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BIG MAC by Fernando Thomas de Carranza I see you walking to the restaurant, I’ve never been so nervous You seem so excited, you’ve never looked so happy I see you across the room, you look at me with passion Thoughts pass through your mind, memories come back You start to remember when we first met, when you were just a child All those happy and forgotten days, when we both had no worries You look at me across the counter, you can barely control yourself I have awoken your deepest feelings, the most beautiful feelings It’s hard for you to walk, you don’t come to me So I run across the room, with tears in my eyes You look at me once more, you’ve never looked so happy I decide to sit in front of you, you’ve never been so nervous I don’t know what to say, you don't know what to do You take me gently and carefully into your hands Those sweet, soft hands, the purest hands to ever touch me You hold me gently and move me towards your lips I see you shaking, you smell me, you take a long breath And when you finally stop stressing I’m placed inside your mouth, I’m bitten several times You swallow me with pleasure, but I’ll never be the same I once was a big mac, and I’ll never be the same.


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Stray Shot 2017