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Volume 11. Issue 07. July 2017 Rs. 25/-



Volume 11. Issue 07. July 2017 Rs. 25/-


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he kitchen today caters to the needs and demands of a fastpaced technological world. It is no longer a separate entity from the rest of the home, but a space for socialising, relaxation and creativity. Hence it needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the consumers more than willing to experiment with the designs, textures and colours, manufacturers have sought to innovate and equip the modern kitchen with the very best!

The Avant-Garde Kitchen We bring you the latest innovation and

trends in kitchen styles, materials, appliances, accessories and more. BY ANINDITA GANGULY

Innovations Modular Kitchens Modular kitchens determine that the layout suits your requirements perfectly. Handle-less kitchens like the Nobilia Line by HR Johnson, lacquered kitchen with laser-welded edges, with glass and marble island fronts and built-in appliances to top it all off, whether you are looking up to renovating your kitchen or even planning the kitchen of your new home, a modular kitchen is just what you need! The futuristic kitchen is the perfect blend of technology, comfort and luxury. Stainless steel as in the stainless Steel Hybrid Kitchen by Wurfel, is increasingly being preferred as a material for modular kitchens since it is durable, hygienic, eco-friendly, water-resistant, termite-free and unaffected by weather conditions. Additionally, they look stylish and shining. Wooden modular kitchens have a charming and timeless appeal. Stone block kitchens are also trending with their classic and edgy appearance.

Experiment with cuisines with Kent Noodle and Pasta Maker

Nobilia Line N from H&R Johnson is a modular kitchen that suits all your requirements

Nagold’s range of ORO built-in hobs offers the efficiency of the traditional wood-fire Indian cooking along with the convenience of modern technology

“Modern, sleek and technologicallyadvanced appliances are gaining popularity”, says Mr. Wolf, Managing Director, Hafele India Pvt. Ltd.

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July 2017

COVER The Avant-Garde Kitchen 1 STORY Big City Lights 8 Lacqer from Poggenpohl spells excellence in design and functionality

continued from page 3 Appliances Cooking is not a mundane household chore any more it is a wholesome creative pursuit that one can indulge in. Smart and efficient Gadgets simplify cooking, by reducing the cooking time as well as execute the entire process efficiently. Innovation in aesthetics, technology and function is combined subtly by a complete and exclusive range of smart appliances that include water purifiers, coffee makers, food

processors, blenders and juicers, air fryers, chimneys, refrigerators, cooktops, induction and microwave ovens, steamers, beverage and wine coolers and toasters. With pasta and noodle makers, you can even experiment with myriad cuisines. The market is now flooded with a large number of smart appliances including 3d-chimneys from Faber, Bosch dishwashers and flame-control induction hobs from Hafele and electric, steam continued on page 5

Where Art And Architecture Unite 9 Nolte India: Revolutionising Kitchens 10 Upscale With Acrysil 12 Empowering Sun Power 13 Go Mid-Century Modern Way 14 Kich: For A Good Cause 15 BSH Appliances: Innovating For The Customer 16 Put A Spin On It 18 Bringing Back The Sustainable 19 Copper Love 20 “Unpacking The Archive” 21 The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 22 Architecture Pixelated 26 Owner, Publisher & Printer Mr. Anish R. Bajaj for Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. Printed at Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033. Published at B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Mumbai 400 033 Tel (022) 23736133/1, 23743069 Editor Mr. Anish R. Bajaj THE INSIDE TRACK Volume 11. Issue 07. July 2017. English - Monthly. This issue contains 28 pages including both covers. Creative Director Natalie Pedder-Bajaj Assistant Editor Shweta Salvi. Sub-Editor Anindita Ganguly LayoutDesign Asif Shayannawar, Darshan Palav, Jayshri Narawade-Patil, Pooja Modak, Snigdha Hodarkar Marketing: Mumbai, Ganesh Gurav, Vivek Jadhav. B 62, Cotton Exchange Bldg, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033 Tel: (022) 23736133/1, 23743069 Chennai Mr. S. Venkataraaman, Flat No. 2, 3rd Flr, E Block, Hansa Garden, 30 Madampakkam Main Rd, Rajakilpakkam, Chennai 600 073 Tel: (044) 22281128 Mob: 9444021128 Email: 282, Rue du Noyer, bt 16, 1030 Bruxelles, Belgium. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE Recycling old magazines and newspapers is one of the easiest ways to help the environment. To increase the supply of recoverable wood fibre and to reduce the demand on the world’s landfills, THE INSIDE TRACK urges its readers to actively participate in recycling efforts.

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continued from page 4 and microwave built-in ovens from Nagold range of Hafele to name a few that promise to make cooking simpler and easier for you! Worktops and Surfaces The choice of the right material and appropriate work top is very significant for the kitchen since this pace is meant for preparing, serving and potentially dining. Easily cleaned and maintained surfaces, food grade certified counter tops and heat, scratch and stain resistant surfaces are the ones to go for. The material used for the kitchen top can be granite, quarts, hard wood, laminate, glass, concrete, marble, engineered stone, copper, stainless steel or polymer-based


with the promise of delivering functionality but also an additional aesthetic charm. Sinks and Faucets Sinks and faucets are now available in styles that amaze you with their artistic designs and a wide variety of combinations of textures. Since microbes have the tendency of multiplying in wet and humid environments, sinks and faucets have additional sanitised options. Distinct spaces for cleaning up and work areas are also being provided for. Faucets with sensors are the latest trend and so are the ones that come with filters that turn regular water into clean and fresh water. Stain resistant sinks and faucets is the finest innovation in this segment in the kitchen.

The kitchen tower from Ebco is a great storage option to go for

neo-classic ones. Cabinets assume a moderate amount of space in your kitchen hence the need to keep it all in sync with the kitchen is a monumental task. Dr a w e r k n o b s a n d p u l l s , appliance pulls, hinges, handles and out-of-the-box hardware are all essential components of the avantgarde kitchen. The latest innovation in this segment is the electrically operated system of opening drawers

allowing smooth operation and easy accessibility. Storage And Accessories Storage is an essential component in the kitchen since there are a lot of cook ware, knick knacks and food stuff to be stored or rather organised. With the latest options in the kitchen storage and accessories you can now store in style as well as save space. Functional themed storage

Grohe Blue® Pure from Grohe is a trendy kitchen faucet

materials. You can come across countertops that are anti-microbial and scratch-resistant like the Top Shield Counter Top by HR Johnson and ultra-translucent surfaces of The Studio Collection by Avonite which not only come

Perfeque from Graff and Grohe Blue® Pure from Grohe are great options to go for. Hardware For a seamless fit with your kitchen, hardware is an indispensable component of your kitchen. You can choose from a range of hardware that appeals to you from contrasting, sleek and stylish, antique, monochrome, eclectic and

Aventhos lift system from Hafele is a reliable, and safe kitchen hardware

units and elegant spice racks like the Spicario spice rack by Ideas are the latest trends to look for. Moreover, appliances are being integrated with storage units to avoid clutter. Hailo Cargo-Soft Pull Out Bin by Hafele is a complete smart waste bin system. The avant-garde kitchen is one that spells excellence in terms of the inclusion of technological innovation infused in its working and purely directed at making life easier. In the words of Mr. Alok Duggal, COO, Nolte Home Studio (India) Pvt. Ltd., “Functionality of storage units and appliances makes life easy of every modern kitchen user.” Amerock from Gunmetal gives a classic appeal to the kitchen

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continued from page 5 Kitchen Trends 2017 Since the kitchen is now a space involving more than the activity of cooking, it has to be adequately decked up. Here, we list a few interesting design trends that are ruling the Kitchen currently! Industrial Kitchen Décor Idea Industrial decor involves the addition of such items of décor as salvaged objects and furnishings achieved through weathered surfaces, exposed concrete, brick and pipes and rustic, rough and strong mechanical look.

Unique from Plusch bears testimony to the fact that black and grey are going to dominate in the kitchen

timeless appeal. The old wood charm effect has a subtle appearance that never fails to mesmerise. You can create this awe-inspiring antique look for your kitchen by choosing wooden cabinets, wood veneer designs, faux-timber foil-wrapped doors and timber units with wooden work surfaces. Canvas Of Colours Colours can pep up any space with minimal efforts. The latest kitchen trend speaks of breaking stereotypes once and for all. Sky is the limit when you are experimenting with colours and textures. From distressed and textural colours like blues and greys

Lighting Up Amazingly You may upgrade the entire décor of your kitchen by choosing some state-of -the-art lighting. Lamps made up of brass, wood, porcelain, stone, concrete, wrought iron, glass, mica, sea-shells, crystal, leather and paper are currently trending. Lights hanging from or mounted on the ceiling have an astounding impact in the kitchen. Wall lamps provide you the most contemporary lighting solutions that combine design with utility. Technology In The Kitchen Give your kitchen a true makeover with the latest appliances that will take the burden of cooking off your shoulders and make it a fun-filled endeavour that you would love to indulge yourself in. Smart appliances like smart ovens and coffee makers can now be managed from a distance with a mobile app. Sensors in the bins and storage sections in the refrigerators also have a distinct alerting system that predict your current stock levels and directly order groceries from e-tailers. A c c o r d i n g t o M r. Wo l f , Managing Director, Hafele India Pvt Ltd, “Modern homeowners

A mid-century modern kitchen wherein the appliances are neatly tucked inside with well-planned storage spaces

You can pep up your kitchen space by adding dramatic elements like metallic, wooden and welded bowls and salt and pepper shakers made out of bulbs. These items will give the industrial edge to your kitchen. Mid-Century Modern The much talked about mid-century home décor is all about clear lines and simple designs with an informal

inclination, tactfully integrated with nature and the concept of modernity. You can give your kitchen and dining area a complete makeover in the direction of midcentury modern design with copper utensils, unique coasters, wooden and metallic trays. Rustic And Raw The rustic and raw look of the kitchen always has a classic and

The modular kitchen from Wurfel illustrates that colours add oodles of fun and style to the kitchen

to brighter hues of green, orange and red, colours promise to enliven any space.

Lights hanging from or mounted on the ceiling have an astounding impact in the kitchen

Monochrome Despite the new trends creating a rage, monochrome remains a classic choice for the kitchen. You can choose the safe options of black and white or a combination of the two, or even experiment with grey, brown and steel. You also have additional options of matte and gloss-finishes for the monochrome patterns.

have increasingly started viewing kitchens as a place for cultivating new socialization habits and pay as much attention to their design and technology as the rest of the house. With the changes in the design expectancy of contemporary kitchens, modern, sleek and technologically-advanced appliances are gaining popularity.” He further adds that customers are increasingly looking for smart appliances that continued on page 7


continued from page 6 can be seamlessly integrated into the overall kitchen design and can provide an experience that is almost recreational. Mr.Wolf says, “Using the right kitchen appliances bring about panache, sophistication and above all great functionality to your daily chores. They augment flexibility, co-ordination within the kitchen and convert even the most mundane hours spent into the most effective and effortless hours of the day.�

The kitchen space may be extended with an island counter, a section of which can also be used for serving and dining

Add Stylish Knick knacks Fine hand-made elegantly designed coasters and trivets, multipurpose table mats made of fabric that can store all your dining accessories, unique organizers to store cutlery, handcrafted aprons and mitts, colourful cookware, concrete and brass sculptures, runners and napkins in stunning designs and ceramic storage jars and shakers - adding these stylish knickknacks will add oodles of style to the kitchen. Brass and copper faucets and handles can give a timeless look to thekitchen

Bathroom in A Box by Design Owl

Extending It The kitchen is no longer a room


tucked away in a corner since the concept of open kitchen is dominating the home dĂŠcor scenario. With this comes the necessity of choosing the right materials, cabinets, walls, lamps, hardware and accessories. The kitchen space may be extended with an island counter, a section of which can also be used for serving and dining. Bar stools and small tables with chair for counter-side dining are ideal furniture items that can be placed here. Go Green A touch of green not only beautifies a space but also creates an impression of a healthy environment within the home space. Welcome green living by placing planters in your kitchen. You may choose a planter made from brass, ceramic, earthen or wooden planters, the hanging ones or the multi-coloured ones. Choose to experiment with colours and patterns for the dining accessories, furniture and the walls as well and you will not help notice the bewildering transformation!



Spot Light


aunched in 2013, The Brighter Side is headed by a set of highly experienced individuals who believe in the old adage that customer is king. Further, they offer a vast range of products, each of which has been designed and handcrafted in India. Not only do their designs match up to international standards in terms of quality, they also boast of a global aesthetic appeal.

Big City Lights

Based in New Delhi, The Brighter Side is a company that specializes in lighting fixtures for various needs including residential, commercial, industrial, retail and outdoor. BY PRITI KALRA

Hydra Sea green table lamp

Eros wooden table lamp

The team spends adequate time with each client to understand the specific needs and applications of his/her space. Thereafter, a lighting design scheme is presented to the client with light fixture suggestions for every room. The company is committed to providing costeffective, durable and energyefficient lighting solutions to its customers. Three main verticals define the product catalogue - decorative lights, commercial lights and recycled lamps. The team believes that lighting plays an important

role in creating a comfortable ambience and dictating our daily moods. Thus, the purpose of decorative lights is not only aesthetic but also functional. From chandeliers for the dining room to ornamental wall lights for the bedroom, The Brighter Side has something for every corner of the house. The range includes lanterns, suspended lamps, standing lamps, mirror lights as well as outdoor lights. In the segment of commercial lights, their catalogue includes LED strips and rigid bars for cove lighting; spotlights, down lights and track lights for retail spaces; inground burials, garden lights and wall washers for garden lighting; bay lights, flood lights and street

Wall Lamp

Elara metal table tripod lamp

Sergio yellow diamond cage pendant light

Stylish Floor Lamp

Decorative Pendant Lamp

lights for industrial lighting; and various kinds of diffused down lights for office spaces. The recycled lamps vertical brings a unique element of innovation into their design process. Hand painted bottles in various colours, light sources and cluster combinations give rise to an exclusive collection of affordable and bizarre lights made from reused backyard junk. Contact web:


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A + AT is all about a curated journey that brings together a group of creative people with an attempt to trace the best of contemporary art and architecture sites in the world. This is an inspiring journey where one learns throughout. Over the past two years CA+AT has been exploring the experimental projects in the Seto Inland Sea in the Kagawa Japanese Prefecture south of Osaka. View of the Oval Suite Building with its central water pool

Where Art And Architecture Unite A tour that unites contemporary art and architecture is a unique venture of its own kind. Teshima Museum interior

mesmerising Seto Inland Sea. Here, you can find art collections not only in galleries but also in the building spaces as well as the guest rooms. The Art and architecture combined in a subtle manner produces a true retreat of the mind and this tour vows to offer an experience of a lifetime. From May 8th to 13th, 2017 CA+AT explored the Benesse Art Sites on the islands of Naoshima, Teshima, Inujima, and Takamatsu. The highlights of CA+AT 2017 are as follows: At the Naoshima Miyanoura Port, you cannot help notice the minimalist steel structure enclosing glass spaces arranged as islands under one single roof. The Benesse House Museum and hotels, designed by Tadao Ando on a hilltop area of Naoshima island overlooks the


Interior view of one guest room at Benesse House Hotel

The Chichu Garden, inspired by Monet’s House Garden in Giverny

Oval is another not-to-be-missed destination. A six-suite building located on a hill top with an amazing 360-degree view of the island and the Seto sea, a terrace garden and a pool. Chichu Art Museum interconnects art, architecture, and landscape. Lee Ufan Museum is a semi-underground concrete museum with spectacular courtyards, closed and open spaces. Teshima Art Museum illustrates the concept of open air museum.





olte is known for its constant stream of new design ideas that combine stunning aesthetics with exceptional functionality. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Alok Duggal, Chief Operating Officer, Home Studio (India) Pvt. Ltd who acquainted us with the brand’s products, innovations and the future trends. How did Nolte begin? What sets its kitchen products apart in the market? The Nolte enterprise was founded by Georg Nolte in 1923. Made in Germany, Nolte kitchens and bedrooms have been shaped by over 90 years of design experience. Today, Nolte is one of the world’s largest makers of kitchens and bedrooms. A family run legacy, what sets Nolte apart is the quality and technical standard that has been maintained since it began kitchen production in 1959. Every Nolte kitchen is a unique concept in itself with more than a thousand ways to customise one. Every kitchen comes complete with German-trained installation teams. Nolte has always been about innovative ideas that are as functional as they are aesthetic. Nolte is also the first German kitchen maker with environment labels for sustainable forestry.

Nolte India: Revolutionising Kitchens Nolte is one of the largest makers of kitchen in the world and is continuing on its path of excellence.

What are some of Nolte’s most popular products in India? Our most popular products are - the Plinth drawer for which Nolte won a Red Dot Design Award - the corner solution ‘Le Mans’ - our tall unit solutions - the roll down shutter that hides small appliances like toasters, juicers, grinders, etc. The launch of new products is announced during the Nolte House Fair which happens every year in the month of September. modules. The neo kitchen finds three unique interpretations - Neo Salon, Neo Chalet, and Neo Loft, each a different way of living. Has Nolte ventured into complete kitchen solutions? What are the challenges when providing kitchen solutions and appliances to the Indian market? Nolte India offers complete kitchen solutions from design to installation. We help customers source the right appliances for their kitchen. It is a fast-moving world and customers are moving away from hassle-prone carpenter kitchens to the ease and efficiency of a modular kitchen.

Mr. Alok Duggal, Chief Operating Officer, Home Studio (India) Pvt. Ltd

What are some of the new innovations that Nolte has introduced in the kitchen market? Our most recent introduction is the Neo kitchen, a concept that revolutionises life around the kitchen. Neo has carved a niche for itself in the premium kitchen segment with progressive design, innovative use of space, and flexible

We don’t see any challenges i n t h e In d i a n m a rk e t a s a l l our products come completely customisable. The appliances come with certain specifications as they are mostly built-in solutions b u t No l t e w o r k s n a t i o n a l l y with top appliances brands like Siemens who have the know-how in providing solutions for the Indian market. What kind of services do you offer customers post sale? Yes, Nolte provides lifetime free service after sales. The services provided are mainly on technical issues.

What do you feel could be the future trends of kitchens? What are customers asking for with respect to built-in kitchen appliances? No l t e c o n s t a n t l y w o r k s o n introducing and adapting trends in the market. Since there very few established built-in kitchen appliances brands it gets difficult for customers to choose from the limited options provided in the market. One example is the builtin refrigerator - since the options are very few, even today customers are comfortable purchasing a free standing refrigerator. Contact Home Studio (India) Pvt. Ltd. #61, 5th A Block, Koramangala, Bangalore -560 095 web: tel:+91-80-40280200/40280212





crysil is one of the leading brands for every requirement in kitchen segment. The Inside Track spoke to Mr.Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director, Acrysil Group, who gave us an insight into the brand’s innovations, after-sale services and the future plans with regard to the modern Indian kitchen.

Upscale With Acrysil Acrysil is growing to become a total solutions provider for upscale kitchens.

Could you please enlighten on the global presence of Carysil as a brand for kitchen appliances? Over time, Carysil has made its presence in the global market. It exports to more than 40 countries across the globe including the USA, the UK, China, Canada, Germany, France, The Far East and Gulf Countries. It has also set up several subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China, Germany, UK to further strengthen its presence in the global markets. To mark its entry in the UK market, Acysil Ltd has recently acquired Homestyle Products Ltd., a well-known brand in the UK which is principally in the business of importing and marketing kitchen sinks. The acquisition will give Acrysil’s granite and stainless steel kitchen sinks a ready market in the UK and enable Acrysil Ltd to maximise its capacity.

Mr.Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director, Acrysil Group

What is the genesis of Acrysil and your brand, Carysil? What sets it apart in the market for kitchen products? Acrysil is a pioneer in Composite Quartz Technology and is one of the largest producers of granite kitchen sinks in the world. These sinks promoted under the brand Carysil are known for its aweinspiring looks, innovative designs and German technology. Creating a benchmark with granite kitchen sinks Carysil has diversified into stainless steel kitchen sinks, faucets, food waste disposers and kitchen appliances like hobs, cooktops, chimneys, ovens, wine chillers, dish washers, cooking ranges etc.

What a re some of the new innovations that your company has made in the kitchen products segment? Acrysil Ltd. has innovation and technology at its core. In its state-ofthe-art R & D Centre, it constantly innovates on its home appliance range to cater to its different segments. The company has also made significant investment in resource saving technology to promote efficient and environment friendly manufacturing. Acrysil in India has added a classy feather to its cap with its comprehensive and ingeniously engineered range of home appliances. These appliances are carefully fashioned like a flamboyant work of art to add lustre and prestige, wherever they feature. Carysil appliances are the highlight and conversation point in the elegant and knowledgeable kitchens of today. What kind of after sale services do you offer customers post sale? Carysil products are backed by a service that is 24x7. This kind of service will maintain your appliances in mint condition endlessly. The service is carried out by qualified and thoroughly trained personnel. So, your appliances stay as good as new.

How do you visualize the near future with respect to Carysil? Acrysil is rapidly moving ahead towards becoming a total solutions provider for upscale bathrooms and kitchens catering to the most discerning and style conscious consumers, while building its brand Carysil as the world’s most sought after design brand in this category. Contact Carysil Factory and Head Quarter Bhavnagar - Rajkot Highway, Navagam,Vartej - 364 060. Bhavnagar. (INDIA). email : tel. : +91-278-2540218, 2540893


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he fossil fuels coal, petroleum and natural gas largely contribute to global warming through greenhouse effect. With globalization and industrialization, the need for energy is an ever-increasing phenomenon. This brings us to a very significant aspect of the near future which can at no cost be ignored or even taken lightly. Hence the necessity to revert to the

Empowering Sun Power China takes a step towards sustainability

and environmental harmony by opening the largest floating solar farm to generate energy. BY ANINDITA GANGULY As the second largest energy consumer in the world, China’s step towards reducing dependence on imported energy is commendable. It has become the world leader in adopting renewable sources of energy. The future of the world rests on the vision of sustainability and acceptance and adoption of environmental friendly strategies of energy generation. Hope, therefore rests that more countries will soon follow suit and walk towards a sustainable future! Picture Courtesy: Inhabitat

overheating of the solar panels. Long term damage from heat is thus avoided. The panels are supposedly linked up to a central inverter and a combiner box, both of which have been provided by Sungrow. The floating solar panels are nevertheless highly resistant to humidity. The concept of floating solar farm has another significant advantage as it prevents the evaporation of fresh water. Additionally, the land has been put to the best use by harnessing power.

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Huainan is now covered with 13 to 30 feet of water

renewable sources of energy that will not only take care of the environment but also provide us with our energy needs is the need of the hour. Whilst the world is choking with pollution woes and toxicity, China has taken a step towards the sustainable way of energy generation. Huainan in China was once upon a time famous as being mined for coal and generating electricity. This area was eventually abandoned by inhabitants and subsequently flooded by rainstorms. The area is now covered with 13 to 30 feet of water. The same area has


been now transformed into what has come to be acclaimed as the world’s largest floating solar farm. A massive solar farm was connected to the energy grid. The solar farm floats at a depth of 4 to 10 metres. This is even larger than the solar farms of Australia and India. Built by Sungrow, an eminent supplier of PV inverter systems, the mass of solar cells within the 40 megawatt solar farm can produce so much of clean energy that it will be sufficient to power homes in the entire area. The relatively cooler air on the surface minimizes the risk of

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The panels are supposedly linked up to a central inverter and a combiner box by Sungrow

the inside track reserves the right to extend, cancel or discontinue the offer without giving any reason or prior notice



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he Mid-century Modern home décor is currently creating a rage with its minimalist, simplistic and naturally co-ordinated ideas. The much talked home décor trend is all about clear well-defined lines and simple designs with an informal inclination, tactfully integrated with nature and the c o n c e p t o f m o d e r n i t y. T h i s design trend encourages abstract and bold ideas and is open to experimentation. This also works on merging the indoors with the outdoors. Owing to its minimalist nature, this home décor trend is being increasingly preferred over others. Colours and textures have to be necessarily co-ordinated within the house and kept subtle as far as it can be, beginning with the walls, roofs, floor, furniture and décor items. A significant benefit of this décor trend is that it ensures that giving a make-over to your home is cost-effective and hassle-free. We bring to you some brilliant ideas about redecorating your home along the lines of midcentury modernity! Living A host of décor items including clocks, mirrors, frames, framed pictures with vintage character, planters, and uniquely designed book ends can be accommodated in your living room décor to give it the essential good old charm!

Go Mid-Century Modern Way

Welcome the mid-century modern trend which is all about giving your home a distinct character through an amalgamation of traditional and modern decor elements. BY ANINDITA GANGULY Kitchen You can give your kitchen and dining area a complete makeover in the direction of mid-century modern design with copper utensils, unique coasters, wooden and metallic trays.

Lights The instant effect of a home décor is best achieved with proper lighting that is in tune with the décor of home. Such lights like the handcrafted concrete chandeliers, pendant chandeliers and classic metal lamps can simply bring the warm old look!

Rhombic Tassel Cushion

Duomo Hexagon Pendant Chandelier Bronze from Gulmohar Lane

Dhurries from The Rug Republic

Furniture You can consider adding some furniture items that can do the mid-century decor trick for you! You cannot help notice the Scandinavian essence with these simple additions like a wooden bench, the Langdon chair, the womb chair and the kick the tyre bar stool!

Furnishings Handwoven rugs and dhurries in natural and subtle colours not only have the ability to camouflage any stains or dirt which can happen during use but also give your home a distinct character! You may place these in your living room or bedroom. Moreover, graphic print cushions can also add the mid-century modern vibe to your home.

Blue pottery knobs from Blue Decor

Knobs Beautiful exquisite knobs are also mid-century modern design elements that can be used in doors or cabinets. You can even come across some handcrafted and painted ones that will enhance the beauty of your house and add personality to it.

Womb Chair and Ottoman replica from H&H

Marquise cut diamond mirror by The Lohasmith

Create the look that amalgamates the tradition and the avant-garde factor in interior designing! Go the mid-century modern way. Get these awesome products on www., and give your home the mid-century modern look!




t is always a matter of pride for any brand when it gets chosen for giant projects. The pride grows many folds when those projects hold great importance in terms of public interest and welfare. At present, India’s leading architectural products brand Kich is also feeling such pride for being chosen to supply its architectural products to Kiran Hospital, a Multi Super Specialty Hospital & Research Centre in Surat, Gujarat. A project of Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust, the foundation stone of the Kiran Hospital was laid by the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. The project spreads across 3.53 acre of land and is replete with m o d e r n i n f r a s t r u c t u re . Considering the hygiene factor of Kich products, it was the most ideal choice for this kind of project where maintaining hygiene holds utmost importance. Kich products like Mortice Handles, Mortice Locks, Cabinet Handles, Pin Cylinders, etc. meet this hygiene requirement perfectly. Being made of Corrosion Resistant High Grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel, these products repel bacteria making them the most suitable products for premises like hospitals, educational institutes, hotels and even homes and offices where a high degree of hygiene is required. “Kiran Hospital aims at social welfare. Being a Multi Super Specialty Hospital, it will provide a comprehensive solution to various health problems. Since we were


Kich: For A Good Cause Kiran Hospital Surat selects Kich

architectural hardware products to ensure hygiene, beauty and efficiency in its state of the art premises. creating a hospital building, we required architectural products that could offer a great degree of hygiene. To fulfill our requirement, Kich has proved itself an ideal choice”, said Shree Govindbhai Dholkiya, Chairman, Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust-Surat. (CMD-Shri Ramkrishna Export) “As we have separate areas for Emergency Care, Critical Care, Day Care, Surgery,

choice. Kich fulfills vision of Make in India and has won National Award for Best Quality. We are really in high opinion about Kich”, said Mr. Laljibhai T. Patel, Trustee, Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust- Surat. “Kiran Hospital tends to witness high footfalls due to wide scope of specialty as well as for good cause of society. This aroused a need for outstanding product performance.

that Kich architectural products will satisfy various objectives of Kiran Hospital for which they have selected our brand. Forming such an advance hospital for public welfare is really the greatest noble act. I congratulate its Trustees and Hospital Management team extends bright wishes for success,” said Mr. Bharat Hapani, Managing Director of Kich Architectural Products.

etc. along with aesthetics, reliability was of equal importance. Kich has delivered to us more than we expected on technical and quality fronts in various areas of hospital. So, we are very happy choosing Kich”, said Mr. Mathurbhai Savani, Trustee, Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust-Surat. “Kiran Multi Super Specialty Hospital is a not for profit organization. As a part of this movement we wanted an Indian brand hence Kich was our first

When we came to know Kich architectural products perform as per global parameters and have passed many tests on various parameters of quality, we evaluated its products. Today, we are extremely happy with our choice”, said Dr. Major Sanjeev Kumar Goswami, Medical Superintendent of Kiran Multi Super Speciality Hospital & Research Center - Surat. “Being chosen for this publicwelfare project is indeed a matter of a great pride for Kich. We are confident

Contact KICH Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd. Anil Vanjani (Manager - Business Development) email: web: tel: +91-93760 13638





SH Household Appliances is one of the world’s leading companies in the sector and the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe. We, at The Inside Track in a conversation with Mr. Gunjan Srivastava, Managing Director & CEO, B S H Ho u s e h o l d Ap p l i a n c e s Ma n u f a c t u r i n g P v t . L t d a re enlightened about the innovations they have to offer. Could you tell us about BSH Appliances? What sets it apart in the market for kitchen products? BSH Household Appliances, a 50-year old company founded as a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG. With 160 years of manufacturing experience, the company is synonymous with German creativity and high-performance products. Siemens designs are among the most energy– and water-efficient appliances in the industr y. They have won prestigious awards like the reddot award over 180 times, including 4-time ‘best of the best’ award and the iF product design award over 230 times where Siemens has been a 4-time gold winner. 98 per cent of all components in Siemens built-in appliance are recyclable. W h a t a re s o m e o f t h e n e w innovations that you have introduced in the kitchen segment? Our dishwashers have the special K a d h a i f e a t u re w h i c h h e l p s consumers wash their oily kadhais in our Bosch Dishwashers. In our

Mr. Gunjan Srivastava, Managing Director & CEO, BSH Appliances

BSH Appliances: Innovating For The Customer “The quality of our products, consumers’ pre and post-sales experience and referrals from our existing consumers have helped us stay ahead in the race.”

Currently we offer complete kitchen solutions with a significant presence in the built-in cooking a p p l i a n c e s , re f r i g e r a t o r a n d dishwasher market. We also offer small appliances in some regions. The quality of our products, consumers’ pre-and post-sales experience and referrals from our existing consumers have helped us stay ahead in the race. What are some of BSH Appliances’ most popular products in India? Do you have any new products that will be releasing soon? Bosch Serie 4 refrigerators we have the ‘VitaFresh Box for Fruits and Vegetables’, this feature has the VitaFresh Box and humidity control slider, which ensures the veggies and fruits stay fresh for long. In brand Siemens we have launched cooktops with new ingenious technology stepFlame. It is a patented technology that regulates gas output with precision,

from levels 1 to 9. The knobs have been accentuated with printed numbers to highlight the chosen power levels. The stepFlame cook tops are embedded with cutting edge technology and offer modern and timeless designs to elevate the ambience of any kitchen. Do you offer complete kitchen solutions?

The most popular products by BSH Household Appliances are hobs, hoods, ovens and microwave. We have some very innovative product launches lined up for the year. These innovations in the product design/feature have been done keeping in mind the customer needs and their feedback. What do you feel could be the future trends in this segment? What are customers asking for with respect to built-in kitchen appliances? Globally, the built-in appliances space is buzzing with the concept of smart of connected appliances that are future-ready. Indian consumers are not too far behind in their demand for futuristic IoT-enabled appliances and we, as manufacturers, owe it to our consumers to change with the times. We have plans to announce a new product portfolio in the near future that will comprise smart and connected appliances. Contact Arena House, 2nd Floor Main Building, Plot No.103, Road No.12, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400093. web: tel : 67518000



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t Spin, the design philosophy centres around the blurring lines between contemporary homes, offices and recreation spaces. Owing to the fact that current trends are favouring free-flowing lifestyles over ones restricted by boundaries,

Put A Spin On It Daughter company of Shark Design Studio,

a premier retail solution provider based in New Delhi, Spin is a young and enthusiastic initiative in the furniture segment. BY PRITI KALRA

Cargo storage unit

the designers at Spin have made it their mission to reinterpret modern furnishing of spaces. Indian in make and Scandinavian in ethos, their products offer a Nordic touch that is globally appealing. The furniture they create is a fusion of homogenous metals and organic woods. For the designers, the two materials are like a married couple – even though it is difficult to work with them together, they nevertheless complement and complete each other. The motivated team works closely with highly skilled craftsmen to design products, build and test prototypes, and finally arrive at a satisfactory outcome. Two years of nurturing ideas and honing processes have led to a collection whose quality speaks for itself.

Curo Desk Organizer

Zyle dining table

Spectacular Bar Stools

Polo Bar Stool

A cutting edge industrial unit in Delhi NCR, the largest of its kind in India, boasts of equipment that gives the team at Spin a heavy advantage over its competitors. In terms of quality control, production timelines, prompt deliveries and after sales services, Spin has a remarkable edge. “Spin experience centres will be built in the coming year, the first of which is going to be in South Delhi,” says Avenish Jain, one of the founding partners. Each of the products in the Spin catalogue is a space transformer and a conversation starter. An experience centre will allow consumers to browse along and get a feel of the products “the Spin way.” Contact web:

Zinque center table


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ammed earth basically works like the formwork of pouring a concrete wall. But instead of concrete, one uses soil from the site. The construction of an entire wall begins with a temporary frame, denominated the “formwork”, which is usually made of wood or plywood, as a mould for the desired shape and dimensions of each section of wall. The form must be durable and well braced. The material is tamped down. This can be done with sledge hammers by hand or with a pneumatic device. Then the form is pulled off and voila - a stable wall is created. Edifices of rammed earth are thought to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly than popular techniques of construction. Because rammed-earth structures use locally available materials, they usually have low embodied energy and generate very little waste. Rammed earth has great thermal mass and acoustic properties .Throughout the day, as an exterior wall is exposed to the sun, it absorbs energy, and then slowly releases it at night. “Rammed earth technique is created directly on site and requires skilled labor to complete it. This labor is not easy to locate” says Jeremie Gaudin of the Made in Earth Collective, India. Rammed earth is easy to do, but difficult to do well. Made In Earth is an architecture studio and construction practice based in Bangalore, India. They promote an architecture that is closer to the people, the environment and the resources of a place. Their team works with natural building materials and techniques with a taste for experimentation and innovation. Meror Krayenhoff, inventor of ‘SIREWALLl’, is one of the top 5


Bringing Back The Sustainable The rammed earth technique of building

construction is making a comeback in the name of sustainability and environmental friendliness. BY ACHAL KHANOLKAR experts in the world on rammed earth. Structural Insulated Rammed Earth SIREWALL, is a structural sandwich wall system typically 18’’ to 24’’ thick where local soils combined with 6-10% cement are compacted on either side of a hidden insulation core. It is then stabilized with compacted earth and rebar, with 4’’ of rigid insulation hidden in the center of the wall (rebar is used in seismic zones). The world wide tradition of rammed earth construction has shown that it is possible to achieve strong majestic buildings that have withstood the test of time. Contact web: Picture Courtesy: Made in Earth collective



Spot Light I n t h e 1 7 t h c e n t u r y, t h e metalworking artisans of a small settlement called Tambat Ali migrated to Pune. Over 800 craftsmen thrived under the royal patronage of the Peshwas, beating on copper to make artillery, seals and utensils for a living. This went on for more than three centuries.

Copper Love

A personification of the love for handcrafted metalware, Studio Coppre is a Pune-based social enterprise that directs its efforts towards the revival of heritage metal crafts. BY PRITI KALRA

Prayer Platter Essentials

However, when the British regime replaced the Peshwas, steel and plastic replaced their traditional metal and the lives and livelihoods of the artisans slowly faded into oblivion. Today, unsure of what to do with a skill that they have inherited through many generations, only about 80 people continue to practice the craft. As a result, the heritage is dying and the availability of handcrafted metalware is dwindling. It is this gap in the market that Studio Coppre strives to fill. Their objective is two-fold - firstly, to promote and preserve the dying craft, and secondly, to showcase to the world the artisanal skills of metal workers by collaborating with them to design contemporary products.

“The hero of our work is the fine craftsmanship of our gifted and highly skilled artisans,” says the team. Studio Coppre designs floaters, lights, cutlery, serveware, utility and wellness products. This includes bookmarks, mirrors, jewellery boxes, hair bands, earrings, buntings, jugs, cups, plates, bowls, etc. Each of the products makes amply evident the fine competence of the artisans as well as the attention the company pays to high quality finishing. Coppre’s products are designed in-house, starting from product planning to concept and right upto production. New techniques and tools are developed with each new design.

Rectangle Finger Food Platter

Bidri Miniature Box

Stout Mule Mug

Setting crafting norms for designs is a time-consuming process; with both artisans and the development team contributing equally to make sure that the product emerges true in spirit and form to the original concept. They have revived some beating patterns and are in the process of creating a master document that will preserve the data of beating styles for posterity. In April 2016, at the Salone d’el Mobile in Milan, Studio Coppre collaborated with Riccardo Giovanetti Design Studio to create Russet Revival, a series of copperware that experimented with simple shapes and basic functions. A celebration of colour, form and superlative artisanship, the exhibition was a stellar success. Contact web:

Copper Pods


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r a n k L l o y d Wr i g h t ’s architectural structures have been acclaimed as the “the best all-time work of American architecture”. Frank Lloyd Wright’s design philosophy was based on the idea of a harmony with humanity and the environment. The most prolific and influential architects of the century and the founder of the Prairie School practice of architecture, Wright has to his credit 1000 structures designed by him, of which 532 were completed over his creative span extending for more than seventy years . T h e Mu s e u m o f Mo d e r n Art in association with Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, is all set to honour Wright marking his 150th birth anniversary with a spectacular exhibition showcasing a display of about 400 works that manifest his architectural and design genius. The exhibition has been entitled ‘Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive’ and will include architectural drawings, models, building fragments, films, television broadcasts, print media, furniture, tableware, textiles, paintings, photographs, and scrapbooks, along with a number of works that have rarely or never been publicly exhibited. One can witness drawings and models of Wright’s most important projects including Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania, Unity Temple in Illinois and the Guggenheim Mu s e u m i n Ne w Yo r k . T h e exhibition has been divided


“Unpacking The Archive”

New York witnesses an exhibition of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works from June 12th to October 1st, 2017. BY ANINDITA GANGULY

Rosenwald Foundation School

into 12 brilliant sections which will also present an elaborate understanding of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives. The exhibition has been opened to public from 12th June and will be on until 1st October, 2017, in The Museum of Modern Art, New York. It is time to head to this wonderful informative exhibition and witness the retrospection! Picture Courtesy : Archdaily

Plan for Greater Baghdad

Colour pencil on paper

Model of St. Mark’s-in-the-Bouwerie



It Products Viega’s Advantix Vario Shower Channel The latest product from Viega is the innovative Viega Advantix Vario shower channel designed by Artefakt Industriekultur, the Darmstadt design agency has been recognized by many prestigious entities. It won the “red dot” award for high design quality, the renowned “Design Plus powered by ISH” and the German Design Award 2013 to name a few. From long to short, in L-shape or in a U-shape, three connecting elements give the shower channel a high level of flexibility. It is the first shower channel that can be shortened exactly to the required length. On the other hand, even at a low installation height, it gives an impressive drainage capacity of 24 litres per minute. This is

sufficient to reliably drain highperformance wellness showers. With features that include discreet appearance with subtle design of shower channel and concealed drain, tailor-made solutions with elegant caps stylishly conceal the interfaces of the grid, permanent insulation water tightness with safe and watertight seal of the channel edge and caps fitted with a doublelipped seal, and self-cleaning drain with special construction and the flow speed of the drainage water. Contact

GRAFF® has expanded the range of finish offerings with the addition of an 18K Brushed Gold. The new finish accentuates the gracious, curvilinear lines and ornate details that come together with GRAFF’s extensive range of refined fixtures. The perfect assortment is a fusion of traditional and modern styles, where finishes help to illustrate the larger design motifs at work. Providing more than sophisticated style, 18K Brushed Gold grants bath fixtures

Kajaria Launches Kerovit Faucet And Sanitaryware

Kajaria has now entered the bathroom space with the launch of an exclusive range of faucet & sanitaryware under the brand Kerovit, recently. Setting new trends for bathroom and sanitary ware segment, Kerovit launched its latest range of products from vanities, to counter tops, to water closet, and to a new faucet series, Joy.

GRAFF Unveils Brushed Gold Collection

Kerovit vanities are eloquent in design, comfort, convenience and hygiene. They make the bathroom look more organized and appealing. Ranging from glossy vanities to antique ones with a wooden finish, these vanities are user friendly and will surely lure your heart in. The bathroom spaces today are brought back to life with impressive & distinctive designs for water closets and counter tops. Their subtle and natural designs give a sensational look to the bathroom. It effortlessly adds a warm endearing charm to entire the bathroom space. The Stylish Joy Collection by Kerovit revs up the look of your bath space. Mesmerising flow of these dynamic faucets create joy. An unconventionally shaped Joy Faucet mixes and matches with different counter tops and basins to enhance and give a ravishing touch to your bathroom. Contact

heightened levels of durability made available through GRAFF’s technological expertise. Taking note of growing trends, the finish, a twist on standard gold offerings, provides a brushed texture with a subdued, yet sophisticated luster that plays to both minimalist and maximalist tastes. 18K Brushed Gold acts as a complement to eight of GRAFF’s star collections, including the modern M.E. 25 collection for the bathroom. Additional collections available with the new stunning finish include: Finezza Uno and Due, M.E., Sade, Sento, Targa and Topaz. President and CEO of GRAFF, Ziggy Kulig, comments, “Currently, styles that evoke warmth and opulence are making a significant comeback, with gold-hued details at the forefront of the trend. The addition to 18k Brushed Gold is not only indicative of shifts in design preferences, but of GRAFF’s pulse on marketplace trends.” Contact

Grohe Sensia Arena: A Smart Shower Toilet

As technology continues to transform the bathroom experience, the toilet is the next logical step to benefit from advances in this field. Sensia Arena, the innovative shower toilet from GROHE, is designed to maximise personal comfort and hygiene through gentle and smart cleansing. What was originally a Japanese cleansing ritual using water instead of paper continues to gain in worldwide popularity. GROHE Sensia Arena is a compelling demonstration of how modern technology can improve our lives by blending the latest innovations, long-standing expertise and contemporary styling.

The most striking aspect of Sensia Arena is the modern and elegant design created by the GROHE in-house Design Studio. Extensive personalisation options are provided for anything from the water pressure and the position of the shower arm to the preferred temperature, spray pattern and cleansing cycle. Among the numerous benefits of the Sensia Arena shower toilet are its self-cleaning features. Importantly, use of all these features is completely optional Sensia Arena can be used just like a conventional toilet, for example by kids or uninitiated guests. Contact



VitrA Introduces “FRAME”

It Products Work’s Concept By Eggersmann From Plüsch Plüsch brings you the German based kitchen brand Eggersmann’s Works Concept to the Indian market. The concept of the Eggersmann work’s kitchen places emphasis on the functionality of the kitchen in addition to aesthetics and design. The kitchen offers perfect arrangements, easily accessible kitchen tools, well-structured and short distances between the three kitchen station makes the kitchen look more sophisticated and work becomes easier. The collection is crafted in a black stripes glass with modules in real wood veneer. It also has units in laminate with nano finish and soft touch effect. The Eggersmann’s Works

Concept are ideal for an open lifestyle where living spaces seamlessly integrate with each other. The Eggersmann work’s kitchens are available at all Plüsch showrooms in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Eggersmann has produced individual tailor-made solutions for aesthetic and luxurious kitchen furniture. Eggersmann Work’s kitchens are committed to perfection and timeless elegance and consider the sustainability of kitchen systems as an important challenge. Contact:

Roca Presents Escuadra Pure Faucet Collection Roca, India’s leading manufacturer of bathroom products introduces Escuadra Pure bringing together square shapes with exclusive crystal handles. This is an extension of the existing Escuadra series and has been designed for those in search of luxury solutions for their bathrooms. The handles in the collection boasts of anti-vandal handle architecture that increases the durability and life of the product. Escuadra Pure also includes last generation flow limiters that guarantee an optimum flow of 8l/m regardless of the system pressure.

Commenting on the launch of the range, K E Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathrooms Product Pvt Ltd. said, “At Roca, we constantly strive to create elegant and luxurious products for our customers. The idea was to eliminate the chaos of choice and bring function and fashion together. The Escuadra Pure range will not only add value to the customer’s bathroom with its unique glass handles but will also prove to be utility product with its distinct features. Pioneering the design space, our endeavour is to stay ahead of the current demand.” Contact

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces a blend of authentic and modern design with the finest technology and functionality - ‘FRAME COLLECTION’. This series of VitrA showcases uniquely designed products that create an unusual bathroom experience for its users Frame Collection by VitrA offers black, white-oak and taupe color options addressing any taste. Washbasin units and mirrors with LED lighting create elegant atmosphere in bathrooms. WC Pan with photocell-controlled bidet function provides a touchfree and comfortable hygiene

experience.Where as a graycolored non-slip mat inside the drawers ensures comfort, while LED lighting creates a warm and pleasant ambiance in bathroom. Frame’s vanity basins are designed with expansive areas for toiletries and deep bowls to ensure your comfort. Washbasins are offered in white and matte taupe color options. The functional details add distinction to the series with a touch of advanced technology. The soft-close drawers in the washbasin units support bathroom safety and silence. Drawer non-slip mats add extra elegance and comfort. Contact

Faber Launches Hybrid Hob-Cooktop

Faber’s hob-cooktop hybrid is designed on this tradition with new level of performance. Gas flame is fully controlled with a wide heating range and high output. This allows you to cook faster and more economically for the best possible cooking experience. The elegant iron trivets can be removed individually for easy cleaning. Faber’s burners on gas hob have a very output to cook fast and economically. They utilize more energy and distribute the heat more evenly over the entire surface of the pan. Faber have

made most space which have available and maximized the distance between all burners. Integrated into the knobs, electronic ignition provides east and simple ignition for gas burners. Faber hobs are easy to clean as the burner cap and bases are covered with heat and scratch resistant high quality enamel. Cast iron which contains a small amount of carbon is hard and cannot be bent so it has to be made into objects by casting. Contact



It Products Leak Lock Steel Tiffin By Milton

Hamilton Housewares Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, distributors and exporters of house-ware products across the globe.

Milton, one of its flagship brands has carved a niche for itself amongst its customers as a pioneer of the house-ware industry. Milton’s new innovative Leak Lock Steel Tiffin presents itself as the perfect solution to this universal dilemma. Its superior ‘leak lock lid’ feature ensures that the food does not spill out and that the gravy or sauce in one container does not mix with the dry food in another container. Apart from this, Leak Lock Steel Tiffin also helps keep the food warm for almost 4 hours. It also comes with a belt making it easy and convenient to carry, a boon for office goers or students travelling by train or bus every day. With Milton’s Leak Lock Steel Tiffin it’s time for innovation in the way Indians pack and carry their food. So, go ahead and grab this novelty priced at Rs. 610 for 3 containers & Rs.750 for 4 containers available across the country. Contact

IDUS launches Geometric Design Tables

Wisma Atria’s Exquisite Lamps and Light Fixtures

Wisma Atria Interiors has launched an exquisite Collection of “Lamps and Light Fixtures” comprising of chandelier, floor lamps, and table lamps to infuse a magnificent illuminated touch to your living spaces. Each lamp in this collection is available in different colours, sizes and is uniquely designed with premium quality materials. According to Nomita Kohli of Wisma Atria Interiors, “The collection of these Contemporary Table Lamps, Floor lamps and chandelier are sure to upgrade the décor of your abode with mesmerizing glow while serving impressive grand ambiance.” Showcasing the innovative skills with the use of latest materials and technology in combination with craftsman’s creativity, Wisma Atria Interiors

offers the insightful customers with a lifestyle that is crisp and catering to esthetics, and attentive to even the minutest details. Skills and modernistic technology combined with artistry have carved out these marvelous and exquisite Lamps and Light Fixtures. The Exquisite Collection of Lamps and Light Fixtures available at Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli are classical pieces with contemporary design characterized by uniqueness and durability. With amazing design and styles, these lamps are sure to enrich and enhance your home’s vibe. Contact

Ultra Bright LED Solutions From Luminous

The exquisite collection of Geometric Design Tables by Idus showcases an innovative amalgamation of indigenous materials like strong wood involving either pine or mahogany, glass, stainless steel and other metals etc. Available in incredibly striking designs and shapes like that of a Hexagon, triangle, star, rectangle or circles these geometric pattern tables can help you opt for something more visually compelling while serving the functionality. Additionally, classicism of lacquered wood and the sophisticated ox horn finishes on

these tables would certainly add an elite touch to any living space. These tables can wonderfully fit in numerous spaces like a living room, bedroom, kid’s room or even the lobby area. According to Mr. Sameer Hora-MD Idus, “These exquisite array of Geometric Design Tables are perfect for anyone looking to infuse some artistically inspired modern furniture piece into their home”. He further added that with craftsman’s unturned skills and creativity these tables exhibit substantial durability with exclusive functionality and core strength. Contact

Luminous Power Technologies, the market leader in inverters and batteries that also offers high performance electrical products like fans, modular switches and wires today launched LED lighting solutions. Luminous LED Lighting offers Ultra-Bright LEDs which are manufactured with Certified LEDs and High Specification Electronics, Complete range of LED Battens, Bulbs, Down lighters, Slim/Surface Panels, Spotlights and Strip lights and Best in Class Life of Products with assurance of 2-year Performance Guarantee. Speaking about the launch, Luminous MD Mr. Vipul Sabharwal said “The word Luminous means to light up and hence our entry into LED Lighting Category is a natural extension, to offer complete Home Electrical Solutions. LED Lighting is growing at very fast pace and will redefine the core

of Lighting Business. We feel our strong understanding in electronics and power products with global energy expertise, makes us a competent player to address the needs of Indian Consumer and help him realise the dream of a future smart home”. Contact


It Products Roche Bobois Introduces Monsoon Collection

Roche Bobois’s monsoon collection offers an array of Armchairs that include the Curl Armchair designed by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni, The Quadrille Rocking Chair designed by Alnoor and the Edito Armchair designed by Sacha Lakic. Also on offer are plush sofa’s that include The Uptown Straight sofa, The Eole Straight Sofa, The Accord Sofa, The Allusion Straight Sofa and the Metaphore Straight Sofa. Complementing the armchairs and sofas Roche Bobois offers a variety of tables in cutting edge designs with lustrous finishes - the Aster Dining Table and the White Aqua Dining Table. A selection of colourful cocktail tables like The Cute Cut Cocktail Table and The Mucidule Cocktail Table has also been introduced. The Aida Bar Stool is another amazing addition. So, visit the nearest Roche Bobois store and pick up trendy furniture available in a rainbow of colours! Contact

Sandy Shades Of Natural Stone By Classic Marble Company The company has launched a range of brown and earthy toned natural marble collection for the season. Armani Brown, Bronze Armani, Petra Brown, White Oniciata, Light Emperador, and Empress Gold are some of the select brown shades among others in the collection that are trending in upscale spaces. In the mid-tone shades, the Light Emperador or the Empress Gold as flooring teamed up with the striking feature wall of White Oniciata complement the interiors of any space making it feel warm and inviting. The Armani Brown’s dark brown surface sparkles with light brown

swirls in perfect contrast to the Light Emperador’s light brown background with white veins running all across it. Bronze Armani stands out with its inimitable rectangular patterns throughout the marble surface. The Petra Brown is the lightest brown shade in the collection carrying white and dark brown streaks on it while the Empress Gold is a spectacular blend of white and gold. White Oniciata forms a surreal background with blends of white, black and sandy colours giving an impression of a modern artwork. Contact:


European Porcelain Tiles From Antica Ceramica

The Imperial Collection of European Porcelain tiles by ANTICA CERAMICA comes with the attention to the minutest details such as the design appeal, textures, and colors to let space achieve best in terms of visual depth. These tiles are processed in such a manner that you need not worry about the direction of cut, during installation. These European porcelain tiles, otherwise known as Vitrified or Fully Vitrified tiles promise to emit shiner and a brighter surface that could well go with any interior décor. These tiles come with the pristine base that has a high gloss

- mirror like shine which lets them remain cool. According to Mr. Rahul Bhugra, Director- Antica Ceramica company, “We are incredibly excited to unveil the Imperial Collection of European Porcelain tiles that are best suitable for any space be it residence, retail mall, workspace or even hospitals”. These highly durable tiles have a thick layer that absorbs the stains and the dirt while are resistant to water and bacteria and non-slip textures to strike the right balance between the functionality and the design aesthetics. Contact

Marigold Presents Marble Furniture Collection Marble is a symbol of luxury and not only adds a classic ambience, but can easily enhance traditional, transitional and contemporary homes. Keeping this in mind, the luxury home label “Marigold Furnishers” by Interior Designer Abhishek Kathuria have launched the high-end collection of Marble Furniture at his designer store. According to Abhishek Kathuria-Designer & OwnerMarigold Furnishers, “The renaissance f this ancient material continues to flourish the way it should be. With the new manufacturing techniques paving the way for cutting edge designs, we are able to design the artistic pieces contrasting with the traditional marble top, with the wooden or steel legs to offer a sharp finish that adds a touch of the luxury.” The Marble Collection includes dining tables, coffee

tables, center tables and consoles. The collection showcases a modernist experimentalism and the long tradition of mesmerizing designs that make each piece distinctive, with every piece handcrafted with the durable techniques. The marble collection comes in white, grey, green, red, tan, black or beige colour. Contact



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found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way - things I had no words for.” -Georgia O’Keeffe A building named Ting1 in Sweden is now acclaimed as one of the most unique residential buildings, a kind that you will not come across easily. It is being held in high acclaim not merely because of the canvas of colours and the amazing architecture that it stands out for, but also for the unique building technique that has been followed here. Additionally, this whole building is heated by means of ground source heating through pumps from NIBE. The building is not a new one as it has been built on a pre-existing construction. Archives are a testimony that the building has been listed as a concrete building in the centre of Örnsköldsvik since 1967. Over the old building lying low along with its atrium courtyard the construction of a new residential structure above and inside the old concrete building was carried out and the result was an amazing one. The project has been designed by the company ‘Nyberg, Kai & Wingårdh’ for the eminent architect Gert Wingårdh, who is part-owner of the building. Gert Wingårdh has also contributed his architectural excellence achieved through years of experience to the creation of the marvellous architecture that the building signifies. The building is built on a foundation of 8x8 metre which forms the courtyard of the house and expands upwards above the roof of the same.

Architecture Pixelated This building in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden

bears testimony to the architectural genius of ‘Nyberg, Kai & Wingårdh’. BY ANINDITA GANGULY

The building named Ting1 in Sweden is now acclaimed as one of the most unique residential buildings

The building is built on a foundation of 8x8 metre which forms the courtyard of the house

However, the remarkable aspect of the design is that there is absolutely no point of physical contact between the two buildings. They stand as two entirely different properties. This innovative technique has been named “three dimensional property creation.” Seventy-eight strikingly beautiful glass balconies protrude on all the sides of the building. Altogether, there are fifty-one apartments in this building. The vibrant colour scheme of the building is inspired by the paintings of Bengt Lindström, one of Sweden’s best known contemporary artists with a characteristic style of distinct colours. Mo r e ov e r, t h e b u i l d i n g’s outstanding ground-water heating feature is also worth mentioning. The heating network of the district runs along the edge of the plot where the building stands. This also provides additional heating on relatively cold days when the temperature drops extremely. This building truly stands testimony to the fact that renovation and building on existing structures, when carried out with careful planning and skilful execution can result in the ultimate manifestation of outstanding architecture. Picture Courtesy : Alamy

Altogether, there are fifty-one apartments in this building



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