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Northern Ireland – How We Can Help 1


Primary, Secondary and University Education Transformational Schools Cross-Community Programs


Our young years leave indelible impressions. So it is with 331,000 children and young people who are school-going students in Northern Ireland. 4

Working with teachers and community groups the Partnership provides funding for various educational experiences both in and out of school. This is targeted efficient funding with proven results.



Please join us. Select your own school or program. The impact of Irish American interest and assistance is sincerely appreciated in Northern Ireland.

The Irish American Partnership Northern Ireland Grants 2012 Dublin City University Northern Ireland Access Program

For underprivileged Northern Ireland young people, university eligible, but without resources to come to Dublin City University to earn their four year college degrees.

The Glengormley Integrated Primary School


A fast growing Transformational school educating both Protestant and Catholic children.

Coláiste Feirste


An Irish speaking high school with 500+ students located just off the Falls Road. Partnership funds are used to strengthen the school library and provide English grammar and English literature reading materials.

The David Ervine Foundation 7



Commemorating David Ervine’s tireless work for peace and reconciliation, the foundation strives to enable Northern Ireland disadvantaged children and young people to reach their full potential.



The Pushkin Trust


Founded by the Duchess of Abercorn, the Trust is focused upon stimulating creativity in Northern Ireland children and their teachers.

Ulster American Folk Park 10

11 In Boston, Baroness May Blood received a grant of $10,000 from the Partnership’s Boston Leadership Group. The grant will be used to support the Transformational School, Glengormley, and their diverse student population.

Four Northern Ireland Schools Supported by The Irish American Partnership 1. Glengormely Integrated Primary School 2. Tullycarnet Primary School 3. Glengormely Integrated Primary School 4. Tullycarnet Primary School 5. Coláiste Feirste 6. Coláiste Feirste 7. Glengormely Integrated Primary School 8. The Avoniel Primary School — Titanic reenactment 9. Glengormely Integrated Primary School 10. Coláiste Feirste 11. Tullycarnet Primary School 12. The Avoniel Primary School — Titanic reenactment 13. Glengormely Integrated Primary School 14. The Avoniel Primary School 15. Tullycarnet Primary School



A large theme park near Omagh commemorating the famous Thomas Mellon’s journey to America. Dedicated to teaching young people about the early immigrant experience. The Partnership has been associated with the Ulster American Folk Park for over 20 years.

The Avoniel Primary School, East Belfast $2,500 For special remedial reading support


Tullycarnet Primary School, East Belfast


For general support

St. Mary's Primary School, Armagh


For library books


For further information, please visit our website at or the individual program/school websites


THE IRISH AMERICAN PARTNERSHIP 33 Broad Street - Boston, MA 02109 - (617) 723-2707 - -

Photos taken in April 2012 Students at Glengormley reading library books received through support by Partnership member donors.

2012 Northern Ireland Brochure  

2012 Northern Ireland Brochure

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