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MY DREAM by Fernando Thomas de Carranza I’m coming back from school, I can already smell the food, That strong and powerful smell, My mother made spaghetti, I can tell. I rapidly open the door. The dog welcomes me with love; He just came back from a walk; He jumps on me with those dirty paws. I then go straight into my room I leave my bag and all my books, I go downstairs and see the pasta waiting for me, As I walk towards it, I step on a banana peel and slip; I hit my head against the ground; There’s blood coming out of my mouth. I start falling even deeper, Through an abyss with no limit; I feel anxious and scared, It’s like I’m falling towards my death. 7:45, my alarm goes off, I stand up and put on my clothes, I go downstairs quickly, My mother’s making spaghetti.


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017