PROSPECTUS - St. Ciarán's Community School - 2023/24

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We wish to extend a very warm welcome to those students who are considering attending St Ciarán’s Community School. We are cognisant that identifying the right secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make in terms of their education. This prospectus seeks to portray the broad curriculum, excellent facilities and many curricular and extra-curricular activities available online to students. We hope that on watching our promotional video and reading this prospectus, it will help you make that choice.

Our aim in St Ciarán’s Community School is to provide a high quality learning environment. We constantly strive for excellence in learning and teaching by providing a rich and diverse curriculum that caters for the needs of each individual. St Ciarán’s Community school is a community of students, staff and parents. We believe in empowering and equipping students to achieve their potential. We are committed to the development and care of each and every student. A strong emphasis is placed on the personal and social development of all our students.

We are very aware of the importance of a smooth transition for prospective students from primary to secondary school. In this regard, first year students are supported from their first day in school by a dedicated and committed staff. Easing the transition of all students from Primary to Post-Primary School is of paramount importance to our team of teachers and staff. Our staff will strive to help your son or daughter integrate fully into our school and achieve their full academic and personal potential. We have Transition and Wellbeing Programmes in place to ensure your child has a positive and enjoyable transition.

We strive every day to maintain a happy, caring and respectful atmosphere where all students and staff can achieve their full potential. We believe that every student is unique and that it is our task to enable all students to reach their potential as an individual whilst also encouraging them to respect the differences of others in the community. We seek to do that in as caring a manner as possible. We will always be available to discuss your concerns and to help students and we look forward to working with you in the future.





Here at St Ciarán’s Community School we pride ourselves in providing support and encouragement to all our students to achieve success in whatever career path they chose. Our students have gone on to excel in sport, science, religion, education, medicine, art, broadcasting, music, construction, engineering, aviation and many more careers. Here is a little taste of what some of our recent graduates are up to:

I enjoyed every minute of the six years I spent at St. Ciarán’s. The school helped me both academically and socially, through both the hard effort teachers put in and the healthy, fun environment that was created. The extra effort put in by teachers, such as after school classes and study resources they created, motivated me to work harder myself, which ultimately helped my success at school. These positive influences allowed me to do well in my exams, but also to appreciate my time in the school. In particular, I found the Transition Year Programme to be very beneficial, as it allowed me to mature as I explored future career options. I am currently studying Engineering in UCD. I chose this course due to my interest in Maths and Science, both of which were facilitated by the excellent departments in the school.

I started in St. Ciarán’s in 2016, and the 6 years I spent in the school were truly memorable and fulfilling. From the start of my studies, my interests and skills were developed and facilitated by a warm and committed staff, willing to help wherever possible. The atmosphere and buzz around the school made it an exciting place to learn. As well as this, the extracurricular sporting activities that I took part in during school were notably memorable, with staff committing their own free-time to help us develop our skills in and outside of the classroom. Transition year was also very enjoyable. During this year I made lifelong friends, developed both academically and personally, and it gave me a good idea of what I wanted to do in the future. In the run up to the leaving cert, the staff were extremely helpful and understanding, many of whom organised after-school classes to focus on things we found difficult and to give us that bit of extra help. One of my favourite school memories was the 6th year fun day, which was our last day in the school, for which the staff organised a day full of activities for us as a year group to say goodbye to the school. I am currently studying Civil Engineering in UCD, pursuing my interest in maths and physics, interests which were nurtured and encouraged by the impressive maths and science department in the school.

Cormac O’Reilly Louis Finnegan

I have nothing but positive memories from my time in St. Ciarán’s Community School. The welcoming attitude was a constant throughout the 6 years I attended the school, with both the staff and my fellow classmates always being supportive. The school not only prepared me academically but gave me a strong sense of independence and freedom; I always felt it was possible to pursue any route I wished due to the varied range of subjects offered and the incredible support given regardless of which path I wanted to follow. I am currently about to start my 2nd year in Trinity College Dublin where I am studying Joint Honours Economics & Philosophy, a course which I am very passionate about and enjoying immensely. I can say wholeheartedly that I was only capable of getting into this course due to the amazing teaching staff who went above and beyond to support me in my studies.

Transitioning from primary school in Moynalty to St. Ciarán’s was a challenge. However, the efforts made by the teachers to integrate us into secondary school life made the transition much easier. The variety of subjects to choose from catered to everyone’s interests. The skills, independence and confidence I gained from my teachers has allowed me to now study Athletic Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation at South East Technological University Carlow with the aim to complete a master’s degree in Physiotherapy.

Academics aren’t the only focus at St. Ciarán’s, there is a wide range of extra circular activities available which I was involved. The coaches always encouraged us to be the best version of ourselves. I’ve taken these values into my own sporting career as part of the Irish Karate Team, with which I’ve been competing around the world.

I started my school life in St. Ciarán’s Community School in 2018. I choose St. Ciarán’s because of its variety of subjects such as engineering and construction. The moment I stepped in the door I knew this school was the one for me, it really is like a big family and you will feel welcomed in no time. St Ciarán’s is genuinely an amazing school. Throughout the years, I’ve made so much friends, been pushed out of my comfort zone which was needed and got to go on trips to make everyone work better together. I would definitely recommend this school because only for my teachers help I have been accepted into TU Dublin.

Brendan Fleming Patrick Lacey Chelsea Sheridan


Our school supports and encourages the academic, spiritual, moral and physical development of all students. We strive to create and maintain a strong work ethic and an ethos of cooperation and mutual respect in a caring and inclusive environment.

Tacaíonn ár scoil le forbairt acadúil, spioradálta, morálta agus fisiciúil na ndaltaí uilig a chothú. Cothaítear spiorad oibre láidir agus cleachtas comhoibriú agus measa i dtimpeallacht atá tacúil do chách.

High Achievers Alumni 2022 Some of our past students who received Scholarships to University Students who received above 500 & 600 points in their Leaving Certificate 2023


Here at St. Ciarán’s we recognise and appreciate the importance of technology in teaching and learning. Technology is used in our school to develop a wide range of critical skills such as digital literacy, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Our school utalises Microsoft Office 365 Education. Each student is given a school office 365 account. Teachers can create a Team for each of their classes. This will allow teachers to communicate, share resources, assign work and offer feedback to students. As well as being able to submit work, students also have the ability to communicate and collaborate with each other. All teachers in our school actively use Microsoft Teams to set homework, correct assignments and engage with our students.

The school has invested in the provision of technology within our school to promote high quality teaching and learning. In our school we have portable laptop trollies that can be moved to any classroom and are used across a wide range of subjects.

Our teachers also use the platform SchoolWise, which is a virtual learning environment to support teachers and schools in planning as well as facilitating collaboration and communication with teachers and students. Teachers can plan collaboratively, view timetables and

school events, and take attendance. This digital platform also allows teachers to post materials, resources, notes, homework and educational links that students can access at all times. In order to equip our students with the esssential skills needed to become digitally literate and confident we offer a short course on Digital Media Literacy to all of our Junior Cycle Students. Here they learn how to effectively use the technology that will assist in their learning journey here at St. Ciarán’s Community School.


Our curriculum adapts to meet the changing needs of our students here at St. Ciarán’s Community School. Presently we offer the following programmes; Level 2 Learning Programme, Junior Cycle, Transition Year (TY), Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) Leaving Certificate, Leaving Cert Applied (LCA).


First year students study all of the core subjects. They will also get an opportunity to sample the option subjects during the first term. Students will then choose their three optional subjects to study alongside their core subjects for their Junior Cycle programme. Students are surveyed on their subject choice and every effort is made to ensure student preference is met.

St Ciarán’s operates a system of ‘mixed ability’ in Junior Cycle classes, as almost all subjects in the Junior Cycle will be examined at a common level with the exception of; English, Irish and Maths which will have Higher Level and Ordinary Level Exams.

Core Subjects



Irish Geography


Religious Education

Option Subjects


Material Technology (Wood)


Business Studies


Short Courses



Digital Media Literacy


Home Economics

Material Technology (Metal)

Technical Graphics



St. Ciarán’s

The eight key skills of junior cycle are embedded into all aspects of the curriculum here at


The Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs) and qualification are targeted at a very specific group of students who have general learning disabilities in the higher functioning moderate and low functioning mild categories. The students are small in number (one or two in a typical school) and all have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). The Learning Programmes are built around Priority Learning Units (PLUs) that develop the basic, social and pre-vocational skills of the students involved. In addition, students following L2LPs undertake 2 short courses which have also been aligned to Level 2 of the NFQ.


The Transition Year Programme is a unique one-year programme that promotes the personal, social and educational development of students and prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society. T.Y. enables students to make the transition from the more dependent type of learning associated with Junior Cycle to the more independent learning environment associated with Senior Cycle and equips them with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential in the Leaving Certificate exam.

Overall Aims of Transition Year:

• Education for maturity with the emphasis on personal development including social awareness and increased social competence

• The promotion of general, technical and academic skills with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning

• Education through experience of adult and working life as a basis for personal development and maturity

• T.Y. encourages the development of a wide range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. In addition to traditional subjects

• Transition Year Students participate in a wide range of interesting modules such as:

Core Subjects


Film Studies


Digital Media

Mini Company

Future leaders


DCG Home





Enterprise Education Economics

Forensic Science Engineering


Work Experience

Yoga Science



All students study the core subjects, English, Irish, Mathematics, Physical Education & Religious Education. In addition to the core subject’s students choose four other subjects from the following options:

Accounting Engineering

Agricultural Science French

Applied Maths Geography

Art German

Biology History

Business Home Economics

Chemistry Physics

Construction Studies Technical Drawing



The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is a Senior Cycle Programme, designed to give a strong vocational dimension to the Leaving Certificate. The programme combines the virtues of academic study with a new and dynamic focus on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community. Young people taking the LCVP have a unique opportunity to develop their interpersonal, vocational and technological skills. These skills are equally relevant to the needs of those preparing for further education, seeking employment or planning to commence their own business sometime in the future.


This is a distinct, self-contained, two year Leaving Certificate Programme. It is designed to help students develop practical skills and to prepare for the world of work and offers alternative methods of learning and assessment for students. Work experience forms a key part of this programme.

The fundamental goal of the Leaving Certificate Applied is to prepare Leaving Certificate participants for transition from the world of the school to that of adult and working life.

It is essential that the talents of all Leaving Certificate participants are recognised and that they are afforded an opportunity to develop in terms of responsibility, selfesteem and self-knowledge. Participants should also develop communication and decision-making skills so as to achieve a more independent and enterprising approach to learning and to life.

Students from LCA who received Distinctions in their Leaving Certificate 2023


as an individual, every student

At St. Ciarán’s, sport is a cornerstone of holistic education, blending physical vitality with essential life values. Beyond fitness, it foster steamwork, discipline, and resilience. Whether on a team or as an individual, every student is encouraged to embrace the journey, learning leadership and collaboration. These shared experiences resonate beyond the field, binding our school and wider community in spirit and pride. At St. Ciarán’s, sport is where character shines and life long values are nurtured.


Gaelic football is an integral part of school life in St. Ciarán’s. Every year our students partake in the North Leinster Competition which provides a platform for our students to represent their school against other teams from the province. Our U14, U16 and U18 teams ensure that players from all ages are able to join a team and forge many friendships.

an's, sport is a cornerstone of holistic blending physical vitality with fe values. Beyond fitness, it fosters discipline, and resilience. Whether or
is d to embrace the journey, learning and collaboration. These shared es resonate beyond the field, binding and wider community in spirit and t. Ciaran's, sport is where character lifelong values are nurtured.


Students from St. Ciarán’s play rugby at Senior (Transition Year, 5th Year, and 6th Year) and Junior (2nd Year & 3rd Year) levels as part of leagues and competitions organised by Leinster Rugby. In first year students are offered a taster of rugby in conjunction with North Meath Rugby Club, our local team in Kells whilst students in Transition Year have the opportunity of participating in 7’s competitions and blitzes.


Our philosophy for hurling at St. Ciarán’s is to instill a passion for sport and nurture intrinsic motivation. We aim to include all abilities at training and foster an inclusive, positive environment. The training we offer is based on skill development and to prepare students to play at a competitive level by representing the

school in competitions such as the North Leinster Competition and the Larry Doyle cup. Our junior and senior hurling teams have both been successful in recent years. Our senior hurlers coached by Mr. Cooke and Ms. McQuillan, claimed the Leinster C1 final against Arklow CBS in May 2022.



Here, in St. Ciarán’s we maintain a strong tradition of offering competitive soccer for students throughout all year groups. Our 1st year, u-15, u-17 and u-19 teams compete annually in the FAI North East School Leagues. Our teams have a consistent record of competing for silverware with our most recent success taking place in 2022 when our u-19’s won a very competitive league title.


Our Girls’ Basketball team is on the rise and thriving! We proudly represent our school with teams in the U18 and U16 categories. We’re active competitors in the North East Schools Competition, and we encourage all girls to come out and join, whether they’re seasoned players or picking up a basketball for the first time.

At St. Ciarán’s, our boys’ basketball team program also offers the perfect blend of competition and camaraderie. With a focus on teamwork and skill development, our athletes experience both personal and athletic growth. Whether you’re looking to play at a competitive level or just want to enjoy the sport, you’ll find a welcoming community and an enriching experience.



We offer a comprehensive track and cross-country programme across all year’s groups compete in county, regional and provincial meetings. Students compete in both individual and team events with a number of our students qualifying for provincial finals. In recent years our students have competed in venues such as Santry Stadium (track and field) and Phoenix Park (cross country).

Sports Day at St. Ciarán’s isn’t just an event — it’s a celebration. A day where athleticism meets camaraderie, students of all abilities shine in a tapestry of events. Whether sprinting, jumping, or cheering from the sidelines, it’s a testament to our school’s spirit of unity, competition, and joy. A day when every student, regardless of skill, plays a part. Beyond medals and records, it fosters invaluable life lessons—teamwork, perseverance, respect, and the joy of participation. Wrapped in tradition yet always new, Sports Day at St. Ciarán’s is a vivid reminder of our commitment to holistic development, community, and the joys of shared experiences.




Being healthy, creative and staying connected with the community is vital for positive development. Participation builds resilience, pride and a sense of shared responsibility.

During our annual Friendship Week and Wellbeing Week our students engage with social issues, from anti - bullying initiatives to mental health. Student Voice, An Gaisce and J.P. II facilitate leadership development. Our students partake in specific programmes such as Friends for Life and Nurture for Wellbeing (Junior) and Elevate You (Senior) which fosters leadership, resilience, gratitude and mindfulness.


Each class is assigned a Tutor. The role of the Tutor is primarily a pastoral one. The class tutor gets to know all the students in the class; observes any signs of need for help or attention; is open to approaches from students in the tutorial class; and, as necessary, consults with other relevant members of staff (Chaplain / Guidance Counsellor / Year Head) about them. They keep in close contact with the class to ensure that the students are settling in satisfactorily and that the class works well together.

Year Head

There is also a Year Head and he/she meets First Year students individually to get to know them. The Year Head works with the Class Teacher to try to make each student’s experience of life in St. Ciarán’s a productive and happy one. The Year Head also deals with matters of discipline.

Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor works with the school Pastoral Care Team to assist all students to develop to their full potential. As part of their work they see them on an individual basis to help them with personal, social and educational problems. The Guidance Counsellor is also available to meet parents/guardians to ensure that students are able to make the best possible choices for their futures. During the school year there will be a number of opportunities, facilitated by the school, for students to attend College

Open days.

Breakfast & Homework Club

St. Ciarán’s Breakfast Club starts the day with essential nourishment, setting the tone for achievement. As the day closes, our Homework Club provides a dedicated space for study and collaboration. Together, they offer a balanced approach to physical wellbeing and academic success. Coordinated by Mr. Daly, the Breakfast & Homework Club can help Primary School children transition more easily into Secondary School.


To ensure that our students maintain high standards of attendance, our attendance officer, Ms. Newman, monitors students’ attendance on a regular basis. All absences are reviewed, which enables us to contact parents when necessary to offer appropriate assistance and support based on the circumstances. Good attendance is crucial for many reasons, it maximises learning, creates a positive attitude towards learning, and develops social skills. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our students remain present and engaged in their education. At St. Ciarán’s we can work together to make sure that our students continue to have the best chance to succeed.


The Chaplain encourages and fosters an awareness of spirituality within the school and provides the students with an opportunity to express their own religious identity. The Chaplain endeavours to be available “any time, any place, anywhere” to all members of the school community – students, staff, parents and develops an open and trusting relationship with all those whom he comes into contact.

Mr. David Oates (Guidance Counsellor) and Mr Sean Wright (Chaplain)


St. Ciarán’s ASD Programme is based on the philosophy of educational inclusion, where students with specialised needs receive their education within the least restrictive setting of the school’s mainstream classrooms and activities.

Students in the ASD Programme can access the homeroom for curricular support classes, social outings & classes unique to the ASD Programme focusing on each student’s own strengths and needs.

We provide the opportunity for all of our students to achieve the greatest level of meaningful independence, whilst at the same time catering for their educational needs.

We cater for a wide range of students such as those pursuing state examinations including the Junior Cycle, the Level 2 Learning Programme and the Leaving Certificate. We also cater to those focusing on personal skills aimed at increasing their independence and life skills once they graduate.



Here at St. Ciarán’s, we offer our students every opportunity to grow and develop on a holistic level. Students have opportunities to take on leadership roles as prefects and mentors at senior cycle and to represent their peers and the student voice by being elected to the Student Council. Our holistic approach to student development here at St. Ciarán’s allows our students to build life skills and discover their strengths and talents outside of the classroom.

Student Council

The Student Council, comprising of representatives from each year group, provides a forum to discuss and debate student issues on behalf of the student body on matters concerning them. The Student Council works in conjunction with the Board of Management, staff and students as a line of communication between school decision makers and students. It encourages students to raise their voices, to be able to work together to solve problems and to work with stakeholders in their school and community.

Student Leadership Awards during Graduation Night

Prefect System

Leadership capacity is developed through the election of 6th year prefect students. These students are representatives for our school, they help out both teachers and students in daily activities and act as mentors for our incoming first year students to help them to settle into life at St. Ciarán’s.

Green Schools

The Green Schools Committee has made significant strides in recent years in addressing litter and waste issues within our school, leading to the attainment of our first ever Green Schools flag. The Green Schools Committee has been instrumental in fostering environmental consciousness and sustainability within our school community. Through their dedicated efforts, they have successfully implemented a range of initiatives aimed

at reducing our ecological footprint and promoting responsible waste management, including introducing two new water fountains, providing free reusable water bottles for students, creating a daily litter pick by GS committee members, adding recycling bins to each classroom, and creating a Green Schools notice board. The Green Schools Committee will next be turning its attention to the next theme: Energy. This will hopefully lead to greater energy awareness, efficiency, and positive changes throughout our school community.

Some winners from our Annual Awards Ceremony Prefects 2023 - 2024


At St. Ciarán’s, music and drama are pivotal to our schools ethos. These activities hone students’ communication, collaboration, and self-expression, fostering positive relationships.

All students can join our choir, performing at religious service, graduations, and Christmas functions. Our talent show invites our students to display their skills and boost confidence. After dedicated preparation, it’s an unforgettable theatre experience.

Transition Year offers many avenues to our students through music and drama. Students can join the TY play, delving into acting, production, and direction, culminating in a standout performance by our TY students. At St. Ciarán’s, music and drama are at the heart of our culture. We look forward to new students embracing these opportunities!


Contemporary Music

Traditional Music




Past Trips include:

Paris, France

Madrid, Spain

Trentino, Italy

Krakow, Poland

At St. Ciarán’s, our trips abroad are more than just excursions; they’re transformative experiences. Students embrace new cultures, sharpen language skills, and grow as global citizens. Our students are also brought on educational trips to compliment their curriculum.

Our students can also partake in a student exchange programme in Transition Year.