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Photography by Jana Schuessler | @janaschuessler
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AFTER A YEAR OF PUBLISHING OUR SISTER MAGAZINE, The House, I knew our part in the wedding industry was coming soon. Our team has a knack for bringing unique and artful content to our audience with a focus on the creative community. We're passionate about bringing their story to light, and it's been our job since the moment we started the journey. That's why it was easy to apply this to an industry that was built from some of the most talented people on the planet - your wedding vendors. Weddings are one of the most intimate events of your life, so putting together a team you personally connect with is so important to the planning process for that day. This is where we are different from all other wedding publications. Our goal is to not only bring you the best inspiration in the business, but it's also to tell the stories behind the people and the brands you are looking to add to your wedding planning family. We are now the best place to get to know them first.

Because of the enormous amount of talent in this industry, putting this issue together was extremely difficult for me. I spent countless hours reviewing submissions, and scrolling through hundreds of images. I eventually concluded that I have never been this numbed to indecision in my life. I am completely humbled by the beautiful work that has appeared in my inbox. Deciding which photos to place on these pages was beyond difficult. However, please remember you are not limited to what you see in this print edition. Our website carries a massive amount of images from the features you see here, as well as a number of additional real weddings, editorial shoots and interviews - a major resource available at your fingertips that is constantly publishing new materials.

To the vendors who submitted their work for this issue, participated in the cover competition, and who are currently featured on our website - thank you. You have helped bring my vision for this magazine to life. We will always be a quality place for you to share your work with the world.

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Congratulations to anyone who is planning a wedding now or in the future. We are thrilled you are here with us and are so grateful to be a part of this time in your life - we hope you enjoy our first issue.




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Finding a place to start is often the hardest part, which is why we've gathered insight from expert planners to help you make decisions and prioritize your to-do list to help organize your big day. We're big fans of the step by step.


The Art Of Planning And Staying True To You

Inside the planning process with Lorie Lau, founder and lead designer of H & L Lovely Creations

WWords are a powerful tool. They articulate our wants and our needs. They describe our hopes and dreams. And from the day you say, “Yes” to the day you say, “I do”, our words are the key to creating your picture-perfect wedding. Weddings are a romantically thrilling, unrepeatable experience for friends, family, and most importantly the couple. Whether you grew up fantasizing about this special day or are starting from the ground up, a careful articulation of ideas will be the seeds that make your wedding blossom into a memory to cherish forever.

It’s an exciting process, but it’s also potentially (and understandably) daunting. If you have found yourself in a position asking, where do I even begin? Then you’re in the right place. We chatted with Lorie Lau, a California based luxury wedding planner, to walk us through the process and all the avenues to consider when it comes to navigating the planning, styling, and designing of your perfect day.

Regardless if you want a wedding planner or not (however, if you find someone as talented and passionate as Lorie than you definitely should), it is almost certain

you will need to build an army of helpers. A beautiful wedding starts from the inside out, so when building your team, be that with friends, families, or professionals, this day is about you. So, make sure that everyone involved has your best interest in mind. The best thing about enlisting a wedding

planner is that they are there to guide you while being a voice of reason and expertise, but you and your significant other should always be the main source of all the inspiration.

We all know that a wedding plan is an investment of time, money, resources, and a lifetime of love. Before getting to the fun stuff, there are practical decisions to be made. This means numbers - 1. What is your budget? 2. How many people will be involved? 3. Where and when? These questions are the foundation to navigating what is reasonable and what is doable when planning all the fun stuff.

Once the numbers are ironed out, it’s time to start working through how you envision your wedding. This may be a no-brainer for some brides and grooms, but if it’s not, even when you think you have no idea, the words you use to describe what you want will allow you to hone in on certain styles. Lorie describes this as a pivotal phase of the beginning of a wedding process. Brides may come in with a blank canvas or, on the flip side, with a book full of ideas and inspiration and it is crucial to be attentive to what the bride is saying. To do so, she’ll ask a bride to


“describe their ideal wedding”. By asking this, a wedding planner (or friend, family member, or even your soon to be husband or wife), can begin to identify themes. You may think you want a whimsical extravaganza, but as you begin to describe your

for example. Simply booking a venue unlocks a cascade of influential factors. both logistically and stylistically. You may have imagined round tables, but long rectangular dining tables make more sense for the space, or the chosen color palette may not work with the venue’s unchangeable wallpaper and carpet. Every venue is different and may come with their own set of rules. Some venues work with pre-existing vendors and have linens, tableware, chair rentals, ready to go which will narrow down

restrictions on what your guests will be able to eat? You get the picture. All of these decisions are yet another reason a wedding planner is worth it. The answers to all of these questions will have to take in all the factors of location, wedding size, season, cultural preferences, etc. A wedding planner’s guidance and expertise on all things wedding can be game changers when it comes to alleviating stress.

Despite the bliss of being in love and the promise that this day will be undeniably special, weddings are not exempt from being impacted by what’s going on in the macroenvironment. Speaking with Lorie led to conversations that made this very clear and revealed nuances that only someone who has planned a wedding can be able to know and explain. Did you know that Ecuador is one of the main exporters of roses? I certainly did not. But, of course, Lorie knew

values and must-haves, it turns out an elegantly intimate soiree is more accurate to your tastes. Maybe you loved a wedding you saw in a magazine, but what you actually loved was the subtle lace details used to tie in all the elements of design from cake decoration to table setting to the bride's dress. After hearing a couple’s dialogue of thoughts, seeing images they have pulled together and listening to their answers, these big picture characteristics can begin to get narrowed down. Once the primary source has been exhausted, a planner can take these ideas and utilize their own tools to build on the inspiration. This means diving into the world of Pinterest, interior design magazines, past body’s of work, nature, travel and whatever else gets the creative juices flowing. The goal is to create mood boards and content for couples to react to in order to move forward with the planning. Every decision made elicits a domino effect of decisions to follow. Take the venue

the path and potentially require pivots to your original desires for things like table settings, caterers, and more. By the time you’ve booked your venue, this also means you’ve nailed down a date and guest list numbers. So, you now know the season, location, and general idea of your guests. All three of these factors are things to take into account when menu planning, which is an art in itself. Do you want things plated? Buffet style? Family style? Is there a certain cuisine you had in mind? Does it work with what’s in season? Does your location impact what’s being served? Are there certain

and described the complications that COVID and political circumstances have created to the supply and export of these flowers. As a result, the wholesale flower market in Los Angeles had zero white roses. Which, as you can imagine, can be a major disruption to a wedding that planned


the 3 C's

Consideration, Communication & Compromise

Lorie's top three words to remember through the entire planning process

on having white roses as centerpieces in all the tables and a beautiful bouquet made up solely of white roses. On another note, butter and eggs are currently experiencing a shortage; this means that the price of cakes has also increased. All of this is to say that, having someone who is in the know during the planning process can save a lot of headaches and be useful for navigating unforeseen bumps in the road.

On the note of letting the couple be the guide and source of inspiration, this inherently means a wedding will be personalized. The goal of every wedding is to sit at a ceremony or walk into a reception and be able to say, “Wow, this is so them” or evoke a smile by a subtle nod to a story of how they met being entwined in the details. Personalization in a wedding can come in all different forms. Again, this is done by an act of careful listening. Asking questions about how a couple met, what they like to do together, and elements of their relationships that are special to them can all be a spring from which ideas arise. These elements can be both fun and sentimental and can often spark conversations that reveal vulnerability. Letting guests into your world on your wedding day can create some truly special moments that speak to the personal bond between you and your partner and can only be done so in a way that is unique to your dynamics.

One more tip rang loud and clear; be conscious of trends. Social media, wedding publications, and all that jazz are great, but with so much noise and ideas it can pull you away from what is true to you and what you

want on your wedding day. Lorie’s advice? There are three categories that deserve careful selection and should be chosen with the intention of remaining timeliness. These are photography, the color palette, and the style and design. An important clarification here is that even the idea of choosing timeless is unique to you and your values. When making decisions in all three categories you’ll want to question yourself - it may be pretty, but does it really relate to you and your style? If you have always admired film photography but are suddenly considering a dark and moody photographer, you may want to consider staying true to your roots. When choosing your personal wardrobe (hair, dress, makeup, shoes), don’t go out of your comfort level just because you think you need to do something different. Make sure you can recognize yourself in the mirror.

To tie this all up in a bow, I’ll end with sharing Lorie’s three C’s to keep top of mind along the way. Consideration, Communication, and Compromise. Once again, stressing the importance of your words throughout this entire process. These words are grounding principles when making decisions, being flexible, and styling a wedding that will be true to the love you share with your partner. For more wedding inspiration, check out H + L Lovely Creations at and instagram @hllovely.




Borgo di Pietrafitta


Il Cerimoniere Italian Weddings

Destination Wedding PLANNER

H & L Lovely Creations


San Shaw -Sanshine Photo


Marielou Fiori


The Bride - Marcela Smith


Filoli Historical Gardens


H & L Lovely Creations


Redamancy Photo Film


Olivewood Florals


Monique Lhuillier


Veronica Lara



Planning a wedding post-pandemic still presents challenges for couples everywhere. Knowing when and what to plan for will ease stress, and pave the way for a smooth ride into the big day. Thanks to expert advice, we've outlined this roadmap designed to be the perfect companion as you begin this jouney with your wedding vendors.


Megan's Top TIps

1. Relax - wedding planning is fun, and hiring a great team will ensure that!

2. Enjoy being engaged. It's such a short amount and time and will be over before you know it.

3. Take parent's, friend's, etc. opinions into consideration, but remember at the end of the day it's about you and your partner!

4. Hire a planner, it will take so much stress off of you and your partner!


Start shopping for your wedding dress, determine your budget, make a guest list, hire a wedding planner and decide on the theme and wedding venue!


It's time to book your rehearsal dinner space and wrap up any outstanding vendor needs (lighting, draping, etc).



It's time to start designing! What do you want your wedding to look like? Our team likes to lock in just about every vendor in the first two months of planning.


Schedule your final tasting with your caterer, schedule hair and makeup trial, and make sure wedding bands are picked out and ready to go!

The Timeline



Take engagement photos for save the dates, start browsing invites, then lock in hotel room blocks and transportation

Destination Planning Tips

1. Read contracts all the way through! This is a big pro of having a full service planner - ensuring all details are taken care of.

2. Remember that other countries work differently than US businesses, so don't be discouraged if it takes a few tries to get a hold of a favorite vendor.

3. Make a weekend or several day event out of your big day! Guests are traveling from far and wide - really make it a celebration!


Start planning your wedding registry and adding those items that have been sitting on your wish list. And while you're on the computer, get a start on your wedding website!

3-2 MONTHS Send out the invitations and double check the wedding website is up to date. It's also time to have your final dress fitting!


Work with your planner to finalize timeline, floorplan and anything else as a final check with your vendors.


Purchase wedding insurance, get your save the dates in the mail, then book your warehouse date for rentals, lounge furniture and more.


You've reached the the busiest month of planning! Tying up lose ends and ensuring all things are prepped for the big day!

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The Orchid Kitchen The Art Of Cake Making

TThe term "creativity has no bounds" constantly proves its accuracy when applied to the wedding industry. It takes talent to be able to translate a couple's personality into their wedding day and doing so in the world of wedding cakes is no acception. One could argue the task is twice as difficult as both the end product must look beautiful and taste beautiful. Joanna Kieliszczyk-Clay has mastered the art of creating cakes that reflect who each of her clients are through an edible piece of art. We were able to steal a few moments of her time to learn about her process, style and how to plan in order to get the cake of your dreams.

Thank you for chatting with us Joanna! How would you advise couples to start planning for their cake? The best starting point to plan for the wedding cake is to establish what style suits you best. Doing a little research helps to figure out whether you are more traditional or more modern and contemporary. Each cake designer has their own style and I strongly advise to choose a designer that resonates with you as a couple. It will make the whole process so much easier and enjoyable. If you are interested in working with a particular

cake maker, try to enquire well in advance - even if details of your wedding are not finalized. Most cake makers require you to have a date and venue booked so they can accommodate you in their calendar. What should couples be prepared to answer during a consultation with

their baker while planning for their wedding cake? I offer an initial consultation to all inquiring couples. It serves the purpose of an interview for both parties. I encourage all couples to ask as many questions as possible. Make sure your cake maker is the right one for you! From the cake designer's perspective, the most common questions are about the color scheme, position, size, headcount and budget. I’m always asking my couples to send over any inspirational images, whether it’s a cake, dress, flowers or any little detail. It allows me to get to know their style and present some ideas to them. I also always ask about their budget so I can offer them possible options. Quite often people are uncomfortable talking about money, but let’s be honest, it is an important aspect of any wedding planning. Knowing the budget and style enables me to offer something appropriate. All the details, like specific guest numbers and final designs, are established later in the process.

Where do you start with couples during the planning process? Flavors, colors, design, etc? I always start with a color scheme and some inspirational im-

A moment with professional baker Joanna Kieliszczyk-Clay, owner of The Orchid Kitchen

ages, to establish a couple's style. The rest comes after. Once you are sure you want to work with me, I’ll prepare a wedding cake proposal with a few designs of your cake and explanation in detail of the design and price. After that, I prepare my signature taster box with all six flavors I offer. My brand focuses strongly on seasonality and amazing taste.

What has been the most unique request you have received from a couple for their cake? To be completely honest, all of my couples have some unique requests. My business and service is designed to treat each couple in a very unique and personal way. My aim is to create something very intimate and special for these two people that are celebrating their love for one

another. But, if I had to give one example, one a couple I worked with had two rescue greyhounds, and they really wanted them to be a part of the celebration, so I had to incorporate an image of their two dogs on the cake. It was a real challenge as all my cakes are quite modern and contemporary. I don’t do models or novelty cakes, so it took me a while to make sure that dogs were included without compromising my style.

What do you use specifically from the couple’s planning process in order to make design decisions? For example, colors, theme, location, etc. I use absolutely anything. I’m asking my couples to send me as many inspiration images, PowerPoints, wedding dress images, bridesmaids outfits, fabrics, and venu imag-

es. I love to incorporate little details into my designs in order to tie it all nicely with the theme of the wedding. All those little details make a massive difference and allow me to create a truly unique and personal design for the couple.

How far in advance should couples book a bakery for their cake? The sooner the better, is my advice! If you are interested in working with a baker that is popular, enquire as soon as you have the venue and date booked, that way you won’t be disappointed. Most bakers require a booking fee to secure your date, but all details can be established later on, so there is no pressure on you to know all the answers in the early stages of planning.

What questions should couples


make sure to ask the bakery they choose to work with? There are so many questions you could and should ask, so it is really hard to name the most relevant one. What I can’t stress enough to all my couples is to make sure you and your cake maker are on the same page. Make sure you like the style of your cake designer, and your aesthetics are similar. It will make the whole designing and planning process so much easier. I’m lucky enough to have couples that resonate with my style, so it is much easier to design and communicate, as we are both on the same page, but at the beginning of my journey I had lots of enquiries from couples that didn’t understand what my brand stands for and that can cause lots of stress and tension, which no one needs! So, my one piece of advice, rather than a question is - make sure you love the style of your cake maker!

How did you get your start in baking? My love for baking, and cooking came very early. Preparing and making food has always been an essential part of my life. I have many wonderful memories growing up in beautiful Poland, where food is made with love, and from scratch. It’s rooted in the culture, and meal preparation is also a social time for many households, where stories are shared with closed ones while making dumplings, stirring great pot of Hunters Stew or making compotes, jams and other preserves for a winter season. To this day, I miss it dearly. So food is part of my soul, and sweet food is where I find comfort. I was always helping my mum and granny in the kitchen, helping my dad on the farm and being lucky enough to eat delicious and fresh foods. When I moved to the UK I found comfort in food and baking. It was my cure when I felt homesick. That led me to working in some extraordinary professional kitchens and that evolved into my love for pastry and baking, and here we are now.

How long have you been making cakes and how long has The Orchid Kitchen been open? I started with small favors for friends and family. Baking cakes for birthdays and smaller celebrations. It took me a while to realize what I wanted in life, and trust me it didn’t come easily to me. I had an opportunity to make a wedding

cake for a friend and it was an undescribed joy that it delivered, not just for me but also the bride and the groom that got me thinking. It’s not a job, it’s a passion, a safe haven. It’s an opportunity for me to finally be who I am.

Has your love always been cake? Or was there a journey to get to where you are? My love is food. Food, flavor com-

Your work is truly art. How did you develop your unique sense of style and design for your cakes? I started with quite a lot of trials and errors. It was a process, I had to learn basics first then try new, more complex designs and techniques. l always admired cake artists like Marina Machado or Helena from Fleur de Lys Atelier and I knew I would like to make my cake more arty, more unique and different. I guess it’s also a reflection of my perception of style and art in general. Each cake has a part of my personality and with each cake I evolve as a baker, designer and business owner. It’s a journey and I take it step by step. As my business brings more profits, I will invest in masterclasses, courses and resources to educate and train myself, and each cake and delivery is a learning curve. That’s what’s so beautiful about this business.

Do you have a favorite cake to date that you’ve created? If so, can you describe it? My favorite cake? It’s like asking about a favorite child, haha. I don’t think I have a favorite one, but I’m definitely getting more sentimental by looking at some of the cakes I've made. I have a great sentiment for a cake that I created for one of my very first styled shoots, a year after I opened The Orchid Kitchen’s door. Stacey from Belgray Weddings and Events asked me to create a cake for her, and I was so excited, privileged and over the moon that someone wanted my cake to be featured in an editorial shoot, I literally jumped up and down. The same cake was published in British Vogue as I think it was just perfect. It was a three tier square asymmetric cake with delicate edible lace in very muted, cream and brown tones. Very elegant, modern cake full of texture and character.

bination and texture of your food. Baking is something that allows me to relax and switch off and calm down, baking is true chemistry. You have to follow certain rules in order to have an amazing tasty cake with the right consistency and texture, with flavor. It's another story, that’s when I allow myself to experiment and push myself and my boundaries. That’s the most important part for me - making sure the cake is balanced in terms of flavors and textures.

What I can’t stress enough to all my couples is to make sure you and your cake maker are on the same page. Make sure you like the style of your cake designer, and your aesthetics are similar. It will make the whole designing and planning process so much easier."

Something Old

VINTAGE BRIDAL GOWNS for the one-of-a-kind bride


THE "SOMETHING OLD" THAT'S NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD. Welcome to Xtabay, Portland’s most stylishly sumptuous vintage clothing boutique created by Liz Gross. When she was a child, Liz commandeered the crayon box to draw ball gowns. Afternoons she spent in her grandmother’s attic trying on silk cocktail ensembles and moth-eaten mink stoles. By the time Liz was 18, she was on a first-name basis with the staff at the thrift stores and estate sales she raided for rhinestone brooches and World War Two-era rayon dresses. For those brides who are not in Portable and unable to pay this gorgeous shop a visit, don't fret, you can visit them online at www.



Amid the never ending design options, there are always a few items that glow with popularity among the weddings being planned that year. Here are a few in 2023 that made The House list.


Editorial photography has taken the wedding industry by storm as couples seek a luxury look for their photos. With this in mind, digital and film photographer Koko King is redefining wedding portraiture, creating unique, artistic moments from the memories of the big day.



this film-centric couple celebrates their engagement with a rule breaking photo session

ANTONIA AND MAX LOCKED EYES WITH EACH OTHER at a bar in Ottawa just before the pandemic in November 2019. Antonia remembered it was, “A night where I had not anticipated going out, but was encouraged to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After two hours of locking eyes, I remember thinking to myself if I leave here tonight without saying hi, I might always wonder what if? Imagine if this could be the guy I end up with?”

Antonia finally gathered the courage to approach Max and decided to bring him a drink. They instantly connected and went on a date the following week. Four months later, they moved in together, bought a house together, where they began planning their wedding after becoming engaged a year and a half later. The couple has been together for three years now and knew from the moment they met that a life together would be full of adventure, laughs and happiness. Once engaged, the couple had a specific vision for their engagement session, and it was executed perfectly. How did they end up with

the perfect album for their special occasion? They understood the aesthetic they wanted, and how their personalities and passions (including their dog Lenny) should be reflected within the images. This led them to Canadian based photographers, Joel and Justyna.

The couple share a passion for cinematic and dramatic ambiances, stemming from Max’s career as a film director. Antonia had followed Joel and Justyna’s work for some time and remembered her love for the vintage style photos the wedding photographers create and produce. She knew they would be the perfect fit for them, and the end result was truly fabulous. “Our engagement session with them was truly remarkable! Their ability to create such magnificent photos goes beyond words.”

This engagement session is the perfect inspiration for all couples looking for something different - an editorial way to capture who you are during these special years of your life.

Ottowa, Canada

Something New

THE SOLIS Ribbed Ring

A UNIQUE BAND FOR A BRIDE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NEW. Inspired by the founder's mother, this vintage style pleated ring, from the Solis collection by Kinn Studio represents energy and strength. The ring features a round brilliant diamond prong set in a 14k solid gold ribbed band. Visit Kinn Studio's website to find the perfect size for you -



We believe there is no better way to gather inspiration for planning your wedding than byreferencing the real deal. The following pages are just a handful of real weddings that boast all the pretty details you've been fantasizing about for your special day.


P efectly Poised

With friends and family in mind, this couple set out to prove a relaxed atmosphere is possible on a wedding day - here's how it was done in Malibu, California.


Cielo Farms


September Pictures


So Smitten Events


PPR Events

Found Rental Company


Meg O'Hare Beauty


Still Carnations


Ink & Aisle


Lola Varma


Dart Collective



LA Group


Pitchoun Bakery


the details


Kristen and Chris got ready for their day surrounded by family and friends at Calamigos

Guest Ranch & Beach Club in Malibu. Once ready, the couple and their guests of slightly over 100 made their way up to Cielo Farms. There, the bride slipped into her minimalist Lola Varma dress and then met the groom out in the sunshine for their first look moment.


Cielo Farms has views across the Malibu hills - an incredible California setting. As the sun moved across the sky the scene changed, providing a number of memorable photographic moments.


The tone of the relaxed atmosphere was set by the beautiful wedding party. The Bridesmaids wore their summer dress of choice, and the entire wedding party sat front row with the rest of the guests to watch the ceremony.


The white and yellow florals throughout the venue were fresh and beautiful. From the bouquet to the center pieces, everything looked natural and organic - the perfect touches for the laid back feeling the bride and groom desired.


The cake was elegantly simple and made its statement through its size. According to Rachel of September Pictures, the cake cutting was a showstopper. It's typically easy for guests to miss this event at weddings, but because of the dramatic size, guests did not want to miss it!


Guests sipped drinks in front of a breathtaking view and when the sun went down, they gathered around the fires, wrapping up in chic shawls or slipping on an effortlessly cool leather jacket atop their summer dress. Once the festoon lights above the dance floor began to glow, Dart Collective started the party.


Fancy Farm

Surrounded by 36 of their closest family and friends at Cave Creek Farm, Madison and Marcus made their way down the aisle through a field of wildflowers and enjoyed an intimate dinner by candle light at a single table with their guests - the perfect setting for the bride and groom to be themselves.


Cave Creek Farm, Trout Lake, WA


Casi Yost


NW Film Co.


The Bride


Art De Cuisine



Floral & Fauna Farms


Shelby Renee

El Vaquero BBQ




The Caricature Artist


the details


The bride wore a crepe gown by Vagabone and a cathedral length horsehair trimmed veil by Sara Gabriel. Each bridesmaid wore a black dress of their choice. Pictured below, the groom wore a suit by Peter Millar and a memento from his late uncle - a Rolex watch.


The bride designed the stationary; each of the stamps used on the envelope meant something to the couple - Babe Ruth representing the groom's past career as a professional baseball player and Falling Water as a nod to the bride's profession as an architectural designer. Guests enjoyed caricature drawings of themselves as place cards at the dinner table - a crowd favorite.



The couple kept things intimate, having all the guests dine at one long table so that everyone was close and able to enjoy the company.


The procession to the altar led through a field of wildflowers where the couple met in front of a gorgeous floral installation made with hop vines by Flora and Fauna.


After the ceremony, guests enjoyed craft cocktails and gourmets before joining each other at the dinner table for speeches, lots of laughs and a beautiful sunset before dancing began.


C ool California

When laid back vibes are the first priority, the results are a calm, cool and collected day - providing all the space in the world for Amanda and Chris to enjoy the details from beginning to end.


the details


The groom wore a white polo under his blue suit jacket for a classic, laid back look when it was time to enjoy moments with friends and family.


The bride wore a simple, vintage style dress by Jil Sander for the ceremony, allowing her to get around with ease. The floral pattern gave the dress just enough flair, keeping the entire look classic. A sprig of baby's breath completed her look, tying the veil and the dress together.


The ceremony and the reception all took place in the same backyard keeping everything laid back, relaxed and easy for the guests and couple to enjoy each other's company.


The landscape was the perfect backdrop for this backyard gathering. Simple decorations and table settings were a dreamy match to the picture perfect views.



The couple were legally married in London during a small, family-only ceremony, then held a larger, lakeside gathering in Canada. The ceremony was officiated by Alex's older brother (also a groomsman), and the three readings were read and selected by friends and family members, making every bit of the ceremony personalized by people they loved.

L akeside Soiree

Like many others during the pandemic, Elizabeth and Alex became engaged on an evening at home while making homemade pizza and negronis. They were legally married in a small ceremony in London, UK, where Alex is originally from, then hosted their dream celebration a year later lakeside in Ontario, Canada.


The Northridge Inn & Resort


Joel & Justyna


Lexington & Co.


Simply Beautiful Decor


Hunt & Gather Floral


Paper Palette


Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co.


The 99s



the details


Half of the couple's guests flew in from abroad, so it was important to the bride and groom that the travelers had a classic Canadian experience. The Northridge has a beautiful lakeside setting, and the party had the entire resort to themselves, providing a true magical cottage experience.


For the ceremony, Elizabeth wore a Pronovias gown and slipped into a fun Bronx & Banco piece for her after party look. Alex's handsome three-piece suit was custom made in London.



The evening before the ceremony, the couple held a BBQ onsite at the venue to welcome their guests, complete with a bonfire and breathtaking sunset.


The morning of the wedding day, the bride and groom woke up early and took a swim in the lake together before many of their guests joined in for a dip. This was the start to a full day of lakeside sun before getting ready for the five o'clock ceremony on the pier.


Cocktail hour followed the "I-do's" and dinner was served on the patio at sunset. Fireworks over the lake and dancing among their family and friends provided the perfect ending to the day.


B ackyard Perfection

After five years of marriage, Isaac and Laura decided it was time to have the wedding celebration they never had. Tall palm trees and a rocky canyon leading into the ocean made the perfect backdrop for their intimate vow renewal. Surrounded by some of their nearest and dearest, soft muted colors and bright touches of pistachio green set the stage for a relaxed and romantic backyard wedding anniversary.


Alex Mari

Moon Velvet PLANNER


Ella Mah


Isidore Augustine


The Pinned Beauty


Makeup by Ashley Tani


Peggy Liao Cake


Greystone Table

BBJ La Tavola


Hire Elegance


the details


Hosted at the groom's great grandmother’s house, a quintessential California 60's beach home, the celebration was filled with details that symbolized the essence of their relationship. Having met in Spain, they incorporated Laura’s favorite wedding tradition of tossing rice following the ceremony to wish the couple well on their new adventure together. Fresh-made sangrias welcomed family and friends to enjoy an evening topped-off with a picturesque sunset.


A quaint pergola structure with romantic loose greenery and rattan pendants created an alfresco intimate dining experience. The night ended with the groom’s aunt’s famous brownie recipe and a midnight ocean swim under the stars.


M useum Masterpiece

Keeping it classic is easy at the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. Kat, Preston and their wedding party came dressed to the nines in sleek black and white for a ceremony and reception that made sparks fly.


Crystal Bridges Art Museum


Laura Powers


Bella Baxter Events


Louis Pettinelli Entertainment


Ghlam by Ghah

Hair by Kacie HAIR


DJ Grove Productions


the details


The bride's gorgeous gown is an Agnes Pronovias strapless mermaid crepe with off the shoulder sleeves. The Groom wore a contrast shawl tuxedo from TheBlackTux.


To match the groomsman's black tuxedos, the bridesmaids wore matching black Melanie gowns by Dear Cleo - the perfect sleek gown to pair with the bride and groom's attire.


The couple had of timeless and elegant wedding decorations. They accomplished this with beautiful dome shaped flower arrangements on the tables, romantic lighting and large marque lighted letters spelling out our last name - it was all exactly what they had hoped for.


Something Borrowed

RENT A PHONE for Guestbook Recordings


LEAVE THE TRADITIONAL GUESTBOOK BEHIND. Gone are the days where your guests line up to sign their name on the line to prove their attendance at your big day. Instead, borrow a phone from After The Tone so your closest friends and family can leave you a genuine voice recording you and your spouse can listen to for years to come. And yes, it is possible for your phone to match your wedding decor. Head to to select from a variety of colors from their family of old school phones.



With an abounding array of design options, overwhelm can creep into a couple's planning process. Here are some of our favorite examples of real weddings that illustrate what will always be the most important part of design decisions - focus on creating a reflection of you and your partner's personality.



Classic Elegance

Classic colors have never looked so good. Put together by Lindsay and Martin, their wedding day was filled with black and white elegant perfection.

Toronto, Canada

Lindsay and Martin met five years ago through an online dating app and went on their first date at a cocktail bar in Toronto, Canada. They both knew it was something special right away, especially after a magical two-week trip to Hawaii they went on just after a month of dating. After three years, Martin proposed on their anniversary on his family’s farm. They took a walk through the trails - something they always do with their puppy. When they reached a sacred place on the property, Martin got down on one knee.

The days leading up to the wedding were very special to the couple. Close family flew in from Switzerland early enough to take part in the festivities prior to the wedding day. During rehearsal Lindsay recalls, “The energy was so high and it felt incredible being surrounded by so much support and love from everyone around us.”

The night before the wedding, the groom hosted a family dinner at his parent’s house. “This was such a special time for them, especially having all of the siblings home in the house for once.” The bride spent the evening with her best friend, and maid of honor, at the Shangri-La hotel downtown Toronto where they enjoyed a relaxing dinner in the lobby by the fireplace listening to live jazz music and catching up on old times. That night had the perfect ending in their suite with face masks and a viewing of “Parent Trap”. “My maid of honor is a grandma like myself so we were both asleep before 9:00 pm - a perfect way to spend the night before the wedding and one of my favorites evenings with her to date. We woke up feeling so fresh and ready for the big day ahead.”

In the morning, the mother of the bride and the coordinator met at the venue where they had the entire bridal suite to themselves to spend the morning getting ready. Champagne was enjoyed with breakfast along with many laughs, cries and good conversation. “It was one of my favorite parts of the day,” said Lindsay. When Martin came to the venue they exchanged letters with each other. “Everything about the day felt so natural for both of us, there was never any stress.”

The first look was another memorable moment for the couple. “We had been talking throughout the day but there is something really special about first seeing each other on your wedding day - all dressed up and looking the most beautiful and handsome you've ever looked. We both were surprised at how emotional we were when we saw each other. It was the happiest feeling of our lives and we're so happy to have had it caught on camera.”

Right before the ceremony, the weather changed and it started pouring rain. Because there were breaks in the clouds, it was partially sunny leaving space for a rainbow to reflect in the sky. The clouds cleared just before the guests arrived and made their way into the gardens for the ceremony. “We felt like this was good luck, and brought a fun little surprise to our day.”

At the end of the evening, Martin’s dad, who is a former professional jazz musician, surprised everyone with a saxophone performance in the great hall during the dance at the reception. “It was so exciting and fun - we will cherish that moment forever.”

1. The pair wanted a very classic, elegant look. The bride's strapless Eva Lendel Allegra dress had a simple silhouette with a long train and a large bow on the back for a touch of drama. 2. The groom wore a dark navy suit paired with a black silk bow tie and black leather shoes, all by Harry Rosen.


3. The theme was classical elegance with modern touches - a reflection of the couple's aestheticand their venue, Graydon Hall Manor, set the tone.

4. They chose not to have a large wedding party and instead had the groom's brother and the bride's closest childhood friend as the best man and maid of honor. This allowed for their closest friends to enjoy being guests at the wedding. 5. The guest list was intimate with around 127 people in attendance. This provided the opportunity for special moments throughout the day, like when family members opened their private letters written to them from the bride and groom.


final notes

"Start as early as you can and make sure you plan out what you want beforehand so you can go into your meetings prepared. This will make yours and the vendors' lives so much easier. It is also good to book your vendors right away. This way you can make sure you have curated the right group of people for your special day. Your vendors are the most important part in creating the vision and making the day the most special."

creative team


Graydon Hall Manor


Joel & Justyna


The Bride


Vern Hair


Lashing Out


Fiorella Floral



Eva Lendel Allegra


Bora Kim


Michael Coombs


Graydon Hall Manor


Fashion influencer and creator of Making It In Manhattan, Caroline Vazzana, celebrates her wedding in style.

Caroline's rehearsal dinner look was a beautiful floor-length vintage Nicole Miller bridal gown paired with nude mesh Gucci heels adorned with silver sparkles.

TThis New York couple met when Caroline was a senior at Albright College and while David was attending Kutztown, about thirty minutes away. Two of their friends had met on Tinder - when Tinder was first becoming a thing. Caroline urged her friend to meet the guy she met online in person to make sure he wasn’t a catfish, but her friend already had plans for that. She told Caroline that instead of going by herself, she would ask her mystery man to bring a friend for a double date with Caroline. "I was very weary honestly since it was my senior year and I wasn’t trying to meet anyone, but I was happy to be the wing woman for my friend," Caroline remembers. Keeping their friends in mind, David and Caroline kept things casual, as friends, and chatted just to get to know each other. After the dinner, the group went out to a bar and it sealed the deal. The night ended by David requesting a proper first date the following week, and they've been together ever since! Being the fashionista that Caroline is, it was a natural choice to create a custom gown for the big day. Her designer of choice? The renowned Christian Siriano. The two worked together for over a year, starting with sketches and up to the final fitting. Siriano recommended a dress that could transform throughout the day, which led to the three pieces that created both the ceremony and after party looks. The top, which remained the same for each look, was a white fitted bodice with tulle overlay and large tulle sleeves, completed

advice from the bride

with sequins that faded as they moved up towards Caroline's neck. The skirt worn at the ceremony created the ball gown look and was made with tulle, white floral appliques and a sprinkle of sequins to tie it in with the bodice. The skirt would not have been complete without adding a few layers of light pink tulle to subtly infuse the bride's style and favorite color into the dress. Caroline wore the second skirt during the reception. It was a beautiful, all-white, shorter version of the ceremony skirt. It's show-stopping feature was the floor-length train that bustled so that dancing was uninterrupted.

For the wedding weekend, the couple had their family and bridal party gather for rehearsal dinner at their restaurant of choice, Mannino's, giving them some time to make memories with some of the people who mean the most to them. "On our actual wedding day, I got up early and all of the bridesmaids and I got ready together in the bridal suite. We took lots of photos, I did a reveal of my wedding dress with my bridesmaids where they got to see it for the very first time, and then we were off to the church," shares Caroline.

The ceremony was held at St. Patrick's in Bay Shore, New York. From here, guests went to the Bourne Mansion to enjoy a cocktail hour, dinner and dancing before sending the couple off during their final exit. The couple left the scene in style in their vintage 1987 Cadillac Allante convertible.

"Our biggest piece of advice is to take your time. There is absolutely no rush. David and I dated for seven years and then were engaged for two, so by the time we got married, we had been together for over nine years. When you know, you know and when you love someone, they aren’t going anywhere. Take your time, enjoy the process."
THIS PAGE: Caroline's custom ceremony gown with pink tulle woven through for a touch of her personality. TOP RIGHT: The bride in her reception dress, transformed from her ball gown into a shorter version fit for the dance party.

1. The groom and his groomsmen all wore black tuxedos with white shirts and black bow ties from Men’s Wearhouse. The groom's shoes were a pair of classic black Ferragamos.

2. The bridesmaids each wore different floor-length gowns from Amsale, who worked with each of them to find a style that suited them. It was Caroline's main goal to make sure that everyone had a dress that made them feel confident.


Caroline's wedding day looks were completed with a pair of classic Manolo Blahniks, Gucci gold metal cat eye glasses and crystal flower earrings from Jennifer Behr. For a sentimental touch, her something borrowed were rings from David's mother and grandmother.

final notes

"We did an engagement party, a bridal brunch, dress fittings with friends, dinners with the wedding party, and a shower. We loved getting to celebrate these smaller moments leading up to the big day, which made the whole experience so much more special for us."

the team


Bourne Mansion


iNsYnc Photography


Alexandra Folster Photography


Leilani Weddings


Strange Events


Julia Feigus Creative


LRN Beauty





Letter Crafted Ink


Absolute Entertainment

Teton Elopement

When relaxation was the ultimate goal, an elopement in Jackson Hole, Wyoming fulfilled this couple's wedding day. This wedding day lacked a jammed packed itinerary, leaving space for Isaac and Samantha to focus on what was most important to them - each other.

IISAAC AND SAMANTHA met at a hockey game in Casper, Wyoming and started dating a couple of years later. Their engagement started with a road trip through Alaska. Their starting point was Anchorage where they began to head south making several stops along the way before landing along the Kenai River for a planned day of fishing. After fishing, the two hiked to a spot coined Cooper's Landing Cliff, a place special to Isaac as his last name is Cooper. He and

Samantha stopped where the trees opened up to a small cliff with panoramic views of Kenai Lake. The water was crystal clear and turquoise blue - the perfect spot for Isaac to pop the question. She said yes, and they left that spot to begin their adventure as the Coopers.

The couple debated on the type of wedding to have and finally decided that an elopement was the best fit. They did not want a jammed packed itinerary for the special day - it was most important that they were able to focus on each other.

On the day of the wedding, they were able to sleep in and enjoy brunch - some-

thing most couples do not enjoy with a typical wedding day schedule. A few hours before the ceremony, the couple started getting ready for the day. They each had their own space to dress and then met to exchange letters and vows together before the beautiful drive up to Wedding Tree, which boasts some of the greatest views of the Teton mountains. Upon their arrival, the couple had just a short walk together to two large pine trees situated on a cliff curving towards each other, creating a natural arch. Beyond the arch where the couple stood for their ceremony is the picturesque backdrop of the mountains.

For dinner, their private driver took them to another location with panoramic views of the mountains where Edge Wyld was preparing their outdoor dinner. They were greeted with two signature cocktails, a spicy hibiscus margarita and a classic old fashion. There was an immaculate table set for two that was of course facing the beautiful view. The bride and groom enjoyed a charcuterie table to themselves that included a variety of fresh meats, cheeses, breads, jams, and honey. While sipping on cocktails and indulging in the appetizer, they had the opportunity to watch the chef cook dinner

on an open, hanging fire pit.

For dessert, instead of a traditional wedding cake, they opted for a s'mores bar making use of the fire pit. It created the perfect ending to dinner while they watched the sun set behind the mountains.


the details

1. The two spent the entire day together, and even helped each other with final touches to their outfits. Samantha chose the "Bec" wedding gown by Emmy Mae Bridal, a comfortable delicate dress. She also wore a short veil that worked well outdoors, and pearl earrings from her parents. The groom's suit was charcoal gray paired with a champagne tie - all from Men's Warehouse.

2. This was a no-fuss elopement. The couple finalized the details two weeks prior to the big day with minimal planning overall. With no guests present, the photographer and videographer witnessed the ceremony.


The newlyweds ended their night at the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, where they had their first dance as a married couple.

final notes

"The day goes by way too fast. Our number one tip for planning a wedding or elopement is to do what you and your partner want to do, period. It is easy to get caught up in the expectations, trying to please everyone. Your wedding or elopement is going to be the first day of the rest of your lives together so make sure you spend it how you want. Our second tip - just elope! It was so intimate and relaxing - by far the best experience that we will cherish forever."

the sources


Wedding Tree, Jackson Hole


Elsica Photography


Films by Nat


JH Flower Boutique


Edge Wyld

A weekend close to home and filled with warmth and color set the tone for this California couple.

Meet us at the G olden Gate

JANELLE AND JACK MET AS FRESHMEN IN COLLEGE where they shared the same dorm building. “I happened to be right outside his room as he was moving in. We instantly became best friends and were a package deal around campus,” Janelle shared. The two got engaged 12 years later on one of their favorite hikes in Pacifica, California at Mori Point. “It was perfectly us - quiet and sweet, overlooking the ocean, with our dog Birdie by our side.”

The wedding took place in Presidio, a short walk from their residence, making the whole weekend feel like a backyard party, from hosting the rehearsal dinner at their favorite neighborhood spot, to gathering guests together for a picnic in Golden Gate Park the day after the wedding.

“I wanted the day to feel warm and colorful. It was important to me that nothing felt too stuffy, too serious, or too trendy. I just wanted it to feel like us. Jack and I each had a “luxury item” that we agreed to stretch our budget for. Jack opted for mini donuts from Trish's Mini Donuts for all the guests (which were delicious) and I worked with Vanessa of Unwritten Florals to create the arrangements of my dreams, filled with my favorite flowers in my favorite colors. At the end of the day, we just wanted our wedding to be fun and I’d definitely say we succeeded.”

Exchanging their vows was the highlight of the weekend. “We had no idea what the other was going to say and both really made each other laugh. We’re also pretty private people so it was special to open up about how much we really love each other and share that with our family and friends.” said Janelle.

Janelle is a dancer, so music played an important role in setting the tone for the wedding day. The bride and groom walked down the aisle to Maggie Rogers and entered the reception to Blink 182. Music choice was very intentional and very true to both of them. They closed the night out with “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry, a song that got all their friends and family on the dance floor.

advice from the bride

"Trust the process, trust your intuition, and trust your vendors. Wedding planning was among the most stressful things I’ve done, but I knew the stress was part of the process and it would be worth it if I stuck to my vision. I also hired vendors I had complete trust in to create beautiful work and knew that they would shine no matter what."

the details

1. The bride wanted a simple dress with a little extra something. When she saw the Lucy dress by Alexandra Grecco, she knew it was her dress - even before she tried it on.

2. The bride, her mother, and her aunt folded 1,000 paper cranes to be used as the backdrop of the ceremony and at individual place settings at the reception - a Japanese wedding tradition meant to bring a long and happy marriage. The couple left instructions and origami paper on the tables at cocktail hour so guests could try their hand at making the cranes themselves.

3. The bride's father performed the ceremony and included letters the couple had written to each other over the years and artifacts from their early years together.

4. Little details were seen throughout this wedding, starting with the bridal party fashion. The maid of honor wore a classic, olive Jenny Yoo dress paired with yellow shoes that complimented the bouquets. The groom and his brothers all wore suits from Indochino with custom linings in the jackets.


RIGHT: 5. A welcome sign was made by the groom's fifth grade students, which set a bright and happy tone for the day. 6. The couple's dog was also present that day, and accompanied them down the aisle.

final notes

"Try to have fun! Planning a wedding is just a big creative project and I found it to be a really satisfying way to express myself, Jack, and our relationship. As stressful as it was, I loved the whole process." the sources

VENUE Julie Pepin

Golden Gate Club



Unwritten Florals


FLORALS Alexandra Grecco




Maverick West Salon


Julie Dy

iMobile DJs


DJ Wedgewood Weddings



Fit For A Q ueen

Starting their wedding celebrations at a castle, this Australian couple created the fairytale weekend for all of their guests in the Loire Valley, France.

MMadeline and Thomas knew they were soul mates from the beginning, they built their special day around a location they felt deeply connected to and immersed their 140 guests in their one-in-a-lifetime special occasion. The couple held their three-day wedding celebrations in the Loire Valley, France, a quaint town they traveled to from Melbourne, Australia for the big day. It was the perfect place to reflect the romance, beauty and history that draws them to France - something they wanted their guests to experience as well.

The celebrations began on a Friday night at the beautiful Château d'Amboise. "It was a big deal that so many people had traveled so far, so we really wanted our guests to feel immersed in the history and beauty that the Loire Valley had to offer, and we thought there was no better venue than this," said Madeline.

As the sun set, the couple planned a standup cocktail event with cooking stations showcasing the delicious fresh produce from the area.

Their wedding day was also a recovery day after the welcoming event. The ceremony took place at Thomas' family chateau- somewhere extremely special to the couple. It was a perfect French summer day. Both the bride and the groom got ready here, leading into a late ceremony at the Château's gorgeous private church. After their first kiss as a married couple, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres began on the front lawn as a string quartet played in the background, creating a memorable and magical atmosphere.

As the evening approached, the couple hosted a candlelit dinner at the back of the Château where their guests sat together at two long tables under the stars. "We had antique silver cutlery with antique gold and white plates adorned with white florals and divine greenery. We wanted dinner to feel intimate and our guests to feel the romance and love."

The night would not be complete without a show-stopping end. Once dinner was over, guests were treated to a magnificent fireworks display followed by a night of dancing in the Château's underground caves! "We wanted this part of the night to feel like a big party - I think we definitely got that!"


advice from the couple

"Everything goes so quicklydon't forget to take a moment to pause with your partner and just take it all in! It's so nice to step away from the action and have a moment just you two. And everyone says this, but no one knows the exact plans and run sheet for the day - so just go with it on the day."

final notes

the team



Le Chateau de Reignac


Bek Smith


Opaline Paris


Moon & Back Co.


The Creative Directory


Les Ephemeres


Paris Marriage Officiant


Pallas Couture

"Get some help from someone you trust, having a wedding planner was key for us and this played a major part in letting us enjoy every single aspect of the day without having to worry."
Chateau D'Amboise

Garden Grandeur


Through the doors of Corson Building in Seattle, Washington is a secret garden setting where Marcia and Aaron held their ceremony, dinner and reception for an intimate guest list of 70.

MARCIA AND AARON MET WHILE they were in school through a mutual friend. Despite their busy schedules - Marcia was studying law, and Aaron was studying engineering - their love of memes and silly humor meant they instantly became best friends. They stayed close, with no intention of dating, but grew to really like each other and decided to give dating a try.

Once they both were finished at their university, Aaron settled in Seattle after taking a job, and he persuaded Marcia to join him there. "We had gotten so close at this point that we were pretty much one and the same in different bodies and I decided I wanted this for the rest of my days. I thought I had it all planned out; since she didn't like big surprises, I decided a small one with our closest friends and our dog, Tofu, would be perfect," said Aaron.

For the proposal, Aaron chose a secluded area in the Washington arboretum, and told their friends to wait in hiding with cameras, where he would spring the plan. "Everything that could've slowed us down, did slow us down. She wanted to keep stopping to take pictures of the blooming flowers and have Tofu explore. All the while, my phone is vibrating out of my pocket with the secret chat room complaining, 'omg it's so hot', 'where are you?'" remembers Aaron.

They finally arrived at the location, and Aaron started his speech. His hands were fumbling in his pockets and Tofu began to bark, pull, and howl, adding unplanned cha-

Mos to the moment. She had sniffed out their friends and became frustrated that they were not saying "hi" to them. "Imagine the scene; me sweating profusely and on one knee trying to shout through my proposal speech (all of which I had forgotten in the chaos), Tofu barking and howling, her leash tugging at my body as I'm trying to open the ring case to pop the big question. Let's say the magic moment had passed and all we could do was laugh at how absurd this scene was." said Aaron.

Although it did not go exactly as planned, Marcia said "yes" while still laughing, and the friends that Tofu smelled a mile away popped out from behind bushes to join them in congratulations. "I picked up whatever dignity I had left and vowed to never forgive Tofu, the little devil."

The couple held their ceremony, dinner and reception all at the gorgeous Corson Building, a restaurant that accommodated their guest list of 70 perfectly. The tables set for dinner created the aisle the bride walked down until reaching the ceremony chairs filled with their friends and family and a gorgeous floral arch created by Brier and Ivy.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed dinner with the bride and groom before an area was cleared for the dance floor. Unlike the proposal - which was perfect in its own way - the wedding day was a dream. "Seeing our guests thoroughly enjoy themselves on something we'd spent months planning for was something we really, truly appreciated."


the details

1. The couple requested that guests wore light, neutral colors that day to accompany the beautiful florals and landscaping throughout the venue.

2. To keep things simple, there was no bridal party assigned for the wedding, but the couple's dogs, who are family to them, accompanied the groom down the aisle where the awaited they arrival of the bride.

3. There was a cocktail hour after the ceremony where the reception party kicked off, followed by a delicious dinner provided by the Corson Building. The chairs were cleared from the ceremony area of the outdoor dining space to create the dance floor.

4. The Nutty Squirrel, a retro ice cream truck, served additional desserts after dinner.


final notes

"Wedding planning has so many small intricacies and timing considerations to track. Please hire a wedding planner, or at least a day-of planner, and know exactly how you want things to be. No detail is too small to be overlooked, specificity is key!" the sources


The Corson Building, Seattle, WA


Casi Yost

Amri & Co. PLANNER


Brier & Ivy


Christy K Makeup & Hair


Linen & Poppi


Puget Sound Strings


Nutty Squirrel Gelato


After The Tone

Art Deco At The Beach

In Playa del Carmen, inspiration from the Great Gatsby era was intermixed with the sea breeze and airy fashions to create an art deco scene perfectly fit for Villa la Joya.


Villa la Joya


Foxtails Photography


Magnolia Events


Pure Love Floral Design


Melissa Formica Beauty


Houghton NYC




Anne Marie Bridal


Red Carpet Studio


Sunkissed Native


Something Blue

MINI TRIO Leather Handbag

THIS BLUE IS HERE TO MAKE A STATEMENT. This version of the Mini Trio handbag from the Oscar De La Renta collection speaks for itself. The allover floral inspired design includes an embellishment at center, leather body, and adjustable silver-tone chain-link strap. It's the must-have garden glamor accessory that check marks your something blue in style. Shop the look at


final notes



The number of weddings there are every year in the United States. Weddings represent so many things - the same and different - to people not only stateside, but around the globe. A wedding - the ceremony of people getting married and the celebration of marriage between people - has varying symbolism. A Commitment. A

The first recorded wedding (a marriage ceremony) was between a man and woman in 2350 B.C. From B.C. to today, marriage has involved multiple partners, different and same genders, similar ages and generational age gaps, interracial and the same race. Marriage is sometimes a choice. Other times it is arranged. By the parents of the to be wed, driven by religious, political, and / or economic status. Considering what is in the past. Equally or alternatively what is in the present. Marriage goals have a wide range, too. Emotional. Intimate. Supportive. Protective. Connected. Work life. Home life. Family life. With or without kids. With or without pets.

The one universal truth of getting married may just be this belief: In celebrating the establishment of a union - whomever is deciding on said union - bringing these people together provides a greater potential for their future versus being apart.

By recognizing this one truth, the sanctity of marriage suddenly

feels intact. The material choices, frugal or frivolous, are valid. The planning, or not, in making those choices has merit. The decision to go fast or slow… both make sense. A wedding being the catalyst to a brighter tomorrow feels good. How could it not?

May this Inaugural Weddings Magazine from The House remind you of why you’re married. If you’re not yet married, but plan to be, reflect on your attitude toward the process to get there. Are you enjoying

yourself? If not, why not? Be the bride or bridegroom that represents you showing up in the way that represents your greatest potential with another human being. No more, no less. Because if you can’t show up for your own brighter tomorrow, then your life partner isn’t going to either.

Weddings No. 1 Final Notes dedication is twofold. First, to Founder and Editor in Chief of The House Mrs. Kacey Perez. Foremost to my husband, Scott Striegel (wedding and marriage circa September 4, 2004).

Now, let’s all raise our glasses to do our darndest each and every day to show up for each other.

Gathering. A Tradition. A Legacy. To Honor. Eternal Hope. Unconditional and Infinite Love. IMAGES PROVIDED BY JENNIFER STRIEGEL

We're bringing a whole new meaning to the

little black book

The big day can almost plan itself with the help of The House Weddings vendor directory.

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