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MISQUOTING discrepancies in Christian scripture





EWU and the Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation are pleased to welcome Bart D. Ehrman to Spokane for an evening of insightful and intriguing conversation. Bart D. Ehrman is the author of more than 20 books, including four New York Times bestsellers: Misquoting Jesus, God’s Problem, Jesus Interrupted and Forged. Ehrman is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC A book signing in the lobby of the theater will follow the event. FOR MORE INFO: WWW.BARTDE HRMAN.COM 509.359.486 0 OR BCHAMBERLA IN@EWU.EDU

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54 INLANDER MAY 2, 2013

MUSIC | hip-hop “dirty words,” continued... But that’s not Tyler. An LA Weekly article last month says the rapper recently sent cupcakes to a domestic violence group that criticized him for his lyrics. He was banned from a New Zealand music festival because of his “extremely homophobic, misogynistic and hateful lyrics.” All the while, Tyler laughs the haters off — hell, two members of his rap crew, Odd Future, are LGBT. As the LA Weekly piece points out, that’s “two more than any rap crew ever.” But after really listening to the big-cheeked, lanky-framed, dopey-looking, often-annoying Tyler, it’s easy to tell that the young rapper isn’t a racist. He doesn’t hate gay people. He’s not ignorant — in fact, he’s the opposite. Tyler, the Creator is a kid who loves shock value as much as any other boy reared on pop culture in America. Those profanitypacked songs are often about being a stupid kid with nothing to do: flying kites and riding bikes and eating ice cream and picking boogers. Sometimes he makes pissed-off tracks about hating his dad — the guy who up and left him and his mom, whose ethnicity makes it tough for Tyler to grow a beard today as a young man. His music videos are snapshots from American suburbs: skateboarding tricks, girl fights, humping inanimate objects, puking and hanging out car windows. It’s not hard to see that Tyler, the Creator is not only a master of tongue-in-cheek humor, but an insufferable realist. He creates hip-hop that points out how ridiculous and squeamish and politically correct we’ve all become. He uses bad words — a lot of bad words. But that’s life. People say horrible things. They’re just words. And kids are going to hear them, no matter how hard you try to cover their ears. n Tyler, the Creator with Earl Sweatshirt • Wed, May 8, at 9 pm • Knitting Factory • 911 W. Sprague Ave. • $20 • All-ages • • 244-3279 

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Inlander 5/02/2013  

Inlander 5/02/2013