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Hideout Permit Requirement Overview-2018 Hideout permits are required for most alterations, interior or exterior, whether or not said alterations involve structural modifications or fees. If a homeowner is unsure if they need a permit or not to perform lot improvement work, contact the Hideout Environmental Department. Do NOT start any work until you have an approved Permit. Any lot improvement performed without securing the Proper Permit will result in the Lot Owner being assessed a non-refundable $250.00 fine. A non-refundable fine of $500.00 will be assessed for a second violation. (BDR 9/29/12) (BDR 13-28) PERMIT MUST BE POSTED ON SITE ON YOUR EMERGENCY SIGN POST/ADDRESS POST. UPON COMPLETION – SIGN and DATE PERMIT (on Bottom) AND RETURN TO POA OFFICE (ECC Manual, pg. 6) The Environmental Control Committee (ECC) meets the second and fourth Friday of every month to review certain permit applications as noted on the backside of this document. If your scope of work requires a permit from a local township, that permit MUST be submitted with your application for ECC to review. Please submit all that is required as noted on the permit application when you file for the permit. Your Hideout permit application will be denied if you do not submit all necessary documents and township permits for review. A drawing or plans of the scope of work is highly recommended. An initial site inspection will be performed by the Environmental Manager and/or his/her designee for any permits requiring ECC review. The visit will occur during departmental work hours, Tue-Sat 8am-4pm. Homeowners do not need to be present during this initial site inspection but the following are tips to ensure a successful site inspection: • •

If you are having any object installed, please stake out or mark the area it will be placed. All structures MUST be within your setbacks. (10 feet on either side of house, 25 feet from front lot line, 25 feet from rear lot line, 50 feet from nearest lake (if applicable)) Ensure your property is in compliance with our environmental rules and regulations (IE, NO objects are attached to trees, propane tanks are properly screened, bird feeders are a minimum of 8 feet off the ground, lot is properly maintained, minimal white trim not exceeding 4 inches in width, etc.). All ECC Rules and Regulations are available via and homeowners are reminded that they are responsible for knowing and complying with all established rules and regulations.

Once a permit has been approved, the Environmental Department will contact you with instructions on where to pick it up. Each individual permit is valid for six (6) months from the date of issuance. If the approved work has not been completed within six (6) months, you must request an extension through our office. If a roll-off dumpster must be brought into the property for interior OR exterior work, you must notify the Environmental Department in advance. Important Contact Information: Hideout Environmental Department (570) 698-4100, ext. 102 or 166 (Fax is 570-698-9457) Lake Township Municipal Building (570) 698-0444 Salem Township Municipal Building (570) 689-4663 Wayne Conservation District (570) 253-0930 (Fax is 570-253-9741)

2018 Permit Schedule. All permits are available at the POA office OR you can download them from

Permit Type

Hideout Fee

ECC Review Required?

Deck (NEW) Deck (REPLACE) Docks/Bulkhead/Shoreline Improvement Driveway (NEW/RETOP) Retaining Wall

$75 $50 $60

Yes Yes Yes

$50 $30

Yes Yes

Parking Pad Hand Railing Excavation/Demolition Garage (ATTACHED/DET.) Generator Home Addition Landscaping (MAJOR) Miscellaneous New Single-Family Home Porches/Sunrooms Patio Pet Enclosure Electrical Fence for Pets Fuel Storage (Oil/Propane) Re-Roofing Satellite Dish Antenna Siding/Paint/Stain Storage Sheds/Gazebos Roof Mounted Solar Panels Tree Rem. (DEAD/DYING) Tree Removal

$45 $40 $40 $100 $20 $100 $40 $0 $600 $100 $40 $10 $0 $20 $0 $10 per $0 $45 $15 $0 $20

Lake/Salem Township Permit Required? Yes Yes No

No Depending on Height Yes No Yes Depending on plans Yes Depends on plans Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Depends on plans Depends on plans Depends on plans Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No

Wayne Conservation District Permit Required? No No Yes

As Built Survey Required?

No No

Yes Yes

No No No No No No No Depends on Plans No No No No No No No No No No No No No

Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Depends on Plans No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes No No No

Yes Yes Yes

Hideout Permit Requirement Structure  
Hideout Permit Requirement Structure