Frank Magazine June July 2020

Page 82




Electric Dreams with


Amanda Stretton

by Photojournalist Lara Platman

Model T made gasoline-powered cars widely available and rom the moment that the second car rolled off the affordable, the steam or electric engines which were more production line, Henry Ford proclaimed, let’s go racing, complicated to build, became obsolete. well that’s how the saying goes at least. More recently, Until today, where we are introduced to Amanda Stretton car manufacturers that put their cars into race series said, who is working closely with the Jaguar iPace team as their ‘Race on Sunday sell on Monday’, and this is true to this commentator and all round promotor. I catch up with very day. From Toyota using Hybrid technology in their Amanda to find out how her passion for motor racing came endurance race cars, Audi and Porsche soon to follow, about. then Nissan with their electric cars, and finally the Formula E series with solely electric cars, enable the cars “When I started I thought this was my hobby and not in a on our roads to be more ecologically friendly with fuel million years did I think this would turn out to be a real consumption and of course the electric motor. job. I don’t think I have had a real job for years”. I often forget the electric motor car was invented in 1830 with the first crude electric motor vehicle but it only took What is your real job? Well, let’s get to that in a hold in the 1870’s when production began. And in 1898 Ferdinand Porsche, founder of the sports car company by minute. When did you know you wanted to have a go at motor racing? the same name, developed an electric car called the P1. I was 13 and had a go at racing motorcross -motorbikes, Ironic that in 2019, they launched their Taycan Electric but the only problem was it really hurt when you fell off vehicle. and decided quite quickly that I wanted to race but not Yet, it was Henry Ford’s mass-produced Model T that with such dangerous possibilities each time you fell off. dealt a blow to the electric car. Introduced in 1908, the