SVU: Gray (HD) SVU (HD) Royal Pains (N) (HD) Playing Playing Modern Modern (:03) Royal Pains (HD) Playing Playing Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Roseanne Roseanne Home Videos (HD) MLB Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (HD) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock



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Nightly News News (HD) News 19 @ Evening News 19 @ 6pm News (HD) 7pm News (HD) World News Wheel For(HD) tune (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) NatureScen

Entertain- 2014 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7 (If Necessary): New York Rangers at Los Angeles ment (N) Kings from Staples Center z{| (HD) Inside Edi- Hawaii Five-0: Pale’la Real Criminal Minds: Mr. & Mrs. CSI: Crime Scene Investition (N) estate agent. (HD) Anderson (HD) gation (HD) Jeopardy! (N) The Middle The Modern The Motive: Dead End Senior (HD) (HD) Goldbergs Family (HD) Goldbergs death. (N) (HD) P. McMillan Nature: Great Zebra Exodus NOVA: At the Edge of Space Hawking Physicist profiled. (N) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang So You Think You Can Dance: Auditions #4 (N) (HD) WACH FOX News at 10 Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) Nightly news report. Community Community Family Feud Family Feud Arrow: Crucible Clean up the The 100: Pilot Exiles test Law & Order: Criminal Intent (HD) (HD) (HD) city. (HD) Earth. (HD)

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(:35)Tonight Show Jimmy (:37) Late Night with Seth (:37)Carson Fallon (N) (HD) Meyers (HD) Daly News 19 @ Late Show with David Let- Late Late Show with Craig (:37) News 11pm terman (N) (HD) Ferguson (N) News (HD) Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:37)Night- (:07) Dr. Phil Life strategies. rity interviews (HD) line (HD) (HD) Tavis Smiley BBC World Charlie Rose (N) (HD) Nature: Great Zebra Exodus (HD) News (HD) 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond TMZ (N) Seinfeld (HD) (HD) (HD) King Hill Cleveland Law & Order: Criminal In- The Arsenio Hall Show tent: Dollhouse (HD) (HD) (HD) News

CABLE CHANNELS Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Big Smo Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (N) Big Smo Big Smo Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Hitman (‘07, Thriller) BBD Timothy Olyphant. (HD) Shooter (‘07, Thriller) BBB Mark Wahlberg. Sniper framed. (HD) (:01) Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (‘03) (HD) X2 (HD) Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) 106 & Park (HD) Set It Off (‘96, Action) BB Jada Pinkett Smith. Four women turn to crime. The Message (N) Message Wendy Williams (N) Queen Latifah (HD) New York New York New York New York: Reunion (N) Untying Untying Watch What New York: Reunion Housewives Untying Mad Money (N) Greed: Sholam Weiss Greed Greed Internet fraud. American Greed (N) Greed Greed A suicide note. Greed Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) Anthony: Las Vegas CNN Tonight Cooper 360° (HD) Anthony: Las Vegas CNN Tonight South Park Tosh (HD) Colbert Daily (HD) Key; Peele Key; Peele South Park South Park South Park South Park Daily (N) Colbert midnight South Park Daily (HD) Colbert Liv (HD) Liv (HD) Good Luck Jessie Blog Jessie I Didn’t Austin Jessie Good Luck Austin A.N.T. Life Is Ruff (‘05) Kid trains dog. (HD) On Deck Dual Survival (HD) Dual Survival (HD) Dual Survival (N) (HD) Dual Survival (N) (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Dual Survival (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Dual Survival (HD) 2014 FIFA World Cup: Croatia vs Cameroon NCAA College World Series: Game #9 z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) MLB Baseball: Los Angeles vs Cleveland z{| (HD) Baseball Tonight (HD) Olbermann (HD) World Cup Tonight (HD) ESPN FC Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Baby Daddy Cyberbully (‘11, Drama) BB Emily Osment. (HD) The 700 Club Baby Daddy Baby Daddy Melissa Melissa Diners Diners Restaurant (HD) Restaurant (HD) Restaurant (N) (HD) Restaurant (HD) Restaurant (HD) Restaurant (HD) Restaurant (HD) Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) Access Courtside Bull Riding no} WNBA Basketball: Washington vs Atlanta (HD) The Panel The Panel World Poker (HD) WNBA Basketball: Washington vs Atlanta (HD) Waltons: The Pursuit Waltons Waltons: The Move Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden Golden Golden Frasier Frasier Property Bro (HD) Property Bro (HD) Property Bro (HD) Property Bro (HD) Hunters Hunters Brother vs. Brother Property Bro (HD) Hunters Hunters Underwater Univ (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Numb3rs (HD) Fantasia Barrino Story (‘06) BD (HD) Madea’s Family Reunion (‘06) Tyler Perry. (HD) A Day Late and a Dollar Short (‘14) (HD) Madea’s Family Reunion (‘06) Tyler Perry. (HD) PoliticsNation (HD) Hardball (N) (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (N) Last Word (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (HD) Last Word (HD) Webheads Sam & Cat Thunderman Haunted Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends (:48) Friends Lopez Walking Tall (‘04, Action) Dwayne Johnson. (HD) Law Abiding Citizen (‘09, Crime) BBB Jamie Foxx. (HD) The Departed (‘06, Crime) BBBB Leonardo DiCaprio. Cops and mobsters. (HD) xXx (‘02, Action) Vin Diesel. Outlaw secret agent. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (‘08) BBB (HD) Contact (‘97, Science Fiction) BBB Jodie Foster. A signal from space. (HD) Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (HD) Holmes Conan (HD) Holmes Ten Days to Tulara (‘58) B Playhouse Sous les toits de Paris (‘07) (:45) À Nous la Liberté (‘31) BBBD Le Million (‘31, Comedy) Annabella. (:45) The Grand Maneuver (‘55) Gypsy Wedding (HD) 19 Kids 19 Kids 19 & Counting (HD) 19 & Counting (HD) 19 & Counting (HD) 19 & Counting (HD) 19 & Counting (HD) 19 & Counting (HD) Castle (HD) Castle (HD) Castle (HD) (:01) Castle (HD) Castle: Kill Shot (HD) Hawaii Five-0 (HD) (:03) Cold Justice (HD) (:03) Cold Justice (HD) Pawn Pawn S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach Pawn (N) Pawn Pawn Pawn S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach Walker Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Raymond Raymond Cleveland Falls (N) Cleveland Falls (HD) Queens Queens Cleveland Falls (HD) SVU: Totem (HD) SVU: Bang (HD) SVU (HD) Suits (N) (HD) (:01) Graceland (N) (HD) Modern Modern (:02) Suits (HD) (:03) Graceland (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) L.A. Hair Home Videos (HD) Hulk (‘03, Science Fiction) BB Eric Bana. A monster is born. Salem (HD) Salem (HD) Rules Rules Rules Rules


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Entertain- Hollywood Game Night (:01) Undate- Undateable Last Comic Standing (N) News Tonight Show Jimmy (:37) Late Night with Seth (:37)Carson ment (N) (HD) able (N) (HD) (N) (HD) (HD) Fallon Pitbull. (N) (HD) Meyers (HD) Daly Inside Edi- The Big Bang (:31) Mom (:01)2 1/2 The Millers (:01) Elementary: Corpse de News 19 @ (:35)Late Show with David Late Late Show with Craig (:37) News tion (N) (HD) (HD) Men (HD) (HD) Ballet (HD) 11pm Letterman (HD) Ferguson (N) Jeopardy! (N) Black Box: Kodachrome Rookie Blue: Blink; All by Her Selfie (N) (HD) News (HD) Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:37)Night- (:07) Dr. Phil Life strategies. (HD) Stray bullet. (N) (HD) rity interviews (HD) line (HD) (HD) Palmetto Masterpiece: Downton Ab- Masterpiece: Endeavour: Rocket A murder Antiques Tavis Smiley BBC World Charlie Rose (N) (HD) The This Old House Hour Scene (N) bey IV (HD) at a munitions factory. (HD) (HD) (HD) News (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang Hell’s Kitchen: 7 Chefs Gang Related: Invierno WACH FOX News at 10 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond TMZ (N) Seinfeld Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) Compete (N) (HD) Cayó (N) (HD) Nightly news report. (HD) (HD) (HD) Community Community Family Feud Family Feud The 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards House: Moving On Perfor- House: Twenty Vicodin The Arsenio Hall Show King Hill Cleveland (HD) (HD) Awards show for the best in television. (HD) mance artist. (HD) House is in jail. (HD) (HD) (HD) News

Nightly News News (HD) News 19 @ Evening News 19 @ 6pm News (HD) 7pm News (HD) World News Wheel For(HD) tune (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) Europe

CABLE CHANNELS The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (N) (HD) Beyond Scared (N) Beyond Scared (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) (5:00) Shooter (‘07, Thriller) Mark Wahlberg. (HD) Teen Wolf (‘85, Comedy) BBD Michael J. Fox. Back to School (‘86) Rodney Dangerfield. (HD) Halt Catch Fire (HD) Amer. Werewolf (‘97) Finding Bigfoot (HD) Country Justice (HD) North Woods Law (N) North Woods Law (N) American River (HD) North Wood (HD) American River (HD) Woods Law (HD) 106 & Park (N) (HD) The Best Man (‘99, Drama) BB Taye Diggs. Jumping the Broom (‘11, Comedy) BB Angela Bassett. Wendy Williams (N) Queen Latifah (HD) Medicine Medicine: Blind Date Medicine Wedding Wedding TBA Watch What Real Housewives New York: Reunion Housewives Mad Money (N) Greed Black investors. Greed: Loan Scam Greed Greed Greed Greed A radio host. Greed Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) The Sixties (N) Sixties Cooper 360° (HD) Sixties Sixties South Park Tosh (HD) Colbert Daily (HD) Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Larry the Cable Guy Roast (HD) Daily (N) Colbert midnight Tosh (HD) Daily (HD) Colbert Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Jessie Bolt (‘08) BBB John Travolta. (HD) Good Luck Jessie Mickey Austin A.N.T. Good Luck Good Luck On Deck On Deck Siberian Cut (HD) Body Found Extended Legend analyzed. Mount. Monsters (HD) Mount. Monsters (HD) Mount. Monsters (HD) Mount. Monsters (HD) Mermaids Extend 2014 FIFA World Cup: Greece at Japan (HD) NCAA College World Series: Game #10 z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) U.S. Open Golf (HD) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) World Cup Tonight (HD) Olbermann (HD) ESPN FC World Cup Encore (HD) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (HD) The Smurfs (‘11, Family) BBD Hank Azaria. The Fosters (HD) The 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Rewrapped Rewrapped Food Network (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped Canada (N) Food Court Wars (HD) Diners Diners Chopped Food Court Wars (HD) Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) FOX Sports Access UFC Reloaded: UFC 136: Edgar vs Maynard III no} (HD) West Coast Customs World Poker (HD) Bull Riding no} Car Warriors (HD) Waltons: The Tempest Waltons Family secret. Waltons: The Hot Rod Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden Golden Golden Frasier Frasier Love It or List It (HD) Hunters Hunters Addict Addict Upper Full house. Hunters Hunters Fixer Upper Upper Full house. Hunters Hunters Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars American American American American Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Ghost Whisperer (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Flashpoint (HD) Flashpoint (HD) Flashpoint (HD) Flashpoint (HD) The Perfect Holiday (‘07) Morris Chestnut. (HD) The Family That Preys (‘08, Drama) D Kathy Bates. (HD) Little Women: (HD) (:31) Betty The Family That Preys (‘08) D Kathy Bates. (HD) PoliticsNation (HD) Hardball (N) (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (N) Last Word (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (HD) Last Word (HD) Webheads Sam & Cat Thunderman Haunted Instant Dad Run Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends (:48) Friends Lopez Cops Jail (HD) Cops Cops Cops Cops Impact Wrestling (N) (HD) Countdown Cops Cops Cops Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Kingdom Crystal Skull (‘08) Harrison Ford. (HD) Defiance (N) Dominion: Pilot (N) (:23) Dominion: Pilot (:57) Defiance (:57) Continuum Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (HD) Holmes Conan (HD) Holmes If Winter Comes (‘47, Drama) Walter Pidgeon. Pillow Talk (‘59, Comedy) BBB Rock Hudson. Lover Come Back (‘61, Comedy) Rock Hudson. Send Me No Flowers (‘64) BBB September Honey Boo Honey Boo Honey Boo Honey Boo Here Comes (N) (HD) Honey Boo Boo (N) Kate Plus 8 (N) (HD) Honey Boo Boo (HD) Kate Plus 8 (HD) Here Comes (HD) Castle (HD) Castle (HD) Castle (HD) Castle: Pandora (HD) Castle: Linchpin (HD) (:01) Murder (HD) Perception: Paris (HD) (:01) Cold Justice (HD) Dumbest Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Carbonaro Carbonaro (:01) truTV Top Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Walker Brady Brady Brady Brady (:48) Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Queens Queens Queens Queens Raymond Loves Raymond (HD) Cleveland SVU: Annihilated (HD) SVU: Burned (HD) Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern SVU: Strain (HD) SVU: Raw (HD) L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair (N) L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair Marriage Boot Camp: Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock


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Nightly News News Entertain- Dateline NBC (N) (HD) (:01)Crossbones Kate is kid- News (:35) Tonight Show Jimmy (:37) Late Night with Seth (HD) ment (N) napped. (N) (HD) Fallon (HD) Meyers (HD) News 19 @ Evening News 19 @ Inside Edi- Undercover Boss: Hawaii Five-0: Hoku Blue Bloods: Bad Blood (HD) News 19 @ (:35)Late Show with David Late Late Show with Craig 6pm News (HD) 7pm tion (N) Menchie’s Froyo CEO. (HD) Welowelo (HD) 11pm Letterman (HD) Ferguson (N) News (HD) World News Wheel For- Jeopardy! (N) Jimmy NBA Count 2014 NBA Finals: Game 7 (If Necessary): Miami Heat at San Antonio News (HD) Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:07)Night(HD) tune (HD) (HD) Kimmel (N) (HD) Spurs from AT&T Center z{| rity interviews (HD) line (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) Best of Kingdom: Wash Wk (N) The Week Designing America Land- American Masters: Tanaquil LeClercq: Af- BBC World Charlie Rose (N) (HD) Wash Wk Making Mammals (HD) (N) (HD) scape architect. (N) ternoon of a Faun (N) (HD) News (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang MasterChef: Top 18 Com- 24: Live Another Day (HD) WACH FOX News at 10 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond TMZ (N) Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) pete (HD) Nightly news report. (HD) (HD) (HD) Community Community Family Feud Family Feud Whose Line? Whose Line? Hart of Dixie Masquerade Monk: Mr. Monk Goes Back Monk: Mr. Monk and the The Arsenio Hall Show King Hill (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) party. (HD) to School Airplane (HD) News

1:30 (:37)Carson Daly (:37) News (:37)Dr. Phil (HD) The Week (HD) Seinfeld Cleveland (HD)

CABLE CHANNELS Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) (5:30) Hannibal Rising (‘07) Gaspard Ulliel. (HD) Shutter Island (‘10, Thriller) Leonardo DiCaprio. Asylum secrets. (HD) Angels & Demons (‘09, Thriller) Tom Hanks. Mysterious symbols. (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) The Pool Master (N) Treehouse (N) (HD) The Pool Master (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) 106 & Park (N) (HD) Message Fat Albert (‘04, Family) BB Kenan Thompson. Message Outkast Like a Man ComicView Wendy Williams (HD) Queen Latifah (HD) (5:30) To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be Announced Programming information unavailable. To Be Announced Programming information unavailable. To Be Announced Mad Money (N) Greed Insider trading. Greed American Greed Cocaine Cowboys II Money Talks: Stripped Money: The Final Spin Money Situation Room (HD) Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) Sixties CNN Spot Unguarded Anthony: Thailand Anthony: Myanmar CNN Spot Unguarded South Park Tosh (HD) Colbert Daily (HD) Key; Peele Key; Peele Key; Peele Superbad (‘07, Comedy) Jonah Hill. A crazy beer run. (HD) Half Hour Half Hour A. Jeselnik (HD) Jessie Jessie Good Luck Jessie Jessie (N) Blog (N) Phineas and Ferb (N) I Didn’t Liv (HD) Jessie Austin Jessie A.N.T. A.N.T. Austin Deadliest Catch (HD) Siberian Cut (HD) Siberian Cut (HD) Siberian Cut (N) Chrome Under (N) Siberian: Civil War Chrome Under (HD) Siberian Cut (HD) 2014 FIFA World Cup: Ecuador vs Honduras NCAA College World Series: Game #12 z{| (HD) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) SportsCenter (HD) U.S. Open Golf (HD) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) World Cup Tonight (HD) Olbermann (HD) ESPN FC World Cup Encore (HD) Willy Wonka (‘71) (HD) The Smurfs (‘11, Family) BBD Hank Azaria. Monsters, Inc. (‘01) BBBD John Goodman. (HD) The 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Diners Diners Diners, Drive-Ins (HD) Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners, Drive-Ins (HD) Diners Diners Diners Diners Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) Driven Braves MLB Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals z{| (HD) Post Game Post Game Driven (HD) MLB Baseball: Atlanta vs Washington (HD) Waltons Waltons: The Pearls Waltons: The Victims Remember Sunday (‘13) Alexis Bledel. (HD) Golden Golden Golden Golden Frasier Frasier Property Property Hunters Hunters Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It (HD) Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Love It or List It (HD) Hunters Hunters Freemasons (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) Ghost Whisperer (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case: Honor (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Swap No schooling. Wife Swap (HD) Wife Swap (HD) Wife Swap (HD) Little Women: (HD) To Be Announced (:02) Wife Swap (HD) (:02) Wife Swap (HD) PoliticsNation (HD) Hardball (N) (HD) Chris Hayes (HD) Rachel Maddow (N) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Webheads Sam & Cat Movie Sponge Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends (:48) Friends Lopez My Cousin Coming to America (‘88, Comedy) BBB Eddie Murphy. (HD) Trading Places (‘83, Comedy) BBB Dan Aykroyd. (HD) Eddie Murphy: Raw (‘87) Samuel L. Jackson. Police Defiance Dominion: Pilot WWE SmackDown (HD) Continuum (N) Dominion: Pilot Continuum Defiance Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Funniest Wins (HD) Funniest Wins (HD) The Nutty Professor (‘96) BBD Eddie Murphy. Sherlock Holmes (‘70) MGM Parade Show Against All Flags (‘52) BBD Captain Blood (‘35, Adventure) BBBD Errol Flynn. The Sea Hawk (‘40, Adventure) Errol Flynn. English pirate. Four Weddings (HD) Four Weddings (HD) Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Gown (N) Gown Atlanta Atlanta Gown Gown Atlanta Atlanta Cold Justice (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Cold Justice (N) (HD) From Paris with Love (‘10) John Travolta. (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Falling Skies (HD) Top 20 Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Walker Gilligan’s Gilligan’s Gilligan’s Gilligan’s (:48) Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Queens Queens Queens Queens Raymond Raymond Raymond Falls (HD) NCIS: Phoenix (HD) Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Playing Playing (:02) Royal Pains (HD) (:03) Inside Man (‘06) Marriage: The Ambush Marriage: Ring of Fire Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot (N) Millionaire (N) Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot Camp: Mystery MLB Baseball (HD) Home Videos (HD) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock



HIGHLIGHTS Shooter 8:00 p.m. on AMC An elite Marine sniper is lured out of retirement in order to prevent the assassination of the president, but he soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he is framed and hunted down for the murder of an Ethiopian dignitary. (HD) Suits 9:00 p.m. on USA Harvey and Mike find themselves on opposing sides of a takeover battle that threatens to turn into a major fight, a fight that’s made more complex by Rachel’s relationship with Mike; Louis is partnered with recent SEC defector Jeff Malone. (HD) Duck Dynasty 10:00 p.m. on A&E When Jase decides to take Reed frog hunting the night before his graduation, Willie and Si want to join in, but Jase is worried about the advice the two may give Reed; Korie, Jep, Jessica and Kay pull a prank on Missy and Jase’s house. (HD) Motive Detective Flynn’s 10:00 p.m. (Kristin Lehman) on WOLO aggressive apDetectives Flynn proach to a high and Vega investischool homicide gate a promising doesn’t sit well high school with Vega on senior’s death, but WOLO’s “MoFlynn’s aggressive tive,” airing approach to the Wednesday at case doesn’t sit well with Vega; 10 p.m. Detective Lucas and Officer Sung’s relationship starts to take a personal turn. (HD) Graceland 10:01 p.m. on USA Paige pursues a drug producer, however she needs extra resources that are solid to close the case; Briggs digs up an old criminal connection to his dark past in order to assist Mike in getting information on the cartel that attempted to kill him. (HD)

HIGHLIGHTS Teen Wolf 8:00 p.m. on AMC A teenage boy learns that he is a werewolf and tries to keep it a secret until he helps his basketball team win games and discovers that his notoriety makes him attractive to the girl of his dreams, but his popularity comes at a steep price. Black Box 8:00 p.m. on WOLO When a journalist comes in after being hit by a bullet in Syria, Dr. Bickman and Dr. Black attempt to remove it without help from modern technology; Catherine tries to find a cure for a make-up artist who suffered a stroke making him color blind. (HD) Gang Related 9:00 p.m. on WACH Carlos decides to do things his own way when he taints the meth shipment of a rival gang in the hopes of driving business toward the Los Angelicos’ fishscale, but his plan has troubling consequences for his family and the Gang Task Force. (HD) Undateable 9:01 p.m. on WIS Justin goes to Danny for help after his girlfriend, Nicki, starts trying to take their sex life to the next level, so Danny decides that it is time for him to teach Justin one of his top secret tips that he guarantees will drive her wild. (HD) Last Comic Wanda Sykes Standing mentors the 10:00 p.m. on WIS hopeful comics During the last during the last round of the semiround of the finals, Wanda Sykes semi-finals of and Amy Schumer “Last Comic stick around to Standing,” airmentor the remaining Thursday at ing hopeful comics, 10 p.m. on WIS. and 14 more semifinalists take the stage, hoping their sets will earn them a place in the top 10. (HD)

HIGHLIGHTS Against All Flags 8:00 p.m. on TCM Set in 1700, a British officer is commissioned to infiltrate the pirates of Madagascar in an attempt to put an end to their obstruction of India trade, but a beautiful pirate captain and a young princess distract him from the operation. Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America 9:00 p.m. on WRJA A look is taken at the work of American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, whose role in creating Central Park, the U.S. Capitol Grounds and Boston’s “Emerald Necklace” helped make public parks a vital part of life in urban America. Superbad 9:30 p.m. on COM A trio of nerdy high school outcasts contend with dubious drivers, slacker cops and the wrong parties as they endeavor to obtain liquor for a party in a last-ditch effort to impress their would-be girlfriends before they leave for college. (HD) Captain Blood 9:30 p.m. on TCM After being unjustly deported to Jamaica for treating a wounded anti-crown rebel, a renowned Irish doctor escapes his life of slavery to join forces with a French buccaneer and becomes a freedom fighter on the high seas. To keep the isCrossbones land’s location 10:01 p.m. on WIS a secret from Blackbeard and Jagger (Julian Lowe must work Sands), Blacktogether on a resbeard works cue mission to save with Lowe on Kate from those “Crossbones,” who kidnapped her, airing Friday at before she reveals 10:01 p.m. on the location of the island; Lowe gains WIS. a personal understanding of Blackbeard’s motive to keep him on Santa Compana. (HD)




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014



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(7:00) Today Weekend (HD) Recipe 15 Minute Rehab (HD) (HD) Good Morning America Weekend (N) (HD) Sewing Quilt

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Noodle and Justin Time Tree Fu Tom Doodle News 19 Saturday Morning Countdown Ocean (HD) Explore (HD) Sea Rescue Wildlife Expedition (HD) (HD) (HD) The This Old House Hour Rough Cut Smith Shop P. Allen Victory Gar(HD) den (N) Big World Real Life 101 Teen Kids Winning Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid ProNews Edge gram gram gram gram Sonic X Ille- Bolts: Trump Spider-Man Unlimited: DBZ Kai Fusion Yu Gi Oh Part Yu-Gi-Oh! gal dam. Card (HD) Elegy two.


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World of Adventure Polo no~ (HD) 2014 U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championship: Third Round: from Pinehurst Resort in Sports (HD) Pinehurst, N.C. z{| (HD) Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Griffith Paid Pro- CBS Sports Spectacular PGA TOUR Golf: Travelers Championship: Third Round: from TPC River Highlands in gram gram gram no} (HD) Cromwell, Conn. z{| (HD) Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Castle: The Squab and the Paid Pro- (:45) NASCAR Nationwide Series: Gardner Denver 200: from Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wis. gram gram Quail (HD) gram z{| (HD) Cook’s (HD) Kitchen (HD) Master Simply Ming Test Kitchen Cooking Martha Meals A Chef’s Life Your Home The This Old House Hour Chefs (HD) (N) (N) School (N) Bakes (N) (HD) (HD) Paid Pro- Paid Pro- The Princess and the Frog (‘09, Comedy) Anika Noni Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Glee: Sadie Hawkins (HD) The Big The Big gram gram Rose. Girl, gator & firefly aid frog-prince. gram gram Bang (HD) Bang (HD) Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- McKenzie Real Green MyDestina- Sanctuary: Bank Job Fake Paid Pro- Cars.TV American LatiNation gram gram gram (HD) tion.TV robbery. gram



CABLE CHANNELS Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Flipping Vegas (HD) 60 Seconds to Sell (N) Flipping Vegas (HD) Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Big Smo Big Smo Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman The War Wagon (‘67, Western) BBB John Wayne. Cahill: US Marshal (‘73, Western) BB John Wayne. Seraphim Falls (‘07, Drama) BBD Liam Neeson. (HD) Shutter Island (HD) Dogs 101 (HD) Sloths Sloths Sloths Sloths (N) To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced The Message (HD) The Message (HD) Message Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Held Up (‘99, Comedy) Jamie Foxx. The People’s Couch Untying Housewives Housewives Housewife Housewife Real Housewives New York New York New York: Reunion TBA Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid (6:00) New Day Sat. Smerconish CNN Newsroom Saturday The latest worldwide news and updates. Your (N) CNN Newsroom Saturday News and updates. Sanjay CNN Newsroom Presents Patton Oswalt (HD) Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Bubble Boy (‘01, Comedy) Jake Gyllenhaal. (HD) (:58) National Lampoon’s Animal House (‘78) Disney’s Mickey (HD) Lucky Duck Doc Mc Jessie I Didn’t Blog Liv (HD) Phineas & Ferb (HD) Austin Austin Austin Austin Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Liv (HD) Liv (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Dual Survival (HD) Dual Survival (HD) Siberian Cut (HD) Siberian Cut (HD) Deadliest Catch (HD) Deadliest Catch (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group F: Iran at Argentina (HD) Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group G: Ghana at Germany (HD) Sports World Cup 2014 FIFA World Cup: Costa Rica at Italy (HD) World Cup Tonight (HD) NASCAR Nationwide Qual. (HD) WS of Poker (HD) WS of Poker (HD) NCAA College World Series: Game #13 (If Necessary) z{| (HD) Ninja Turtles 3 BB (HD) Teenage Mutant Ninja II (‘91) Paige Turco. (HD) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (‘90) BBB (HD) The Haunted Mansion (‘03) Eddie Murphy. (HD) Alice in Wonderland (‘10) Johnny Depp. (HD) Monsters, Inc. (HD) Best Thing Best Thing Trisha’s Pioneer Pioneer Farmhouse The Kitchen (N) Food Network (HD) Rewrapped Rewrapped Restaurant (HD) Diners Man Fire Guy’s: Free Samples Cutthroat FOX & Friends (HD) FOX & Friends (HD) Bulls (HD) Cavuto Forbes Cashin In News HQ (DC) (HD) America’s HQ (HD) Respected America’s News HQ (HD) Carol Alt News HQ The Five (HD) Paid Outdoors Paid Paid Ship Shape Anglers PowerShares Tennis Series: Kansas City World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) Golden Boy Live: from Las Vegas no} (HD) The Panel The Panel Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Jungle 2 Jungle (‘97, Comedy) BBD Tim Allen. (HD) Doctor Dolittle (‘98) BB Eddie Murphy. (HD) Mom’s Day Away (HD) Bath Crash Bath Crash Bath Crash Bath Crash Love It Love It Love It: Empty Nesters Love It or List It (HD) Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Bleeped Brain (HD) Bleeped Brain (HD) Bleeped Brain (HD) Bleeped Brain (HD) Modern Marvels (HD) Modern Marvels (HD) Modern Marvels (HD) 101 Inventions That Changed the World (HD) 101 Fast Foods Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Oyakhilome Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Devious Maids (HD) The Pregnancy Pact (‘10) BB Thora Birch. (HD) The Pregnancy Project (‘12) Alexa Vega. (HD) Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (‘13) BBD (HD) Up w/ Steve Kornacki Pundit panel. (HD) Melissa Harris-Perry Political talk. (N) (HD) Weekends with Alex Witt (HD) MSNBC Live Live news. (HD) Karen Finney (HD) Caught (HD) Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sanjay Breadwinne Breadwinne Megaforce Sponge Sponge Sanjay Fairly Fairly Fairly Fairly Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Paid Paid Coming to America (‘88, Comedy) BBB Eddie Murphy. (HD) Trading Places (‘83, Comedy) BBB Dan Aykroyd. (HD) Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Paid Paid Dominion: Pilot Children of the Corn (‘09) David Anders. (HD) My Soul to Take (‘10, Horror) Max Thieriot. (HD) Let Me In (‘10, Horror) Kodi Smit-McPhee. Vampire aids boy. The Uninvited (‘09) BBD Payne Browns There Yet? Queens Queens Queens The Nutty Professor (‘96) BBD Eddie Murphy. Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (‘00) BD Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Mile Reef Road to Bali (‘52) BBD Bing Crosby. Carson Topper (‘37) Constance Bennett. (:15) Bitter Creek (‘54) BBD Bill Elliott. (:45) Ocean’s Eleven (‘60, Drama) BBD Frank Sinatra. Bullitt (‘68, Action) BBB Steve McQueen. Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Lottery Changed (HD) Lottery Changed (HD) Lottery Changed (HD) Lottery (HD) Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Major Crimes (HD) Murder (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (‘04) (HD) Librarian: Solomon’s Mine (‘06) BB (HD) Librarian Curse (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Top 20 Snapping turtle. Top 20 Gun safety. Top 20 Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest Carbonaro Carbonaro Nanny Nanny Brady Brady Brady (:48) Brady Brady Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby: Gone Fishin’ Cosby Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Paid Paid Playing Playing Royal Pains (HD) Suits (HD) NCIS: L. A. (HD) NCIS: L. A. (HD) NCIS: L. A.: Purity (HD) NCIS: L. A. (HD) NCIS: L. A. (HD) NCIS: L. A. (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Paid Paid Matlock: The Star Matlock: The Con Man Heat of Night (HD) Heat of Night (HD) Home Vid White Sox MLB Baseball: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins z{| (HD) Law & Order (HD)



Meet the Fockers 8:00 p.m. on AMC A man reluctantly brings his fiancée and his future in-laws, including her ex-CIA father, down to Florida to meet his eccentric, free-spirited parents, but he soon finds there may be no way for the two clans to get along. (HD) The Assets 9:00 p.m. on WOLO Yurchenko’s disclosure prompts the CIA and FBI to mobilize in bringing in Edward Lee Howard, but Sandy feels that there still is a chance the agency has leaks and tries to prove that her asset, General Polyakov, is trying to contact the agency. (HD) Finding Nemo 9:05 p.m. on FAM After his son is captured by a scuba diver, an overprotective clownfish and his forgetful friend leave their coral-reef home and set off across the ocean to rescue him from a fish tank in a dentist’s office in Sydney, Australia. (HD) America’s Cutest 10:00 p.m. on ANPL The good and bad behavior and furry faces of America’s cutest cats are caught on tape and presented from cyber space to showcase remarkable and adorable cats, such as a cat who is master of the shell game and a surf-boarding Donna Horwitz, feline. (HD) the ex-wife of 48 Hours one-time million10:00 p.m. aire Lanny Horon WLTX Peter Van Sant witz, is shown to investigates the be a prime susmurder of abducted pect in his shootteen Nicole Pietz, ing death on “48 and her mother Hours,” airing Gael Schneider’s Saturday at unending campaign 10 p.m. on WLTX. to wage psychological warfare on her daughter’s alleged killer, along with the arrest of her father six years later.. (HD)

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News (HD) Entertainment Tonight (N) Dateline Saturday Night Mystery (N) (HD) (HD) News 19 @ CBS Evening Inside Edi- Paid Pro- Blue Bloods: Ends & Means 48 Hours In-depth investi6pm (HD) tion (N) gram (HD) gative reports. World News Paid Pro- Wheel For- Jeopardy! Bet on Your Baby (N) (HD) The Assets: Trip to Vienna (HD) gram tune (HD) (HD) (N) (HD) The Lawrence Welk Show: Moone Boy Spy (HD) Father Brown: The Wrong Doc Martin: Aromatherapy Summer Sounds (HD) Shape (HD) Local radio host. Modern Modern MLB Baseball: Regional Coverage-Teams TBA z{| (HD) Family (HD) Family (HD) The Office The Office Community Community First Family First Family Mr. Box Of- Mr. Box Of(HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) fice (HD) fice (HD)

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(:29) Saturday Night Live Seth Rogan. Criminal Minds: Nameless, (HD) Faceless (HD) News 19 @ (:35) CSI: Miami: The (:35)Paid Entertainers with Byron 11pm DeLuca Motel (HD) Program Allen Matt Damon. News (HD) White Collar: As You Were Burn Notice: Hard Bargain Red Carpet (HD) (HD) (N) (HD) Jammin Sun Studio Austin City Limits Debut; Nature: Great Zebra Exodus NOVA: At the Edge of Space “Scandalous.” (HD) (HD) (HD) News The Middle Lucas Bros The Insatia- Ring of Honor Wrestling The Closer: ‘Til Death Do Us, (HD) (HD) ble (HD) (N) (HD) Part 2 (HD) Access Hollywood (N) (HD) The Arsenio Hall Show Futurama Futurama Always Always (HD) Sunny (HD) Sunny (HD) The Blacklist: The Cyprus Agency (#64) (HD) 48 Hours: Relentless Abducted teen. Nightline Prime (HD)


CABLE CHANNELS Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Shutter Island (‘10) Leonardo DiCaprio. (HD) Meet the Fockers (‘04, Comedy) BBD Robert De Niro. (HD) Get Smart (‘08, Comedy) Steve Carell. Spies fight crime. (HD) Jerry Maguire (HD) To Be Announced Cat From Hell (HD) My Cat from Hell (N) Too Cute! (N) (HD) America’s Cutest (N) My Cat from Hell (HD) Too Cute! (HD) America’s Cutest (HD) (4:30) Held Up (‘99) BD Act Like You Love Me (‘13, Comedy) BBD Essence Atkins. Why Did I Get Married? (‘07, Comedy) BD Tyler Perry. A sobering reunion. Phat Girlz (‘06, Comedy) Mo’Nique. (5:30) To Be Announced Info unavailable. Scary Movie 2 (‘01, Comedy) BD Shawn Wayans. Scary Movie 2 (‘01, Comedy) BD Shawn Wayans. To Be Announced Info unavailable. Paid Paid Coca-Cola Super Rich Super Rich Suze Orman Show (N) Greed Greed Suze Orman Greed (5:00) CNN Newsroom Sixties Sixties Anthony: Thailand Anthony: Myanmar Sixties Anthony: Thailand Anthony: Myanmar House (:29) Half Baked (‘98, Comedy) Dave Chappelle. Superbad (‘07, Comedy) Jonah Hill. A crazy beer run. (HD) Project X (‘12, Comedy) BBD Thomas Mann. Project X (‘12) BBD Blog Blog I Didn’t I Didn’t Jessie Jessie Blog Blog Lab Rats Mighty Med Austin A.N.T. Good Luck Austin Jessie A.N.T. Deadliest Catch (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) The Pool Master (HD) Treehouse (HD) The Pool Master (HD) Treehouse (HD) 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group F z{| (HD) NCAA College World Series: Game #14 (If Necessary) z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) NHRA Qualifying (HD) SportsCenter (HD) World Cup Tonight (HD) ESPN FC World Cup Encore (HD) Baseball Tonight (HD) Monsters, Inc. (HD) Up (‘09, Comedy) Ed Asner. A flying house. (HD) (:05) Finding Nemo (‘03, Family) BBBD Albert Brooks. (HD) Holes (‘03, Drama) Henry Winkler. Wrongly convicted. (HD) Chopped (HD) Diners Diners Chopped (HD) Cutthroat Diners, Drive-Ins (N) Diners, Drive-Ins (HD) Cutthroat Diners, Drive-Ins (HD) America’s HQ (HD) Report Saturday (HD) Huckabee (N) (HD) Justice (N) (HD) Geraldo at Large (HD) Red Eye (HD) Huckabee (HD) Justice (HD) Game 365 A Piece PowerShares Tennis Series: Kansas City Bull Riding no} Golden Boy Live: from Las Vegas no} (HD) UFC Unleashed (HD) West Coast Customs Mom’s Day Away (HD) How to Fall in Love (‘12) BBB Eric Mabius. (HD) The Lost Valentine (‘11) (HD) Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Property Bro (HD) Property Bro (HD) House Hunters (N) Hunters Hunters Property Bro (HD) House Hunters (5:00) 101 Fast Foods Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) psych The Mentor (‘14, Drama) Jes Macallan. (HD) Stolen From the Womb (‘14) (HD) The Surrogacy Trap (‘12) Shady surrogate. (HD) (:02) Stolen From the Womb (‘14) (HD) Caught (HD) Caught (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Lockup (HD) Thunderman Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat iCarly (HD) Sam & Cat Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends (:48) Friends Lopez Cops Cops Cops Cops Glory Kickboxing (N) (HD) (:15) Cops (:26) Cops Cops Cops Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Jail (HD) The Uninvited (‘09) BBD Scarecrow (‘13, Horror) Lacey Chabert. Halloween II (‘09, Horror) BB Sheri Moon Zombie. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (‘98) BB (HD) Horror Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Funniest Wins (HD) Bring It On (‘00, Comedy) BBD Kirsten Dunst. Key Largo (‘48, Drama) BBBD Humphrey Bogart. I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (‘68) Peter Sellers. Georgy Girl (‘66, Comedy) BBBD Lynn Redgrave. Blow-Up (‘66, Drama) BBBD Vanessa Redgrave. Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Sex Sent Me to (N) Sex Sent Me (N) (HD) Strange Strange Sex Sent Me (HD) Strange Strange Sex Sent Me to (HD) Librarian Curse (HD) 2012 (‘09, Drama) BBD John Cusack. Global disaster. (HD) (:02) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (‘11) BBB (HD) (:34) Falling Skies (HD) Falling S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach Who’s Boss (:49) Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Who’s Boss Queens King of Queens (HD) Queens Queens Raymond Loves Raymond (HD) NCIS: L. A. (HD) Philadelphia (‘93, Drama) Tom Hanks. AIDS victim’s fight. (:22) Fast Five (‘11, Action) BBB Vin Diesel. Ex-cop and ex-con. The Mechanic (‘11, Action) BBB Jason Statham. Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Rules Rules Rules Rules Bones (HD) Bones (HD) Rules Rules Rules Rules



The Adjustment Bureau. aaa ‘11 Matt Damon. Shocked politician learns of shadowy organization coordinating everyone’s lives. PG-13 (2:00) USA Thu. 8:00 a.m.


The Blind Side. aaac ‘09 Sandra Bullock. A family takes a poor youth into their home, and he becomes a football star. PG-13 (3:00) FAM Sun. 8:00 p.m. Brute Force. aaac ‘47 Burt Lancaster. An inmate makes plans to escape a brutal prison and its sadistic chief guard. NR (1:45) TCM Wed. 6:45 a.m.


Captain Blood. aaac ‘35 Errol Flynn. An Irish doctor, who has been sentenced to a life of slavery, becomes a pirate. NR (2:15) TCM Fri. 9:30 p.m. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. aaaa ‘68 Dick Van Dyke. A crackpot inventor endows a wrecked car with amazing abilities. G (2:30) TCM Mon. 5:30 p.m.

ACROSS 1. Don Stark’s role on “That ’70s Show” 4. “__ Brother” 7. Mom on “Little People, Big World” 10. __ Thurman 11. Ending for ball or bass 12. Actor Jason 13. __ __, Jr.; actor on “Happy Endings” 16. Dories and dinghies 17. Day, for one 20. “The Big __”; film for Bogart and Bacall 24. Hilda’s portrayer on “Ugly Betty” 25. Coach Parseghian 26. Fargo or Reed 29. Actor Bostwick 31. Woodwind instruments 33. Actress on “Suburgatory” (2) 39. “__ to Train Your Dragon” 40. “City by the __”; 2002 Robert De Niro film

9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 12 AM 12:30 LOCAL CHANNELS

41. Historical period 42. Suffix for favor or graph 43. Former Soviet div. 44. Clinton or Carter: abbr. DOWN 1. Labyorteaux’s role on “JAG” 2. Tumor’s ending 3. Word from Emeril 4. Cher, once, and Sonny 5. 2005 Matt Farnsworth/John Savage movie 6. Pesky insects 7. Jim Nabors’ state of birth: abbr. 8. Word in the title of Ashton Kutcher’s series 9. “__, Dear” 14. Geisha’s accessory 15. Fashion designer’s monogram 17. “American __!” 18. Most famous bride of 1969

19. “He __ All the Way”; 1951 John Garfield film 21. “Sweet Nothing in My __”; 2008 TV movie 22. Goof 23. “__ It Forward”; 2000 Kevin Spacey film 27. Conjunction 28. “The __”; 1989 Ed Harris sci-fi movie 29. Joy, for one 30. “I’m Dancing as Fast __ __ Can”; Jill Clayburgh film 32. Vaudevillian Olsen and others 33. __ McBride 34. “__ Tub Time Machine”; John Cusack movie 35. Lamb bearer 36. “__ and Stacey” 37. Before, in poetry 38. Role on “Cheers”


Dark Victory. aaac ‘39 Bette Davis. A wealthy Long Island heiress learns she only has a few months to live. NR (2:00) TCM Tue. 2:30 a.m. The Departed. aaaa ‘06 Leonardo DiCaprio. An undercover cop discovers that a mobster is working as a police officer. R (3:30) SPIKE Wed. 10:30 p.m.


55 Days at Peking. aaa ‘63 Charlton Heston. British soldiers are caught in utter chaos during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion. NR (2:45) TCM Mon. 2:45 p.m. Finding Nemo. aaac ‘03 Albert Brooks. A clownfish sets off to find his son, who has been captured by a diver. G (1:45) DISN Sun. 8:00 p.m., Mon. 5:15 p.m. FAM Sat. 9:05 p.m.


Georgy Girl. aaac ‘66 Lynn Redgrave. A plain woman is pursued by a rich older man and her roommate’s boyfriend. NR (2:00) TCM Sat. 10:00 p.m. Glory. aaac ‘89 Matthew Broderick. An inexperienced Union officer commands an all-black unit during the Civil War. R (2:45) AMC Mon. 11:15 a.m.


The Hangover. aaac ‘09 Bradley Cooper. Amnesiac friends try to piece together a wild night spent in Las Vegas. R (2:15) TBS Sun. 8:00 p.m. Harper. aaa ‘66 Paul Newman. In California, a private eye searches for a wealthy woman’s missing husband. NR (2:15) TCM Fri. 2:45 p.m.


I Love You, Man. aaa ‘09 Paul Rudd. A fiancé goes on a few “man dates” to secure a best man for his wedding. R (2:15) TBS Sun. 12:15 a.m. Inside Man. aaac ‘06 Denzel Washington. A bank robber’s attempt at the perfect heist becomes a hostage situation. R (2:30) USA Fri. 1:03 a.m.


Key Largo. aaac ‘48 Humphrey Bogart. Mobsters take captives in a hotel in the Florida Keys during a hurricane. NR (2:00) TCM Sat. 6:00 p.m.


Laura. aaac ‘44 Gene Tierney. A detective becomes obsessed with a beautiful murder victim. NR (1:30) TCM Fri. 11:30 a.m. Life with Father. aaac ‘47 William Powell. A kind, eccentric man raises his son in New York City in the early 1900s. NR (2:15) TCM Sun. 1:30 p.m.


The Maltese Falcon. aaac ‘41 Humphrey Bogart. A detective becomes involved in a desperate search for a priceless statue. NR (1:45) TCM Fri. 7:45 a.m. Monsters, Inc.. aaac ‘01 John Goodman. A city of monsters is thrown into a panic by a little girl’s arrival. G (2:00) FAM Fri. 9:00 p.m., Sat. 5:00 p.m.


Night Must Fall. aaa ‘37 Robert Montgomery. A psychopath uses his boyish charm to weasel his way into an invalid’s life. NR (2:00) TCM Thu. 8:00 a.m. 9. aaa ‘09 Elijah Wood. In a world without humans, a doll leads others in a revolt against machines. PG-13 (1:54) USA Mon. 2:06 a.m.


Philadelphia. aaac ‘93 Tom Hanks. A lawyer’s battle with AIDS goes public when he is fired for trumped up reasons. PG-13 (2:22) USA Sat. 7:00 p.m. Purple Noon. aaac ‘60 Alain Delon. A wealthy man hires an assistant to find his playboy son in Europe. PG-13 (2:00) TCM Sun. 2:00 a.m.


Random Harvest. aaa ‘42 Ronald Colman. An amnesia victim falls in love and builds a life for himself in the country. NR (2:15) TCM Tue. 8:00 p.m.


The Sea Hawk. aaaa ‘40 Errol Flynn. An English pirate plunders Spanish ships un-

til he is captured and imprisoned. NR (2:15) TCM Fri. 11:45 p.m. Shutter Island. aaac ‘10 Leonardo DiCaprio. A U.S. Marshal searches an insane asylum on a remote island for an inmate. R (3:00) AMC Sun. 7:00 p.m., 12:00 a.m., Fri. 8:00 p.m., Sat. 5:00 p.m.


The Thin Man. aaac ‘34 William Powell. A retired detective and his wife are hired to investigate a missing person case. NR (1:45) TCM Fri. 6:00 a.m. Topper. aaac ‘37 Constance Bennett. Two fun-loving ghosts liven up their stuffy friend, but his wife isn’t pleased. NR (1:45) TCM Sat. 10:30 a.m.


Up. aaac ‘09 Ed Asner. An elderly widower flies his house to South America to fulfill a lifelong dream. PG (2:05) FAM Sat. 7:00 p.m.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. aaac ‘71 Gene Wilder. A poor boy wins a golden ticket that entitles him to tour a chocolate factory. G (2:00) FAM Thu. 6:00 p.m., Fri. 5:00 p.m. Witness for the Prosecution. aaac ‘58 Marlene Dietrich. An ill barrister defends a young man accused of murdering a wealthy widow. NR (2:15) TCM Tue. 12:15 a.m.


The Yearling. aaa ‘46 Gregory Peck. An impoverished boy comes to rely on the companionship of an orphaned deer. NR (2:15) TCM Sun. 8:00 p.m.




SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014





SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014



June 15, 2014  
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