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19. What a Former Approval Addict Can Teach You About Success



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How to Engage Your Audience by Engaging Yourself

Iadequate to Amazing You aren’t “Just” anything

Blending Entrepreneurship with Lifelong Health

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The Abundance Zone Toolkit

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Mama and Baby Love


5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Being an Entrepreneur

The Detox Difference: Re-building Your Gut







5 Steps to Hiring and Training a Team

3 Things NOT to put on Your Hompage (and the Fix)

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A Letter from the Editor WHY DID YOU START THE HAPPY ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE? A few months ago I was walking through the airport on my way to a conference. My flight was delayed so I went to the new-stand to pick up something great to read. I wanted something full of great tips and inspiration for my business but all the entrepreneur magazines had men on the cover and were directed to those folks who seem to live their business 24/7.

gone before.

So I started looking at the women’s magazines; Better Homes and Gardens, Shape, O Magazine. After trying to make my decision for 20 minutes I ended up leaving with 6 magazines: Entrepreneur, Origin, Domino (thrilled that it’s back!) Oprah, Vogue, and Self. As I go up to the counter a thought flashes through my head. I should put together a magazine for people like me.

This magazine will be released quarterly with new experts each time sharing their best tips for growing your business. It will also include health, beauty, and life tips from those women who know what they are talking about. And the best part? The online version will always be free.

I wanted tips for women entrepreneurs like me who are building 6-7 figure businesses, who have a life, love their home, value their health, and loved to be inspired and guided by those who have

So I did. Welcome to the happy entrepreneur magazine. It is an extension of my business the happy entrepreneur- a place for women entrepreneurs to get the steps they need so they can stop spinning their wheels, make great money and have a life they love.

Welcome to the communitymake sure you join us on facebook and let’s keep in touch. If you would like to be featured as an expert in future editions please email us at

xo, Sarah

Sarah Finks Business Strategist & Productivity Expert


Sarah Finks the happy entrepreneur

the happy entrepreneur


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1. “Brazen Self Promotion” audio mp3 program (download and listen to in the car, while washing dishes, jogging… whatever!) Simple mindset tweeks and proven strategies to stop hiding under your desk when it comes to all things self promotion so you can get out there and make an impact doing your thing.

2. Opportunity to apply for a Live Brazen Strategy Session For action takers who are ready to invest in growing your business and living a big life. If chosen I’ll evaluate your business strategy thus far and help you come up with a game plan to practice the principles of Live Brazen directly in your business so you can start magnifying your tribe and monetizing your magic. This evaluation is (valued at $250) will be provided to a limited number of qualified applicants at no charge to see if and how I might be able to help you take your business to the next level. So please make sure you are ready to stop being stuck and start investing in the business and life you dream about.




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30 Days and 30 Ways to Touch the Sky: A 60 page E-journal with Motivational Musings by Eleni Kelakos. Change a habit that is holding you back and create a new habit that will move you forward with the pdf/digital version of Eleni Kelakos’ popular 30-day journal. Start your day by reading a motivational musing designed to get you to you to think, feel and take new action. Then, fill the journal’s blank pages with your own musings, or simply document the daily steps you are taking to be everything you can be! This free gift also comes with a bonus: A subscription to Eleni’s wise, often witty and always motivational Monday Morning Musings e-series. These weekly emails will keep you focused on being genuinely and powerfully present in your work and life so you can Touch the Sky on a daily basis!

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-Finally, a book that speaks the truth about all the weight loss myths out there. Learn why losing weight has become so hard and so frustrating for so many women. Jen shares her personal weight loss transformation story (30+ lbs) and the 5 biggest challenges women face to getting the body they want.

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Get Paid for Being You These free training videos and play sheets teach you how to connect the dots between You and Money in an authentic, simple 3-step process. • • •


Connect Who You are to What You Do Learn your Hidden Value Find the People You Need to make it all work

• Bridge the gap between who you are and how you earn. • Learn your hidden value. • Find the people you need to make it happen.



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FROM STELLA ORANGE The Money Makin’ Homepage How to Write + What To Say

Hey there hot biscuit. let’s get down to business! Glad you got this far. Before we go any further, there are 3 things you need to know about what we’re doing: 1) I want you to make a fabulous living doing what you love, serving people you love. 2) I believe you can do it—even if you aren’t sure. 3) I will make this simple, but it ain’t easy. My intention is to give you a great free resource to help you get this project done. If you need personal attention, or more guidance, I offer that, too. Oh—and one more thing: Trust that your train is bound for glory, my dove. Now, let’s get down to business.





From Your Freezer To Your Family, Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes. So that the women entrepreneurs can save time in the kitchen and spend more time working on growing their business.

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Here’s what’s included in your “NO MORE PLAYING SMALL” Starter Kit ($631 Value): • The TRUTH About Finding (the Best!) Clients — 90-Minute Webinar • Your Money Wake-Up Call — a 2-part training (with 5 Bonus Action Guides) • Your Next Bold Move – Training + Transcripts to get your next 5 clients • 3-Part “Unstoppable Money” video training series • Unstoppable Strategy Sessions — Cheat-Sheet • The 10 Commandments of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur (Poster) • 31 Days and 31 Ways to Get Unstuck -- FAST! (e-Book) • 1 FREE Month in the “Unstoppable You Inner Circle” • Instant- Inspiration Cards • Unstoppable Manifesto • Free subscription to the Unstoppable weekly e-Zine (and UnstoppableTV) Plus — I’m throwing in my wildly-popular “YOUR SPACE FOR SUCCESS” Starter Kit ($97 Value): This is some of my best Feng Shui insights from my popular HGTV show, “Fun Shui” — to show you how to USE your home and office as a manifesting MACHINE – designed to attract people, situations and opportunities to you (as if my magic) — and to lighten and loosen any life-long stuck spots or limiting beliefs. * 2+ hours of audio training, workbook and transcripts. Click here to grab your FREE copy — while supplies last:




FREE ! T F i G Check out my free video series to understand more about the human sewer and what you can do to end digestive struggles like heartburn and constipation with super simple tricks I’ve been using for years on myself and my clients. the happy entrepreneur



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abundance zone toolkit

This audio file walks you through how to recognize whether your energy signature in any given moment is one that will make you magnetic to everyone (friends, family, potential leads or lovers) or ... ahem!.. repellent. There may be certain people in your world which you want to repel, and that’s fine, but for your business to thrive you can’t be repelling ideal clients. In addition, I’ll show you through how to flip your energy out of repellant to attractive like a switch, so you’ll never have to have an important encounter wearing the wrong kind of energy again. This audio also takes you step by step through the Divine Love Bubble; it will help to keep your energy signature in the Abundance Zone. And it also takes you step-by-step through the Human Pendulum from Donna Eden, which can help you make on-the-spot decisions that are also spot-on. All entrepreneurs know that the faster we can make decisions, the better our business goes, especially if those decisions don’t have to be un-done later.


APPROVAL addict?

No More

the happy entrepreneur


Amy Pearson’s Radical Authenticity



Hello my name is Amy and I’m an “approval addict,” recovering with the occasional relapse. Confessions of a Gold Star Chaser

Wrong. The Hamster Wheel

If I could get the Entire Known Universe to like me, I figured I’d always be invited to the best parties, make great money at a job I loved, I thought my life would feel as sparkly and shiny as it looked on the outside.


I’m a Performer with a touch of Hero Worshiper and Perfectionist. What this means is that for most of my adult life, I’ve been chasing “gold stars” to get other people to approve of me. Not just approve, actually, to adore me. I wanted people to see me walking down the street and say, “there goes Amy. Did you know she solved the hunger problem? How does she do it and stay so thin?” If I could get the Entire Known Universe to like me, I figured I’d always be invited to the best parties, make great money at a job I loved, I thought my life would feel as sparkly and shiny as it looked on the outside.

My life was a hamster wheel of constant striving -- seeking out one accomplishment after another (and I had to look perfect doing it.) There was always another ten pounds to lose, another person to impress, another incomplete task on my enormous to do list. I didn’t know it at the time but I was living in a self-imposed prison. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t so anxiety was my only real companion. The gold stars I was chasing were leading me further and further away from the life I really wanted. I was trying to win over people I didn’t like. I was in a prestigious job for the prestige, nothing else. I was letting a hunk of metal dictate my self worth and I was rack-

You Can Do It! ing up more and more credit card debt trying to look perfect. My Life Didn’t “Fit In” with Me

My Life Didn’t “Fit In” with Me I had created a life that didn’t fit me at all, just to feel a sense of belonging, to fit in. I was maintaining a persona that wasn’t me, so I could feel good about myself.

I had created a life that didn’t fit me at all, just to feel a sense of belonging, to fit in. I was maintaining a persona that wasn’t me, so I could feel good about myself. But it wasn’t working and I couldn’t figure out why. I thought the solution was to achieve more, lose more weight, do better, be better. Does any of this sound familiar? It’s Normal to Want Approval The thing is, wanting approval is normal. In fact it’s a biological drive rooted in the human need for security. The problem is that a lot people internalize the idea that parts of themselves – their quirks, stupid things they did, stupid things others did to them, even stupid things that happened in their family– are NOT fit for human consumption. So they hide. They hide parts of themselves they don’t want other people to know about. Because they’re certain if people knew the

truth… “Well they definitely wouldn’t hang out with me, or invite me to their parties and they certainly wouldn’t hire me.” I call it an “approval seeking façade.” Contrary to popular belief, not everyone goes into “people pleaser” mode to get approval. Which is why I created eight “approval seeking personality types.” The truth is we all have a persona, lots of them depending on the circumstance. I act different when I’m coaching a client than I do when I’m hanging out with my kids. The problem isn’t the persona. The problem is when you use it to extract approval or avoid rejection from other people at your expense. You start to think that persona is Who You Really Are. You end up living a life that your true self would never recognize. Flash forward ten years: I’m still a total gold star “whore” – I chase accomplishment like a dog chases squirrels. But I don’t do it for other people. I do it for myself.

the happy entrepreneur


I have “heros,” but I don’t worship them. They remind me of what’s possible. I can still be a perfectionist but I don’t let it keep me from a shitty first draft when that’s what it takes.

It’s not because I’m better than you. It’s not because I’m smarter or better looking…

I’m no longer hiding behind a persona that doesn’t fit. And because of that my business is a true reflection of who I am, quirks and all.

YOU are magnetic. YOU are fascinating. And YOU have the power to attract a tribe of raving fans who’ll practically throw money at you to do what you do.

I’m not trying to be all things to all people. This is what allows my people to find me, hire me and pay me good money to do what I do (let the other one unsubscribe!). It’s also why I have something new to contribute to the conversation (some people call me a thought leader!). And with all the talk about branding, this is how I created a compelling brand without really even trying.

It’s because I’m willing to be myself, uncensored, no apologies.

If you stop hiding.

Is Hiding Worth It? 5 Questions to Ask

1) How do you hide? Do you try to appear smarter or more competent than you think you are? Maybe you wear certain clothes to “fit in.” Or hold back when you think your opinion might offend someone? These are examples of hiding.

3) What do you lose by hiding? Consider the “costs” of hiding. How much time do you spend trying to figure out what people will think? How does this impact you in your business? Your productivity, creativity…are you having any fun?

2) What’s the “pay off ”? All lot of people think they benefit from hiding. The truth is you’re preemptiveley rejecting yourself out of fear of potential rejection. Is it worth it?

4) What are you afraid might happen if you to drop the persona? People render themselves invisible to their ideal client by trying to please the haters. Trust me, the haters are gonna hate, no matter what you do.


I’m not trying to be all things to all people.

5) How do you link your persona with your sense of self? Approval seekers and rejection avoiders spend so much time chasing approval that when they do decide to stop, many don’t know what to do with themselves. Trust me, it can be scary, but all the good stuff waits for you on the other side!

Take The Approval Quiz now at to find out your approval seeking personality type.

A Letter from Amy

Dear Reader,

AN OPEN LETTER FROM AMY I am a happy entrepreneur. But make no mistake, I am not comfortable. You show me a “comfortable” entrepreneur and I’ll show you one whose business is stagnant. Strong words, maybe. But I’m trying to make a point. Too many entrepreneurs think it’s supposed to be easy. They want to look good climbing the ladder to success. They think that the Danielle LaPortes and the Brene’ Browns made it happen with their eyes closed. I want you to know something important.


Here’s what happy entrepreneurs know. It’s about the journey. And behind all the glitz and glam, if you pull back the curtain, I guarantee you every road is paved with dashed hopes, botched launches and projected income that didn’t pan out. Happy entrepreneurs know it’s all a grand experiment. And that success lives right at the very edge of a best laid plan gone wrong. Don’t quit right before the miracle.

Xoxo -a

It isn’t true.

Amy Pearson is a master certified Martha Beck life coach, a coach mentor and instructor for Martha Beck’s life coach training. She’s a teacher, coach, writer and speaker. A former approval addict (with the occasional relapse), she is now addicted to success. Her mission is nothing short of world peace by empowering every heart-centered entrepreneur to magnify their tribe, make great money and an epic impact while doing their unique thing in the world.

the happy entrepreneur



I call it Radical Authenticity. It’s about being YOU uncensored in your business...


HOW I CAME TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL BIZ: I’m not an overnight success story. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into my coaching practice. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time writing business plans, thinking about a niche and rehashing my ideal client avatar. But none of these things helped until I discovered that my “approval addiction” – the very thing that was keeping me stuck in my life, was the exact same thing keeping me stuck in my business. I wasn’t seeking approval from other people. Instead, I was using my business to feel good about myself. I thought if I could fill my practice, get lots of comments on my blog, hit six figures… I’d finally feel worthy. I’m not the only one who uses her business to validate her. It’s a trap. I call it The Approval Trap. It’s a hidden epidemic among entrepreneurs. It leaves you feeling like an “imposter” in your business, it’s the reason why you feel “cringy” about marketing and sales, and it’s why you don’t stand out in a


crowded marketplace.

cessful people.

When I stopped comparing myself to other coaches, took down the glossy portraits I thought I was supposed to have on my website, and started to write how I talk… I finally started to see results -– my first five figure launch, a full 1:1 practice, and yes six figures. I found a tribe of fans who are happy to pay me good money to do my unique thing in the world.

Quoting Jeff Olsen, “success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”

I call it Radical Authenticity. It’s about being YOU uncensored in your business, no apologies + doing the brazen shit you need to do to get results. It yields a fascinating brand, more clients and a truly epic impact.

My Favorite Book: The book that changed my business is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. I used to think “successful people” were somehow better than me – smarter, more charismatic, more gifted at business. After I read this book, I learned the truth about success and suc-

In other words, success is about showing up each day to do what is easy to do BUT just as easy not to do. So thanks to The Slight Edge, I know I have to show up, each day, in honor of my goals to do the little things that compounded over time make all the difference. Trust me, it works.

1. “Brazen Self Promotion” audio mp3 program (download and listen to in the car, while washing dishes, jogging… whatever!) Simple mindset tweeks and proven strategies to stop hiding under your desk when it comes to all things self promotion so you can get out there and make an impact doing your thing.

2. Opportunity to apply for a Live Brazen Strategy Session For action takers who are ready to invest in growing your business and living a big life. If chosen I’ll evaluate your business strategy thus far and help you come up with a game plan to practice the principles of Live Brazen directly in your business so you can start magnifying your tribe and monetizing your magic. This evaluation is (valued at $250) will be provided to a limited number of qualified applicants at no charge to see if and how I might be able to help you take your business to the next level. So please make sure you are ready to stop being stuck and start investing in the business and life you dream about.

e r e h Cgleictkit now! to the happy entrepreneur


delivering dull, dry content?

Engage Your Audience by Engaging Yourself. By Eleni Kelakos, Chief Transformational Officer of the Eleni Group

...It was my job to find a way to fire up my passion for the material I was delivering. 26

I am always reminding my clients that the way to fire up the hearts and minds of their audience is to embrace my Fifth Commandment of Great Acting and Great Speaking: Turn Thyself on so you can Turn Others On. Because when your passion is engaged, your audience is too. “But what if my material is as dry as the Sahara

desert?” a client will complain. “After all, I’m only delivering the monthly numbers/quarterly report/ status update on a project. How do I engage my passion over that?” It’s a good question. Because while you might find the passion to motivate and inspire others in situations like delivering an annual keynote, launching

a new product, or announcing a new direction for your team, it’s an awful lot harder to drum up the required passion at the weekly team huddle over stale donuts and bad coffee. As an actor, I understood that it was my job to find a way fire up my passion for the material I was delivering, no matter how dry or boring or unpleasant it was. I had to do everything I could to make the material my own, and to inspire the engaged (and engaging) performer in me to come out and play. That meant I had to do two things. Choose a clear and compelling intention (“What do I want? What am I here to do.?”) And then support that intention with every fiber of my being, making choices to keep me interested and engaged, moment by moment.

the same responsibility as an actor to find a way to deliver a dull or difficult message to your people. Here’s how to do it:

As a business leader, you have the same responsibility as an actor to find a way to deliver a dull or difficult message to your people. Eleni Kelakos, The Eleni Group

As a business leader, you have

s ’ e r e H o d o t how it 1. GO DEEP Choose an intention that truly drives you, that gives your words meaning. I.e. “My intention is to challenge the compliance team to continue to maintain their excellent record so we can keep our customers and attract more business.” Or “my intention is to connect deeply and authentically with every member of my audience so that they have a genuine, human expe-

rience with me.” Use action verbs that fire you up—to inspire, to convince, etc. The more the intention engages you, the more you’ll honor it—even when something (like your slides freezing) or someone (like the yawning guy in the third row) threatens to knock you off course.

2. GO BIG Connect the message to something larger. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur leading a team of people in the development and marketing of health care products, fire up your presentation, your team and yourself by reminding your people that their daily grind helps people live healthier lives. That’s what a client of mine recently did when she delivered

the happy entrepreneur


the opening presentation at her pharmaceutical company’s annual meeting. Faced with the daunting task of having to reveal not only dry but discouraging data that reflected a tough and frustrating year for the members of her sales team, she knew it was imperative to bring a sense of hope and possibility to her words. And so she told her audience that she felt like England’s famed King Henry, when he faced the daunting task of motivating his dispirited troops on the eve of an epic battle for which they were, theoretically, sorely outnumbered. Quoting passages from King Henry’s gorgeous Saint Crispian’s Day speech from William Shakespeare’s play Henry V, she encouraged the members of her team to fight with a renewed commitment to selling their medical products in the name of changing people’s lives for the better. Connecting King Henry’s story to her presentation not only fired up my client’s passion and made the dismal annual numbers she was sharing more palatable, it re-connected her team members to their value and purpose.


and t n e s pre entic auth When your intention is compelling, and you’ve turned yourself on so that your passion is a burning, contagious flame, you will substantially raise the engagement level in the room -- no matter how how-hum the material.

3. GO PERSONAL Put your unique spin on the presentation by infusing it with material or an activity that gets you fired up and lets people see who you really are. What do you genuinely love to do? What could you do, show or share that could help make your presentation more compelling, energizing or memorable? The sky’s the limit: Juggle, read a poem, tell a personal story that illustrates your point, show a YouTube clip that’s on topic and makes you laugh, etc. When you layer in content or activities that let you reveal yourself and that you can’t wait to share or do, your audience members will feel and respond to your genuine energy and enthusiasm. Take, for example, the presentation a coaching client recently gave involving the reporting of quarterly numbers that suggested inefficiency and waste in her company’s three year initiative. As an 28

avowed efficiency nut, my client abhors waste. That holds true for her passion for gardening. Which is why, at the onset of what could have been a dry as toast presentation loaded with numbers, my client chose to tell her audience about her general philosophy about gardening: If a plant takes too much daily maintenance, and tends to wither in spite of her efforts, she lets it die. Why waste time on a plant that is robbing you of valuable time? The same holds true, she explained, of the initiative she was discussing: It was taking too much time and effort to maintain, for too little in return; and therefore, it was time to jettison it like a dying plant, and to replace it with a new, less wasteful initiative. Framing her data in the context of gardening allowed her to make her point more clearly and compellingly; and it also let her have more fun and be more present and authentic.

eleni BIO kelakos Eleni is the founder and CTO (Chief Transformational Officer) of The Eleni Group. As a professional actress, nationally touring singer, songwriter and recording artist with four acclaimed music CDs, she spent over 20 years learning how to bring her most authentic and effective self to interviews, auditions and performances on countless stages across the nation. Eleni learned the tools of her craft from master teachers at Brown University (where she earned degrees in both Theatre and Semiotics) and in New York City and Hollywood. She shares those tools with business professionals who want to feel more confident, impactful and influential in their speeches and presentations. Eleni has helped hundreds of clients radiate their Transformational Presence, which she defines as the ability to be so fully and authentically present on and off the speaking platform, that you shift the way others feel, believe or behave. As the go-to presentations skills coach and trainer in the Ann Arbor/Greater Detroit area since 2003, Eleni has boosted the Transformational Presence of hundreds of individuals at companies ranging from General Motors to entrepreneurial start-ups. As a motivational speaker, Eleni challenges herself to walk her talk and embody Transformational Presence whenever she steps onto the speaking platform. She presents her flagship programs—TOUCH THE SKY, STOP PLAYING SMALL and USE YOUR WORDS TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD—which combine original songs, stories and actionable content—to professional groups and associations across the country. She’s particularly zealous about working with and speaking to women, encouraging them to Stop Playing Small in their lives and work, and to use their words, body language and actions to convey confident leadership. Eleni is the author of the recently released book, Touch the Sky: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth, Make Your Mark.

She’s a past president of the National Speakers Association of Michigan, and a proud member of the Actors Equity Association, the Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists. She’s also sung the national anthem three times at Shea Stadium in front of more than 30,000 people. When she’s not speaking, coaching or training, Eleni is busy with three grown step-kids, three crazy cats, and her beloved hubby, music agent Jim Fleming.

the happy entrepreneur



a note to entrepreneurs: from eleni kelakos

As I am continuously proclaiming from the speaking platform (or from the couch in my office, when working with coaching clients), nobody is served when you play small. You are meant to bring your highest, best self to this planet. Your unique presence is powerful and necessary. The gifts that are uniquely yours are not meant to be closeted away and left to languish or atrophy. They are meant to be harnessed, honed and shared in service to the purposeful work you’ve chosen to do. Be willing to stand in who you really are, and to share your wisdom, your product, your service without apology—whether you are speaking to one person, or to a thousand. Be willing to risk sharing the best of you on a daily basis—and let the business you are building build a better planet and be of genuine service to others. Be willing to believe that the world needs exactly what you have to offer, so that you can find the inner resources you need to push forward through inevitable obstacles. Because you matter. And I believe in you.


“Because you matter. And I believe in you.”

Eleni Kelakos

ceo the eleni group

eleni kelakos: If someone had told me when I graduated from college that I’d someday be running my own, successful business, I would have said “What have you been smoking?” Never in a million years did I conceive of myself as an entrepreneur. And yet, pursuing my initial career as an actress in N.Y. and L.A. taught me foundational entrepreneurial skills and habits. For one thing, I seriously followed a mentor’s advice when he suggested I treat my acting career as if it were a donut shop with a storefront. “Get up and make the donuts every day,” he said, “even when you don’t feel like it.” This notion, that it is both my right and my responsibility to take daily steps to actualize my dream, fuels me (and my business) to this day. I also learned the value of building relationships, building my personal brand, and building up the fortitude to keep going in spite of a daily barrage of no’s—all useful entrepreneurial skills. I built my current business the way I’ve built everything that led up to it: By paying attention to what I like to call the Cosmic Clues (what you love, what you’re good at, and what you know deep in your gut is right for you. The Cosmic Clues led me to my work as a professional actress; which led to my becoming a nationally touring, recording singer-songwriter; which led to my work as a workshop and seminar leader focused on helping others find and develop their unique voice (literally and metaphorically); which led to creating a personal empowerment program for teenage girls called The Tallest Poppy. At that juncture (2002), I moved from California to Boston to care for my ailing mother. By “happenstance,” I attended a music conference in Jacksonville, Florida, where I met my husband, Jim. I promptly listened to my gut, which was screaming “move to Ann Arbor, Michigan to be with this man,” and moved to the Midwest with my mom, two cats and three guitars. Once the dust had cleared, I looked around and thought “how can I help myself make a better living using my love of performing and the teaching skills I’m developing?” That’s when my current business was born. Convinced I could use theatre techniques to help others become more confident and impactful in their presentations, I printed up some business cards, put together a website, and joined the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce. Clients started coming. And soon those clients

My Story were enthusiastically referring me to their friends and colleagues. Since then, my business has grown exponentially due not only to referrals, but to what I call the showcase marketing strategy: I speak as often as possible, for fee and sometimes (strategically) for free to targeted groups. I invariably get coaching clients (and more speaking gigs) by speaking. And I also have a coach who kicks me in the tush, keeping me accountable for taking the steps I need to take to move my business forward.

my favorite book: My initial response to this question is to rhapsodize about a book that changed my life: Ayn Rand’s grand work of fiction, Atlas Shrugged, which kept me turning pages late into the night my senior year of high school. Its bright, articulate and ambitious heroine, Dagny Taggart helped me feel good about being a strong, capable woman who cared about realizing my personal best. But as far as a book that changed my business, I’d have to point to one that is far less epic and far more practical: Mark LeBlanc’s slim little volume, Small Business Success. This good natured, readable, thin blue book (along with Mark’s personal coaching) helped me shift from being a performing artist to a successful business owner. In seventy-five short pages that you can read in under an hour, Mark gives you the tools you need to get and stay focused on what you want to create. And he spells out a simple, do-able system that drives you to fulfilling consistent, targeted acts of marketing that will grow your business exponentially. (

the happy entrepreneur


30 Days and 30 Ways to Touch the Sky: A 60 page E-journal with Motivational Musings by Eleni Kelakos.

eleni kelakos: Change a habit that is holding you back and create a new habit that will move you forward with the pdf/digital version of Eleni Kelakos’ popular 30-day journal. Start your day by reading a motivational musing designed to get you to you to think, feel and take new action. Then, fill the journal’s blank pages with your own musings, or simply document the daily steps you are taking to be everything you can be! This free gift also comes with a bonus: A subscription to Eleni’s wise, often witty and always motivational Monday Morning Musings e-series. These weekly emails will keep you focused on being genuinely and powerfully present in your work and life so you can Touch the Sky on a daily basis!


E E R F ! T F i G

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Jaima Schutt

Jaima and her family

Inadequate to Amazing you aren’t anything

“Just ”

You are amazing. You really are. As women, despite all of the women’s rights movements, we can feel inadequate. That we are “just” a mom, or “just” a wife and the person that is truly inside of us is dead. We lack passion and enthusiasm and to often give up on the dreams and ambitions that we had in our younger years. I am going to debunk that truth. You are enough, and you are certainly not “just” anything. As women, we have so much power, but too often we keep it buried deep.


Not so long ago, I was one of those women. I decided to be a stay at home mom as soon as I became pregnant – as a young girl, all I wanted to be was a mom. I wanted to love on babies, and I thought it would fulfill me. And it did during the “brand new mom” stage. But the reality of diapers and dishes quickly wore off, even though I loved my daughter with my every being, and still wanted to be with her every day. But, I lost myself. My dreams were suddenly at a halt. I was beginning to settle for mediocre and had come to terms with being “just a mom and wife”. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. It wasn’t until I decided to begin blogging about our lifestyle and reach out to begin my own community that my thinking was radically changed. At my first ever blogging conference, after I had kind of found my place in blog world, someone reached out to me and said, “Jaima, you know you’re not JUST a mom, right? You should take that off of your profile. You are so much more that “just” anything.”

Wow, what? I am? At that very moment, my thinking changed. My confidence was boosted, and I both decided and realized that I AM so much more. As a full-time mom, and now a full-time blogger / writer, I realize the power I have in my voice. We all have that power. The power to share your story. And while you may be sharing your story just to vent and get it off of your chest, you will never know just who you might influence, or what one person may really need to hear what you have to say that day. As moms, we all feel inferior at times. We settle down into the thinking that wiping butts and changing the laundry is our duty. But I am here to tell you that while those are two very important things in nurturing your children and taking care of your home – you were made for so much more. I heard a quote this past week that changed my life, and perhaps it will change yours too. The guy said, “don’t leave this world with everything left inside of you” and it got me thinking about all the things that I ever wanted to do in life. It is my passion to help women be all that they can be and live up to their full potential. Like I stated above, we all have an incredible power as women and moms. Whether we are in Corporate America, work at home moms, or just busy women taking our homes, we have the power. We have the power to change lives, inspire others, and spread our passion and enthusiasm throughout the world. While we are all passionate about different things, we are almost all passionate about a better world. As a mom, who suffered great loss and tragedy when I lost my mom and 18 year old brother, and essentially my entire immediate family on that cold December night, I decided to turn my hurt and my story into helping other women. I love helping others deal with their circumstances, and improve the balance and health within their home and within their lives. As an added bonus, I now make a living off of that, but the true satisfaction is in simply sharing my story and helping those women through it. Everyone’s story is different. Everyone’s dreams and desires and passions are different. But whatever they are – they are enough. Turn your dreams into reality. Why do we do anything else? Why do we do things we hate to “make a living”, when you should be living for our passions. Today, I simply encourage you to think outside the walls of your home or your cubicle and dare to dream! Dare to let passion fuel the fire within you, and you will become unstoppable. Everything starts with your dreams. Dig deep, what is it that you really want? How serious are you about your WHY? And furthermore, when will you take action to live it out loud.

the happy entrepreneur


My Story: At 24 year old I became a mother, and after a past miscarriage, it was all that I had dreamed about. What I didn’t dream about was all of the tragedy and loss that would lead up to my daughter’s delivery. At 3 months pregnant, while home for Christmas, my mom and little brother were suddenly taken from us in an automobile accident. My husband and I were jobless and were relocating over 1,000 miles from our home in Connecticut, back to my home town of Nashville, Tennessee. To make matters worse, after delivering a perfectly healthy, and gorgeous baby girl, I was severely depressed. Call it postpartum, call it grief or shock, or whatever you may, I was depressed. I wanted to be a stay at home mom – it was all I ever wanted be. But I was depressed. If it weren’t for her precious cries and need for my milk, I honestly wouldn’t have gotten out of bed most days. I felt defeated and miserable every single

day. Maybe you can relate? When our daughter turned a year old, my husband and I decided that despite my passion and desire to be at home, we simply couldn’t afford it anymore. Though we were blessed that he had found a great job, we were going $450 in debt each month – and not out of excessive living, but just to pay our bills and buy food. I submitted various resumes, but at 24, I didn’t’ have a whole lot of experience with the exception of management, but this was 2010 – I had very little college education, and nobody would hire me. I felt even more defeated. So, I decided to write. I opened up ringaroundtherosies. net in August of 2011. It was my outlet, but it was also my opportunity to share my story in hopes of inspiring others and perhaps make a little money. My initial goal was as little as $500 / month to stop us from going in to debt. I spent many late nights writing, researching, and networking with other successful bloggers. And within my first six months, I had attracted over 3,000 readers and began increasing my income. Fast forward a year, and after tons of personal growth and the help of expert coaches, in 2012, my husband and I were able to pay off $54,000 in debt and for the first time in our marriage, claim to be “debt free”! Almost an entire year later, we are still debt free, and my income continues to rise. Simply because I made a choice to be fueled by passion, and the power of my voice, to help other women.

My Favorite Book: The book that has most inspired me isn’t a traditional “entrepreneur” book, or a “self-help / self-taught” book. It is my favorite book, and chances are you’ve read it right along with the millions of other, is Elizabeth Gilbert’s, “Eat Pray Love”. I’m assuming you already know about it and know what it’s about, but essentially, this woman goes off to travel the world to find out who she was and to find her life’s passion. It was just so powerful to me and motivated me to figure out what it was I wanted and who I really was in life. Now, I didn’t travel the world physically, but I definitely took many many mental and spiritual journeys


until I figured it out. I have to share with you my favorite quote from the book, perhaps it will help you today… “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it.”


Jaima Schutt, born and raised outside of Nashville, Tennessee, is the founder and editor of Ring Around the Rosies, a site dedicated to helping busy women just like you create a healthy balanced home. Ring Around the Rosies was born in 2011 after a season of tragedy and loss, but was fueled by Jaima’s passion to provide for her family financially, but while nourishing her family and being present at home. Within one year of launching her site and turning her dreams into a business, Jaima began making a full-time income, working only 15 hours per week. At two years, she crossed over 100,000 subscribers and reaches about 400,000 readers per month. Jaima’s success is due in part of her zest and drive for life, and for her organic lifestyle and way of thinking. CLICK FOR


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Dream Big! Yes, it sounds cliché, but if you’ll never know how far you can go until you dream it and decide to do it! You’re much more likely to achieve a huge success by dreaming it than not dreaming at all. Find out what fuels your fire and make it your life’s testament to be the best at it.

the happy entrepreneur


Blending Entrepreneurship With Lifelong 5 steps to make Health it easy If you’re like most women I know, you’re busy. You have your work + deadlines, maybe you have kids and their activities, volunteer commitments and probably a million other things on the go. I often get asked, “Jen – how can I fit in fitness and be more healthy when I just don’t feel like I have any time for myself?” The hard truth is until you decide to make yourself and your health as important as everything else (or more so) it will always be the first thing to slip off your priority list. The real problem I see, is that high achieving and high capacity women are often running on empty because they’re treating their business (and sometimes other parts of their life) like a sprint, when in reality it’s a marathon. If you were to try to run a marathon by sprinting you’d burn out, hit the wall and literally be unable to keep going. The way you do this is by overcommitting, saying yes to a million things which ultimately leads to a massive collision of the expectations you have for yourself and what you can achieve and the reality of your life. How this looks or feels is:


• All you ever do is work • At night when you are tired and want to relax you’re working • You feel guilty if you see your friends or if any waking, breathing moment is not being spent on your work • You constantly feel like you never have enough time therefore meal planning or exercising seems like a total indulgence as it takes way too much time.


What this all boils down to is a lack of planning. Say what? Yep. It’s true. I know this because I lived it. In the early years of my business I had two little ones that I was a full time stay at home mom to and then I worked at night. I had massive expectations of myself and absolutely no outside help or support. The result wasn’t pretty. I was 30 lbs overweight, chose to wash the floor instead of workout, and drank wine and ate chocolate chips at night as a “treat” after a long day. Then it happened – my mini breakdown when I realized I simply couldn’t continue like this. I felt miserable and knew things had to change. Luckily as a life coach, personal trainer and exercise physiologist I had the tools to create a massive life change. In 8 months I’d lost the weight, had more energy than ever before, competed in Ironman Canada and did a complete overhaul of my business so I could actually love how I spent my time everyday.



Regain control by planning. I hated constantly feeling like I had to run to the grocery store to get one or two items in order to make dinner. It was stressful. So, I started meal planning. You should too. Take 30 minutes before you do your big grocery shop for the week and write down your dinners for the week (bonus points if you do lunches too). And you don’t need to make this hard for yourself – don’t spent 3 hours pouring over 18 cookbooks (unless you enjoy doing that and have time for it). Instead, with your family, brainstorm all of your favorite meals. Try to create a list of 15 – 20 things. Then slot them in to the week. Always include 1-2 nights to use up leftovers, there’s no reason you need to be cooking from scratch every night.

Set a goal for yourself. Something that excites you, something that helps you wake up that 30 minutes earlier to get moving. The goal needs to be personal – maybe it’s a 30 day challenge of some sort (walking, getting to the gym) maybe it’s registering for your first 5 km, 10km or 1/2 marathon. Without a goal it can be really easy to opt out in the moment and put the workout off until tomorrow. But having a goal creates commitment. By sharing that goal with friends and family or joining a group of people who share that same goal, you create accountability.


Preparing: Spend 30 minutes and save 3 hours. After you’ve gone grocery shopping don’t just put all of those veggies away. Take 30 minutes to wash, slice, grate, & chop them up so that it’s easy to incorporate them into your snacks and main meals. Here’s what I do and I get my kids involved too: • Wash everything in my sink • Slice: carrots, celery, cabbage • Grate: carrots, beets • Chop: broccoli, cauliflower This leaves me with a fridge full of easy to grab veggies for salads, veggie plates, and stir fries. The time spent up front is 100% worth it as it allows you to become efficient in the kitchen.

By sharing that goal with friends and family or joining a group of people who share that same goal, you create accountability.

the happy entrepreneur


5 4 Take action and schedule fitness in. Once you set that goal for yourself you’ve got to take action and literally schedule fitness dates with yourself. As the CEO of your business, you keep important appointments with your clients so keep this one with yourself. If you have to do this while your kid is in an activity, so be it. Just get it done. Our body is our forever home and the better we take care of it, the better it works for us

Get the support or help you need and don’t feel guilty about it. There’s a big myth out there that I find women buy into and its “I can and should do everything on my own” and honestly, nothing is further from the truth. Getting the help and support you need is critical for success – both in business and life. We all have different gifts and areas of expertise but it’s ridiculous to think we’re experts in everything. Having someone in your life who already possesses the knowledge and skillset that you need to learn is a huge time & stress saver. It allows things to become easy and for the struggle to end. Women give so much of their energy to everyone and everything else sometimes you simply need someone there to support you. That’s ok. In fact it’s courageous to admit it.

TAKE action

MY STORY: I hate to say it but I’m not lucky. Taking my business from something I wanted to throw under a bus and never see again and turning it into my daily passion and something I make a lot of money from wasn’t simply “luck” either. Let me back up a bit though… Ever since I was in my 20’s I knew that I wanted to have my own thing – although I didn’t really know what that meant. No one in my family was an entrepreneur so that whole world was foreign to me yet no matter what job I was in I simply wasn’t content (even with great money, great vacation time and great people to work with) – I wanted more. Having kids was a turning point for me – when I was pregnant with my first I simply couldn’t imagine being away from my baby all day while going off to work at something I wasn’t passionate about. I finally found my calling and


completed a coach certification program and promptly set up my own website and declared myself open for business. And honestly, things were good for a while – word of mouth marketing was working. And then it stopped. And I found myself with no clients, no money, no plan and I had no idea what to do. I realized that while I was a great coach I knew nothing about any of the other umpteen responsibilities that go along with running a business. So I set about learning those things by investing in little marketing programs here and there. I learned about social media, list building, creating products, writing newsletters and effective “conversion campaigns” (whatever that meant) and after spending thousands and thousands of dollars I was still wasn’t really any further ahead. Actually, I was even more behind because I’d decided something must be wrong with me or my business – that I was working so hard but still not seeing any results.

How could that be? The single best decision I’ve ever made in my business was working with a mentor/coach at a high-end level. Someone who not only had built up her own 7-figure business but had also helped many other coaches just like me cross over to 6-figures often within 1 year. Someone who could help me build a strong foundation to my business and then sequentially lead me through taking action on the right steps at the right time. Two hugely important factors. I realized that I had been doing a few good things in my business but it had serious gaps. Having someone walk me step by step through the actions I should be taking, holding me accountable to getting things done and being there to guide me and be a sounding board for my ideas is the single best thing I’ve ever done for my business (and myself).

How could that be? My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Today, I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I do. I have two little children who I get to drop off and pick up from school everyday, I have a team supporting my work, I have incredible clients that I’m priviledged to work with and creating a consistent flow of money in my life has never been easier.

NOTe: If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or already are one then I’m sending you a double fist pump and a high five wherever you are in this world for having the courage to go after what you want to create in your life. In my experience nothing has ever been so terrifying or so fulfilling as taking the leap to design my life the way I want to live it. And let me tell you, I know how scary it can be but if your intuition has been guiding you on this path then listen to those nudges and go after it with everything you’ve got. Magic happens when you do that. Promise. Xoxoxo

My Favorite Book: Although not a traditional “business book” The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho was both life and business changing for me. It’s about a shepherd boy, Santiago, who sets out on an incredible journey from the markets of Tangiers and across the Egyptian desert to a fateful encounter with the alchemist. He faces many challenges, hardships and setbacks. I read this book at a time when there were many struggles in my life – both personally and professionally. It was so important for me to be reminded that even though my journey felt hard sometimes there were incredible treasures I was receiving along the way, just like Santiago. That when my head and heart were arguing and pure logic was trying to convince me to do one thing but my heart

was vying for me to do another – I needed to trust my heart. And that no matter how bleak or dark things looked in the moment I needed to pay attention to the signs from the universe that were present and were encouraging me to stay connected to my dreams - keeping them alive was the most important thing. So I did. And I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the dreams. This book is still on my bedside table. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Jennifer Powter 2-time Ironman athlete and 6-time marathoner Jennifer Powter is also a certified exercise physiologist who specializes as a Weight Loss + Fitness Expert for regular people with imperfect lives who want to look and feel amazing. She could train Olympic athletes — if she wanted to. Happily for us, she doesn’t. With her tried-and-tested weight loss + exercise system — ENERGY to Thrive™ — Jennifer takes the science of transformation and breaks it down into six empowering steps. It’s physical, mental + emotional reinvention for non-athletes + very-busy people — made playful, inspiring + simple. As a mama of two and successful entrepreneur and athlete, Jennifer has a unique approach to creating and living a full life and has appeared on CityTV, Global and CTV to talk about her one-of-a-kind programs & workshops which have also been featured in over 30 different journals and magazines across the country.

She could train Olympic athletes — if she wanted to. Happily for us, she doesn’t. 42

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-Finally, a book that speaks the truth about all the weight loss myths out there. Learn why losing weight has become so hard and so frustrating for so many women. Jen shares her personal weight loss transformation story (30+ lbs) and the 5 biggest challenges women face to getting the body they want.


6 empowering steps the happy entrepreneur




44 Laura Simms CEO & Founder Your Career Homecoming

My background is an as actor. For about a decade, I worked professionally in theatre, film, television, voice-over, and print. I worked in regional theatre on the East Coast for several years, got my MFA at the extraordinary program at UC Irvine, and worked in Los Angeles after that (catch me in syndication). I was madly in love with this career for many years, but eventually the spark faded and I wanted to do something more service-oriented. After considering several options, I decided to become a career coach to help people navigate career change and all questions of finances, purpose, identity, and worth that



on my signature career change process, Your Career Homecoming. It’s a highly structured, finely honed one-on-one program that has a tremendous success rate, and I love the people I’m working with. By investing in the development of this one service, I’ve streamlined my admin, actual time with clients, and marketing efforts. Some days I feel like I’m cheating because I’ve found something that really works for me. I finally feel like I can breathe a little easier in my business. Now, some of my most profitable months don’t come from sweat and hustle, but from leveraged activities and having built a strong community. My business has grown slowly but steadily, and the rewards come much more easily than they did just a few years ago.

accompany such transitions. I opened the digital doors at Create as Folk in January 2011. Almost three years later, I’ve learned so much about online business, who I work with best, and how I can be of service while making a living. Just in the past 6 months I feel like I’ve really hit my stride, in part by putting most of my focus

the happy entrepreneur


Bio: Laura Simms, Career Coach Laura Simms is a career coach, helping purpose-driven people find careers that feel like home at She’s the creator of Get Paid for Being You, and she enjoys talking to the animals and reading paperbacks from the “my strange family” genre. Laura has been seen in US News & World Report, Tiny Buddha, and over 30 blogs on entrepreneurship.

Laura has been seen in US News & World Report, Tiny Buddha, and over 30 blogs on entrepreneurship.


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Get Paid for Being You These free training videos and play sheets teach you how to connect the dots between You and Money in an authentic, simple 3-step process. • • •

Connect Who You are to What You Do Learn your Hidden Value Find the People You Need to make it all work

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A Note to Female Entrepreneurs: Dear Entrepreneur,

I want you to know how much I admire you. You do what so many people dream of but don’t have the guts to do. You do work that’s often deeply personal, driven by purpose, and makes a real difference. Is someone handing out awards for this stuff? Because regardless of if you’ve “made it”, what your sales are, or how many blog visitors you have, you are doing it. And that’s more success than most people in the world will know.


Keep holding the torch for what matters most to you; you’re the beacon someone is looking for. Gathering light,


Lum arum aut pe volor arum qui alit etur, seratior



It’s Possible!


Sonaya Williams, Time 2 Profit

I am going to provide you with 5 Steps to Hiring and Training a Team so that you can finally stop doing everything yourself (and trust that its getting done right)!

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Before you hire anyone you need to get clear on what this person will be doing. List out the tasks you will have this team member responsible for. Listing out the tasks will help you identify what skills are required and the type of person you want to hire. If you need a lot a graphic work completed, you’ll want someone with an eye for design. Or, maybe you need some who will be calling your clients; you’ll need someone who will be warm and personable on the phone. Once you have your list completed you can estimate how many hours will need the person to work per week. You can also create a clear job description, which will set the stage for anyone that applies. The 1st person I recommend all entrepreneurs to hire is a Client Relationship Assistant. Once you have reached a full client load this person will be responsible for client care management in your business, so you can focus on business building activities. This person will help you maintain an excellent client experience for current and new clients.


INTERVIEW TO HIRE THE RIGHT TEAM It’s more than just hiring someone, you want to hire the right person to join you. Having a powerful team will make you more successful. There is a process to interviewing the right team member. During the interview I ask scenario-based questions; they give me the opportunity to get a story from the applicant. Scenario-based questions tend to start with ‘Tell me about a time when’ or ‘Give me an example of a time when’. They are open-ended questions that lead the applicant to explain by telling a story. You will learn a ton about an applicant with these questions.



IDENTIFY YOUR DELEGATION STRATEGY 5 things a Client Relationship Assistant can be doing for you: 1. Handle all responses to email in your support inbox. 2. Manage your calendar & schedule your meetings. 3. Answer client phone calls and address general inquiries. 4. Process all your client charges and follow up on late or declined payments. 5. Enter in all your cards from networking events & schedule follow up sessions with hot leads.

An example of a scenario based questions is “Tell me about a time when you were overwhelmed by your tasks, how did you know what to prioritize what was completed 1st?”



As you’ve narrowed down your selection and made your decision to hire someone on there should be a 30 – 90 day trial period. During this period there should be an agreed training plan. This plan would provide details of what the new hire will learn and identify a date as to when it should be completed by. An example or a training item is “Have a complete understanding of contact follow up process & systems by X date”. The training plan should be made clear and agreed to by your new team member.

It is important to bring the team together so they can work effectively. Setting up regular team meetings will allow you & the team to get a full picture of what is happening in the business. Reviewing all your client work and projects consistently on weekly team meetings will allow you to engage with your team members, get feedback, and brainstorm new ideas. Take this opportunity to resolve problems and refine your business processes as a team for seamless operations.

Here’s the interview process I share with my clients: Round 1 Interview – This is where you learn about the applicants’ skills, experiences, and find out how they match up to what you are looking for in your business. You want to get a clear understanding of what the applicants past job roles were and how they performed. I recommend you have someone close to you or on your team complete this step and pass on the qualified leads to you. You would provide them with the job description and have them ask scenario-based questions to find out what skills the applicant have and how they fit with the role. Round 2 Interview – In this round you will meet with the applicants and see if their personality fits with you and your

It’s also important to make consistent time to train your new team member so they feel supported. Having documented step-by-step processes allows this period to be smooth transition.



business. Continue to use scenario-based questions and look for how the applicants answers to handling situations. Mini Projects – After round 2 interview, you are going to narrow down the applicants to a minimum of 3. This round allows you to test the applicant skills, giving them each the same project. By giving them the same project you will be able to measure the results on the same level. An example of a mini project for an assistant is proofreading a newsletter or calls to a client to schedule a meeting. You want to intentionally put errors in the newsletter or maybe provide an incorrect number for a client. Think of this as a way to figure out how they handle situations.

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Now that you have a team it’s time to step back and trust that you’ve built a team that handle all issues that arise. Start by planning and blocking off your time in the calendar in advance. If you don’t you’ll never take that much needed vacation. It’s really not about business. It’s about the life you are creating by having a successful business. Know that you don’t have to do it alone!

Sonaya’s Story: I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family. I was raised to go to school and do well, get a job and be happy.

the timing wasn’t right. I decided to find someone who had built a successful business to show me how it was done. I am a risk taker but I wasn’t ready to leave my cushy job.

I did just that!. I worked through college so I would have work experience by the time I graduated. I worked for a few top Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, E*Trade, & TD Ameritrade. I had a great six-figure job with lots of flexibility, and travelled monthly. My team was outstanding we delivered high quality projects on time, what more could I ask for. Who would give that up to become an entrepreneur? As a child I was the one who my family would ask to figure something out and show them the easy way. To this day I help people experience ease & order in their lives. Believe it or not this is something that comes naturally to me and took me some time to accept. In 2012 I became bored with my fancy corporate job. I started to experiment with what else I could do with my experience. I started helping a few friends and family launch side businesses. I would create a plan and find technology to make the process of being and entrepreneur seamless for them. This work was very similar to what I did in my corporate job and it was more exciting. I helped a cousin launch a hand crafted jewelry business that started selling in boutique stores. My mother launched a catering company. At the time the economy was taking a hit and I watched several peoples’ lives change dramatically from losing their jobs and homes. As much as I loved my side hustle


After working with a coach and running my side hustle for a year I left my job. No one told me the experience of being an entrepreneur is like getting a degree in personal development. I learned more about myself in 12 months than my 32 years. I discovered my fear of being seen, truly understood what commitment meant, and really worked on trusting others with something that was close to me. I attribute my success to: • Being coachable • Taking action no matter what • Course correcting when things didn’t work • Seek help when I know I need it most • Acknowledging my fears and then overcoming them quickly Most importantly I came to the realization that the lifestyle I am creating will not only benefit me but those around me. Entrepreneurs give up a lot in the beginning for triple the benefits in the future. I am passionate about building a business that will allow me the freedom to be home with my family, travel the world, and give back to my community. My goal is to create the same freedom for all women entrepreneurs.

Bio: Sonaya Williams is a the founder of Time 2 Profit, a small business consultancy that helps rising entrepreneurs hire, train, and manage an empowered team. Sonaya takes her clients from overwhelmed and overburdened to enjoying the business they are building. After graduating with a B.S in Computer Information Systems & Global Business, Sonaya decided to take the traditional corporate route. Working at fortune 500 companies she gained years of experience in IT project manage-

ment, web design, customer experience, and business and operations process management. Sonaya is a Team Development Expert and specializes in automating processes, designing systems, creating step-by-step documentation, and training teams to deliver results. She is committed to helping the many entrepreneurs who are buried in the day-to-day hassles of their businesses flip the switch to seamless systems & operations.

Sonaya BELIEVES: It’s not about the business. It’s about life. Life is about joyful experiences. Entrepreneurship does not have be done in isolation. Entrepreneurs don’t want any team, they want the right team. Every entrepreneur needs to master the skill of hiring & managing a team to be successful. Since diving into entrepreneurship two years ago, she has spent the time helping entrepreneurs build thriving businesses. She works privately with clients who are ready to build an empowered team. She also teaches virtual workshops and writes about these topics.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris

favorite book: This is a popular book that is a must read for all entrepreneurs. It was given to me by one of my very 1st business coaches, when I was just thinking of starting a business. In the very beginning I had no idea what being a CEO entailed. Reading this book help me step into my CEO heels and take my business seriously. I began to realize how important life experiences and time off are to my business. My purpose statement is to help people experience ease & order in their lives. I use many tips from this book with my clients. Outsourcing team support and automation became a signature offering for my business. The idea of a 4-hour workweek is a goal for most entrepreneurs. It’s also important to make time to enjoy what you are creating, so you don’t start to resent your business. Remember it’s really not about business. It’s about the life you are creating by having a successful business. Know that you don’t have to do it alone!

Sonaya is based in New Jersey. Find out more about her at

the happy entrepreneur


A note to all women

The and toPersuit come: Hotel entrepreneurs now

There’s this old way of thinking that women can’t have the best of both worlds. Which is a great career & time for a happy family. Being in corporate I heard this over and over again and I started to believe it with the 40+ hour workweeks. Women entrepreneurs are proving this wrong everyday. In 2013 Women-owned businesses are generating revenues of $1.3 trillion and employ people. These numbers will only continue to grow. Aped7.7utmillion exceaquundae

rerorposaligentquatiusae re nam, quam, conseculpa numquodi cum dolenist as es que ditasitia volorernatet est aspeditios

I Believe:

It’s really not about business. It’s about the life you are creating by having a successful business. You are creating a lifestyle that your business support. You are constantly inspiring those around you by being in business. Entrepreneurship does not have to be done alone. You do not want any team; you want the right team in your business. You are creating the possibility for women to have the best of both worlds with your business. Let’s change that old school way of thinking and empower women to know and experience the best of both worlds!

Tur, ea de etum quam ut volescilla cus excea volorrupta cus et qui tempern atiurio bla




In 2013 Women-owned businesses are generating revenues of $1.3 trillion and employ 7.7 million people. These numbers will only continue to grow. the happy entrepreneur


by Stella Orange Your Unique Web Presence


The world needs more real people on the internet. Think about it. There are a lot of really, really bad websites out there. Bad, as in fake, ugly, or repulsive. Bad, as the smile on that headshot looks so forced, you wonder if someone was holding a gun to their head. Bad, as in it feels like it was written by something that is only pretending to have actual human emotions. If you’re reading this, and you’ve seen some of these bad websites, then you have promised yourself that you will never make a website like that. Which is great. But how do you actually live up to that promise? Especially when a lot of business coaches and marketing gurus teach “follow the formula”… putting you at risk of looking like everyone else online?


Here are 3 things to avoid putting on your homepage (and how to turn it around):

1. A problem that’s “nice” but not urgent. Many coaches and service professionals know they help their clients… but when it comes to putting it into words on their website, they come up blank. They talk around the big problem they solve for their clients… they mention 10 things they help people work on… or they resist mentioning that there’s a problem altogether. The fix: You want the people coming to your website to be able to tell what you do in 5 seconds or less. Is it relationships? Money? Women’s empowerment? Pick one area, and then make sure your audience gets it, quickly. Then, learn the difference between a problem people will pay for, and something that’s just “nice.” “You want a great relationship, but can’t figure out where to meet your soul mate” is an urgent problem. “Expressing more of who you are,” “being more creative” or “shining your light” are just nice. People pay money to solve urgent problems, so make sure you mention the urgent problem they are having on your homepage, too.

2. Vague language about struggle and overwhelm. Most business coaches and marketing folks teach writing about the problem on your homepage like this: put “are you struggling with ______?” and “are you overwhelmed with ____?” The problem with this time-tested formula is that everyone and their mother is doing it. And it’s really superficial. Worst of all, it tricks you into thinking you’ve talked about the problem in a meaningful way. When you haven’t. The fix: Dig deeper into what struggle and overwhelm looks like for YOUR ideal clients. The more specific you can be about how struggle shows up in their day-to-day lives, the better. For example, if you are a weight loss coach, avoid “are you struggling to lose weight?” – instead, ask yourself, “what does struggling to lose weight actually look and feel like? What are my people seeing, feeling, hearing and believing about themselves every day? How would they talk about the problem to someone they trust? What have they not told anyone else – that I KNOW they are secretly saying to themselves?” And write from that. It can still be really simple. But you just want to be more specific, so that it actually resonates with your ideal client. (Hint: not everyone is your IDEAL client!). For a great example of simple, specific questions like these, check out the page “Is OA for you?” on the Overeaters Anonymous website.

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3. Words that sound great to you, but actually send your ideal clients running for the hills. I had a student in one of my production labs who was a marketing expert. Her homepage was all about marketing. Marketing this, marketing that. We were working on her powerful story for her About page, and I asked her how she used to feel about marketing. She said, “it felt like sticking pencils in my eyes.” I asked her how her ideal clients feel about marketing, before they work with her. She said, “they hate it!” Can you see how it’s a problem to have a homepage that’s all about something her ideal clients can’t stand? It’s like dragging a vampire out into the sunlight. When I told her this, she instantly got it, and we had a good laugh. But this is what business owners do on their homepages all the time – use words that their ideal clients don’t actually want. The fix: If you are using words like marketing… selling… or even coaching… proceed with caution. Ask yourself: how do my people feel about this word? What’s their relationship with it? Many times, you’ll find that YOU like it… but your ideal clients feel WAY differently. This is about speaking their language on your homepage, so that they feel like you “get them.” One way to shift this is to ask yourself, “what is this, really?” or “how else can I say this so it’s conversational + clear?” In the “marketing” example, Anne decided to say “attract great clients online.” One of the business owners in my Writing Brigade decided that, for her people, selling was “having conversations with potential clients” and “getting the right people to say yes to working with you.” See the difference?


Let’s get real – this writing about your business is a marathon, not a sprint. As you grow your business online, you have plenty of writing to do. And plenty of chances to practice and get better over time. So don’t put pressure on yourself to make your homepage perfect… when “good enough” will connect with your ideal clients, and move them to reach out to you, or sign up for your list. Just keep these ideas in mind as you go, and play around with them as your write your homepage. Before long, you’ll notice that your message is clearer, more compelling, and calling in clients you love.

Because I Said So: How I Convinced the World That I Run A Successful Business by Stella Orange I got tired of paying for therapy. So, five years ago, I started a business. And now, I work through my issues… and get paid do it. I like to say that running your own business is the most lucrative form of therapy. All your fears. The way you think about life. The crazy sh*t you make up about yourself and other people. Either you face it and get over yourself… or you don’t eat. It’s pretty motivating. I’ve always been an adventurer. My first job out of college was teaching in Japan. I didn’t speak Japanese. A few years later, I got a job as a long distance cycling guide… taking 12 kids on a 1,500 mile bike trip, London to Rome. Through the Alps. Before that, the longest I’d ever been on a bike was 3 hours. Are you seeing a pattern here?

become an award-winning playwright by having a desire to give myself a nice birthday present (and writing every morning). Could I become a copywriter the same way? I can tell you now that the answer is yes. I believe that business is not just lucrative therapy – it’s an adventure. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But man, what a ride. I really do love it all. As Simone de Beauvoir said, “one is not born, but rather one becomes a woman.” The same is true about being a playwright, a copywriter, and an entrepreneur. And the way I see it, doing is the best way of becoming. It all falls into place.

I didn’t know it then, but this is actually how I learn – through experience. I’ve managed to train myself to try new things, without being too attached to doing it right the first time. As a recovering perfectionist, that doesn’t come naturally to me. But it’s either that, or I don’t eat. When I was a kid, I used to write and direct plays with my next door neighbor, Sarah. When I turned 30, I decided to start writing short plays again. The local theater picked them up. I started directing. I performed with an improv group. I unhooked the part of my brain that said “you need a theater degree”… and just started doing theater. Another adventure. I’ll never forget the day someone called me a playwright. I realized that the only reason she saw me that way was because I’d decided it was so. I wrote plays, so I was a playwright. It sounds so simple, but for me it was huge. All my life, I thought I needed some authority give me permission to be who I wanted. In that moment, I saw the truth: we are the captains of our own lives. Give yourself permission. Declare who you are. Then go do it. It all falls into place. Long story short, I came to run a copywriting shop because 5 years ago, I gave myself permission to give it a shot. I’d

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A Letter from Stella

Dear Sister,

I know you. I recognize the fire in your belly. The twinkle in your eye feels familiar. Your intensity, while not always expressed aloud, is striking in a crowd (even if, at times, you feel weird for it). My advice? Love the victories. Your first clients. Getting the website up. Being told you changed someone’s life. Getting all prettied up to go networking. Getting paid. Love the failures, too. Getting walked on before you learn to stand your ground. Being told you’re too expensive. Crying when it all gets to be too darn much. Love it all. Also? It helps to think of this whole

thing as a game. Get good at playing the game. But, more importantly, be good at life. Breathe. Tell people yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no. Ask for what you want. Make friends with money. Communicate openly with everyone, even when it’s hard. Stop working when you’ve done enough. Do all the things you love about being alive. I’ll see you on the road.


Bio Stella Orange teaches service professionals how to write about what they do so people want it. As a copywriter who grew her business to 6-figures in less than 2 years, Stella has written for some of the most successful coaches and thought leaders in a range of industries, helping them grow their businesses to multiple-6 and 7-figures. Trained as a high school teacher and playwright, Stella learned the art of copywriting as a fundraiser for a non-profit art center in Montana. She is based in Coconut Grove, Florida. Find out about upcoming production labs and events at


My Favorite Book: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I think about it all the time and think all rising business owners should read it. He talks about the Upper Limits Problem, basically the idea that we all have this set point of success that we think is “okay.” When you bump up against that limit, things go haywire. Weird illnesses. Accidents. Self sabotage. This happened to me after I crossed six figures. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days a while after that. It’s because growing a business kicks up all the stuff in your life you haven’t looked at and handled. Pretty much every successful entrepreneur I know has experienced something like this -- the trick is to anticipate it, so you can dance with it instead of having everything come crashing down.

...the trick is to anticipate it, so you can dance with it instead of having everything come crashing down.


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Stephanie Cornais

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I don’t have the classic childhood story that most entrepreneurs tell you where I hustled it on the corner selling lollipops or lemonade. I was too busy just surviving my childhood. But at 18, I became a massage therapist, yoga instructor and energy healer, and I knew I would always work for myself. After having two different kinds of businesses, I’ve proven my ability to reinvent and build up new businesses, and I know I will always be able to make money, no matter what I am doing.

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As a toddler, I bossed my friends around, and even as a teenager I was the “charismatic leader” type. I have a natural entrepreneurial personality, meaning I am creative, resourceful, and I have mad hustle. Drop me in the middle of the desert and tell me I have to protect myself, take care of myself, I will not only survive, I will make a living. I figure shit out. I went into business because I wanted to help other people and make money at the same time. But I also went into business because I couldn’t tolerate anyone else telling me what to do. At 18, I started my own business as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, freelancing where I could as I finished my bachelor’s degree. After college, I tried to do something with my college degree and gave the corporate world a whirl. However, that lasted less than a year. Being in an entry-level position where I was told what to do with my time and how to do it from a person in power-triggered abuse and trauma I experienced as child and teen. Having had the experience of having my power and control taken from me, it was hard to do that for a living. So I spent all my time in the office researching my next business idea. After I left that behind, I worked from my home for a while to build my practice. At 24, I opened up a 2,000 sq. foot yoga studio and boutique. It was complete insanity. Looking back, I realize either I had massive balls or was totally naïve. I did everything myself. During the build-out of the space, I was the General Contractor and negotiated the work with electricians and others. Once the business opened, I did everything - I did all the marketing and PR, and even cleaned the toilets, all while I taught 20 yoga classes a week. AND I was a full-time nanny to Irish Twins during the day. Did I mention it was absolute insanity? I took out a $30k home equity line and put everything else on credit cards (I racked up $100k in credit card bills!). By the end of my first year in business, I was sort of breaking even with a revenue of $120k, but I had no working capital, I was living check to check from my nanny job and I never, ever paid myself a single penny. After two years of working 100+ hours a week and never making a dime, I was done. I was so burnt out. And totally defeated. I knew that even if I went on like this for a couple of more years, the most I could ever accomplish was $50k a year for myself. I wanted financial freedom so I could have flexibility for my future family, not just have a business that I was a slave to. So I folded. Closed up shop. Filed for bankruptcy. I eventually went back to the office, and it was just as sad and gut wrenching as you’d imagine. To me, my failure in business was a huge blinking light saying I was a failure at EVERYTHING. It meant I hadn’t triumphed and risen above my abuse. I may have been a survivor, but failing at business


meant I wasn’t thriving and meant, at least to me, that I was a worthless person of no value just like my abusers thought. Surprisingly enough, I actually liked my office job this time. I was working in marketing and PR, writing and doing project management for a non-profit that helped people with their finances, and most importantly, helped moms and babies. The pay was shit, but I had a great boss and lots of flexibility in my schedule. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant with Penelope and her health issues after birth, I probably would have stayed there for a long time. While I loved staying home with Penelope and taking care of her, I knew that if I didn’t have a career or financial freedom that my mental health was gonna go south fast. Since Penelope couldn’t nurse, I was pumping to keep her exclusively breastfed. I spent a lot of time at the computer while I pumped and started reading blogs. Very quickly, I was all like, Wait a minute! I can do this! I had an

And very quickly, I was all like, wait a minute! I can do this! email list, MySpace page and Yahoo group for my yoga studio. I was doing social media before it was really social media. I was blogging at my office job. I had mountains of content and topics to write about from all my trainings, classes I used to teach, and from life experience. The light bulb went off: I was a perfect candidate to become a blogger. And so the Mama and Baby Love blog was born. First, just to give me something to do and a way to continue connecting with and helping moms. Then I figured out I could make money online and I have not looked back since. Just like any business, it took me about two years to start making money. Once I started making money, I have doubled my income each year.

My big plans are to make as much money as possible, to keep being of service by reaching and helping as many moms as possible, and turning my pain into gifts to myself and others. One day I would love to have amassed so much wealth and be such an amazing money manager, that not only I am truly financially free and safe, but I have the ability to invest in other businesses and contribute to nonprofits that also help mothers and babies.

I was doing social media before it was social media!

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Bio: STEPHANIE cornais Stephanie is the Founder and Creative Director of Mama and Baby Love. She is a writer, healer and businesswoman. Mama and Baby Love is a brand all about real food, motherhood and healing. For the past 14 years, first through her brick and mortar yoga studio and now a thriving online business, Stephanie has worked with moms to help them heal and be the healthiest moms they can be, on all levels - emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical.

...her greatest joy is to be of Service to other moms who are struggling.


She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga Facilitator, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Certified Reiki Master Energy Healer and Certified Doula. She was a Birthing From Within

Mentor from 2005 to 2010. In 2012, she was trained in Mayan Abdominal Massage by the Arvigo Institute and will complete her advanced training next month. She also apprenticed with an Acupuncture Doctor to learn Cupping, Acupressure and allergy clearing healing techniques. She is trained in Trauma Release Exercises and has studied extensively with other healers to learn how to help moms process and release abuse and traumas. By the end of 2014, she will be a Certified Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator. All these trainings and certifications have greatly influenced her life and parenting style and her greatest joy is to be of service to other moms who are struggling.




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A Note to Female Entrepreneurs: Work on clearing your money junk and issues - beliefs and patterns that are holding you back - before you start a business. If you are already in business, stop and make this your number one priority. If you have personal work/healing to do in the area of money, things will be harder than necessary for you if you don’t work on clearing them. And if you fail at first, just get right back up and try again. I know the success I had in my second business came from the lessons I learned from my early failures. Passion and persistence pays off in the end. Just keep chugging along and put one foot in front of the other.

Stephanie 68

my favorite book: Let My People Go Surfing, The Education of a Reluctant Businessman by Yvon Chouinard. I love this book so much. One, because I am a surfer, and two, because Yvon built an empire with authenticity and integrity. He was the first businessman I learned about who I could look up to. All the other businessmen I had learned about before him were scumbags who didn’t fit my vision of making a difference in the world AND making money at the same time. Yvon Chouinard showed me it was possible.

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Stephanie 70


My Story:

My success actually came as a total surprise to the people around me… Who knew that a shy, sensitive, depressed, red-headed basket-case from the Midwest would land her own show on HGTV, teach spiritual principles to millions AND run a 6-figure business? Well, it all started when I crashed-and-burned at age 19. And I spent the next decade healing an intense eating disorder, severe depressions, non-existent self-esteem, etc. I made so many 360° transformational spins, I was dizzy — and life-changing mentors appeared out of nowhere.

I walked downstairs and gave my notice at Disney (where I held a very cushy job as one of their lead designers).

My father was also there in the background, too — healing 2 terminal brain tumors through hypnosis and visualization — and showing me the miracles that are possible, no matter what your circumstances.

I saw with crystal-clarity how short AND precious life was — WAY way too flippin’ short to play small 1 minute longer!

That’s when I began working with others, part-time – teaching them all the tools that had so profoundly changed my own life. And after a decade of feeling more happiness than I ever imagined possible, I thought I’d finally landed on the soulful shores of Shangri La…

I had no real plan. I had even less ideas how I’d pay the rent. But I knew that standing still and staying stuck was literally going to KILL me. Then I got brave enough to do what I’d NEVER done before…

(But little did I know, my journey was just BEGINNING.)

I gave up.

In my early 30’s, a black-hole of depression swallowed me up out of nowhere. And it was deeper, scarier and more painful than all my previous depressions, combined.

I turned control over to something bigger than myself. And I got down on my hands and knees in my Brooklyn kitchen, day after day, and sobbed a teary vow to the Universe:

(What the F#*@%?)

“No matter what you hand to me, I PROMISE I will do it!“

After a few weeks of almost unbearable suffering — a profound epiphany struck me up-side the head:

And I meant it. This was no spiritual lip-service.

I was depressed because I was still living at only 4%. No matter what other’s might think, I knew I still wasn’t living up to the big, bold calling bubbling down in my belly. As if that weren’t enough, around that very same time my dearest friend, Ronna, committed suicide… and that was the “wake-up” straw that broke the red-headed camel’s back…

If Source gave me clear signs to go work at Wal-Mart, then I’d be the freakin’ giddiest Wal-Mart greeter that company had ever seen… And if Source handed me something so B-I-G it made my pee my pants with terror, then I’d pull on a pair of Depends, and the go do that scary-huge thing, too. Then, SURPRISE-SURPRISE: After less than 2 weeks of my sobbing surrender, I found myself at a holiday party

the happy entrepreneur


gazing into the eyes of a sparking, gorgeous pixie-of-awoman who said: “You should be on TV!” (Who knew that little pixie would turn out to be a TV producer?) Without any teaching, speaking or TV experience, I was signed my very own TV show — the first person to ever teach feng shui to the world. Sure, I was scared shitless — but I followed my vow, and stepped into a brave stream of unstoppable energy buried deep down within… But the saga continued… After my show ended, and I found myself back in civilianclothing, trying to make a living via feng shui, I discovered that I had NO clue how to run a business.

was born. After hitting the 6-figure mark in less than 12 months (doing intuitive spiritual mentoring, of all things!)— I started teaching other soulful entrepreneurs how to do the same. And that’s where I am today… helping women use their soulful businesses AS their Spiritual Practice — inspiring them not only to make money as they change the world, but also to become more confident, empowered, strong and Unstoppable, down to their very pretty core. …All while having more fun than most people have on vacation! Plus I get to combine all my favorite talents: wild intuitive work, powerful mindset strategies, politically-incorrect humor, and savvy marketing skills. Yup, I have the BEST F-ing job in the world.

I charged my way into over $100,000 in debt gobbling up high-end business trainings and programs, hoping to figure it out. But no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. And I ended up going bankrupt.

So if you’re a woman who’s on a BIG mission to live big, change the world, and embrace a soulful, abundant, joyful journey along the way — WELCOME TO THE UNSTOPPABLES!

That’s when I bravely began working with my first business mentor, exploring my money baggage; sales phobia; and debilitating fears of being rejected and judged. And that’s when my current business, Unstoppable You®

I can’t wait to get to meet you…


Message to Future Entrepreneurs Sure, I’m known as an “Intuitive Business Mentor”. . . But there’s something most don’t know about me: I actually don’t give a RAT’S ASS about your business. But here’s what I AM dedicated to: your freedom. Your spiritual path. And your big, juicy, gushy heart. ‘Cause boy: Being a soulful entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Oh no. Running a soulful business goes WAY beyond just making moolah, or serving other people. Your business — when faced bravely and boldly — will turn into your SPIRITUAL path (whether you like it to or not.)

So as you build your thriving business — your hidden dark sides, sneaky stuck spots and lousy limitations will whisper sweet-nothings in your ear. That is: until they get the awareness, understanding and love they so desperately desire. (From lil’ ol’ YOU, of course.) And through this process, you will grow. Expand. Become outrageously UNSTOPAPPABLE… If ya ask me? = It doesn’t get any better than that. So BRAVO — you brave, bold wonder-woman with boobs! Go forth and create boldly; shine your light brightly; live at your unique 100%; love others (and yourself) with wild abandon; and live out your divine mission on this planet — all while having more fun than most people have on VACATION!

THAT gets me off. (It’s also the best news EVER as far as this red-head is concerned). When you’re a soulful entrepreneur (ie. a coach, healer or service-professional), you’re not selling shoelaces. Chicken nuggets. Body scrubs. Or toilet paper.

That’s the game I’m playing. And I’m pretty darn sure you’re playing it too… BIG love comin’ attcha, Sistah — I can’t wait to dance with you!


Nope. You’re selling Y-O-U. That’s a rare and intimate thing — requiring a whole lot of Lady-Balls. So while you’re transforming lives, lovin’ people up, and making a ridiculously-delicious difference on the planet — you’re also transforming your life in the process. (Can I get an “Amen?”) Every single slippery place where you believe you’re not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough or worthy enough WILL (without a pretty pink shadow of a doubt), bubble up to the surface. At some point. Somewhere. Someday. Promise.

the happy entrepreneur



Founder of Unstoppable You®, Stephanie McWilliams is an Intuitive Business Mentor, award-winning International Speaker, and the former host of HGTV’s smash-hit design show “Fun Shui.” She shows coaches, healers and service professionals how to win more clients, money and freedom -- as they dramatically up-level their businesses, and their lives. Stephanie’s surprising mix of practical business savvy + spiritual sass helps women build smart, thriving, 6-figure businesses filled with passion and heart. Her mission: to inspire women to change the world AND reap the financial rewards they deserve! With her vast training over 25 years with many of the most cuttingedge, outside-the-box thinkers, teachers, healers and business gurus on the planet, Stephanie remains a bold student of life - continually expanding herself and her business so that you can do the same. Stephanie has appeared on programs such as: Good Morning America NOW, Martha Stewart Morning Living, HGTV, People Magazine, Sirius Radio, San Diego Living, Women’s World Magazine, ABC News, John Edward’s Infinite Quest, Your Time with Kim Iverson, and INside Indiana Business, to name just a few.

FAVorite book: My favorite business book is, hand’s-down: Think and Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill). After reading countless business texts over the years, I go back to it – over and over, year after year. It’s what I lovingly call the “Business Bible”. This book has the core information vital for all entrepreneurs — not the typical left-brain business-building “strategies” but rather the very CORE FOUNDATION of all success – filled with powerful spiritual concepts AND mindset strategies that are requirements for anyone who wants to make a huge difference in the world. And get this: Just a few months ago, my father passed away. And as I was going through his belongings, I found 2 brittle, yellowed copies of “Think and Grow Rich” hidden in the back of his office desk – filled with endless handwritten insights, epiphanies and musings scribbled within the margins. Many of those notes described his dream of teaching Napoleon Hill’s concepts to countless others one day... And as I read his words, I was moved to tears — realizing that my father’s dreams are now my REALITY – as I now teach these very same concepts to thousands of women around the globe. His legacy lives on . . . So if there is 1 book you re-read every year (from now until forever!) it is Think and Grow Rich. It’s the rule-book for “Unstoppable” if I’ve ever seen one…


the happy entrepreneur


Get ‘Er Done! The Most Politically-Incorrect Strategy to Accomplishing ANYTHING in Your Biz (Especially things you’ve been putting off for years… or that scare you silly!) At your core, you’re unstoppable. You have dreams bubbling around inside of you. But just because they’re bubbling, that doesn’t mean they’ll ever become reality. What we each long for most is to live a life that is fearless, creative, and impacts the world in powerful, positive ways. Yet rarely does anyone actually ever achieve that. That is, until today… The longer you block your deepest aspirations, the more your emotions turn into a pressure-cooker of muck – turning your life into a squirting-stream of depression, self-sabotage, wheel-spinning and other painful forms of procrastination. The reason why those things you care about MOST are the very things you AVOID the most, is because your brain is scared silly. Ancient DNA programming causes you to feel fearful when stepping outside the box, speaking out, or going against the grain. And for GOOD reasons: In the past, you could be eaten by dinosaurs, speared by a warring tribe, or burned at the stake. But thank god, it’s not that way for you and I anymore. But this inner turmoil causes a split: PART of you longs to take brave actions… and the REST of you longs to run screaming for the hills. And unfortunately, rare is the person who can manifest their dreams under this type of internal warfare. So now, when that happens to me, I pull out my sure-fire “Back against the Cliffs” strategy. It’s a way of artificially creating a ramification MORE painful than your brain’s inner turmoil. You purposefully place yourself in a situation where there is only 1 exit route: to leap toward your dreams! It’s a way of arranging your COMMITMENTS so that you can NOT compromise. There is NO turning back. 0. Not 1 single, teensy-tiny bit of wiggle-room. Here’s an example… Recently I found myself fighting an inner creative battle with 2 important projects: 1. I wanted to write a book (that I’d put off my ENTIRE life) 2. I wanted to start shooting videos (something that had tugged at my heartstrings for years) Thing is: These 2 tasks kept getting brushed under the rug.


And in turn, I was becoming less and less excited about life, feeling dull about my work, and experiencing more sickness and fatigue. Yuck. And that’s when I knew it was time to bring in the BIG guns: DICK CHENEY. Now I don’t mean to ruffle any political feathers. But you need to know that my brain’s not too fond of Mr. Cheney. Which is why I wrote out 2 checks (each for $2500) made out to: “Vice President Dick Cheney”, and post-dated for January 1, 2014. Then those 2 checks (1 for each goal) were mailed to a trusted friend, for safe keeping. Why Dick? Because Mr. Cheney is the LAST human being on the Earth that I’d want to have my moolah. Plain and simple… By January 1st, 2014 my trusted friend HAD to receive 12 finished videos AND my book manuscript. Or else. And if she doesn’t receive the goods, as promised? Well, she would forward those checks to Mr. Cheney (while I sobbed shamefully from some dark, undisclosed location). So do you think there is ANY way that I won’t meet those 2 goals? …Oh HELL no!!! Sure, it takes cojones to do this. It’s not for the faint of heart. BUT the results are always quite surprising . . . And of course, within a week of putting my back against the cliff, I’d written THOUSANDS of words, and shot 4

videos. (Things I had NEVER done before.) But I’m not the INVENTOR of this “technique”. Many other unstoppable people have used this to reach their goals, too. Dr. Oliver Sacks, when writing his book “Migraine” – kept hitting a writing roadblock. No matter what he did, or how much he struggled, NO words would come. Nothing. Nada. And he was left with blank, empty pages, day after day. That is, until one quiet, cool September day . . . That’s when his Braver-Self (the one who KNEW he could do it) told his Resistant-Self these chilling words: “If this book is not done in 10 days, I will commit suicide.” (Yikes!) And while that sounds pretty off-the-charts HARSH, here’s what sprang forth from this oh-so-serious threat: His creative inner-floodgate opened. Wide. And he experienced 9 days of endless energy, productivity, joy and… well… FUN! The damn was burst. The blocks were blown to smithereens. Success was his! (He even finished his book 1 day early.) Then there’s a sweet, 80-year-old woman named Zelda who lives on Martha’s Vinyard. Zelda was a lifelong smoker. I’m not talking a few puffs now and then – this was chain-smoking at it’s very best. She’d suck down 2 packs a day, easy. But one day she decided it was time to quit. Zelda tried for countless years to stop. Throw them out. But no matter what negative image she would play in her mind: pending death, cancer, her kids, the smell, sheer guilt – she would ALWAYS pick up the cigarette again. With intense resolve, she would quit. Then start again. Quit. Start. Quit. Start. Quit. Start. And them one day in 1984 — after trying EVERYTHING with no lasting effects — she stated in exasperation: “If I EVER smoke again, I’m going to give $5000 to the Ku Klux Klan!” (The most horrible, heinous organization that she knew.) But this was no lip-service. She was as serious as taxes. So she wrote that $5000 check, and gave it to her BFF, Mary. If Zelda EVER lit up again, that check would get sealed, stamped and plopped into the nearest mailbox –

on it’s way to that hate-filled, sheet-wearin’, lynch-lovin’ group. And guess what? She never smoked again. So while I’m a very soulful, spiritual gal – who loves positive-thinking, woo-woo wonders, intuitive guidance, and connection to the beyond… this (seemingly) “negative” technique is the very VEHICLE that allows me, and so many others, to do great things in the world. Make no mistake: Resorting to this serious strategy doesn’t mean you’re weak. And it only feels daunting BEFORE you actually commit, full-out. Best of all: it always – ALWAYS – unleashes the hidden superheros living right inside you (whether you knew they were there, or not). And watch out: When you commit 1000%, divine forces come to your rescue – and choreograph guidance, resource and outright miracles to help you get ‘er done! These self-imposed icky ramifications ACTUALLY inspire amazing optimism, momentum and soulful delights… (Who knew?) So now it’s up to you: How can you put YOUR back against the cliff this month? Think of something you’ve longed to do (or something that could dramatically change your life for the better) — and set your deadline AND icky ramification today. …Then step back and watch the magic begin. Because the dreams you hold inside ARE meant to be expressed. And you’ve got to be willing to do ANYTHING to make them happen. Tons of folks are waiting for your unstoppable greatness to emerge. But life is short — It’s now or never, babycakes! Come join me. Hip-to-hip. Hand in hand. As we stand on life’s ledge together: 1…. 2…. 3.... LET’S LEAP! PS: Want to know what happened with my videos, and my book manuscript? Come over to and get the tell-all results . . . Until next time – BE UNSTOPPALBE! Big love, Stephanie © Copyright 2014 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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The Detox Difference:

Re-building Your Gut to To Stay Energetic and Clear All Year Long

80 You grew in a bacteria-free environment in your mother’s womb. But from the moment you traveled through the birth canal and began drinking breast milk an ecosystem of probiotic bacteria started to form in your intestines. You could almost think of this ecosystem as a rainforest. A lush, jungle filled with plants and animals. What would happen if you dropped a banana on the floor of this jungle? If not eaten by an animal the banana would be turned right back into soil within a few days. This also is the natural state of our body’s “rain forest”. When you eat the food needs to be fully broken down and composted back into “healthy soil”. What happens when you take too many antibiotics, eat too much processed foods, and live a high stress lifestyle is that you slash and burn your rainforest converting it into a concrete jungle. Imagine throwing a peeled banana on a city sidewalk. What happens? Over the course of a few days it turns into a rotting pile of sludge. It’s similar inside your body, except all the good bacteria have been replaced by a metropolis of bad bacteria eating and excreting. Their excretions are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, filtered by the liver, and clog all your channels of elimination. You are now a human sewer (gross, huh?). These toxins deplete your nutrient levels and can cause gut-related health issues like:

• • • • • • • • •

★weight gain ★skin issues ★anxiety and depression ★food cravings and addictions ★energy slumps ★brain fog and memory loss ★PMS ★getting up feeling like you didn’t get any rest ★feeling uncomfortable in your own skin

Sound familiar? If so you know there are bad bacteria growing in your intestines creating a slew of toxins. This is the cause of many illnesses - just go to the drugstore and check out the over-the-counter-medication aisle to get a feel for how many. These types of problems are often written off as aging, but this is inaccurate. These health concerns are curable. People think that taking probiotics is the primary solution to helping this situation, but that’s like throwing apple seeds on the sidewalk and asking them to grow. It’s not going to happen. They need rich soil, clean water, and ample light to thrive. Instead, the terrain must be cleansed and rebuilt to create an ecosystem where probiotics can thrive again. Most people turn to cleansing as a way to get quick results, so I want to give you the best information about choosing a cleanse that is right for you.

These are the components to an effective cleanse.


Reduce toxins coming in.

Outside toxins are also called environmental toxins. These toxins are poisonous for the body. They enter your body through your mouth, nose, skin, and lungs. They come from chemicals in your house, inhalation of fumes, eating food that is made from chemicals, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, flavors, trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils.

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Reduce toxins produced inside through Gut Rebuilding.

Inside the body toxins are created through bad bacteria in the gut. How did they get there? By taking antibiotics, not having been breast fed long enough, medications, high stress and trauma, and eating processed foods. Cleanse your gut of all the bad bacteria, dysbiotics, parasites, and processed food sludge that is keeping you sick. These dysbiotics are informing what you eat by sending chemicals to your brain to tell you to crave the foods they want to eat like simple sugars and refined carbs. The main reason you need to cleanse your gut of the dysbiotics is because every time they eat, they excrete creating the human sewer situation. THIS extra load of toxins was something the body was never meant to endure. Bonus tip: Eating certain fermented foods cover one of the steps in the gut rebuilding process to reduce bad bacteria and replace them with healthy bacteria! I fully cover this component in my Gut Rebuilding program to help people cleanse more safely and effectively.


Open up all your channels of elimination

To facilitate the release of toxins you need to unclog the liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph, and blood. Think of a janitor trying to clean a school each night that where no one puts anything in the garbage cans. The janitor would spend all his time picking up all the trash off the desks, sweeping the floors, and clearing all the food off the cafeteria tables. By the time school starts, he never got a chance to mop, buff the floors and do his normal job. He was too busy doing everyone else’s jobs that he couldn’t get to his. There are priorities. He can’t mop the floor until it’s been swept. This is exactly what happens in the body when the liver gets overworked. Instead of being able to do its normal job of filtering toxins out of the blood and making bile and regulating hormones, it is filtering toxins from the bad bacteria and trying to eliminate them properly. The liver gets so overworked it has to hand off jobs to other channels of elimination like the lymph and skin. This is what causes issues like eczema, acne, and psoriasis to arise. Other habits contribute to the liver being overworked like eating right before bed, overeating, eating while stressed, and taking medications.

Cleanse your gut of all the bad bacteria, dysbiotics, parasites, and processed food sludge that is keeping you sick. 82


Last but not least, the cleanse has to feel good.

If it doesn’t, you won’t do it again. It’s a survival mechanism designed to protect you. Even if you increase energy and clear up your skin - if you break the cleanse with a binge because you suffered your way through it, you can’t get wild horses to drag you back to that cleanse again. The ideal situation is to work with a highly skilled cleanse professional to help you create a cleanse that perfectly matches your pace as you develop your cleansing muscle. Developing your cleansing muscle is one of the major steps of healing your body. You need to be skilled and proficient in cleansing so you can take your health to levels you never realized were possible. Remember, cleanse and rebuild; rinse and repeat. You will have to build your cleansing muscle, nutrient levels, probiotics in order to heal your body. Don’t settle for all the nagging health concerns that you chalk up to aging. You deserve to live a healthy, energetic life free of illness. It’s your responsibility to get the support and knowledge to make that happen. Check out to learn more about cleansing and gut rebuilding to help shift your human sewer situation back into a lush rainforest so you can glow and enjoy high energy to be more productive and mentally clear.


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Summer’s Story: When I was young my Mom had us eating tofu and lots of veggies. I grew up thinking that we were the healthiest family on our block because we rarely ate red meat. But I also drank Mountain Dew, ate Taco Bell a couple times a week, loved fast food, biscuits and gravy, and hushpuppies. I liked McDonalds, Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas, and Baskin Robbins. A LOT.

anything anyways. And you know more about this than I do. So what are you doing here? “ It’s true. She was sending her patients to me regularly for health coaching. I began researching the gut and discovered something that changed my life forever. I realized that ALL MY HEALTH CONCERNS STEMMED FROM MY UNHEALTHY GUT.

I thought by eating fake meat on my nachos instead of ground beef meant I was healthy. After high school I certified in herbal medicine at the New Mexico College of Natural Healing where I learned how to properly do a cleanse. While on it - about 7 days in - I felt like a wool blanket had been pulled out of my brain. I looked around at the crystal clear world around me feeling grounded and comfortable in my skin for the first time in my whole life and realized - this is how normal people feel!

I learned how to rebuild my nutrient levels, properly cleanse my body, and make my digestive tract a place where only the healthiest of all probiotics wanted to live.

For the next 5 years I did everything I could to get back to that place of clarity and comfort. But I continued to watch my health slip out of my hands. I was diagnosed with ADD, environmental allergies, food allergies, I developed multiple chemical sensitivities, daily hives, rashes, allergies to laundry detergent and then the panic attacks started. I was waking up in the middle of the night with a full blown panic attack - heart racing uncontrollably.

I wanted to teach others to do the same so I developed my Gut Rebuilding Program and my Probiotic Power Cleanse where I coach people to end their brain fog, low energy, and food addictions for good.

It got so bad that I could only eat about 20-30 foods without a reaction and my digestion was terrible. I was constantly bloated and overweight. I wanted to take off my skin and step outside. I was uncomfortable, emotional, and scared. I tried everything from allergy clearing to chiropractors, acupuncture to cleanses. I Googled these health concerns on the computer every night looking for answers. I even went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and and got certified in Integrative Nutrition through Columbia University. Things were helping a little, but nothing was really working all the way. In desperation, I went to my doctor again with swollen puffy allergy eyes, a runny nose, high anxiety, and a desire to make it all stop. She said, “What are you doing here?” What? You’re my doctor. You’re supposed to help me! “Summer, you know more about this than I do.” She said, “This is what’s going to happen. I’m going to write a prescription, you’re not going to fill it. I don’t think it will do


Amazing things happened. My efforts snowballed. My anxiety went away. I healed myself of multiple chemical sensitivity. My food allergies started clearing up. My environmental allergies got less and less until the next year I only sneezed twice during pollen season!

I learned that raw unpasteurized sauerkraut is the premier way to do this so I opened my regional gourmet sauerkraut company, OlyKraut, in the Northwest. My body calmed down and stopped being so hyper reactive to any little thing. My rashes and dandruff went away. My digestion got better, the bloating decreased, and I started having healthy normal bowel movements. I lost weight. But the best part was that for the second time in my entire life, I felt comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to teach others to do the same so I developed my Gut Rebuilding Program and my Probiotic Power Cleanse where I coach people to end their brain fog, low energy, and food addictions for good. I also created the Fermentationist Certification Program where I train wellness practitioners how to use fermented foods as medicine so they can help their clients heal their digestion naturally.

Favorite Book: My favorite book is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. This book taught me how to calm down and stop getting so stressed out. I noticed a bad habit of freaking out when things got either really good or really bad. I learned how to create an even keel steadiness that makes it super easy to stay comfortable as my business goes through its normal ups and downs. In fact, this is the book that made me able to stop self-sabotaging when things were going great. This has made it possible for me to break $350K in both my businesses combined without having a heart attack about it.

A note to all women entrepreneurs now and to come Click here for your Free Gift:

Our global society has some imperative decisions to make over the next few decades regarding the survival of many animal species, cleaning up the pollution, and feeding a growing human population. For better or for worse, as women, we are trained to think about everyone all at once and plan accordingly with this big picture in mind. I encourage women to do the mental and emotional work it takes to be a leader in the world, stand up for what you believe, and demand to be fully supported and backed in the process. Trust your thinking. You will be right most of the time. I want you to settle for nothing less than absolutely everything. I believe that if we stick to our values and imbue our businesses with that level of integrity the necessary global changes will fall into place. Check out my free video series to understand more about the human sewer and what you can do to end digestive struggles like heartburn and constipation with super simple tricks I’ve been using for years on myself and my clients. the happy entrepreneur

85 the abundance zone toolkit: 3 essential tools to start using today if you’re not making the

money you desire By Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D.

If you have a massively successful business with more income and clients than you know what to do with: Congratulations! I love you, and you can go ahead and turn the page now. This article isn’t for you. This article is for you if you’re scratching your head because you know that you’re amazing at what you do, yet people aren’t lining up around the block to hire you. That was me about 2 years ago. It all turned around (and I mean on a dime) when I developed these tools. My income octupled that year. I’m no math whiz, but I’m told that’s a 700% increase. If you’d like some of that, here are 3 things you need to start doing right away: 1. Know your energy signature, and make sure that you are in the Abundance Zone. 2. Use your intuition to make every step you take in business easier. 3. Co-create your success with your Higher Self and the


Universe. I’ll briefly outline each of these concepts here, and if you want even more, you can go pick up an mp3 I call the Abundance Zone Toolkit, where I walk you through all of the exercises, step by step. Find it at and it’s yours to keep, my gift to you. If you want to share it with others, please do. I ask only that you send them to this link as well so that they can download their own free copy.

Know Your Energy Signature Einstein teaches us that everything is energy, and in the Akashic Records I see that all energy is located on a Loveto-fear spectrum. I like to call the Love end the Abundance Zone. All good things come to you when you operate from Love. The Abundance Zone includes the following energies: expansion, luck, joy, laughter, wisdom, connection, gratitude, generosity, strength, intuition, laughter, fun, trust, faith, surrender, acceptance, grace, ease, flow, and also both giving and receiving. It’s the open energies: open hand, open

heart, open mind. Relaxation. Aaaaaahhhh. The Scarcity Zone includes struggle, control, anxiety, pain, jealousy, greed, hoarding/witholding, (self-)doubt, (self-) judgment, separation, stress, depression, giving up, anger, dishonesty, overwhelm. It’s the closed energies: closed fist, closed heart, closed mind. Tightness. Ack!

Our ego-brains like to think they are in charge of our destiny, and in so doing, screw us up incredibly. Our brains like to think that they are driving the bus, but really it’s the Universe or our Higher Selves doing all the work and letting the brain take some of the credit.

You may have noticed that stress, doubt, and overwhelm often come with the territory of being an entrepreneur. Maybe even struggle, too. If you spend too much of your time in this energy, I guarantee that you are going to be less successful than you want to be. (You are actually repelling people when you operate in this frequency.)

Here’s the problem with letting our ego-brains do the driving: it can’t see where it’s going! Our poor human brains cannot know what’s coming around the bend, and they are constantly thinking that disaster has befallen, when really that’s just the first chapter, not the end of the story. To make an omelet you have to break eggs, and the ego brain, seeing the eggs broken, decides all is lost. Not so.

The Abundance Zone Toolkit mp3 features a delicious meditation that you can do everyday to set your personal frequency to Love. When you are broadcasting Love on all channels, there’s no room for scarcity to come in. I also share a few other simple tools for switching you out of Scarcity to Abundance in an instant. Gratitude and laughter are 2 of my favorites.

You can know that if you’re struggling with something— anything—that you are not co-creating but resisting the delicious goodies that the Universe is trying to bring you on a silver platter. When you notice that you’re struggling, simply slap your forehead, laugh, say “Silly me!” and try to relax. Do not go into self-judgment (that’s fear) but do stop pushing against the gift the Universe has for you.

Use Your Intuition

These tools, which I still use on a daily basis, made all the difference in my outlook and my business. I trust that they’ll work just as well for you, and invite you to share your stories with me at I love hearing from people, so don’t hold back! Remember: connecting is Abundance Zone energy.

Every entrepreneur needs a business coach. (Don’t have one? Put this magazine down and go get one now. I mean it—right now!) And every entrepreneur needs to be using her intuition. Why? Because even the most brilliant business coach can only know you from the outside. Your intuition comes from that Divine part of you within; it knows your past, present, and future as no one else can. Also, it’s available 24/7 (even the most generous coaches won’t offer that), and it’s 100% FREE.

My income octupled that year, I’m no math whiz, but I’m told that’s a


Oh, and did I mention that it’s right every time? The only time it’s ever “wrong” is when you misinterpret it. Believe me: your intuition is your friend. It will help you decide which clients to take on and which to run away from, who the best mentors are for you, what product or service to launch next and the most effective launch window… You name it, your intuition can help. In the Abundance Zone Toolkit, I walk you through an exercise I use every day called the Human Pendulum. It comes from Donna Eden of Energy Medicine fame. Use it to make decisions on the spot that are also spot-on.

Co-Create Your Success In other words, get out of your own way.


Elizabeth Locey, Ph D.

Read ! e r o M the happy entrepreneur



dear woman entrepreneur: from elizabeth locey, ph d. Hooray! You opted into the fastest track to spiritual growth that exists when you decided to run your own business, especially if you left behind your other income streams in the process. If you’re new to this land, welcome to a roller coaster of amazing transformation. In the hopes of saving you some frustration, struggle, and heartache, I’ll share with you the gems of wisdom I’ve gleaned in my several years in business. Notice where you resist them, because there’s a lesson there that can be learned the easy way or the hard way: up to you. Here they are: • You’re here for a reason. Find out why, and then go do something about it. • You know more than you think you do. I promise. • You are Divine. A perfect being full of Love. One moment at a time, I invite you to start living in your divinity rather than


your humanity and see what that feels like. I know we’re all over-achievers here, but no self-judgment allowed: you can’t do it 24/7. If you could, you wouldn’t be here anymore, right? I bet you’re gonna love it! • You get to choose. That’s right: struggle is a choice. Trusting your intuition to make the best decisions is a choice. Overwhelm is a choice. Ease is a choice. Happiness is a choice. It really is up to you to decide how you want your life and your business to be. (Did I just blow your mind a little there? Be honest.) • Everything is energy. Einstein teaches us this. All energy is located somewhere on a Loveto-fear spectrum. Check out my article on the “Abundance Zone” for more info on how to keep yourself in the Love end. Giving is here, but so is receiving. It’s stopping the flow (hoarding, or not daring to give or receive) that’s in the fear end: the Scarcity Zone. Scarcity isn’t just about fear or anxiety: it’s also about guilt, overwhelm, judgment of self


and others, jealousy, greed, pain, depression, doubt, anger, struggle and control. These can crop up a lot in the life of an entrepreneur, so it’s good to know how recognize when you might be repellant in your business and how to switch back into magnetism. • Surrender and giving up are opposite energies. Surrendering the “how” to the Universe or your Higher Self is the best way to get things done, and is one of the highestfrequency actions you can ever take. Giving up—being defeated and losing hope—is one of the lowest-frequency energies out there. Know the difference and act accordingly. • Co-creation (surrendering the how + taking right action) is the best way to get anything you want. Don’t let your ego-brain fool you into thinking you know better than the Universe! (I’m not proud to say that I’ve done this, but I have. I’m a recovering control freak, and I have to watch myself all the time.) • Your human vision is very short-sighted. When you experience something like a job loss or a disease, you are likely to see it as “tragic,” whereas in reality it’s just Step One of giving you exactly what you want. Accept that it’s not the full story, just the opening chapter. The story is never over, so stop judging it and freaking out; just let it go and go with the flow. • Struggle is nothing more than you trying to stand against the combined wisdom of the entire divine Universe. It sounds kind of silly for you to do that when put this way, right? It’s like one mosquito deciding to hold back all the wind in the world: it’s very tiring and completely futile. Don’t be the mosquito. Be the Wind. • Partnership is the best way to do business in the new world order, bar none. The age of competition is over— leave that to those with more testosterone in their systems. It’s no longer working very well for them anyway. Women are natural connectors. Use your connections to create powerful partnerships where everyone wins. • Apply the 80/20 Rule: You do 20% of the work (take the actions you are guided to take), and leave the other 80% to the Universe. It will create + deliver all of the brilliant ideas, all the finding of correct partners and setting them right in front of you, all the good “luck,” the fabulous opportunities, everything. It knows exactly how to fulfill your wildest dreams, and will bring them to you quickly if you’ll just get out of its way!

them, the better your life will get, and the more presents you’ll see, everywhere. • Contrary to what you’ve been taught, this is not a zerosum game. There are infinite resources available to those who choose to see them. And infinite support. We live in an abundant Universe. • Gratitude is an anti-inflammatory. Slather it liberally on relationships, situations, or emotions that are getting tight or heating up in an uncomfortable way. Like a lubricant, it makes everything work more smoothly. It even works on pain: try applying gratitude the next time you get a headache before reaching for the Advil. • Use your intuition. Why cut yourself off from the most clairvoyant and powerful (=divine) part of you? Intuition helps you to be in the right place at the right time, and to say and do the right things to help you get exactly what you want. It’s foolish, in my opinion, to turn your back on this amazing resource, which doesn’t cost a single cent to use. And if you’re already using your intuition: great! Now go use it more.

• Stay grounded. If you’re a spiritual type like me I know can be hard to want to keep our feet on the ground, because sometimes we feel judged or misunderstood by the less-awakened people around us. Just remember that if you ever want to create something in this world—a business, more impact, anything—you have to be here. Think of Scooby Doo: when he wants to run away, he jumps into the air and spins his paws around like crazy but doesn’t get anywhere. It’s not until he hits the ground that he gains traction and starts moving. Remember that the next time you’d prefer to float around in the ether but still live your calling. • Now, go have fun! It’s fun (not to mention fulfilling, rewarding, and inspiring to others) to live your brilliant, divinely-guided and inspired life! Fun is something the Keepers are always telling people to have more of. Don’t take life, or your spiritual practice, too seriously. Life on Planet Earth is all about using the senses: seeing glorious things like sunsets, the faces of children, the sacred geometry in the petals of a flower; smelling the ocean or freshly-cut grass, or a lime spraying out its juicy freshness. Enjoy your food, enjoy your body, enjoy sex, touching and being touched, running through the fields, laughing, and shouting for joy. You’re here for a reason. Have fun while you live it.

• The Universe loves you and wants you to be happy. Look for the presents that it brings you every day. The more you open your eyes, see the gifts, and express gratitude for

the happy entrepreneur


Elizabeth Locey

elizabeth locey: My Story If you’d told me back in 2008 that I would soon be leaving my successful life as an academic, I would have suggested you get your head examined. At that time I was the picture of the young academic with a brilliant career: tenured, popular and award-winning professor, chair of my department, a respected scholar, holding a top elected position in my international professional organization. A year later, I decided to walk away. It was a painful year, in which I realized that my new so-called superiors had some very different ideas about a university’s purpose than I did. I thought universities were about fostering learning in young people, and they thought universities were for making money, so I left. And I didn’t just leave that university: I left the whole often-wonderful, sometimes-screwy academic world. It was the only world I had ever known. You see, I was born into a family of professors, and had never had a job outside the university except for summers waiting tables in college and a stint as a step aerobics instructor during graduate school. What was an out-of-work intellectual such as myself to do to make ends meet and do some good in the world at the same time? Why, channel Akashic Records, of course! My first encounter with the Akashic Records blew my mind and changed the course of my life forever. The first question I asked was: “Who am I on a soul level?” The answer was so right that it made me cry: “You are a Truth Teller, with capital T’s. And when you sing your Truth


song, imprisoned angels are set free.” It turns out that being a professor was just a stop on the way to what I do now—setting angels free and putting rocket boosters on the careers of high-achieving entrepreneurs out to do massive good in the world. My last day as a professor was 1 year + 362 days after that first answer… Lots of people asked me how I had the courage to leave a guaranteed job for life (that I loved for years and had been groomed for since birth) in the middle of the worst economic downturn in 75 years. Frankly, it didn’t feel like courage at all to me: I knew, I really knew that everything was going to be okay (much better, in fact) if I left. And it was. That’s the power of intuition. Fast-forward 3 years, and I’m on top of the world. I’ve got a thriving international practice giving business leaders their intuitive edge as a spiritual business coach and Akashic Records consultant. I’ve never had so much fun or felt so fulfilled in my entire life. If you’d like more clarity, confidence, or confirmation in your work, I invite you to connect with me at elizabeth@ You can also follow me on facebook (Elizabeth Locey) or Twitter (@ElizabethLocey). I’d love to hear about what you’re doing to make the world a better place.

BIO Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., is in the business of making other businesses soar. Back in 2008 she was enjoying her life as an award-winning professor, department chair, respected scholar and leader in her international professional organization. But then she encountered the Akashic Records, and things started to shift for her. Less than 2 years later she left the academic world and her guaranteed job for life behind her for good.

my favorite book:

Much to her surprise, within her first 2 years in business, she created a thriving 6-figure international practice as a spiritual business coach and Akashic Records channel. Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System Yes, the professorial life was good, but it was nothing by Sonia Choquette compared to the high she gets starting waves of change around the world every day! Today, she empowers entrepreneurs + business leaders who are on a mission to do massive good in the world, to achieve that faster than they could ever imagine. As a clear channel, she’ll help you to create more fun, income, and impact in your business, and to get the answers + tools you need to propel yourself forward on a quantum level. Connect with her at for more information, to get on her calendar, and to listen to recordings of live channelings of the Akashic Records on a plethora of topics. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m an iconoclast and proud of it. A free-thinker. A rebel with a cause. So when I was asked to share my favorite business book, you can be sure it wasn’t going to be by Stephen Covey, or even Gay Hendricks. Nope. I stand for leveraging the Universe in business, so the book I chose to feature is a practical guide to Divine Connection. It changed my life, well before I had any inkling that I would ever be anything but an academic. Ask Your Guides outlines all kinds of divine support that’s available at a moment’s notice, from Archangels (this was my introduction to angels, and I was wary at first) to deceased celebrities. Yes! You can call on famous people from the past to help you tease out the answer to a problem or bring you brilliant ideas. Trouble with math? Call on Einstein. Writing a musical? Ask Rodgers and Hammerstein for help. I like to ask Steve Jobs now that he has transitioned: his business wasn’t too shabby.

So, enjoy, and Think Differently. the happy entrepreneur


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E E R F ! T F i G abundance zone toolkit This audio file walks you through how to recognize whether your energy signature in any given moment is one that will make you magnetic to everyone (friends, family, potential leads or lovers) or ... ahem!.. repellent. There may be certain people in your world which you want to repel, and that’s fine, but for your business to thrive you can’t be repelling ideal clients. In addition, I’ll show you through how to flip your energy out of repellant to attractive like a switch, so you’ll never have to have an important encounter wearing the wrong kind of energy again. This audio also takes you step by step through the Divine Love Bubble; it will help to keep your energy signature in the Abundance Zone. And it also takes you step-by-step through the Human Pendulum from Donna Eden, which can help you make on-the-spot decisions that are also spot-on. All entrepreneurs know that the faster we can make decisions, the better our business goes, especially if those decisions don’t have to be un-done later.



the happy entrepreneur


5 Lessons I’VE LEARNED FROM BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR I’ve always been kind of a numbers girl.

At that moment, I knew that deep down, helping people with their businesses was what I wanted to do.

But I never thought of myself as a business person. My parents were both in business. They were entrepreneurs before I was born, and have been involved in business in one way or another for my whole life. But, shortly after graduating from college with a degree in Math and Physics, and realizing that I didn’t want to work in either of those fields, I started my first business Bridger CrossFit. I was in love. I loved being an entrepreneur. I loved setting my own schedule. I loved having only myself to report to and to rely on. Within the year, I had friends asking me for help when they wanted to open a CrossFit gym of their own. And a couple of years later, I had people I barely knew - or in some cases had never met in person - emailing me, asking for advice about their gyms. I really enjoyed helping others, but never really thought to make it my business. Then, about 4 years after I opened my gym, I decided to move on. My family and I were looking for a change. I sold my gym, for an amount beyond my wildest expectations. I moved to Bend, OR to help an acquaintance with his CrossFit Gym - and so my husband could open up his own bicycle repair shop. I wasn’t yet sure what I wanted to do, so I took a part-time coaching job at a local CrossFit gym, and took the winter to think about it. That next spring, I coached my husband and his business partner through opening up their bike shop. I was in love, again. I love being an entrepreneur - and what I found I really loved was helping other people become entrepreneurs, too.


Eventually, after confessing to enough of my friends and mentors that I really wanted to help people with their CrossFit gyms - and enough of them telling me that that’s clearly what I should be doing - I decided to focus on being a Business Consultant specializing in helping CrossFit gym owners. No sooner had I made that decision than an old friend contacted me, looking for help with his CrossFit gym. Suddenly, I had my first client, and I didn’t even have to look for him! My journey to where my business is today has taught me a lot. Here’s just a sampling of what I’ve discovered:


Sometimes, what you should be doing for your job is so obvious you don’t even see it yourself. What is it that everybody always asks you to help them with? What’s your super power - the thing that you’re so good at, and you can’t understand why other people can’t do what you do? THAT is what you should be doing for your work.

As cliché as it sounds - you have to follow your passion. When you’re doing what you’re passionate about, for work, it’s easy to get out of bed and get to work. It’s a lot harder to sit down in front of your computer on a gorgeous day if you’re not really into your work.



Listen to your friends. The people that know you well are the ones who will be able to tell you what your super powers are, or your true passion is. They’ll know what subject makes your face light up when you’re talking about it, and what you’re so good at that you don’t even realize. If you have three friends telling you that you should be doing something for your work - listen to them. They’re probably right.

the happy entrepreneur



Brawn, not brains. As much as I don’t like to admit it -- because I’ve always identified with being really smart -- running a business is more hard work than smarts. Sure, being smart helps. But what you really need to run your own business is a solid work ethic and an unbelievable amount of guts. You need to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone every single day. You also need to be willing to fail - because the path to success is not a straight line pointing up.

You need a mentor. While running a business is more hard work than brains, it doesn’t mean you have to try to re-invent the wheel. Put another way, there’s no sense in banging your head against the wall for a year learning the hard way what a mentor can teach you in a month.


The bottom line is that you have to listen to your gut and follow your heart. I truly believe that decisions should be made intuitively. I spent far too long trying to rationalize why I shouldn’t be a Business Consultant for CrossFit gyms, before just following my heart and going for it. Now, it’s been almost 6 months since I jumped in, feet first, to this business. I’m loving every minute of it. Of course it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses - but I know I’m doing the right thing and serving a lot of business owners who need my help. I’ve got a big vision for where I want to take this business over the next 3-5 years, and I plan on listening to my gut to get me there. One thing I know for sure is that I will always be an entrepreneur. Once I had a taste of the freedom and satisfaction that comes from running my own business, I just can’t go back to working for anybody else.


A note to female entrepreneurs: To all women entrepreneurs - all my sisters: You are a rare breed of woman. Fierce. Driven. Passionate. You aren’t content to keep your talents a secret or to be just the “woman behind the man”. You inspire me, as I hope I to inspire others like you. The world needs more of you in it. Just remember, when the going gets tough or the decisions become burdensome...listen to your gut, follow your heart, and make your own road if you have to.

favorite book:

The book that changed the way I thought about business was “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Actually, I never read it, but I did listen to it on CD many, many times. What it did for me was solidify the idea that your thoughts control your reality. You have the ability to succeed or fail, and the choice is really yours. It also taught me the sobering statistics of just how many people will never be successful. In fact, the vast majority of the people in the world are content to merely exist. It’s like they don’t think there’s a better way -- or they think they don’t have a choice.

degree & certifcations • B.S. Mathematics and Physics, 2006, Montana State University • CrossFit Level 1, June 2008 • CrossFit Running and Endurance, September 2008 • CrossFit Kids, August 2009 • CrossFit Level 2, September 2009 • CrossFit Nutrition, October 2009 • CrossFit Olympic Lifting, October 2009 • CrossFit Endurance, December 2010 • CrossFit Mobility, March 2011 • CrossFit Endurance (intern), July 2011 • CrossFit Powerlifting, August 2011 • CrossFit Kettlebell, December 2012

After listening to that book on CD so many times (on repeat, in my car), I became even more determined to succeed -- on my own terms. I recommend that everybody who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur pick up a copy of that book (or CD), and see if you don’t feel more driven to achieve your goals.

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