The Hilltop, August 31, 2017, Volume 102, Issue 01 (First Issue)

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SECURE THE BAG: Profit from your wins and losses #MeekTaughtMe By: Bria Clark, B.B.A. Finance 2014 @BriaLife Did you take a loss right before you enrolled? Well, don’t take a “L” without rapping about it – or at least writing a letter to the Financial Aid Office describing your “Special Circumstance”. This little known request can result in an adjustment to your award package. Unforeseen situations such as unemployment, divorce, and death make a huge impact on your Student Aid Report (SAR). But, if you can “spit-dat-fire” somebody might buy-into your situation. Now, everybody isn’t a rapper and every situation isn’t dire. Sometimes you just need someone to splash a little cash to keep you in class. In that case, submit an application for the Howard University Emergency Loan. This type of award is classified as a private, institutional loan program designed to provide low-interest rate loans to students who are experiencing a temporary cash flow problem. You can apply for a Short-term Emergency Student Loan if you’re in a tight jam and anticipate paying the loan off before the end of the semester; but if you need a little more time, the Long-term Emergency Student Loan might better suit you. It doesn’t have to be paid back until after you separate (not necessary graduate) from the University. These programs are considered a “pot-ofgold” for most students, but please don’t

take it for granted. The HU Emergency loan isn’t eligible for consolidation, and all loans you incur during your tenure at Howard will be reported to the three major credit bureaus upon disbursement. Nevertheless, if your money is funny and got you feeling crummy; the A-Building may be able to turn your frown upside-down and have you laughing all the way to the bank.