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they say santa claus isn’t real. they say jesus is the reason for the season. they say happy holidays. they say something about saturnalia. they say alot around this time of year. Too bad they usually all miss the point. be well, skinbags, and try to love each other.

DEC 06 - DEC 12, 2012




Shop Small, Manhattan! THW brings you 30 local spots to spend your holiday dollars


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No shave to nice list! owner sarah sullivan recaps no shave and spills on our nice list! 12 pg.

THE HYPE WEEKLY December 6, 2012 Issue #66

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Spend those holiday dollars at local small businesses! We’ll even pick out 30 great ones to highlight for ya!





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DECEMBER 6, 2012



( Us To You ) It’s the season of seasons, kids! And all over Manhattan, events are celebrating various aspects of it. Check out our Shop Small feature to find out where you holidays can go to help out local businesses that need your xmas/christmas/hanukkah/kwanza/saturnalia/holiday bucks. Skip the box stores and big names and get those one of a kind gifts right here in MHK. Or at least on Etsy. Don’t forget to keep sending us your events, specials, lectures, and any other fun things to do in MHK at, for free! You don’t have to be a sponsor to get into our awesome calendar. And if you want to be a part of the creation of The Hype, stop by our weekly pitch meeting on Mondays at 730 PM at Auntie Mae’s Parlor! Love, The Hype Weekly

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Mind Games





MANHATTAN -- Racers, start your drills.

The games will showcase vehicles built by teams of students in ME 101, Intro to Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. The competition features 35 teams made up of 250 freshmen. The teams will be showing off vehicles they have designed and built that are powered by cordless drills. Students have built/modified bikes, trikes, scooters, skateboards and go-carts for this project Opening ceremonies start at 9 a.m. and feature a parade with the 35 vehicles in the event. They will be driven or ridden by

is a crucial parameter in bacterial infection of animals,” said Klebba, the senior author on the publication. “The paper explains why discrepancies exist about the role of iron, and it resolves them.”

“MNE Cordless Drill Games event was a class project assignment to get students to start thinking about the design process, team activities, and mechanical systems,” said Greg Spaulding, assistant professor in the department of mechanical engineering. “I will continue with this project annually, but I will create slight modifications so that future students can’t just use a vehicle from the previous years.”

Iron plays a key role in metabolism, leading bacteria and animals to battle each other to obtain it. Klebba’s team found that E. coli must acquire iron from the host to establish a foothold and colonize the gut -- a concept that was often debated by scientists.

Battling bacteria: Research shows iron’s importance in infection, suggests new therapies MANHATTAN -- A Kansas State University research team has resolved a 40-yearold debate on the role of iron acquisition in bacterial invasion of animal tissues. The collaborative research -led by Phillip Klebba, professor and head of the department of biochemistry -- clarifies how microorganisms colonize animal hosts and how scientists may block them from doing so. The findings suggest new approaches against bacterial disease and new strategies for antibiotic development.

“For years it was theorized that iron is a focal point of bacterial pathogenesis and infectious disease because animals constantly defend the iron in their bodies,” Klebba said. “Animal proteins bind iron and prevent microorganisms from obtaining it. This is called nutritional immunity, and it’s a strategy of the host defense system to minimize bacterial growth. But successful pathogens overcome nutritional immunity and get the iron.”

of iron in infection, because here we created the correct combination of mutations to study the problem,” Klebba said. Enteric bacteria have so many iron transport systems that it’s difficult to eliminate them all. For example, E. coli has at least eight iron acquisition systems. “These transporters are redundant because iron is essential,” Klebba said. “Bacteria are resilient. If one system is blocked, then another one takes over.” These findings suggest strategies to block microorganisms from creating diseases in animals and humans, including the potential for antibiotic development and for therapeutic antibodies. “It gives us insight,” Klebba said. “Now we know that iron deprivation protects against disease, but we must be comprehensive and inhibit multiple systems to completely shut down the microorganisms’ ability to obtain the metal.” The researchers are using their findings to isolate antibodies that block bacterial iron uptake. This may help animals and humans defend themselves against microbial diseases.

“We would like to apply this research and protect people from bacterial infection,” Klebba said. “That’s one of the Enteric bacteria (such as the Salmonella picture above) have so many iron focal points of The study -- in transport systems that it’s difficult to eliminate them all. our laboratory.” collaboration with Tyrrell Conway, director of the Little was known about what forms of iron Klebba’s research was supported by a Microarray and Bioinforenteric bacteria -- which are bacteria of the $1.25 million grant from the National matics Core Facilities at intestines -- use when growing in the host, Institutes of Health. the University of Oklahoma, and Salete M. Newton, but this study shows that the native Gramnegative bacterial iron uptake systems The study was led by Hualiang Pi, Klebba’s Kansas State Univerare highly effective. Scientists questioned student at his former institution, the Unisity research professor of whether prevention of iron uptake could versity of Oklahoma. Another Kansas State biochemistry -- recently block bacterial pathogenesis. This article University collaborator on the project was appeared in PLOS ONE. It Lorne Jordan, doctoral student in bioshows how iron acquisition leaves no doubt about the importance of iron when E. coli colonizes animals chemistry, Toledo, Ohio. affects the ability of bacbecause bacteria that were systematically teria to colonize animals, deprived of iron became 10,000-fold less The PLOS ONE article, by Hualiang Pi et which is the first stage of able to grow in host tissues, Klebba said. al., is titled “Role of Catecholate Siderophmicrobial disease. pores in Gram-negative Bacterial Coloni“This is the first time our experiments unzation of the Mouse Gut.” “This paper establishes that iron uptake in the host ambiguously verified the indispensability

DECEMBER 6, 2012

The first MNE -- Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering -- Cordless Drill Games will be Tuesday, Dec. 4, in the atrium at Rathbone Hall in Kansas State University’s engineering complex.

a team member. The vehicles will then be on display and people are welcome to ask questions of the student teams. Events in the games will take place over the following days.



DECEMBER 6, 2012




Shop Small! 30 Locally Owned The Hype Weekly has chosen 30 locally owned holiday gift hotspots to showcase! Twenty over the past two weeks and ten this week. We’re hoping to swaying you away from boxstores and boring gifts. Shop Small, Manhattan!

Shear Dynamics Day Space and Salon 1125 Laramie. (785)776-9100 The holidays are stressful for everyone. Treat that special person on your list with the Winter Specials at Sheer Dynamics! The packages for individuals range from a treat for your feet with detox and aromatherapy for your feet followed by an hour long reflexology massage to a package of 12 one hour full body massages to keep you tension-free all year long. If you’d rather go with your friend, there is the Wind Down package with side-by-side facials, pedicures and a choice of sugar scrub or full body massage. If you’d like to treat your daughter, the Mini-Me package is perfect for girls 12 years old and under where they will be treated with mini-mani-pedis, make-up application of blush and lip gloss and a hairstyle. She’ll feel like a princess!

Mon, Wed-Thur: 9a-8p Tue, Fri : 9a-6p Sat: 8a-4p

Price Range: $15-250

Claflin Books and Copies 1814 Claflin Rd. (785) 776-3771 Claflin Books and Copies is an independently and locally owned bookstore in Manhattan, Kansas located right next to Kansas State University. Aside from providing textbooks for classes and a great selection of books of every type picked by their friendly and knowledgeable staff, CBC is also a high-speed copy center capable of handling all your copy needs. They frequently host book signing events by local and regional authors and are members of AHA Manhattan and consistent supporters of the local arts and writing scene. If you’re in need of a great new book, a stack of high quality copies, or your Spring textbook shenanigans, look no further than Claflin Books and Copies. And they have awesome teas that they craft themselves!

Mon-Fri : 9a-6p Sat : 9a-5p Sun : 1p-5p

Price Range: $5-100+

Varsity Donuts 704 N. Manhattan Ave. (785)539-7654 The first time I went to Varsity Donuts, I was on a simple mission: purchase and consume one (singular, solitary, lone, not plural) maple bacon donut. I needed to know what all the fuss was about. I walked out with a half dozen donut creations I just couldn’t say no to, and have been addicted ever since. Maple bacon, S’mores, Fruity Pebbles, Flat Tire…seriously, to list all of the unique and delicious pastries would overload your sensory inputs, and to top it off they carry a great variety of traditional favorites done to perfection. Suffice it to say, if you’re looking to make everyone in the office happy, drop in with a dozen of these bad boys and you’ll probably be voted employee of the month. If a quick snack and a pick-me-up is more your speed, go in grab a hunk of heaven and wash it down with a $1 cup of coffee. While you’re there, check out their merchandise section where you can purchase mugs, t-shirts, and more which any die-hard Varsity fan (which you will be after the first bite) would be proud to own.

Mon-Sun : 5:30a-10p

Price Range: $15-250

Wildcat Nutrition 1125 Laramie Plaza (785)537-2600 WN has everything your health conscious holiday giftee needs to keep their bod in top shape! Offering consultation regarding diet, exercise and supplements, WN also packs a 30 flavor smoothie bar as well as an impressive array of satisfied clients in the bodybuilding and athletic arenas. Nestled in the heart of Aggieville, WN provides daily discounts on its full line of vitamins, herbs, and name brand weight loss and fitness supplements such as Essential Sport Nutrition, Elite Performance, Core Active and New Dawn. 10% military and student discount everyday!

Mon-Fri: 10a-8p Sat: 10a-6p Sun : 1p-5p

Price Range: $5-100+

Rick’s Music Shop & Guitar Services 314 Tuttle Creek Blvd, Suite 1 (785) 539-5900 A name synonymous with quality instrument repair and excellent service, Rick’s Music has been the go-to place for local musicians and enthusiasts alike. Aside from walls of axes to fit any type, Rick also offers general amp repair, truss rod adjustment, fret work, general electronic repair, action setting, re-stringing, refinishing and rebuilding. Rick’s easy to work with and equally polite and accommodating to both seasoned veterans or absolute newbs. A seasoned musician and technician, Rick Hood has played in bands for over 20 years and has been repairing guitars since 1980. I bought my first guitar from Rick fifteen years ago, and every one since, with no plans of changing shops.

Mon-Fri: 10 A-6 P Sat: 10 A-4 P Sun: Closed

Price Range: $20-1000+




1620 Ft. Riley Blvd. (785)539-4811

2047A Fort Riley Blvd. (785) 341-1730

Many folks are confused or unsure about how a food co-op works, so here’s the basics: you pay a fee and become a member. Members get automatic discounts, are essentially part owners of the business, can vote on the direction of the co-op, and also have access to special member only sales. The idea works this way at People’s Grocery Co-Op here in Manhattan, and for the environmentally, health or organically minded giftee on your list, a membership with the Co-op is sure to be a hit. With great products you can’t find in Walmart or other chain stores, People’s is wonderful for those cooks on your list with broader tastes than the average folk, or adventurous palates. In addition to being a co-op with awesome ingredients and foods, People’s also is a restaurant! The Green Leaf Deli offers delightful fare at great prices! And if they don’t have it in stock, the great folks at People’s will special order just about anything.

A second hand store the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The beautiful finds you will come across in this store consist of refreshed and repurposed furniture as well as vintage textiles and fashion. Many of the unique items they sell are created by local craftsmen and artists. Some of the one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find items include; retro and created jewelry, lamps, clothing and furniture. This is the perfect place to shop for that hard-to-shopfor person in your life by giving them something with a zany personal touch. This is a store that knows and promotes the true meaning of community and it shows.

Open Daily: 9a-8p

Price Range: $5-100+

Price Range: $5-$150

Olson’s Shoe Service

Big Poppi Bicycle 1126 Moro. (785)-537-3737. Someone in your family got their heart set on shiny new Scott, Giant, or Redline? Or maybe their old Schwinn or other two wheeled treasure is just in need of some TLC before the Spring riding season kicks up? If so, then Big Poppi is your place, nestled in the heart of Aggieville and sporting an eclectic team of gearheads and spokesters to help you outfit your giftee in the best gear and accessories in town. With product lines from Hydrapak to Crank Brothers as well as full service and repair BPC has everything you need to stuff a biker’s stocking, including gift cards! With service packages from their BLT (Basic Lube & Tune) to the Royale w/Cheese Overhaul, Big Poppi offers bike love for any budget from the finest folk we Hypesters have ever had handle our head tubes. of sugar scrub or full body massage. If you’d like to treat your daughter, the Mini-Me package is perfect for girls 12 years old and under where they will be treated with mini-mani-pedis, make-up application of blush and lip gloss and a hairstyle. She’ll feel like a princess!

Mon - Fri: 10A - 6P, Sat: 9A to 6P, Sun: 1P to 4P

Thu: 11a-8p, Fri :11a-6p, Sat 10a-6p, Sun: 11a-6p

Price Range: $5-1000+

1214B Moro (785) 539-8571 Around 1889 Peter Olson opened Olson’s Shoe Repair in Manhattan. One hundred and twenty-two years later, the Olson’s is still “The Best Little Shoe Shop in Manhattan”. Squeezed in between Jimmy John’s and Sisters of Sound, Olson’s offers shoes for every walk of life, from dress to hiking, and have experienced pedorthists to help you diagnose foot paint or any other corrective measure as well as creating custom inserts based off of your unique soles. In addition to their orthopedic work, Olson’s Foot Health and Shoe Service sells many brands of shoes from Birkenstocks and P.W. Minor, and their new line – Kumfs, from New Zealand. Someone on your gift list always complaining about their feet or shoes? Stop by Olson’s and get them sorted for the Holidays!

Mon-Fri 9a-6p, Sat 9a-1p

Prices: $20-150

The Manhattan Arts Center 1520 Poyntz Ave (785)-537-4420 The Manhattan Arts Center’s Wrap It Up art exhibit has unique, locally-produced artwork, savory treats and cheerful music. The exhibit includes artwork in a variety of mediums including watercolors, drawings, prints, stained glass, ceramic sculptures, baskets, scarves, glass, photographs, bowls, tiles, masks, jewelry (glass, silver, and beaded), a variety of knitted items and functional pottery. The MAC is an excellent source for Mom, especially those appreciating hand-crafted jewelry or decorative pieces. A few years ago I picked up a decorative frog (my Mom loves, collects frogs) made from reclaimed metal for around $40. Prices for jewelry, scarves, and handcrafted goods range from $10 to $80. For those with bigger stockings to stuff, a variety of excellent paintings, ceramics, and other fare from local artists can be found in the $100-$200 range. The exhibit will remain open until December 24and is open Monday thru Friday from noon to 5pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from noon to 4pm. As in the past, 30% of all sales proceeds will benefit the Manhattan Arts Center’s facility and programs.

Mon-Fri: Noon to 5p Sat: 10a-4p Sun: Noon-4p

Prices: $10-250+

DECEMBER 6, 2012

People’s Grocery Co-Op


holiday shopping hot spots

DECEMBER 6, 2012




Kindergarten and Politics from Ken’s Konservative Korner lessons in power and people from the earliest stages with Ken Mattheisen A few weeks back, in a reply to a very brief piece in The Hype Weekly called “The campaign is finally over”, I alluded that a kindergarten was adequate enough education to make it happily through life. The reply post overall seemed to also start World War III politically within Hypeville, but enough about that, for what is done is done, and I believe anything else would only be redundantly running the obviously controversial subject deeper into terra firma. But the kindergarten reference might be well worth re-visiting. When I went to kindergarten, kids only went for a half day, either a morning or afternoon session. I went in the afternoon, and I’m sure this ruined any chance I had of becoming a ‘morning’ person, and began what was the slow, and what has been a life long process, prying open of the left side of my brain. What I remember most about my kindergarten days was taking a nap on an old rug you brought in at the beginning of the year, having a real cigar box full of supplies (and it was your own stuff!), painting in a huge old dress shirt of your dads, bringing a nickel in on Monday for milk for the week, and having to line up just to go to the bathroom. According to a previously published and well known list, there are ten very important things that all who attended kindergarten should have learned that will help carry them through life. The list is cute to be sure, just basic do’s and don’ts, but maybe we all need to re-visit the innocence in the ten simple rules and compare them to our own lives once in a while, use them as a barometer just to make sure we personally are capable of living with our fellow man in a cohesive manner. The holidays are nearing where we all do seem to try to be nice to one another for couple of weeks anyway, so maybe the timing is perfect to share the list.

Here is the generally accepted ‘Kindergarten’ list, with only minor political comment from yours truly:

SHARE EVERYTHING To share something that is clearly yours is not easy. And to share with someone you don’t even like might sometimes seem impossible. But when you do give something to someone, do not expect to get it back. Nancy Pelosi is good at sharing our things.

Play Fair Play Fair. Whether you’re driving on the interstate, in a business meeting at work, talking with a spouse or friend or out in a boat on the lake fishing, there are rules. Being a rebel may be cool, but stay within the general premise of the rules. Nothing is taboo today though when it comes to politicians in our country. What ever happened to R-E-S-P-E-C-T? News networks seem to think there are no rules when it comes to representing politics, or any news for that matter.

NO hitting Don’t hit people. In many ways the bullying of today is worse than before. It used to be only the big dummies could bully, now it’s weirdos that do the bullying. The damage one can inflict on another in this internet age can be far worse than losing the cupcake out of your lunch. In seconds the world can know what a fool we all are for believing something just because it’s posted on the internet. I know there is a football coach in Lubbock, Texas that wishes Al Gore never invented the internet.




Put things back where you found them

DECEMBER 6, 2012

Lack of organization is called being lazy, but what should be expected of people who no longer have to walk to school in two feet of snow uphill both ways? And if you borrow something, take it back to the owner in better shape than you borrowed it. Most of all, take it back. Liberals seem to seriously believe that possession equates to ownership. The ‘Right’eous seem to think things are theirs and always have been and always will be.

clean up your own mess Unless you are in a retirement home receiving custodial care there is no reason not to clean up any thing you spill. New administrations should not have to bail out the previous administration each changing of a party, but at the same time they knew what they were getting into when they put their name on the ballot. These messes of wars and tax laws need to terminate at the end of each party’s reign. If the new guy wants to start a new war or tax, then let him be the one to start them.

don’t take things that do not belong to you Thou shall not steal, commandment number seven. It was better when the Ten Commandments were out there where people could see them. I know some don’t agree, but did they really hurt anything? I pity the poor soul who meets St. Peter and when he is asked if he obeyed or not can only reply “Obeyed what?” …”See ya!”

wash your hands I was taught to sing happy birthday two times while washing my hands. This seems a small investment of time in order to suppress germs, especially with winter and cold season upon us all of a sudden. I also was told that drinking a glass of orange juice a day will prevent me from getting sick. I do, and I have only missed a handful of days in 40 years of working.

flush No shit!

always say sorry when you hurt someone Pain and suffering are a part of life. The highs and miracles of each day could not be fully appreciated without experiencing lows and disappointment. But if someone deliberately and maliciously hurts another, physically, orally, or mentally, then apologies are in order. A single tear may require a hundred “I’m sorry’s” to make up for the infliction, because words are cheaper than feelings. But if somebody simply bests you in some form of match up, then it’s up to you to bone up to the fact you lost, and they won. Competition is competitive, if you wanna win, practice harder.

warm cookies and cold milk are good for you This one is listed last for a reason. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger type days turn out okay with cookies and milk.

closing thoughts Finding happiness in life is similar to managing a stocks and bonds portfolio. Basically do what everybody else is doing most of the time, and then just a tweak here and there once in awhile will make sure it’s going where you want it to be going. This list of kindergarten lessons actually does cover

most day to day needs, so cut this article out, or print it out, if necessary modify it so it makes more sense to you, and heed its wisdom. Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. Frown and you frown alone.




Thursday 6 11:30AM

DECEMBER 6, 2012





Musical Thursdays at the Flint Hills Discovery Center Flint Hills Discovery Center Come to the Discovery Center on Thursdays in December to hear performances by local choral groups. Toys for Manhattan 8711 E Hwy 24 (the old Rambler’s Steakhouse) Toys for Manhattan accepts new and experienced toys and gifts for distribution to underprivileged families as Christmas presents for their families. Anyone can drop off donations at the shop on Tuesday and Thursday evenings through December 13 between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. There are drop sites in the city for daytime hours as well: -Riley County Police Dept -McCullough Development -Manhattan Fire Dept -Orscheln Farm and Home Supply, 530 McCall Rd -O’Reilly Auto Parts, 700 Ft. Riley Blvd All have convenient curbside parking for drop off. The distribution season is Saturdays, December 3, 10, and 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and goes to those who otherwise may go without this Christmas season. You are providing a brighter holiday for less fortunate families in our community. River Trails Beginner Mountain Bike Ride Big Poppi Bikes Distance: 1-2 laps/4-8 miles. At this ride you will have the opportunity to learn how to ride on off road trails and trail etiquette. A couple of the concepts you will learn are how to ride over a log or other obstacle, and how to position your body when riding downhill. Open Oil Painting Studio MAC Annex Open to any and all levels of talent and enthusiasm for oil painting. Come and meet some new friends and practice your art!


KSU Faculty Brass Quintet All Faiths Chapel Come hear that smooth Wildcat Brass!


Hi-Energy Thursday w/ DJ Pizzle Bobby T’s Grill and Bar Manhattan’s King of the Old School, DJ Pizzle, mixing music videos from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today, with 10000+ Music Videos.



Holiday Celebration with Tallgrass, Orange Sky Yoga and Varsity Donuts! The Dusty Bookshelf Yoga and donuts and beer, oh my! Can’t think of a more non-yogi holiday celebration….. But it’s going to be so fun! Tallgrass Brewing Company, Varsity Donuts and Orange Sky Yoga are teaming up for a rockin’ good time. We will start at Varsity and enjoy a Tallgrass brew…. move to Dusty Bookshelf for our holiday yoga practice….then finally move behind Varsity for late night hot-nfresh donuts! 22nd Annual X-mas Lighting Ceremony feat. The Phaetons Auntie Mae’s Parlor Thousands of lights, Drunk Santa and his Elves, Raffles & Give-aways, and live music from The Phaetons!!! $3 cover, get in free by wearing a Christmas sweater!




Charity Pint Night at Aggie Station Aggie Station $1 gets you a Tallgrass Tulip Glass! Proceeds will got to help the Fairy Godmothers! Take home a glass, support a great cause!


Holiday Horse Drawn Carriage Rides Aggieville at Triangle Park Cost: $5/person. Enjoy the winter beauty of Aggieville from a horse drawn carriage. Friday and Saturday, 4-7PM, November 30th - December 22nd. Dream a Little Dream of Christmas The Little Theater and the C.L. Hoover Opera House The Little Theater and the C.L. Hoover Opera House team up to bring the Flint Hills community a holiday variety show like no other! Relax and enjoy as local and regional performers bring your holiday dreams to life. Christmas Spectacular Columbian Theatre Come celebrate the holiday season with us. The Columbian Theatre is hosting a dinner theatre. You will eat a buffet dinner in the art gallery where you can enjoy the current art exhibit while you eat, then go upstairs to our beautiful historic theatre for the live Christmas production. Show only: $20/adults and $15/children & students with ID card. Dinner/Show: $37/adults, $32/ students, and $26/children under 12.

Friday Night Lights River Trails MTB Ride Big Poppi Bicycles @ Sunset Distance: 1-3 laps/6-18 miles. Looking for something really exciting to do on a Friday night? Why not join us for a ride on your mountain bike at night? REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR LIGHTS!!! Don’t have a light? Demo one of our high quality lights from the shop!!


Linear Trail Historical Lifestyle Ride Big Poppi Bikes Distance: 5-10 miles. Join Big Poppi Bicycle Co and the Flint Hills Area Bike Club each Saturday morning for a casual ride on Linear Trail while learning interesting historical facts about Manhattan, KS.


Operation Yellow Ribbon Manhattan Town Center Fort Riley soldiers and their families are invited to present a valid military I.D. at the Customer Service Center to receive a yellow wristband and partake in special discounts and promotions at participating mall merchants during this military appreciation weekend event. while funding becomes more at risk. So please join us in supporting the food bank.


CrossFit Free Intro Workout Room 4\, Natatorium Try out a free CrossFit Intro workout scaled for beginners andlearn more about high intensity exercise and its benefits. All fitness levels are welcome. Free intro workouts will be offered every Saturday during the Fall semester. Sponsored by Department of Kinesiology.


Bluemont Specialty Buffets K-State Student Union Ballroom Eight specialty buffets are held at our Bluemont Buffet room in the KState Student Union Ballroom. Each specialty buffet is focused on a special event or holiday. All you can eat food and desserts are served. The food is generally geared to each buffets focus. Atmosphere is directed towards each specific event.


Visit with Author Greg Kincaid Manhattan Public Library Join us for a talk, Q & A session, and book signing! Author of New York Times best seller “A Dog Named Christmas” and “Christmas With Tucker,” Greg Kincaid speaks about his brand new book coming out this holiday season. The New York Journal of Books calls “A Christmas Home” “A heartwarming read...well written and uplifting.”

saturday 8 7:00AM

friday 7 4:00PM

Film: Premium Rush Forum Hall\K-State Student Union Admission $2. Premium Rush is a 2012 American action film directed by David Koepp and written by Koepp and John Kamps. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez and Jamie Chung. Set around a bicycle messenger who is chased around New York City by a dirty cop who wants an envelope the messenger has, it was released on August 24, 2012, by Columbia Pictures and received positive reviews from film critics.

9:00AM to 3:00PM

62nd Annual Kiwanis Pancake Feed- Silent Auction Pottorf Hall-Cico Park All you can eat HOT Kiwanis pancakes, K-State Sausage, Orange Drink & Coffee. All proceeds go to support the 17 youth & community oriented projects of the Manhattan Kiwanis Club. This years pancake feed is in honor of Capt. Britney Kennedy a Kiwanis member who has returned from deployment in Afghanistan and is stationed at Fort Riley. Don’t miss this Manhattan tradition! K-State Commencement Bramlage Coliseum and McCain Auditorium Arts and Sciences. 9 a.m., Bramlage Coliseum. Human Ecology. 9 a.m., McCain Auditorium. Education. 10:30 a.m., Bramlage Coliseum. Business Administration. Noon, Bramlage Coliseum. Agriculture. 1:30 p.m., Bramlage Coliseum. Engineering. 3 p.m., Bramlage Coliseum.

 

   





Christmas Spectacular Columbian Theatre Come celebrate the holiday season with us. The Columbian Theatre is hosting a dinner theatre. You will eat a buffet dinner in the art gallery where you can enjoy the current art exhibit while you eat, then go upstairs to our beautiful historic theatre for the live Christmas production. Show only: $20/adults and $15/children & students with ID card. Dinner/Show: $37/adults, $32/ students, and $26/children under 12.


Pagan Coffee Bluestem Bistro Pagan? Pagan-curious? Paganfriendly? Come join Manhattan’s longest running pan-pagan social group.


Dr. Goins Jazz Quartet della Voce KSU Jazz Prof. Guitarist Wayne Goins and the della Voce Jazz Quartet play every Sunday evening from 6:00 to 8:00.


Sunday 9 9:30AM

Coffee Hour Manhattan Church Of Christ Coffee hour, and by “coffee,” we mean a smorgasboard of pastries, fruit, juice and coffee. Our Sunday School classes take turns hosting coffee hour and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with old friends.


Sunday Jazz Brunch Bluestem Bistro Live jazz every Sunday morning during brunch.


KSU Women’s Basketball: K-State vs. South Dakota Bramlage Coliseum Go Cats!



NSAI Monthly Chapter Meeting (Crestview Christian Church\, 4761 Tuttle Creek Blvd.\, Manhattan\,) Nashville Songwriters Association International meets the 3d Sunday each month. If you are a songwriter, any genre, any level come check us out. Contact Ken at 785 556-4029 or Dave 785 447-2247. Meditation Practice, Tallgrass Zen Center UFM, Solar Addition, 1221 Thurston Zen Master Seung Sahn says, “Zen is understanding yourself.” Zen meditation offers a simple and practical way to discover that our minds contain the seeds of our suffering and our enlightenment. Questions? You can find us on Facebook or visit www.tallgrasszen.

Clay Open Studio MAC West Annex $7 per session. $21 for one bag of clay, glazes, and firing fee. Open studio enrollment is available for adults who do not need instruction. Fee also includes use of studio. Sorry, we do not sell clay for use in other studios. The MAC Clay Studio is generously sponsored by Manhattan Ink, The Cary Company, and Kent Glasscock.


Dream a Little Dream of Christmas The Little Theater and the C.L. Hoover Opera House The Little Theater and the C.L. Hoover Opera House team up to bring the Flint Hills community a holiday variety show like no other! Relax and enjoy as local and regional performers bring your holiday dreams to life.

Happy Hour 405 della Voce Happy Hour 405 is the place to be every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at dellaVoce! Enjoy a variety of wine, beer and cocktails as well as original tapas and “pork wings” . All drinks and tapas are $4.05. Best light dinner in Downtown Manhattan!


Around the World for $5 Bluestem Bistro This week try some new and tasty food from a different country!


Bingo @ Bobby T’s! Bobby T’s Not your Grandma’s bingo parlor!


The Hype Weekly Open Pitch Meeting Auntie Mae’s Parlor Bring your ideas and join the interworkings of the Hype!

Road Ride with K-State Cycling Club Big Poppi Bikes Leader: KSU Cycling; Distance: 10-20 miles (depending on groups decision). This will be a recovery ride that will stay together the entire time. Speed limit is 15 mph. Come on out and ride with the KSU Cycling Club!!

Tuesday 11 9:30AM

Sing-a-Long with Mr. Steve Bluestem Bistro If you want to bring your kids in for a fun activity, come join us in our meeting room as our manager, Mr. Steve, plays silly kid’s songs!


Happy Hour 405 della Voce Happy Hour 405 is the place to be every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at dellaVoce! Enjoy a variety of wine, beer and cocktails as well as original tapas and “pork wings” . All drinks and tapas are $4.05. Best light dinner in Downtown Manhattan!

Christmas Spectacular Columbian Theatre Come celebrate the holiday season with us. The Columbian Theatre is hosting a dinner theatre. You will eat a buffet dinner in the art gallery where you can enjoy the current art exhibit while you eat, then go upstairs to our beautiful historic theatre for the live Christmas production. Dinner will be catered by Friendship House.

Monday 10 4:05PM



Beauty and the Beast McCain Auditorium Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” the smash hit Broadway musical, is coming to Manhattan! Based on the Academy Award-winning animated feature film, this eye-popping spectacle has won the hearts of more than 35 million people worldwide. This classic musical love story is filled with unforgettable characters, lavish sets and costumes, and dazzling production numbers, including “Be Our Guest” and the beloved title song. Experience the romance and enchantment of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” at McCain Auditorium!


Team Trivia Bobby T’s Grab some buddies and hit Bobby T’s to flex your trivia muscles and have a beer!


Urban Street Ride Big Poppi Bikes For any bike with 2 wheels and no motor; Come on out to enhance your technical riding skills.


Auntie Mae’s Open Mic Comedy Night Auntie Mae’s Parlor Come get some funny with Auntie Mae’s Open Mic Comedy Night!

Wednesday 12 9:00AM

Watercolor Studio MAC East Annex The MAC Watercolor Studio meets weekly to paint, critique, and encourage one another in an effort to improve their painting skills.


Clay Open Studio @ MAC MAC West Annex $7 per session. $21 for one bag of clay, glazes, and firing fee. Open studio enrollment is available for adults who do not need instruction. Fee also includes use of studio. Sorry, we do not sell clay for use in other studios. The MAC Clay Studio is generously sponsored by Manhattan Ink, The Cary Company, and Kent Glasscock.


Flint Hills Human Rights Project Holiday Party! The Legends Room @ Kites Please join us for the second annual Flint Hills Human Rights Project Holiday Party at the Legends Room at Kites. Light hors d’oeurves will be served. You may order dinner and/or drinks off the menu.


Auntie Mae’s Trivia Smack Down! Auntie Mae’s Parlor Grab some buddies and go see your Auntie about some awesome trivia!

Run into some trouble with your business last Holiday season?

Advertise with The Hype Weekly and make sure it doesn't happen again!

DECEMBER 6, 2012

Dream a Little Dream of Christmas The Little Theater and the C.L. Hoover Opera House The Little Theater and the C.L. Hoover Opera House team up to bring the Flint Hills community a holiday variety show like no other! Relax and enjoy as local and regional performers bring your holiday dreams to life.



Holiday Horse Drawn Carriage Rides Aggieville at Triangle Park Cost: $5/person. Enjoy the winter beauty of Aggieville from a horse drawn carriage. Friday and Saturday, 4-7PM, November 30th - December 22nd.


DECEMBER 6, 2012



THIS WEEK IN MHK... Monday Through Friday 9AM-5PM

Ongoing Attractions Only The Best Strecker-Nelson Gallery An exhibit of paintings and sculpture with a name that says it all. Featuring the works of over 40 artists, stop in and take in Only the Best.

Goodnight Moon: Selections from the Permanent Collection Marianna Kistler Beach Museum Of Art From starlit staircases and moon glow to glowing sparklers and carnival lights, this exhibition explores the many facets of night. The exhibition topic was chosen to compliment “Dream Big,” the theme for the Kansas Library Association summer reading program. The selections include idyllic moonlit scenes by beloved Kansas artists Birger Sandzen and John Steuart Curry and more conceptual pieces like Jeff Mongrain’s “An Evening’s Breath,” a clay pillow which holds exactly the amount of moisture exhaled during a night’s sleep. Contemporary images of night include views of porches, airports and highways lit by lights.

Inadvertent Arson: Paintings and Drawings by Patrick Duegaw Beach Museum of Art Patrick Duegaw, K-State alumnus and founding member of Wichita’s Fisch Haus artist cooperative, presents the latest installment of his ongoing “Painted Theater Project.” Conceived as a theatrical performance, Duegaw’s “Inadvertent Arson” incorporates painted portraits, props, and sets as surrogates for living actors, three-dimensional objects, and a stage. Action is implied instead of performed, and a dialogue appears in the form of artist-generated text that accompanies each portrait.

Wrap It Up 2012: Art Exhibit and Sale Manhattan Arts Center Wrap It Up includes dozens of participating artists; most arefrom the Manhattan area, with several coming from various locations all over the Midwest. Wrap It Up features work ranging from masks, jewelry glass, silver, beaded, stained glass, prints, watercolors and drawings, to knitted items, functional pottery, ceramic sculpture, baskets, scarves, glass, photographs, turned wooden sculpture, bowls, tiles, and more. All of the artwork is for sale. The exhibit showcases high quality, affordable art for the gift-giving season under $500 price range.

FORCES: The Shaping of Manhattan, Fort Riley and Kansas State University Flint Hills Discovery Center This exhibit is a partnership between the Riley County Historical Museum; the U.S. Cavalry Museum, Fort Riley; Conservation and Restoration Branch, Fort Riley; the Costume and Textile Museum, KSU; and the KSU archives. The exhibit explores the period between 1853 and 1914: our pioneer beginnings, the transition to building a community, and growth into the 20th century.

Weekend Hours May Vary




SPORTSBALL! written by the rarest breed of south texan:

potential loss to the Heat early in the year was worth having his best players rested for a crucial divisional match up against the Grizzlies. What were the results of Popovich’s strategic resting? Oh you know, just a 99-95 overtime victory over the Grizzlies. David Stern has been the commissioner of the NBA for 28 years now, and in that time, he has

managed to offend a great many people. I for one, however, think that he has been the best commissioner in all of professional sports. Up until now, I have never had a problem with the way that he has lead the league. Sure, he has never been high on the Spurs, they are a small market team that is anything but flashy, and they just do not generate television ratings or revenue for the league. But up until now, Stern has never attempted to interfere with the way that they run their team. David Stern was wrong to apologize to the NBA fans and promise to level severe sanctions against the Spurs before the game even started. The fact of the matter is, there is nothing in the NBA rulebook that says that you have to play your star players every night, nor should there be. Greg Popovich is managing his team for the long run, not a meaningless win one month into a five month season. After the game, nigh everybody supported Popovich’s right to manage his team in whatever fashion he chose. Stern knew this, and knew that he had misspoken prior to the game. Rather than admitting his mistake, however, Stern compounded it by leveling the Spurs with a quarter of a million dollar fine.

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f Sound

Shop Local - Shop Indie - Shop with your Sisters

Yes, Charlie Brown there is . . .

1214 C. Moro St. AGGIEVILLE


a Vinyl Record Shop in Your Town

Next Door to OLSON’s SHOES

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not from around here. I was born and raised in Texas (San Antonio to be precise, hence my love for the Spurs), so it is with a heavy heart that I congratulate the Kansas State Wildcats on their victory over my Texas Longhorns. I know KState will represent the Big 12 admirably in the Fiesta Bowl, and I fully expect them to defeat the Oregon Ducks (sorry Sean). Speaking of the Spurs, a funny thing happened last Thursday. San Antonio, playing its 4th game in 5 nights, decided to rest four of their five top scorers, and still managed to nearly knock off the defending champion Miami Heat. Their reward for this David vs. Goliath-esque feat: a $250,000 fine from NBA commissioner David Stern Those of you who follow professional basketball know that the San Antonio Spurs are one of the oldest teams in the league; the so-called “big three” of the Spurs (Time Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili) have a combined 36 years of experience in the league (that’s 15 for Duncan, 11 for Parker, and 10 for Ginobili). The Spurs, under the leadership of Greg Popovich, have learned a thing or two about keeping their aging superstars rested and healthy in order to remain competitive all these years. (And competitive they have been, they’ve made it to the playoffs every year for the past 15 years and have won four championships.) For the Spurs, one key way to keep their superstars healthy is to rest them in the second game of a back-to-back (two games in two nights) during the regular season, regardless of who their opponent might be. This is exactly what Popovich did on Thursday, only this time, the Spurs were playing the defending champion Miami Heat on national TV, and David Stern (the commissioner of the NBA) was livid. Upon learning that the Spurs had sent Duncan, Parker and Ginobili, as well as shooting guard Danny Green back to San Antonio after Wednesday night’s game in Orlando (as opposed to sending them with the rest of the team to Miami), Stern immediately said, “I apologize to all NBA fans,’’ saying that ‘’This was an unacceptable decision by the San Antonio Spurs and substantial sanctions will be forthcoming.’’ Ap-

parently Stern though that by sending four of their top five scorers home, San Antonio was essentially throwing in the towel to the defending champions. Stern issued his apology and threatened his sanctions just as the game was tipping off. Had he waited 48 minutes, perhaps he would not have made such an ass of himself. For you see, Popovich and the Spurs did not simply lie down in front of the Heat and a national television audience, rather the bench players of the Spurs gave the superstars of the Heat all they could handle. Aside from a slow start, the Spurs were competitive with the Heat for much of the game. They were even ahead by 5 with 2:14 left in the fourth quarter. The Heat, behind some incredibly gutsy play from LeBron James, were eventually able to pull out a 105-100 victory. The NBA fans that Stern so magnanimously apologized to before the game tip off were treated to one of the most amazing regular season games ever. The bench players of the San Antonio Spurs, the second string, a group of has-beens and rookies, came this close to knocking off a completely healthy defending champion Miami Heat team. When asked why he chose to rest his superstars, Popovich said that he made the decision to rest his big three back in July when the schedule came out (he only added Green to that list after the third year player logged an abundance of minutes in the previous 5 games.) The Miami game was the end of a six game road trip (and the 11th road game of the season for the Spurs) and the sixth game in nine nights. What is more, the Miami game was also the fourth game in five days for the Spurs (they played in Toronto on Sunday, Washington DC on Monday, had Wednesday off and played Orlando on Wednesday). Saturday’s home game was no treat for the Spurs either, they faced their Southwest Division rivals the Memphis Grizzlies, the team with the best record in the Western Conference. In contrast, Miami was playing its 14th game of the season, first game since Saturday and only its fifth game in the past two weeks. Popovich, back in July, made the decision that in a league where teams play 82 games in a season, a

DECEMBER 6, 2012

George Wame Matthews

DECEMBER 6, 2012




movies by marcus from action to cut with marcus Jay Woody Allen once said, “Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go, its once of the best.” So it goes for Men in Black 3. It’s a paycheck movie for everyone involved, but as paycheck movies go, it’s pretty good. The film opens with Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) escaping from Lunar Max prison, a supermax prison on the moon, and vowing to track down and kill MiB Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Boris’s first attempt fails and he decides to travel back in time so he can kill K as a much younger version of himself. Boris apparently achieves this, leaving Agent J (Will Smith) the only person at MiB who remembers K. J finds the means to go back in time, and ends up in 1969. In 1969 J meets the young K (Josh Brolin), and the two agents team up to track down Boris the Animal and stop him from sabotaging the Apollo 11 space ship. Along the way J and Young K meet Andy Warhol, an alien named

men in black III Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin Written by: Etan Cohen Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Griffin who can see all possible futures, and assorted others. This isn’t a bloated sequel like Men in Black 2 was, and it never overstays its welcome. Screenwriter Etan Coen and director Barry Sonnenfeld opted to go for a less is more approach, and it pays off well. Too many third films in a franchise feel either hollow or overstuffed, but Men in Black 3 never makes this mistake. Etan Coen’s script is streamlined, whittled down to exactly what it needs to be and nothing more. On the acting front, Will Smith is his usual, garrulous self, he could play this role in his sleep, but he does as good as can be expected. His funniest scenes are those in which he has to explain away an alien encounter to a group on bystanders. These are the scenes where Smith’s natural comic abilities are best on display. Tommy Lee Jones is in the film for maybe fifteen minutes;

he does what he does well, and then he’s out of the picture. The best performance belongs to Josh Brolin as Young K. Brolin must have studied hours and hours of Tommy Lee Jones films; it’s uncanny how accurately Brolin is able to mimic Jones both in voice and in mannerisms. Brolin has Jones dead to rights; even his eyes seem to be imitating Tommy Lee Jones. Overall, this is a basically good film. I’m not sorry for missing it during its theatrical run, but as a rental, it’s pretty good. Men in Black 3 will never go down on any list of great films, that’s

not its ambition, but it’s a good time nonetheless. If for no other reason, watch it simply to marvel at Josh Brolin’s performance; you won’t be disappointed.

No shave recap, nice list ahoy! from the hype’s charity ninja Sarah Sullivan The Hairy Results and How to Get Caught on The Hype’s Nice List! November has come and gone and along with it come the results from The Hype Weekly’s November fundraiser; No Shave, No Hunger. Every one of our hairy competitors reached out to friends, family, and even complete strangers to get sponsors for their hair-growing endeavor. Each sponsor would donate money or food donations to support their cause and encourage them to stay strong and not shave. If they did break down and shave, the participant would have to match the donations of every sponsor. When we tallied the food and money donations which all went to the Flint Hills Breadbasket, our winner by a long stretch was none other than yoga instructor and beard grower extraordinaire- Joel Coniglio. Not only did he raise the most money and food donations, he

was also judged by our sponsor judge, Sarah Sue Cunnick of Sisters of Sound, to be the hairiest man in competition. In the Amazon Woman challenge, Caitlin Cash cleaned up as having the most impressive leg hair growth as judged by our very own Evan Tuttle, mayor of Aggieville. We would like to take this time to thank all of our participants; Jeff Kreuser- the man who invented the most brutal trivia known to man and who also came in second in donations raised, Jeff Denney- the man, the myth, the legend, Sean Williamsonthe screen-printing Walson Ink squeegee tamer, and of course Jimbo Ivy, co-owner of The Hype Weekly and my partner in crime. With November fundraising wrapped up, we’re moving quickly into December and our annual “Get Caught on The Hype Weekly’s Nice List”. We take this time of year to reach out to the hearts of our Manhattan community for donations of Toys for Manhattan kids as well as donations for rescued pets at the Manhattan

Humane Society, Four Paws Rescue of Kansas and the Riley County animal shelter. Your donations will make a world of difference in the lives of children and animals this Holiday season. There will be donation boxes at Sisters of Sound, Sunflower Pet Supply and Auntie Mae’s Parlor for you to drop off your donations and fill out a gift tag attached to the front of the donation box which will put you on the Hype Weekly’s Nice List to be printed the following week. We encourage businesses and organizations to donate as well as individuals. What Toys for Manhattan Kids needs: New, unwrapped toys for a variety of ages from newborn to high school age children. What the Humane Society, Four Paws, and

Riley Co. Shelter need: toys for cats, dogs, rabbits (chew toys, squeaky toys, and cat play toys), leashes, collars and harnesses, water and food dishes, treats, cat climbing and scratching apparatuses, cat and dog beds, litter scoops and litter, etc. This holiday season, give a gift to your community, and get caught on our Nice List while you do it.



Stuck to the floors with bubblegum by

conveniently located at

Spa Packages Make Perfect Gifts Under The Tree

But what really separates Alamo from the pack is that they love movies. This love goes beyond the classic screenings they host (in addition to new release fare), or the famous quotes engraved on the floors, or the actor and actress pictures and names on the walls of the sparkling restrooms. The Alamo Drafthouse loves movies so much that they will kick you out of the theater if you disrespect them. Talking during the movie? You’ll be asked to leave. Texting during the movie? You’ll definitely be asked to leave. Such rules are driven home by a humorous pre-show


bumper, where the Alamo plays a rambling voicemail left by a drunk and irate customer who was thrown out of her movie for using her phone. While the customer is treasured and respected at the Alamo Drafthouse -- I was blown away by how kind and outgoing the entire staff was, as I met at least a dozen of them -- the movie is what we’re all there to see, and the Drafthouse knows it. This extends well beyond the rules listed above, too. Seating starts a half-hour before the movie, and instead of sitting in front of a lot of advertising and banal trivia, I was able to watch Frank Sinatra clips and black-andwhite animated shorts from Russia. When the film started, there were still no commercials: just a quick glimpse at what was coming to the Drafthouse in the near future, followed by 4 previews. In less than ten minutes, the film had started. I couldn’t help but compare it to a recent new release I watched in Manhattan, when I waited for more than a half-hour for the film to start. I had become one of those lifelong movie lovers who started convincing himself that watching movies at home wasn’t so bad. But the Drafthouse reminded me of a time when I didn’t feel like a hostage at a

movie theater. It was a revelatory experience. “Sure,” you’re probably saying, “This all sounds great, but Kansas City is two hours away.” And you’re right: it’s not the most practical trip for seeing a movie, not if you live in Manhattan anyways. In fact, after seeing the charming “Safety Not Guaranteed” during the Alamo’s soft opening in Kansas City, I lamented the fact that I didn’t live in Kansas City, or that the Alamo couldn’t have moved to Manhattan, or even Topeka. But the Alamo tantalizingly appeals to long-distance movie lovers: the lobby is open and spacious, with old-school arcade games (Pac-Man and Galaga) situated amongst a pool table, foosball table and pinball machine. The Chesterfield is the theater’s in-house bar, which collects ticket stubs as drink coupons. There’s plenty of space in which to relax if you want to spend more than 90 minutes at the Drafthouse.

DECEMBER 6, 2012

There are a few simple things to know about the Alamo Drafthouse, things that separate it from any other movie theater you’ve likely visited: they serve food, but not just movie theater food. Yes, you can order popcorn and Sour Patch Kids, but you can also eat burgers and pizza and salads. The sodas are bottomless, but you can also order local and imported beers, or have the bartender make you a cocktail, or even get a milkshake delivered to your seat. Tables situated between every two seats make these movie meals manageable, rather than messy.

785-776-9100 12th & Laramie in Aggieville

John Carroll As a longtime admirer of Austin’s famous Alamo Drafthouse, I was thrilled this June when the growing company bought AMC’s Mainstreet 6 theater in Kansas City’s Power and Light District. While the theater continued operating after purchase, it wasn’t exactly a true Alamo experience, which is why they closed down in October and re-opened this month as the new and improved Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet.


New Favorite Movie Theater

Gift Cards ONLINE 24/7 ������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������

Kriminal Kakuro

Sure, I couldn’t possibly make the drive for every new release I want to see. But can I picture myself driving out to Kansas City a few times a year, and building a day around a movie? I certainly can. It’s worth the trip, and if I ever need a reminder of why, I’ll receive it every time I step into Carmike 12 and realize that moviewatching not only can be better, but now is better -- just a short two hour drive away.


Here’s an example of how the arithmetic of Kakuro works in a small answer sample.


DECEMBER 6, 2012



Aggieville Insider The Hype Weekly Presents:

Aggieville Business Spotlights CHUGGERS

(785) 537-3595 712 N. Manhattan Ave. facebook/Chuggers


(785) 539-8288 1130 Laramie

TWISTED APPLE TATTOO (785) 537-0964 622 N. Manhattan Ave. facebook/twisted apple

HUNAM EXPRESS (785) 537-0886 1116 Moro St.

serving the best damn entertainment district in ‘merica!


From the Desk of the Executive Director: FIESTA BOUND!!! Congratulations are in order for Coach Snyder & the K-State Football program! We couldn’t be more excited and honored to be a part of the spirit of celebration brought about by such a successful season! Actually, the Fiesta Bowl is the last bowl game I, personally, got to attend. Clear back when I was a sophomore at K-State! ;) Downtown Tempe (check it out) inspired me in such a way that didn’t even make sense until many years later when I took the helm, here in Aggieville. Travel safely! For those of you who are sticking

around here, THE thing to do is The 10th Annual Little Apple New Year’s Eve. Join us at the corner of Moro & North Manhattan as we ring in 2013 with a DJ block party, local country band, Reckless Rebellion, and fabulous lasers & fireworks. Or just postpone your departure! Then you can sleep in on the First and have a nice, leisurely journey to Arizona! Thank you to those of you that joined us for The Mayor’s Holiday Parade & Tree Lighting on November 30th. The Flint Hills Breadbasket was able to raise a total of 1,358 pounds of food & $815.97 at the event, far exceeding last

(785) 537-3234 1206 Moro St.

year’s totals! Best turnout yet! Good luck on your finals! CONGRATULATIONS to our graduating seniors & grad & doctoral candidates!! Don’t forget to reward yourselves. HERE! ;) Follow us on Twitter @Aggieville & check out for further info!

OMALLEY’S ALLEY (785) 537-0775 1210 Moro St.


(785) 537-3737 1126 Moro St. Evan Tuttle,


Monday Auntie Mae's




$1.25 wells $2.25 pints(Bud $1.25 wells $2.25 pints (BL/ $1.25 wells $2.25 pints (BL/ $1.25 wells $2.25 pints Lt/High Life) 3pm - 7pm HL) 3pm - 7pm $2.25 HL)3pm - 7pm $1.50 (BL/HL) 3pm - 7pm $2.25 wells 9pm - close High Life Btls pints 9pm wells following Trivia $3.50 Tarantulas 9pm - close close Trivia Smackdown - close 8pm CLOSED


$1.50 Bombs & Wells

$1.50 Bombs & Wells





Dollar Night Free Bull Rides


$1.00 O-Bombs $1.00 O-Bombs $1.00 O-Bombs $1.75 1/2 Price Tequila Shots $2.00 Import Bottles $2.00 Premium Bottles $2.00 Wells $2.00 Wells $2.00 Shots $2.00 Domestic Pints $3.00 Domestic Pitchers $2.00 Wells $3.00 UV Bombs $4.00 Boulevard Wheats $3.00 Long Islands

$1.00 O-Bombs $2.00 All Bottles $2.00 Pints $3.00 UV Bombs



$2 wells 3pm - 7pm $2.25 Kami shots 9pm 11pm

$1.50 wells noon - 5pm $6.25 liters (any beer) 5pm - 9pm $3.25 UV Bombs 9pm - close Open At Noon

$1.50 Bloody Marys 3pm - 7pm $2.25 wells 9pm - close

$1.50 Bombs & Wells

$1.50 Bombs & Wells

$1.50 Bombs & Wells

$5 32oz Wells - $2 Bombs $5 32oz Wells - $2 Bombs & Shots & Shots

$2.00 O-Bombs $3.00 Domestic Pints $3.25 Wells $3.50 Coronas

$2.00 O-Bombs $3.00 Domestic Pints $3.25 Wells $3.50 Coronas

Aggieville Insider The Hype Weekly Presents:


$0.50 Tequila Shots $2.00 Value Shots

Fast Eddy's

$0.99 Kami shots, $2.50 Micro Brew pints

$0.99 Kami Shots

Johnny Kaw's


$2.00 Wells, $2 Draws

$2.00 Domestic Pints, $1.00 Wells $2.00 Wells, $2.00 Value $2.00 Value Shots, $4.00 $1.00 Lemon Drop Shots Shots, $5.00 Bottle of Daiquiris $1.00 Cherry Limeade Wine Shots $2.00 Value Shots $0.99 Kami Shots

$0.99 Kami shots, $1.50 Domestic Bottles, and 1/2 Price Pool with Student ID

Guest Bartender: The “Minor Night” 18 to Enter K-State Mask!


$4.00 Rolling Rock Pitchers $2.00 UV Bombs, $9.99 $2 rolling rock pitchers 9-11 Well Towers .25 Wings Karaoke 10 pm Karaoke 10 pm


$1.00 Everythings(Loyalty Members Only) $1.50 Wells $2.00 Cans

$2.00 Everything $2.00 Cans

$2.00 Wells $2.00 Cans $2.50 Tropical Drinks $3.00 Grenades

$1.00 Mini Mojos $1.00 Cans $3.00 Grenades


$1.75 Wells $2.00 Wheats

$2.00 You Call It $3.50 Belfast and All Bombs

$1.75 Wells $1.75 Domestic Draws $2.00 Shots

Shot Stop

$1.50 Shots & Bottles

$1.50 Shots & Bottles

$1.50 Shots & Bottles

$2.00 Value Shots $2.00 Value Shots, $3.00 $2.00 Cherry Limeade Wells, $3.00 Wave Bombs Shots $3.00 Wells

$0.99 Kami Shots

$1 Draws

10 - 12

$2.00 UV Bombs, $2.50 $1.99 Wells, $2.00 UV $2.00 UV Bombs, $3.00 Pounders,$9.99 Well Bombs, $2.00 UV Bombs, Wells, $3.00 Domestic Towers $3.00 Off Any Burger Pounders, $3.00 Boulevard Pints


$0.99 Kami Shots

$1 Draws

10 - 12

$2.00 Value Shots, $4.00 Bloody Marys

$0.99 Kami shots, $1.99 Domestic Bottles & UV Bombs

$2 Wells & Draws

$2.00 UV Bombs, $3.00 Domestic Pounders

$2.00 You Call It

$2.00 Cans $3.00 Mojos $4.00 Double Wells

$2.00 Cans $3.00 Mojos $4.00 Double Wells

$2.00 Everything $2.00 Cans $3.00 Grenades

$1.75 Domestic Draws $2.00 All Bottles

$2.50 Miller High-Life & Busch Light Bottles

$3.00 Domestic Pints

$1.75 Domestic Pints $1.75 Wells $3.50 Belfast Bombers

$1.50 Shots & Bottles

$1.50 Shots & Bottles

$1.50 Shots & Bottles

$1.50 Shots & Bottles

DECEMBER 6, 2012

Bomb Bar



The Rundown



701 Poyntz



Fall Candles and Tarts

Warm Winter Wear Hookah Supplies Huge Selection of Zippos

Grateful Gifts Open Monday785-776-2252 Saturday

1128 Moro

Manhattan, KS


Visit Mojo’s for booking and details

T La Re

A different kind of secondhand store! Awesome Local Art, Crafts, and Thrift Items! Perfect for your home, decor, or designs!


Thu 11-8 Fri 11-6 Sat 10-6


Edwin C. Olson Sr.

1214 B. Moro Manhattan, KS 66502

785-539-8571 MON-FRI 9am-6pm SAT 9am-1pm

l son’s

Jennifer Rivera

(785) 341-1730 2047A Fort Riley Blvd.


FreshDeli Deli Sandwiches Fresh Gluten-Free Options Sandwiches Available Gluten-Free options available


“Like” us on Local Vendor Facebook

Green Market 4-6 p.m. Every Wednesday

Manhattan, KS 785-537-2099


“Like” us on Facebook

Local Vendor Green Market 4-6 p.m.

The Hype Weekly #66  

The Hype Weekly, December 6 2012