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Written by Michael J Tinker Illustrated by Isaac Stovell

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13/02/2014 13:36


an imaginary Inspector Smart is are ople he interviews pe e th t bu r, te ac char the know the names of t n’ do e w h ug ho (t real ey lived invented those). Th e w so , rs ie ld so Roman at ys of ancient Rome, da e th in o ag s ar 2000 ye ry first Easter. You the time of the ve (see page 24). le ib B e th in em th t ou can read ab

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Inspector Smart sat at his desk looking over a very interesting case he had just been handed.

It said:

ase The C of the

y Empt Tomb 3

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According to the file there was a man called

Jesus, who had done some strange things. Normally when people are

sick, they call a doctor and the doctor gives them some medicine to try and make them better again. But Jesus could make people better simply by

speaking! Fig 01

Normally when people want to cross some water, they walk on a bridge. But Jesus could cross a lake by walking

on the water itself! Fig 02

And normally when people die, they stay dead. But Jesus had raised a little girl to life simply by telling her to

get up!

Fig 03

“Interesting� 4

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thought Inspector Smart.

13/02/2014 13:38

Then something sad happened. Jesus was treated like a criminal, sent to court and


Fig 04

Jesus had said he was the

King, but

the people didn’t want him to be King.

But this is where the case got really

interesting‌ 5

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13/02/2014 13:39

Jesus had been put in a cave — the place where they put

huge stone had been rolled across the door of the cave and armed men stood

people who had died. A

guard to make sure no one stole Jesus’ body.

Fig 05

But when some women got to the tomb on Sunday,

gone, the stone had been rolled away and the tomb was… the guards were


“Very interesting,” thought Inspector Smart. It was time to do some investigating. 6

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Inspector Smart got into his superduper police chariot pulled by his trusty horse,


and rode off into



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Look Inside: b'Inspector Smart and the Case of the Empty Tomb'  

Look Inside: b'Inspector Smart and the Case of the Empty Tomb'