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All tattoo photos in this article are courtesy of Jackie Snell. any wait. It’s a pleasure to listen to her talk about her future the way she talks about the artwork crawling up her arm, an evergrowing vine of flowers and skulls done by Kevin Martin of 717 Tattoo in Columbia. One thing is certain; Pennsylvania would

be a less beautiful place without Jackie’s amazing tattoos roaming around.

I’m going to be that crazy cat lady. I own three so far, I’d have more if my fiancé allowed it.”

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For years the black and grey medium has had the stereotype of being associated with back alley discount scratchers. The truth of the matter is that the art form of black and grey tattooing has walked off the streets and into some of the finest tattoo studios in Pennsylvania. The black and grey medium has grown into something that can only be described as modern artistic mastery, and continues to evolve every day.

People are flocking to a tattoo artist who inks from his imagination-no sketchpad in sight. The astounding methods of Kevin Martin at 717 Tattoo in Columbia, Pennsylvania, has taken the medium to a whole new level. Originally from Lancaster, Pa, Kevin knew as early as high school that he wanted to be a tattoo artist. Although, Kevin never attended art school, he’s been an award-winning professional tattoo artist since 2001. He taught himself the trade, using his talents as a painter and drawer. Kevin has his own unique style that sets his work apart from anything else in the industry.

Sketches, flash and paintings surround Kevin at his workstation, lined with bottles of ink and trays of needles; behind him his Blood Bourne pathogen certificate hangs on the wall. There’s a smile on his face, making known that being able to do what he loves everyday is that much more valuable to him.

to work almost exclusively within his preferred genre. Not only does he constantly strive to create the most spectacular or realistic designs ever seen, Kevin’s primary concern is the longevity and the effects of aging on his tattoo creations. He clearly appreciates the fundamentals of good, clean tattooing.

He feels that trying new things is a great way to expand artistically and bring what he has learned into tattooing. Kevin always branches out into a variety of mediums, but prefers neo-traditional and black and grey realism pieces. Only by enjoying the work can the artist create something so impressive that the client is no doubt thrilled with the result.

For an artist whose work speaks so loudly and so colorfully, he remains studious and humble. His ambition and humility is an inspiration, regardless of his artistic ability. He’s creative, detailed and friendly. He’s a multi-talented unique person that chooses to keep away from the limelight and it’s a refreshing change. His personality will put you at ease whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth.

Kevin enjoys adding his own specific twist to each design, customizing every piece a client takes to him. A tattoo by Kevin doesn’t require much convincing after viewing his work. His spontaneity is what makes each tattoo he does unique. Thanks to his loyal clients that understand and trust his freehand ability, Kevin is now able

Kevin works out of 717 Tattoo and doesn’t plan to attend any upcoming conventions. There’s an average wait of three to four weeks for an appointment with Kevin, and you can expect to pay at least $100/hr. However, his dedication to his work is clear in each piece he creates and is definitely worth the rate.

"The importance of clean lines and smooth shading can’t be overstated. In my opinion, these are the ingredients of a tattoo that allow it to stand the test of time." The Ink Well Magazine


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The Ink Well Magazine is a synergistic creative publication that benefits everyone: advertisers, readers, artists, shops and distributors. I...

The Ink Well Magazine  

The Ink Well Magazine is a synergistic creative publication that benefits everyone: advertisers, readers, artists, shops and distributors. I...