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Welcome to the Winter issue of Retail Beauty! First, I want to start by extending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported the cancer support charity Look Good Feel Better in May. Almost 500 guests from the cosmetic and fragrance industries, along with their partners in retailing, media, publishing, and supply, gathered for the annual Dream Ball and collectively raised more than $320,000. This vital funding will allow 3,200 cancer patients across the country to access the Look Good Feel Better program over the coming year.

Retail Beauty publisher Nicci Herrera and I had the delightful fortune of hosting two tables this year. We especially want to thank those who supported us, including Jessica Yue from Polaris Media, Margaret Khoury and Erica Moore from Fragrances of the World, Kirsty Alexandrou and Dr. Garry Cussell and their partners from Rejuvaus (featured on our cover this issue), Martine Cooper from Healthy Life, Talea and Emily from Work It Spaces, Fiona Mendonca from Group48, and Ginella Postaj from Ginella Beauty. It was a glamorous night with everyone dressed to the nines, bidding, drinking, and dancing the night away. More on page 70.

We are already counting down the days until next year’s Dream Ball!

This issue is brimming with excitement and inspiration. We proudly celebrate the winners of the Naturally Good Awards. Nicci and myself had the pleasure of presenting two awards at this year’s event, and Nicci orchestrated an engaging breakfast panel at this year’s expo. Under her skilled moderation, the panel delved into the pressing topic: “Hold on to and gain more of your retail space.” Thanks so much to Danielle Hill from Myer Melbourne, Hannah Jackson from Direct Chemist Outlet, Martine Cooper from Healthylife and Nathan Tindall from Point Retail for sharing all of your expert insights. See more on page 26.

It was fantastic to see so many beauty brands backing the local fashion industry by partnering with designers at Australian Fashion Week, presented by Pandora. The backstage looks were nothing short of breathtaking before hitting the runway. Weleda and MAKE UP FOR EVER were both present, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Charmaine Pichler, Managing Director of Weleda, who shares her inspiring vision and commitment to natural beauty on page 24. Meanwhile, Gary Davey, Brand General Manager of

MAKE UP FOR EVER, Australia and New Zealand, reveals his incredible journey on page 38.

If ever there were comeback stories to be celebrated, they are those of Poppy King and Jo Malone, who have both experienced the highs and lows of being true entrepreneurs. Read more about their inspiring stories and their latest ventures on pages 42 and 54, respectively.

This issue is jam-packed with features, expert insights, and the latest industry news. From winter skin care tips to fragrance trends, there’s something for everyone. Dive into our vibrant pages and let them warm your heart and soul this winter.





From left: Paul Alexandrou, Dr Garry Cussell, Kirsty Alexandrou, Robyn Cussell, Jessie Ross, Talea Bader, Angela Yates, Emily Townsend, Erica Moore, Nicole Kamminga, Margaret Khoury, Remke Veness, Nicci Herrera, Martine Cooper, Ginella Postaj, Fiona Mendoca, Zenovia T, Felicity Watson, Jessica Yue and me.

Thickens and volumises thin hair

Hair appears visibly fuller

Improves hair elasticity

Moisturises and improves elasticity

Suitable for most colour treated hair

Encourages hair growth

Stimulates follicles for healthy growth

Controls flaking and cleanses scalp

Strengthen and revitalises hair

Developed by renowned cosmetic skin specialist Dr. Garry Cussell, Rejuvaus sets a new standard in high-performance, professional-grade skincare. Nearly a decade in development, this innovative range features up to ten times more high-potency actives than other premium brands, delivering superior visible results.


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Ni Hao (‘Hello’ in Chinese). My name is Icy Ling, known as @icybutterfly to my 61,000 instagram followers. I founded IC&Co in 2020 to promote communication and cultural dissemination between Australia and Chinese at home and abroad, and provide a wider promotion for international and Australian brands.


Ricky Allen, the former antiageing and special beauty projects editor for Vogue Australia, brings her extensive experience to various facets of the beauty and cosmetics industry. She serves as a nurse consultant in plastics and cosmetic enhancement, a health psychologist, a beauty therapist, and an international educator specialising in cosmetic enhancement, business development for skincare companies, and the psychology of sales and customer service. Her expertise extends to enhancing profitability and revitalising struggling businesses. Ricky has shared her knowledge through training sessions in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.


Clayton works in communication and evaluation for Fragrances of the World where he assists industry guru Michael Edwards with the collection and evaluation of fragrance data from around the world. He is responsible for the communication of data insights and trends from the company’s award-winning database. Clayton has over 10 years’ experience in fragrance journalism, learning and development and luxury retail. He has completed numerous summer schools at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery and has a passion for creative perfumery.


Growing up as a dancer, Michael Brown was quick to learn the ‘art’ of makeup artistry. His career as a travelling make-up artist for some of the industry’s biggest brands saw him leave Perth for Sydney where he became a national makeup artist and trainer. His creative flair and great communication skills gave him exposure within the Australian celebrity and media scene. Michael is now not only a celebrity makeup artist, but also presenter, educator and brand ambassador with regular appearances on Channel 9’s Today Extra


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Accord is the national industry association for the Australasian hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products industry representing the full range of products from luxury cosmetics and fragrances to industrial specialties. In keeping with the strong scientific basis of this industry, Accord also adopts a principled, evidencebased approach to policy inputs and representation with governments.


Weleda Skin Food Face Care

NEW Weleda Skin Food Face range is formulated for daily care and blends cult beauty hero Skin Food’s naturally active botanicals with antioxidant-rich centella asiatica, olive leaf extract, sacha inchi oil and olive squalane, to intensely nourish, protect and replenish dry skin.


100% certified natural, sustainably sourced

Clinically proven immediate moisture




Dr Garry Cussell, a stalwart in cosmetic laser and injectable medicine and founder of Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, has spent more than two decades unravelling the secrets of sustainable skincare. Recognising that beauty treatments often offer only ephemeral improvements, the father of four (and grandfather of eight under eight) spearheaded the creation of Rejuvaus—a skincare line crafted to profoundly transform and enhance complexion. With a dedication to efficacy, each product in the Rejuvaus range is meticulously formulated and rigorously tested on real clients, ensuring results that are not just visible but lasting. Retail Beauty finds out more.

In the bustling world of dermatology, where skincare innovations flood the market, one name rises above the rest: Rejuvaus. Dr Garry Cussell, a seasoned practitioner with 25 years of expertise in cosmetic laser and injectable medicine, embarked on a mission to revolutionise skincare. His journey began with a simple question: why do skincare products often fall short of their promises?

“Skin, skin ageing, and dermatology have always fascinated me,” Dr Cussell shares. “I’ve often wondered why the market is flooded with so many skincare products, all claiming to offer numerous benefits, yet they typically contain only a few active ingredients.”

Driven by a passion for genuine results, Dr Cussell delved into the heart of skincare, founding Rejuvaus with a commitment to excellence and efficacy. “Our goal was clear from the outset: to develop products that genuinely enhance the complexion,” he explains. “We aimed to create formulations that deliver lasting results and maintenance, rather than fleeting improvements.”

The journey of Rejuvaus is marked by innovation and dedication. Dr Cussell’s vision transcends conventional skincare approaches, guided by three fundamental principles: the use of multiple active ingredients, combination formulations for maximum efficacy, and simplified skincare routines for optimal compliance.

“Our formulations are meticulously crafted to incorporate a myriad of active ingredients proven to improve skin complexion,” Dr Cussell elucidates. “We seek to address diverse skincare concerns with a holistic approach, ensuring that each bottle delivers a potent blend of ingredients for noticeable results.”

However, the path to perfection is fraught with challenges. Dr Cussell acknowledges the complexities of formulating skincare products, particularly those that combine multiple active ingredients. “Formulating skincare products is a delicate balance,” he reflects.

“We encountered numerous obstacles along the way, but our unwavering commitment to excellence drove us to overcome each challenge.”

Collaborating with skilled cosmetic formulating scientists and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Rejuvaus continues to refine its formulations, pushing the boundaries of skincare innovation.

“We spare no effort in sourcing the finest ingredients from around the globe,” Dr Cussell affirms. “Our ingredients are selected based on rigorous criteria, ensuring both safety and efficacy.”

The science behind Rejuvaus formulations is as impressive as the results they yield. Dr Cussell elucidates, “Our products incorporate a comprehensive range of active ingredients, each meticulously selected for its proven ability to improve skin health.” From encapsulated

ingredients for slow-release benefits to potent natural extracts like the Australian Kakadu Plum, every component is chosen for its transformative potential.

Rejuvaus’s commitment to ‘results over profits’ is evident in every aspect of its operations. Dr Cussell emphasises, “Our primary focus is on delivering tangible results to our customers. We believe that true efficacy is the cornerstone of brand loyalty.”

Indeed, Rejuvaus stands apart in a crowded skincare landscape, offering a unique blend of features and benefits that resonate with discerning customers. “Our products are distinguished by their efficacy, efficiency, and simplicity,” Dr Cussell states proudly. “We prioritise the use of diverse active ingredients, ensuring maximum impact with minimal effort.”

Efficiency is key to the Rejuvaus experience. Dr Cussell explains, “Our serums are designed for efficient application, with just 0.2 milliliters covering a large area of skin. They absorb quickly without leaving any residue, making skincare routines quick and effortless.”

Moreover, Rejuvaus prides itself on its natural formulations, free from filler ingredients and harsh chemicals. “We believe in harnessing the power of nature to enhance skin health,” Dr Cussell remarks. “Our products are formulated with the purest ingredients, ensuring both efficacy and safety.”

Innovation extends beyond formulation to packaging design. Rejuvaus’s lightproof, airless bottles offer both functionality and elegance, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence. “Our packaging is designed with the customer in mind,” Dr Cussell notes. “It’s intuitive, luxurious, and environmentally friendly.”

Technology plays a pivotal role in Rejuvaus’s business operations and customer interactions. Dr Cussell highlights the importance of leveraging technology for operational efficiency and customer engagement. “Platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo enable us to streamline our operations and enhance our marketing efforts,” he explains. “We’re constantly exploring new technologies to elevate the customer experience.”

Education lies at the heart of Rejuvaus’s strategy, empowering customers and retailers alike with knowledge about skincare efficacy. “We believe in transparency and education,” Dr Cussell asserts. “Our product line may be simple, but its benefits are profound. By educating our customers and partners, we foster trust and loyalty.”

Ultimately, the success of Rejuvaus is grounded in its unwavering commitment to delivering real results. Dr Cussell concludes, “Our customers are our greatest advocates. Their loyalty is a testament to the effectiveness of our products. We’re proud to be at the forefront of skincare innovation, unlocking radiance for every individual.”


Heinemann Australia has announced its rebranding to Heinemann Oceania. This change reflects the company’s strategic expansion within the Oceania region, including a forthcoming venture into the New Zealand market, over a decade since it first set foot in the area.

Under the leadership of George Tsoukalas, who transitions from Managing Director of Heinemann Australia to the same role at Heinemann Oceania, the company is poised to enhance its operations across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. The Sydney-based headquarters will now oversee a more unified regional strategy, focusing on leveraging the intrinsic synergies across these markets. Heinemann Oceania continues to operate as a whollyowned subsidiary of Heinemann Asia Pacific, broadening its scope to include the entire Oceania region.

The rebranding comes at a time when travel connections within Oceania are stronger than ever, with significant cultural and trade ties knitting the region closely together. In


The World Perfumery Congress (WPC) is set to make a grand return, this time in Geneva, Switzerland. The event, scheduled for June 24-27, 2024 at Palexpo, is presented by the American Society of Perfumers and produced by Allured Business Media. It aims to highlight the convergence of global innovation and creativity under the theme “Fragrance Forward: Where Global Innovation & Creativity Meet.”

The WPC 2024 will feature the debut of the “Nose to Nose” series, where legendary perfumers will discuss their creative journeys and offer insights into the future of fragrance. This series promises to provide attendees with an unprecedented look at the artistry and vision that drive the industry.

Following its last record-breaking gathering in Nice, France, which saw over 1,800 attendees, including more than 200 perfumers, the upcoming Congress is poised to be one of the most significant events in recent history. The fragrance community is eager to reconvene after several years marked by global disruptions, making this event particularly noteworthy.

The Congress will explore innovative developments with sessions led by industry giants such as Pura’s chief fragrance experience officer Mara Dumski, fragrance expert Michael Edwards, and representatives from leading companies like Procter & Gamble, Givaudan, and Firmenich. Topics will range from new fragrance ingredients and technologies to the latest in lab equipment, testing, and manufacturing solutions.

2022, Australian residents alone made nearly 20% of their overseas trips to New Zealand and Fiji, highlighting the area’s interconnectedness. Heinemann leverages this familiarity as it aims to enhance the travel retail experience, having already established a solid foundation with its Australian and soon, New Zealand operations.

Marvin von Plato, CEO of Heinemann Asia Pacific, commented on the rebrand, noting, “This is not just a change of name but a stride towards realising greater potential in the Asia Pacific. Our established market leadership in Sydney and the Gold Coast positions us ideally to capitalise on emerging opportunities throughout Oceania.”

The announcement also highlighted Heinemann’s imminent entry into New Zealand, scheduled for 2024 with the opening of luxury fashion and accessory outlets at Auckland Airport. This expansion builds on a robust portfolio that began in Sydney Airport in 2013 and has since grown to include significant concessions and retail innovations in both Sydney and Gold Coast airports, aimed at continually captivating travellers.

An expansive expo hall will showcase an array of fragrance creators and offer a glimpse at the latest raw materials from across the globe, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative packaging solutions. Additionally, advancements in fragrance AI and software development will be highlighted, demonstrating the sector’s technological evolution.

Jenna Troyli, the conference director and managing editor of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine, emphasized the importance of this event as a hub for professionals to network and discover cutting-edge solutions in the fragrance industry.

Registration for the World Perfumery Congress 2024 is now open. Industry professionals looking to be at the forefront of fragrance innovation are encouraged to attend and participate in what promises to be a landmark event in the fragrance industry. For more information and to register, visit the website.


L’Occitane Group, a leader in sustainable beauty and wellness and a certified B Corporation, has announced the appointment of Evelyne LY-Wainer as Managing Director, Global Travel Retail, effective immediately.

Evelyne brings over two decades of experience in premium travel retail and luxury brand management to her new role. Her extensive expertise in the luxury beauty industry, coupled with her visionary approach and understanding of the travel retail landscape, positions her to lead the Group’s Global Travel Retail team to new heights.

Evelyne’s career includes key leadership roles such as Chief Commercial Officer for Shiseido Travel Retail Asia Pacific, Brand General Manager for Kiehl’s and Biotherm, and Marketing Director for Lancôme within the L’Oréal Luxe Division. She has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, driving significant revenue increases and spearheading numerous successful business development projects. Under her stewardship, the brands she managed not only met but often exceeded performance expectations.

Laurent Marteau, Group CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the appointment: “We are delighted to welcome Evelyne as our new Managing Director, Global Travel Retail. With her outstanding leadership, strategic insights, and passion for excellence, I am confident that our brand portfolio will gain even greater global prominence. Evelyne’s appointment marks a significant step forward in our journey, ensuring continued growth and success for our Group in the dynamic world of travel retail.”



SheaMoisture Australia commemorated the exceptional achievements of Melanin Rich and First Nations women at the 2024 SheaChangemakers initiative.

This annual event, now in its third year, highlights individuals who have made significant impacts in their communities. The celebration, held at Sydney’s 12-Micron, saw over 80 guests in attendance, where the winners Tigist Kebede and Nasalifya Namwing were honoured for their groundbreaking work in mental health.

Tigist, a trauma counsellor, and Nasalifya, a clinical psychologist, cofounded Pola Practice, a mental health service tailored to ensure accessibility for the most marginalised across Australia and New Zealand.

“Starting in 2019 with just two practitioners, we have grown to become the largest privately owned practice run by two Black women. Our focus on the marginalised helps break cultural and systemic barriers,” Nasalifya explained.

Tigist added, “This $10,000 prize boosts our capacity to provide free one-on-one and group sessions, expanding our reach to more community members.”

Apart from the winners, five other changemakers were acknowledged with $2,000 each to support their initiatives:

• Karinda Eggington is advocating for systemic change in the emotional wellbeing of First Nations youth.

• Lueth Garang has established Lueth

Learning Centre to boost educational outcomes for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

• Kaiyu Moura supports First Nations artists through her enterprise, the Red Black and Yellow Shop on Stradbroke Island.

• Ruby Wharton, a Gamilaraay and Kooma woman, champions First Nations rights in law and psychology.

• Ano Matope founded Lumela.Co, which offers an inclusive platform for people of colour in beauty and wellness services. Erica Galea, Marketing Director at Chemcorp International, the distributor of SheaMoisture Australia, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative’s growing impact.

“Each year, the SheaChangemakers initiative expands in awareness and support, fuelled by our commitment to empower entrepreneurship and community development,” she stated. The 2024 edition attracted over 80 entries, making the selection process a challenging yet rewarding task for judges Aisha Dee, Chrissy Zemura, and 2023 winner Taida Chigogora.

SheaMoisture continues to foster community commerce, a legacy rooted in its origins from 1912 when the brand was established by an entrepreneurial mother of four.

Through product sales, SheaMoisture funds significant initiatives that contribute directly back to the communities where their ingredients are sourced.

The SheaChangemakers campaign is more than a competition; it’s a platform that amplifies the voices of those committed to social change, creating opportunities that resonate across generations.


The latest Cosmetify Index offers a revealing snapshot of the world’s most sought-after beauty brands, influential beauty influencers, and dynamic retail landscapes.


In the retail sector, Sephora remains a titan with unmatched organic search traffic and a massive digital footprint, proving that an effective online strategy is more vital than ever. Sephora, founded in Limoges in 1970, continues to dominate with an extensive range of nearly 3,000 brands. The retailer scored a 7.64 out of 10 in the Cosmetify Index, buoyed by a staggering 16.1 million in organic search traffic and a robust social media following of over 22.1 million on Instagram. Meanwhile, Bath & Body Works claims the title of the most favoured beauty brand across numerous countries, illustrating its widespread appeal.


Leading the pack this year is Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, which notched a score of 7.81 out of 10, thanks to its 17 million Google searches and robust Instagram engagement. Hot on its heels, Charlotte Tilbury continues to enchant with its blend of old Hollywood glamour and cutting-edge technology, amassing over 23 million searches. Italian brand KIKO Milano stands out for its dedication to diversity and inclusivity, capturing the third spot by resonating strongly on Instagram with a vibrant social media presence.


The Korean beauty wave remains a global powerhouse with Oh K! leading as the most Googled beauty brand of 2023, garnering a staggering 73.4 million searches. Meanwhile, Huda Beauty dominates Instagram with a follower count exceeding 54 million, underscoring the platform’s critical role in brand influence.


2023 has been a landmark year for up-and-coming brands like Bubble Skincare and BYOMA, which have seen exponential growth in searches thanks to viral TikTok trends and a focus on gentle, effective skincare solutions.


When it comes to influencers, Nikkie de Jager leads with a combined following of 42.7 million across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and staggering earnings per post, demonstrating the lucrative intersection of beauty expertise and social media savvy. Following closely are personalities like Bretman Rock and James Charles, who continue to shape beauty trends through their dynamic content and extensive reach.


Carly Cochrane, a beauty expert at Cosmetify, emphasises that the 2023 Index not only highlights the prevailing leaders but also signals significant shifts toward skincare and inclusivity. “This year’s report not only identifies the front-runners but also showcases the burgeoning trends that are set to define the future landscape of beauty,” she explains.


The Cosmetify Index’s robust methodology involved analysing over 1,000 beauty brands, narrowing them down based on search volume, social media metrics, and market impact. This comprehensive approach ensures that the insights provided are both accurate and reflective of current market dynamics.

As we move into 2024, the beauty industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, driven by technological advancements and a deepened understanding of consumer desires. The Cosmetify Index remains an invaluable resource for anyone looking to keep a pulse on the ever-changing world of beauty.

01. Sephora topped Cosmetify’s list as the world’s leading beauty retailer. 02. Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez was named the world’s hottest beauty brand. 03. When it comes to influencers, Nikkie de Jager leads the way.


Weleda Skin Food

Intensive nourishment for dry, rough skin.

Crafted with sustainable, natural and organic plant extracts, essential oils and rich plant oils, Weleda Skin Food soothes and protects dry skin, leaving it lastingly smooth. For your body and face, knees, elbows, and dry patches.


Adore Beauty Group Limited CEO Tamalin Morton has declared her intention to resign in September 2024 due to personal reasons. Since taking the helm, Tamalin has played a transformative role in shaping the company into a powerhouse of e-commerce innovation, leading to substantial financial growth and expanded market presence.

Under Tamalin’s leadership, Adore Beauty not only rebounded to robust growth but also embraced technological advancements, significantly enhancing its digital footprint. The launch of a mobile app and a subscription service under her guidance has notably shifted the company’s revenue streams, with the app alone now contributing 28 per cent to total revenues—an increase from 23 per cent in the previous year.

Reflecting on her tenure, Tamalin said: “I have been immensely proud to lead Adore Beauty and of what we have accomplished together. While personal reasons have led me to make the difficult decision to step down as CEO, I remain committed to Adore Beauty and look forward to supporting the new CEO.”

Her strategic vision has seen the company’s revenue for Q3 FY24 climb to $45 million, marking an 8.9 per cent increase from the prior corresponding period.

Marina Go, Chair of the Adore Beauty Board, expressed the board’s deep appreciation for Tamalin’s efforts, stating: “As CEO, Tamalin has done an excellent job delivering Adore Beauty’s financial and operational successes and developing the strategic plan. Tamalin steps down as CEO with the business in a strong position.

“Under Tamalin’s leadership, the company has returned to growth and continues to build solid trading momentum. There has also been significant progression of the strategy, including increasing brand awareness, launching a subscription service, developing our retail media proposition and mobile app growth. This has been in tandem with operational optimisation, to drive profitability.

“Our executive team, with Tamalin’s support and ongoing guidance, remains focused on executing our strategic initiatives, including exploring a new physical store format, M&A opportunities and private label development. The business will continue to build on its strategy of increasing brand awareness, optimising customer experience, and delivering value to our shareholders.”

The company has initiated a search with a top-tier firm to find Tamalin’s successor, ensuring a smooth transition and continued strategic progress. Post-resignation, Tamalin will maintain an advisory role to aid in strategic decisions and support the incoming CEO.

Adore Beauty remains poised to sustain its growth trajectory, with Tamalin’s strategies leaving a durable imprint on the company’s future direction. The firm also reports continued growth in customer engagement, with significant increases in both active and returning customer numbers.

Launched in 2000, Adore Beauty was Australia’s first dedicated e-commerce beauty site. It has evolved into a leading beauty retailer, partnering with over 270 brands and offering more than 13,000 products to consumers in Australia and New Zealand.


Anna Lahey, the visionary founder of Vida Glow, has announced a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed singersongwriter Rita Ora to launch Typebea, an innovative haircare brand designed to cater to all hair types.

This collaboration stems from a shared passion between Anna and Rita to address haircare challenges and empower individuals through enhanced self-confidence linked to their hair’s health and appearance.

Since its inception in 2014, under the leadership of Anna and her husband Kieran, Vida Glow has risen to global prominence, becoming the leading marine collagen brand worldwide.

Vida Glow’s success story underlines Anna’s influential role in shaping the ingestible beauty industry, setting new standards for product efficacy and consumer trust.

Typebea, inspired by Rita’s personal haircare challenges and the strong belief in the connection between hair health and selfesteem, aims to transform the haircare market.

The brand promises a meticulously curated collection of products that stand out not only for their clinical effectiveness but also for their unique aesthetic appeal. This endeavour is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation, leveraging Anna’s expertise in developing results-oriented beauty solutions and Rita’s personal experience and influence.

Revealed through a coordinated announcement on both women’s social media channels, the partnership marks a significant moment in the beauty industry, blending science, celebrity influence, and a genuine desire to address universal haircare needs.


In a recent study by Myer, Vitamin C was identified as Australia’s most searched skincare ingredient, garnering an average of 327,670 queries.

This analysis, which reviewed over 200 skincare ingredients, underscores a significant growth in Australian interest towards active skincare solutions.

Myer’s study utilised Google search data to not only rank ingredients by popularity in Australia but also to identify key trends across different countries. The results highlight a robust curiosity about skincare, with Vitamin C leading the queries in not just Australia, but also in neighbouring regions like New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

According to Elissa Bartuccelli, Senior Buyer & Brand Manager at Myer, the popularity of Vitamin C reflects the Australian penchant for radiant and healthy skin.

“Discovering that Vitamin C is the go-to skincare ingredient in Australia truly highlights our devotion to radiant, healthy skin,” she said. “It perfectly aligns with our appreciation for its antioxidant benefits and brightening effects, fitting seamlessly with our love for natural beauty and the sunkissed Australian glow.”

The report also detailed the top ten skincare ingredients searched in Australia, accompanied by the most common questions related to their use and benefits. These include inquiries on daily usage of Vitamin C serum, the compatibility of hyaluronic acid with retinol, and the effectiveness of niacinamide for acne treatment, among others.

Globally, the study revealed diverse preferences, with retinol and Vitamin C being the most favoured ingredients across various regions. In Europe, both ingredients saw significant searches, while in North America, tretinoin took the top spot in the United States.

Myer’s findings not only shed light on consumer interests and concerns but also influence product offerings at the store, with brands like SkinCeuticals, Clinique, and The Ordinary cited as top picks among customers.

The study, based on data ranging from January to December 2023, serves as a pivotal resource for understanding global and regional skincare trends, helping brands and retailers tailor their products to meet evolving consumer needs.

“The results highlight a robust curiosity about skincare, with Vitamin C leading the queries in not just Australia, but also in neighbouring regions like New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.”




Top from left:

Curezma Anti-Flare Oil -

Ella Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum -

Weleda Skin Food Face Cream -

No7 Future Renew Eye Serum -

SkinFix Barrier+ -

ESK Enlighten -

Bottom from left:

Sukin Hydrating Serum -

Dr Tanya Holy Basil Face Serum -

Ultraceuticals Ultra B Hydrating Serum -

Skin Possible High Achiever Super Serum -

DMK Super Serum -

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Instant Glow Moisturizer -

Naturium Barrier Bounce -


Top from left: Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Serum -

BeautyBio The Daily Serum -

Swiish Get Set Glow Face Oil -

Rejuvaus Bright & Correct -

Habitual Beauty Hydrating Sleep Mask -

Bottom from left: The Beauty Chef Glow Face -

Biomiq Skincare Glow Serum -

Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules -

Ginger&Me No8 The Glow Oil -

CosMedi Repair Body Cream -

SVR B3 Ampoule -

Photography: Brandee Meier. Concept and product curation: Michelle Ruzzene.


Charmaine Pichler, now the Managing Director at Weleda after 14 years with the company, embodies leadership that aligns with her lifelong values of nature, sustainability, and environmental respect. She has significantly contributed to Weleda’s growth in the Australian market, led the successful launch of its e-commerce platform and formed a talented marketing team. Under her guidance, Weleda will continue their regenerative business practices, strengthen scientifically advanced product communication and innovative products, and importantly build a brand that deeply connects with people. With the leadership team, she is committed to fostering a workplace culture that emphasises continuous improvement and respects individual contributions, aiming to propel Weleda toward further success and sustainability.

After 14 enriching years with Weleda, Charmaine’s ascent to the role of Managing Director marks a pivotal moment of alignment between personal passion and professional achievement. From her teenage years, where visits to the local health food shop were routine, Charmaine developed a deep-seated respect for nature and natural products. “Working for a brand where you connect at a personal value level is essential,” she reflects, emphasising that Weleda has always resonated with her core values. “Weleda has ticked that box for me from the very beginning. My love of nature, natural products and respect for the environment around me has been part of my DNA from a very young age. Combined with a passion for business and marketing, to be part of Weleda is a perfect fit.”

Charmaine describes her promotion as a privilege, one that allows her to lead a pioneering brand known for its integrity and innovative spirit.

In recent years, Weleda has honed a focused strategy that leverages its robust

product portfolio to penetrate new markets, like pharmacy chains, effectively. The expansion into these channels wasn’t just strategic but also a perfect match with partners like Priceline, who shared Weleda’s commitment to natural skincare.

“Develop a strategy that aligns with your brand, then focus,” Charmaine advises, summarising her approach to scaling Weleda’s operations.

“When we expanded our range into pharmacy, Priceline was a good fit for Weleda Skin Food. They had a new focus on natural skincare, beauty advisors to support the product sell-out, and strong marketing and distribution network to accelerate the range and boost sales and awareness.”

Charmaine also champions the spirit of innovation within her team, encouraging them to experiment and embrace change, which is critical in a world continually reshaped by technologies like TikTok and AI. “Be brave,” she urges, setting a tone that promotes ethical and sound business practices even when navigating uncharted waters.

Weleda’s commitment to accessibility and affordability under Charmaine’s stewardship continues to guide their distribution strategy, especially in the pharmacy and online sectors. The company’s iconic products, like Weleda Skin Food, have stood the test of time, now reaching a broader audience through diverse channels, enriched by the natural and organic movement’s growing popularity.

“Our founder Rudolf Steiner wanted Weleda’s products to be affordable and accessible to all,” she recounts. “The quality of our products have stood the

test of time. Weleda Skin Food our iconic skin saviour was developed in 1926 and Revitalising Hair Tonic a TikTok sensation, launched in 1921. We select distribution based on consumers desire for our products – our opportunities are abundant as our modern, scientifically proven natural skincare innovation pipeline accelerates.

“We have predominantly been represented in the health channel – the home of all things healthy, natural or organic. However, in the last years and especially with the wellbeing movement, natural and organic has seen increasing consumer interest. This has accelerated Weleda awareness and our ability to expand our distribution into different channels including pharmacy channel. We work best with partners that believe in and support our regenerative brand ethics and our product efficacy. Our knowledgeable field sales team, many of which are qualified naturopaths, train key retailer stores, we offer an on-demand Retailer and Practitioner Training allowing us to reach staff across the country. With our dynamic in-house team we are able to manage direct relationships and supply to other channels.”

Looking forward Charmaine is determined to steer Weleda Australia

“Weleda is poised to continue its growth trajectory, with a focus on delivering scientifically proven results through natural products.”

towards success. This involves not only sustaining but enriching the environments and communities they operate in. Initiatives like the ‘Save Earth’s Skin’ campaign exemplify this commitment, aiming to improve soil health and support regenerative agriculture in Australia. As a certified B Corporation, Weleda is also part of an international movement of companies that do business in a meaningful way.

Charmaine’s leadership is not just about business growth but also about nurturing a positive, productive workplace culture and promoting continuous improvement.

“We have very high retention, and one staff member told me the other day, ‘I don’t want to leave Weleda until I retire’. Over the years the company has invested in the value of leadership – for everyone. We engage in different methods, such as mindfulness, spiral dynamics, and emotional intelligence, with focus on both the individual and the collective,” she explains, reflecting the strong employee engagement and satisfaction cultivated within the company.

Charmaine’s journey is also one of personal growth and steadfast adherence to her values. She credits former leaders like David Johnston for instilling the importance

of openness, respect, and the power of storytelling in business. “Lead with your heart and what is right and stand up for it,” she reflects, a testament to her leadership philosophy.

Balancing a demanding career with personal life, Charmaine prioritises wellness and family, ensuring she remains grounded and effective as a leader.

Under Charmaine’s guidance Weleda is poised to continue its growth trajectory, with a focus on delivering scientifically proven results through natural products. Her vision is clear: to sustain the legacy of a brand that deeply respects and enhances the natural world.

For those aspiring to leadership roles, Charmaine offers a piece of advice: “Align your work with your values... Stand for what you believe in and appreciate the people you work with. Develop your emotional intelligence as your key path to leadership, continue to learn and develop your skills and self. Be agile, inquisitive, and determined. Laugh. ■


Naturally EXPO 2024 GOOD

Australia’s premier natural and healthy products trade event, Naturally Good, took place at the Sydney International Convention Centre on June 3 and 4.

Celebrating its ninth year, the event showcased unprecedented innovation and engagement with over 200 exhibitors and more than 20 presentations. Attendees explored the latest products and consumer trends shaping the natural industry.


Naturally Good is more than an expo; it is a celebration of pioneering brands across various sectors, including Beauty & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Home & Living, Vitamins & Supplements, and Child & Baby.

“Our mission is to consolidate trendsetting natural health products from specialty retailers into one accessible platform,” said Sinead Kavanagh, Naturally Good Product Manager. “This enables buyers to directly experience the excellence of these products, affirming their popularity and efficacy.”

This year, the expo highlighted the Natural Beauty Industry with a Beauty Stage curated by Cathy Tolpigin of The Green Edit. This platform delivered firsthand industry insights through the

experiences of leading figures, focusing on pivotal topics like men’s grooming, tween and TikTok beauty trends, inclusivity, and the implications of ageing.

“Australian consumers are quickly becoming more conscious of the impacts that skincare and makeup have on their holistic health,” Sinead said. “With this has come a surge of Australian brands that meet the consumers’ priorities and the growth in demand.”

Martine Cooper from Healthylife talks on the Retail Beauty Expert Breakfast Panel.
The Naturally Good Award winners.


The Naturally Good Business Summit covered a wide range of topics critical for understanding and capitalizing on the latest trends and influential factors shaping product and brand innovation, marketing strategies, and consumer behaviour.

Keynote speakers included Maha Corbett and Sally Obermeder, co-founders of SWIISH. Other speakers included Jessica Gordoun of Ranged Pty Ltd, Alex Cornish of Ordinary Equity, Roz White of White’s IGA Group, and Chelsea Ford of Females In Food. These speakers shared their insights and experiences, providing valuable learning opportunities for all attendees.

The summit also offered an excellent networking platform, where participants connected with key retailers, distributors, and other industry players, fostering relationships that could lead to future collaborations and opportunities.


Nicci Herrera, the owner of Percolate Media and publisher of Retail Beauty, orchestrated an engaging breakfast panel at this year’s expo. Under her skilled moderation, the panel delved into the pressing topic: “Hold on to and gain more of your retail space.” This discussion explored the art of maximizing retail presence through strategic visual and physical enhancements, savvy tips for securing more shelf space, and innovative tactics for reclaiming lost ground in the retail battleground. Attendees gained invaluable insights and strategies from experts at the forefront of retail beauty, including: Moderator: Nicci Herrera, Director, Retail Beauty

Danielle Hill: Deputy Store Manager, Myer Melbourne

Hannah Jackson: Head Of Buying, Direct Chemist Outlet

Martine Cooper: General Manager Merchandise & Partnerships, Healthylife

Nathan Tindall: Director, Point Retail


The electrifying Beauty Stage, led by Cathy Tolpigin from The Green Edit, invited all beauty brands and retailers to explore the latest innovations in the beauty industry. Over two days, the stage delved into pressing topics like clear beauty, the impact of social media trends, and sector-specific challenges and opportunities.

Key themes included the rise of clear beauty, the importance of engaging older women in retail, navigating skincare beyond fleeting trends, understanding the booming male grooming market valued at $78 billion, exploring sustainable luxury in fragrances, and increasing cancer awareness within the beauty and wellness industries.


The second day of the expo featured the Pitch Fest competition, where innovative product pitches were presented, offering natural, healthy, and sustainable solutions. The event also included The Naturally Good Awards, recognizing excellence across 14 categories, including a new People’s Choice Award determined by public vote. This addition reflected the growing consumer engagement and awareness in the natural health sector.


The 2024 winners were honoured at the ultimate networking event, celebrating the trailblazers of the industry. The awards gala recognized the exceptional quality and creativity of the top brands that are shaping the future of retail. All award-winners were determined by a panel of industry heavyweights, including Percolate Media Director Nicci Herrera, Consultant Despina Lord, Soulfresh Founder & CEO Didi Lo, Prof Consulting Director & Founder Mark Field, Ranged Managing Director Jessica Maree Gordoun, Australian Organic CEO Niki Ford, and Tomorrowstory Director Lisa Crawford Jones.

Winner: Best Beauty and Cosmetics Product: Lust MineralsProbiotic Moisturiser +

Winner: Best Home and Living Product: Good Change AustraliaBamboo Reusable Towels


Naturally Good Event Director Sofie Teh comments on the outcome of the event, “Naturally Good 2024 was an unforgettable experience - the energy surging through the show was undeniably upbeat and vibrant, and the feedback we’ve received from exhibitors and visitors alike has been overwhelmingly positive. We experienced genuine excitement and full active engagement across all aspects of the show’s diverse range of offerings. From the expo floor to the Summit and Awards – this year saw the industry discovering and engaging with the freshest and hottest items set to shake up the natural, health, and wellness market.”

“Planning for the 10th edition of Naturally Good 2025 is already well underway. I’m excited to reflect on how we’ve matured over the years and remain incredibly grateful for the support of our Naturally Good community over the past decade. We’re dedicated to ensuring Naturally Good continues to be the thriving destination that evolves and accelerates with the pace and needs of the natural, health, and wellness market, while empowering this very special industry,” adds Sofie Teh.

Naturally Good Expo will return on May 26-27, 2025, at Sydney’s ICC for the 10th Anniversary of the show. ■

Danielle Hill from Myer on the Retail Beauty Expert Breakfast Panel.
Nicci Herrera introduces the Retail Beauty Expert Breakfast Panel.





Skin and makeup were under the artistic direction of Gillian Campbell, who described the look as “angelic with painterly imprints.” The skin was meticulously prepped using a luxurious blend of Weleda Skin Food and almond oil. Make Up For Ever HD Skin Hydra Glow was then delicately pressed in with fingertips to create a luminous, transparent glow. Faces were beautifully highlighted using the Make Up For Ever HD Skin Sculpting Palette and Starlit Powders in shades 101 and 102. Lips featured striking hues of gold or red with dramatic black ink blot stains, all finished with a radiant layer of clear gloss.

Australian Fashion Week 2024 presented by Pandora was a dazzling showcase of fashion and beauty, with top brands creating stunning looks that captivated audiences. The event featured notable collaborations and innovative beauty trends that emphasised natural beauty, radiant skin, and creative artistry.


Ultraceuticals kicked off its ongoing partnership with eco-conscious brand Liandra Swim as the official skin preparation partner for Liandra’s first solo show. This collaboration marks a significant moment in the Australian fashion industry, celebrating local and Indigenous fashion on a global stage. Models sported dewy, flawless skin using Ultraceuticals’ newly reformulated Ultra B² Hydrating Serum, Ultra Calming Moisturiser Cream, and Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 Hydrating.

Meanwhile, Make Up For Ever enhanced the natural beauty of Liandra Swim’s models with dewy, sun-kissed skin and earthy tones to complement the brand’s vibrant prints under the direction of Karyssa Leigh. Key products included the HD Skin Sculpting Palette for neutral matte and highlight shades, the versatile Artist Color Pencil for eyes and lips, and the hydrating HD Lip Booster serum gloss. “The inspiration for the look was all about enhancing natural features and letting the models’ natural beauty shine through,” said Karyssa. “We kept everything earthy and wearable from beach to dinner.”


The beauty look for Indigenous Fashion Projects – which included Gali Swimwear, Joseph & James, Miimi & Jiinda, Ihraa Swim and Lazy Girl Lingerie –was inspired by the intricate panels in the collection. Three distinct eye looks were crafted by Lara Srokowski, each seamlessly paired with Lancôme’s signature skin treatments, enhancing the natural beauty and cultural richness of the designs.


To celebrate the release of Creed’s latest fragrance, Queen of Silk, Michael Lo Sordo designed an exclusive royal purple silk gown unveiled at Australian Fashion Week. This partnership highlights the synergy between Lo Sordo’s silk-centric aesthetic and Creed’s luxurious inspiration. “Silk is at the core of every collection I create,” said Lo Sordo. “Designing for Queen of Silk allowed me to balance tradition with a modern touch.”

Creed’s Queen of Silk fragrance embodies the opulence and softness of silk, leaving a luminous trail. As Creed debuted as the official fragrance partner for the next three years, guests at Sydney’s Carriageworks were immersed in Creed’s history through captivating installations, including the Queen of Silk bar and a heritage museum.

“This is Creed’s largest activation in Australia,” said Sarah Rotheram, CEO of Creed Fragrances. “It showcases our brand’s story and champions Australian design and artistry.”


Lancôme, as the Official Makeup Partner, created luminous and bold beauty looks for a number of shows. Under the direction of Lara Srokowski, Lancôme Australia and New Zealand Beauty Director, Bec + Bridge models showcased smudged deep lips contrasted with glowing skin, achieved with Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique, Rénergie Triple Serum, and Génifique Light Pearl. The foundation of each look was the Teint Idole Ultra Wear, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Probiotics, and Vitamin E. “We’re so excited to partner with Australian Fashion Week as the Official Makeup Partner for the second year in a row,” Lara said. “Lancôme believes that beauty is an opportunity to embrace creativity and inspire confidence.”

Makeup was further enhanced by Lanolips’ 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, used for dewy cheekbones and lip prep, while nails were meticulously crafted by Gojelle and ESMIO, featuring effortlessly applied press-on nails.


Makeup director Susan Lilian’s approach for Blanca emphasised glowing, lit-from-within skin with sheer coverage. The skin was prepped with Embryolisse products, including Poudre de Lait Exfoliante, Eau de Beaute Rosamelis, Hydra-Serum, Lait-Creme Concentre, and Active Eye Contour Care. The Cicalisse Creme was used for glossy cheeks, while the body was treated with the lightweight Lait-Creme Fluide. “The skin for Blanca featured glowing, lit-from-within skin,” said Susan Lilian. “Each product was massaged into the skin to create blood flow to the face, giving that radiant look.”

For makeup, the brief was was all about glowing, lit-from-within skin with a natural flush. “We aimed for an effortless, chic Parisian look, using Make Up For Ever Skin Hydra Glow for hydration and a gorgeous invisible finish. We then used the HD Skin All-in-One Palette as blush, creating a stunning, cohesive look with these two products.”



A Resounding Success Highlighting Beauty and Wellness in Pharmacy

The Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Trade Exhibition (APP2024) once again surpassed expectations, casting a brilliant spotlight on the evolving role of beauty and wellness within the pharmacy industry.

As the largest event of its kind in Australia, APP2024 emerged as a critical platform for unveiling groundbreaking trends, products, and advancements, marking a significant shift towards holistic health and beauty solutions in pharmacy settings.

This year’s conference underscored a pivotal transformation; pharmacies are transcending their traditional roles to become comprehensive centres for health and beauty. This shift mirrors a broader trend in consumer behaviour, signalling a growing demand for integrated solutions that cater to both health and aesthetic needs.

Beauty brands and distributors on show at the conference included Bioderma, Chemcorp International, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Kao Australia, La Roche Posay and CeraVe, McPherson’s Consumer Products, Moogoo Skincare, Pierre Fabre Australia, P&G, Revlon, Alita Sales, VidaCorp and more.

Kos Sclavos AM, APP Chairman, shared his enthusiasm about the event’s success, noting the impressive engagement from attendees. “With 450 trade stands, over

60 sessions, and nearly 7,000 pharmacy colleagues and suppliers in attendance, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” he said.

The conference kicked off with a notable announcement from Pharmacy Guild National President, Professor Trent Twomey, revealing a new Heads of Agreement with the Commonwealth regarding the 8CPA. The social event of APP2024 was the ‘Glowchella’ Street Party, a vibrant gathering that attracted over 1,000 guests, showcasing the event’s spirit of community and collaboration.

A highlight of APP2024 was the announcement of the Guild Pharmacy of the Year, with Capital Chemist Southlands in the ACT taking the prestigious title. Louise Mclean, Pharmacist and co-owner, expressed her gratitude and pride in the achievement. “This recognition is a testament to our dedicated team and their commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity within our community,” she stated.

Capital Chemist Southlands also excelled in the Business Management category, while other awards were distributed across various domains of excellence in pharmacy practice. Amcal Pharmacy Emerton in New South Wales received the Community Engagement award and was the first to win the newly introduced Harm Minimisation category. Narrabri Pharmacy, also in

New South Wales, was honoured with the Professional Innovation award.

Meanwhile, the 2023 MIMS / Guild Intern of the Year Award was also announced during the conference, with Christian Portelli from Pharmacy 777 Tambrey in Western Australia taking out the coveted award. Christian was proudly nominated by his preceptor who described him as a fantastic intern who has held the pharmacy profession to the highest level and provided exceptional customer service to his patients. Christian graciously accepted his Award in front of hundreds of his pharmacy peers.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next APP event, scheduled for 20-23 March, 2025, on the Gold Coast, promising another year of innovation, education, and celebration of excellence in pharmacy practice. ■


02. Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic National Pharmacy Assistant of the Year award winner Colby Diek.

03. A women’s networking lunch was part of the conference

04. 2023 MIMS / Guild Intern of the Year Award Christian Portelli.

05. Skincare brand CeraVe was an exhibitor.

06. Nude by Nature and MCo Beauty were on show.

07. Attendees loaded up with goodie bags.

The Glowchella party was held at The Star Gold Coast.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024

A Beacon for Global Beauty Industry Growth

On March 25, 2024, the curtains closed on the 55th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, cementing its status as a pivotal event in the global beauty industry. This year, the fair expanded its reach, welcoming 3,012 exhibitors from 69 countries—an increase of four per cent from 2023—and attracting a diverse crowd of 248,500 operators from 150 countries, marking a nine per cent growth in international stakeholder attendance.

Supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation along with the ITA – Italian Trade Agency, Cosmoprof has demonstrated its vital role as a dynamic platform for fostering global connections within the beauty sector. With the industry projected to surpass a market value of US$670 billion by year’s end, as forecasted by Euromonitor International, and an anticipated average annual growth of nine per cent over the next four years, the event is strategically positioned at the heart of market evolution.

Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere, expressed enthusiasm over this edition’s outcomes, noting it as a testament to the market’s vibrancy and Cosmoprof’s crucial role for international business interactions. The ITA’s efforts were particularly noted for enhancing the event’s global footprint by facilitating the participation of delegations from major markets, using its extensive network of over 70 international offices.

The economic impact of the Italian cosmetics industry was a highlight of this year’s fair, presented by Benedetto Lavino, President of Cosmetica Italia. The sector has seen remarkable growth, with exports increasing by over 20 per cent in a single year and a trade balance exceeding €4 billion. These figures underscore the industry’s significant contribution to the ‘Made in Italy’ brand, not just in financial terms but also as a major employer, engaging over 390,000 workers throughout its supply chain.

A strategic change in the event scheduling was introduced this year, with all pavilions opening on Thursday. This adjustment was well-received as it facilitated enhanced incoming traffic and networking opportunities for international professionals. This shift is now set to become a standard for future editions, aiming to maximise engagement and business opportunities.

Looking ahead, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is set to broaden its international presence with upcoming events in Bangkok,

Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Miami, reinforcing its global influence.

The next gathering in Bologna is scheduled for March 20-23, 2025, promising further opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and industry growth.

As Cosmoprof continues to adapt and respond to the needs of the beauty industry, it remains a key date in the calendar for anyone looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market, offering unique insights and unparalleled networking opportunities that reflect the industry’s ongoing dynamism and resilience.



On the evening of March 22nd, the Bologna Congress Center hosted the illustrious Grande Soirée, a gala by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, where the Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards 2024 were presented. Known as the “Oscars of Beauty,” these awards are among the most sought-after in the cosmetics industry. The event, in collaboration with BeauytStreams,



HAIR PRODUCTS: Bioneer Corp. - CosmeRNA Anti-Hair Loss Tonic

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: LastObject - Micellar Water

MAKEUP PRODUCTS: Blonde Sister SRL - 2in1 Eyes First - Lash & Brow Serum

GREEN & ORGANIC: N&B SRL Società BenefitRegenerative Beauty - Microbiota Vitality Cream

NAIL PRODUCTS: LastObject - LastRound Pro

PERSONAL & BODY CARE: ByFemme S.R.O - MIRACLETOX Light Angelto Cream


DEVICES & TOOLS: Dyson - Dyson Supersonic


Australian All Natural Skincare Pty Ltd - ONEA Baby Top to Toe Wash



PRODUCTS & ACCESSORIES: LastObject - LastSwab Original Pro

SUN CARE PRODUCTS: Rhea Cosmetics - RevitalSummerFace & Neck Longevity Sun Treatment

a leading trend agency, marked a celebration of innovation and excellence.



SKIN CARE FORMULA: Ancorotti Cosmetics SpaThe Globes - Gummy Soap

MAKEUP FORMULA: Omnicos Group - Cryolight




SUSTAINABILITY: Tribeaute Inc. - Wasabi Flavone

The ceremony highlighted the achievements across product development, formulations, packaging, and sustainability in cosmetics, with 17 innovative products being honored. These products were selected from over 700 entries, representing the comprehensive expertise of the industry.

A special Life Achievement Award was bestowed upon Trevor Sorbie, a legendary figure in hairstyling, recognising his significant impact on the beauty world.

The evening also featured an exclusive DJ set by MTV Italia’s Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi, adding a modern flair to the celebrations.

This prestigious event serves not only as a platform to honour innovation but also as a vital networking opportunity, fostering collaborations and highlighting global talent in the cosmetics industry. The awards also showcased notable winners from Cosmoprof’s global events in North America, Asia, and India, emphasising its international influence.

100/100 clean score Yuka


Bangn Body Lip & Cheek Gloss Balm-

Lash Illusion Eyelash Serum -

Paula’s Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balm -

Nude by Nature Hydra Stick Foundation Ivory -

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Multi Glow Romance Light -

Nude Stix Magnetic Eye Color Eyeshadow Prism -

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Gel -

Lust Minerals Bronzing Glow Drops -

Lanolips Lip Scrub Coconutter -

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eyeshadow Trip Honeysuckle -

Stila Blush & Bronze Hydro-Blur Cheek Duo -

Sunset Daze Liquid Rays Uluwatu -

Revlon Gel Serum Blush Enchanting Mauve -

Huda Beauty Faux Filler Foxy -

Rare Beauty Powder Blush in Joy -

Youngblood Vivid Luxe Crème Blush Stick Pink Prosecco -

Holme Beauty Empowder Duette -

Smashbox Halo Healthy Glow -

Photography: Brandee Meier. Concept and product
curation: Michelle Ruzzene.



Gary Davey’s career showcases a dynamic blend of marketing savvy and leadership across beauty and retail. Starting at 3M Australia, he excelled in product management before moving to David Jones, where he rose from Buyer of Prestige Cosmetics to Marketing Manager, spearheading campaigns and leading teams. He then founded Gary Davey Consulting, offering strategic guidance in beauty and fashion. Now, as Brand General Manager for Make Up For Ever in Australia and New Zealand, Gary drives the brand’s growth, profitability, and innovation, affirming his commitment to the industry’s evolution. Michelle Ruzzene finds out more.


The GM position at Make Up For Ever was a Goldilocks role for me: I had been running my own consultancy business for a couple of years, and the role allowed quite a lot of entrepreneurship and freedom as well as security. I had amazing support from other local LVMH beauty maisons and the local subsidiary of LVMH Fragrances and Cosmetics, where I set up warehousing to capitalise on growth opportunities. I was “working from home” four years before it was even a thing, so when March 2020 rolled around, it was a format I was well used to and loved.


The key challenge and opportunity in expanding the brand was local warehousing and logistics. Previously, the brand had been imported and warehoused by our exclusive retailer, Sephora. If we were to expand and take advantage of local opportunities, having stock in the country was paramount to our success and ability to change and grow. Setting up with the local LVMH subsidiary was made easy by the professional outfit that was already there – I simply plugged into this successful model which managed Dior and Benefit Cosmetics and forecasted for growth. My

colleagues in the greater LVMH Beauty division are my family, and together as a small team, we have made the brand survive and thrive.


Over the last couple of years we have had huge success with launching products and ranges that have had success in Europe and the US, and have been amplified by local makeup artists and key influencers. The structure of the brand allows for easy decision making and the ability to react to these trends. Examples of this have been our best selling Artist Color Pencils and HD SKIN face palettes which are loved and supported by the likes of Hailey Bieber and JLo, and quickly ranged in our market to capitalise on lip liner and “all in one palette” trends.

Running a brand in Australia that also has a global footprint in key markets such as the US, Middle East, Europe, and Asia has its advantages. The team and I look at global makeup trends from social media that our customers want and desire. We then select and tailor these trends for the Australian market to give us a competitive edge.


A streamlined structure and a key focus on managing inventory efficiently is key to

Gary Davey

our profitability. We have brand marketing, digital marketing, and visual merchandising teams based in Singapore, and their costs are shared across multiple countries in Oceania. The Singapore teams visit twice a year, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of the local market and present strategies to local retailers. This approach provides a valuable regional and global perspective, fostering great teamwork and contributing to our overall profitability.


My team has years of retail experience and all hold qualifications as makeup artists with global accreditations. Half of the team attended our head office in Paris last year, and the other half is scheduled to go this year to enhance their skills on a global scale, focusing on digital learning, education, and upcoming makeup trends. Many team members also work as makeup artists on weekends, during their private time, or take annual leave to take part in shoots.

This experience is important as they train over 700 Sephora beauty advisors on our products and how to effectively promote and sell them. They are dedicated to driving sales and elevating Make Up For Ever in the retail landscape.

Supporting their individual development and talents is a top priority for the brand. We are very focused on having Australian local market expertise and insight, but we layer up with regional training in Singapore, and provide opportunities for the team to connect with

our global tribe in Paris whenever we can. They receive incredible opportunities locally to take part during Australian Fashion Week!


When I was offered the job at Make Up For Ever I asked the head of Asia Pacific why they had chosen me. I had assumed it was due to my years of local retail experience and managing teams and large cost centres, but it turned out that my experience running my own business for a couple of years was what sealed the deal.

The LVMH Group values an entrepreneurial spirit in its employees, embraces new ideas, and encourages new initiatives. This is no small feat in a global organisation, but they champion entrepreneurship and local heroes. The qualities and skills that I developed while operating my own consulting practice have influenced and shaped me into the manager I am today, and have been supported by the global ethos of the LVMH Group.


This is an ongoing challenge. What was new and exciting yesterday may not be today or tomorrow. I maintain very close relationships with all my retail partners and always say to them that there is no such thing as a bad idea. I am quick to jump on new opportunities that can drive sales, enhance brand awareness, explore new customer recruitment angles, and capitalise on opportunities. Without the need to navigate through extensive approval processes, as is often the case with many other brands, I am provided flexibility that aligns with LVMH’s focus on entrepreneurship.

Working across retailer brand marketing, operations, logistics, and digital departments is key to harnessing new marketing ideas, alongside the retail buyers. This is when some of the magic happens, and we collectively take educated chances together!

My team often come up with the best ideas and collaboration opportunities, as they are in the field and have close connections with our customers. Partnership opportunities that arise from their experiences have translated into cornerstone campaigns or strategies.


Make Up For Ever has a relatively flat global structure, allowing for idea sharing with my colleagues in larger markets such as Asia, the Middle East and the US, where key makeup trends often originate. These global insights often resonate well in our local market and seamlessly integrate into our key strategies.


We have a global sustainability initiative called COMMITTED FOREVER. Our supply chain sourcing processes incorporate the use of recycled elements in our packaging and clean product formulations, which have been important to our brand for many years.


Do what you love. The beauty industry is full of inspiring people at every level. This incredible industry motivates me to jump out of bed each morning, and love what I do. Building a brand and a team is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you can do! ■



Product Picks

Founded by Sidney Myer in 1900 in Bendigo, Victoria, the Myer family is a cornerstone of Australian retail. Today, Myer stands out as a leading department store chain with 56 locations spread across both capital cities and regional centres. Michelle Ruzzene chats with Myer’s esteemed beauty buyers—the ultimate influencers—to uncover must-have products for all beauty enthusiasts.

Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara

It is a volumising, clump-free mascara that lasts for up to 24 hours while being easy to remove. It’s truly the perfect mascara to hit all of your lash goals!

Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair


– Ultra facial Defense SPF50

With a super nourishing texture, it’s particularly well suited to those who want some help protecting against the visible signs of premature ageing, and is ideal for those seeking a sunscreen that hydrates as it protects.

This multi-tasking day to night serum hydrates and repairs. Apply on high points of face for an added glow to your make-up look or pat onto skin to refresh your look through the day.

M.A.C – Maxcimal Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

The iconic M.A.C matte lipstick has had a makeover! Get more comfort with a creamy blend of coconut oil, organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter that conditions and nourishes lips.

Giorgio Armani

Luminous Silk

The absolute BEST primer on the market…glides across the skin, providing a glowy, silky base for any foundation.

Armani Luminous

Silk foundation

I then ‘double up’ on luminosity with a liquid foundation that is buildable to create your preferred coverage.

For Winter

Giorgio Armani

Armani Prive

Santal Dan Sha


This new Armani Prive scent is decadent blend of spice, the luxurious warmth of sandalwood with a surprising hint of citrus. It’s divine.

Circa Cotton Flower and Freesia Diffuser

The delicate scent of cotton flower and freesia fills the air, instantly transporting me to a state of tranquillity and relaxation. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day, creating a serene atmosphere that helps me melt away stress and tension.


Senior Buyer & Brand Manager | Designer Brands and Fragrances

For Summer

Versace Fragrance

Cedrat De Diamante

Eau De Parfum 100ml

“I love this sparkling, fruity floral (reminds me of the Mediterranean).”

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

This cult-favourite skincare gem has earned its spot as a holy grail product in my regimen. Its potent formula works wonders overnight, leaving my skin with a radiant glow and a refined texture that I can’t get enough of. It’s like waking up to a fresh canvas every morning, ready to take on the day with confidence.


Category Buyer & Brand Manager –Myer Beauty Emporium

WelleCo Evening Elixir

This elixir takes my nighttime routine to the next level. Not only does it help me unwind and drift off into a peaceful sleep, but its unique blend of ingredients also works overnight to rejuvenate my skin from within. I wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised, with a natural glow that speaks volumes.

Beauty Icon Eyes Sustainable Colour Future for Lipstick POPPY KING

Poppy King, renowned for her contributions to the lipstick industry, recently returned to the beauty scene with a fresh focus. Having started her own company, Poppy Industries, at 19 in 1991, she quickly earned acclaim with her range of matte lipsticks, leading to significant success. Despite a challenging expansion into the US that resulted in receivership, King persisted, creating Lipstick Queen in 2006 and later selling it in 2011. Last year, she reintroduced the Seven Deadly Sins lipstick line, starting with Original Sin, embracing a direct-to-consumer model that prioritised intimate customer interactions. Now, her planned return to Australia in July marks a new chapter in her storied career. Her focus will ultimately be redesigning how colour is applied to the lips so that packaging waste can be greatly reduced is set to inspire an industry-wide shift towards more ethical practices, positioning her once again as a trailblazer in the beauty landscape.


It’s really about reconnecting with where it all started for me. Australia is not just where I’m from; it’s where I feel most inspired. I’ve built strong relationships with retailers worldwide, but there’s something special about coming back and motivating my original base here. Returning to Australia is not about closing a chapter; it’s about opening a new one where I first found my passion.


Absolutely. I started my first beauty venture when I was just 19, using faxes, before the internet became what it is today. That innovative mindset has never left me. Whether it was the 90s or the 2000s, I’ve always aimed to merge the rock and roll ethos with intelligent beauty solutions. These early experiences taught me the importance of resilience and innovation in an ever-evolving market.


One major lesson is humility. Entrepreneurship isn’t about ego; it’s about enduring the highs and lows with grace. Another lesson is the importance of timing and understanding market needs. Now, I’m focusing ultimately once I am off the ground here I will turn my attention to sustainability—creating COLOR beauty solutions that are not only effective but also WASTE conscious. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive, anticipating changes and adapting swiftly.


A new approach I am working on will be a system where products are pre-sold and produced to order, reducing excess and waste. This model not only addresses environmental concerns but also aligns with modern consumer expectations. It’s a method that respects the planet while delivering quality to our customers.


The challenge is twofold: ensuring that those who grew up with my brand feel it still resonates, and simultaneously appealing to a new generation. I’m planning to leverage my past successes to reintroduce my brand in a way that honours its heritage while embracing innovative practices. It’s about authenticity which is a long game because it can’t be faked and often can’t be understood in the beginning.


My marketing strategy relies solely on user-generated content. This approach means only featuring images and stories from customers who have actually purchased and used the products, rather than using professional models or crafted photoshoots. This showcases the brand’s authenticity and my commitment to celebrating a diverse customer base. By using real customer experiences and stories, it reflects the genuine satisfaction and enthusiasm of our customers. It’s great to see women – and men - of all ages and backgrounds embracing the lipsticks.


The industry is at a tipping point. There’s a growing demand for transparency and sustainability, and brands that fail to adapt will struggle. My aim is to lead by example, showing that you can deliver high-quality, desirable products without compromising ethical standards. This is an era of ‘smart beauty’ where consumers expect brands to be as environmentally conscious as they are innovative.


Long-term, I see my brand not just as a leader in beauty but as a pioneer in sustainable business practices. I want to create a legacy that empowers consumers to make informed choices that benefit both themselves and the planet. We’re not just selling products; we’re fostering a community that values beauty and sustainability equally. The goal is to build a brand that inspires, nurtures, and leads the charge towards a more sustainable and ethical beauty industry. ■


Many international beauty brands are targeting South East Asia due to its large, diverse population and significant growth opportunities. This exciting region represents buyers with varied needs and priorities in beauty and personal care.


It’s not the most glamorous of beauty products, but increased awareness of the impact of the sun on both health and aging has led to growth in people reaching for SPF.

After crunching the numbers, here are the top beauty trends we’re seeing in South East Asia right now, according to detailed consumer data:

1. Makeup purchases have surpassed pre-pandemic levels

2. SPF is big, and it’s getting bigger

3. More beauty buyers are taking care of their hair

4. Health conditions are pushing people toward particular products

5. Tech should be a big part of the beauty purchase journey

6. It’s all about exclusive and trendy products


The pandemic was a strange time, and while some industries soared, others didn’t. With fewer people in the region socialising, lockdowns, and mask-wearing when consumers were finally allowed to leave their homes, it’s understandable that not many reached for makeup products.

But since 2021, cosmetics sales in South East Asia have been on the rise, with self-reported purchases in 2023 above prepandemic levels. The sharp rebound points to pent-up demand from lockdowns.

The “lipstick effect” also feeds into this; people in South East Asia are buying small indulgences to treat themselves during hard times, and some are wearing bold colours to help lift their moods. We’ve seen year-on-year jumps in people

buying blusher, lipstick, and eyeshadow in the region.

Since 2021, there’s also been a 23 per cent rise in the number of men in South East Asia buying makeup.

Largely thanks to more male celebrities embracing makeup and inclusive marketing, brands targeting this region have new audiences to target.

The level of growth shows how resilient the beauty industry is in South East Asia. It didn’t take long for it to catch up to prepandemic purchases, and the world we live in today is very different to 2019. People are clearly still interested in makeup, and brands need audience insights to keep up with opportunities and changes in the beauty market.

In South East Asia, two in five beauty buyers have used suncream in the last week, and almost as many have used a facial moisturiser with SPF.

In the last two years, the number of beauty buyers in South East Asia who use suncream has grown 12 per cent.

It’s clearly become a go-to product in many people’s routines.

Gen Z and baby boomers are seeing the biggest jumps in demand. And, nearly one in five Gen Z beauty buyers in SEA use anti-aging cream/serum, proving that youthfulness is a huge commodity even among younger audiences.

UV protection is a big beauty trend in Indonesia and Thailand in particular, as beauty buyers in these countries come out top globally for using facial moisturiser with SPF and suncream.

With a growing demand for SPF products in South East Asia, brands have an opportunity to establish themselves in this expanding market and speak to specific groups. This could be through broadening their range, packaging products in innovative ways, or adding skincare benefits to formulas.

For example, Thai consumers are big on anti-ageing serum – over a third of beauty buyers here use it weekly, while Indonesians use relatively more lipstick and lip liner. So brands looking to break into these markets could do well by adding anti-ageing benefits to their formulas and broadening their product range to include SPF. Skincare-makeup hybrids have been building traction in the last few years, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

Kris Smith and Michael Brown at the Shakeup Cosmetics launch, a men’s skincare and cosmetics Line, distributed by Chemcorp in Australia.


Hair and scalp care is rising in popularity among beauty buyers in South East Asia. The number who use hair oil weekly has grown 17 per cent year-on-year, with buyers in this region standing out for purchasing specific haircare products.

Indonesia, for example, is the country in the world most likely to use antidandruff shampoo, while Thailand stands out for using volumising products. Brands that harness natural ingredients to cleanse, strengthen, and revive tresses from root to tip stand to win big with this regional audience.

Beauty buyers in South East Asia aren’t just interested in taking care of their hair though, they’re also into styling it. The number who’ve used a highlighter (+33 per cent), relaxer (+14 per cent), and hair wax (+21 per cent) in the last week have all risen year-on-year.

This region’s increased interest in styling and haircare may give brands the opportunity to create more multipurpose products, which change the look of hair, while still maintaining its health. For example, hair colouring packs with nourishing ingredients.


The health conditions people suffer from may steer them toward targeted beauty products which promise relief. In South East Asia, sleep-related conditions stand out as the most common health issue, with beauty buyers here being 13 per cent more likely to experience them than the average consumer in the region.

The number of beauty buyers who suffer from sleep-related conditions has grown 20 per cent since 2020.

For brands, there’s a chance to double down on solutions which aid rest. Ingredients like lavender, chamomile, or CBD can have a relaxing effect, and therefore help prepare the body and mind for sleep. So, beauty brands should look to include some of these ingredients in their products, and focus their messaging around making these buyers feel pampered.

Beauty buyers in South East Asia are also distinct for dealing with skin-related conditions, meaning they may also be interested in products which promise to be gentle, fragrance-free, and have calming ingredients.

By catering to the unique health struggles faced by South East Asian consumers,

beauty brands stand to make meaningful connections through tailored products. Companies that truly understand this market and its relationship with health are more likely to flourish in it.


Beauty buyers in South East Asia are very interested in tech. Over half say they follow the latest technology trends and news, and the number who own a VR headset (+10 per cent) and use TikTok effects (+six per cent) has grown between 2020-2023.

This means that beauty buyers in South East Asia are likely to be keen on beauty-related tech – like LED masks and electronic facial massagers.

Their interest in tech also means they’re more open to embracing AI and AR in the purchase journey. Brands could look to make customers’ purchase journey more immersive and personalised; this could be through offering AR try-ons and allowing beauty buyers to virtually sample products and shades, or by bringing AI into the purchase journey.

In Singapore, over half of beauty buyers say they’d be comfortable using an AIintegrated tool to buy a product or service.

AI could be used to handle customer queries, to provide recommendations, or even create personalised beauty subscriptions based on customer preferences. A good example is personal care company Shiseido’s cutting-edge “smart mirror” known as the Skincare Advisor.

Whatever technology tools companies choose, many beauty buyers in South East Asia are ready to embrace it.


If brands are going to engage with beauty buyers in South East Asia, they’re going to have to embody what these shoppers want.

First off, beauty buyers want brands to be exclusive, trendy, and young. In Singapore, they’re 28 per cent more likely to want ads to make them laugh, and one in four forward on memes weekly. So, keeping on top of the internet culture they’re driving forward could make a big difference. It’s also key to keep beauty buyers excited by releasing limited edition and exclusive collections, for example, a quarterly collection focused on a hero ingredient.

In terms of what these consumers want brands to do, they’re most ahead for improving their online image or reputation, closely followed by running customer communities and offering customised products.

Brands could help improve their customers’ image by highlighting customer success stories, or allowing followers to submit content using their products for a chance to win a prize or be featured.

And when it comes to customised products or services, investing in consultation experiences online or in-store to gauge individual needs and personalise recommendations is a good way to go. This could be particularly appealing to any beauty buyers who suffer with skin complaints.

In a nutshell, the beauty scene is just as big and flexible as ever. The trends we’ve outlined are shaping how we see and snag our favourite products, and beauty brands should be familiar with them if they want to keep their glow. ■

Stephanie is a Senior Trends Analyst at GWI. A pottery prodigy that loves to thrift. When she’s not looking for antiques, you’ll find her hunting for trends.

Shiseido’s cutting-edge ‘smart mirror’.



Chinese e-commerce sales are projected to surge by 62 per cent, reaching over $2 trillion by 2029, surpassing the combined markets of Europe and the US.

The global ecommerce industry continues surging despite supply chain issues, inflation, rising digital advertising costs, and changing consumer behaviour. In 2024, the entire market is expected to gross a whopping US$3.17 trillion ($4.85 trillion), 14 per cent more than last year, and nearly 40 per cent of that value will come from China.

Besides generating far more revenue than any other country, China will also see the biggest sales growth in the following years, which will help it cement its position as the absolute leader in the global e-commerce landscape. According to data presented by, Chinese e-commerce sales are expected to jump by a massive 62 per cent and hit over $2 trillion by 2029, or more than European and US markets combined.



A decade ago, China accounted for less than one per cent of the global ecommerce market. Today, it’s the world`s largest ecommerce industry, generating almost 40 per cent of total sales, and home to some of the biggest ecommerce giants like Alibaba, AliExpress, and Although the country’s ecommerce sector is currently slumping due to the slowdown in the economy, it’s still grossing far more revenue than other top markets. The Statista Market Insights show just how big that difference is.

Despite the current slump, Chinese ecommerce sales are expected to hit US$1.24 trillion ($1.9 trillion) in 2024, 65 per cent more than in the United States and 135 per cent more than in Europe. The US market will generate US$757 billion ($1.159 trillion) in e-commerce sales, while Europeans will spend nearly US$530 billion ($812 billion) on online purchases.

However, Statista expects the Chinese market to make up for lost momentum in the following years, with the country’s ecommerce sales surging by 62 per cent to more than US$2 trillion $3.06 trillion) by 2029. The US market will see a 59 per cent growth in this period, resulting in US$1.14 trillion ($1.75 trillion) worth of e-commerce sales by 2029. The European market follows with a 51 per cent growth and US$811 billion ($1.24 trillion) in sales five years from now.

Statistics also show that, although its ecommerce sales will increase by a whopping US$750 billion ($1.15 trillion) , China will still have a 40 per cent share of the global market. The United States will see its market share drop by one per cent in the following years, while the European market will grow the most and make 22 per cent of global ecommerce sales by 2029, up from 16 per cent this year.


The e-commerce industry will continue thriving mainly due to technologies that have taken the online shopping experience to a whole new level. Artificial intelligence, voice search, AR and VR-enhanced shopping, and personalised customer service have wiped off the differences between online shopping and going into the brick-and-mortar store, turning e-commerce into the number one choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

According to the Statista survey, around 2.3 billion people will shop online in 2024, or 300 million more than last year. Statista expects another one billion people to flock to shopping apps and websites in the next five years, with the total number of users jumping to 3.3 billion. Amazingly, one in five of all online shoppers in 2029 will be from China. Roughly 15 per cent of all users will come from Europe and another nine per cent from the United States. ■

POLARIS+ unveils key insights on wealthy Chinese consumers

POLARIS+ recently released its 2024 Upfront research report, focusing on the consumer behaviours of Chinese Very High Net Worth Individuals (VHNWIs) in Australia.

The study, led by Head of Strategy Rihanna Duan, Head of Accounts Melody Chen and Founder & CEO Jessica Yue, offers critical data for brands aiming to engage with this wealthy demographic.

Despite the current economic climate, the report reveals that Chinese VHNWIs have maintained strong spending power. Jessica, addressing the audience that gathered at Capella Sydney, highlighted that 75 per cent of this group remains confident in their luxury spending for 2024, with a significant portion planning to sustain or increase their expenditure.

The study also delves into the evolving shopping habits of these individuals. While traditional brick-and-mortar stores are still favoured, there’s a noticeable shift towards using online platforms for initial research and repeat purchases, emphasising the need for brands to adopt a dual-channel retail approach.

“Fifty-nine percent prefer in-store trials and purchases, while 54 per cent research online before buying at physical stores, resulting in over 73 per cent of purchases happening offline,” she said.

A major finding of the report is the influence of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and platforms like Xiaohongshu(RED) and WeChat in driving purchase decisions among Chinese VHNWIs. Jessica underscored the necessity for brands to strengthen their presence on these digital platforms to connect effectively with their audience.

Furthermore, the report suggests a shift towards more personalised and relaxed shopping experiences, especially among younger consumers who favour minimal interaction with sales staff. This trend highlights the importance of tailoring in-store experiences to meet diverse customer needs.

Jessica also emphasised the significance of cultural understanding and local market insights in engaging with this audience. The insights were gathered from a survey of 100 Chinese VHNWIs living in Australia, each with assets over $10 million, to better comprehend their shopping and media preferences.

Concluding the event, Jessica unveiled the re-launch of Polaris Media Group to POLARIS+, a new full-service Chinese media agency aimed at connecting brands with the Chinese audience through content and experiences. She highlighted the growing Chinese demographic in Australia, including 1.5 million residents and over 156,000 students.

“POLARIS+ is our response to the evolving needs of this audience, offering tailored services that leverage our understanding of the Chinese media landscape, a content-driven strategy, a comprehensive Very Important Customer (VIC) database, and indepth local research,” she said. ■

From left: POLARIS+ Head of Strategy Rihanna Duan, Founder & CEO Jessica Yue and Head of Accounts Melody Chen.

In the vibrant world of public relations, few stories are as compelling as that of Lucy Brooks, the visionary Founder and Director of Little Bird PR (LBPR). Michelle Ruzzene sits down for a lively chat with Lucy, delving into the sparkling story of LBPR, from its ambitious beginnings in 2014 to its celebrated status in the beauty arena today.


Well, for a start there is nothing like having two children under two to make you re-evaluate your career path! Jokes and realities aside, I saw a gap in the market and there were very few agencies at the time that were truly specialising in managing PR for beauty brands. This is a sector that I am also super passionate about – actually that’s an understatement, I am a complete beauty junkie and have been since I was a teenager! I have extensive knowledge and experience in this space, and it’s also where my long standing and personal relationships with the editors, journalists and influencers are. I knew I could bring this all together to create a truly bespoke, unrivalled service for brands. Over the past decade, the agency’s vision has evolved to encompass not only beauty but also wellness and lifestyle sectors. We’ve also embraced the on-going digital transformations, aligning our strategies with the evolving needs and values of our clients and the brands we work with.”


Like any small business, we’ve encountered challenges, from healthy competition to economic downturns–thanks Covid-19–but by staying adaptable, fostering strong relationships with clients and the media, and continually innovating our approach, I’ve been able to navigate these hurdles and emerge stronger than ever.



I feel so privileged to have been able to work and collaborate with these beauty industry giants so early on in my career. It taught me the importance of strategic thinking, effective communication, and meticulous attention to detail. These experiences instilled a client-centric mindset from the get-go for me and a commitment to delivering exceptional always on results. Something of which continues to drive my overarching approach at LBPR.

Also, funnily enough one of my old clients at P&G has gone on to co found a brand which we now represent, so I built some amazing connections back then that have come full circle!


The industry has undergone significant transformations, particularly with the rise of digital and social media platforms – let’s just say when I started out, we sent all press releases via post and all pitching, and all follow up was done via phone or we took it in turns to dial up to the internet and send a few emails a day! There has also of course been a notable shift towards sustainability, diversity, and authenticity which reflects the ever-changing consumer needs and values.


Gosh, not sure I could pinpoint one over the years to be honest as we’re always so proud of the results we achieve for our clients and the brands we work with. But working with the likes of global beauty brand Flower Beauty and securing the founder Drew Barrymore for a front cover of Gritty Pretty is definitely a highlight. As is launching global haircare brands Oribe and Kristin Ess into Australia, and currently being part of the continued growth of cult SPF brand Airyday and Dermal Therapy in becoming one of Australia’s fastest growing skincare brands. It’s always so exciting to work on brands that you just know the media are going to love!


I have always prioritised open communication and ensured that I’m approachable, transparent, and honest. I have a deep understanding of clients’ objectives and pain points which has resulted in amazing long-term partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

I know it’s sometimes my downfall, but as a founder it’s hard to switch off! I’m always thinking about opportunities for our clients. I’m easily accessible, reliable and I always go over and above every time which I know our clients love and appreciate.


As well as my team, I’m lucky enough to share my office space with another amazing small business and a very close friend and her three employees, so the LBPR working environment has a fun and upbeat vibe most days which means everyone just enjoys coming into work.

Don’t get me wrong, we work hard for our clients, but I don’t sweat the small stuff as life is too short. I just want to execute really great work because I truly love what I do, but I want to have a good laugh along the way, so this definitely helps with office productivity and positivity. As they say, love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life!

I also foster a culture of round table collaboration, creativity, and continuous day to day support and learning – as a

small team, I am so committed about teaching them everything I know and always being available for them and this ensures they feel valued and motivated to excel. Their personal growth is so paramount to me.

Since Covid, I also saw the appreciation of offering more flexible working hours and the benefits of working from home or out of the office, and I won’t change that for the foreseeable future. I know offering this only has a positive impact on our commitment to our clients and the standard of work we deliver never changes, so work/life balance is super important to me and my team.


There will be a greater emphasis on sustainability, personalisation, and authenticity, as well as continued integration of digital technologies such as AI and AR. Influencer marketing will also remain a powerful tool, but with a focus on more genuine connections and authentic meaningful storytelling.


Embrace every opportunity to learn, network, and hone your skills. Stay informed about industry trends, consumer wants and desires, and emerging technologies. And most importantly, be open to learning every day, listen and take on board feedback given to you by someone that has more experience, be passionate, adaptable, and always strive to be the best you can be in everything you do.


We’re planning a little creative thank you send out to our amazing clients and media friends that have been our loyal and fierce supporters from day one. I know my team love a spicy marg, so no doubt we’ll be heading out for one of those soon too! Looking ahead, I will be focusing on expanding our service offerings, fostering our long-term international client partnerships, and further solidifying our position as a leader in beauty, wellness and lifestyle PR and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead! ■

Brandee Meier.
Concept and product
curation: Michelle Ruzzene.



This year looks set to be another positive year for fragrance launches. Despite many retail sectors experiencing a slowdown in sales growth and reports of consumer caution with discretionary spending, Fragrances of the World recorded a seven per cent growth in fragrance launches last year and the first quarter of 2024 has shown no sign of slowing down, with the niche fragrance channel continuing to lead on 16 per cent growth last year, the only channel resulting in double-digit growth for 2023.

In March our evaluation team attended Esxence in Milan. We gathered information and evaluated novelties from 360 niche brands from 30 countries. It was the biggest edition of Esxence to date, surpassing last

year’s figure with more than 12,000 visitors. The energy was undeniable with presenting brands all vying for the attention of distributors and retailers visiting from around the world. Esxence has become the world’s premier event where niche brands promote their artistry and expand their retail footprint.

A smaller but just as successful event, Nez’s first-ever Paris Perfume Week followed Esxence. Paris, a global capital for fashion and perfume, is known for Fashion Week and Nez wanted to create the same awareness for fragrance with over 40 brands presenting their work and 60 conferences, round tables, and workshops across four days. Highlights included masterclasses from renowned perfumers, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato (Parfum d’Empire), Mathilde Laurent


(Cartier) and Francis Kurkdjian (Dior, Maison Francis Kurkdjian).

Fragrance for travel retail continues to influence the number of launches we record. In May the team attended the Tax-Free World Association Exhibition in Singapore and we will attend the annual global summit in Cannes in October. Niche fragrances currently represent 47 per cent of total launches and it is no coincidence that we have seen an increase in the number of niche brands presenting at travel retail trade shows, which in the past have been key events for prestige and mass brands.

In 2023 we added over 3300 fragrances to our database and have recorded over 700 for the first quarter of this year. Here are some of the trends our evaluation team have noticed.

American Legends by Michael Edwards is the long-awaited companion to Perfume Legends, the cult book in which French perfumers spoke openly for the first time about their work and the sources of their inspiration. “There is no book like it,” stated Edmond Roudnitska, the celebrated perfumer.

American Legends documents the evolution, richness and sheer originality of American fragrances from Elizabeth Arden’s Blue Grass (1934) to Le Labo’s Santal 33 (2011). The result is living history, told through the words of the creators behind forty legendary American perfumes.

Michael Edwards will be presenting the book in Australia in the spring following a hugely successful book tour in the United States where he gave lectures at the Fashion Institute of Technology, American Society of Perfumers and a special presentation at International Flavors and Fragrances, which played a pivotal role in the evolution of American perfumery for over half a century. The tour continued in the United Kingdom with the Fragrance Foundation UK and the British Society of Perfumers and more recently at the World Perfumery Congress in Switzerland.

American Legends is available from and opportunities to hear Michael Edwards speak about his latest book in Australia will be announced soon.


Consumer demand for long-lasting fragrances impacts olfactory trends. We’ve seen an ongoing increase in woody and ambery fragrances where ingredients like birch tar, agarwood, labdanum and Ambrox help create diffusive and tenacious fragrances. Amber notes, some based on vanilla and labdanum, made famous by Guerlain Shalimar, as well as modern dry amber accords, which reference ambergris, are all popular themes in perfumery right now.

Examples of the trend

• Laboratorio Olfattivo Amberbomb

• Jo Loves Amber Lime & Bergamot

• Abercrombie & Fitch Amber Cove


Cooling, icy effects added to woody notes like cedarwood, sandalwood or patchouli. Often paired with camphorous aromatic notes, berries and citruses. The result is woody fragrance that has the warmth and robust sensation of heartwood but also a chilled breezy alpine effect that feels invigorating, adventurous and spirited.

Examples of the trend

• Montblanc Explorer Platinum

• Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Marine

• Moncler Le Bois Glacé



Tuberose is a perennial note in perfumery but there has been a noticeable increase in white floral fragrances lately which centre around notes of tuberose, jasmine, orange flower and ylang ylang. A versatile floral signature, tuberose can be paired with shimmering musks and aldehydes to portray a luminous, delicate flower or be paired with narcotic flowers, leather and woody-amber notes for a nocturnal, seductive scent.

Examples of the trend

• Maison Crivelli Tubéreuse Astrale

• BDK 312 Saint-Honoré

• Givenchy L’Interdit Millésime Tubéreuse Noire


Playful fruity notes previously reserved for a younger demographic are paired with sophisticated woody, ambery or tobacco accords. Star ingredients include cherry, mango, strawberry, banana, tropical fruit and fruit liqueurs. These new contrasts result in fragrances that feel fun, flirtatious and young, but still refined, elegant and mature.

Examples of the trend

• Sospiro Maraschino

• Jusbox Carioca Heart

• Flâner Manhattan Cherry


Fragrances that highlight vanilla in their names are trending. Playing on the sensual yet comforting scent of vanilla, this timelessly elegant ingredient is often paired with amber notes, tonka bean, incense, musks, mandarin, white floral notes and salicylates.

Examples of the trend

• Tom Ford Vanilla Sex

• Matiere Premiere Vanilla Powder

• Ormonde Jayne Vanille des Afriques


passion and Jo Loves:


Joanne (Jo) Malone CBE is a testament to where passion and perseverance can lead. Starting as a facial therapist, Jo discovered her knack for creating enticing scents while making skincare products in her kitchen. This hobby blossomed into Jo Malone London, a brand that quickly rose to international fame, defining itself as a staple in the luxury fragrance market. After selling the company to Estée Lauder in 1999 and serving as its Creative Director until 2006, Jo faced personal hardships that would set the stage for her next big venture: Jo Loves. This brand made a striking debut at Myer and recently inaugurated a standalone boutique in Sydney’s Strand Arcade, marking a new chapter in her fragrant legacy.

o’s journey through the world of fragrance is marked by both creativity and overcoming adversity. Helping her father with art sales and dealing with dyslexia from a young age, Jo learned to channel her challenges into her creative process, turning obstacles into opportunities. Reflecting on her formative years, Jo states, “I started as a young kid with no qualifications, but a deep passion for creating.” This passion led her to build an iconic brand that resonated globally.

Her subsequent personal battle with breast cancer forced her to step away from Jo Malone London—a decision driven by necessity rather than desire. Jo shares, “I had to leave my first company not because I wanted to, but because my treatment made it impossible to continue.” This pivotal moment was not the end but a reinvention that gave birth to Jo Loves.

Jo Loves embodies Jo’s lifelong passion for fragrance and her dedication to storytelling through scent. “Creating Jo Loves was not just about crafting fragrances; it was about reinventing myself and telling my story through scents,” Jo explains. Despite facing initial setbacks with packaging and distribution, which Jo openly discusses, her determination never waned. “The first two years were tough. We had everything wrong—the packaging,

the distribution. But it was crucial for us to learn and evolve,” she reflects.

Each fragrance Jo creates is a narrative, woven from the threads of her life experiences, designed to evoke specific memories and emotions. “Each fragrance I create includes a piece of my life story, whether it’s inspired by moments of beauty, struggle, or joy,” she notes, revealing the intimate connection between her creations and her personal history.

Innovation continues to be a hallmark of Jo’s approach, particularly evident in her retail spaces. Jo has designed her stores to be more than mere shops; they are creative havens where customers can engage in the art of fragrance creation, akin to a cocktail bar for scents. “Our stores are not just shops; they are creative spaces where people can explore and create their unique scents,” she proudly states.

As Jo looks to the future, her enthusiasm for the potential of Jo Loves is palpable. “Our journey is just beginning. We have new fragrances launching soon, and I can’t wait to see where our scents will take us next,” she expresses with optimism.

Jo warmly invites everyone to partake in the sensory experience that Jo Loves offers, emphasising the brand’s communityoriented ethos: “Our dream is fuelled by our brand and the wonderful people who support us. I invite everyone to come and

explore the world of Jo Loves, to create and to discover the stories we tell through our fragrances.”

Symbolised by the iconic red dot, Jo’s creative integrity permeates every aspect of Jo Loves, marking each product with a promise of quality and authenticity. From a humble kitchen in London to a globally recognised fragrance icon, Jo Malone’s journey is a narrative of enduring passion, resilience, and an unyielding pursuit of creativity. Jo Loves stands as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and scent enthusiasts, proving that from simple beginnings can arise a legacy of extraordinary impact. ■

Jo Malone




As a self-confessed Bachie fan, witnessing Sam Wood and Snezana (Snez) Markoski’s love story unfold from the start back in 2015 has been nothing short of magical. The two met on the third season of The Bachelor when Snez was the first contestant to step out of the limo. They quickly formed a new family with her daughter Eve, and since then, the couple has married and welcomed three gorgeous girls, expanding their joyous family to six. Last year, leveraging Sam’s fitness expertise, they launched a new protein range called 28GO!, named after the fitness app Sam developed and later sold to myDNA for a reported $71 million in 2022. I recently had the pleasure of catching up with the genetically blessed couple at their stunningly renovated Sorrento holiday home to delve into the details of their range launching into Chemist Warehouse, reflecting their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to health and wellness.

The idea for 28GO! was born from a deep understanding of community needs and the desire to fill a gap in the wellness market. “We listened to the calls for a protein supplement that was both nutritious and user-friendly, and that’s how 28GO! came to life,” Sam recounts. The couple’s dedication to their fitness community’s wishes has been a driving force behind the brand’s development, ensuring that each product aligns with their rigorous standards for health and transparency.


Navigating a market flooded with misleading health products, Sam saw an opportunity to introduce honesty and effectiveness through 28GO! “Our community expressed a need for transparent and straightforward nutritional products,” Sam says. “They were tired of deciphering confusing labels and falling prey to clever marketing. With Snez’s encouragement, we envisioned a product line that embodies purity and simplicity, focusing on genuine health benefits rather than superficial promises.”


As a busy mother-of-four, Snez’s passion for holistic health is important. She highlighted the interconnections between beauty and wellness, aiming to empower others with her insights.

“I’ve noticed that as I age, my interest in beauty supplements, especially collagen, has increased significantly,” she explains. “Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to collagen, but over time, as I’ve noticed the natural degradation of collagen in my body, its importance has become more apparent. This realisation played a big role in my decision to integrate collagen into my daily protein intake, recognising its benefits not just for my skin but also for my joint health, which becomes increasingly crucial as I grow older. My goal is to make this supplementation a regular part of my routine to help manage age-related changes like joint stiffness and maintain overall wellness.”


Snezana found entering the supplement industry daunting but prioritised creating welcoming, effective, and enjoyable products. They both believe the best supplement is one you’re happy to take daily.

“Venturing into the supplement industry was daunting at first,” admits Snezana. “But I knew it was important to create something welcoming and non-intimidating. We focused on creating formulas that are effective yet enjoyable to consume. It was imperative that our products not only work well but also taste delightful. After all, the best supplement is the one you’re happy to take every day.”


Achieving the right balance between health benefits and taste was a crucial aspect of their product development. Sam elaborates, “We strived to create a formula that stands out by its high health rating and its flavour. It’s about making sure our customers feel good about what they consume, knowing it’s packed with benefits and still tastes great. This dual focus has set 28GO! apart in a crowded market.”


Reflecting on their journey from conceptualisation to market, Sam and Snez share that the development of 28GO! was a labour of love, marked by endless testing and refinement. “It required a blend of scientific research, consumer feedback, and personal dedication to perfect the products,” Snez notes. “Each sample was a step closer to our vision of ideal health supplements.” ■

The smoothie bowl station.
Snez, Sam and Eve at their Mount Martha holiday home.
The 28GO! range is now available at Chemist Warehouse.
Sam invited media including myself into his beautiful home.



In case you haven’t noticed, breathwork is hot right now.
By Kate Kendall OF

It’s no longer considered as just something for the spiritually and athletically elite but, more and more, an incredibly powerful way to regulate ourselves in all kinds of life situations.

In many integrative health clinics around the globe breathwork is being prescribed as an antidote to PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic sleep issues, lack of energy and focus.

Professionals and creatives, domestic goddesses and CFO’s are turning to their lungs and their capacity to down regulate the nervous system in an instant as well as access repressive thoughts and narratives that are keeping us all ‘small’ and trapped in a vicious cycle.

With the breath, we become our own heroes; our own healers; our own pharmacists.

Late last year I was approached by a group to come up with a six-month mindfulness program. They didn’t quite know what they wanted so the question I posed was, “What’s the pain point for your team?” I created a survey and the overwhelming response was overwhelm

Overwhelm is a state in which there is a high resistance to stress. We tell our bodies (often through shallow breathing) that this is too much and to shut down. Our bodies tense up and we feel less connected to the world that we are a part of.

And this group was not alone. Overwhelm is a universal state. On the upside, this makes it less personal.

And with enough Spiritual Fitness, which, just like our physical fitness takes dedication, we can remember to pause in high stress situations. From the pause we can look at what’s going on for us from a higher perspective and from a place of calm.

But the breath comes first.

And it’s called Breath ‘Work’ for a reason. Having a regular practice will grant us more emotional and physical freedom but it takes discipline and consistency.

The pay off, however, is life changing. Literally.


The yogis call it Pranayama which loosely translates to extension of life force through which there are hundreds of techniques designed to achieve certain states or for cleansing the body. All pranayama is intended to act like a tool on the pathway towards awakening.

So, although the yogis have been practicing breathwork for centuries, people like the Dutch ‘Iceman’, Wim Hof and Patrick McKeown have popularised breathwork for athletic performance as well as increasing focus and productivity every day. We’re also seeing a rise of Shamanic styles or Conscious Connected breathing techniques to access what we call ‘non-ordinary’ states.

“...with enough Spiritual Fitness, which, just like our physical fitness takes dedication, we can remember to pause in high stress situations. From the pause we can look at what’s going on for us from a higher perspective and from a place of calm. But the breath comes first.”


You get curious. You explore. There are literally hundreds of styles and practices out there so it can be hard to sift through and find what’s relevant, but I set out a pathway for students who participate in my Spiritually Fit program which runs for three months and has a huge focus on the power of the breath and the practices that go with it.

Formal Breathwork:

Designed to be used every day and will incorporate techniques to retrain the breath encouraging increased focus and energy – ideal for the beginning of the day and / or those that are down regulating in nature encouraging deeper rest – ideal for the evening.

Informal Every Day:

This is where we train ourselves to breathe through the nose and into the belly. At first it becomes a practice and then more natural. In this way we’re activating the parasympathetic nerve receptors which will breed a state of ‘trust’; a feeling of being at ease and better able to respond to stress.

Both the formal and informal help us set a default mode of ‘ease’ and ‘trust’ in the body and give us the ability to respond to stress and overwhelm with intelligence. They gift us the power of the pause. Being able to step back from a stressful situation or trigger and see things from a higher perspective.

And then there are the bigger experiences that we’re starting to see more in group situations. This coming together to breathe with one another and share our experiences in the context of a ceremony type setting. I refer to these as Breath Journeys which are Therapeutic in nature.

Therapeutic Practices:

These settings allow us to access non-ordinary states, places where we move beyond the analytical mind and the limbic brain and into the subconscious. This is especially useful for releasing old and stuck emotions and traumatic experiences held within the tissues of the body. With this style of breathing which has many names (sometimes referred to as Shamanic, Conscious Connected or Super Ventilation) we can often feel a range of emotions and experience different states. Participants feel anything from repressed sadness and grief to repressed bliss and joy. With a skilled breath coach or facilitator, most participants leave these settings with a new sense of optimism and aliveness. ■

To learn more about breathwork with Kate Kendall visit



How Fashion Labels Are Mastering the Beauty Game

Ihave been surprised at the number of fashion houses taking up the beauty mantle once they have established their fashion labels. Without exception, they are all doing it so well, producing beauty products of excellence that also further symbolise their fashion ethos. There is a natural link; to do fashion well, you need to understand women and aesthetics. Following on with beauty can easily be the next logical step, which so many fashion houses have now proven.

One of the pioneers in a fashion label also offering beauty products was Coco Chanel. In 1910, she launched the Chanel fashion house. Then, in 1921, she launched her first fragrance, Chanel No. 5. She obviously spent so much time and research

In 1921, Coco Chanel. aunched her first fragrance, Chanel No. 5.

In 1957, Givenchy launched its first beauty offering, L’Interdit, a fragrance, which is just as popular today. Audrey absolutely loved it. It smelled like her, totally feminine with a little bit of fun thrown in. In 1989, Givenchy launched makeup and then skincare. Le Prisme Visage, which was a 4-in-1 face powder, was one of Givenchy’s early beauty products which was much loved by Audrey. This product revolutionized makeup as it was four variants of colour, which could be applied separately or mixed together depending on the colour and texture needs of the user’s skin. This product is still one of their top makeup sellers.

Hermès was way before Chanel on the fashion scene. In 1837, they launched their accessories label. They did not launch beauty until much later. They launched their candles and perfume in 2014. Then in 2020, Hermès launched their lipsticks. I understand that they did not want to bring out any other beauty products until they felt they were 100 per cent representative of the high Hermès standard. Nail polishes followed and recently makeup was launched. The Hermès beauty products are proving to be must-have products, just like their fashion.


“Chanel offers a full selection of not just fragrance, but makeup and skincare as well, all with the same
of timelessness and excellence.”

getting it right that it is still, to this day, one of Chanel’s biggest sellers. Today, Chanel offers a full selection of not just fragrance, but makeup and skincare as well, all with the same level of timelessness and excellence.

Dior followed, launching fashion in 1947, then their beauty line in 1986. Today, both houses offer a full complement of beauty products from skincare, fragrance, to makeup. Dior beauty is a firm favourite of many actresses and royalty to this day.

Givenchy followed the trend. In 1952, they launched fashion with a key emphasis on separates. Their route to first-class beauty was a little different. Audrey Hepburn started to wear their fashion label in 1954 for her film Sabrina. Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey struck up a friendship which lasted until she passed away. She was a combination of friend and muse. Hubert de Givenchy was heard to say following her death that “She was an enchantress, truly inspiring and beauty and fairies never disappear altogether.” Audrey was the inspiration behind Givenchy’s fashion as well as their beauty products. Before any Givenchy beauty product was launched, Audrey had to give it her seal of approval.

Tom Ford launched his fashion label in 2005 and by 2006 he had signed with Estée Lauder to distribute and oversee. In 2022, Estée Lauder bought the Tom Ford beauty business. The essence of Tom Ford beauty is, and always will be, glamour and class. This is reflected in each and every product, whether it is fashion or beauty, that Tom Ford brings out. His latest lipsticks, for example, come in some of the most beautiful shades imaginable.

One of the latest fashion brands to start making beauty products was La Perla

The brand launched in 1954, specialising in evening wear, lingerie, and swimwear. Women today still dream of the opportunity to own a wardrobe of La Perla lingerie. In 2019, La Perla launched a selection of unique fragrances. Lipsticks, mascaras, and eyebrow products are now available with more products on the way. Each product is as special as the sought-after lingerie which is their trademark. One of their first makeup products was their lipsticks, which are available in refills, making them much more environmentally friendly.

I feel sure that fashion brands also bringing out beauty products will be the norm and not the exception, following on from the great success which these brands have been able to achieve. ■

Hermès lipstick and nail polish

Have you met...



Beauty YouTube! My childhood best friend forced me to watch hundreds of makeup tutorials from UK makeup artists and enthusiasts. I got hooked, bought the urban decay naked palette and the rest was history.


It started when I was the friend in my high school friendship group that would always get asked to do everyone’s formal and birthday makeup. However, it wasn’t till I had a really tough first year at university that I realised I needed to have a creative outlet and follow my passion.


Claire Walker, better known as Claire Bridgett to her hundreds of thousands of followers, is a sensation on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Michelle Ruzzene explores how this former Mecca Zone Manager and Marketing Assistant, who holds a degree in PR & Comms, skillfully combined her expertise to achieve huge success on social media.

I actually have always created content on Instagram and even did a little YouTube back in the day but I actually decided to give it a good crack in Melbourne’s second lockdown because I couldn’t land a job or even unpaid internship in my field of beauty PR & marketing. I saw posting on TikTok as an opportunity to up skill. I knew TikTok was the way of the future for marketing and saw it as a ‘two birds one stone / no brainer’ as I loved creating beauty content but also craved a job that used my university degree and needed relevant experience.


I base a lot of my content around concerns and questions customers had at Mecca, which was where I was working when I started my TikTok. I also base it on my online community’s pain points in doing their own makeup. I’m there to service them, it’s really not about me but I’m just lucky I love teaching all things beauty.


Five best products to buy at Mecca from an ex employee. This went absolutely bonkers and took everything to the next level for me. I’ve actually brought back the series recently and talk about the five best products to buy from every single brand.


I try to read and respond to as many comments as possible. I use their comments as inspiration for what content I make to ensure I’m engaged in their needs.


I actually love learning about TikTok and Instagram marketing techniques online. I spend a lot of time researching how to better my content and implement these strategies daily. I’m always learning and thinking about a new way to improve which always leads to innovative ideas.


Hands down has to be being flown to LA to meet and create content with Selena Gomez for Rare Beauty.


Consistency over perfection. Have a purpose and reach for the stars.


All my collaborations mean a lot to me because I truly only work with brands I love and would recommend for free. I will shout out La Roche Posay as they gave me the confidence to quit my 9-5 and do this full time. They also make some of the best skincare on the market and introduced me to one of the best skincare item ever, their Cicaplast Baume b5+!


I’m LOVING the new Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Luminous Powder Blushes. They give that beautiful Sabrina Carpenter flushed glow. I’m also obsessed with the L’Oréal Lumi Glotion.


Charlotte Tilbury for sure. When I see her makeup, both her products and her signature glam it brings me so much joy. It’s always so special but never too much. It’s what I want to look like daily but I’m honestly too lazy for that and just leave it for special occasions.



I’m loving a little bit of a darker lip and cheek. Leaning into deep mauves and reds but still keeping it quite neutral has been super fun to play with as the Melbourne temperature continues to significantly drop. ■

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Luminous Powder Blush.

An often neglected but crucial area to take care of is our lips! Lips are in many ways the star of the show, the main event, especially when makeup is involved. But, with such delicate outer skin and no oil glands, lips are easily dried and cracked, particularly through winter. Being such a focal point of our face, dry lips can be super obvious, and although we don’t mean to purposely dry them out, it can happen so easily and quickly. The main visible lip area is between three and five cellular layers thick, compared to the 16 layers of facial skin, making it no wonder our lips are more sensitive to drying out and chapping during the cooler months.



By now, summer is a distant memory, and you may be experiencing the winter blues with its cold mornings, 50 shades of grey days, and rainy nights—not to mention the skin issues caused by the cold outside air and the ever-so-drying indoor heating! Hopefully, we’re all aware of the extra skin prep needed during winter to prevent our skin from literally drying out. One word, BARRIER CREAM! Okay, that’s two words, but you get my drift. It’s the perfect time to remind customers to protect and layer extra moisture in winter for better skin health.

Lip Prep

As a Makeup Artist, lip prep is as essential as skin prep for every makeup session—it’s non-negotiable. No matter how skilled you are or how high-quality your products may be, the final look is only as good as the skin underneath, and that includes the lips.

My personal favourite lip balm is the Dermal Therapy Original. I keep one in my car, house, gym bag—everywhere! It’s a lifesaver during these cold months. Note: It does come in flavours, but I find the original formula works best. It’s also available in an SPF version, and there’s an overnight lip treatment for those times you might forget to prep your lips.

In my professional makeup kit, my go-to product for lips—and many other uses—is the iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I apply a generous amount to the lips during the skin prep stage for every makeup application, ensuring that any lip product applied afterward bonds seamlessly to the lips. Bonus: It’s incredibly versatile and can be used anywhere on the body as a nourishing treatment for dry, flaky, or cracked skin. I’ve even used it as a skin highlighter and body gloss.

It’s crucial to treat the lip area with the same gentleness as the eye area. Yes, skincare products can be applied over the lips, but be cautious with strong actives like retinol, as you don’t want to unintentionally dry them out. Maintaining moisture and incorporating very light exfoliation are key to ensuring that all lip makeup adheres perfectly to your lips and provides longlasting wear.

Winter Lip Trends

Everyone wants to wear makeup that feels weightless on their skin, especially on the lips, a sensitive and frequently moving part of the face. It’s essential to engage customers in conversation about their makeup experiences, particularly if they ever feel any discomfort, as this can help you recommend better solutions for their skin.

For lips, it’s important to inquire about their current products and any issues with dryness, as well as their desired appearance and feel. This understanding helps achieve the best results with lip makeup, as what’s on trend might not always be suitable for everyone.

In my experience, products packaged in a traditional lipstick bullet and labeled as matte tend to dry out quicker than those in liquid lip packaging. Liquid lipsticks represent a more modern approach to matte finishes, but if the formula is too thin, it can dry quickly and form a tight seal that might crack later in the day. On the other hand, a thicker, creamier matte formula applies more smoothly and sets gradually, offering a more comfortable wear.

This winter, I’m particularly fond of two lip finishes. I’ve been quietly obsessed with a velvety matte lip that looks cloudlike—creamy, fully pigmented, and almost blurred. It draws focus in a subtler way compared to the eye-catching shine of a gloss. However, wearing a matte finish

in winter can be tricky if your lips are even slightly dry. Skin prep is crucial, but choosing a high-quality, creamy matte texture can ensure comfort throughout the day.

My top choices for cloud-like, velvet matte lipsticks include the Fenty Beauty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick, which offers a comfortable formula and a variety of shades to choose from.

Another favourite, particularly for those who love nude shades, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Velvet. It provides a cushioned, comfortable matte finish that feels wonderful even in winter!

If matte isn’t your style, even if it’s cloud-like and comfortable, my next best recommendation for winter is a satin lip— and I’ve found some real gems! A satin finish provides a light sheen with more pigment than a gloss or sheer lipstick, but slightly less intensity than a true matte. It’s one of my favorite finishes because it makes any lips look full and conditioned, feels lightweight, and is perfect for winter comfort.

Makeup By Mario, crafted by a master of the trade who now runs a brand known for its exquisite pigments and textures, has released a Satin Lip range. I’m slightly obsessed with the shades and texture of these lipsticks.

Another top pick for a satin finish that feels comfortable is the Nars Afterglow Sensual Shine Lipstick. It offers beautiful

shades and is quite long-lasting for a satin finish, with hybrid ingredients that moisturise the skin.

In conclusion, it’s important to address customers’ concerns, especially in winter, as everyone’s skin and lips react differently to the cold and dry conditions. While you may love a product for yourself or others, it may not work for everyone. In winter, we usually need to enhance moisture, protect the skin barrier, and adjust makeup textures and finishes—lips are no exception, and in some cases, they require even more attention! ■



Navigating the Blossoming World of Asian Makeup Trends in Australia

Hello, beauty mavens! Dive into the rich tapestry of Asian makeup trends with me and discover how they’re shaking up our Aussie beauty game. Through lively Instagram chats with a kaleidoscope of Asian beauty buffs, I’ve uncovered some trends that are totally turning heads—way different from what you usually see Down Under. So, grab your makeup bag and let’s explore these fab trends, dishing out some savvy tips for Australian retailers eager to meet the refined tastes of their Asian clientele.


Asian beauty is all about ‘Skinimalism’—that flawless look with minimal fuss. It’s all about a fresh, dewy finish that’s miles apart from the bold Aussie glam. The goal? Make folks double-take and wonder if you’re even wearing makeup!

Retailer Tip: Stock up on airy BB and CC creams that offer a touch of cover while pampering the skin. Cushion foundations or tinted moisturisers with skincare perks like hydration or brightening are total crowd-pleasers.

@icybutterfly picks: A buildable long-wear foundation with skin treatment benefit, applied with a brush and then patted down with a wet sponge for seamless blending. On rushed days, a light coverage cushion foundation saves the day. A medium coverage concealer that only goes onto wherever is needed, finished with a translucent setting powder for a luminous effect.


It’s all about soft, feathery brows that enhance what you’ve got, rather than remaking it—quite the contrast to Australia’s love for bold, statement brows.

Retailer Tip: Bring in fine-tipped brow pencils, tinted gels, and powders. A little birdie told me that my Asian pals adore lighter brow shades—there’s definitely a chance to school your customers on finding that perfect shade match to create a more balanced look.

@icybutterfly picks: Begin by feathering a softer shade through the brows. Use a darker pencil to fill any gaps and define the shape, then draw individual lines upwards and downwards with an even deeper shade to mimic real brow hairs. Top it off with a gel to set everything in place.


The gradient lip, a darling of K-Dramas, where the inner lips are deeper than the outer edges creating that covetable justbitten look, is a major hit. This trend differs significantly from the full lip coverage or bold lip colours common in the West. And guess what? It’s evolved! Now, we’re playing with subtle contours and shades that add a whole new dimension.

Retailer Tip: Showcase lip tints over the usual lipsticks and demo that oh-so-chic gradient effect at your counters.

Pro Tip: A slightly darker lipliner feathered onto the inner lips, and drawn a tad upward at the corners, can fake a forever smile.

@icybutterfly picks: Start by applying a natural colour lip tint across the lips using a lip brush. Then, intensify the middle of the lips with a liquid lipstick for that perfect pop. For a glossy finish, seal the deal by layering a glossy topcoat to lock in the intensified shade and add that irresistible shine.


Forget the fierce wings; Asian trends are about soft, understated eyeliner looks.

Retailer Tip: Stock a variety of precise eyeliners, from brush-tip pens to creamy gel liners. Maybe even hold a class on mastering the art of subtle eye definition—think soft, dreamy lines that whisper drama.

Pro Tip: Did you notice many Asian beauty enthusiastic love drawing fake bottom lashes by liquid liners to create a doll-like look? Show them a fine tip liquid eyeliner, they will fall in love instantly.

@icybutterfly picks: Draw a guide line with an eyeliner pencil. This step prevents the thickening the eyeliner unnecessarily when trying to even it out on both sides, and helps the liquid eyeliner last longer.


Double eyelid tape is a staple for many looking to enhance their natural eye shape— a novel idea outside of Asian beauty circles.

Retailer Tip: Teach your customers how to apply makeup that complements the tape invisibly, ensuring a look that’s both striking and natural. Don’t forget to show how different applications change eye shape!

@icybutterfly picks: The edge of the tape can be tricky to blend seamlessly. Apply a thin layer of cream eyeshadow as a smooth film to help conceal the edges of the tape. Additionally, it holds everything in place.


In Asian beauty, more is more when it comes to skincare. Layering is key to achieving that glowing, well-nourished skin.


Make your beauty space a welcoming hub for all by understanding the products and shades that best resonate with Asian aesthetics.

Retailer Tip: Education is key—train your staff in cultural sensitivity and encourage advisors who are clued in on Asian beauty standards to share their tips and tricks. It’s all about making everyone feel at home.


Keep the buzz alive with workshops, demos, and live sessions that dive deep into these trends. Not only will this position your store as a hotspot for the latest in global beauty, but it’ll also build a community of informed, enthusiastic beauty lovers.

By embracing these hot Asian beauty trends, Australian retailers can truly cater to a diverse and dynamic demographic, enriching our beauty landscape. Let’s fling open the doors to our beauty counters and celebrate a world of beauty that’s inclusive, exciting, and unendingly beautiful.

Let’s make beauty a universal language spoken fluently across all shores! ■


“A slightly darker lipliner feathered onto the inner lips, and drawn a tad upward at the corners, can fake a forever smile.”

Retailer Tip: Offer a well-rounded selection of skincare goodies—from essences to serums and moisturisers. Why not throw in a personalised skincare consultation to sweeten the deal?

Pro Tip: Introduce alternative AM and PM skincare routines.

@icybutterfly picks: Instead of applying an extra layer of product over your entire face and avoid overloading skin, consider using a spot treatment to target specific areas of concern.


Have you been to a really great business function? What made it so great?

Was it innovative speakers?

Information that directly helped you in your role? Was it challenging?

Inspirational? Motivational? Was it the friendly atmosphere? Amazing catering?

Probably you have also experienced memorable events for the wrong reasons –boring, irrelevant, impersonal…

At Accord, we know that everyone is too busy to waste time on events that don’t add value. That’s why we have a diverse offering of events and training—in person and online—that cater to the broad range of businesses we represent. We have offerings for leadership, management, regulatory and sustainability professionals to build knowledge, extend capacity and grow networks.

“Our Cosmetic CEO Roundtable in February brought together industry leaders to discuss priority issues, especially in relation to packaging sustainability.”

• Our Industry Briefings, Conferences and Insight Hours cover a range of current and emerging issues, providing valuable insights, building awareness of big-picture industry issues and facilitating relationships with external stakeholders and organisations.

• Regulatory training helps equip regulatory personnel to ensure that their member business is compliant and prepared for any upcoming changes.

• Whether at Industry Dinners, Roundtables, or informally in the breaks and sidelines of other events, networking is invaluable for developing professional connections (and friendships), sharing knowledge and potentially sparking new ideas.

Accord has already hosted a few events this year.

We ran our ever-popular Australian Regulatory Basics Training in February. This one-day course provided an introductory overview of the regulatory system that affects the Australian beauty and personal care sector. And it’s complex! This full day of free member training attracted 90 Accord Member company registrants.

Our Cosmetic CEO Roundtable in February brought together industry leaders to discuss priority issues, especially in relation to packaging sustainability. Accord is always looking for opportunities to magnify positive environmental and social impacts through industry-led initiatives; our highly successful BeadRecede campaign to remove microbeads from rinse-off products is one stand-out example of this, and the wonderful Look Good Feel Better has been the beauty industry’s flagship charity program for many years.

In March our Industry Leaders’ Dinner at Melbourne’s trendy Bar Lourinhã was an opportunity to network and enjoy the company of industry colleagues.

And as we write, we are looking forward to our mid-year AGM Seminar. This— given the major sustainability regulations coming up—has a sustainability flavour. Linda Romanovska, Partner at RSM,

on the scope of the upcoming climate reporting requirements, who will be affected (not just reporting entities!) and what businesses can be prioritising now.

Chris Foley, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation CEO, on packaging challenges facing both regulators and industry in Australia. Shannon Coombs from our sister organisation, with a sustainability update from the Canadian industry’s perspective, including on postconsumer waste recovery initiatives. And for all the CEOs/CFOs in the room, Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist at HSBC, with a post-budget economic update and financial year outlook.

In August we will hold our annual Canberra Day event. This will showcase our industry to government colleagues and we will hear about policy and regulatory developments that impact all businesses direct from government policy officials. To build on the priorities expanded by our industry leaders’ panel last year, we will host a ‘You can’t ask that’ Q&A for our government colleagues on the things they’ve always wanted to know about working within industry.

And throughout the year we will continue to host online Insight Hours on key topics of interest and relevance as these arise. Most recently the ACCC spoke about their product safety supplier recall guideline. Other popular topics have included market and economic trends, forthcoming policy and regulatory developments, as well as case studies and other advances in sustainability.

We aim for all our events to be impactful and helpful to our Member businesses and their internal teams…and memorable for all the right reasons!

Is your business a Member of Accord? We look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Accord Australasia is the peak body representing companies operating in the cosmetic, fragrance, personal care and toiletries sector – from multinationals to small Australian-owned businesses, importers to local manufacturers. ■


cancer support

Cancer support charity Look Good Feel Better once again brought together almost 500 guests from the cosmetic and fragrance industries along with their partners in retailing, media, publishing, and supply to celebrate their annual Dream Ball.

Hosted by The Star, Sydney, the evening saw over $320,000 raised. This vital funding will allow 3,200 cancer patients across the country to access the Look Good Feel Better program over the coming year.

The charity’s Patron Kerri-Anne Kennerley took the stage as Master of Ceremonies, and Ambassadors Zoe Foster Blake, Eleanor Pendleton, and Ruchi Page joined as special guests for the evening. Look Good Feel Better participant Pam Clifford shared her own experience, and how grateful she is that the industry remains

dedicated to supporting those undergoing cancer treatment through the program. Pam said; “Attending a workshop like this is something no-one forgets. The learning, the gifts of the Confidence Kits, the kindness, the comradeship and being able to talk to others going through a similar experience takes away some of the fear. The feeling of confidence when you walk away is unbelievable. My partner said the huge smile I brought home after the workshop that stayed on my face for the next few days was the best thing about the whole experience.

“My experience with Look Good Feel Better made a significant difference in my life so I would like to thank each and every one of you who kindly donates and supports the program. Please continue to give generously in support of those of us who need the emotional and mental gift for the soul that the program provides.”

Chair of the Cancer Patients Foundation Board, Rosi Fernandez, offered her own words of appreciation for the industry’s ongoing commitment to such an important cause. Rosi said, “I feel a tremendous sense of pride towards our industry and the collective efforts that we invest. Each of us plays a vital role in contributing to confidence. Through our products and our services, we empower people to feel their best and find their sense of self, each and every day.

“What fills me with even greater pride is that, as an industry, we come together when it matters most. We set aside market competitiveness to champion a crucial cause. Our unity provides products, manpower, and funds, ensuring those undergoing cancer treatment across the country regain their sense of self through the Look Good Feel Better program.”

Look Good Feel Better has supported over 180,000 Australians undergoing cancer treatment across the country since the program’s inception in 1990 and is the only charity uniting the cosmetic and fragrance industries and their partners to help Australians face cancer with confidence.

For sponsorship opportunities or to be a part of Dream Ball 2025, email Look Good Feel Better’s Event & Campaign Specialist Cathy Tolpigin at cathy.tolpigin@

To view more images from Dream Ball, visit Look Good Feel Better’s Facebook page @ LGFBAustralia and to see the list of generous donors and contributors, visit dream-ball. Photography: Lisa Thompson Photographer. ■





01. From left Eleanor Pendleton, Rosi Fernandez, Carol Kavurma, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Zoe Foster Blake and Ruchi Page.
The auctioneer in action.
Guests were entertained with live music.
Look Good Feel Better’s GM Carol Kavurma
The ball include a wishing tree.

Out & About


Amperna launched its latest product, the Pro+ Advanced Brightening Serum, over breakfast at Reign, QVB. Founded by Kiri Yanchenko following her own severe skin and health challenges, Amperna is brand dedicated to creating holistic, sensitive skincare solutions. Hosted by beauty aficionado Kelly McCarren, the event featured a panel discussion with Kiri, as well as clinical nutritionist Pernille Jensen and skinfluencer Liz Clair who discussed the importance of taking a holist approach to skin health. They discussed the brand’s latest serum, which combines powerful ingredients like Oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R) and Alpha Arbutin, derived from blueberry, cranberry, and bearberry leaves, to address melanin overproduction, uneven skin tones, and dark spots caused by acne or sun damage. It stands out as the first probiotic brightening serum on the market, targeting three pathways to pigmentation and designed for first-time users and sensitive skin types.

Michelle Ruzzene covers the latest product launch events showcasing the best in retail beauty.

01. Business and life partners Wesley Taylor and Kiri Yanchenko
02. The event was held over breakfast at Reign
03. It stands out as the first probiotic brightening serum on the market. 04. A guest learns more about the Pro+ Advanced Brightening Serum
05. The panel from left Pernille Jensen, Liz Clair, Kiri Yanchenko and Kelly McCarren
Photos: Esteban La Tessa.


Sonia Amoroso, founder of Freezeframe, and brand ambassador Sonia Kruger hosted a captivating event at Mimi’s, Coogee, bringing together industry insiders for a luncheon to discuss their brand partnership and showcase Freezeframe’s latest launch. Against the backdrop of Mimi’s elegant ambiance, guests were treated to an immersive experience, where they delved into the essence Freezeframe’s philosophy and witnessed firsthand the allure of their products, including the 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze Ice Roller Mask, which combines clinical levels of wrinkle freezing peptides, super hydrating coconut water, and a built in ice-roller for dramatic instant facial smoothing.

01. Lunch was held at Mimi’s, Coogee.

02. The Freezeframe range was on show.

03. Sonia Amoroso and Sonia Kruger.

04. Sonia Kruger was the Retail Beauty Autumn issue cover star.

Images: Jack Owen Bennett


Kate Lillian Muir, the visionary behind Lillian Muir, unveiled The Med Set Ritual collection, inspired by Greece’s vibrant culture, over lunch at Ikaria, Bondi. The collection celebrates Mediterranean communal values and tranquil beauty. Highlighted by the Freddo Espresso Transforming Body Scrub, the collection blends scrub and serum seamlessly. Other products include the Whipped Body Cream and Body Sweep brush. Using indigenous Greek ingredients like coffee grounds and olive seeds, Lillian Muir aims to offer an authentic Mediterranean experience. Partnering with local Greek farmers and engineers, the brand emphasises authenticity, community support, and sustainability.

Photos: Lauren Trompp
01. Guests try the products.
02. Lillian Muir founder Kate Lillian Muir
03. The event was held over lunch at Ikaria.
04. Renae Leith-Manos
05. Juliet Love


Sisley Paris, known for luxury skincare, launched its Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Fresh Gel Cream at an exclusive event at Villa D’Estate. Family leadership by d’Ornano, with Isabelle leading creative direction and Philippe and Christine as President and Deputy MD, ensures a blend of deep family values remain with the business. During a panel discussion Sisley ANZ’s Anthea Hyland and Nora Shkreli discussed Sisley’s strides in anti-ageing, emphasising the brand’s use of botanicals and scientific innovation, while Nina Maya highlighted biophilic design elements of the house, reflecting Sisley’s commitment to nature and holistic well-being. It was announced that Sisley Facials are now available at David Jones.

01. From left Stacy Yang, Esther Kim, Nora Shkreli, Nina May, Helen Moreno, Jenny Dong and Anthea Hyland
02. Jessica Yue from Polaris Media
03. The new Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Fresh Gel Cream
04. Guests were treated to a hand massage using the new product
05. Nina May, Anthea Hyland and Nora Shkreli share the brand’s story with guests


Gotcha4Life and major charity partner Chemist Warehouse hosted an event at The Apollo to promote mental fitness and encourage open communication. The panel discussion featured G4L Founder Gus Worland, ambassador Cam Merchant, and mental health advocate Tarang Chawla, who shared personal experiences and insights on starting tough conversations and improving mental fitness. Attendees were reminded to seek support if the discussion raised difficult emotions. The event also acknowledged the support of brand partners L’Oreal Paris Men Expert and Gillette.

01. Tarang Chawla, Gus Worland and Cam Merchant share a hug.
02. Gus Worland, Cam Merchant and Tarang Chawla address the guests at Apollo.
03. Hugh Crothers and Tony Bassaly.
04. Jonathon Moran and Morgan Barta.


L’Oréal Paris transformed Sydney into a haven of elegance as it hosted an event at Reign, QVB, to showcase its newest beauty breakthroughs. Highlights of the evening included the debut of the L’Oréal Paris Panorama volumising mascara, the Bright Reveal dark spot serum, and the Glycolic Gloss haircare range. The event immersed guests in a Parisian ambiance, featuring interactive masterclasses that delved into the scientific intricacies of L’Oréal Paris’s beauty solutions. Yvonnee Welder commenced with a Welcome to Country, followed by insightful remarks from Yoshiko Nadia Adelina, L’Oréal Paris AUNZ Marketing Director, who underscored the theme of self-worth. A panel discussion, featuring representatives from L’Oréal Paris, brand partners Chantelle Baker and Maddy Macrae, and Dr Lee-Mei Yap, shared personal narratives on the significance of self-care and addressing harmful gender biases.





01. From left Jessie Wright, Chantelle Baker, Dr Lee-Mei Yap and Maddy Macrae
Timothy Springs, aka Holly Would
Yoshiko Nadia Adelina
Guests at the Serum Bar
The event featured interactive stations


Australian makeup artists Danielle Gardiner and Antoinette Bekos celebrated the launch of their innovative Touch-Up Kit (TUK) with a morning makeup masterclass at Ace Hotel. During the event, they demonstrated how to maximise the use of TUK’s compact, customisable palette on model Melanie Burnicle, while guests had the opportunity to touch up their own makeup using the kit. Designed to fit as easily as an iPhone into everyday bags, TUK offers a versatile selection of beauty essentials from complexion creams to lip balms, all in a sustainable, refillable format. This event not only showcased the practicality and elegance of TUK but also highlighted its commitment to simplifying beauty routines for today’s busy lifestyles.

01. TUK founders Danielle Gardiner and Antoinette Bekos 02 A guest plays with the palette 03. Guests had the opportunity to touch up their own makeup 04. Makeup model Melanie Burnicle 05. Refills for the palettes

Dentist to the Stars Dr. Gamer Verdian


Hormonal changes affect more than your waistline – they can also have a detrimental impact on your teeth and gums. “A drop in oestrogen can lead to less saliva production, which allows bacteria to thrive. The majority of women will start to notice receding gums and some tooth movement because the bones become less dense. That can lead to minor issues like bad breath but also to more serious problems with sensitivity and loose teeth,” says Dr Gamer Verdian, Practice Principal of Sydney’s glamorous Dental Lounge.

“Almost half of women in the menopausal phase suffer from dry mouth or may have burning sensations on the tongue. It’s so important to have regular 6 monthly check-ups and it is very concerning that recent studies show that women are more likely to put off dental health appointments than men.”



Studies show 43% of healthy menopausal women will experience dry mouth, leading to a higher risk of cavities and periodontal disease, plus potential challenges with chewing, swallowing and even speaking. “Drinking more water, limiting caffeine and chewing sugar-free gum can help to stimulate the production of saliva,” says Dr. Verdian.


Does hot tea or a chilled sparkling water make you wince? Tooth sensitivity occurs when the inner layer of a tooth loses its protective enamel, which is common as we age.


If your gums are red, sore or bleed when brushing, you may have menopausal gingivostomatitis or gingivitis. “We can treat this if it is caught early, but it can progress to severe gum infection and tooth loss if ignored,” says Dr. Verdian.


Some women experience a metallic taste, something that has baffled scientists for some time. “One theory is that it is related to malfunctioning oestrogen-receptor cells in and around the tongue,” says Dr Verdian. “For about one third of women this can result in a tingling sensation that can affect the lips and tongue and that can really add to the stress of the changes they are going through.”


Fluctuating hormone levels can lead to an overgrowth of the fungus Candida Albicans, which can affect taste and cause mouth sores. “Rinsing with warm salt water and brushing and flossing twice daily can help but see your dentist in case you need an anti-fungal medication,” says Dr. Verdian.


1. Contouring: corrects minor overlaps or pointy teeth.

Cost: From $800

2. Zoom Teeth Whitening: lightens teeth up to 14 shades in 1 hour without altering the structure of the tooth.

Cost: from $850 (includes customised home kit)

3. Veneers: a straighter, brighter, more radiant smile is guaranteed with quality porcelain veneers.

Cost: From $2500 per tooth


Two-thirds of Australians haven’t seen a dentist in two years or more, a statistic Dr. Verdian is passionate about turning around. “Over 80,000 hospitalisations each year are due to preventable dental conditions because people are putting off trips to the dentist to try and make ends meet. That’s why I made a commitment to establish a fixed price option,” says Dr. Verdian. “Delaying a check-up doesn’t just impact your teeth, but also your heart and brain. Affordable dental care is a vital part of a holistic health system and Dental 99 is the answer.”

At Dental 99, patients pay a fixed price of just $99 for the four main pillars of dentistry: a consultation, non-surgical extraction, thorough check up and clean, and pain management.

Glow and Behold

Adore Beauty has launched AB LAB Colour Cosmetics, a new makeup line that combines aesthetic appeal with skincare benefits. This innovative range includes products like the Barely There Luminous Skin Filter Primer for enhanced radiance and the Dewy-C Luminous Face Mist & Setting Spray for hydration and setting makeup. Other highlights are the HA Plump Hydrating Lip Oil and Gloss-Balm, which moisturize and add a glossy finish. With 84% of surveyed Australian women preferring makeup with skincare perks, AB LAB is designed to meet this demand, offering high-quality, dual-purpose products at competitive prices.

Blooming Fresh

Garden of Beauty

Iredale Cosmetics celebrates its 30th anniversary with the launch of the jane iredale Ready to Bloom collection in Australia, continuing its legacy of clean, skincare-infused makeup. Founded by Jane Iredale, the brand has been a pioneer in integrating skincare benefits into makeup products, starting with its groundbreaking Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. The new collection, inspired by Jane’s passion for gardening, features vibrant hues and adheres to high ethical and ingredient standards. This milestone reflects the brand’s global influence and commitment to healthconscious beauty solutions.

Chemcorp International has partnered with Petal Fresh Pure to distribute the Hair ResQ line, known for its effective natural peptides and proteins that combat hair thinning. The products, including the original, anti-dandruff, and colour protection shampoos and conditioners, are revamped with new packaging and are sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free. Available at Priceline, these products meet stringent clean beauty standards with formulas rich in biotin, caffeine, and certified organic ingredients, promoting hair health and sustainability.

I Do

Rose to the Occasion

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella introduces the Acqua di Rose skincare collection, a modern reinterpretation of their ancient Damascus rose water formula. First used in the 14th century during the Black Plague for its soothing properties, this historic remedy now forms the base of a six-product skincare line. Featuring natural key ingredients like Mountain Pepper Berry and niacinamide, the collection offers a complete routine from cleansing to moisturising, designed to suit all skin types and maintain a silky, balanced complexion. Each product, infused with the natural scent of roses, promises to nourish the skin while evoking the legacy of a bygone era.

Libertine Parfumerie introduces exclusive bridal fragrance masterclasses in their Sydney and Brisbane boutiques. These sessions, guided by expert perfumers, offer brides, grooms, and their guests a chance to select unique wedding scents. Hosted in the VIP rooms of Libertine’s elegantly designed stores, each 60-minute class includes a fragrance exploration with sparkling wine, providing a memorable experience and personal scent discovery. Classes are available for groups of 4-8, with bookings open weekly from Tuesday to Thursday. Each ticket purchased is redeemable against any full-size fragrance bought on the day.

Sans-ational Arrival

Sans [ceuticals], a trailblazing New Zealand beauty brand, will be the first from the country to launch its body and haircare products across 44 Mecca stores in Australia and New Zealand. Since its online debut at Mecca in 2020, Sans [ceuticals] has captivated customers with its innovative, facial-grade approach to body products. Founded by award-winning hairdresser Lucy Vincent, the brand emphasises multifunctional, sustainable products crafted with high doses of active ingredients for visible results. Highlights from their collection include the Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion and Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil, enhanced with essential vitamins for optimal skin health.

Urban Expansion

Urban Jungle has officially launched in Southeast Asia through a partnership with Sephora. The brand’s inclusive and affordable skincare line, known for its effective Korean formulations, will be available in Sephora stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and online in the Philippines. Urban Jungle aims to democratise skincare by offering high-quality products at accessible prices, supporting the brand’s commitment to fostering self-confidence and celebrating individuality.

Man-Age with Advantage

Natio introduces Men Plus, a new anti-ageing skincare line specifically formulated for men, leveraging natural ingredients like Mountain Pepper Berry and Vitamin C. This advanced range, recognised as a leading men’s skincare brand in community pharmacies, combines potent antioxidants and botanical extracts to protect against premature ageing, boost collagen, and enhance skin elasticity. The signature threestep routine is complemented by targeted treatments designed to meet all anti-ageing needs.

Clean Sweep

Mimi Haircare for Kids, created by Australian entrepreneur Emma Mackenzie, launches in 530 Chemist Warehouse stores across the country. Addressing a market gap with its chemical-free, plantbased Hair Wash, Mimi caters to the growing demand for child-safe personal care products. This nationwide rollout underscores the brand’s commitment to providing a safer, more enjoyable haircare experience for kids, propelled by Emma’s extensive beauty industry experience and a keen focus on natural ingredients.

Shea It Isn’t So

SheaMoisture has expanded its top-selling Coconut & Hibiscus range with new hair and body products tailored for Australian consumers with curly and coily hair types. Available at Priceline, this enhanced lineup includes the Frizz-Free Curl Mousse, Curling Gel Soufflé, and illuminating body care products, all formulated with natural ingredients like fair-trade shea butter, coconut oil, and hibiscus flower. Free from sulfates, parabens, and cruelty, these products promise to moisturise, define curls, and fight frizz, catering to the specific needs of curly hair. https://

Wilde Wonders

Celebrity stylist Oscar Cullinan, with over 30 years of experience, has introduced the Wilde haircare line, including the new Blonde Enrich range for blonde hair. These products combine natural ingredients with advanced formulations to enhance hair health and vibrancy. Committed to inclusivity, Wilde features Braille labelling on its packaging to assist vision-impaired individuals. The line also emphasises sustainability, using eco-friendly ingredients like Hemp and Organic Violet Extract. Oscar’s goal is to offer top-tier, innovative haircare that is both luxurious and responsible.

Glow on the Go

Australian clean cosmetics brand Balm Beauty has launched its new Minimalist Beauty Essentials range in Sephora stores across Australia. Emphasising simplicity and clean beauty, Balm aims to transform beauty routines with products designed for a quick, effortless glow. The new collection includes versatile products including The Tint, a lip-to-cheek cream blush, The Glow, a sheer cream highlighter, The Bronze, a creamy bronzer, The Brow Balm, a clear brow styling wax, and The Oil, a glossy lip oil. Founder Zoe Prieston said Balm was committed to creating easy-to-use, effective, and ethical products. The range is cruelty-free, affordable, and designed for a busy lifestyle.

Affordable Elegance

The creators of Monday Haircare have launched Châlon Paris, an affordable luxury hand and body care brand. Crafted by a top Parisian perfumer, Châlon features long-lasting, unique scents and stylish packaging. The products contain hyaluronic acid and essential oils to hydrate and enhance the skin’s moisture barrier. Available in fragrances like Rose & Sandalwood, Lavender & Chamomile, and Mandarin & Basil, Châlon Paris emphasises luxury and accessibility. The brand is crueltyfree, paraben-free, and uses recyclable packaging.

Glossier’s Magic at Mecca

Glossier is set to make its bricks-and-mortar debut in Australia and New Zealand through an exclusive retail partnership with Mecca. This marks Glossier’s first foray into physical retail in these regions, bringing its popular products, including Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, and Futuredew, to Mecca stores. Glossier CEO Kyle Leahy expressed excitement about the partnership, noting strong demand from the brand’s community in Australia and New Zealand. Marita Burke, Chief Mecca-Maginations Officer, highlighted that this collaboration fulfills customer wishes and aligns with Mecca’s commitment to innovative products and exceptional experiences. Glossier, founded by Emily Weiss in 2014, started as an online-only brand from the blog Into the Gloss, emphasising a “skin first, makeup second” philosophy.

The SkinZone

THE SKILLS has partnered with Anytime Fitness to enhance member experiences by introducing the SkinZone, a hydro skin station for postworkout recovery, into select gym locations. Jordan Cowan, who owns 20 Anytime Fitness locations, praised the partnership for completing the wellness experience for members.The SkinZone offers advanced beauty and wellness services, aligning with Anytime Fitness’ holistic well-being approach. This collaboration addresses the growing demand for integrated fitness and wellness services. Paul and Bernadette, Co-Founders of THE SKILLS, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasising their commitment to supporting optimal health and self-care. Members at participating locations can now enjoy SkinZone services.

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