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Beauty in disguise (abecedarian) Among those beautiful women in the world Becca was the prettiest of all Calmly walking out of the room under the Dimming light Early night was not meant for her Friday night she goes out Gently gently, with soft steps Hush! Do not speak Ignore what you see now Judgement can be kept in your mind now Killer! they scream Liar! they shout Murderer! they shriek Night shall be mine Odor of blood, I Paint myself in the disguise of my beauty Quick, run away from me, or Race between you and me begins Scatter away now, Tonight I am not who I am Ugly? That’s not meant for me Voila! There you are Wake up from your sweet dreams X-mas, it’s today You can not escape Zeal is mine now


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017