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Composting Has Arrived at UC Berkeley! by PJ Chakrabarti The Compost Alliance is a winner of a 2011 TGIF Grant. The Compost Alliance (CA) is a student group founded in Fall 2010 dedicated to implementing a campuswide compost collection system and diverting over 2000 tons of compostable waste from landfill. Student coordinators and volunteers work directly with campus stakeholders to progressively implement compost systems in each building across campus as well as help edu-

cate the campus community on waste reduction topics. Housed under Campus Recycling and Refuse Services (CRRS), the CA is funded primarily by grants from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF), Alameda County Waste Management Au-

thority grant, and the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) Green Fund. Currently composting services cost the campus more than sending compostable materials (continued on page 5)

Berkeley’s Campus Dashboard Make’s Cal’s Consumption Visible, by Sam Borgeson In 2008, UCB used 214,000,000 kWh of electricity, which released 1.2 tons of CO2 per person on campus. Have you ever wondered how energy and water are being used on campus? Have you contemplated what your portion of the consumption is? Could you use data to better understand resource consumption on campus and/or document your work to reduce it? These are the type of questions that have been motivating the small group of stu-

dents developing the Berkeley Campus Dashboard. The TGIF funded project uses a web-based system to collect, aggregate, and visualize data on energy and water use across campus. So far, the system provides visibility into monthly electricity and water usage in campus buildings dating all the way back to the 1970’s and, where available, has high resolution data on energy (and sometimes steam and water) consumption in about 30

wired buildings. In their own words: “Our central goal is to increase “literacy” related to consumption on campus and to provide insights that apply beyond UC Berkeley. But we also hope that this project gives students, staff, faculty, and administrators some of the tools they need to think about and address waste on campus. As the old engineering rule of thumb states: “you can’t (continued on pg. 3)

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TGIF Newsletter- Fall 2011  

Featuring Compost Alliance, UC Campus Dashboard, office of Sustainability, Lawns to Meadows, and more!

TGIF Newsletter- Fall 2011  

Featuring Compost Alliance, UC Campus Dashboard, office of Sustainability, Lawns to Meadows, and more!