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A SmackAttak Club from Smacky’s on Broadway. PICABU BISTRO 901 W. 14th | 624-2464 Picabu attributes its longstanding success to its menu’s flexibility. Rather than offering a segregated section for vegetarians or the gluten-intolerant, it simply tweaks its dishes to cater to customers’ needs. Try anything with fire sauce on it. Creamy and garlicky with a spicy kick, this housemade condiment is served on everything, from prawns to pasta, or tofu if you so desire. They have chocolate peanut butter pie, too.


SMACKY’S ON BROADWAY 6415 E. Broadway | 535-4230 “You could eat here twice a week for a year and never have the same thing twice,” says owner Mike Ackermann, who named Smacky’s after the pet monkey he owned when he was growing up in the Philippines. The shop has earned a passionate following for its array of deli sandwiches, French dips, panini, wraps, and a few Smack Attack sandwiches, including the massive Napoleon — and each sandwich always comes with pretzels and a pickle. n


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Inlander 10/15/2015  

Inlander 10/15/2015