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Abecedary by Cordelia Schoen Amsterdam I went to Amsterdam for vacation about two summers ago. It was smelly and dirty. Everywhere I turned there seemed to be a coffee shop selling weed. I realized how different the country was from any other place I’d ever been to.

Brevity I don’t like to write a lot for papers and homework. I seem to write the amount that I need to in order to get the assignment done and then I stop.

Chester Chester is the name of my cat. She has a boy's name because my aunt could not tell if she was a girl or a boy, so she just picked a random name and hoped that the name matched its gender.

Difficult I have learned that making an abecedary is not the easiest thing to do. At first you think of a lot of ideas but then you realize how many letters there are in the alphabet and it gets more difficult to think of a word for every single letter.

Ear An ear is the only thing that I can think of for e. I do have two ears so this word does work for my abecedary.

Friday I’m on RA duty in Van Sinderen on Friday nights. Most of the time it’s quiet and I don’t have to do much but check in people at 8 and 10. The only thing that I don’t like about Friday dorm duty is that the seniors can check in between 10-10:30 so I need to sit in the common room waiting for every person to walk through the door. By the end I am always exhausted and grumpy.


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