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Maria Elena Mendoza

Maria Alejandra

Ana Maria Mendoza

favorite color: blue

favorite color: all of them

favorite color: Blue

We have 6 [people] in our family. I live with my husband and have 2 sons and 2

I have 2 children. Pedro is 8 years old and

I am a single mother and have one beautiful daughter. I am living with my parents; we have 5 people in our family. My dream for the future is to continue to have work and that the I AM. project succeeds.

daughters. For me, I hope one day, that every day we have work. I always work with weaving, but now it is difficult because there is much competition, the thread is expensive, and we don’t get paid well. For me it is very good that you give us work. I hope the people who buy this know that it is a benefit for me and for my family. Because when they are in school, the children ask for money to buy their school supplies. Without work, if my son asks me for 5 or 10 Quetzal ($0.65$1.30USD), how can I do this?


Noe is 3 years old and is now starting preschool. I want my children to study what they like and be able to earn money. When I was 12 years old I learned to weave. When I learned we wove narrower weavings, but now I have become accustomed to weaving this size. Hopefully this project will continue because if there is work, there is money, if not, there is no money.

Because I live with my parents, my dream would be to have my own house and to earn my own money – I want to improve my life and my daughter’s life. We struggle day by day, so I want to do better. I like weaving because I have always worked with this since I was small, it’s what we did as children, and now everyday I do better.

I AM. Story & Photo Book  
I AM. Story & Photo Book  

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