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POLICY CONNECTIVITY AND THE GROWTH DIALOGUE One of the objectives of the Growth Dialogue is to connect policymakers across regions and across generations to help expand the choices facing decision-makers in developing countries. Policy work is often highly constrained by political and other institutional circumstances; however, it is equally challenged by the lack of good practical advice from others who have face similar problems in the past. The Growth Dialogue is uniquely positioned to be able to help expand the advisory horizons of decision-makers by tapping into its network of experienced policymakers, experts, and development practitioners. Since economic outcomes often depend so crucially on policy directions and policy implementation, advisory work can deliver massive payoffs for sustainable economic growth. The three key ingredients of useful policy advice are a) deep knowledge and expertise in the area, b) independence from the interests or ideologies of others and c) practical experience about what actually works. It is these practical aspects that the Dialogue hopes to bring to its advisory work. In addition, in order to marshal the knowledge of experts who have worked alongside policymakers over the years as they grappled with difficult choices and constraints, the Dialogue maintains connections with the latest thinking in academia. This allows decisionmakers to be aware of both the latest thinking in academia and in the world of practical ideas. The Growth Dialogue is fortunate to have a roster of world-class experts in selected areas affecting economic growth who can act as intermediaries in the policy conversation and who can also bring the latest research insights to bear on policy problems. The following corps of senior advisors is available to help direct policy inquiries and requests for policy assistance. Each Senior Advisor brings a strong set of skills to bear and each has a broad understanding of growth and development as well as deep knowledge and experience in his or her area of expertise.

On the next page, you will find the list of current Growth Dialogue’s advisors. To connect with them, please contact the Growth Dialogue’s Secretariat at or

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Areas of Expertise

Recent Assignments/Work

Eduardo Bitran

Infrastructure Policy and PPPs, Innovation

Carl J. Dahlman

Technology Policy, Innovation Policy

Antonio Estache

Infrastructure and Infrastructure Finance, Regulation

J. Luis Guasch

Regulation and Competition, Competitiveness Policy, and SME Policy Macro-financial Policy

Brazil, India, Mozambique, Peru, Paraguay, Armenia

Robert Holzmann

Pensions, Safety Nets, Migration, Labor Markets

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia

Dani Kauffman

Governance, Anti-Corruption and the Public Sector

Maureen A. Lewis

Health Policy, Social Sectors

Advisor to Governments of Africa and Latin America, Sr. Advisor, Mo Ibrahim Foundation As of July 1, 2012

Rakesh Mohan

Macro-financial Policy, Urban Finance

Yale University

Shahid Yusuf

Education & Innovation Competitiveness Policy, Development Strategy

China 2030 Report, South Africa, Malaysia, Costa Rica

James A. Hanson

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Central American infrastructure, Colombian innovation policy Recent book The World Under Pressure (Stanford University. Press, 2011) Africa’s infrastructure

FSAP Team, Turkey, Egypt; Advisor Myanmar

Policy Connectivity  

The Growth Dialogue is uniquely positioned to be able to help expand the advisory horizons of decision-makers by tapping into its network of...

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