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It’s a Rollicking Farce!…GPAC’s New Production “Funny Money” You don’t want to miss this one! Ray Cooney’s hilarious farce about a briefcase full of cash, police who ask one too many questions, and a mild-mannered accountant who’s struck it rich, will come to the stage at The Glenridge Performing Arts Center February 22-25, 2012 with five performances. One of best by the great British farceur, “Funny Money” opened in London’s West End in 1994. The Sunday Times said of it, “Farcelovers are in for two hours of inspired, demented bliss.” It has been a success with American audiences as well. In 2006 the play was made into a movie which was the top film in popularity at the Sarasota Film Festival. Chevy Chase played mild-mannered accountant, Henry Perkins, who accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase on the train and discovers it’s crammed full of cash. “Funny Money’s” storyline goes something like this: When mild-mannered accountant Henry Perkins acci-

dentally picks up the wrong briefcase on the train and discovers it’s crammed full of cash, it’s a dream come true - until the police find Henry’s own briefcase attached to a corpse in the river! Henry’s attempts to keep the money and stay alive become increasingly inept and hysterical as he tries to dodge two detectives, a taxi driver, and the mysterious and ominous Mr. Big. Starting his career as an actor, Ray Cooney appeared in many of the Whitehall farces of Brian Rix in London throughout the fifties and sixties. It was during this time that he co-wrote his first play, “One for the Pot,” and proceeded to co-write several farces for stage and film. Cooney’s farces combine a traditional British bawdiness with structural complication, as characters leap to assumptions, are forced to pretend to be things that they aren’t, and often talk at cross-purposes to hilarious effect. Call the Box Office for tickets at 552-5325.

2012 GAC Officers Announced

Officers for the 2012 year were recently elected by the Glenridge Advisory Council. Left to right: SecretaryTreasurer Roger Wall, President Betty Stewart, Vice President John DeSanto.

Charley’s Corner by Charley Tirrell, CEO

The elections are over—no, not that one, but the membership has chosen and I want to congratulate our officers, President Betty Stewart, Vice President John Desanto and Secretary/Treasurer Roger Wall, on their elections. The Glenridge is a very special place and the dedication of all our GAC officers and members is truly phenomenal. I want to personally thank Bill Cahill for his great leadership and dedication to me and all the members of the Glenridge. The Carroll Center expansion has been completed. I hope all had a chance to attend our Ribbon cutting ceremony. We have worked

diligently to provide our members with an outstanding environment in which to heal and recover. We have expanded our dining capacity in the Highlands and added new staff to enhance the dining experience of all our members. Throughout the campus there are many signs of renewal. We are fast approaching the halfway mark in our Building resurfacing and painting project. Our new woodshop is taking shape on the North side of the campus. We hope to have this completed next month and will look forward to the many hours of enjoyment for our woodworking colleagues. We have all been through a challenging economic time for the year of 2011. However, the financials

for 2011 are complete and we continue to be successful in meeting all of our financial covenants. This is indeed good news. As many other communities struggle, we are proud that The Glenridge continues to hold a premier status in Florida and the entire region in both financial and quality standards of excellence. We have begun to receive the results from our annual survey of all our members. These results will be presented to the Members, Board and Staff at next month’s meeting as well as our plans for 2012. Best regards, Charley

LETTER TO THE EDITOR The following message was to have been published in the December/ January issue of the Piper. We regret the error. Katherine Barnaby and the Barnaby children wish to thank everyone in the Glenridge community for their love, care and support for Gerard A. Barnaby during his residency here.

The Piper Member Editorial Board Publisher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Glenridge Board of Directors Charley Tirrell, CEO Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .George Measer Editorial Staff

Estelle Barrett Ken Bonwit Cynthia Cudworth Lorna Hard Jan Linehan Jean Minneman Joyce Morrison . . . . .Dorothea Sidney. . . . . . Phyllis Willever

Production . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marcy Chapman, Piper Editing Coordinator Design & Layout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Beth McCaa, Graphic Designer


February 23rd Trivia Challenge game 4 p.m. Thistle Stop

Letters to the Editor: Letters will be reviewed for suitability. Letters must be no longer than 250 words. The Editor may condense letters to save space, while preserving the basic substance. Letters must be signed and must not defame or malign individuals or groups. Submit to Member Services. All submissions to the Piper are due to Member Services by the 15th of the month. We now accept items via email at: The Piper is available on our website at:



Turoff Has Made the GPAC a Jewel-of-a-Theatre by George Measer

“Break a leg” is a well-known theatre idiom which means “good luck.” The folks at Glenridge received this “good luck” when Ben Turoff became the manager of the Glenridge Performing Arts Center (GPAC) in June, 2006. Due to the fact that Ben’s parents were seasoned theatre professionals from New York City, Ben Turoff was truly “born in a trunk.” His parents opened the famous Golden Apple Dinner Theatre in 1971. “Since I have been at GPAC, we have produced over 200 shows,” Turoff related. “There has been a steady increase in the diversity and number of professional productions. This includes everything from jazz through symphonic music. I enjoy my relationships with these performers. We

have the Jazz Club, Barber Shoppers, Ballet, Classical and recently the Asolo Theatre ‘Hamlet’ production,” Turoff said. Turoff’s interest in young people is reflected in his work with the Jazz Juvenocracy group. “These kids didn’t know what it was like to work in a legitimate theatre until they came to Glenridge five years ago. The GPAC and our guidance gave them the excitement of the theatre and the desire to expand their music,” Turoff explained. “The playing at GPAC gave them the funds to accept invitations to European jazz festivals and to cut CDs of their work.” According to Turoff, the GPAC has met its revenue budget the last two years with many shows being sell-outs. The visitors from outside Glenridge also help GPAC meet its budget goals. Deborah Kerr and Mark Noble

are part of the GPAC team. Kerr is the GPAC Performance Coordinator. Not only does she handle all the box office duties but she Ben Turoff is the staff liaison for Glenridge’s Movie Committee and works with members on various projects. Mark Noble is GPAC’s Technical Director. He has been head electrician at the Asolo and Van Wezel and the production electrician and assistant technical director at the Sarasota Opera and La Musica. So, “Break a Leg” members of the GPAC staff! Congratulations for bringing the outstanding theatre that has enhanced life at The Glenridge.


January Birthday Babies were treated to a special brunch in their honor and received keepsake enlargements of their baby/toddler pictures. L-R, Front Row: Marianna Schmidt, Alice Huggins, Muriel Budden, Vi Theroux, Virginia Hartley. Back Row: Jan Linehan, Allen Cudworth, Louise Pippenger, Betty Marshall, Sid Waller, Dean Williams, Philip Schmidt FEBRUARY 2012


New Addi on to Piper Staff is Announced by Kat Mathews, Director of Member Services

involved in creating the Piper – Rennie Carter, EdiIt gives me great pleasure to officially introduce tor George Measer, the entire member editorial staff, Marcy Chapman. Marcy is our new Piper Editing employee writers and the graphic panache of Beth Coordinator. This is her first issue! Marcy is working McCaa, Graphic Artist has developed in the capacity of a contractor for The a product that The Glenridge can take Glenridge. Most of you know her as a pride in calling their newsletter. very talented professional artist and my Let me clearly state that Rennie isn’t right-hand person for holiday decoragoing anywhere. We decided to take the tions for the last four years. editing of the Piper “outside the office” Marcy comes to us skillfully qualified due to the time constraints on Rennie. with a Bachelors of Arts in English, havShe will now be able to spend more time ing taught English and creative writing. performing her duties as Event CoorSo with her artistic expertise and her writdinator and assistant to me in Member ing abilities this was a perfect fit. Services – whew I’m happy to hear that. I’m taking this opportunity to sincerely It seemed as if we were in the newspaper thank Rennie Carter for her dedication in Marcy Chapman business when we really are in the people the production of the Piper by editing articles, business – it’s all about YOU! gathering details, coordinating ads, confirmRennie will continue to assemble the monthly calening information and proofreading. She has done an absodars. Please be sure to keep us informed of any event lutely superb job and has never missed a deadline!! or meeting that should be publicized. Rennie’s literary expertise is evident in the last See YOU in “the paper!” five years of every issue. The harmony of everyone

Carroll Center Ready for Occupancy in February by Mark Crouch

Greetings all and best wishes for the New Year! January found the construction teams scrambling as last minute details were addressed in anticipation of our final AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) inspection that took place just a week ago. A three week inspection cycle combined with the holiday schedules of State Agencies and private business alike certainly presented a challenge. After careful consid-

eration the decision was reached to move the inspection forward. In practical terms this means that The Carroll Center will open for occupancy the second week in February. Phase I complete! As Phase II gets underway, the Physical Therapy, Skilled Nursing Kitchen, Dining Rooms, and the Clinic will be temporarily relocated. It will be necessary to close the entire corridor (up to but not including the Hair with Care

Salon) down while renovations and upgrades are underway. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience…but should be worth the wait!

IN MEMORIAM Selma Sherman Richard Deegan Phyllis Wittmer

Finance Committee Elects Chairman William Cooper has recently been elected as Chair of the Glenridge Finance Committee. He succeeds Edward Duffy. Also elected to the committee are Colleen Darby, William Cahill, Robert Ackerman, Raymond Steel and Anne Sbarounis. 4


Richard Freeman “What a beautiful difference one single life can make.”

Speaker Series Offers Two Dynamic Programs by Cynthia Cudworth

The 2012 Glenridge Speaker Series continues to bring outstanding speakers on very interesting subjects, and the month of February is no exception. On Thursday, February 16th, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. speaker Mort Crim’s topic will be “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned at the Airport.” Crim, a former broadcast journalist, radio host and author will draw from the thousands of interviews he has conducted during a lifetime in journalism. He will show that happiness and success are never a matter of life’s circumstances. The Tuesday, February 28th speaker will be Dr. Henry Fishkind, Ph.D., a principal of Fishkind & Associates and former Mort Crim Dr. Henry Fishkind associate professor of economics at the University of Florida. His firm conducts residential real estate feasibility research involving price, product and supply analysis as well as extensive consumer research and focus group studies. Topic for the 3 p.m. program is “Economic Forecast for the U.S. and Florida.” R.S.V.P. for programs – 552-5325

Customized Artwork Donated for Kil e Cafe by Jean Minneman

Installed above the counter in the Kiltie Café is a new work of art entitled “The Scotsman.” Widely recognized artist Frank Hopper, now from Sarasota, donated this lively piece to The Glenridge last month. Our “Scotsman” is a giclee print adapted from a permanent mural at the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. Hopper changed the background to invoke thoughts of the famous St. Andrews Golf Course in

Scotland….and give us a smile. Glenridge members Jean Vallee and Beverly Koach worked with the artist to arrange the donation. Hopper is famous for his murals and portraits, several of which have been commissioned by various international collectors and museums. The giclee process, which results in an outstanding reproduction, is achieved by using a high quality ink jet printer.

CEO Charley Tirrell accepts painting, “The Scotsman,” from the artist Frank Hopper



Are You Having Any Fun? by Joyce Morrison

Tony Sypula is, and has been since he was a boy of seven or eight when he discovered how important art was to his life. “It was just always there,” he says, although he continued to explore sports and all the activities of an American boyhood. A native Pennsylvanian Tony Sypula Sypula attended West Liberty State College, earning his degree in math, liberal arts and art. He went on to the University of Pittsburgh for his masters degree in fine arts and then taught for ten years in the Pittsburgh school system. He never stopped drawing, painting, doing wood carving and carpentry---and competing for the opportunity to show his art. His life changed one day as he supervised a group of children on the playground. The school principal approached Tony, asking him if he’d like to earn some extra money by painting the school fence. “It seemed to me a commentary on how this educator looked on education as so unimportant,” Sypula says. “It was as though he represented the whole community outlook.” Tony had been teaching math and science, coaching the football team and sometimes teaching art classes. Tony recounts, “I told him maybe he should consider doing it himself in his spare time. And quit and went home.” When Tony came home so early, his surprised wife asked what had happened. “I quit,” Tony told her. “I think we should move to Florida.” When she objected, citing their four children, he told her to think about it, because he was. He came home the next day with a For Sale sign for their house and before long they had packed up their furniture and belongings on a big truck, collected his brother and wife and had driven non-stop (except for gas ) to Florida. With meager resources, they found a motel to house them for two weeks, while Tony found a place to live and a job with an insurance company. He maintained this affiliation for the next 40 years while he built several businesses of his own. The many hours of hard work paid off when, to the great excitement of the children, he moved the family to the home of their dreams, directly on the white sands of Siesta Key. His Cypress apartment is decorated with the incred6

ible output of years of painting. “Most of it is in my children’s homes,” he says with a laugh. “They steal it off the walls.” But he has generously added his art to the Cypress Building halls and lobby areas. “I think it would be a good thing to have competitions for art to hang throughout The Glenridge,” he said. “It makes a statement about the artist’s worth and makes it more important to him or her.” “But most important of all is to keep those things in your life that you really need there. I recently spent several hours at Ringling Museum visiting my heroes. Every piece of art brings a smile to my face and soul.”

A Smidge of Bridge by Jean Minneman

NORTH s863 1AQJ9 2A8 cQ962 WEST s K Q 10 9 5 4 2 15 2Q973 c8

EAST s7 1 K 10 8 7 2 J 10 6 5 4 2 cJ5 SOUTH sAJ 16432 2K c A K 10 7 4 3

S W N E 1c 3s 5c PASS 6c END New Members: Call Jean at 927-5737 for information about duplicate bridge and partners. Six clubs is the final contract. It is a double dummy problem for South, the declarer. The heart 5 is a known singleton; otherwise, a higher spot would have been led. Eleven tricks are fairly routine. Note the heart finesse provides two eventual losers. Where is that elusive l2th trick? Solution, page 11.


February Women’s Luncheon Features Leading Pediatrician by Lorna Hard

Dr. Kristen Berlin

Dr. Kristen Berlin, M.D., Ph.D., a leading pediatrician at St. Petersburg’s All Children’s Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, will be our guest

speaker at the Monday, February 27, 2012 Women’s Luncheon at 12 p.m. in the MacIntyre Room. Find out why this nearby facility is consistently ranked among the nation’s top children’s hospitals, and what they are doing to help our children’s children and, in fact, all

future generations. Call the Concierge to sign up for the luncheon – 552-5315.

Model Plane Enthusiast to Speak at February Men’s Luncheon Turtle Rock’s “Fly-Boy” Jim Martin will be the speaker at the Monday, February 20 Glenridge Men’s Club luncheon. Martin received his first pilot’s license in 1973 and in 1977 began his career in small aircraft sales. During the 1980’s he developed an interest in radio controlled (r/c) aircraft. Martin built and flew his first r/c aircraft in 1990. When he moved to Sarasota, he joined the Sarasota R/C Squadron. The Squadron’s air field is located atop the hill at Rothenback Park, 3.5 miles east of I-75 on Bee Ridge Rd. Martin has just taken delivery of his own personal plane, a Mooney M20F Executive, a dream since childhood. Make reservations through the Concierge (552-5315).

Jim Martin

Glenridge Men’s Club Welcomes Jack Stedman as New Chair Glenridge member Jack Stedman is the new Chair of the Glenridge Men’s Club. Serving with Stedman on the committee are members Bob Ackerman and Ray Steele. Stedman and his wife Joyce moved to their Glenridge home on Kilmory Jack Stedman Way in October, 2010. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School

of Banking. After serving in the Air Force during the Korean War, he returned to Newton Waltham Bank and Trust and eventually became President of a community bank in Northampton, MA. The Glenridge Men’s Club luncheons are held on the third Monday of the month in the Mac Rooms. All men of Glenridge are invited to attend these informative luncheons.

What’s So Great about The Glenridge? It’s a Happy, Helpful, Healthy Place! by Phyllis Willever

Shirley Williams, a member who lives in the Oaks Building with her husband, Dean, had no trouble in relating her favorite pastime at The Glenridge. Shirley writes, “On a dark and dreary morning, I went to the fitness center and found many

folks busily working out, taking classes, drinking coffee, etc. What a happy place!” Shirley continues, “We have great instructors who are genuinely interested in our problems. They are very helpful in many ways… FEBRUARY 2012

stretching, balancing, strengthening and so on. Then there is the glorious 85 degree pool, fit for a king, plus two outstanding tennis courts! A wonderful place to spend time.”


Art Studio Tour Offers Exclusive Visit with Working Ar sts by Jean Minneman

Viewing original art in the studio and chatting with the artist is an exceptional experience. On Friday, March 9, Glenridge members will have the opportunity to enjoy working artists in their studios and to discuss the art with them. This is the 40th year of the Art Studio Tour sponsored by the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota. Travel Committee and Fine Arts Society member Jean Owen, assisted by member services, has arranged discounted tour tickets and a group lunch rate. The tour will depart the main entrance at approximately 9:30 a.m. and return to Glenridge at approximately 3:00 p.m. Cost is $34.00 for transportation, tour ticket, and lunch including tax and gratuity. The art works displayed at the various locations will be for sale. First stop is Adam Todd’s studio of tactile metal sculptures and ceramic works. Next we’ll visit the Ringling College Student Center for a display of paintings, works in glass, fabric and jewelry. Lunch at Carr’s Corner follows. The last stop will be the studio of Giovanni Lunardi whose photography has graced the covers of more than 4,500 of the world’s best known magazines. Please note that Transportation includes a small bus; hence, do call the Concierge (552-5315) early to reserve your seat. For additional information, telephone Jean Owen (921-9792).

Where Do Glenridge Folks Call Home? Survey says…Everywhere! by Jan Linehan

Last fall, some Piper staffers took on a task of surveying where the folks here at The Glenridge call home. Their objective was to track the diverse backgrounds that have contributed to The Glenridge’s stimulating atmosphere. Not surprisingly, the outcome of this informal poll (reply slips placed in the “Piper” box in the library) offered most interesting results. From Germany to Osprey…people living here do hail from a plethora of places. Florida, not surprisingly, came in with the greatest number of “strikes,” representing primarily those who were in the state even before moving to The Glenridge. 10

One person mentioned 30 years in Sarasota and another one 17 years. Then the results showed three from Venice, one each from Coral Gables, Osprey, Longboat Key, Prestancia and two from The Meadows (we told you this was an unscientific poll—how many people do you know who lived at The Meadows before The Glenridge?) As close as we could call it (taking into account various areas of overlap) it appears that three members were born in Europe – Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. Seven spent a large portion of their lives outside the United States. Collectively, 29 (this number includes husband/wife duos) lived in a comFEBRUARY 2012

bined total of 24 states. Neither of our non-contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii, was listed. Many of our members noted having lived overseas either during their own or a spouse’s employment. Overseas locations included distant lands such as Australia, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Peru, Scotland, Germany, France and Canada. Various military posts in the United States were also named. Our survey pictured a beautiful travelogue of “most fascinating persons” who have been and still are “on the move.”

Tennis Group “Scores” New Chairman by Edward G. Feldmann

The Glenridge Tennis Players Group elected Ed Feldmann as their new Committee Chairman during January. Feldmann was nominated by and succeeds former Chairman, Bob Henderson. In his acceptance remarks, Feldmann acknowledged the many contributions made by Henderson, as well as John Redgrave, Dick Fleming, Sam Claypoole, and others, in organizing and developing the tennis program in the eight short years since its inception. He also observed that The Glenridge is blessed with both excellent tennis facilities as well as a large corps of excellent players. Toward this end, he intends to commit the tennis group to work actively with the Life Planning Staff in promoting The Glenridge to outside prospective members. Ed observed that such a joint effort would constitute a “win-win” proposition, benefitting the tennis program as well as rebuilding and strengthening The Glenridge image as an active and vibrant community in which to live.

Fitness Director Bill Ciotti enthusiastically voiced his support for these goals and objectives. As a professional tennis instructor, he noted that tennis play is an excellent form of exercise to maintain fitness, and it also represents an ideal outlet to meet The Glenridge goal of “Life Fulfillment!”

A Smidge of Bridge continued from page 6

NORTH s863 1AQJ9 2A8 cQ962 WEST s K Q 10 9 5 4 2 15 2Q973 c8

LOW VISION GROUP MEETING Thursday, February 23 10:30 a.m. Mac I Guest Speaker: Paul Runge, MD Board Certified Ophthalmic Consultant Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at USF

Topic: Current, New and Novel Medical Treatments for Macular Degeneration Including Gene Replacement, Stem Cells, Bionic Retinas and More

EAST s7 1 K 10 8 7 2 J 10 6 5 4 2 cJ5 SOUTH sAJ 16432 2K c A K 10 7 4 3

This is hard and takes time and a clue for me to solve. It’s a double end-play. Win the first heart with dummy’s A. Cash the A and K of clubs, the K of diamonds and the spade A. Cross to the club lady, and ruff a spade. Cash the diamond A and pitch a heart. Then, lead a heart to dummy’s queen. If East takes the king, his hearts are dead…having to lead the 10 -8 into dummy’s J-9. A diamond lead enables declarer to discard a heart from hand and ruff in dummy and thence lead dummy’s heart J to discard the final losing heart; therefore, East must duck the heart queen. Now the endplay reverts to West. From the dummy, lead the last spade to West and discard a heart. Now, West is forced to lead another spade or a diamond, providing declarer with a ruff-discard. He ruffs either suit in the dummy and discards his last heart from hand. 12 tricks.



Council’s Choice Award — Hat’s Off to George Measer! Recognizing his immeasurable efforts and contributions to The Glenridge, the 2011 Glenridge Advisory Council honored George Measer with the Council’s Choice Award on December 8, 2011. The Council cited George as a man of action. Where he has George Measer seen opportunities to make The Glenridge a better place, he has personally created events and traditions that have become part of the fabric of life at The Glenridge. George created the monthly Glenridge Men’s Club Luncheons, a highly-anticipated social opportunity, bringing in guest speakers to enlighten and entertain. George also established an annual tribute to Glenridge veterans, coordinating myriad resources – from military heroes to honor guards to singers – to create inspirational Veterans Day programs.


When George stepped up to helm the Glenridge newsletter in 2006, he brought a lifetime of publishing expertise to the job. The Piper has been transformed from a brochure of useful information to a beautiful, professional-quality newsletter that has become a valuable marketing tool for The Glenridge. Indeed, George’s greatest and perhaps least heralded efforts have been directed toward the promotion of The Glenridge to prospective members and the Sarasota community at large. His perseverance in arranging for publicity in local newspapers, his networking with community associations, and his personal recruitment efforts have been driven by his loyalty to The Glenridge and his singular mission to increase occupancy. We thank you, George, for your dedication, your passion and your endless spirit. Bill Cahill, President (2010 – 2011) John DeSanto,Vice-President (2010 – present) Betty Stewart (Treasurer & Secretary – new President)

Valentine’s Party With a Song in Your Heart Dinner Dance Party

New Machine Makes Reading Easier The Low Vision Group has traded in the “Topaz” for an upgraded Model called “PLATINUM.” Now installed in the Library, it magnifies to a much greater degree (150x) and features full color. Members are encouraged to call Herb Zimmer at 921-6222 to be shown how to use the “PLATINUM.”

Saturday, February 11 6-8pm MacIntyre Room Entertainment by Arun Bhagwat Two Dance Hosts $20pp ~ Cocktails by Signature RSVP Concierge 552-5315 by Wednesday, February 8 Menu: Caesar and Caprese Salads, Chicken Wellington, Salmon Pinwheels wrapped in Prosciutto, Potato Croquettes, Grilled Vegetable Medley, Rice Blend, Strawberry Mousse with Fresh Strawberries Cointreau, Flourless Chocolate Cake NOTE: Staff will assist with buffet service as needed.



Order in the House!…Fred Schneider “Stays on His Toes” Managing Housekeeping by Phyllis Willever

32 Housekeepers! 230 Units! Two Hundred Beds to Change! Manager of Housekeeping, Fred Schneider, must stay on his toes to keep such a big house in proper order. I recently sat down with this affable, goodlooking Manager of the Housekeeping Department to talk about Glenridge, his daily duties and the housekeeping services all of us members enjoy every week. Fred, originally from Rochester, NY went to college in Maine. Subsequently he married Janet and now the family includes seven children, ranging in age from nine to thirty-one. Moving to Sarasota in 1996, Fred began his seven years of service at The Glenridge in Security, moved to Maintenance and for the last five years Housekeeping. He and his family live in Laurel Nokomis and Janet is employed at Flounders Restaurant in Englewood. One of their favorite hobbies is fishing on Nokomis Beach. Fred explained that the Housekeeping Department is divided into teams: The Independent Team, the Common Areas Team, the Carroll Center Team, the Highlands Team, and the Floor Care Team, along

with the Laundry. His day begins early, checking his messages, making certain his thirty-two housekeepers have their schedules on target for the day. Two of cleaners are floaters, ready to sub for any absentees. Working in two shifts,

Fred Schneider

several cleaners have night-time schedules so that common areas may be cleaned during our quiet times. The common areas, lobbies, restrooms administrative offices, Carroll Center and the Highlands are cleaned daily as are the elevators, elevator lobbies and eight public restrooms. Weekly cleaning

is provided for 230 independent units, two hundred beds changed and twenty trash rooms are cleaned. More than forty units have pets. Fred used the word “rapport” often in our talk. This refers to the relationship the Housekeeping Staff is striving to reach with each of the members. He explained that the cleaning service is a weekly light cleaning at a pre-arranged time. If your day falls on a holiday, you are usually skipped for that week. Expanded cleaning as a routine has been eliminated, but may be arranged as need arises and time permits. Carpet cleaning is generally arranged yearly, but may be scheduled earlier. The housekeepers should know their members and may do special things if asked. Members may substitute cleaning tasks with their housekeeper; however, another task will have to be eliminated that week. Additional jobs, that take considerable time, are a chargeable item at $30.00 per hour. We all have different things that we like done, so please give Fred a call and he will generally work with you to accomplish these.

Original Art Accents Elevator Lobby by Jean Minneman

Jane Dye

A visual treat awaits non-hurried visitors to the East Building’s central elevator lobby. Glenridge’s own Jane Dye is the artist whose creations compliment the new floor and bench. The brilliant “Dye-esque” colors transport the viewer into a land of imagination with symbolism galore. From the lakeside entrance, look first to the left and study the imaginary “pear tree.” The fruit and foliage are rendered in fantastic colors which blend into the tones of aqua grounds. Then, look to the right and enjoy the happy and cheerful mythological pear village. Careful viewing illustrates music, champagne, magical towers, gorgeous palms and romance…all painted on this vertical canvas. Also, the Art and Decor Committee notes its renovated West Building’s central elevator lobby. FEBRUARY 2012


Welcome New Members Jess & Allan Miller Apartment 4307

Harvey & Sarah Sabinson CH 16

by Lorna Hard

by Dorothea Sidney

Jess and Allan Miller lived most of their lives in Virginia. They met in High School in Richmond but did not date. Jess continued her education Jess & Allan Miller at Westhampton College of the University of Richmond, obtaining a BA in History, while Allan joined the Coast Guard and served on a troopship in the Pacific. After the war, they became reacquainted and married while Allan was earning his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech. Allan joined Honeywell Inc. in 1952 and spent his career with that company, retiring in 1984 as Manager of the Richmond Branch. Jess raised their three children and managed their home. The family did a lot of canoeing, fishing, hunting and camping. Jess and Allan both were Scout leaders. Jess always enjoyed drawing and, when the children were grown, she studied painting at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts. She is an accomplished watercolor painter and belongs to several art associations. When Allan retired, they moved to a family vacation house on the Rappahannock River where they lived for eighteen years, travelling extensively in a camper/van throughout Canada and the United States, including a long trip to Alaska. Eventually they settled on Pine Island where they renovated a lovely old home, moving in just before Hurricane Charley effectively destroyed the property. Fortunately, they were able to save Jess’s paintings. They then rented in the Sarasota area until deciding to move here. Jess and Allan have always been active in the Episcopal Church and are members of St. Boniface on Siesta Key. Allan keeps a boat in Philippi Creek and he rides his bicycle a lot. They have six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. We are happy to welcome them to The Glenridge.

Glenridge Library Thanked for Donation by Liz Coursen

Goodbye Broadway – Hello Glenridge This could be the mantra of the Sabinsons who have just settled into Club House 16. They were Harvey & Sarah both born and raised in Manhattan. Sabinson Harvey attended Queen’s College but, as was the case with so many, had his education interrupted by WWII. He met Sarah during her stint as a math professor. Sarah and Harvey have two sons and three granddaughters. Son Eric is a Professor of Literature in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Son Allan is dean of the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, Drexel University. Harvey had an exceptional career in the theater and was a successful theatrical publicist, associated with shows including “Guys and Dolls,” “Gypsy,” “Hello Dolly,” and ten Neil Simon plays. In 1995, the year he stepped down as Executive Director of the Broadway League, he was honored with a special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 1998 he was inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Theatre. Harvey was a recipient of The Founders Award of the Theater Hall of Fame and received honors for his many contributions to the city and to various New York organizations. This active couple is enjoying the theatre offerings in Sarasota. Harvey does some painting and Sarah likes needlepoint and sewing. Sarah remarks, with a twinkle in her eye, “I love my computer.”

FEBRUARY PERM SALE 15% off A perm helps your style stay in longer!

Thank you to everyone at the Glenridge library, Hair With Care especially Allene Hazeltine, for your generous donaCall for your appointment now tion of books to my Salvation Army library project 552-5274 for the homeless in Sarasota. 14 FEBRUARY 2012

Welcome New Members Deaver & Mary Jean Thomas CH 4 by Dorothea Sidney

Deaver and Mary Jean Thomas are new residents in the eastern complex of Club Homes, moving here from Turtle Rock. While Mary Jean & Deaver Deaver grew up in Georgia, Mary Thomas Jean spent her childhood years in Aruba. Both of the Thomases attended Duke University. Deaver, a physician whose area of interest was research, worked in this field for several years at the University of Michigan. They later moved to Syracuse, New York, where much of his work was in the field of nuclear medicine. Mary Jean has a Master’s Degree in textile arts with a special interest in Peruvian textiles. The couple has two sons. Sailboating is a special love of Deaver and Mary Jean. When close to home they enjoy traveling in their own vessel. Further afield, they have made renting arrangements with overseas boat owners and have had great experiences in locations such as the Caribbean, Greek Isles, French Polynesia and the Great Barrier Reef. When they aren’t on the water, we will look forward to getting acquainted with them in the Glenridge environs.

Jack White Apartment 4205 by Lorna Hard

Jack White lived many years in Basking Ridge, NJ, and considers it his home, although he was born in Buffalo, NY, and grew up in Schenectady. He joined the Army Jack White after his freshman year at Union College and was married with two children by the time he returned to finish his degree. Jack always worked in Corporate Management, first with Bell Laboratories for seventeen years, ending up Corporate Controller. While at Bell Labs, he was awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship by MIT, where he received his MS degree. Next he spent five years as Executive Vice President at Sloan-Kettering in New York. He ended his career as CEO of privately held companies, first Galileo Electro Optics in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and then Southwall Technologies in Palo Alto, California, successfully taking both public. When Jack retired in 1987, he and his wife Jackie moved to Sarasota where they lived for many years at The Meadows and later at University Place. Jack enjoys boating and fishing and kept a boat in Sarasota for several years. He was a dedicated golfer until about three years ago when he gave up the game and threw away his clubs. He also likes travel and is an avid reader. His daughter lives in Smithfield, VA, and his son in Key West. He has two grandchildren and two great grandchildren in Pennsylvania. When Jackie passed away last year, Jack did quite a bit of research and decided that The Glenridge is where he wants to live. We extend him a very warm welcome.

The Jazz Club of Sarasota and GPAC PRESENT CYNTHIA SAYER on the BANJO…A PHENOMENTAL TALENT From The New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, the White House and now to the GPAC Theater, Cynthia Sayer’s concert, Sunday, February 12, at 2:00 p.m., is a MUST SEE! The daughter of Glenridge members Bert and Barbara Sayer, Cynthia is regarded as one of the top 4-string banjoists in the world today. A member of Woody Allen’s jazz band for over 10 years, Cynthia’s solo career has taken her well beyond these New Orleans roots to become an acclaimed bandleader and guest artist. Her eclectic repertoire ranges from swing and hot jazz to tango, western, classical, and more. Photo by Gary Spector

Call the Box Office for tickets: 552-5325



by Ken Bonwit by Ken Bonwit



Tues., Feb. 7, 8:00 PM: CONTAGION (2011) Drama/Thriller; Rated PG-13 for disturbing content and some language; Run time: 106 min. Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet A thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors, contracted by the CDC, to deal with the outbreak.

Tues., Feb. 14, 8:00 PM: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (2002) Comedy/Drama/Romance; Rated PG for mild sensuality; Run time: 97 min. Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, Frances O’Connor, Reese Witherspoon and Judi Dench Two 1890’s Englishmen live exciting lives using alter egos with variants of the name “Ernest.” Algernon takes the name Ernest on a visit to Jack’s home and ingratiates Jack’s ward Cecily. Gwendolen arrives and sees Jack whom she loves as Earnest. Can this spoil their romances?

Tues., Feb. 28, 8:00 PM: MONEYBALL (2011) Drama/Thriller; Rated PG-13 for some strong language; Run time: 133 min. Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, Chris Pratt and Stephen Bishop Billy Beane is general manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team and he must assemble a team with a very tight budget. He teams with Ivy League graduate Peter Brand to use statistical data to recruit bargain players that other teams have called flawed. They turn baseball on its ear.

And the winner is……. Annual Glenridge Oscar Party Sunday, February 26, 2012 8:00 p.m. GPAC Theatre Food and Wine Reception No reservations necessary. FEBRUARY 2012


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