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THE LINEUP ALLEN STONE R&B Surely the biggest star to ever break out of little Chewelah, Washington, Allen Stone has one of those soaring, stirring voices that makes his particular brand of blue-eyed soul, and after touring all over the country, he’s settled down in Spokane. Stone isn’t playing a traditional set at Volume: He’ll be sitting in with his friend Blake Braley’s band on Friday night at nYne, and hosting a karaoke session at Lucky You on Saturday. Sat, June 1, 10 pm, Lucky You Lounge


Seattle’s Among Authors are making waves on the other side of the state, having snagged live sets on both KEXP and NPR. Their self-produced album I Am Become has a swirling, airy vibe, and lead singer and keyboardist Ian Ketterer has one of those voices that can pull you in with its quiet confidence — but also shatter glass. The band’s heart-on-its-sleeve emotion is reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, alt-J or even OK Computerera Radiohead. Sat, June 1, 10:30 pm, The Bartlett

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ATARI FERRARI ROCK From the retro cultural signifiers in their name to the sentiments of their single “Born in the Wrong Time,” it’s obvious that local quartet Atari Ferrari is enamored of the past. It comes through in the music, too, blasts of power-pop that channel the stomp of T. Rex and the swagger of the Pretenders. Frontman Matthew Hughes can snarl with the best of ’em, then swing right into a ballad without missing a beat. Fri, May 31, 7 pm, Washington Cracker Building

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bridge press cellars 39 e. pacific 6pm 4 VOLUME MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019



Best music store in Eastern Washington 1610 N. Monroe St • 509.325.1914

BAD MOTIVATOR ROCK “Another wasted summer down,” lament the mustachioed men of Bad Motivator on “Speed Hating.” Hey, they’re not called Good Motivator. The band may be riding the fumes of “a year of debauchery” in 2019, but it can’t be helped — “It’s the only love that we’ll know.” And there’s an upside: The punks have inked a record deal with the new-ish local label Corporat Records. How’s that for motivation? Fri, May 31, 8:45 pm, Mootsy’s

SOMETHING FOR EVERY MUSIC FAN BALONELY ROCK Songwriter Norman Robbins has gone by multiple aliases in his short career, most notably with his one-man bands Jan Francisco and Walker. But he’s really found his voice with BaLonely, where his lyrics are Lou Reed droll and his frontman energy has the he-could-explode-at-any-moment volatility of young Elvis Costello. The band’s recent debut LP Stories has a wiry energy, with deceptively catchy hooks and a knowing sense of humor. Sat, June 1, 9:15 pm, The Big Dipper

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