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International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) !""#$%&'%()*&%+#,&-./#0*)#1/#2&%*3(45*&4/#67#89:;"# <)=>#?@A8B#@"!C!!DD###E-F>#?@A8B#@"!C!!99# GH-(=>#I&4*-I*J*3)(H3&K&%5# !!

2013 IMHO Volunteer Opportunity in Ethiopia: “Deaf Youth Education and Empowerment” !

Welcome! The International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) is a grassroots global health nonprofit organization based in the United States that seeks to improve and develop healthcare services and infrastructure in under-served regions worldwide. While the organization has traditionally been focused on the war-affected regions of Sri Lanka, IMHO volunteers have traveled to Ethiopia over the last several years and the organization itself has supported an ongoing project to educate and empower deaf youth in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Over the past few years a team of committed volunteers have been working in partnership with dedicated local leaders in Ethiopia in developing educational programs for deserving but highly disadvantaged deaf youth, as well as strategizing for how best to engage with and support deaf organizations, students, and professionals. For the second year in a row, a volunteer service trip is being organized to Ethiopia, in which international volunteers will interact with local deaf persons, conduct educational service programs for deaf children, visit with local organizations at the forefront of developing services for the benefit of the deaf community, and explore this truly magnificent country! For those of you who have volunteered abroad before, you know how meaningful and insightful global service learning trips of this nature can be. For those of you who have not done so, we invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore, have fun, learn, and make a difference in the lives of others. !

Dates & Itineraries !

• IMHO Volunteer Trip 2013 (“Deaf Youth Education & Empowerment”) Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, and Awash, Ethiopia August 11th—24th, 2013 The tentative itinerary for the volunteer trip is as follows: !

VOLUNTEER TRIP 2013: “Deaf Youth Education & Empowerment” DAY




Sunday, August 11th

Volunteer departure from USA for Ethiopia


Monday, August 12th

Anticipated arrival in Addis Ababa (individual airport

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International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) !""#$%&'%()*&%+#,&-./#0*)#1/#2&%*3(45*&4/#67#89:;"# <)=>#?@A8B#@"!C!!DD###E-F>#?@A8B#@"!C!!99# GH-(=>#I&4*-I*J*3)(H3&K&%5#

pick-up); overnight at Family Cozy Bed & Breakfast 3

Tuesday, August 13th

City orientation; visit with staff and deaf members of the Deaf Development Information Association (DDIA); group introductions and initial training


Wednesday, August 14th

Full-day program with staff and students at Addis Ababa Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Linguistics Department and Ethiopian Sign Language & Deaf Culture Program; volunteer training and prep work


Thursday, August 15th

Early morning departure by private van to Bahir Dar; overnight at Summerland Hotel (


Friday, August 16th


Saturday, August 17th

Day 1: Volunteer program (teach/conduct activities) with students at Yekatit 23 School for the Deaf in Bahir Dar Day 2: Volunteer program (teach/conduct activities) with students at Yekatit 23 School for the Deaf in Bahir Dar; afternoon boat ride to historic islands of Lake Tana


Sunday, August 18th


Monday, August 19th


Tuesday, August 20th


Wednesday, August 21st

Earling morning departure by private van for Addis Ababa; overnight at Family Cozy B&B


Thursday, August 22nd

Morning departure for Awash; game drive at Awash National Park; overnight at Awash Falls Lodge (


Friday, August 23rd

Leisure activities at Awash National Park, including boating on the river, trekking, and a night visit to the hyena caves; group reflection and planning


Saturday, August 24th

Departure for Addis Ababa; fly home (individual airport drop-off)

Day 3: Volunteer program (teach/conduct activities) with students at Yekatit 23 School for the Deaf in Bahir Dar; cultural dance performance in the evening Day 4: Volunteer program (teach/conduct activities) with students at Yekatit 23 School for the Deaf in Bahir Dar Day 5: Field trip with students at Yekatit 23 School for the Deaf in Bahir Dar


Emergency Contact Information! Family Cozy Bed & Breakfast Wole Sefer (Ethio China Road, off Bole Road; across from Ibex Hotel) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tel: 251-115-528413; 251-911-056558 Email:; !"#$%&'%(%)*+&',*)*-%,(./*.*01,2%3456789%:;:/1);<&,2%7=()&,(>?*%;)+(:&@(,&;:%&:%,=*%A:&,*-%B,(,*'%6C*-*)(?%D(.%!E%FG%3H/9IIHJK38L%% !"#$%&'%(%)*+&',*)*-%M)&N(,*%O;?P:,()Q%$)+(:&@(,&;:%6MO$8%R&,=%,=*%A:&,*-%B,(,*'%S+*:7Q%<;)%!:,*):(,&;:(?%E*N*?;10*:,%6ABS!E82%% (:-%(%1);P-%0*0>*)%;<%!:,*)S7,&;:L% %

International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) !""#$%&'%()*&%+#,&-./#0*)#1/#2&%*3(45*&4/#67#89:;"# <)=>#?@A8B#@"!C!!DD###E-F>#?@A8B#@"!C!!99# GH-(=>#I&4*-I*J*3)(H3&K&%5#

Summerland Hotel ( Highway 3 (Lakefront), Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Tel: 251-582-206566; 251-918-760904 Fax: 251-582-220022 Email: Awash Falls Lodge ( Awash National Park, Afar, Ethiopia Tel: +251-221-191182/3 Fax: +251-113-710898 Addis Tel: +251-116-530245; +251-912-770965;; Gregory Buie (IMHO Programs Coordinator) Tel: 001.714.315.0518 (US cell) Tel: +251-923-518940 (Ethiopia cell) Email:; Izhar Razack (Transportation Provider) Tel: Email: American Embassy in Ethiopia Entoto Street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tel: +251-111-306000 (Embassy Switchboard) Tel: +251-111-242400 (Embassy After Hours) Email: Canadian Embassy in Ethiopia Wereda 23 Kebele 12, House # 122 Tel: +251-113-710000 Fax: +251-113-710040 Email: !

Program Description Ethiopian deaf children experience discrimination in education, healthcare, job skills training and opportunities, and everyday communication and activities. For this reason, we have been developing a project in partnership with local deaf organizations already engaged in serving this vulnerable community. We are collectively striving toward the development of thoughtful interventions including life skills training, Ethiopian Sign Language (ESL) instruction, job training, public education and awareness raising, and other educational support for the deaf community and their families. Our volunteer group will be spending time with local deaf leaders, engaging with students and faculty at !"#$%&'%(%)*+&',*)*-%,(./*.*01,2%3456789%:;:/1);<&,2%7=()&,(>?*%;)+(:&@(,&;:%&:%,=*%A:&,*-%B,(,*'%6C*-*)(?%D(.%!E%FG%3H/9IIHJK38L%% !"#$%&'%(%)*+&',*)*-%M)&N(,*%O;?P:,()Q%$)+(:&@(,&;:%6MO$8%R&,=%,=*%A:&,*-%B,(,*'%S+*:7Q%<;)%!:,*):(,&;:(?%E*N*?;10*:,%6ABS!E82%% (:-%(%1);P-%0*0>*)%;<%!:,*)S7,&;:L% %

International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) !""#$%&'%()*&%+#,&-./#0*)#1/#2&%*3(45*&4/#67#89:;"# <)=>#?@A8B#@"!C!!DD###E-F>#?@A8B#@"!C!!99# GH-(=>#I&4*-I*J*3)(H3&K&%5#

Addis Ababa University, conducting a 5-day summer camp and training for children in Bahir Dar, and learning about the issues that shape the lives of deaf people in Ethiopia. In addition to the volunteer component, these trips will provide an opportunity to see local development projects in action. Volunteers will meet with local NGOs and make field visits to various projects designed to make a difference in communities in need. Finally, volunteers will have time for periodic sightseeing and leisure, providing an opportunity to see some of the many fascinating sights that Ethiopia has to offer. Volunteers will experience some of the historical and archaeological heritage, nature/wildlife, and more. All of this will give volunteers an opportunity to experience Ethiopian culture and engage in what amounts to a powerful cross-cultural exchange and learning experience. !

Costs The program fee for this volunteer trip, which spans 13 days/12 nights, is set at $1,700/person. This fee covers all your expenses from the moment you arrive in Ethiopia until the moment you leave, but it excludes the cost of roundtrip international airfare, travel visa, and any other personal shopping or expenses once on the ground. Each volunteer is responsible for applying for their travel visa (which we will help you with), as well as making their own airfare arrangements and communicating these to the trip organizers well in advance of any travel. A non-refundable deposit of $350 toward the program fee must be received by May 31, 2013 to secure your spot. Please make checks payable to â&#x20AC;&#x153;IMHOâ&#x20AC;? and send to Greg Buie (IMHO Programs Coordinator), 1115 Larrabee Street #301, West Hollywood, CA 90069. !

Local Partners For this trip we are partnering with the Deaf Development Information Association (DDIA) and the Yekatit 23 School in Bahir Dar. Since we have conducted this program before, we know that we are in good hands and have a number of wonderful hosts to accompany us throughout our journey! !"#$%&'%(%)*+&',*)*-%,(./*.*01,2%3456789%:;:/1);<&,2%7=()&,(>?*%;)+(:&@(,&;:%&:%,=*%A:&,*-%B,(,*'%6C*-*)(?%D(.%!E%FG%3H/9IIHJK38L%% !"#$%&'%(%)*+&',*)*-%M)&N(,*%O;?P:,()Q%$)+(:&@(,&;:%6MO$8%R&,=%,=*%A:&,*-%B,(,*'%S+*:7Q%<;)%!:,*):(,&;:(?%E*N*?;10*:,%6ABS!E82%% (:-%(%1);P-%0*0>*)%;<%!:,*)S7,&;:L% %

International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) !""#$%&'%()*&%+#,&-./#0*)#1/#2&%*3(45*&4/#67#89:;"# <)=>#?@A8B#@"!C!!DD###E-F>#?@A8B#@"!C!!99# GH-(=>#I&4*-I*J*3)(H3&K&%5#

How to Apply If you are interested in volunteering with IMHO this August 2013, simply fill out the 2013 IMHO Volunteer Application & Waiver and return it to: Greg Buie, IMHO Programs Coordinator 1115 Larrabee Street #301 West Hollywood, CA 90069 Please make sure your application is complete and has been signed wherever a signature is required. Also, a photocopy of your passport photo page is necessary. There is a nonrefundable volunteer application fee of $50, which will be applied to your overall program fee if you are accepted as a volunteer. All checks should be made payable to “IMHO” and included with your completed application. Applications must be received by May 31, 2012. As space is limited, we encourage you to apply early to secure your spot! ! !

What’s Next? You will be notified by email as soon as your application has been received and processed. In the weeks and months leading up to the trip we will be communicating with all volunteers regularly about exact travel plans, flight arrangements, suggested immunizations, payment, what to prepare for, what to expect, other trip details, and more. A non-refundable deposit of $350 is due by May 31, 2013, and full payment will be due no less than 4 weeks before departure. It is often easiest to pay in full upfront, although it is up to you to decide how you would like to do it. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns (just send an email to We look forward to you joining us in Ethiopia for this memorable experience!

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IMHO Ethiopia volunteer trip appeal 2013  

detailed appeal and trip summary for IMHO Ethiopia volunteer trip 2013 for deaf education and empowerment