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Take a Break by Jean Fang The sun Hanging up in the sky, The birds Chirping melodiously on the trees, The passers-by walk past each other, With a cup of hot drinks on one hand, And a briefcase on the other, Just starting a busy day. Faces full with anxieties, Walk on the streets quickly, Without looking up, Who knows they might miss, A small angel on the top of everyone’s head, Blessing us to have a good day? At night, The moon Is never alone because of the stars, The insect chorus Is the sound of summer, The busy streets start to quiet down, It is the time to sleep, To end this busy day with a restful sleep. The wind breezes outside the window, Telling the busy people, It’s time to take a break, Enjoy all those little moment of your life, Get ready to start a new day, With a grateful heart.


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Stray Shot 2017