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Spring Forward, Fall Back

Photo by Rachel Cumberbatch, Photo Editor INSIDE Oxford

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HOWARD ALUMNI RALLIES SCHOOL SUPPORT IN LAUNCHING OF CONCERT SERIES LaQuita Howard D.A. Director of Public Relations WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 28, 2013) - Howard University, the place where dreams are brought to reality, was the starting place for District Affiliates CEO Miss Ify. She created an empire while still in undergrad at the Mecca then later recruited colleagues from the School of Business. The Howard Alumnae pays her dues, respectively, by kicking off the upcoming event Knew World Order in Cramton Auditorium! Knew World Order caters to young people who understand music’s social impact on the betterment of life. As self-proclaimed “leaders of the new cool,” entertainment collective District Affiliates’ goal is to

not only transform the definition of “cool,” but to also encourage communities and businesses to become socially responsible. By definition, the term “New World Order” symbolizes a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda conspiring to rule society through an authoritarian government. By District Affiliates’ definition, the term “Knew World Order” changes that act of blind obedience to something that is known and apparent. Their goal is to influence people to use the knowledge they already have to collectively change the world. The Knew World Order series warrants the act of service to encourage society to do better. Knew World Order is a movement encouraging a lifestyle reform using the influences of music and good

deeds. By leveraging musical talents of recording artists and the mission of Planet Aid, District Affiliates is giving audience members the opportunity to exchange quality clothing for discounted admission prices. In efforts to provoke millennials to get more involved in social issues, District Affiliates plans to visit several colleges and universities nationwide in support of this philanthropic measure. The first event at Howard University, focuses on giving clothes to families in underserved communities. The concert features New Orleans native, Curren$y, as the headliner. Not only have District Affiliates reached back to the Howard community, they have also gotten Howard students involved in the making of the movement. Several student organizations, such as Campus Pals,

Endustry Power Players, Howard University Louisiana Club, Ladies of the Quad Social Club and others, have sponsored the event, representing the Knew lifestyle being promoted. The organizations also sought volunteers to help collect donations in Cramton Auditorium. In exchange, District Affiliates has agreed to give community service hours and free tickets to the event. The collaboration of Howard Alumni and Howard students has been a stepping stone in uplifting the school’s spirit.

The launching of Knew World Order will be monumental! This event aims to shed a positive light on Howard University. There will be food trucks, vendors, and raffles from various sponsors. More information can be found on this website:

Photo by Rachel Cumberbatch, Photo Editor Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour is the latest sponsor for orange-wheeled bikes on campus.

Vitamin HU: Hold Your Health In Your Hands Veronica Amajoyi Columnist Now that Homecoming has come to an end, we can sit back and attempt to get our minds and bodies back to where they need to be. With the stress of finals approaching and the temperature steadily decreasing, we all need to make a special effort to maintain the healthy bodies bestowed to us. How many of us know that some of the best medicine comes from home remediation treatments? Home remedies have become increasingly popular as the expense and hassle of conventional medicine continues to rise. Other than the convenience, home remedies have found favor with a public that wants to take a more holistic approach to its ailments. So allow me to spell out a few of these remedies, one by one. Let us begin with honey; which can be

used for minor cuts and burns, a cough, or a sore throat. Most of us are already familiar with the wonders honey can do to a soar throat, but in addition, according to many confirmed reviews of research, applying warm honey to a minor cut or mild burn provides antibacterial action to the wound, thus speeding the healing process. Another form of home remediation comes from peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is good for settling upset stomachs and indigestion. The oil found in the peppermint leaf and its stems calms the muscles of the digestive system, allowing for gas to pass easier, thus relieving pain. All it takes is one or two cups of peppermint tea a day, and the pain will steadily relieve itself. As students, we have become rather familiar with little sleep and loads of stress from all the work we have to do. From there, its not uncommon for us to get a headache every week or so. One great way


to relieve a headache is to perform relieving stretches such as: upward and downward shoulder shrugs, stretching your neck forward and moving it slowly up and down, and also pressing your palm into each side of your forehead and moving them in a circular motion. Doing these stretches for about 20 minutes per session relieves the tension, and potentially prevents headaches from coming back with such intensity. Now that we have discussed how to ease cuts and burns, coughs and sore throats, upset stomachs, and even headaches, allow me to end with the most important medicine: sleep. Attaining rest and relaxation is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy body and mind. How many of us knew that cherries actually aid sleep? Tart cherries contain a healthy dose of all natural melatonin, which helps with attaining a good and quality sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, eat a couple

cherries, or better, drink about an 8 ounce glass of tart cherry juice to bring you into a calm slumber. All of these remedies, as well as hundreds more, can only enhance your overall health. Although, please remember that home remedies aren’t meant to take the place of the advice and treatments prescribed by your healthcare professional. They are simply here to aid your health journey. So still continue to work and consult with your doctor about your health problems. With utilizing the many home remedies around you, as well as adhering to any health advice given by health professionals, we should all have no problem with holding our health to where we want and need it to be.



Forum Discusses Manhood and Masculinity

Lesley Sanders Contributing Writer Marc D. Lee, Lavar Youmans, Lamar White, and Dr. Christopher St. Vil gave their insight of masculinity and manhood at the Howard University Healthy Masculinity Forum Tuesday in the Blackburn Digital Auditorium. Lee shared with the audience how his notion of manhood transformed when he enrolled in the Army. After getting into a physical altercation while serving, he had a conversation with his mother that served as turning point in his development as a man. “She said I needed to be the bigger person, the bigger man,” Lee said. White had a different story to share. He was raised by his father, who completely discouraged any display of emotion. His first sex talked consisted of a box of condoms. It wasn’t until he reached college that he was able to come into his own identity. He told the attendees about a time he was with a

group of friends and they were discussing relationship problems. Most of his friends suggested that men should never reveal their emotions to women, but White found himself in disagreement. He said that it was at that point he realized that being unemotional was not always necessary. Ehime Sadoh, senior Psychology major from Brooklyn, New York, was in attendance and was enlightened by White’s story. “I feel like I really got a males perspective of emotion,” Sadoh said. The next panelist to share their manhood experience was Youmans. As a result of traumatic childhood experiences, Youmans lacked the understanding of what being masculine entailed during his adolescent years. Growing up he was a follower and simply acted to conform to others’ ideas of what a man should be. “I realized that there is strength in vulnerability,” Youmans said. St. Vil told spectators


Emmy Victor, Campus Editor

about a time in his college years when he was a resident assistant at Howard and witnessed a student being robbed. The student wanted to retaliate, but St. Vil convinced them to turn the other cheek. “You need to get rid of that pride and think about the consequences,” said St. Vil. After each panelist shared their stories, the floor became open and students were able to discuss issues of masculinity and manhood with the speakers. Topics included the lack of prominent role models in this generation and overcoming fears of being inadequate as a man. In the end, Marc Lee closed the forum off with powerful words of wisdom. “By showing a greater intellect, I show a greater power.”

Howard Student Awarded Luard Morse Scholarship To Oxford University

The SOC Screens an Exclusive Film Preview of “American Promise” Bria Taylor Contributing Writer The School of Communications and the Masters of Fine Arts department hosted a film sneak peak and Q&A sessions of the documentary “American Promise.” The film preview took place in the School of Communications Screening Room West. The screening drew a large crowd of aspiring filmmakers as well as professors from different colleges. The film follows the journey of two African-American males from kindergarten to high school at a prestigious predominately white college preparatory school. Filmmakers Joe Stephenson and Michele Brewster were not only the creators of the film but also the parents of one of the young men in the documentary. This fourteen-year project allowed for Stephenson and Brewster to capture the intimate psychological and academic struggles young black males face in the educational system. The film brings into question the role of race, gender, and privilege in educational success. Moviegoers were not only able to view the movie, but discuss it with

the filmmakers too. Students and faculty members discussed some of the filmmakers’ techniques as well as the inspiration behind the film. “What you want from a documentary is to go somewhere one no has gone before. So we thought African-American males and independent schools. We decided to go the observational route and found life and drama in these moments,” Brewster said. The audience members’ reactions to the film were positive and the Q&A session following the film was thought provoking. “I think American Promise was extraordinary. American Promise’s transparency and authentic recreation of the disparate issues within the African American community kept me on the edge of my seat,” freshmen Tyland Singleton said.

nect some part of their lives to the young men in the movie. Several male audience members described how closely their struggles paralleled to the men in the documentary. “There was so much that I could relate to,” said Singleton. The documentary has already received several critic reviews and awards. Some critics call into question the filmmakers parenting style and choice of editing. However, the film has already won the U.S Documentary Special Jury Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and other nominations. The film will be broadcasted in 2014 on PBS. For more information on the film, visit americanpromise. org or the film’s Twitter @PromiseFilm.

Sophomore Fredrick Sands said, “I felt that American Promise was a profound film that not only captured the struggles that exist among today’s youth as far as education is concerned, but social issues as well.” One of the goals for the filmmakers was for audience members to con-

via Howard University News Room

By Shakaria Buckson University News Service WASHINGTON (October 15, 2013) – Howard University student Angel Rogers was awarded the Luard Morse Scholarship and will spend the 2014 spring semester of her junior year studying at Oxford University, St. Edmund’s College, in England. A biology major from Jacksonville, Fla., Rogers said she plans to pursue a medical degree and a doctorate in biomedical and biochemical studies. She said she would use the knowledge from her training to study disease and disease prevention. Ultimately, she hopes to conduct research and teach at a university with underprivileged students. Among her many achievements, Rogers is involved in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Botanical Society of America and Golden Key International Honors Society.

rigorous courses and faculty who challenged my thinking processes. Through internships and school organizations, I feel prepared for this life-changing experience.” The Luard Morse Scholarship, provided by the English-Speaking Union, is committed to the promotion of scholarship and the advancement of knowledge through the effective use of the English language. Since 1969, it has provided junior year abroad scholarships to the United Kingdom for academically talented sophomore students attending Howard, Hampton University and United Negro College Fund institutions. These students serve as ambassadors for the United States while abroad and for British higher education upon returning home. Candidates for this scholarship must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, be a sophomore and be a United States citizen.

“I am extremely excited and honored to be selected as a Luard Morse Scholar,” Rogers said. “Howard University has prepared me for this opportunity with





Keneisha Deas, Metro Editor

Cash Mobs: New Consumer Trend Rhea Warren Contributing Writer

Have you noticed that the “Chocolate City” has become more mixed with vanilla throughout recent years? Gentrification is a prevalent issue in Washington D.C. and especially affects small, local blackowned businesses and the flow of their consumers. According to The Washington Post’s blog The Root, African Americans make up more than 13 percent of the U.S. population and have a buying power predicted to be over $1.1 million by 2015. With this beinhe black community can make a significant difference by making informed choices as consumers. The recent trend to help local businesses is the cash mob. Cash mobs are grassroots, community-led movements to support small local businesses. Originally inspired by the spontaneous and energetic choreographed flash mob, the idea of a cash mob is for a large amount

of people to come to a shop during a set time and spend $20 each to help the business stay alive. Think Local First DC has a monthly cash mob series to help independently owned businesses, such as Domku Cafe, and newer businesses like Petworth Citizen—but not as many black-owned businesses. Zawadi, a small African gift shop, has been located at 1524 U St. for 22 years and has been struggling in business due to gentrification. Irene Whalen, the 64-year old owner of the shop, noticed that the demographics of the area had started to change and she wanted to find a way to reconnect with her consumers. The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club Inc. and the National Black United Front sponsored a cash mob for Zawadi on October 26th. “We as a black community do not exercise our fiscal power enough. This cash mob was a way to do that by supporting a local business that

has been around for a long time, ” said Chad Graham, a member of the National Black United Front, and junior business management major at Howard University. With attendance of over 30 people, the event was able to raise $800 in four hours. “It was just wonderful—not only financially but it was motivational. It was reassuring in its own way,” said Whalen. “We have to be very intentional about how we spend our money and understand the importance of black businesses in our community,” said Jennifer Bryant, executive director of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club Inc. According to the US Census Bureau, black businesses are significantly more likely to employ black people. “We support black businesses so that black businesses will in turn support the community. It is like a reciprocal process,” said Bryant.


Cory Booker Sworn Into Senate

DC Tourism Industry Still Hurting from Shutdown Alexis McRay Howard News Service Tourism, the second largest industry in Washington, D.C., is still reeling from the first government shutdown in almost 17 years. Officials from Destination DC say they won’t know the full economic impact of the shutdown until next summer. But D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said at an Oct. 18 news conference that the government shutdown probably cost the city about 8 percent in lost business revenue, mostly from tourism and hospitality industries. According to Destination D.C., a record 18.9 million tourists visited the District of Columbia in 2012, up 5.5 percent from the previous year. A substantial increase was expected for 2013, but that estimate now could drastically change. Some of DC’s most popular tourist companies that serve the National Mall and Capitol Hill areas were among those hit hardest by the closed government offices, federal monuments and slowdown in tourist traffic. Some smaller tourist-dependent closed during the shutdown. Others scaled back on their services. Destination DC is the city’s official tourist website. Kate Gibbs, media relations manager of Destination DC, said the city’s tourism industry tried to lead tourists to nongovernmental attractions during the shutdown. “Certainly people were


disappointed but we wanted to remind them that there were still other things to do. We encouraged them to visit other sites that were not been shut down through our Shutdown Concierge Hotline,” Gibbs said. “We are hoping consumer confidence with our National’s Capital hasn’t been rocked.” Big Bus Tours, one of the city’s leading tour guide companies, normally allows customers to explore the city at their own pace. The company is a fan favorite because it allows riders to hop on and off the bus whenever they please, all while enjoying live informative commentary about landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and National History Museum. During the shutdown, Big Bus was not able to drive around the Tidal Basin where most of these landmarks are located, which greatly affected the total number of tours. Maria Vivae, 22, has been working as a receptionist at Big Bus for almost two years and said she has never saw such a dramatic decrease in sales. “Management is not happy. We’re losing money every day,” she said. “Most of our customers come from across the country and [were] very unhappy that they traveled all this way to be denied access to their country’s most historic memorials.” Grayline, one of Washington, D.C.’s, premiere sightseeing tours, also endured setbacks due to the limited access to the memorials. Not only did Grayline completely stop providing tours around the National

Mall and Capitol Hill, but also the number of tours they offered daily dropped from at least five to only one or two. Management even tried offering a new tour attraction-the National Cathedral in upper Northwest Washington--but no one signed up. An employee who has worked for Grayline for a few years said during the shutdown she spent most of her workday assisting customers with refunds. “Once customers realized they no longer could enter any of the monuments or museums they quickly started calling about getting their money refunded from tours they already purchased in advance,” she said. While the tour bus companies struggled during the shutdown , Bike and Roll tours did better than normal. One of Bike and Roll’s tour guides, who would identify himself only as Valentine, has been with Bike and Roll for almost four years. He said he was busier during the shutdown than any other time with the company. Valentine said the number of people who registered for bicycle tours doubled during the shutdown. “A lot of people were out of work allowing them more free time to sightsee and take leisurely time to themselves,” Valentine said.

via, State University of New York at New Paltz

Allyson Carpenter Contributing Writer

We’re very fortunate to have this good man in the Senate,” Reid said.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Former Newark mayor, Cory Booker was sworn into the U.S. Senate this past Thursday after winning the New Jersey election on October 16. Booker, 44, is the fourth AfricanAmerican, after President Obama, to be elected into the Senate.

With an approval rating sitting comfortably around 60 percent, Booker will bring a much needed popularity boost to Congress, whose overall approval rating sits at five percent following the government shutdown. In the last year, Booker has shot into political stardom after garnering considerable media attention for his philanthropic work in the city of Newark. Affectionately nicknamed “super-mayor,” Booker has reportedly rescued a neighbor from an ablaze home, saved a neglected dog during a cold New Jersey winter, and even opened the doors of his home to 12 of his neighbors who lost electricity during Hurricane Sandy.

Vice President Joe Biden conducted the ceremony in the Old Senate Chamber before Booker casted his first vote. Booker beat out Republican candidate Steve Lonegan by a ten percent margin to fill the position of the late Frank Lautenberg. While his election was unsurprising, many deemed the young Senator’s campaign “lackluster.” Aside from criticism, Booker also had to overcome the death of his father just a week before the special election.

Tourists who ride bikes have a better chance at getting closer to the monuments and memorials than those who decide to ride the bus.

Fellow senators and House members welcomed the Capitol Hill newbie with open arms. Majority Leader Harry Reid expressed his excitement over the New Jersey Senator.

[To read the rest visit the Howard News Service web site.]

“Cory Booker is going to be a great asset to this nation and the Senate.


Booker will serve out the remainder of Lautenberg’s term, which ends in 2014.



Maya Cade, L&S Editor


Getting Home Safely With Dom Kennedy

Briahnna Brown Contributing Writer People have been talking a lot about West Coast Hip Hop lately. From the Odd Future collective to the more-mainstream Kendrick Lamar and the rest of Top Dawg Ent., it’s easy to see that the West Coast is beginning to take over the rap game. Los Angeles native Dom Kennedy is no exception to this trend. His new release, Get Home Safely, offers the laid back, feel-good feeling that California is known for. The album starts out with “Let’s Be Friends”, delivering the always cool Dom Kennedy that many of his fans recognize. In the next track, “17”, Dom talks about his growth from being a 17 year old. “Back when I was 17, I had a notion/That I would see the whole world across the ocean.” The fourth track, “After School”, is also nostalgic with Dom looking back to his high school

days and missing one of his fallen friends. Track three, “All Girl Crazy” is one of many tracks on this release that explore Dom’s obsession with women. “Out of all girls, the ones I want/All the girls, that’s what I want,” he raps at the end of each verse. Other songs about the many women Dom spends his time with include “South Central Love”, “Dominic”, and “Still Callin”. “A Intermission for Watts”, while lyrically simplistic, being that it is more like a poem being performed at a spoken-word café than a traditional Dom Kennedy song, has a message so powerful that it becomes one of the songs that is instantly put on repeat. With the help of soft female vocals over the spacey keys and jazz drums, Dom expresses his feelings towards Watts, Los Angeles, explaining that the neighborhood is where everyone should go to relate with their own people: the

Black people in America. The historic neighborhood was home to riots in 1965, where for six days Black people set the city ablaze in the culmination and explosion of racial tensions throughout the area. “Inglewood to Compton, South Central coming in/Love to the East Side but Watts is the motherland.” Get Home Safely brings sleek rhythms along with smooth lyrics that bring a summertime feel to this fall release. This album is great theme music to drive to, and makes listeners which they owned one of the many cars that Dom raps about so they can cruise around in a luxury ride down the Sunset Strip. Dom effortlessly delivers an album so intoxicating, it’s important that you have a “designated listener” so that you can Get Home Safely.

via, M. Hallowell

Cobain Strikes A Cord MayaCade Life & Style Editor Anthony Spillman--also known as Tony Cobain--seems like your ‘average’ junior. But he is another example of the fact that no member of the Howard University community is really ‘average.’ Cobain started writing, acting, telling jokes, and performing stand up comedy in his early teens. This teenage hobby of performing in small productions and doing small comedy gigs has spawned what he hopes will be a lifelong career and strong, growing friendship with comedy. “Comedy is my way of alleviating stress from the everyday struggles that people have,” Cobain states. His ever-evolving relationship with humor has not only landed him larger gigs at comedy shows around the country, and a distinct desire to change his name to his performance name; but has also spawned web show that has become a YouTube sensation. “[The Tony Cobain Show] was just an idea started between friends, we wanted to do a webshow based on everyday jokes and situations… Bring an experience anyone could relate to,” Cobain said. The first episode of the Tony Cobain Show, titled “200 feet”, opens with a glimpse of insight into this funny man’s life, using a mocku-

mentary style of recording. The first episode of the web series is primarily focused on a father and step sister that have a restraining order against each other. This co-writer and star of the show reveals that inspiration for this situation actually comes from real life.

taught me something. My English classes have taught me to be more concise with my writing to get a solid point across. When you write a paper, you are proving something and when I write scripts I make sure to have a point and objective for each episode,” Cobain states.

“My father and my sister actually had a restraining order against each other, and never can get along. Now the restraining order is lifted, we just sit and laugh at it,” Cobain said.

He says that the Howard University experience is more than academic.

Cobain and his team of friends that have now become co-stars, co-writers, and directors also seem to have the magic touch. The first episode now has almost 40,000 views within the first two months of uploading. Tony Cobain and his friends, who wrote this for fun, now are talking with major networks about putting it on the air. With the possibility of a larger platform, “I would like to focus on more universal ideas, I would try to broaden my show and make it relate to everyone. The show would be funnier, more detailed, and I want to keep the same actors who have been with me throughout the process,” Cobain talks excitedly. This web show sensation believes that his background in comedy isn’t the only thing to which he owes his success to.

“At Howard University, the history and art is so intertwined, it’s a long line I would like to continue. I wouldn’t want to put out anything that would hurt our culture and history. I think that’s the purpose of all art, it comes from the heart,” Cobain said. Tony Cobain, a twenty-one year old striving to change the perspective of comedy and how comedy is perceived. Whether it is through a web show or the jokes he tells on stage, Cobain aims to change the world one joke at a time. “I want to destroy the whole image of reality shows that are being presented to the youth that is mixing the perception of the world,” Cobain states, “I want to present my show and success to the world as: this is me, this is real, and you can do it too.”

“All my classes at Howard have


M.I.A., Versace Collaborate

Kianna Baptiste Contributing Writer

Music artist, M.I.A. has launched her collection with Versace under the sister line “Versus”. M.I.A. x Versus Versace is based off of bootleg Versace. Yes, Versace has a launched a line based off of knockoffs of their own brand. M.I.A designed a 19-piece collection that launched this month; carrying both men and women’s items. Every piece in the collection was inspired by imitation Versace that would typically be seen on London streets and in markets. M.I.A tells Women’s Wear Daily “When I was contacted by Versace, it seemed like a great idea to invert the circle. Versace designs have always been bootlegged, now it’s Versace bootlegging the bootleg for the bootleggers to bootleg the bootleg. This is to keep that cycle going.” M.I.A, 38, is an English-Sri Lankan Grammy award-winning music artist. She is the mastermind behind many hit songs including “Paper Planes” and “Bad Girls”; and she was also featured on “Swagger Like Us” with rappers Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Jay-Z. “Versace is all about all gold everything and being flashy. M.I.A. is known for her flashy, crazy style. I like the concept behind M.I.A. x Versus collection being inspired from people that counterfeit

Versace pieces,” says Shammara Lawrence, 19, a fashion journalism major at NYU, fashion blogger at and former intern for fashion stylist, Beverly O. Even though this is a bootleg based collection, the prices for the items are definitely authentic. T-shirts start at $180, jeans and leggings at $165, blouses at $400, dresses at $230, jackets at $515, and bags and shoes both start at $300. When M.I.A. was asked to reveal her sources on whom exactly did she spot wearing fake Versace to inspire her collection, she declared that there would be no snitching. Fashionistas are raving about the collection, however there are mixed feelings about the knockoff inspired pieces. “I am shocked that Versace would do a collection based on imitation pieces. M.I.A. is not known for being a fashion icon, so I’m confused as to why she would be representing the brand. However, this is something that a high fashion brand has never done before, so I definitely still respect it,” says Alphonso Marshall, 20, an administrative justice major from New York. The collection can be viewed and purchased on www.versusversace. com




“How do you define Howard style?”

Photos by Sydnee Monday, Staff Photographer

Clarke Jacobs Sophomore Public Relations Major Los Angeles, CA Eclectic. There are a lot of different styles on Howard’s campus. I feel like you can’t really pinpoint a specific style. Everyone draws influences from other people.

Malachi Dozier Sports Management Major Atlanta GA

Gesiye Komonibo Junior Public Relations Major Houston, TX

When you think about it as a whole, Howard’s stylish because you can wear a lot of different things and it’s going to look good for different people. Everyone at Howard has their own style. I like it.

Individualistic. Style is what you make it, so even if you’re rocking sweats with boots or you’re wearing a fitted suit, or nice formfitting dress, I feel like style is a representation of how you’re feeling that day. Tarah Massey Senior Public Relations Major

Kelly Butler Junior Biology Major Los Angeles, CA

It’s a variation of all of the different states. There’s no distinct style. Everybody brings their own individuality from back home. Personally, I believe that style is more so how you wear it, not what you wear. It’s all about originality.

It’s extra and a little bit flamboyant, but it’s refined and polished.

Naim-Iman Venn Junior RTF Major Brooklyn, NY It’s very eclectic, being that there are certain students that are a bit hippy and on the trendy side and then there are some students that are a bit preppy. It’s diverse.




Rumor Mill

via, Coast to Coast and in Between Yesterday was the last day the Washington Monument will be illuminated by the decorative lighting seen in recent months. As the National Park Service gets set to take down the scaffolding from the iconic landmark, they say the exterior work to earthquake-damaged monument is 80 percent complete, while interior is 30 percent finished; “Numerous ʻDutchman’ repairs - more than 150 - were made and cracks filled at the top of the structure, where most of the damage occurred.” Scaffolding removal will begin during the week of November 11 and is slated to take about three months. It is expected to reopen in Spring 2014 per the DCist. com.


Could the University be on the verge of regulating house parties of students living near campus?

Is the removal of musical acts/performers from Yardfest on the horizon as members of the Howard community mull changes after this year’s event.

Chlamydia outbreak real or not? The Health Center says no, but some students continue to think otherwise.

Resident Assistant strikes could be nearing as they--in addition to other campus organizations--await proper payment.







Khari Arnold, Sports Editor

DSU Downs Howard With Late Score

Photos Courtesy of Howard Sports Information

Via Ward Mitchell kicked a 26-yard field goal as Delaware State stunned Howard 22-20 in a Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference game at Alumni Stadium. The game featured a combination of long drives, botched special teams play and a never-say-die attitude by both teams. On the Bison’s second possession of the game, junior quarterback Greg McGhee put together a 12play drive that covered 69 yards and used up over five minutes, with McGhee capping it off with a 5-yard pass to tight end David Wilson. The Howard defense would keep the Hornets in check through most of the first quarter until the Hornets took advantage of a Bison fumble that ended with Najee Jackson taking it in from two yards out with 7:32 remaining before intermission. It did not take Howard (3-6, 2-4 MEAC) long as junior Richard Aiyegoro fielded a kick at his own 25-yard, found a seam in the middle and weaved his way to a 75-yard kick return. It was the first kickoff return of his career and gave the Bison a 14-7 bulge with 7:26 on the clock in the second quarter. Delaware State (4-5, 4-2 MEAC) answered six minutes later following an 80-yard drive that took only

seven plays and consumed a little over three minutes off the clock. Ward’s PAT attempt was blocked and the Hornets trailed, 14-13 at the half. Neither team was able to get any consistency in the third quarter and through most of the fourth until the Bison embarked on a 99-yard drive, using almost 13 minutes off the clock with Anthony Philyaw taking it in from four yards out with just 3:41 remaining in the fourth frame. John Fleck missed the PAT and the Bison led, 20-13. “The offense was feeling really good after that drive,” said McGhee. “All we were waiting for was a stop from the defense. Things just didn’t fall our way at the end of the game. Turnovers hurt us at the beginning of the game. You can’t turn the ball over four times and win games. We have to correct that.” The Hornets, under the leadership of their quarterback Cory Murphy, quickly went 77 yards in less than two minutes. The snap for the conversion attempt was bobbled and Delaware State trailed, 20-19 with less than two minutes left. Then came what proved to be the play of the game. The Hornets lined up for the kickoff and executed a perfect onside kick that Milton Williams recovered at midfield. Murphy drove his team down to the Howard nine-yard line and called its final timeout, setting up Mitchell’s potential game-winning kick.

In a game of many bizarre plays, even the routine attempt was not done to perfection as the snap was bobbled by holder Marco Kano. He was able to get it down and Mitchell booted it through the uprights for the win, setting off a wild celebration by Delaware State and bitter disappointment by the Bison. “They made a play and we didn’t,” said Howard interim head coach Rayford Petty. “We had an opportunity to win the game. We had a missed PAT that gave them a chance to tie the game. And then we come back and block their PAT. We don’t get the onside kick. They did a good job of going down the field and scoring.” McGhee had another fine outing in a losing effort, rushing for a gamehigh 93 yards and completing 17 of 28 for 167 yards and a TD. Philyaw, the two-time MEAC Rookie of the Week, chipped in with 87 yards on 27 carries and a TD, but he lost two fumbles and appeared to be less effective following a hard hit late in the second quarter. “He was running well prior to that hit, but he did not run that hard afterwards,” explained Petty. Murphy led the Hornets with 49 yards on 12 carries while completing 20 of 30 for 241 yards, a TD and no interceptions.


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Men’s Soccer Game: Howard vs. Pittsburgh Date: Tue. Nov. 5 – 7:30 PM Location: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Women’s Volleyball Match: Howard vs. Morgan State Date: Fri. Nov. 8 – 7:00 PM Location: Baltimore, Md.

Men’s Swimming/ Diving Game: Howard vs. Catholic Date: Thu. Nov. 7 – 7:00 PM Location: Washington D.C.

Men’s Basketball Game: Howard vs. Washington College Date: Fri. Nov. 8 – 7:00 PM Location: Washington D.C.

Women’s Swimming/ Diving Match: Howard vs. Catholic Date: Thu. Nov. 7 – 7:00 PM Location: Washington D.C.

Football Game: Howard vs. Savannah State Date: Sat. Nov. 9 – 1:00 PM Location: Washington D.C.

MEAC Names Broussard Top Rookie For Fifth Time

Via WASHINGTON, DC --- For the fifth time this season, freshman outside hitter Katherine Broussard was named the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Volleyball Rookie of the Week, the league announced on last Monday. The honor extends Broussard’s hold on the award this season and gives her six accolades the season (Player of the Week 9/9/13).


The 5-7 freshman from Harvey, LA helped Howard to a pair of wins over Maryland Eastern Shore and Delaware State this Homecoming weekend. In HU’s three-game winning streak, Broussard totaled 37 kills and had a .366 hitting percentage to help the Lady Bison to wins over Bethune-Cookman, Maryland Eastern Shore and Delaware State. She registered 17 kills, nine digs, and three assists against DSU.



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