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Jackie Snell


When Jacqelyn ‘Jackie’ Snell entered into the tattoo business in 2001, she began a career that has earned her recognition all over Pennsylvania, from some of the best artists in the tattoo business. The tattoo industry at one time was full of watery U-turns and eraser marks when it came to female tattoo artists. The business has always been perceived as a male dominated field. Criminals, sailors and soldiers, these are all people portrayed as being male, so maybe this is why tattooing was at one time considered a male industry, but the times have changed. Some of the most talented tattoo artists are women. As women, we all know it’s hard to stand out in the world as a woman, but Jackie, she stands out as an amazing female tattoo artist. The tattoos that she sketches range from realistic portraits of people and animals, to bubbly pin-ups and flowers. She accommodates most requests,


although she’s known for her black and grey realism and her ability to tattoo the same image on the client’s skin that they see on paper. Her transition from sketching in a notebook to drawing on people’s bodies brings the same art and creativity with her. Her amazing abilities

with a tattoo machine and ink are evident. Jackie is a master of graduated shading, tone and texture and has the skill to create some of the most complex and intricate detailed works ever seen. She carries her own unique style to the art of tattooing. The amount of painstaking attention to detail in her designs is astonishing, every square inch of the tattoo holds something interesting for the onlooker. The patience and dedication required to create such stunning works of art are two of the reasons she’s at the top of her game. Born in Lititz, Pennsylvania, Jackie graduated from Manheim Township high school. She then attended CTC in Brownstown, Pennsylvania, for Commercial Art. As a child she remembers traveling to New England on many occasions for her father’s work, and to visit with family. From a very young age, she loved to airbrush and paint with oils, but she knew in her heart that tattooing would be her one

true creative outlet. She’s been a tattoo artist for over ten years and is constantly looking for ways to improve her techniques and abilities, whilst preserving the beauty of the tattoo over time. Jackie’s inspirations stem from her client’s original ideas. Although, she isn’t afraid to speak up when she hears a bad idea. She understands that many people get tattoos to promote the product and to show people tattoos can enhance the body. A lot of people don’t appreciate the skill of the artist; they’re simply looking for a deal. Unlike Jackie, these people don’t understand the permanence, and though it’s one of her favorite things about tattooing she’s aware that with such permanence comes responsibility. Today, people don’t care. They bring in garbage off the Internet and want the image exactly as it appears on their cell phones. Jackie likes to research an idea and draw it two or three times to get the best result, she likes adding her own

twist to the original ideas and making it better than the client envisioned. Jackie’s tastes have not changed over the years. She’s always favored realism and black and grey over color work, but she’s completely comfortable tattooing any style. She admits that coverups are tricky, but is always up for a great challenge. She’s an award-winning artist and has many trophies for her realistic, black and grey and large pieces. People all over proudly wear her works of art.

Working with such a talented crew is everything I could ask for. I can always count on them for great artistic advice.

As of now, Jackie doesn’t plan to attend any conventions, but looks forward to it in the future. She is anxious to travel and guest spot at various locations across the country, but for now you can find her at 717 Tattoo and Body Piercing in Columbia, Pennsylvania. She books clients between 2-3 months out, and charges a rate of $100/hr. A tattoo done by this incredibly down-to-earth artist is worth

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