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because december will come and that boy you’re dating, his dad will die unexpectedly a week before christmas. it will destroy him. because january and february will come and he’ll start to recover, slowly, but something will change. you won’t really talk anymore. you’ll know it’s just middle school, and the chances of finding your one true love in your seventh grade pre-algebra class are pretty slim, but it was still nice. because march will come, and you will break up the day before your thirteen month anniversary. it’s gonna suck, but you’ll still be friends, kind of. you even think that he might be gay. he just cared way too much about the way he dressed. but, you know, it’s ok. you don’t know this yet, but you’re kind of gay too. your friends will confide in you, and you, caring almost to a fault, will carry the weight on your own shoulders. one of them will even tell you that she remembers when you were happier and that now, you just seem sad. because june will come, and your best friend who you called the police on will tell you she likes you. you’ll tell her you’re straight. because the summer will come, and you’ll learn how to hurt yourself


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017