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foundation course in epidemiology, according Ayesha Khan, program coordinator. New courses this year include:  US-Based National Health Surveys: Their Application and Associated Research Methods, 

Stata Programming

The Hopkins online courses are not “on demand” such as the courses offered by Coursera but are cohort-based and a group begins and ends the course together. Live communication and interaction are built-in as the course progresses and students meet at set times via computer. As with several of the other programs, the Hopkins program has evolved over the years as it tries to be responsive to the time constraints that many persons have. A wide-variety of formats, both online and onsite, are offered to make the learning as flexible and accessible as possible, according to Khan.


March 2017 The Epidemiology Monitor  
March 2017 The Epidemiology Monitor  

This month’s issue of The Epidemiology Monitor presents updated information on ten epidemiology-focused summer programs. Altogether, these p...