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Do each of you have additional aspirations, maybe even completely away from entertainment? Princeton: I'd love to do some acting, modeling and get into fashion. Ray Ray: I love to draw and do art, so I'd love to get more into that. I love artists like Brainwash, so I'd love to do an exhibit with him. That would be really cool! I also want to do some acting. Roc Royal: I want to work with animals in some way, probably go to college, definitely do some acting and continue working with Mindless Behavior. Prodigy: In addition to being in MB, I want to get into producing music and acting.

Looking ahead, say five or even ten years from now, where do you all see yourselves? Princeton: Still making music, winning awards (and) doing movies. Prodigy: World tours with MB! Roc Royal: World tours, movies and more music. Ray Ray: Still making music, touring, acting and art. As for the immediate future, what's next for Mindless Behavior? MB: Up next is the album and movie; "All Around the World," and our tour.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? To date, what have been your biggest career moPrinceton: We just wanna say how much we love ment(s)? Prodigy: Meeting President Obama and being a part our fans. Ray Ray: Yes, we can’t wait for everyone to hear the of the inauguration, that was big! We were a part of album which dropped on March 12th, and the movie history, and that feels great. Princeton: Definitely meeting President Obama and March 15th! Love you guys! Prodigy: Thank you for all support! We love ya'! opening up for Janet Jackson three nights in a row Roc Royal: The MB takeover starts now! Get ready at Radio City Music Hall in New York. for the House Party of a life-time! During the promo Roc Royal: I agree with both Prince and Prodigy. Also, meeting the MLK family was a big moment for tour, I'm gonna be recruiting fans to be a part of the "All Around the World" house party release, where me. fans will really have the chance to come and be a Ray Ray: Winning our first B.E.T Award for "Best New Artist" was amazing! That definitely was a huge part of the celebration with MB! moment for us.

The Hype Magazine Issue #79  

The Hype Magazine Issue #79: Mindless Behavior cover story.