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Smart Homes


ome Automation is all about adding comfort, security, convenience and energy saving to life. It can control entertainment, lighting, security systems, appliances, i n t e r n e t / n e t w o rk i n g , H VAC systems, irrigation/water systems, home spas, pools and many other

Automate Your Lifestyle

Automation is the way to go to maximise your home’s potential by allowing it to respond to your lifestyle. BY VIKAS BHADRA & ULKA VARTAK

Sliding gates from Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd.

related systems which are a part of your home with a mere touch of a finger. We look at various home automation solutions that can transform your home to better suit your living style; adding substantial comfort and safety for person and belongings. External Security Solutions In this digital age, a host of solutions ranging from entrance automation to smart monitoring and intercom systems have been devised to ensure

that your home and business spaces remain safe. Automated Gates Be it commercial spaces or housing societies, a gate is the periphery which demarcates the entry point from the rest of the landscape, hence it requires special attention; a series of automated gates does the job quite effortlessly by sealing off the area when required and welcoming folks when obligatory. Sliding Gates from Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd. use a ground

mounted track for the gate wheels to move on. These gates do not encroach into the driveway or yard since they slide on the side of the opening. They are also ideal in the case of rising drive-ways. Optionally a pedestrian gate can be integrated with these types of gates. Advanced electronic control units permit operation time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step by step control, stop safety and reverse safety. These sliding gates can also be operated manually in case of a power failure. LivFuture automatic gates can be fitted to any wrought iron gate together with a doorphone / intercom entry system giving users the security of identifying visitors before allowing them access. With new wireless keypads the gate only operates with a password set by you. The gates operate on remotes (upto 20), switch and other access control systems such as RFID, Biometric, VDP, etc. The other

features of automatic gates include manual opening of the gates in the event of power failure, rotating/LED warning lamp for notification of gate in operation, adjustable auto closing gate delay time, standard opening time of 12 to 15 seconds, and remote control operating from a distance of upto 150 feet. CCTV’s CCTV’S can enhance the security of your premises; they can be used as a standalone device for home entrances or even integrated with continued on page 2

The DIY CCTV Surveillance Kit from Zicom




INSIDE TRACK Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom

automated gates in case of entrances of housing societies and commercial premises. CCTV’s can also be used for surveillance of specific zones more so in cases of commercial spaces spread over a wide area. The DIY CCTV Surveillance Kit from Zicom is easy to install and even simpler to use. All cameras are equipped with infrared array LED (IR) sensors which get activated automatically in low-light or nolight situations to allow you to see up to 30 meters (95 feet) away and deactivated once lighting conditions are brighter to allow for around the clock monitoring. Even better, you can securely access your system from practically anywhere in the world, from almost any computer connected to the internet. You can even use your smart phone to know what’s going on when you are not around.

Intercoms An intercom system is a type of home security system device, which is used to communicate with people outside and inside a building. These systems come in a wide variety with varied specifications and features. Honeywell’s stylish, easy to use ABUS Intercom is easy to install requiring only a single Cat5e wire to carry all communication options as well as power to operate the units. There is nothing complicated to connect - follow the colour coded labels to punch down all connections between the master console, room console, door communicators and central wiring hub. Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom is available in QuickNetwork as well as SuperPro Packaging to provide you with utmost installation flexibility. continued on page 4


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continued from page 2 Smart Control Systems Smart control systems are defined as miniaturised devices that incorporate functions of sensing, actuation and control. The smart control system features a varied range of products, but the key function is to integrate manual functions into the digital interface so that it can be controlled using smart phones, tablets and computers. The range of functions that can be controlled using such systems include audio/video, internet devices and media, intelligent lighting systems, climate, window shades and drapes, security and surveillance, communications, doors, entryways, gates, pools and spas and much more.

The Anchor motion sensor

Lighting Control Systems Sophisticated and simple to use, the RF Lighting Control system from Legrand allows homeowners to control lights, ceiling fans and small appliances from anywhere in their home providing living simplicity and energy savings. RF Lighting Control systems are easy to install because they don’t require master controllers, special wiring, or complex training courses. Maestro Occupancy Sensors Maestro occupancy sensors by Lutron automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave, making them a convenient way to save energy. These sensors are superior in-wall sensors featuring Lutron XCTTM technology. Its superior sensitivity recognises the difference between fine human motion and background noise and provides prevention of false-ons and offs. With 250,000 on/off switch cycles (30+ year switch lifetime), its smart ambient light detection auto-adjusts to turn lights on only if daylight is insufficient. Light Motion Sensor A motion detector is often integrated as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area. The Anchor motion sensor is user friendly and easy to install, the device

The RF Lighting Control system from Legrand

works on infrared technology with room temperature detection. The sensor can be mounted on a standard ceiling height for lighting control in residential and commercial units. Ehomes Imagine a home where you can use your normal LCD TV as a security device, operate the AC of your other room and even open a door. Smart control systems have given rise to the concept of Ehomes. An Ehome is a home wherein all functions are driven by smart control systems. Call it an integration of sorts but the degree of perfection achieved in Ehomes is refined. From macro managing the regular functions achieved by smart control devices, the concept of Ehomes includes micro managing functions like preparing your cup of tea and coffee. The Unity Home System by Legrand is more than just a home control solution. Through a variety of intelligent individual systems from the Studio Collection - such as lighting, intercoms, cameras, and multi-room audio - Unity places the power of control right at your fingertips. Cameras help you monitor loved ones and protect your house from intruders. One-touch lighting control sets the perfect scene for any occasion while multi-room audio lets you enjoy the sounds of your favourite artists inside or outside the home. Cutting edge intercoms make room to room communication as

The Maestro Occupancy Sensors by Lutron

simple as pressing a button, and mobile access keeps you connected and in control of your home regardless of location. Unity is convenience, s i m p l i c i t y, c o m m u n i c a t i o n , personality and peace of mind, all wrapped into one stylish package. Smart Locking and Storage Solutions Digital Door Locks With ‘digital’ door locks you are no longer constrained to use your regular key to unlock your door. The key is not a physical key but a smartphone or a special key fob configured explicitly for this purpose which wirelessly will perform the authentication needed to automatically unlock the door. Smart locks allow users to grant access to a third party by the means of a virtual key. This key can be sent to the recipient smartphone over standard messaging protocols such as e-mail or SMS. Once this key is received the recipient will be able to unlock the Smart Lock during the time specified previously by the sender. The Yale Digital Door Lock Collection is a smart solution for your home. With Yale Digital Door Locks you are no longer constrained to use a mechanical key to unlock your front door. Instead you can choose to use the quicker and secure electronic key, a remote controller or PIN keypad for a completely keyless solution. This high tech proximity card digital door lock comes with a remote control (optional) and features Pin Code or RF Card Key Access, smart touchpad, automatic locking, break-in/damage alarm, low

The Unity Home System by Legrand

battery alarm and emergency power supply. This rim lock can be locked with a pin code of 6-12 digits. The model is available in black colour and is suitable for a 45-55mm steel or wooden door. Digital Safes In case of ‘digital’ safes the most basic model allows access by PIN codes that may be changed by users and administrators. Safes generally allow multiple users with different PIN codes. A higher stratum of safe quality allows PIN access, but may also require key cards as well. Requiring both access devices enhances security as PIN codes may be illicitly passed to unauthorised users. Also, key cards may be lost or stolen. Combining the two greatly reduces the chance of unauthorised access. Incredibly strong yet compact, Rhino safes by Godrej Secure can be easily accommodated in all residences. The electronic access system is also quick and easy, making this safe as secure as a bank. The Rhino safe comes with feature of a heavy plate door hinged on strong pivots in solidsteel bearing block with 2 shooting bolts behind a rebate which acts like a continuous vertical bolt. The lock and vital parts of the bolt are protected with a drill-resistant armour plate. The Rhino safe opens only with a Godrej high-precision 6-lever key and it also has a digital keypad for keyless opening with 2 user passwords which enable confidential operations. It has a locker with a flap door and lock provided to facilitate the storage of items which need higher security. Additionally it also features a 7-step process that imparts corrosion and scratch resistance, auto freeze to prevent opening by trial and error and a heavy, plate-hinged burglary resistance door. Contact



Ozone’s Architectural Hardware Solutions

It Products Villeroy & Boch At The Munich Creative Week The Munich Creative Business Week is one of Germany’s largest design events for international designers, architects, business representatives and firms. Here at the discussion series “Creative Dialogue between Generations - Architecture meets (universal) Design” was included a research programme “Das kleine Bad” (the small bathroom) that was held on 26 February 2014. Among others, Villeroy & Boch participated in this research programme. Thomas Kannengießer, Director Product Management CSW Projects at Villeroy & Boch, joined the panel discussion on the subject of “The small room. The small bathroom. Scenarios for sustainability and demography in architecture.” The jury exhibitions of the universal design award 2014 took place parallel to the discussion series, and here Villeroy & Boch also presented the WC DirectFlush Omnia

Architectura. The expert jury under the chairmanship of Prof. Fritz Frenkler (Technical University Munich) conferred the “Universal Design Award 2014”, while the consumer jury was responsible for the “Universal Design Consumer Favourite 2014”. Kirsten Wienberg and Ralf Derksen from Villeroy & Boch accepted this award. Villeroy & Boch sets new hygiene standards with the WC innovation DirectFlush. The rimless design allows quick and uncomplicated cleaning. DirectFlush is thus perfect for meeting the stringent standards of hygiene today found not only in hospitals or in busy public buildings, but also in private homes. Contact

Ozone offers a hi-tech and specialised range of glass door fittings for creating a variety of door configurations working on sliding or swing mechanisms that can be operated manually or automatically. Different door types offered with automatic operation includes automatic sliding glass doors, semi-automatic sliding glass doors, automatic swing glass doors and automatic revolving glass doors. The range of manually operated doors

Stylam Presents Premium Door Skins

Intercoms From Legrand The Broadcast Intercom Room Unit from Legrand offers a simple interface for communication with other intercom stations in the home. The modern, adjustable backlit keypad makes it simple to communicate in low-light conditions. In addition to paging, the user can monitor other units from anywhere in the house.

The Broadcast Intercom Patio Unit includes most of the options available in an indoor room unit, but in a weatherproof version. It can be turned off from the main console for security reasons, and is available in classic finishes to enhance the curb appeal of any home. Contact web:

includes swing doors, sliding doors, synchronised sliding doors and sliding-folding systems. Offering superior aesthetics, safety, convenience and high functionality, these door systems find diversified applications, in airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, hypermarkets, etc., based on the space availability, building norms and the door operating systems. A wide range of access control systems for safe operation of the doors and accessories such as regular door locks and mortise handles, handles with locks, biometric locks, door closers, sealing systems are also available for use with these glass doors for achieving the desired aesthetics and functionality. In addition, a range of fin and fin-less spider fittings, fin plates and canopy fittings is offered to create transparent glass facades and canopies using insulated and laminated glass providing a signature of modern design to a particular structure. Contact web:

Stylam Industries has launched a new range of door skins for the Indian market. These door skins are a ready-to-use material and can be directly pasted on any type of door using the right adhesive. These door skins are available in four categories i.e. customised door skins, premium metallic door skins, coloured metallic door skins and nonmetallic classic door skins. These skin panels which are available in different categories in a thickness of 1.0mm bear the quality assurance of Stylam.

The door panels are produced using only the highest grade of craft papers and design papers, sourced from world’s renowned paper makers and printers. All raw materials obtained from well-known and reliable sources are tested in-house. Additionally all resins used are also produced in-house. Stylam door panels are guaranteed for durability. These door skins are available in 85”x 48”, 85”x 40” and 96”x 48” sizes. Contact web:


Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager

It Products Luxuriating In Duravit Pools Blue Moon and Sundeck from Duravit feature refined details, a purist design and promise a tingling experience from head to foot. With its square body and a perfectly round tub, the Cubistinspired Blue Moon is a designer’s dream. It is a well-proportioned 180cm x 180cm in size and can therefore accommodate several people. The interesting interplay between the white acrylic and select wood panelling makes the pool both elegant and distinctive. When not in use the pool can

be protected by a padded leather cover, converting it into a comfortable relaxation deck that can also be economically stowed away. Blue Moon comes in free-standing, corner or back-towall versions. The Sundeck by the Austrian designer trio EOOS is also notable for its pure form and stylishly minimalist design: the pool features elegant, slim panelling, which adds a finer nuance to the orthogonal design. The integrated technology is located below the convenient shelf at the side. When opened out, the upholstered leather cover is 241cm long and provides a comfortable surface for relaxing. The cover also insulates the pool, helping to reduce energy consumption. If Sundeck is not used for a longer period, the water temperature can be reduced by activating the Eco or standby mode to save heating energy. Contact web:

Retractable Gates From Gandhi Automation

Retractable gates from Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd. not only eliminate the need of a back run area but are also a unique combination of technology and art. The state-of-the-art head unit is made with precision, high strength plastic and steel materials incorporated with the most advanced features including an intelligent control circuit. It is safe, reliable, energy-saving and offers high end starting stability. Above all, it can also function normally during a power outage. These gates not only blend perfectly with its surroundings


but are a piece of eye-catching architectural work with high functionality and aesthetic value. Based on an intelligent infrared double probe anticollision device, the gate can automatically perform any return operation incase of a collision with any human or foreign matter so as to ensure the safety of the vehicles and pedestrians. The gate is also equipped with anticlimb alarm system that turns on when it senses an obstacle on top of the gate. Contact web:

Shaped by Honeywell’s technology and integration expertise, Digital Video Manager (DVM) is a scalable, digital closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance solution that sets a new standard in cost effectiveness, flexibility and performance. The solution addresses the challenges of today’s video surveillance, security and enterprise operations. Its architecture takes advantage of your enterprise network communications structure eliminating the need for coaxial cables and providing unmatched camera portability. DVM’s flexible architecture also allows you to re-use your existing CCTV infrastructure of analog switchers, multiplexers, monitors and coaxial cabling, while extending their functionality through integration to the enterprise network. This protects your existing CCTV investment while taking advantage of the latest digital video technologies. You don’t have to spend time

searching through old videotapes for a particular recording; the video images are stored in the DVM database, where they can be quickly located and viewed using DVM’s advanced search capabilities. In addition, DVM is tightly integrated with Pro-Watch Security Management Software, providing alarm and event activated recording so that you only capture the video you need, when you most need it. Contact

Yale Digital Door Locks The Yale Digital Door Lock Collection is a smarter solution for your home. With Yale Digital Door Locks you are no longer constrained to use a mechanical key to unlock your front door. Instead you can choose if you want to use the quicker and secure electronic key, a remote controller or Pin keypad for a completely keyless solution. The YDR 333 features various accesses such as RF Card and Pin Code. It has a

silent button and missing key card invalidation. The YDR 333 comes with features such as operation status notification, automatic locking, break-in/ damage/fire alarm, low battery alarm and emergency power supply. This rim lock can be secured with a pin code of 6-12 digits, is available in white colour and is suitable for 3545mm door. Contact web:



It Products Godrej’s Home Solutions The Godrej Home Solutions’ high tech CCTV camera helps you view and record events at your home/office, so that you can keep a watchful eye on your loved ones and valuables even when you are away. This one of a kind CCTV camera also helps you stay connected to your loved ones from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection on your laptop, tab or phone; and you are incharge of your office and home. The state-of-art CCTV system monitors events in the home even when one is away. It has a 360 rotational body which enables you to angle the body as required to view the desired area of your home office. The special G-Sensor records sudden movements or events occurring in and around the area. It has a user-friendly

operation with pre-recorded instructions that make the product easy to use. Multiple recording options ensure that you can view images in various formats helping you easily view the image on any computer. It can also be easily used in various situations and can be programmed to work well in a normal situation, even in a car or to capture sudden movements. This user friendly player easily searches and plays back recorded images and also sets up various functions with the help of the software to locate file with ease and is suitable for homes, offices, cars and more. Contact web:

Lighting control systems are widely used in both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed. The Living light controller by Anchor leverages Panasonic’s expertise in automation solutions

and adds a touch to ardour to your home; the efficient controller allows four preset scenes with a control panel and has a load capacity of 860 watts. The load capacity can be enhanced further with the help of an additional booster. Contact web:

TaHomA By Somfy

Universal Media Connector Bridge By Linksys With the new Linksys Universal Media Connector Bridge WUMC710 you can connect wired devices such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles to your Wireless-AC network and stream HD, even 3D HD video content wirelessly faster. The Universal Media Connector has been optimised to work with Linksys Wireless

Anchor’s Living Light Controller

AC routers. The connector operates in the 5Ghz band offering less interference for a clearer signal. Additionally, with four gigabit ports, you can connect a variety of entertainment devices in the living room to the internet at incredibly fast speeds. Contact web:

Somfy innovates with TaHomA, a new home automation system that gives you total control over the critical energy-management devices in your home: motorised interior and exterior window coverings, lights and thermostats. With TaHomA, you can manage the balance between natural light, artificial light and temperature to maximise your home’s energy savings with the convenience of one-click control both at home and away. TaHomA uses Z-Wave®, an interoperable 2-way RF mesh networking technology. Since TaHomA communicates wirelessly, your home can easily be retrofitted with Somfy’s TaHomA-optimized lighting controls, thermostats, and interfaces that communicate with your Somfy-powered motorized products. Your TaHomA system can include as many or as few Z-Wave devices as you like. Best of all, TaHomA connects to your home network, offering you secure access to your TaHomA system anytime, anywhere, from any computer with an internet connection as well as your smartphone or tablet. TaHomA’s web-based interface is accessible from any computer with an internet

connection. One simply needs to log into the TaHomA controller at with the username and password created during installation. The controller provides access to all of TaHomA features and functions such as activating devices, creating and editing scenes, and creating and editing schedules. There are currently apps available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. As TaHomA’s web-interface is based on Adobe Flash, any Flash supported tablet can be used at www. Contact web:


It Products Lutron’s Serena Shades When thinking about something high tech in your house, shades are probably one of the last things you would have in

your mind. Serena remote-controlled shades offer the beauty, luxury, and quality of a Lutron motorised shade at a price comparable to that of other brands’ manual shades. With their ultra-efficient drive technology, these shades have a 3-5 year battery life, so replacing batteries will be a rarity. And since the shades operate via a remote, you can adjust them from anywhere in the room, giving convenience and control. Contact web:


EzSense Motion Sensor From BuildTrackTM EzSense from BuildTrackTM is a solution that is intended for property locations such as stairwells, bathrooms, passageways, pantries and kitchens, equipment rooms, where lights need to be turned on based on movement. EzSense (Motion Sensor) turns the lights On when movement is sensed and turns it Off when no motion is sensed over a predefined period. The motion sensor is based on Passive Infrared (PIR) sensing technology. It provides the convenience of not having to turns lights On/Off manually and automatically working to conserve energy wherever it is installed. It is a simple and

practical solution for energy conservation not only for lighting but also for any other electrical devices that need to be triggered based on motion sensing. Contact web:

Matrix Electronic Safe With I-Warn From Godrej SMARTair By Mul-T-Lock

SMARTair, Mul-T-Lock’s friendly access control solution, upgrades your security to an entirely new level - with very little effort on your part. SMARTair is friendly from the start, offering extra-easy installation that does away with costly and complex procedures. All you need to do is mount SMARTair directly onto the existing mechanical lock - no wiring required! It fits almost any lock in just about any type of door - including glass doors, interior doors, emergency exits with panic bars, lockers, cabinets and more. Once installed, SMARTair protects you with state-of-the-

art access control, that is simple to program and easy to use. Its smart capabilities include authorisations, time schedules, event logs, instant cancellation of lost or stolen electronic cards, and more. A keyless electronic lock specially designed for lockers may be conveniently integrated into the SMARTair system installed in the premises. SMARTair is an outstanding, truly modern high security solution, combining exceptional quality with appealing convenience and stylish design, for organisations and businesses in a wide range of sectors. Contact web:

Matrix from Godrej is high quality fire and burglary resistant safe that offers high level of security to apartments, homes, businesses and executive offices. It is most suitable for commercial application. Sleek, compact and easy to operate, the Matrix comes in range of four models to suit every need. The Matrix safe has a strong double walled construction with armoured plate in door and body for drill protection. It has multilevel password with two six digit passwords available namely the Master and the User password. The Master password holder may create, disable or delete the User password. An alarm goes off in case there is an attempt to tamper with the safe. The user also receives a phone

call alerting him of a break-in attempt on the safe. The safe gets deadlocked for five minutes if the wrong password is entered four times consecutively and is burglar and fire resistant. The safe comes with a swing bolt mechanism that locks when the handle is turned into the locking position. It also has a shooting bolt mechanism and comes with adjustable shelves and interior carpet. The features of I-Warn Unit are specially designed UL listed panel, wireless connectivity @ 433 Mhz, vibration sensor to detect attack, in-built 85 db buzzer for local alarm and Master and User codec for activation and deactivation. Contact web:



Smart Homes


fully automated home i.e. a Smart Home makes your home work for you; it saves you time, money and simplifies your life. The next step many homeowners have been pursuing is to integrate energy efficient home automation tools for HVAC, lighting, home appliances, etc. linked together with solar and grid electricity to give optimum results. With many solar installers already taking on the role of trusted energy consultants and advisors for many home owners the industry is well positioned to take an active role in the emerging home automation market. When combined, solar and home automation systems stand to save customers big money, but it is important that homeowners think holistically about how to best deploy these systems. With more and more homeowners seeing the direct benefits of solar, it is natural for them to look toward the next step to further reduce their energy consumption. A well-designed system can improve passive solar heating and passive cooling through the control of blinds, awnings, windows, vents and fans, control heaters and air conditioners - so they are used only when and where they are needed to achieve the desired temperature. Consolidating control of various systems throughout the house is also a convenient way to save energy. HVAC One can use thermostats or temperature sensors in different rooms to control heating and cooling. Appropriately placed, they, along with timers to control heating/ cooling appliances, can significantly reduce energy use, even if automated systems are not used. One can also save energy by integrating solar HVAC systems in the existing home automation. Solar air conditioning refers to any air conditioning system that uses solar power. This can be done through passive solar, solar thermal energy conversion and photovoltaic conversion (sunlight to electricity). The solar AC simultaneously uses both heat energy from the environment and electricity. Lighting Controls Home automation lighting control b r i n g s d e c o r a t i ve l a n d s c a p e lighting and foliage accent lights

Solar Energy Makes For A Smarter Home When combined solar energy and home

automation systems stand to save energy and reduce high utility bills. BY ULKA VARTAK pumped to them from your water source. This heated water is then transferred into a solar collector. Along with a conventional heating system providing additional heating as necessary, the solar heated water is ready for use. In a solar pool-heating system, the existing pool filtration system pumps pool water through the solar collector, and the collected heated water is transferred directly to the pool water.

When combined, solar and home automation systems stand to save customers big money, but it is important that homeowners think holistically about how to best deploy these systems

to life.Accent lighting is available with different power sources that include electrical, battery-powered, and solar. Solar lights have more practical applications such as lighting walkways and stairs. They are easy to install because they do not require any electrical wiring. One can also automate lights through motion sensors and timers, or more elaborate centralised systems, so they operate only when needed and switch themselves off when rooms are vacant. The Solar Motion Sensor Light is a motion activated light with a motion sensing range of 1-2 meters area within a 120 degree angle. It’s also a cordless battery operated motion sensor solar lighting system. The solar panel on top of the motion sensor light will convert sunlight into electricity and store it into the battery during the day. At night its LED lights will illuminate your home, garden, yard, shed, walkway, pathway, driveway, patio and anywhere outdoors. Water Heating One can automate hot water systems so it can be switched on and off as required, e.g. off when going on holidays, on again just before your return. Here, solar water heating is a smart option for pools, spas and hot tubs. Solar water-heating systems for homes and businesses have two main parts: solar panels and a storage tank. Solar panels use the sun to heat water

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Smart Homes


ver since you were young, you must have heard that water and electricity don’t mix. However, technology has been seeping into a loo near you with new gadgets suggesting a promising ‘high-tech’ future for bathrooms. There are some tangible benefits of digital technology that are creeping their way into our bathrooms - and we’ve already begun heading down that path. What’s more, bathrooms are not just a room to get clean in anymore; customisable features make the experience more spa-like. Moen’s ioDigital Shower Moen’s ioDigital shower saves your ideal shower settings - temperature, water pressure, etc. It also lets you completely spoil yourself by turning your ideal shower on by remote control from the comfort of your cozy bed. The ioDigital Vertical Spa surrounds you in water from every angle and allows for complete customisation.

Moen’s ioDigital Shower

Smart Bathrooms Bathrooms are getting cleaner, more water-

efficient and even more tailored to your needs thanks to these technologies. BY ULKA VARTAK

Grohe Ondus

Electronic Touch Panel Bath Control By Viega This electronic touch-panel bath control by Viega puts spa-inspired comfort and convenience right at your fingertips. Elegant in looks and practical in function, the Multiplex Trio E4 integrates all your bath controls like water pressure and level, temperature, the hand-shower function, the drain, and four pre-programmable settings. With the simple touch of an icon, you can enjoy a customized bath. The controls are completely waterproof,

Grohe Ondus GroheOndus design is meant to reduce the complexity of everyday life by presetting personalised bathing functions. Ondus automated features allow for an easy one-touch interface to operate your bath or shower. An icon-based user interface digitally facilitates effortless operation. Rainjoy By Artize Rainjoy by Artize offers a variety of bathing experiences with its new overhead shower system. These include a waterfall shower which feels natural and timeless; a mist mode where tiny droplets gently cover you with freshness and a vertical pillar of water that uses gravity to deliver invigorating pressure on any part of the body you choose. Queo Chromo Showers Queo Chromo showers emulates the dynamics of water as it occurs in nature and uses ‘Chromo therapy’the science of using colours to improve one’s mental and body health. From dancing drizzles to a full bodied rhythm of falling rain, the shower is built to weave around the life of the user.

Multiplex Trio E Water Level Controller By Viega Enjoy automatic bath filling with the Multiplex Trio E temperature and water level controller by. This complex, yet easy to use automatic controller fills your bathtub with the push of a button. The Multiplex Trio E also enables you to precisely adjust the level and temperature of the water while conserving natural resources and providing serene comfort. The circular control button can be placed on the wall or the edge of your tub while the compact mixer unit remains hidden beneath the floor of the tub. The

Electronic Touch Panel Bath Control by Viega

Trio E controller also has a memory function that allows you to experience the perfect bath on a daily basis. Start the filling process by a light tap on the control, or, switch the settings to accommodate a hand shower by a long press on the button. Rainjoy by Artize

protected by a layer of tempered glass, which can be mounted to the bathtub’s rim or the wall. Bubble Bath By Bravat Bravat achieves a wonderful combination between reality and fantasy, giving new life and experiences to products. The bathtubs by Bravat are loaded with an airpool system, chromotherapy, air switch, bubble massage jets, thermostatic panel and back healing pad. It features innovative 180 intensive airjets, all-encompassing balanced body massage experience, adjustable airflow, free massage intensity setting, body contour airjet design, aesthetic outline and is comfortable and ideal for a lying bath.

Bubble Bath By Bravat

DuraStyle Rimless By Duravit This rimless wall-mounted WC with innovative and effective flushing technology offers an efficient solution: the water is delivered to the bowl forcefully and systematically, ensuring that the entire inner surface is rinsed throughout the flushing process. The dynamic water flow provides outstanding flushing results while preventing splashing. As a modern

Numi WC By Kohler

wall-mounted toilet of the 6/ 4.5 litre generation, DuraStyle rimless even saves water. The wall-mounted toilet made entirely of sanitary ceramic with a 54 cm projection boasts an extra-flat seat that is optionally available with the SoftClose feature. Numi WC By Kohler Kohler’s highly advanced Numi toilet features a self-opening and closing lid, a deodorizing system, a heated seat, a bidet with adjustable controls for temperature and water pressure and a built-in speaker system with a docking station. A touch-screen remote allows users to customize every option to their personal preference. It boasts an ambient lighting, foot warmers, spray settings and a touch-screen remote to play music, among other things. Automate By Hindware The intelligent Automate water closet by Hindware is built to create the difference. The features of Automate includes auto heating seat, auto flush, temperature control (it memorises the last temperature setting for future use), auto cleaning (the water spray nozzle moves back and forth to suit cleaning for men and women), auto drying and water saving dual flush.

DuraStyle Rimless By Duravit


AxorStarck V AxorStarck V designed by Philippe Starck, is minimalism surrounded by complete transparency. A powerful water vortex accentuates the inherent vitality of nature. The glass body and open-ended spout make it possible for us to experience this natural element at home with unprecedented intensity. AxorStarck V also boasts functionality: The easy-click-in design and safety-stop function make it really easy to remove the glass body from its base to clean it, for example - even without having to close the valve. The material has also been very carefully selected: crystal glass is high-quality and also dirt-resistant, which means that it

Automate By Hindware


keep you and your bathroom cleaner. With Touch2O® functionality, the user can tap anywhere on the spout or handle to start or stop the flow of water.

AxorStarck V

can also be cleaned conveniently in the dishwasher. Delta’s Touch2O® Technology With Touch2O® Technology, the user can also have an entirely hands-free experience in addition to the Touch2O® tap functionality. Touch2O® Technology features a 4 inch sensing field around the entire faucet. The faucet automatically responds when user approaches the sensing field - no infrared sensor is used. Moving hands out of range intuitively shuts off the water flow within seconds when not needed, helping to save water. When hands are messy, you can start the flow of water without touching the faucet, helping

Toto’s SG Washlet The rimless SG Washlet by Toto is a true innovation. It offers two new self-cleaning technologies Actilight and ewater+. The Actilight technology allows UV light in the seat lid to be activated for a specific amount of time once the lid is closed. Once the light hits the zirconium coating, photo catalysis accelerates the decomposition process of all of the organic substances on the surface. After the toilet has been

Delta’s Touch2O® Technology

Toto’s SG Washlet

used, the Washlet sprays the toilet bowl once again with electrolyzed water. This antibacterial ewater+ actively prevents the build-up of limescale and waste, keeping the toilet bowl far cleaner over time. In-Tank By Roca Roca stays true to its values of innovation, design, functionality and sustainability with its new WC - In-Tank. This is one of the first toilets in the world with a dual switch and cistern both integrated. This design incorporates the brand’s latest technology in water conservation and comfort, combining practicality, design and respect for the environment.



Smart Homes


uildTrack™ is a brand of automation solutions designed to meet the safety, security, comfort and convenience needs of buildings in India and across the globe. The brand is owned by Surmount Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leader in the area of automation, surveillance solutions and green building services. BuildTrack™ products are reliable, robust, flexible and especially suited

Automate With TM BuildTrack BuildTrack™ is an integrated home

automation solution designed to enable monitoring, controlling and management of a space. BY ULKA VARTAK an hour, and requires no external wiring.BuildTrack™ also offers EzSwitch which is an elegant touch switch solution that allows two way control i.e. the manual touch switch and the remote control work interchangeably. Soft LED indicators on the switch provide convenient night time access.

Balbir Singh Khera, CEO of Surmount Energy Solutions

to last under tough Indian operating conditions. They are intended for use in homes, communities, offices, hospitals, senior living, hotels and more. BuildTrack™ offers a wide range of innovative automation products. EzRemote - Remote Control for Existing Switches BuildTrack™ EzRemote is a unique solution that allows control of existing switches in any property using a remote control. EzRemote can be used in any home to turn ON/OFF, lights, fans or low current loads using a remote control without replacing existing switches. It also provides optional dimming of incandescent lights and fan speed control. When used with existing switches, the remote works to turn the device on or off when the manual switch is in the OFF position. When the manual switch is in the ON position, it overrides the remote. It can be installed within

EzControl-Switches Controlled by Smart Apps and Remotes BuildTrack™EzControl (Smartphone Control) solutions offer users the unprecedented flexibility to operate a switch through multiple modes; a physical touch switch, a remote control and a Smart App. The Smart App operates on local WiFi or via internet enabling smartphone or tablet control. The solution offers control of lights, fans,

curtains, projectors, projector screens or practically any other electrical device within a property, even ones with high load requirements. It also provides optional dimming of incandescent lights and fan speed control. This solution involves some wiring from the touch switches to BuildTrack™ controllers which serve as the central hub of the EzControl system. This solution is often considered as a value addition during renovation. EzView -Wifi Based Video Door Phone BuildTrack™EzViewsolution isa Video Door Phone system that can be placed at the front door and can communicate with the Smart Apps used by the resident inside, on a phone/tablet. The outdoor unit

has an integrated doorbell switch and an in-built camera, microphone and speaker. When a visitor presses the doorbell switch, a notification pops up on the BuildTrack™ Smart App allowing the user audio and video access to the person at the front door. It also provides the ability to view the visitor remotely when away from home (requires internet connectivity) and also the ability to remotely unlock the door. BuildTrack™ VDP is designed to suit Indian conditions and is a unique system that can be integrated with the existing doorbell of any house. EzCurtain EzCurtain is a solution that enables automated opening and closing of window curtains and blinds. The

movement can be initiated either from the EzRemote (Remote Control Switch) or from EzSwitch (Touch Switch), providing users with great levels of flexibility. Multiple curtains can also be controlled from a single remote. The motion of the curtain is in the form of a smooth, continuous movement initiated by pressing and holding down the button on the remote or the switch. We all experience the limits of electrical infrastructure in India such as the variability of power or its surges, and also, similarly, the variations in internet and/or GSM and/or GPRS connectivity. The automation solutions offered under the BuildTrack™ brand are designed to work through these challenges and deliver safety, security, comfort or convenience needed in a

broad range of facilities. Another element that is relevant is the structure of our families which include the young and technologically adept and also seniors who are comfortable in their familiar ways that does not encompass recent technology. BuildTrack’s aim has been to create products to serve the breadth of this spectrum without forcing either end to give up on their requirements. Balbir Singh Khera, CEO of Surmount Energy Solutions says, “Home Automation is becoming necessary for safety, security, convenience and for energy conservation. Households with seniors or children and those with both spouses working will find that automation is bound to become an indispensable part of their day to day lives.” Contact tel: 022 61340340 email: web:


Co. Profile


chneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd (SEI), a 100% subsidiary of Schneider Electric Industries SAS is well known for its unique vision, progressive management and above all, its exemplary quality. Schneider’s core strengths are their global technology expertise in the lighting control area and the network of system integrators and partners that they have developed over the years. From 1836 to today, Schneider Electric has transformed itself into a global specialist in energy management. Starting from its roots in the iron and steel industry, heavy machinery, and ship building, it moved into electricity and automation management. After 170 years of history, Schneider Electric has today become the solution provider that will help you make the most of your energy. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments. The company offers the most comprehensive solutions which include Wiser Homes with C-Bus, KNX and DALI wired solutions, EZInstall3 ZigBee true retrofit wireless solutions and even a complete range of standalone sensors and time switches. With the above; one can have home automation functions like individual lighting and scene controls, time-controlled functions, power monitoring, audio/video integration, security, temperature controls, mobile/Ipad controls, any third party integrations, and detection and control with sensors. Their most advance control system is C-Bus. The biggest advantage of the C-Bus lighting system is that it has distributed intelligence. Each input module has its in-built non volatile memory hence even if one of the modules fail the balance system continues to work, whereas other systems which have a centralised memory module or processor, the whole system stops

Mr. Sameer Das, General Manager - Strategy & Marketing - Buildings Business, Schneider Electric India


Schneider Brings Energy Efficiency Within Reach Home control and lighting solutions from Schneider Electric easily and seamlessly transform your lifestyle as well as enhance the way that you enjoy your home. BY ULKA VARTAK

Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments

functioning in case of a failure of the central processor. C-Bus system works on standard UTP Cat 5 cables which are easily available and economical too. C-bus system unlike others also offers input modules having same aesthetic finishes as that of other wiring devices like power and data sockets. C-Bus from Schneider is also supported by an in-house strong team of design engineers, skilled system integrators and an in-house after sales service department. Expressing his views on the scenario of home automation today, Mr. Sameer Das, General Manager

- Strategy & Marketing - Buildings Business, Schneider Electric India says, “The home automation industry is now evolving more to a converged offering with integration of lighting, security, AV and automation. Advances in the areas of apps are also changing user interfaces and it is becoming much more user friendly and simple for users to manage, just with their handheld devices. The most important aspect of home automation is lighting control either by remote control or hand held devices like tablets and smart phones. Mood lighting or scene lighting for relaxation, movie watching, dining

or parties can be created by the click of a single button. Every time lights or combination of lights are dimmed for creating various scenes, it proportionately reduces the power consumption to save energy. Another aspect of home automation is curtain or blinds control in which sensors measure the natural light outside and open blinds automatically as well as dim or switch off peripheral lights where by saving energy. This is also known as energy saving by day light harvesting,” he explains. Schneider Electric with Smart Automation recently launched t h e f i r s t S c h n e i d e r El e c t r i c Experience Centre in Mohali, Punjab. Schneider Electric’s home automation solutions allow you to control any device in your home from TV to lights, door locks or other items with just the touch of a button on your smart phone from anywhere in the world. The new centre launched in Mohali allows you to experience all this. It is our first fully featured home automation experience centre in North India. This is one of the first times that lighting, audio-video, AC, security automation has been demonstrated as a complete solution. Contact



Co. Profile


ith rapidly increasing exposure to technology and lifestyle experiences, Indians are progressively experimenting with various available forms of home automation. Taking advantage of this, Legrand India offers a wide range of products in the categories of energy

Designed With Simplicity Legrand is a hub for smart solutions in home automation with a philosophy of ‘Listen, Design, Make, Support’. BY ULKA VARTAK Legrand invests in dynamic upgrades for their products. Some of their recent launches are:

Legrand’s home automation takes care of four major aspects i.e. comfort and convenience, safety and security, climate control and audio/ video integration

distribution, wiring devices, home automation, structured cabling, lighting management solutions, cable management and industrial application products. The company also holds a remarkable position in home automation systems. Legrand’s home automation takes care of all the four major aspects i.e. comfort and convenience, safety and security, climate control and audio/ video integration with possibilities to manage and control all these four areas through a single interface (wall mounted touchscreens/ i pad, wireless touchscreens, etc.). Each home automation product from the

company incorporates Legrand’s philosophy of ‘Listen, Design, Make, Support’. In t h e h o m e a u t o m a t i o n segment designed for comfort and convenience, Legrand has lighting solutions and motorised circuits which can be combined to develop intelligent scenarios like a morning scene, movie scene, party scene, etc. for safety and security, they have various alarm profiles including arming and disarming of burglar alarms, glass break alarms, gas detectors, flood sensors, etc. Their climate control automation

solutions manage temperature and climatic conditions of all areas of the home. This can be clubbed with the scenarios settings using various lighting solutions. While Legrand’s audio/ video integration allows streaming of live music by remotely controlling internet radio, CD player and hard drives. They can also activate and command the television, amplifier, speakers and all other accessories to stream movies just by pressing the “movie” scenario. In addition to all of the above, Legrand also provides energy monitoring solutions by remotely activating all energy hungry devices during non-peak hours of the day. Talking about the company’s Home Automation Business, Sameer Saxena, VP-Mktg, Legrand India adds, “Our approach to home automation business is intrinsically linked to our wiring accessories offer which provides the end users access to both superior technology, and synergic and designer aesthetics (user interfaces and wiring devices). So, our strength over the years have been the perfect harmony between stand-alone wiring devices (like sockets, switches, telephone jacks, fan regulators) and the front-end controllers for home automation (like scene controller, touchscreens, dimmers, etc.). In addition to this, our range is also “demography friendly” which means that it offers similar functions in both touch control (loved by younger generations) and push buttons (popular with elder generations). Today, we have a strong foundation in India with a well distributed presence coupled with brand equity, which gives us with a perfect launch pad for all our upcoming activities.”

Mu l t i m e d i a 1 0 i n c h To u c h Screens A unique command centre for the whole house for all home control functions, video door entry, video surveillance functions via a control screen linked to indoor and outdoor cameras, and broadcasting of multimedia contents (web, video, etc). This enables integration of lighting control, HVAC, AV, safety and security and energy management functions. BACnet Interface With the launch of the BACnet interface, Legrand is able to provide a very unique opportunity of having exchange between their system and any BACnet certified devices. The device ensures two way communication between their home automation offer and HVAC systems, specifically in case of medium and large installations.

Sameer Saxena, VP-Mktg, Legrand India

ZigBee Legrand is one of the active members of the ZigBee Alliance Worldwide. ZigBee products are very easy to install (minimal wet construction), easy to program, convenient to use and the exceptionally powerful network ensures that they can connect more than 60,000 circuits in a single network. Legrand solutions are big sellers in the Indian market and are backed by superior aesthetics and strong technology. It is further valued because of the well organised service network which helps them provide superior after sales service. Legrand has dedicated “experience zones” spread across 16 cities in India for their home automation segment of products. They invite potential customers to spend quality time in these zones to experience products and make an informed decision based on their aspirations and requirements. Contact tel : 022 30416200 web:

Legrand solutions are well appreciated by the Indian market and are backed by superior aesthetics and strong technology


Spot Light


he Action Group is a 44 year old conglomerate with a leading presence in footwear, steel and power, chemicals, real estate, health care and electronics. The group has also forayed into manufacturing MDF/HDF and particle boards along with value added products like pre-laminated MDF/HDF, pre-laminated particle board, UV panels, printed panels, laminated flooring, embossed panels, door skins, hi-gloss UV wall


Action Packed Boards From Action Tesa A quintessential manufacturing process

ensures Action Tesa boards last for years to come. BY ULKA VARTAK

A combination of technical superiority combined with a wide range of designs spread across a rich palette make Action Tesa products an ideal choice

cladding and marker board. These products have a distinct advantage over other common varieties in terms of raw material, technology and product range. Action Tesa uses superior clonally propagated eucalyptus as timber this is known for its durability and

The Action Tesa boards use the latest in MAT forming technology, which includes the unique Air Flow Grading System in MDF/ HDF, where the fibres are tossed in a wind stream to ensure that there are no fibre lumps; likewise for particle board the usage of

with a consistent timber density in excess of 700kg/m3 it is a defined hardwood used in manufacturing of MDF/HDF and particle board. The uniquely strong fibres of eucalyptus have high strength in comparison to the other commonly used species of rubber wood, pine and radiata pine.

Classiformer technology ensures there is no density variation in the MAT. A perfectly formed homogeneous MAT ensures better mechanical and physical properties, dimensionally stable panels, high and uniform core density ideal routable substrate with sharp cut and routed edge - the

uniformly dense core also results in the smoothest finish even in the routed depth. Apart from this, Action Tesa has a state of the art glue kitchen capable of formulating glue with a significantly low formaldehyde footprint; making E1and E0 norms easily achievable. Glues are manufactured in-house for captive consumption. These glues are of better quality and suitable for different panels. The unique Spiral Glue Line with multiple spray heads ensure that the fibres/particles are optimally and uniformly glued from all sides ensuring the highest internal bonding within the core, resulting in better strength and durability of the end product. Action Tesa panels are pressed

in a multi-daylight press which is based on 8 strategically positioned cylinders ensuring a very high and uniform density map across the length and breadth of the MDF/ HDF and particle board panels. This results in Tesa panels having sharper routed or cut edges with uniform and consistent high density gradient, low moisture absorption and better mechanical and physical properties. The Action Tesa MDF/HDF/ particle board manufacturing facility is equipped with a 10 head sanding system with specially designed polishing rollers and pressure pads, bringing with it a perfectly calibrated panel with hard and smooth ready to use surfaces resulting in less consumption of any paint (if any). T h e A c t i o n Te s a p a n e l manufacturing process has the technological advantage of the Double Cooling Turner System for air flow cooling. The perfectly cured panels with the process inlayed Dome technology ensure optimal moisture balance leading to advantages like high internal bond and dimensional stability. Action Tesa MDF/HDF and particle board is also certified by the Indian Green Building Council as a green product and is ISI approved. Contact Mukesh Gupta +91 9810717663 Amit Arora +91 9811008419 Praveen Kumar +91 9311159054 web:





elta Faucet Company India Pvt. Ltd. (Delta India) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Delta Faucet Company USA (Delta) which is headquartered at Indianapolis. Delta is part of Masco Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home improvement and building products. Founded by Masco in 1954 with the introduction of the single-handle faucet, Delta Faucet Company offers an extensive range of residential and commercial products, which

Delivering Innovation Through Water With a strong foothold in India, Delta now

moves towards capturing a larger market share and offering consumers better ways of experiencing water. BY ULKA VARTAK

Richard R. O’Reagan, President, Delta Faucet Company

Entering the fast growing Indian bathroom and kitchen fittings sector in 2012, Delta India now offers Delta and Brizo branded products to the Indian consumer

incorporate style and innovation in bathroom essentials like faucets, showers and accessories. Entering the fast growing Indian bathroom and kitchen fittings sector in October 2012, Delta India now offers its Delta and Brizo branded products to the Indian consumer. When Alex Manoogian i n t ro d u c e d t h e f i r s t s i n g l e handle faucet in 1954, its design revolutionised the way people thought about water delivery. Since that first idea, Delta has continued on its path of innovation and technology advancement. The flagship Delta brand goes beyond just excellent design to incorporate smart solutions that anticipate people’s needs. From Touch2O® Technology that turns faucets on and off with just a touch, to H 2Okinetic TM showers that use proprietary technology to deliver a denser, warmer shower with less water, to the Diamond valve that helps the faucet last up to 5 million uses; Delta faucets provide a better way to experience water. In a candid chat with The Inside Track, Richard R. O’Reagan, President, Delta Faucet Company talked about the journey of Delta so far and the plans ahead.

Is this your first visit to India? This is my third visit to India. Originally I was directly responsible for Delta’s expansion plan; as part of that we had a very structured approach at what markets we were going to look at. India was in our phase two expansion plan and we came in and actually worked with a consulting firm in the beginning. On my first trip I came in and specifically worked with them on the market analysis stage for Delta; here we figured out whether we wanted to come to India or not - this was about two years ago. We decided to evaluate the market and plan our entry strategy; what things made sense and why. Then I was back in India again just a year and a half ago and set up our subsidiary here. And now this is my third trip to the Indian market.

segment and in particular India’s historic desire or ability to adapt to innovations. So if you look at other categories, these are also based on the fact that the Indian consumer is now willing to look at and value innovation and that is pretty much the basis

on which Delta goes to market worldwide. offering proficient brand service as well of course. When you combine all of these things and the premium segment’s growth rate and Indians’ willingness to adapt to innovation, well, that very much made it attractive for Delta.

What attracted Delta to this market? Sheer size alone! It’s projected to eventually be the second largest faucet market of any single geography. So size alone is quite attractive. The growth rate was also very attractive but more importantly for Delta it was the size of the premium

The unique and technology driven water experiences by Delta - touted as their USP are being well-appreciated in India


Delta has given the world a lot of innovations. Can you share some details on the latest innovations that are in the pipeline? Well there is quite a bit in the pipeline. But you can imagine that since we haven’t launched it yet, we are rather closed mouthed about what our next new innovation is going to be. As you see the pattern, you have seen relevant innovation at the consumer level; we have a pipeline full of innovations coming out in the faucet category very soon. Delta has a focus on water conser vation. Are there any initiatives that you plan to undertake to further this cause in India?

What are your short term goals for Delta in India? Distribution is the key goal. Establishing the 25 points of sale and growing these to 40 and beyond; finding that right distributor who has connections with architects and designers in the premium segment and one who understands and appreciates what Delta stands for as a brand compared to some of our competitors; all of these are key considerations. So starting with distribution, getting that in place, getting ourselves positioned and then introducing the brand to the market place is how we want to begin. Considering Masco already has a brand here and Delta is a Masco Company; how do you see it positioned vis-à-vis Hansgrohe

and Axor?

On the product design side, that’s pretty much a focus of ours. But Indian consumers doesn’t necessarily


installation programs like in Dubai we have been partners with The American European University of Dubai where we did programs about sustainable bathroom design and sustainable construction. On the social side, Delta supports the St. Jude’s effort in Memphis. St. Jude is a worldwide cancer research centre which is very renowned and provides free cancer care. We are very much in support of that. They put in the funding and we actually go and help them build dream homes which are then funneled back into the community. What would you say are the challenges for Delta globally over the next few years? I would say extending the Delta brand globally and getting that message of innovation and quality out to a broader global audience. Delta

Although we both are owned by Masco, we run our companies independently. So when I talked about the market assessment, we treat Hansgrohe like we treat other faucet manufacturers in the market and we evaluate it irrespective of our common principal. Likewise, we obviously have different value propositions for the market. Hansgrohe and Axor are very oriented on project work and pretty much focused on the design element; we focus on the innovation element with relevant design. So we really think of them as going after different sections of the market place. Even though they are in the same premium segment and have the same set of customers, it is about different value propositions to the segment.

Delta incorporates smart thinking that anticipates people’s needs, providing thoughtful innovations and inspirational designs that delight

value water savings and perhaps also energy saving. So it is a kind of a grass roots effort for us. At Delta, we stand for that. It is how we get the message across and explain to the consumer that one can have the same experience in the shower, maybe even a better one plus have water and energy consumption savings. We are going to continue to bring forth innovations that are substantially green. On the awareness side, we can say we have not done that on a large scale yet. But that certainly doesn’t mean we are not open to that concept. It has to be something very specific and meaningful like the EPA that we did in the United States; something that could really make a difference. It is absolutely something that we stress on; how we can find smarter ways for people to work with water. That’s very much our mantra. On the education side, we do support architectural as well as

is number one in market share in the US. It is not our intention to be global per se; we are very clear on the markets that we are focusing upon. There are basically six of them: Brazil, China, India, Middle East, South East Asia and Mexico; India being the top three tier markets for us. So we are pretty clear on which markets we intend to be in internationally but not globally. 10 years down the line where would you like to see Delta in India? I would like to see Delta as a recognised name, a brand that comes to mind when you think bathroom, when you think kitchen. I would like us to see a double digit market share in the premium segment. For us it is clear that we need to invest at least 5-7 years in the market to roll out the brand and have a decent distribution. Contact web:



Event Review


he 53rd edition of the Salone del Mobile threw open its doors at the Rho Milan Fairgrounds from 8th to 13th April, along with the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, SaloneSatellite and the biennial EuroCucina / International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition with its collateral event, FTK ( Technology for the Kitchen) and the International Bathroom Exhibition. All the leading Italian and foreign

Excellence Makes Its Mark At iSaloni The Salone del Mobile is proof of an ever-

increasing symbol of innovation and excellence in design for the city of Milan. well-known all over the world as it is in Italy. The 2014 edition marked a powerful synergy with the city of Milan, the creative capital capable of attracting thousands of visitors to the design week with the Welcome Project, launched this year in collaboration with the Municipality

home furnishing manufacturers attended this international benchmark trade fair. This year too the Salone del Mobile was completely sold out, testament to the fact that it is an unmissable event, not just for the companies involved, but also for the operators and visitors. This was an even more international Salone, with distinguished visitors from over 160 countries. A global platform for all the latest in home furnishing, the Salone’s 53rd edition to innovation and internationality notched up a total of 357212 visitors, up by 13 % compared to the 2013 edition. Exhibitors from other countries continued to multiply underscoring the prestige of an event that is as

of Milan and its Department of Fashion and Design. This year’s Salone city and airport welcome points were designed by the architect Piero Lissoni. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo/ International Furnishing Accessories

The Salone del Mobile is a valuable resource for the global home furnishing sector because of its ability to attract operators, visitors, designers, buyers and journalists from all over the world. Photo: Salverio Lombardi Vallauri

EuroCucina showcased the latest in high quality, stylish kitchens, responding to renewed high demand for functionality. Photo: Carola Merello

Exhibition, with 1,400 exhibitors ranged over 152,300 square metres, were split into three different style categories - Classic, Modern and Design to provide a functional, logical and 360° visitor path through the world of furniture and furnishing accessories. The even year biennials were also back for 2014: EuroCucina with its collateral event FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) and the International Bathroom Exhibition. EuroCucina, in Pavilions 9-11 and 13-15, showcased the very latest in high quality, stylish and well- made kitchens, responding to renewed high demand for functionality from consumers passionate about cooking good food creatively. Rounding things off, with a novel selection of goods, was EuroCucina’s collateral event, FTK (Technology For the Kitchen), devoted to builtin domestic appliances and cooker hoods, presenting the very best technological domestic advances, specifically crafted for cooking. The International Bathroom Exhibition, strategically placed in Pavilions 22-24, opposite EuroCucina showcased the very latest trends in bathroom furnishing for personalising the part of the home dedicated to wellness and

Photo: Carola Merello


The International Bathroom Exhibition showcased the very latest trends in bathroom furnishing for personalising the part of the home dedicated to wellness. Photo: Carola Merello

taking care of oneself − from furniture and accessories to shower cubicles and saunas, sanitary ware, radiators, coverings, kitchen and bathroom taps to bath and hydro massage tubs. The SaloneSatellite was attended by 650 designers from 32 different countries, and 16 schools. It was enlivened by 4 Artisan Workshops, where 4 skilled professionals from the textile, ceramics, leather and digital worlds demonstrated how products are conceived, progress and evolve before coming into our homes. T h e D e s i g n Ta l k s , f o u r c on ve r s a t i o n s m o d e r a t e d by journalist and writer Cristina Gabetti, dedicated to the theme “Talents meet Talents” explored the way in which artisans work and provided an opportunity to dialogue with them. Lastly, the SaloneSatellite Award, open to the under-35s, was into its

5th edition, rewarding the 3 best prototypes dovetailing with the product categories showcasing at the trade fair.

The SaloneSatellite was enlivened by 4 Artisan Workshops which demonstrated how products are conceived, progress and evolve before coming into our homes . Photo: Andrea Mariani


Bijoy Jain’s private dwelling at “Where Architects Live” Photo: Francesca Molteni

It was not all business: the “Where Architects Live” exhibition played a starring role at the Salone. Eight world-famous architects -

Photo: Alessandro Russotti

Shigeru Ban, Mario Bellini, David Chipperfield, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Zaha Hadid, Marcio Kogan, Daniel Libeskind and Studio Mumbai/Bijoy Jain, threw open the doors of their “private dwellings” with an exhibition/installation in Pavilion 9. An iconic and paradigmatic reading of the architects’ “rooms” sparked cross cutting reflection on the modes, experiences and art of living. The Salone del Mobile is a valuable resource for the Italian and global home furnishing sector because of its ability to attract operators, visitors, designers, buyers and journalists from all over the world who flock here every year to see cutting edge innovation and high-end products and prestigious cultural event. Contact email: web:

Photo: Andrea Mariani



Spot Light


ranke Faber India Limited (FFIL) is part of the Switzerland based 2.5 billion USD Franke Artemis Group. The company was founded by Hermann Franke in 1911 in Switzerland and has grown into a conglomerate with a presence

Franke Comes To Town Mumbai gets its first stand-alone ‘Franke Studio’. BY ULKA VARTAK

With a dominant position in the kitchen appliances segment with its brand Faber, the company has now launched high-end appliances under the Franke brand

in 104 countries and 40 production facilities. The company is a major player in business lines like kitchen systems, foodservice systems and beverage systems, while also having a significant presence in coffee systems and washroom systems. With its South Asia headquarters in Pune, Franke Faber India Limited has completed 10 and15 years of its India journey with its “Franke” and “Faber” brands respectively. While FFIL sells sinks, taps and bio-water disposers with Swiss technology under the Franke brand, it sells its hoods, hobs, cooktops built-ins and small appliances under the Faber brand. Together with both the brands, FFIL offers complete kitchen

solutions to Indian households through a very wide network of 2,000 retailers and 100 efficient service centers across the country. Over 350 employees produce more than 300 products in the Aurangabad and Pune plants of Franke Faber India Limited. Franke’s Aurangabad factory has a current production capacity of 150,000 sinks p.a. which is being ramped up to 200,000 sinks p.a. The company recently inaugurated its first exclusive plush “FrankeStudio” in Mumbai. With a dominant position in the kitchen appliances segment with its brand Faber, the company has now launched high-end appliances under the Franke brand.

With the opening of Franke Studio, the brand has launched the all new Franke Luxury Collection. The catalogue of the newly launched luxury line includes products like hoods, hobs, built-in ovens, microwaves, deep fryers, BBQ’s, dishwashers, refrigerators, coffee machines and wine coolers. The Franke Luxury Collection includes Crystal White, Crystal Black, Neptune and the Centinox Collection. These are co-ordinated offerings which the user or architect can choose to evolve into an upscale urban kitchen design. The launch of the Luxury Collection and the opening of the state-of-the-art-studio of the Swiss brand will act as a step forward in

Mr. Ravi Gupta, Managing Director - South Asia, FFIL

enabling clientele and influencers to touch and feel products and actualise their dreams. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ravi Gupta, Managing Director - South Asia, FFIL, said “The current trend is towards upgrading to international lifestyle interiors in kitchens. Franke’s superior features, advanced technology and award winning designs will make the Franke Luxury Collection quite easily “the choice” for our target customers.” Contact Anil Bhamre Head Marketing and Strategy Franke Faber India Limited tel: +91 9923595490 email: web:





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eaded by architect and designer Avni, Studio Avni explores a wide spectrum of design innovations through research and tactile manipulation of organic shapes and geometric patterns. Coming from a textile based family, Avni had an early exposure to textiles, arts and crafts which gave her a better understanding of them right from an early age. With over 8 year experience domestically and internationally in the industry and having tried her hands at different mediums, she returned to Mumbai to open her own studio in 2011.

Avni Sejpal, Head Designer Studio Avni

Lights Ahoy! Studio Avni is a multidisciplinary design studio offering bespoke lights using unconventional materials. BY ULKA VARTAK Avni works in an intuitive way with a variety of materials and techniques. Bold and vivid use of colour, patterns and structural integrity is a constant feature in all her works. She is also curious about the idea of a role reversal of materials wherein soft fabrics are so designed that they have structure and form and strong and hard materials such as metal, glass and wood are designed to have a fluid, ephemeral quality. Studio Avni has won a lot of accolades which include ‘A’ Design Award 2013, Italy for the Faceted Tactile Light Collection and is a Design25 Winner at the London Design Festival 2013 where her Faceted Tactile Light Collection was voted one of the best products. Apart from this, Studio Avni has also participated in the London Design

Bold and vivid use of colour, patterns and structural integrity is a constant feature in Avni’s works

Festival, Tent London, 2012, Interieur Biennale, Ventura Biennale, Kortrijk, Belgium 2012, and the Salone del Mobile, Milan 2013. She recently showcased her work at Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile 2014 and has been selected for the New York Design week 2014, Wanted Design. Speaking about the experience at iSaloni, Avni said, “Yes, this was my first year at iSaloni in Milan but also my second show at Milan Design week. My experience was great! And positive in terms of feedback, meeting interesting people, press and good inquiries. It’s also a reality check as Milan is the place for showcasing your work. I had launched my new Lighting collection - Fin Cloud collection along with the previous year’s winning collection - Faceted Tactile Light Series, Up-cycled Furniture Collection and Marigold Furniture Collection.” Her Fin Cloud Light Series is a tactile exploration of fin like modules, drawing from the Japanese craft of Origami, using materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel and PVC. The ethereal light sculptures generated are reminiscent of scaly marine creatures such as sea anemone and jellyfish displaying forms that have a physical and mathematical basis with bioluminescence characteristics. The evolved light structures are biological analogues of these creatures, mimicking their bilateral geometries, not only by reflection but also by rotation of repeated elements such as fins around the central spine of the structure.

The Fin Cloud light Series

Using traditional craft techniques within contemporary contexts, the entire collection is produced by hand, borrowing from the legacy of rich Indian handicrafts. Her other collection, Faceted Tactile Light Series is a tactile and sensory experience of using traditional materials such as brass, copper, bronze, German silver, stainless steel and PVC sheets. Metal sheets are first cut and then linked together or stitched together piece by piece meticulously to form a mosaic of repetitive cellular structures that finally result in a tessellated geometrical form. The faceted texture creates a scintillating light sculpture when it is switched on and adds visual delight to a space when switched off. The approach was to create something playful enough to introduce curiosity with textures, and also tempt one to touch it. Avni believes design is about simply communicating an idea or emotion, and she does it by translating it into geometric and organic shapes, something that everyone understands - she mixes it up in her own peculiar way! She enjoys applying a variety of disciplines to each project and strives to create experiences that excite, captivate and connect with audiences. Avni seeks out challenging projects that offer the opportunity to explore new categories and make the impossible possible. Contact tel: 022 65618520 email: web:

The Faceted Tactile Light Series

The Inside Track May 2014  
The Inside Track May 2014  

It can control entertainment, lighting, security systems, appliances, internet/networking, HVAC systems, irrigation/water systems, home spas...