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n pure architecture the smallest detail should have a meaning or serve a purpose�. - Augustus W. N. Pugin

A surface is nevertheless not a small detail; it is of central importance in architecture. It offers the primary interaction between people and buildings. As the superficial face of design, a surface is essentially the phenomenon that lets one visualise and experience architecture. With cutting-edge technology and consequent research and development, these

Elementto offers light and vibrant greens

products are now grabbing a lot of attention. Beginning with sophisticated colour palettes and bespoke surface finishes, moving on to sustainably tailored surfaces, the trends in surfaces have evolved drastically. Today, the sky is the limit when it comes to the consideration

The Painterly Collection from 3Form captures hand painted watercolours

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On The Surface Surfaces form an essential element of

our architectural structures. We bring you the latest developments and trends from this segment. of colour, texture and finishes for surfaces. The Inside Track takes you on a journey tracing the recent developments in various surfaces including external facades, engineered flooring, paints, wall papers, tiles, marbles, laminates, etc. Walls Si n c e t h e w all i s of u tmos t

significance as it covers the largest surface area within an enclosed space, the wall needs to be taken care of in a manner that befits its extensive nature. This necessitates selecting the appropriate finish. With a plethora of interesting and innovative finishes, walls are becoming a matter of detail. A wide range of choices are available to cover your

walls, from wall panels, to paints and wallpapers. 3FORM The Painterly Collection from 3Form captures hand painted watercolours and infinite glass. It blurs the line between art and architecture. Contact web:







COVER On The Surface 1 STORY Somany: Innovating With Technology 6 Carnegie tiles are fit for use in institutes, offices and residential spaces

continued from page 1 Carnegie Carnegie tiles are available in patterned and textured fabrics and variety of shapes. These panels are fit for use in institutes, offices and residential spaces. Contact web: Elementto Wallpapers Ellementto Wallpapers offers light and vibrant greens that inject brightness into dark spaces while

the dark ones bring earthy vibes. Contact web: Floorings and Tiles Hardwood floors, laminates and engineered - the choices are innumerable when it comes to the flooring of your space. You can get the most exciting flooring options to amp up your floor. Moreover, today tiles are undergoing a unique personality change as is visible in their impressive range of new designs. continued on page 4

Why So Serious? 7 Redefining Bath Spaces With Kerovit 8 H&R Johnson: End-to-end Lifestyle Solutions 10 Contemporary Is Temporary 11 Maison&Objet 2017 14 Environmentally Responsible Endeavour: Nitco 16 A Perfect Blend 17 Customized Traditions 18 Monier Roofing: Leading The World 19 Empowering With rat[LAB]Education 20 The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 22 The Act Of Decorating 24 Owner, Publisher & Printer Mr. Anish R. Bajaj for Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. Printed at Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033. Published at B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Mumbai 400 033 Tel (022) 23736133/1, 23743069 Editor Mr. Anish R. Bajaj THE INSIDE TRACK Volume 11. Issue 08. August 2017. English - Monthly. This issue contains 24 pages including both covers.

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continued from page 2 Nitco The Acacia Smoke Decori Collection by Nitco is eludes rustic charm on the floor it adorns. It is a good option for both residential and commercial use. Contact web: Pergo Pergo reinvents the laminate floor with its Sensation Collection. This laminate floor comes with silk matte finish and true to nature cracks and knots. Contact web:

Saint Gobain The Ecophone Sombra ceiling system offers ceiling solutions in bold black. A well proven acoustic solution for cinemas, the tiles from Sombra range are easily demountable. Contact web: Hunter Douglas Compatible with industry standard lighting, HVAC, speaker, fire safety and security issues, the Linear Plank Metalinx Ceilings are made of up to 92% recycled aluminium and 25% recycled steel. Contact web:

The Acacia Smoke Decori Collection by Nitco is a good option for both residential and commercial use

No t i o n - Eu r o p e a n Wo o d e n Flooring Collection The exquisite European Wooden Flooring Collection by Notion is made up of the finest quality materials with attention to every detail, providing unsurpassed ease of installation and quality of finish. Contact web:

External Facades A facade is the defining element of a building, its first impression, its most lasting impression, a teller of what is to come within. Apart from serving as a protective envelope, façade solutions should ideally amalgamate modern technology and functionality with aesthetics.

The Wood Work Grille Panels by Armstrong are warm natural wood ceilings

Hunter Douglasare made of up to 92% recycled aluminium and 25% recycled stee

Symonite Aluminium Composite Panels from Symonite are stiff and rigid and less prone to damage and require less support to resist deflection upon load. They can be butt-jointed with silicone filler in a manner similar to that of glass panels. Contact web:

film PV modules and a lightweight structural frame. The framework is easy to install and can be customized to create architecturally unique designs. Contact web: Blinds & Drapes Privacy or aesthetics, whatever the

Pergo reinvents the laminate floor with its Sensation Collection

Ceilings Make the ceilings in your home, office or retail space stand out with a wide range of materials and features. There are a multitude of options to choose from as ceilings have shifted from the paradigm of being boring to exciting. Armstrong The Wood Work Grille Panels by Armstrong are warm natural wood ceilings that offer installation flexibility and a variety of design options. Contact web:

The Ecophone Sombra ceiling system offers ceiling solutions in bold black

Swisspearl® Linearis from the Swisspearl panels are a fully developed cladding system proven to be rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free. Contact web: Notion-European Wooden Flooring Collection provides unsurpassed ease of installation

B u i l d i n g Te c h n o l o g i e s Accelerator Adaptive Solar Façade is suitable for mass production. It consists of thin-

need be, blinds and drapes fulfil the purpose. Hence, their significance can nonetheless be understated. With tropical vibes, sustainable elements and bold geometrics setting the stage, blinds and drapes are becoming showstoppers on the ramp as they showcase the latest in window dressings. Zynna The MYB Collection by Zynna continued on page 5


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Rumors Fine Furnishings Rumors Fine Furnishings recently unfolded its new collection titled the English Cottage Collection that draws its inspiration from the elements of nature. Contact web:

Aluminium Composite Panels from Symonite are stiff and rigid and less prone to damage

reintroduces panel curtains in a new light. The collection encompasses many design periods and styles giving the blinds a real stroke of authenticity. Contact web:

Looking Ahead‌ Surfaces today have limitless possibilities so far as colour, texture and patterns are concerned. Surface design companies are exploring and experimenting with materials with an attempt to create unique textures and patterns that juxtapose traditional craftsmanship, technological innovation and sustainability. Trends are constantly changing and evolving based on performance and client requirements. Textures today vary from high gloss to subtle matt, luxurious rawness to distressed and

Colours are being extensively tailored to add stunning, bespoke designs and patterns to surfaces

Nitco Ltd says, “There are many more varieties in flooring finishes than just substance or material. Wooden finish and Industrial Cement finish which are easier to maintain will rule the surface industry trend this year. With more and more consumers moving towards eco-friendly materials, natural elements like wood are being sought after�.

to renewable energy production to low-cost building materials and techniques, sustainable architecture aims to minimize the negative environmental impact of a building, with a broader goal to preserve our resources for future generations. While designers fight this battle, they are dutifully supported by the biggest weapon

Linearis from the Swisspearl panels are a fully developed rot resistant cladding system

Clarke & Clarke Inspired by the Caribbean, the tropical Cariba Collection is bold, bright and contemporary. The colours featured in this collection of printed cottons include a vibrant mix of spice, raspberry and aqua. Contact web:

metallic ones and optical grids to dark iridescence. Colours are being extensively tailored to add stunning, bespoke designs and patterns to surfaces. Monochrome however continues to stay a classic design element in

Trends are constantly changing and evolving based on performance and client requirements

On taking a closer look at the construction industry over the last few decades, it is easy to deduce that the most hard-hitting concern of architects today, is the question of sustainability - the concept of the green building. From effective HVAC systems

of our time - a rapidly progressing technology that has the ability to evolve overnight. T h u s , t h e c u r re n t l y m o s t predominant trend in surfaces is inspired by a green sensibility and a renewed enthusiasm to innovate both in form and utility.

The tropical Cariba Collection from Clarke & Clarke is bold, bright and contemporary

surfaces. Inspired by the Barbican building in London, monochrome stands out with the fashioning of alternately revealing layers. Talking of possible trends for the surface finish industry this year, Mr. Ajith Babu, CEO,

Pergo Sensation Collection is water-resistant and illustrates an instance of practical flooring





he Inside Track spoke to Ms. Charu Malhotra Bhatia, GM Marketing, Somany Ceramics who gave her valuable insight into the innovations and trends in the tile segment. How d i d So m a n y C e r a m i c s begin its operation? What are the products Somany specialises in? Somany Ceramics Limited is one of the leading players in the Indian ceramic industry with widest product selection categories. They range from Ceramic Wall and Floor, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Sanitary ware to Bath Fittings. We are India’s third largest manufacturer and marketer of tiles through our pan India presence and also export to more than 55 countries across 6 continents. We also offer an array of highend sanitary ware products under the brand - The French Collection is luxurious range and its smart product line is inspired by the unique elements of French heritage while taking design atheistic into cognizance making it truly world class product line.

Ms. Charu Malhotra Bhatia, GM Marketing, Somany Ceramics

What kind of tiling products do the commercial segments ask for? Commercial and industrial space requires durable and skid resistant tiles to withstand heavy footfall and provide better grip. To cater to the demands of the commercial space, Somany Ceramics introduced Slip Shield floor tiles which have an additional coating to keep the coefficient of friction high. What are the new, innovative or game changing products recently released in this segment? Introduction of vitrified and porcelain tiles have changed the

Somany: Innovating With Technology

With a wide range of product categories, Somany Ceramics Limited is one of the leading players in the Indian ceramic industry.

landscape of tiles in India. Digital printing technology has further transformed the tile industry creating ne w and intriguing possibilities. Another remarkable technological advancement in the ceramic industry is Somany’s revolutionary VC shield technology. We have recently launched Duragres Planks, a decorative range of faux wood tiles that are remarkably durable and designed to cater to a wide range of tastes. What is the mind-set of the average Indian consumer towards tiles? How do tiles compare to other materials for floors and walls? Indian consumers have always reached out for products that are durable and require low maintenance. But with the changing consumer needs and mind-set, aesthetics has also become a key consideration. Tile flooring is in fact an architectural marvel, with infinite combinations of designs, colours and finishes available for designers to extend their imagination a n d c re a t e u n i q u e w a l l a n d floor designs.

Tile flooring is easily laid and used, very strong, easy to clean and maintain, stain free, acid and alkali resistant, does not attract dust, remains bacteria free, is a good insulator and is fire proof and does not require polishing. What do you feel are going to be the future trends in this segment in the coming years? What are customers looking for in surfaces segment?

Rapidly changing demographics and psychographics of the Indian population is opening up new opportunities and posing new challenges. Somany Ceramics displays its range of products on its app ‘Somany Ceramics Ltd.’ which is available in the Play Store and Apple Store. We have also built one of the largest networks of any ceramics and sanitary ware brands in India, with 12000 plus touch points across the country. We continue our expansion drive in FY 2017-18 by opening 200+ franchisee showrooms and company owned experience centres pan India. Somany also recently launched the 3D Tile Visualizer, the first of its kind experiential tool in this industry. The visualizer enables the user to visualize, through virtual reality, how certain products will look in his or her space prior to purchase which helps the buyer to make an informed decision. Contact Somany Ceramics Ltd. F36 Sector 6, Noida, Uttar Pradesh tel : +91 18001030004


Spot Light


ounded by husband-wife duo, Pratik and Shikha Barasia, this Mumbai-based company imbues a cheerful element into each furniture piece setting it apart from the ordinary. The couple revels in creating funky products that allow each customer to express his or her individuality. Whether a striking colour palette, a unique shape or a modern interpretation of a traditional art form, each product promises to be a conversation starter.

Why So Serious? With a catalogue of furniture that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, Square Barrel believes in taking a lighter view of life by lending a magical touch to the otherwise mundane. BY Priti Kalra

Elm Leaf Table

Floating Pen Stand

With a background in interior design and a childhood surrounded by formal period furniture, Shikha decided to break out of her mould with the inception of Square Barrel. She draws her inspiration from tribal, pop and modern art, and often from the everyday things she sees around her. Pratik, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, brings his business acumen to the table.

Superhero Bookend


London Phone Booth Bookshelf

Under the mentorship of Dr. Anurag Kanoria of The Great Eastern Home, the couple’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit takes shape. The result? A collection of furniture that encourages a keen curiosity in those that perceive it. Square Barrel designs furniture items ranging from cabinets, seating and tables to bookshelves, mirrors and assorted home accessories.

Zulu Buttons Console

Offbeat creations such as the Zulu Buttons Console, the Artsy Aboriginal Console and the Abacus Console ensure that there’s something for everyone. While the Polka Dot Chair and Lounge Chair serve as great singleseater options, even children are drawn to the friendly Caterpillar Bench. Other interesting pieces include an accent table in the shape of an elm leaf, a centre table in the shape of a Dutch truffle cake, bookshelves that mimic London phone booths and Chinese tangram shapes, and a variety of quirky trays, stands, frames and bookends. Contact web:





ajaria Ceramics - India’s No.1 and world’s 14th largest manufacturer of ceramic and vitrified tiles, was founded in 1988 with a vision to offer quality and innovation along with aesthetics to its consumers. In over 28 years, Kajaria is a name that stands synonymous to quality, service and innovation - not only in the domestic market but in the international market too.

Redefining Bath Spaces With Kerovit Kajaria Ceramics launches exclusive bath and

sanitary ware from Kerovit that rev up the look of your bath space!


Kerovit sanitary ware products are manufactured in Gujarat. The company has an annual manufacturing capacity of 700,000 pieces. The sanitary ware is made with finest of clay added with silica. The plant has got international s t a n d a rd s o f m a n u f a c t u r i n g processes of Mould making, Shuttle kiln, Tunnel kiln, glazing p re s s u re d y e c a s t i n g a n d i s ISI approved. Kerovit faucets are made in India in its state-of-the-art plant located at Gailpur, Rajasthan with a spread over 2 Lakh sq. ft., having manufacturing capacity


of 1.1 million pieces a year. They are constructed with solid metal which provides great strength, durability and higher quality of finish. The flagship faucet, showers, baths and toilets have been well coordinated with products and technologies that save water up to 60% without compromising on the wellness theme. With a changing tide of sanitary ware requirements in the country, India’s No. 1 tile manufacturer, Kajaria has now entered the bathroom space with the launch of an exclusive range of faucet and sanitary ware under


the brand Kerovit. Setting new trends for bathroom and sanitary ware segment, Kerovit launched its latest range of products from vanities, to counter tops, to water closet, and to a new faucet series, Joy. Kerovit vanities are eloquent in design, comfort, convenience and hygiene. They make the bathroom look more organized and appealing. Ranging from glossy vanities to antique ones with a wooden finish, these vanities are user friendly and will surely lure your heart in. The bathroom spaces today are brought back to life with impressive and distinctive designs


for water closets and counter tops. Their subtle and natural designs give a sensational look to the bathroom. It effortlessly adds a warm endearing charm to entire the bathroom space. The Stylish Joy Collection by Kerovit revs up the look of your bath space. Mesmerising flow of these dynamic faucets create joy. An unconventionally shaped Joy Faucet mixes and matches with different counter tops and basins to enhance and give a ravishing touch to your bathroom. Contact web:






&R Johnson enjoys the reputation of being the only entity in India to offer end-to-end lifestyle solutions covering Tiles, Sanitary ware & Bath Fittings, Engineered Marble and Quartz as well as Modular Kitchens & Modular Furniture. A conversation with Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee, Executive Director & CEO, H&R Johnson, gives us an insight into the innovations in the tiles industry.

H&R Johnson: End-to-end Lifestyle Solutions “We look to provide a good value proposition to our consumers while being ambitious yet affordable”. exteriors, offices & malls, industrial and landscaping requirements. We also speciality tiles like Anti Static floor tiles and Tactiles which makes us the most comprehensive provider of tiling solutions in India. Could you please elaborate on the national presence of H&R Johnson?

Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee, Executive Director & CEO, H&R Johnson

Could you please trace the genesis of H&R Johnson? What kind of tiling solutions do you offer? Established in India since 1958, H&R Johnson is one of the oldest tile manufacturing brands in India and offers a comprehensive range of tiles. With over 20 sizes, 9 different levels of tile thickness and 15 surface finishes to suit the functional and aesthetics requirement, H&R Johnson provides Johnson tiles under four sub-brands i.e. Johnson Tiles, Johnson Porselano, Johnson Marbonite and Johnson Endura. We offer several categories in tiling solutions for residential interiors and

Today H&R Johnson has the largest pan-India distribution network of over 1,000 dealers, over 10,000 sub-dealers, 49 branches and depot network as well as a countrywide chain of 26 ‘House of Johnson’ showrooms. We also offer pan India customer service.

The Johnson Marble and Quartz (JMQ) division products have been recently certified with the prestigious UL Greenguard Gold Certification. What are the innovative products that have been recently released by H&R Johnson?

the functionality of the area that would dictate which types of tiles should be used. Also since tiles last very long it is important to choose good quality and branded tiles which are made with the best of raw materials, strong manufacturing process and quality control checks.

Some of the innovative products and collections by H&R Johnson launched recently are Johnson

What according to you will be the trends in this segment in the near future?

Endura Cool Roof SRI (Solar Reflective Index) Tiles, a groundbreaking new technology in tiles, Johnson Quickstairs, ready to install anti-slip stair treads and risers in engineered marble and Johnson Top Shield which is an anti-microbial, pre-fabricated, ready-to-install and germ-free quartz kitchen counter top in quartz.

With green living gaining broader acceptance, the key to future trends is sustainable and environment friendly living. Consumers are increasingly considering low-impact materials to use when remodelling, building and decorating their homes. In terms of designs too natural earthy shades and textures like stone, wood and marble finishes are seeing an increasing preference as a choice in wall and floor décor. Contact H & R Johnson (India) TBK Limited, Block 27, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra email: web: tel: +91 8424040103

What steps has H&R Johnson taken towards a sustainable future? H&R Johnson has pioneered new innovations to keep the customer trust for almost 6 decades. Our R&D efforts have brought many firsts to India’s ceramics industry. The Antimicrobial (germ-free), stain resistance (stain-free) and Cool Roof SRI (Solar Reflective Index) tiles are some of the examples of the brand’s sustainable efforts. We have also undertaken energy conservation efforts at several of our manufacturing plants.

What is the mind-set of the average Indian consumer towards tiles? Tiles are reflection of people’s choice and tastes. Most of the people choose tiles for their homes based on colours, patterns, budgets etc. Different spaces require different tiles. It is advisable to choose tiles for your home depending upon


Spot Light


h e t e a m a t S c a r e c r ow Advertising recently moved into their swanky new office at Ballard Estate in Mumbai. The precinct is an old European style business district situated in South Mumbai. Ballard Estate was originally designed by George Wittet and built in the Edwardian neoclassical style of architecture. “I believe contemporary is temporary. Classic is forever. In the last, 10 years, technology and the digital revolution have changed human behavior, in terms of how we communicate, how we socialize, how we consume things and moreover how we create,” believes Manish Bhatt, the founder of Scarecrow Advertising who recently moved into this classic space. As you enter the portals of the new office space you are greeted by the Regal Lion that stands guard.The design element resembles its counterparts present in the Grand Palace in Brussels, Tsarevets Fortress, VelikoTarnovo and the Hoffburg Palace in Vienna. Its rose windows resemble those present at the Cathedral of Carrera


Contemporary Is Temporary A look inside Scarecrow Advertising’s classical headquarters in the heritage precinct of Ballard Estate. BY ACHAL KHANOLKAR


Location of Scarecrow advertising’s main office , Ballard Estate

Work areas are aesthetically designed keeping functionality in mind. Circular tables allow for group discussions

and the Lincoln Cathedral. The door knocker design is akin to the one present at 10 Downing Street. The meshwork in the lobby is reminiscent of the Mashrabiya style of jaali work in Persia. The twenty three windows that adorn the office space have elliptical,

The signages are a throwback to the classic era

windows and tons of character that serves as inspiration for the team. All this adds up to the folks at Scarecrow getting more breathing space and a positive environment to think and create. Clean white open interiors with low hanging lights welcome the staff in. It’s quaint small round tables with an open plan office are designed to encourage interaction. The entire space is dotted with fifteen tall Corinthian pillars. The signages here are inspired by the font style on sailing ships; and as a final touch a hundred handpicked masterpieces of advertising are sprinkled across the office to remind them that good work lasts forever!

The lobby of the office is lit up naturally with ample sunlight streaming through the windows

segmental, lancet, equilateral pointed and tudor arch styles.Their old office at Fort had a similar classical ambience too. However, the new one has a much larger floor-space. It has a sixteen feet high ceiling in comparison to the shorter eleven feet one. It also has twice the number of

Often interesting architecture has a correlation with great historical moments. Scarecrow Advertising had an ambition to make their new office an architecturally interesting space that will host such significant historical moments of the careers of creative people.

A display room that houses scarecrow advertising’s many accolades



Spot Light


aison and Objet is all set to rock the world of design from September 8th to 12th, 2017 at Paris Nord Villepinte in Paris. As a major biannual professional trade fair that takes place in January and September every year in Paris, Maison&Objet is the multicultural crossroads of contemporary living. Places for meetings and exchanges, the show welcomes exhibitors and visitors from around the world and showcase a high-quality international offer. The event provides a comprehensive overview of the excellence and innovation that help to share the best of creativity. A n i d e a l n e t workin g a n d business platform to discover the latest products, new brands, while developing your business for your boutique as well as maintaining relationships with your suppliers, this is a must-visit event. The theme for Maison&Objet 2017 is ‘Comfort Zone’ which is the product of a year-round collective work by the members of the Maison&Objet Observatory. The event is divided in 3 universes: Maison (100% Interior Design),

Maison&Objet 2017 Visit the September 2017 edition of

Maison&Objet Paris to explore and experience excellence in contemporary living.

with décor, design, furniture, fashion accessories, textile, fragrance, children’s world, table ware and hightech equipment. The September 2017 event will additionally mark the unveiling of the new Hall 6 which is shaped around three major sectors - Cook and Share, Home and Fashion Accessories and Smart Gift, opening up a plethora of choices and contributing to an altogether fascinating retail experience. Maison&Objet Paris will unveil the work of the renowned WOHA Architects from Singapore, who have been acclaimed as the Designers of the Year ASIA 2017, and the winners

Objet (The Must-Haves Of 2017) and Influences (bespoke design and luxury). The Inspirations Book will spotlight on the theme from various forward-looking perspectives, while the Conference Space will provide an opportunity to further explore the notion of COMFORT with a five day programme of debates on current related trends. Spanning across nine halls, the trade fair will showcase a widely comprehensive experience beginning

of the Talent Awards Asia 2017. The winners of the Rising Asian Talent Awards 2017 are ADesign Studio from Australia, Lim+Lu from Hong Kong, Jiggoy Buensucesco from The Philippines, Kamaro’an from Taiwan and Atelier 2+ from Thailand. For the last 22 years, M&O PARIS which is a leading international business platform for high-end design and luxury industry, has successfully facilitated a large number of business partnerships and honoured celebrated and emerging designers as well as curated acclaimed showcases. Come meet the key players of the market at this year’s show! Take

advantage of this unique opportunity to discover, exchange and be inspired. The new features, animations, enriching conferences, etc. are all available for you to experience and enjoy ‘Meet and greet’ specifiers at the space reserved for them at Designers’ Studio (Hall 8). Contact Maison&Objet Raj Anand & Associates 46/2, Sindhi Society Chembur, Mumbai 400071. email: web: tel: +91-22-25224081 cell:+91-9833685256





itco is among the top premium tile companies in India. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Vivek Talwar - CMD, Nitco Ltd who acquainted us with the brand’s products, innovations and the future trends. How did Nitco begin? What products do you specialise in? Nitco Tiles Ltd., part of Nitco group, is the fastest growing company in the flooring solution segment. Established in 1953, the company is a complete flooring solutions provider, with a range that includes ceramic floor tiles, vitrified tiles, paving tiles, mosaic tiles and imported marble. The Company’s manufacturing units are strategically located in multiple states.

Environmentally Responsible Endeavour: Nitco Nitco continuously strives to improve the quality and design of products and increase customer focus.

printed tiles which look similar to marble and real wood, due to their aesthetic appeal and comparatively lower price. In terms of design, random design phase patterns are in vogue. Designs inspired from earthy elements like stone, slate, marble, nature etc. are in trend. Large format tiles are especially popular among buyers. What trends do you feel will create a rage in the upcoming year?

Mr. Vivek Talwar CMD, Nitco Ltd

Could you please account for the Pan- India presence of Nitco tiles? Nitco caters to both institutional and retail clients (ratio 40:60) through its large-scale network of 1200 direct dealers and over 5,000 retail outlets spread over India. Its panIndia presence is facilitated through 22 offices along with 13 exclusive studios across India known as Le Studio (LS). These are company owned, for the purpose of display of our

exquisite range of tiles, mosaic and marbles. Apart from that, there are around 117 showrooms operating as franchise, known as Le Studio Express (LSE) and Nitco Look. The LS, LSEs and Nitco Looks aim to give you an out the best “Stiling” experience. What steps has Nitco taken towards a sustainable future? Nitco has always been a pioneer in manufacturing technology. We have received the prestigious Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) certification for our products manufactured at our Alibaug facility which enables us to use the well-known “ISI” mark on our product /packaging which is synonymous with quality products.

The state-of-the-art unit in Alibaug is a reflection of our endeavour towards being innovative, progressive yet environmentally responsible in manufacturing and in design. What are the latest launches from Nitco? Nitco’s latest launch, The Argilla collection is an exceptional range of Ceramic tiles. Inspired from natural clay, the collection offers hand painted designs for your space, your special corner, soothing your senses for a simplified living. Nitco’s Terrazzo Collection is a range of Venetian Mosaic that draws inspiration from the original Greek legend. The piece, historically, used to amalgamate quartz, granite, marble, glass, lime and clay. This collection is a fitting tribute to this piece of historical significance. What according to you is the mind-set of the average Indian consumer towards tiles? Today, tiles play a major role in defining the look of interior and exterior spaces in India. Customers are shifting to digitally

2017 is shaping up to be one exciting year for the world of interior design, especially for the lovers of natural stone! In 2017, marble will continue to be a trendy material in interior design, thanks to its exceptional technical qualities. Since Marble has always been a reference material for design professionals and their projects, we’ll be seeing a lot of it from new outlooks to new applications in architecture and design. Contact Nitco Ltd, Nitco House, Station Road, Kanjurmarg (E) Mumbai Maharashtra email: web: tel: +91 67521555


Spot Light


eaded by Ayush and Geetanjali Kasliwal, a designer and an architect respectively, Anantaya is a lifestyle design studio based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company aims to develop innovative ideas through


A Perfect Blend The products designed by Anantaya symbolize a fusion between ancient Indian craft practices and modern luxury home needs. BY Priti Kalra

Rock not Tweet Dove from Anantaya

Cresent Thaali set

collaboration between master artisans and contemporary designers. Its primary intention is to redefine existing local craft tradition by providing it with design, technology and capital. In this way, Anantaya strives to improve the lives of over a million artisans in a sustainable and honourable fashion. Further, the company promotes fair trade and supports the empowerment of women. The Anantaya catalogue includes products ranging from furniture to lighting, stationery to office accessories, Lota Rooh Collection

and showpieces to jewelry boxes. The team experiments with combinations of materials such as acacia wood and leather cords, shisham wood and saddle leather, white oak wood and seat belt, beech wood and rope, etc. Traditional furniture such as charpoys and moodas as well as Japanese, Danish and Art Deco objects inspire the Anantaya creations. Ayush Kasliwal graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Several accolades have come his way over the years in the form of Messe Frankfurt India 2015, Best Designer of the Year 2015: USA by Interior Design Magazine, and India’s Best Design Studio 2015 by Pool Magazine. His work was showcased in Paris in the Talents à la Carte section of

‘Maison ét Object’. Further, he was a finalist in the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards 2011. Other interesting achievements include licensed products to MATER, a Danish design house and collaboration with Incubis on a sculptural installation at Delhi International Airport Terminal T3. He says, “Objects are messages in physical form”. His work reflects a sound and nuanced understanding of culture, architecture and mythology which he delivers through a modern aesthetic. Contact web:

Spire Collection Jars



Spot Light


childhood dream to become a fashion designer took Burad to BILAMS Kolkata where she did her Diploma in Fashion Design in 1991. Soon after, she launched her first label, Studio Elegante, and went on to do her first solo exhibition of a contemporary clothes line at Genesis Art Gallery in 1992.

Customized Traditions Jaipur Pink, by Sunita Burad, is built

on the strong belief that custom blending with changing times can result in remarkably distinctive creations. BY Priti Kalra “I have the opportunity to express myself without being restricted by any boundaries of design. Jaipur Pink is a huge canvas, and everyday, I paint it to my liking,” she comments on how the life of an artist becomes fulfilled. “An artist life is fulfilled if one is able to express his thoughts and emotions.. I am lucky to have had this opportunity as Jaipur Pink is a huge canvas”, she further adds. Contact web:

The Jaipur Pink catalogue reflects ethnicity, simplicity and elegance

Multi-coloured silk cushions add drama to the assemblage

After a series of exhibitions in India, UK as well as USA, she got married in 1996 to a man who belonged to the fourth generation of a family that customised bridal lehengas for royal Indian families. She moved to Jaipur and began assisting the business, called Mangalmayee, in both design and administrative arenas. Burad’s inherent passion for design led to the birth of her brand, Jaipur Pink, in 2007. In 2012, she opened her first store with three verticals, Artefacts, Fashion and Home Accessories. The Jaipur Pink catalogue reflects ethnicity, simplicity and elegance.

Customers regularly queue up to pick out from the classic collection of exclusive Mughal prints, Ajrakh from Bhuj, hand blocked cushions, quilts, dohads ( t h r ow s ) , b e d c ov e r s , c o t t o n bags, sarees, dupattas, hand embroidered potlis (purses), stoles and more. Multi-coloured silk cushions done in Aari, Zardozi and Gotapatti styles add drama to the assemblage.

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Hand-embroidered silk potlis

Customers regularly queue up to pick out from the classic collection of exclusive fabrics

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Her newest collection ‘Love You Bengal’ is a tribute to her birthplace. Inspired by the simplicity of life in the City of Joy and the love for street food, the collection explores extraordinary crafts like Kantha, Batik and Jamdani. Another collection from last season, ‘Coffee with Rajasthan,’ is a reflection of her love for the caffeinated beverage and includes coffee mugs, folders, bags and cushions.


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onier group is the world’s leading supplier of building materials for pitched and innovative roofs, chimney and ventilation systems. The company has operations in more than 33 countries with 130+ production sites in 4 continents across the globe. Monier started its operations in India in the year 1997 and offers a range of concrete roof tiles, imported clay roof tiles in a wide range of colors and profiles, specially designed to enhance the modern looks of Indian homes. It has two manufacturing facilities located in Bangalore and Nashik.


Monier Roofing: Leading The World Monier Roofing offers a range of concrete

roof tiles, glazed and matt finished imported clay roof tiles, fittings and roof components that are specifically designed for the Indian roof market. a coverage of 0.90 tile / sq. ft. to 0.97 tile / sq. ft. Monier has two other roof tile profiles that are manufactured in India - Elabana and Plano. Elabana, is a concrete roof tile that is the result of Monier’s worldwide research and development expertise. Originally developed for tropical countries that experience heavy rain, it is a major success in countries like India, Malaysia, China, USA and many European countries. Elabana is designed for a contemporary look and is available in many colours.

come in attractive mono-tone colours. Further, Plano tiles are meticulously finished with a glossy efflorescent preventive coating which makes them fungi and algae resistant. Monier also offers a range of imported high quality clay roof tiles from Europe and Malaysia. Over the years Monier has sold close to 6 crore tiles in India. It also has Roof System Components that enhance functional quotient of the roof like water-tightness, heat reduction, natural light, better ventilation, etc. to provide long term trouble free roof.

Perspective has an ultra-modern geometrical shape

The unique R&D and product testing capabilities of Monier has resulted in Perspective - a new concrete roof tile for the Indian consumers. Perspective has an ultramodern geometrical shape that is dimensionally consistent and gives a sleek new look for your trendy and contemporary roofs. These elegant concrete tiles possess superior strength, smooth finish, low water absorption, meticulously finished with glossy coating that delay moss and fungi formation.

It is manufactured in India and is available in stylish colours including Russet Brown, Silverstone Grey, Graphite, Fiery Red, Deep Brown and Dark Grey. The Perspective roofing tile comes with such technical specifications as a width and height of 330 mm x 420 mm, a minimum slope of 20°, 4.4 kg unit weight, batten space of 320 mm to 345 mm; three decompression chambers under the tile improves water-tightness at the tile overlapping area and

Prospective gives a sleek new look for your trendy and contemporary roofs

Elabana is designed for a contemporary look

Monier Plano, the first flat concrete roof tile manufactured in India redefines roofing aesthetics in the country. These elegant concrete tiles have an absolutely flat surface and

Contact Monier Roofing Pvt. Ltd. email: web: tel: +91 90191 10303

Plano tiles are meticulously finished with glossy efflorescent preventive coating



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at[LAB] Education is an initiative by rat[L AB]Research in Architecture & Technology ( to start a new discourse in architecture & parallel design disciplines with the use of ‘computational design’ & it’s various subsets. Spread across various cities / countries, they are establishing a global dialogue in the domain of computational design by actively organizing and participating in workshops, lectures, presentations & symposia. While rat[LAB] has taken a top-down approach of exploring computational design through industry, a parallel, bottom-up approach is also in-line to involve students of all levels, from design & related backgrounds. After a successful completion of 25 national & international design workshops, rat[LAB]Education organized Summer School 2017 in India that delved into computational design & parametric methods of designing. The 3-day design module took place in two cities, New Delhi and Mumbai from 31st June to 2nd July 2017 and 7th July to 9th July 2017 respectively. The New Delhi Chapter of rat[LAB]EDU Summer School 2017 started on 30th June 2017 with 36 participants from different cities of India and took place at Startup Tunnel, Vihara Innovation Campus in New Delhi.

Empowering With rat[LAB] Education

rat[LAB]Education completes 25 Computational Design workshops and takes a leap towards Summer School for designers.

The first day started with an induction on ‘Parametric Design and Computation Thinking’ by studio director and designer Sushant Verma through a p re s e n t a t i o n , f o l l owe d by introduction to Parametric tools and software Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper 3D. First day sessions focused on design exercises and examples to understand complex data structures in computation which form a major par t of computational thinking process in design. Grasshopper scripts were provided to participants for practice and deeper understanding of the subject. On the second day, participants explored further on patterns, geometries and mathematical logics. Introduction to ‘Art’ was made through visual presentations with possible computational logics discussed informally with participants. The larger agenda of weaving ‘parametric’ and ‘art’ opened during these sessions.


Later that day, Himanshu Bablani of Banana House Makerspace gave an insightful talk on interactive art installations and showcased his projects. There was a live 3D printing demonstration by ShaperJet showcasing rapid prototyping possibilities by 3D printing a data-driven art piece created by participants on first day. After the infill 3D printing session, teams were formed with a given design brief to encourage group learning and a direct articulation of learnings. The final day of workshop was eventful with documentation of design projects developed by various teams. Each team was continuously guided by studio director and studio assistants from rat[LAB] to help develop meaningful projects in a limited time. All teams managed to bring out their best with some very interesting projects and presented their works to the entire batch, with constructive criticism and comments on future scope. This followed up with a Parametric Talk Series where two eminent designers were invited to showcase their work and ideologies to workshop participants. Guest Speaker Ankon Mitra from Hexagramm Design Private Limited, who is an Architect by training and an origami Artist by

persuasion, presented his projects of ‘Oritecture’ (as he calls it. Ankon’s work focusses on origami art and is deeply connected to mathematical l o g i c s t h a t c a n b e e x p l o re d using computation. Architect Rajat Sodhi of Orproject presented his works of art installation and spoke about computation and fabrication processes. He talked about amalgamation of Music and Architecture, and showcased his various data driven projects carried out by his organization. The workshop concluded with an insightful talk by Sushant Verma,

Studio Director of workshop and Founding Partner of rat[LAB]. He talked about his deep interests in technology, art and natural systems and showcased some of the projects carried out by his organization in last few years in the domain of parametric design and art. The Mumbai chapter was initiated on 7th July 2017 with 30 participants from different cities of India, and took place at Raffles Design International, Mumbai. Computational Artist and designer Nitant Hirlekar from Mumbai joined the studio as a


co-tutor alongside Sushant Verma. The three-day structure of the workshop was similar to New Delhi Chapter but evolved to be more hand-on in terms of physical fabrication. A tech association was made with Architect Dhruv Seth who runs a 3D printing studio in Mumbai and joined on first day for an informal talk, followed by a live 3D printing demonstration for participants. On the final day of the workshop, tutors introduced digital prototyping. A part prototype of one of rat[LAB]’s project ‘Cellular Morphology Façade’ was 3D Printed by B3D, studio run by Dhruv Seth. Laser Cu t t i n g o f t h e m o d u l e w a s also carried out in parallel, and participants teamed up to assemble a large-scale module made of industrial cardboard sheet. This gave a deeper understanding of translation from digital to physical medium in a very short span of time. Contact rat[LAB] - Research in Architecture & Technology A-94B (3rd Floor), Lajpat Nagar - II, New Delhi - 110024, India email: tel: +91 11 41050425



CenturyPly Presents VenLam

It Products Faber Launches Semi Integrated Dishwasher Elegantly Designed Dishwasher by Faber, saves quite a bit of time and water in any kitchen, as its efficiency means it uses up to much less water than hand washing. The latest generation of Franke dishwashers guarantees the very best performance. Class A+ for low consumption, excellent washing and drying results in a short space of time. It embodies the company philosophy: premium quality raw materials and excellent finished products; ease of use and total safety; reduced water and energy consumption with environmental protection in mind.

With Semi integrated design, SS finish, Electronic Control, Push Button, foldable Bottom Rack, adjustable upper basket and third layer cutlery basket and additional features of energy and water conservation, a special sensor that sets the wash cycle in accordance with the soil level of the crockery, silent operation, delayed start, fitted safety systems and Dual Zone wash function that allows one to use either lower or upper basket, this dishwasher spells excellence. Contact:

Disha Pavers Introduces Cliffstone

Ecoloc Pavers from Disha not only enhance the visual appeal of the area where they are laid but also ensure groundwater to percolate through the spaces between them and harvest rainwater or excess water sprayed over them. Of the many varieties that Disha Ecoloc Pavers offers, Cliffstone is also amongst those types that ensures water harvesting and has a completely new appearance. Ideal for walkways, driveways and patios at parks, resorts, amphitheatres, driveways, etc., Cliffstone

ensures a rich regal look ensuring visual delight. With a stony natural look that blends easily with surroundings, the two colour combination patterns make the arrangement look all the more interesting. The paver comes in three different sizes, details of which are available on the company website and is offered in two standard colours - Mandana and Silver Grey. Disha Pavers also customises colours for customers as per requirement. Contact

CenturyPly has been the frontrunner in applying innovation at work. VenLam from CenturyPly is an innovative product that provides both, the aesthetic beauty of real wood and the comfort of working with high pressure laminates. Commenting on the launch, Mr Keshav Bhajanka, Executive Director, CenturyPly says, CenturyPly has always been the innovator in the wood panel industry. We as a company, have always tried to come up new products which add to the aesthetic value of homes as well as to make the life of our customers more hassle free. Consequently, we have now come up with a new unique

product VenLam, which brings together the aesthetic beauty of veneer along with the strength, flexibility and superior application properties of laminates. CenturyPly has been working on this product for close to two years now and after vigorous testing, and countless trials we are now completely confident of giving our customers a flawless product. We hope that this product shall benefit our consumers and add to the beauty of their homes. We are confident that VenLam has the potential to create a new market in itself. Contact

Havwoods’ Signature Handgrade Collection Havwoods’ Handgrade collection is designed for large spaces. In this collection, the planks are an enormous 2 to 4 meters long, and come in mixed widths of up to 480mm. They are made from engineered 3-layered oak and birch plywood, 1-strip plank, hardwaxed oil finish and come with the T&G ends matched. The planks are made with the deepest seen bevelled edges to give it a smooth worn surface & allow for finesse in fixing. Every plank in this collection is hand worked, lending a unique character to each of them. Announcing the launch of the collection, Mr. Aashish Poojari, Director, Havwoods International said, “We are thrilled to introduce one of our best collections in India, the Havwoods Handgrade. These super-speciality, earthy flooring planks are Cradle to Cradle and FSC certified. This is a highly

durable, high performance, pre-finished flooring that is tailor-made for large spaces. We believe that in India, there is a need for specialty large-space flooring. Most of these places are currently making do with tiles made for much smaller places”. Contact


It Products Kutchina Brings Kids Special Sandwich Makers

Kutchina has come up with the first ever kid’s sandwich maker. The product is available in 2 colours Yellow and Pink and has a unique feature of cartoon smileys on the cover of the sandwich maker, which gets embossed on the bread when the sandwich is made. This will surely attract a lot of kids as they always want something to eat which is tasty and interesting. The impressions may be decorated with sauce, mayonnaise, etc. which makes it fun to eat for children. Commenting about the sandwich maker, Mr. Namit Bajoria, Director, Kutchina says, “It gives me immense pleasure to launch the kids sandwich makers. It is the first in the industry where a sandwich maker is made exclusively keeping in mind the kids and their needs. We all know that, it is one of the easiest and tastiest meals which we can give to the children in their tiffin, during their evening snacks or serve it in their birthday parties. This is our gift to the little kids from the house of Kutchina.” Contact

Rustic Tiles From Antica Ceramica The contemporary collection of Rustic Tiles by Antica Ceramica holds the amalgamation of both wood-look tiles as well as natural stone-look rustic tiles which can wonderfully bring the ultramodern historic charm into your home. This collection of Rustic Tiles come in variations that emulate old, salvaged wood and natural stone that feature scarring, cracked paint, corrosive texture and even stains and de-coloured effect. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours these tiles can work very well within a variety of interior design styles making them an ideal and outstanding choice.

According to Mr. Rahul Bhugra, Director- Antica Ceramica , “We are incredibly excited to unveil the contemporary Collection of Rustic Tiles that can well serve the state of art flooring needs, disseminating rustic flooring touch at its finest.” While being absolutely strong and durable, these Rustic Tiles are produced with non-slip textures to strike the right balance between the functionality and the design aesthetics. Making contemporary living spaces look unique and interesting these tiles would surely grab a lot of eye –balls for being so rare and exclusive, he further added. Contact:


Notion Launches Wooden Stair Board Collection

Notion Stair Board collection is designed to add elegance and versatility whether you’re building a new home or just want to spruce up your existing stairs. From curved stairs to spiral or either to straight ones, Notion’s wooden stair board is the best installation, to add rich elegance, creating pleasant and Avant grade spaces. They come in a standard thickness of 30mm with customized sizes, in more than 100 color options so as to let you experience the worthwhile expectations with regard to your investment. According to Mr. Akash Saini, Director of Notion, “We

are incredibly excited to unveil our contemporary wooden Stair Board flooring to smarten up your stairs and enriching your home interiors”. Notion’s wooden stair board flooring will give your staircase a clean, modern appearance. It is tough and durable enough to withstand heavy footfall. Also, they can be cleaned easily with any standard hardwood cleaner to wipe down the dirt. The wooden stair board flooring is a great choice even because it does not trap allergens or dust. Contact

Magniflex Unveiles Magni Smartech Magni SmarTech is World’s first anti snoring mattress and also the first Zero gravity mattress. It also has inbuilt features like monitoring body vitals with a network of sensors in the bed’s cushion layer that registers wake-up time, hours of sleep, average heart rate, respiration pattern, body movement, chromo therapy, adjustable base, with a control unit that processes the collected data, which can be displayed either on your smart phone App or on the website. The technological innovation monitors the data and provides suggestions to improve the quality of sleep day after day. It also collects the data on the environment like mattress temperature, room temperature, room brightness and noise level. Magni SmarTech has taken the concept of healthy lifestyle in a technological world to another

level. It’s an integrated sleep system (patent pending) that allows you to learn more about your sleep, leading to quality rest that improves your quality of your life. “Magni Smartech is not a mattress, it’s a sleep engineering from Italy”, says Anand Nichani, Director, Polyflex Group, the promoters of Magniflex in India. Contact




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ounded by Dhwanit Parmar and Architect Anupriya Sahu, Alankaram specializes in combining different types of wood with different shades of colours to create efficient, functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing products for homes, offices and retail stores. The use of treated and seasoned wood ensures longevity. Every design receives its inspiration from the needs of the space and the client. Much akin to any design process, the team begins with an abstract idea or a concept. The next stage takes the idea through the journey of a concrete plan, a strategy via which the abstraction can become a reality. The client is then brought on board to select the type of wood, and the colour scheme. In case of a chair or sofa, the upholstery is picked next. Finally, the client is given a range of accessories from which the finishing touches are chosen - hinges, handles, nuts, bolts,

The Act Of Decorating Alankaram brings together client and

designer in a unique process of customization to build state-of-the-art solid wood furniture pieces. BY PRITI KALRA

Tridha Nested Tables

products range from beds, chairs and sofas to cabinets, storage a n d w o r k s t a t i o n s . Re c e n t l y, the company launched a new series of customized doors and wall claddings. The manufacturing plant in Delhi is equipped with machinery and tools from Germany, Italy, USA, Canada and Taiwan. With advanced equipment such as an automated seasoning plant, a chemical treatment plant for antiborer treatment as well as spray & baking booths, the company is capable of delivering large orders in a matter of a few weeks. Alankaram strives to provide end-to-end solutions and take over the responsibility of furniture production in projects, leaving the architects and builders to focus on other aspects of design and construction. Contact web:

Papaki Easy Comfortable Chair

Pustak Daraj Mini Cabinet

Rizu Computer Desk, Study Table or Workstation

Trei Tray Table

beadings, etc. With a process like this, it is no wonder that each client goes home with an exclusive design suited to his/her particular tastes and preferences. The company derives its name from a Sanskrit word meaning the “act of decorating�. The name is truly befitting because the Alankaram catalogue can decorate ever y room of your house, be it the living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, study, home office, foyer or balcony. Their

Pratinu Small Wooden Chair

The Inside Track August 2017  

“In pure architecture the smallest detail should have a meaning or serve a purpose”...

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