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Reactions to the news that former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub has filed a $4 million lawsuit against the city of Spokane alleging he was wrongfully terminated

HOLLY ROBERTSON: Four MILLION dollars of taxpayers’ money that could be better used somewhere else. Like roads, schools and helping the homeless. DUANE COULTER: They hired him to come in and clean house. Then fire him for pissing people off? Write the check and fire the frickin’ mayor next election. PAT DRISCOLL: Once more a Spokane cop sues the city after being fired. If history is any indicator, he’ll win, get the money, and get his job back. Someday the city will read its own policy guidelines to find out the appropriate way to fire someone. BLAIN GOODING: But when they wrongfully terminate someone’s life, it’s an “Apology” and they expect you to chalk it up to the game. GARY WALTON: Why does no one remember Mayor Condon forced this man on the city when everyone else was against hiring him? Mayor Condon owns this mistake. ANDY JENSEN JR.: Technically the state of Washington is an at-will state, meaning they can excuse him for any reason they deem worthy. Unless it states otherwise in the police union. 

Reactions to a guest column on celebrating Indigenous People’s Day in place of Columbus Day (10/8/15)

JERI KOPET: Love this. But some of these comments… shaking my head. PAT GELL RICHARDS: America is being stripped of its history and I am sick and tired of these groups wanting everything changed to suit them! If you do not agree with our history and feel the need to change America to suit you, then go to your home country and make a change there, or move!! SEAN COMFORT: Pat, before you whine about history, maybe you should spend some time learning it. We could, of course, start with how Columbus didn’t actually discover America, how he wasn’t even the first to cross the ocean to do so, and how he was a cruel and vicious little person to people he didn’t bother trying to understand and just wanted them to go away... DOUGLAS CHARLES: I don’t care what you wanna call it as long as I get the day off. 


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